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					OPINION - COMMENTARY                                                                                CHEYENNE HERALD -- JANUARY 31, 2008 - PAGE 3

We’re not going to give up.
                               Jamie Kamai’s unsolved murder
                                                     I have heard repeatedly, “I know who did       of interest and found in South Dakota has      This co-worker was interviewed by detec-
                                                     it” and invariably, all fingers point to the   a similar appearance. The pickup has the       tives currently working this case within
The Laramie County Sheriff’s Department              same person.                                   undercoat showing through where the fin-       hours of his contacting me - in 2007.
is even more determined than I am to                                                                ish coat had worn off from the sun.
solve this 2001 murder case.                         Why?                                                                                          I know this business owner and I spoke
                                                                                                    The sketch of the alleged suspect that         with him a couple months back. He told
The investigation is ongoing and it is ac-           Probably two reasons. One, he left a go-       was also published in the daily paper was      me that what the brother had said was
tive. In fact, the day before I last met with        ing business the next day after the crime      the result of an eyewitness sitting down       that they (he and his suspect brother) left
Sheriff Danny Glick and two detectives               and abandoned equipment in that place          with a sketch artist long after the day of     town because his brother was under sus-
about this unsolved murder, a communi-               of business and left behind clothing in the    the shooting. That sketch, in my opinion,      picion of the murder and was being
cation related to the case was received              place he lived with others. They also dis-     does not closely match the person of in-       “hassled”. You can reach whatever con-
from another law enforcement agency.                 appeared suddenly - very likely with him.      terest. The description of the shooter         clusion you choose about that explana-
                                                                                                    given by the most reliable eyewitness          tion but it seems odd to me. Most people
Sheriff Glick has agreed to use, and con-            The other fact is that he owned a pickup       shortly after the shooting (within minutes)    did not know the two guys were brothers
tinue to consider expansion of, nontradi-            very similar to the description provided by    does more closely match the person of          and the discomfort should not have trans-
tional investigative measures. The De-               an eyewitness to the crime. A black            interest.                                      ferred to this guy - It seems more likely to
partment has not refused to pursue any               pickup that the person of interest owned                                                      me that there is another explanation for
lead, interview any party, or investigate            while in Cheyenne was taken to South           While that sketch does not bear close          his quick exit from Cheyenne.
any possible person of interest.                     Dakota after the murder and it was found,      resemblance to the person of interest, it
                                                     searched and photographed by law en-           does, according to one who worked with         Cheyenne officials have traveled to where
While the trail isn’t getting hotter, it is also     forcement. That occurred months after          that guy’s brother, resemble the brother.      the person of interest lived after the crime
not getting colder - in spite of the length          the crime and the lack of evidence is not      The brother is the person who took the         (a southeastern state - I know his present
of time since the brazen crime was com-              surprising because nothing happened in-        pickup to South Dakota and still had it        whereabouts, what he does for a living
mitted in broad daylight, near one of the            side the pickup. At the most, the shooter      when examined by law enforcement. The          and where he does it) and he was unco-
city’s busiest intersections, at the height          may have had his hand with a gun in it         brother also was the primary driver of the     operative. He would not be interviewed
of morning traffic - 8:00 am.                        inside or near the open window of the          pickup in Cheyenne and had, according
                                                                                                                                                   (his father had “lawyered” him up right
                                                     truck. More likely, both the hand and gun      to the same person who contacted the
                                                                                                                                                   away) and would not agree to submit to a
In five issues between July 2 and Sep-               were outside the truck when the three          Herald to tell of the resemblance, bumped
                                                                                                                                                   polygraph. I’m not a personal fan of poly-
tember 27 of 2007, I wrote about the case.           shots were fired into Jamie Kamai.             the co-worker’s vehicle with the evidently
                                                                                                                                                   graphs, kind of think they’re also voodoo
I solicited input from readers who may                                                              high-powered black pickup with undercoat
                                                                                                                                                   science, but a person might be able to
know anything about the murder - or the              There is some confusion about the pickup       showing - grey or light undercoat.
                                                                                                                                                   clear themselves by submitting to one.
person of interest. That person has not              the shooter was in. One eyewitness who
been named on these pages but many in                was walking to the Mini-Mart on the cor-       I spoke with two different local residents
                                                                                                                                                   The brother has not been subjected to the
town know his identity.                              ner of So. Greeley and College said it was     who said they had tried to provide infor-
                                                                                                                                                   same degree of scrutiny, in my opinion,
                                                     red with a white camper shell. The most        mation to the local authorities in 2001 and
It has been four months since my last ar-                                                           felt they were “blown off.” It is important    and I asked the Sheriff and detectives this
                                                     reliable eyewitness, in my opinion, said
ticle and it is time to review what I’ve come        to a person close to him that the red          to note that this happened on the watch        past Friday to shine a little more light on
to know about the case. I will withhold              pickup was a second vehicle which pulled       of a former sheriff and different detectives   him - how closely he resembled the de-
little - the Sheriff’s Department has asked          up behind the black one with “primer           conducted the investigation back in 2001.      scription of the shooter and some other
that information about the murder weapon             spots” on the side and was not there long                                                     details that might be helpful.
be withheld. Little else will be.                    and was not involved.                          Both of these people told me they had
                                                                                                    early and brief conversations with what        Note: I am not trying to run the Sheriff
During those early weeks after my first              A drawing of a black pickup with grey          one called “the police department” (but        Department’s investigation. Every time I
story, I spoke with several people close             primer spots on the passenger side was         likely the sheriff’s department which was      was contacted with information (if agreed
to Jamie Kamai and some who were fa-                 published in the WT-E soon after the           conducting the investigation) but there        to by the one providing it), I immediately
miliar with the person of interest.                  murder. The pickup owned by the person         was no follow-up. In one case, the per-        provided that information to the detec-
                                                                                                    son was a business neighbor to the per-        tives. Some people around here will talk
                                                                                                    son of interest and had information about      with me but are uncomfortable talking di-
                                                                                                                                                   rectly to law enforcement. I did not ac-
                                                           Authentic                                both the suspect vehicle and sudden de-
                                                                                                    parture, in which the person of interest       cept anonymous input but I did agree to
                                                                                                                                                   protect some’s identity. The critical ob-
                                                          Mexican Food                              left behind shop equipment which was
                                                                                                    fairly expensive. The other was a co-          jective here is to solve this crime, not
                                                                                                                                                   worry about who gets credit, who provides
                                                           For A Little                             worker of the brother of the person of in-
                                                                                                    terest and he told me that he had been         the incriminating details, or whether they
                                                                                                                                                   want to protect their identity for some rea-
    Mexican Restaurant
    Mexican Restaurant
             estaur                                       “Spice of Life”                           told by their boss that the brother, when
                                                                                                    calling to arrange for his final paycheck
                                                                                                    to be mailed to him because he, too, had
                                                                                                                                                   son. I will continue to share the details
                                                                                                                                                   generated by readers of the Herald. In-
         Hours: Tuesday - Thursday 11 am - 8:30 pm • Friday & Saturday 11 am to 9 pm                left town suddenly, had said the reason        dications point somewhat to the act be-
                                                                                                    for the hasty departure was because “my        ing one of mistaken identity - I’ll expand
          620 Central Avenue / 638-8591                                                             brother shot that guy on So. Greeley.”         on that in future issues. More next time.

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