February 9_ 2011 Catholic Schools Week-Thanks_ Registration for by liuhongmei


									February 9, 2011                                        Lessner and her volunteers. Several entree choices
                                                        are included and you can't beat the cost Check
Catholic Schools Week-Thanks!                           out the flyer for details and for ticket information.
  Thank you to everyone for supporting our Catho­
lic Schools Week activities and projects. We had a      Help Us... Help You
very busy, productive and fun week! We began               We are fortunate to be able to offer families
with service by Stuffing Our Bus which was look­        many ways to save money on tuition costs and we
ing pretty full by Friday. We ended with 95 min­        are hoping you will take advantage of them.
utes of walking in celebration of our school's 95th     • 	 Tuition Referral Program-This program of­
Anniversary and our Middle School Rock-a-Thon               fers currently enrolled families a tuition rebate
which brought in 1488 non-perishable food items             of $250 for one child and $500 for two or
for donation to our local food bank. Our school             more children if they refer a family to St
community truly lives up to this year's National            Mary's. Both families must be registered and
theme-"Catholic Schools are A+".                            remain the full year.
                                                        • 	 Tuition Assistance Program-purchase gift
                                                            cards and reap the rewards of discounted tui­
Registration for 2011-2012
                                                            tion. Walk-up sales are on Tuesdays and
  Registration is now open and ongoing for our
                                                            weekly orders are due on Thursday mornings.
current families. Registration packets were sent
                                                            It is never too late to begin saving.
home last week. If you did not receive one, please
pick one up in the main office. Packets and a $100
registration fee (per child) are due by February 17,    Let's Make a Deal!
2011. We appreciate your cooperation and atten­           Need something to chase away those winter
tion to this matter. This will help us with our         blues? How about a night out with friends and
budget planning.                                        fun. Yes, it is that time of year again for the "Let's
                                                        Make a Deal" live game show. Mark your calen­
Basket Bingo-A Sweetheart of a Deal                     dars for March 4, 2011 and find some friends to
                                                        join you at your table. Get your tickets before Feb.
   Valentine's day is just around the corner and
                                                        18 for a discount. This year's theme is "Mardi
what better to way to celebrate than by winning
some beautiful Longaberger baskets. Invite some         Gras Mania." Costumes are optional, but add to
                                                        the fun. Check the flyer for ticket information and
friends to join you this Saturday, Feb. 12, 2011 at
                                                        business sponsorship opportunities.
the St Mary's Bryantown Basket Bingo. Baskets
are filled with great gifts and there is likely to be
some chocolate as well. Come join in the fun.           Spring Mulch Sale
Doors open at 6 p.m. Contact Kimberly Bowling             If the groundhog tale holds true spring is right
for reservations, kagbowling@aol.com.                   around the corner. The time to start making those
                                                        spring gardening and landscaping plans is now.
Valentine's Day Dinner                                  Pre-order your bags of shredded hardwood mulch
                                                        and pick up on March 12, 2011. Have them ready
  Looking for a way to impress your sweetheart
                                                        and waiting for when the weather turns warmer
this Valentine's Day? How about by treating them
                                                        and planting season begins. Check out the flyer
to a delicious, Asian inspired dinner made by Gail
                                                        for details.
Field of Honor Meeting                                 "God is my refuge and my fortress; in Him will
  We have our license and website and are well on      I trust."
our way to planning this event, but we need you. It                             Psalm 91:2
is an event that will make a tremendous impact on
our community and on member's who participate in       "Dios es mi refugio y mi fortaleza; imi Dios, en
putting it together. Our next meeting is this Thurs~   quien confio!"
day, February 10,2011 at 7 p.m. The committee is                                  Salmo 91:2
in need of members. Come and out and see what it
is all about. Contact Mrs. Caniglia for details or

Golden Apple Nominations
  Included in today's packet is a nomination form
for the Golden Apple Awards. This is an Archdioc~
esan award that rewards excellence in teaching. We
have had past winners and nominees and this is your
opportunity to show support for a teacher or teach­
ers who have made an impact in the life of your
child. Nominations are due to Mrs. Caniglia by
February 16,2011.

Music Notes
  Mrs. Harrison has included all the happenings in
music class for the second quarter. Read about the
Music of the Holidays, Structural Elements of Mu­
sic, some 2nd grade vocal news and some fun Out­
side the Classroom information. Our students sure
are busy!

