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					                            Priorities for FY 2011-12 Budget Year

                                    Economic Development

Industrial Development

Continue to pursue infrastructure funding for the Berry Hill Regional Mega Park

Pursue potential industrial water users by working with the Partnership for Economic
Development on targeted marketing

Pursue an incoming call center at an Eden location

Continue to support existing industry with the goal of encouraging expansions and increased

Continue to seek a data center for Eden, working with utility companies to close any gaps
preventing our community from landing one of these companies


Improve the visibility of the Rockingham Small Business Coalition to support entrepreneurship
in Eden and Rockingham County

Work with RCC to offer programs in the downtown areas and Chamber of Commerce that
support local businesses

Main Street

Work with the Planning and Inspections Department to complete the crosswalks and landscaping
projects in Draper Village and Olde Leaksville

Work with the Cook Block merchants on establishing a merchants association as part of the
objective to be included in the Eden Main Street program, provided there is merchant support for
this goal

Complete the landscaping and sign project at the corner of Bridge Street and Boone Road

Complete the ―gallery wrap‖ project that will allow us to put large posters of vintage downtown
scenes in empty buildings to improve the look of each downtown

Recruit businesses to fill current empty buildings

In coordination with Cindy Adams, begin a consistent themed shop local campaign to help draw
consumers to the downtown areas

Work with Preservation NC to attract a buyer for the Central Hotel; one who will renovate it to
historical standards

Commercial Recruitment

Continue to work with shopping center owners and real estate personnel of target retailers to fill
the gaps in Eden’s retail development

Continue to work with the Chick-fil-A real estate department to bring one of their restaurants to

Support existing commercial businesses via on-going publicity (see below)

Public Relations

Embark on a consistent positive public relations campaign to highlight what is happening in
Eden, including the industrial, commercial or the downtown business community. This will be
done via local newspapers, radio, television and social networking. ―Exlpore Eden‖ will be the

Work diligently to make the News & Record business column an effective tool for publicizing
local business news.

                                     Tourism Development

Image & Marketing

      Continue enhancing our website, electronic newsletter and Facebook presence. The
       wedding page will be completed. These information sources are becoming even more
       important with the breakdown of traditional media.
      Brand Eden as a ―Wedding and Family Reunion Destination‖. Promote our venues that
       include Willow Oaks Plantation, Johns Manor House, The Wray Centre, Idlewild and
      Complete the Eden Wedding Guide that will compliment the Quality of Life piece.
      Continue co-op advertising with Rockingham County Tourism Development and the the
       City of Reidsville in three issues of Our State Magazine and the North Carolina Heritage
      Create a series of ads that will appear in the Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine. A magazine
       that reaches our target audience in the Raleigh/Durham area.
      Continue our efforts to develop a very comprehensive photo collection.
      Create new promotional materials. Find more avenues to get our Explore Eden t-shirts to
       our citizens.

        Highlight pictures of citizens with the Explore Eden t-shirts on in other parts of North
         Carolina, United States and the world. Two are already on their way to Prague and
        Work with Christine Federico to create a new ad that focuses on bringing your children to
         Eden to get outside and ―play‖. We will highlight our Skate Park, kayaking, canoeing and
         tubing, Tuttle’s Farm, Hills & Hollows Farm, Freedom Park, Eden Drive In, Smith River
         Greenway, etc.
        Continue monthly radio program with Mike Dougherty on WLOE/WMYN.
        Establish the ―Cindy the Explorer‖ video project.


        Once again enhance our two time award winning RiverFest. We want to add even more
         educational features to the festival and once again present some top notch live
         performances for our citizens.
        Enhance the very popular Piedmont Pottery Festival. Our festival is one of the most
         respected in the state of North Carolina.
        Enhance and/or assist with the following events:
                 1. Veteran’s Day Parade & Ceremony
                 2. Treat Street
                 3. Ladies Night Out
                 4. Bringing the Beach Downtown
                 5. Candlelight Downtown
                 6. Christmas Parades
                 7. Leaksville Holiday Open House
                 8. Eden Cruise
                 9. Other downtown promotions or events throughout the City of Eden
        Conduct the very popular Rubber Duck Regatta that was abandoned by the Eden
         Chamber of Commerce. This is a community wide event that will highlight the historical
         area that surrounds the Barnett Canal and the Spray Mercantile Building.
        Assist Bruce Mallatratt with the 1st Annual Jazz Fest that will take place in October at the
         Kiwanis Amphitheatre located in Freedom Park.
        Work on the scheduling and site for the 1st Annual Lego Build-Off.
        Continue to promote the Carolina Home Show and the efforts of the Duane Best Seat
         Replacement Project group.
        Continue to assist the Eden Chamber of Commerce with the Business Expo, Temptations
         in the Garden and other efforts.

Nature Based & Sports Tourism

        Continue to promote events that take place at Freedom Park. Assist Johnny Farmer with
         the State Dixie Youth tournament that will take place in July.
        Continue grant program for qualified events.

      Continue talks and efforts to secure a new working batteau with the help of Dan River
       Basin Association and Three Rivers Outfitters.
      Continue to pursue new river access point at the Berry Hill Bridge area through the River
       Development Committee. This will open up a new portion of the river that will allow for
       more day trips coming out of Virginia.
      Investigate the possibility of a ―zip-line‖, off road bike trails, tubing opportunities and
       other adventure tourism possibilities.
      Create a Nascar Fan appreciation event at the Eden Drive In that will take place during
       Martinsville race weeks.
      Promote Willow Oaks Plantation has a destination for hunting, fishing, horseback riding
       and other outdoor activities.
      Pursue Eden as an overnight stop for the 2011 Cycle North Carolina.


