OSU Alumni Association Honors Angkasith as a Distinguished Alumni by ghkgkyyt


									            OSU Alumni Association Honors Angkasith as a
               Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient
       Stillwater, Okla. – The Oklahoma State University Alumni Association

honored Pongsak Angkasith, agricultural education graduate, as the

Distinguished International Alumni

Award Recipient. Angkasith, along

with the six other recipients, were

recognized at a public reception Nov. 13

in the French Lounge of the OSU

Student Union in Stillwater and later in

the day during halftime of the OSU football game against Baylor. The award is

presented to alumni for professional achievement and community service.

       Angkasith received his master’s and doctoral degrees from OSU in

agricultural education. Recently named President of Chiang Mai University in

Thailand, he has been awarded the title of Professor by the King of Thailand.

Since graduating from OSU in 1976, he has published more than 25 books and

articles in the field of agriculture.

       Professor Angkasith has been involved in the Highland Agricultural

Development, Agricultural Extension and Land Development Program. He is

the president of the Association of ASIAN Agricultural Colleges and

Universities. A valuable connection for OSU, he continually recommends OSU

to students for advanced study and frequently hosts OSU visitors to Thailand.

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