Important Dates
• 	 Feb. 10 (Thursday}-Pre-K registration open to
    the public
• 	 Feb. 11 (Friday}-Mass & 3rd grade Hot dog
• 	 Feb. 12 (Saturday}-Basket Bing<r---Doors open
• 	 Feb. 14 (Monday}-Valentine's/Asian dinner-5
    -8 p.m.
• 	 Feb. 17 (Thursday)-Family Contracts/
    Registration Packets due
• 	 Feb. 18 (Friday}-New Family Tuition Assis­
    tance forms due

Upcoming Dates
• 	 Feb. 22 (Tuesday}-Family Math Night-7 p.m.
    -All are welcome!
• 	 Feb. 24 (Thursday}-Breakfast with the Princi­
                                                          "Nurturing a lifelong love for Jesus, each
    pal-9:30 a.m.                                                  other and learning. "
• 	 Feb. 27 (Sunday}-Parish Council Open Fo­
    rum--9 a.m.
• 	 Feb. 27 (Sunday}-Open Registration-9 a.m.

                       Archdiocesan Pasroral Center: 5001 Eastern Avenue, Hyattsville, MD 20782·3447
                           Mailing Address: Post Office Box 29260, Washington, DC 20017·0260
                                             301·853·4500 TDD 301·853-5300

 February 2, 2011

 Dear Parents,

 On May 19,2011 the Archdiocese of Washington Catholic Schools will host the third 

 annual Golden Apple A wards for excellence in teaching. Ten teachers will be honored 

 for their outstanding teaching and commitment to Catholic education. 

The Golden Apple Award is the creation of the Donahue Family Foundation. Mr. and
Mrs. Jack Donahue are parents of 13 children, all of whom were educated in Catholic
schools. Eager to express their deep appreciation to Catholic school teachers for
providing a quality academic and faith-filled education for their children, the Foundation
has established this award in four dioceses around the country.

 Parents and students are invited to nominate a teacher from their school that exemplifies
 the best in instructional strategies, Catholic identity, and knowledge of curriculum. All
 individuals nominated are invited to complete a Golden Apple application form to submit
to their principal. After reviewing the applications, a committee at each school will select
one teacher that will represent the schooL The selected teacher's application is then
forwarded to the Catholic Schools Office. A selection committee at the archdiocese then
evaluates the entries and chooses 10 winners with the approval of the Superintendent of
Catholic Schools and the archdiocesan Secretary for Education. The awardees are
notified by letter and by telephone. A dinner in their honor will be held at the
Renaissance Hotel on May 19,2011 where His Eminence Donald Cardinal Wuerl will
present each of the 10 teachers a golden apple, a gold pin, a Certificate of Achievement,
and a check for $5,000.

Enclosed is the nomination form. I encourage you to recognize a teacher who has
provided your child with faith-based academics and excellent moral guidance. Submit
your nomination to your principals by February 16,2011.

May God bless you and your families.
                ARC H D I 0 C ESE OF WAS H I N G TON

                          GOLDEN ApPLE AWARD
                                 NOMINATION FORM

 Name of Teacher

 Nominator's Name:

                           (parent's Name if applicable)

    ( ) Parent & 


    ( ) Teacher 

If an elementary student nominates a teacher, a parent must also sign the Nomination Form.

Nominated             Yes ( )         Year                         No   ( )


               City                                        State              Zip

Nominator's Telephone            (          )--­

In a letter of recommendation, explain why you feel this teacher deserves a Golden
Apple Award. Please give specific examples of the individual's unique qualities and
teaching ability.

       Nominations must be submitted to the school principal by
                        February 16, 2011.
         Valentine Basket Bingo ·
        To Benefit St. Mary's Bryantown HSA
                                       St. Mary's School Hall 

                        13735 Notre Dame Place, Bryantown, MD 20617 

                                                Featuring genuine 

                           Longaberger Baskets and Longaberger products as gift items 

             This Basket Bingo is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by the Longaberger Company, 

                          though the prizes to be won are genuine Longaberger Baskets. 

             Saturday, February 12, 2011 

          Doors Open 6pm ~ Games Start 7pm 

                Early Bird Games Start at 6:45pm 

                    * Extra prizes will be given throughout the evening*

$20 per person for 20 regular games and 5 Specials, each additional package of 20 Regular 

      Games may be purchased for $5, Additional Specials will be sold for $1 each. 

                               Early Bird Games $1 each. 

