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					Who is Kollaborate Developments?
Kollaborate Developments Pty Ltd was founded in 2003 and has evolved into a
specialist information technology company with clients across a wide array of

The information technology industry can be a very cluttered space and unlike
many other organisations in the industry, Kollaborate Developments focus on
being great at a few things rather than mediocre at most things.

All staff working on your projects are specialists in their area with many years of
relevant experience.

We look forward to assisting you in making technology work for you rather than
you working for technology.
What we do
•   eCommerce Solutions
•   Customised Payment Solutions
•   Web Application Development
•   Enterprise Application Development & Consulting
•   Server Co-location
eCommerce Solutions
Kollaborate Developments offer a wide range of payment solutions to suit nearly
any business need.

Examples of just a few environments in which our solutions can help:
•       Call centres where staff need to process transactions and get real-time
        authorisations whilst on calls with customers.
•       If you have mobile sales people, our iTerminal solution allows them
        to use an iPhone to process credit card transactions while with their
        customer and get a real-time authorisation and receipt number.
•       Web sites where users need to pay for products or services and
        real-time authorisations are required.
•       Organisations who require automated systems to allow customers
        to pay for products or services over the phone using the phone keypad.
•       Organisations that need to bill large numbers of customers on a regular
        basis in either a real-time or offline manner using credit
        card or bank account direct debit.
Customised Payment Solutions
Utilising our specialist experience in customer payment solutions, Kollaborate
Developments can provide fully customised payment solutions to suit your needs.

These customised solutions can include integration with such banking products as:
•       Direct Debit facilities
•       Real-time merchant API products
•       IVR facilities
•       Credit card batch processing facilities

Our solutions can incorporate not only the integration with the bank systems but also
the systems needed to manage any of the data and schedules relating to these

Kollaborate Developments can also assist you in meeting your PCISS compliance
or in hosting your eCommerce solutions in a secure fully redundant data centre.

If you simply want a more competitive deal than your existing merchant facilities,
Kollaborate Developments can provide you with a quotation for suitable facilities
with one of Australia’s largest banks.
Web Application Development
Utilising the latest technologies and techniques Kollaborate Developments can
deliver innovative web applications to suit your requirements. In many cases
your web applications need to integrate with other back-end or enterprise
systems which we can also assisting you in developing.

Some of the technologies we work with are:
•      IIS Platform
       o        ASP
       o        AJAX
       o        Web Service/SOAP
•      Domino Platform
Enterprise Application Development & Consulting
Our specialist developers have been involved with enterprise applications
involving integration projects for companies such as Dell, Samsung, Apple,
Rolls-Royce Aerospace, Microsoft, and Unilever.

With every organisation having unique requirements the business and
systems analysis is a very important part of any enterprise application devel-
opment project. We work closely with our clients to ensure their needs are
met and after sign-off development can commence using the following
•       Database Applications
        o        SQL Server platform
        o        MS Access
•       Office Applications
        o        Lotus Domino platform
        o        MS Office based platform (Word, Excel)
•       Other Applications
        o        RF handheld device applications

We also provide specialist consulting tasks such as:
•       Corporate infrastructure and networking solutions
•       SQL Server database optimisation solutions
•       Data warehousing solutions
•       Server virtualisation & storage solutions
Server Co-location
Kollaborate Developments has space available in one of Australia’s leading
data centres in Sydney. Space as small as one rack unit is available or as
large as is required to meet your needs. A few of the features of the data
centre are:
•        Extremely tight physical security including 24 hour onsite guards and
         biometric and traditional security features
•        Redundant cooling
•        Redundant power feeds from different sub-stations with different entry
         points to the data centre.
•        Back-up generators with enough fuel onsite to run continuously for
         72 hours
•        Advanced VESDA fire suppression systems with double action dry
•        Availability of carrier neutral tier 1 internet connections
Kollaborate Developments Pty Ltd
ABN 85 104 900 790

PO Box 3347
Victoria Point West QLD 4165

Sydney Phone:        (02) 8999 1110

Brisbane Phone:      (07) 3123 6110

Fax:                 (07) 3286 5834