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          All flyers can be found at or

STAR Consultant- Each qtr you are STAR in addition to the company rewards,
you will earn an event from your director

STAR Consistency: See Flyer 2qtrs of Star Crystal Earrings, 3qtrs= Ring, 4qt-

Red-dy to Roll Call: Each week that you obtain 5 new bookings you earn a
special Conference call with the Sales Directors=noon on Friday. New Bookings
must be reported to your Director by Friday morning at 9am- See Flyer

Leadership Dinner- Every 8 weeks Any Consultant at the position of Red Jacket
or Above is entitled to come to a Dinner with the Sales Directors

Seminar Year End Awards- See flyer on site Top 3 in Each Category at the end
of the Mary Kay Year (June 30th) can earn the top Mary Kay Jewelry

Red Hot Recruitng Promo- See flyer monthly tracking each new team member
earns you a prize

Baci Bracelet- Monthly Promotion to earn the Bracelet and Beads

Consistency: See Consistency Club Wine Glasses custom hand made for you.
Consistently order $250+ for 3 months and earn a wine glass