        All children must be at least 7 years of age, accompanied by an adult and 

                           must have a $20 paid ticket to enter. 

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                         Valentine Basket Bingo 

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                      Featuring Genuine Longaberg~ Baskets 

This Basket Bingo is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by the LongaHitger Company, though the prizes to be won
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 Name                                                     Company
 Mailing Address

 Phone                                        FAX
 Message, dedication or ad to be listed in program?

Please return this form indicating which item(s) you would like to sponsor along with your check payable to St. Mary's BSA.
                For additional information please call Kimberly Bowling 301-870~18681 kagbowling@aol.com 

                   All contributions to our SOl(c)(3) agency are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

                                            If needed tax number can be provided. 

St. Mary's Catholic School
                                   Bryantown, Maryland

             New Family Registration 

            Sunday, February 27, 2011 

                 9 a.m. to Noon 

St. Mary's Bryantown has provided a Catholic education to children
for over 95 years. We have openings in prekindergarten through
eighth grade. We offer:
  >-   Full Day, AM and PM Prekindergarten
  >-   Comprehensive, cha.llenging, standards-based curriculum
  >    Accelerated math and reading programs
  >-   Foreign Language, Music, Band, Art, PE, Technology and Library
  >-   Many extra-curricular activities
  >    Before and After Care Program
  >    Tuition Assistance Program

New students must provide:
  >-   Birth Certificate 

  >    Baptismal certificate (if Catholic) 

  >    Immunization record 

  >-   Registration fee of $100 and first month's tuition (non-refundable) 

  >-   Copy of most recent report card for students entering Grades 1-8 

For more information:
  >    Call 301-932-6883 or 301-843-3387
  >    Email office@bryantown.org
  >-   Visit www.brya.ntown.org
                                                    Notes on the second quarter in
                                                           Music Class

Music classes in November, December and January focused on two main topics: music for the holidays,
and form - the structural element of music. In addition, the students have done quite a bit of singing in
preparation for school masses.

Music for the Holidays
During November and December, the main component of our music classes was, of course, holiday
music! The students in grades K through 3 rehearsed singing and staging for their Christmas production.
Students in the older grades had the opportunity to practice holiday music on the handbells, and to begin
a basic harmonic analysis of several traditional holiday songs.

Fonn - the Structural Element ofMusic
During classes in January, the students worked on developing the ability to identify musical form,
both visually and aurally. Students in the younger grades participated in activities which helped them
recognize formal patterns used in music: AB, ABA, AABB, and ABACA. Students in the older grades
learned to hear and identify these formal patterns, to use proper terminology to name them, and to
describe characteristics of contrasting sections in these forms. With this unit, the middle school students
completed the background necessary for interpreting "listening maps" and are ready for the third quarter
assignment to create their own, for a (pre-approved, appropriate) song of their choice

And More
Students in grade 2 have developed a particular interest in singing. They have distinguished themselves
with their expression of vocal enthusiasm - particularly when singing along with Mr. Thomas. Their
"angel voices" can be heard clearly at all school masses. Students in grade 3 continue to develop their
skills on the recorder, and earned the distinction of having learned more notes and songs in the first half
of the year than any other class has learned in an entire school year.

Outside the Classroom
There are many fun and educational music websites students can access on those snow days off from
school. In addition to the Symphony Orchestra sites referenced here previously, several ofthese are used
in the music classroom. One of the favorites of students in the younger grades is the Cyber Paitem
Playerfound at p.p.§.t4~:gr.s!.9y.1?~r.9A~~!.gID:.1!~(J?f.!1t~~: Older students (and parents) may enjoy
perusing the "musical instrument" gallery found at www.oddmusic.com. Be sure to check out the "Sea
Organ" my favorite!

                                                                         .Mrs. Harrison,
                                                                     Music Teacher, st. Mary's School
                    Asian Dinner 

                        Come celebrate 

                        Valentine's Day 


                     The Chinese New Year 

              Monday February 14th, 2011
                 5:00pm to 8:00pm

                               Dinner Menu 

                             Spring Rolls 

                         General Tso' s Chicken 

                          Beef with Broccoli 

                              Fried Rice 

                            Fortune Cookies 

                             Sliced Oranges 

                       Iced TealLemonade/Coffee 

                 Advanced Tickets          Tickets at the Door 

                    Adults $10.00              Adults $12.00 

               Children (under 6) $6.00   Children (under 6) $8.00 

Name_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.Adults_ _Children_ _

Seating Times (please check one) o5:00-6:30p             o6:30-8:00pm
Amount enclosed                 (please make check payable to "St Mary's") 

