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Boot Camp


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									  Get Toned with the Toninator
             Boot Camp

                                                    Recommendation: Good
                                                    shoes, exercise mat, and
                                                    water bottle. As always
                                                    seek doctors permission
                                                    before starting any
                                                    exercise program..
                                                    Instructor is Toni Moran.

      Basic Boot Camp Basic Results!
                 This is not a basic Boot Camp!!!

      If you are looking for a high intensity, high interval
      workout, which will tone every part of your body this
      camp is for you!

      Beginner, intermediate, and advanced fitness levels
      welcome. Every exercise can be modified to challenge
      any level! Results guaranteed! Min 8/Max 15

Call for more info 815-588-8400 for current dates and times.
Boot Camp is usually on Monday and Wednesday nights 7pm — 8pm.
Boot Camp runs for 6 week sessions — Mon and Wed.
Fee for 6 wk session is: $42 Member of CWC, $44 Resident of
District 205, and $54 Non-Resident.
Call CWC for start of new session and code.

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