 Please return bottom portion of form and payment to school office or the 

                   Rectory by Wednesday February 9th • 

                St Mary's School Lunch Menu 
                                                                              , . . .I...
                                                                                                                                                _~_.1 -
                                                                                                                                                  J   ~
                                                                                                                                                          ,..   L      - I   •      I.   A '" A .... ,... •
                                                                                                                                                          ...,\."IIVUI I-\AII'-oll ... 11""\.' ....... '
                                                                                                                                                                                                              2011 I nvolce 

                    Parent's Copy 
                   Order and
                                                                                                             When possible, PLEASE input your ORDER ONUN£, print, and return 

 Please Place Your ORDER ONLINE To Ensure Accuracy 
 Payment DUE
                                                                                                               the invoice with your check payable to St Mary's Bryantown. 

                                                       FEB. 17th
       Return Online Invoice With Your Payment                                                                   Go to \Nww.br~antown.org. Click on "School Lunch" link. 

                                            MARCH 2011                                                             *Complete the section below only if you don't enter your order 

                                                                                                                   online. Return this portion with your payment. One per child. * 

I Mo nclay I Tuesday                    l~ednesday I Thursday                                Friday    f---'~

                       1.               i 2.       13.                                 4.                   Child's Name:                                                                                              Grade:
                       Taco Bell        I Subway     Chick-FiI-A                       Cheesebu rger              Indicate quantity on the line next to your selection for the dates you
                                                                                       Tatertots                         want lunch and enter the cost for each date and total.
                             ~   ______~__________-+________~,                         Cookie                 Date                                                   Menu Selections                                             Cost 

 7.                i   8.               i9. Ash Wed.               10.                 lL                   3/7 
          Pizza·                                   Plain          Pepperoni                   @ $1.50slice 

 Pizza                 Three Bros.          Only Tuna              Hot Dog             French toast         3/14 
         Pizza -                                  Plain          Pepperoni                   @ $1.50slice 

                                                                    nd                                      3/21 
         Pizza -                                  Plain          Pepperoni                   @$1.50slice
                                            Subway                 2 . Gr.             stix

                       15.                  16.
                                                                                       Yogurt, fruit



                                                                                                                     +"0   Pizza -

                                                                                                                                                      Soft T
                                                                                                                                                      Burrito -
                                                                                                                                                                "0- Plain          Pepperoni
                                                                                                                                                                       'eo' __ @ $3.50each
                                                                                                                                                                       Beef ___ @ $3.S0each
                                                                                                                                                       Extra Soft Taco or Burrito add $1.00each
                                                                                                                                                                                                               @ $1.50slice

 Pizza                 Taco Bell            Subway                 Chick-Fil-A         Fish Sticks
                                                                                                            3/8            3 Bros Cal zone               Meatball & Cheese __ @ $3.50each
                                                                                       Fries, Cookie
                                                                                                       I               I                                 Pepperoni & Cheese_ @ $3.50each
                                                                                                                                                                     Cheese  ~-~
 21.                   22.                                         24.                                      3/15       I   Taco            Soft Taco - Chicken ___ Beef             @ $3.5 each 

                                                                                                                       i   Bell            Burrito - Chicken __ Beef __ @ $3.50each 

 Pizza                 Three Bros.                                 Chick-Fil-A         Cheese
                                                                                                                                                       Extra Soft Taco or Burrito add $1.00each 

                                                                                       Salad, garlic        3/22           3 Bros Caizi                  Meatball & Cheese          @ $3.50each
                                                                                       bread                                                            Pepperoni & Cheese          @ $3.50each
 28.                                                                                                                                                                 Cheese         @ $3.50each                                 ~-~

                                                                                                         3/2               Subway Sub-         Turkey        Ham        Tuna        @ $3.50each
                                                                                                       . 3/9               Subway Sub-         Ash Wednesday ONLY Tuna              @ $3.50each 

            Subway Sub-         Turkey        Ham        Tuna        @$3.50each 

            Subway Sub-         Turkey        Ham        Tuna        @ $3.50each 

             Chick-FiI-A -        Sandwich            Nuggets         @ $3.50each


                                                                                                         3/10                                      Hot Dog, chips, & drink __ @ $1.50 each ' 

                                                                                                                                                             Extra Hot Dog       add $1.00 each 

         Chick-Fil-A -
                                                                                                                                                Sandwich            Nuggets         @ $3.50each
                                                                                                            3/24           Chick-FiI-A·         Sandwich            Nuggets         @ $3.50each 

                                        NOTES                                          SORRY                3/4 
          Cheeseburger, Tatertots, Cookie                         @ $3.50each 

 1.    Pizza price does NOT include a drink or chips.                                                       3/11 
         French toast stix, yogurt, fruit                      @$3.50each          I

 2.    Taco Bell includes a bag of Doritos and a drink.                                                     3/18 
         Fish Sticks, Fries, Cookie                            _@$3.50each .~ 

 3.    Three Bros Calzooes include marinara dipping sallee, applesauce, and a drink.   NO LATE
         Cheese ravioli, salad, garlic b.read                    tal':;" <;n~ach 

 4,    Subway includes chips, cookie, and a drink.                                     ORDERS
 5.    Chick·Fil-A includes chips and a drink.
                                                                                                            Total all days and make check payable to St Mary's Bryantown. 

                                                                                       ACCEPTED            ;--~

 6.    Drink is a cup offrllit punch or lemonade. Extra cup costs $0.25.                                    Due by THURSDAY FEBRUARY 17th 

 7,    Chips can be purchased over the counter for $0.25.
                                                                                                            Check #                 Total 

 8.    Carrots, Applesauce, or Fruit Cup may be substituted or purchased for $0.25.    NO                  '----~~

 9.    Ice Cream is available on Tuesday and Friday for $1.00
             18 !!!                               .LETS~
                                                       LIVE I

  Discounted Tickets on Sale Now!!! 

                              Discounted Ticket Cost 

                                  $55 per person 

                               $500 for a table of 10 

                                            To order tickets
                             Send check payable to St. Mary's H.S.A. to:
                                     Sarah Crozier - School Office
                                    To pay by credit card contact:
                      Penny Bailey at 301-399-2655 or rdbailey2@verizon.net

                Don't Miss Out on this Special Offer!!!
        NO DISCOUNTS GIVEN AFTER February 18, 2011 

     Regular Ticket Cost: $60 per person - $600 for a table of 10 

Contact St. MarYs Bryantown School for more information: 301.932.6883 or 301.843.3387
 Indoors RAIN or SHINE
Saturday, March 5, 2011
         8 am to 1 pm
   (No Early Bird Shoppers)
  St. Mary's School Hall
      Bryantown, MD
  Call to reserve by 2/18
  For more information, to rent a table,
       or make a donation, call:
    Mary Bra.nick 301-274-4507

                Sponsored by
              St.. Mary's Church   DONATIONS
               Social Concerns     ACCEPTED
              Committee to help
               supplement the
                 Sharing Fund

                   PRE-ORDER SALE ONLY 

                     Proceeds to benefit 

           St. Mary's Bryantown Church & School 

      Shredded Hardwood Mulch $3.75 per 3 cubic ft bag 

              ORDER BY Friday, MARCH 4, 2011 

                 Pick up on March 12, 2011 

When:        Saturday March 12,2011 from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm ONE DAY ONLY
Where:       St. Mary's Bryantown School Parking Lot
             13735 Notre Dame Place, Bryantown, MD 20617
Contact:     Any questions please call the school at 301-932-6883,
             or Tim Lessner by email tlessner@ldgwa.ldorf.com
             No orders will be accepted over the phone.

                   Free delivery for the purchase of 50 bags or more if needed
                       contact Tim Lessner to make delivery arrangements

           DUE DATE FOR ORDERS:         FRIDAY, MARCH 4, 2011
                                      no exceptions
                     MULCH ORDER FORM
                  DUE BY Friday, March 4, 2011

_____ # of bags x $3.75 per bag = Total Enclosed _________ Check #: _____ _
Please make checks payable to: St. Mary's

               Send PAYMENT AND ORDER FORM TO TIM LESSNER either through 

                                The School's White Envelope or 

                      Drop in the collection basket during weekend Mass 



Phone #:
                         LaPlata Outback Steakhouse 




               Come and enjoy an authentic Outback Luncheon an"d help 

         raise money for The Catholic Business Association Scholarship Fund 

                     benefiting Charles County Catholic Schools. 


Where:         LaPlata Outback Steakhouse 6649 Crain Highway LaPlata, MD 20646

Time:          11 :00 am ­ 1 pm - Dine in or Carryout

Price:         Tickets are $20.00 each - Children under 4 years - Free

Menu:          Outback Juicy Steak, Succulent Chicken, Caesar Salad, Rolls, Rice, Iced Tea,
               Coffee, Soda

                          All tickets must be purchased in advance

                                For more information call:
   Tom Agostinelli 240-464-1438, David Vaira 240-427-1040 or Judy Melvin 301-848-1835

                                           Or email:

Check your Choice:

____ Number of tickets @ $20 each           _____ Number of children under 4 yrs free

- - - We cannot attend but enclosed is our donation
Name:                                                     Please make check payable to:
Address: __________________                                Catholic Business Association

City/StiZip: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __                      of Charles County

Phone:                                                     P. O. Box 1438
Email: _______________________________                     Waldorf, MD 20604

                               Thank you!or your Supponl
                                                                            Date:                  Family to be credited:
Name:                               Telephone number in case there          Name & grade of youngest       Check#:
                                    are questions about your order:         child (weekly white envelope):

                                   Denomination             Quantity        Total Amount Ordered

8Js                                      25
8Js                                      50
8Js                                     100
Food Lion                                25
Food Lion                               100
Giant                                    25
Giant                                   100
McKays                                   25
McKays                                   50
McKays                                  100
Safeway                                  25
Safeway                                 100
Ritas                                    5
Shoppers                                25
Spirit of America Car Wash
Ledos                   10
TOTAL ORDER:                       ~1;~i~,';;;'1 r:""i/' i'~n~'r
                                   i ' 2':.'0..: \ ; '                     $
Check out www.glscrip.com for daily updates and changes to stores that are offered.
Replacements will not be issued for lost or stolen cards. Please keep in a safe place.
                    CLUBHOUSEII I 

              Friday, February 11th, 2011
                   7:00 to 11:00 PM
             Courts/Skating begins at 7:001
                      You can begin to arrive at 6:30 pm 

                 COST: $10/person at the door 

           Cash or Checks accepted (ATM on premises) 

                          Capital Clubhouse 

                      3033 Waldorf Market Place 

                         Waldorf, MD 20603 

                        Telephone       301.932.4348

Who: Southern MD Catholic School families/SYBL families andfriends 

      ONLY! Facility will NOT be open to the general public! 

               What: A private party for our great league! 

               Includes: Unlimited Ice skating and skates 

 All multi-purpose courts for family fun: basketball, soccer, volleyball, 

dodgeball and kids 8 and under area; parents, coaches and kids can enjoy 

      these facilities together!!! Wall climbing (extra $5/person) 

                Food: Snack barfood and Pizza for sale! 

                                                                TAKE A STAND FOR
                                                                                           February 2011

                        Protect Marriage in Maryland

Contact Senator Thomas Middleton - District 28                                             NOW
                                     A Senate hearing will be held this TUESDAY,
                                     February 8, in the Maryland General Assembly on a
                                     bill (S8 116) that would drastically alter the
                                     definition of marriage in Maryland.      Senator
                                     Middleton indicated his support for traditional
                                     marriage on the 2010 Maryland Catholic
                                     Conference Candidate Survey.

                                     Your help is needed now.       Contact Senator
                                     Middleton now to thank him and support him as
                                     he takes a stand for marriage!

             Call or email Senator Middleton at
                      (301) 858-3616 or
           .                     .
Message: Thank you for supporting marriage between one man and one woman. I
am counting on your vote against S8 116, which would drastically alter the definition
of marriage in Maryland.

    For more information or to send a pre-drafted email
           message, go to www.mdcathcon.org.

           Maryland Catholic Conference • www.mdcathcon.org. 301-261-1979 • 410-269-1155
generosity and support     l(
    of our annual ~;;o

  spa netti dinner"
We are looking for businesses to help underwrite the cost of our school
book covers, take-home folders & handbooks.
If you would like to participate in these ad programs, please fill out the
bottom portion of this page and return it to the school office, or call our
printer directly.
Our children receive these items FREE from the advertisements.
If we are unable to utilize you as a sponsor at this time, we will contact
you with the next available advertising space.

                           T1taAttJv yowl'
School Name    '~ _{
         .                                                ,

Your Name,_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _...::::-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Company Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

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               OR Call the Printer: J.M. Gaske, Inc.
                 410-750-7700 • 410-750-7791 Fax
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