      Promote the continued efforts of Tuttle’s Farm and Hills & Hollows Farm.
      The Eden Downtown Farmer’s Market will be conducted on Saturday mornings to help
       solve the extreme heat issue. The market will be open from June thru September.
      We will work with Josh Woodall and the Planning Department to establish a Community
      Attend the Agri-Tourism Conference along with the Tuttle’s of Tuttle’s Farm.
      Join the North Carolina Agri-Tourism Association.

Heritage & Cultural Tourism

      Complete Phase II of the Historical Marker Program and possibly Phase III.
      Assist with the Charlie Poole Music Festival.
      Develop an advertising piece for the Eden Historical Museum and promote it in the North
       Carolina Heritage Guide.
      Do more to promote our music heritage. Work with the Smith Family who host Tuesday
       night music events at ―The Barn‖.

Unique & Specialty Shopping

      Update the on-line version of the Eden Shopping Guide
      Continue to assist both the Leaksville & Draper Village merchants with their events and
       promotional efforts.
      Continue to pursue benches, planters, landscaping and public art for the downtown areas.
      Continue to assist Mike with the Main Street Program.
      Continue to promote industrial tours that include Karastan, Kings Chandelier and Miller
       Coors when available.
      Work with Mike and the Eden Chamber of Commerce to create a ―Think Local‖

Other Areas Of Tourism

      Attend the Governor’s Conference on Tourism & Hospitality and the Main Street
      Host the Argus Camera Group for the fourth year.
      Host the Canadian Golfers for the eleventh year.
      Continue to co-host the Annual Press Appreciation Luncheon.
      Complete the All America City Process.
      Continue to stay in close contact with our hotel/motel owners and operators.
      Create a ―Points of Interest‖ map for our hotels/motels and Chamber of Commerce that
       can be given to visitors.
      Explore the possibility of printing a new city street map.
      Continue my association with the Rockingham County Business Coalition.
      Create weekend tourism ―Packages‖ for all ages and all interests.


Maintain or exceed a 48% clearance rate for Part I and Part II Crimes combined.

Organize a Rental Property Owner’s Association in the City

Two Street-level Undercover Drug Campaigns

Target (3) career criminals on the federal level

Train a detective as an Gang Coordinator

Write a 911 Grant to replace the voice print server and furniture in the   Communication

Develop a solution for a satellite communication center

Expand the Community Watch Program.

Implement an offsite back-up data solution

Arrest 160 DWI’s

                                     Planning & Inspections

Street Sign Inventory

In conjunction with the Street Department, we would like to create and develop a layer on our
GIS map for street signs. There is software that can be purchased for GPS equipment to identify

and locate the signs and will also merge with our existing ArcGIS software. This identification
process can be done by existing staff as time allows but we can also try to get interns to work
during the summer to help with this project. The amount of information about each sign is
almost limitless and can include not only the type of sign but the material the sign is made of, the
date the sign was installed, repaired or replaced, the location of the sign, and a picture of the
sign. With the appropriate software and summer interns, this project can be completed in 3 to 4

Traffic Map

Staff is currently working to create a map layer for the Official Traffic Map for the City of Eden.
The City Clerk has organized the traffic Ordinances by wards and street names. This map will
show the speed limits, truck routes, no parking zones, school zones and signs that are adopted by
the City Council.

GIS Map for Staff

Staff has worked with Kevin Taylor to make the GIS maps available to all City employees and
council members. Kevin has made the server accessible to the Planning Department Staff and
we have started building the department appropriate maps and transferring the data to the server.
Once the maps are available on the server, our staff would like to schedule a couple of training
sessions for employees to attend to learn how to interpret and use the maps.

GIS Maps for Realtors

We regularly receive telephone calls from local realtors asking for information on real property
as it pertains to zoning, topography and boundary descriptions. The reader program that is a free
download from the internet can be acquired by the realtors and our data made available to them
for a reasonable fee. This would reduce the number of telephone calls and office visits to the
Planning Department.

Enhance GIS Program

Information available through the GIS mapping program has grown exponentially in 2010 –
2011. Maps have been created for the C & D Department, Fire Department and Police

We were able to obtain electronic data from WK Dickson for the location of sewer lines and
manholes in the City of Eden. Binders consisting of 70 pages were created using a grid map
system for the C & D Department to have available in their trucks to reduce travel time between
field work and the office.

Fire hydrants were located by the Engineering Department using GPS devices. This information
was then imported into the GIS program and provided to the Fire Department.

For a couple of years now, the sex offender map which is displayed on the wall as you enter the
Police Department, has been created internally using the state web site and staff. Currently, the
Official Traffic Map is being updated on the GIS map so that it will be more readily available to
City staff.

The IT Department has made it possible for the GIS data to be loaded on the City server in order
that all City employees will have information available to them at their office. This data is
currently being loaded and organized on the server and should be available to staff within 30 to
60 days.

GIS mapping has become an essential component for the NG-911 system being developed by the
Eden Police Department, Winston Salem Police Department and Surry County. The GIS data
has been analyzed by GeoComm and hours have been spent ―cleaning up‖ the data. ―Cleaning
up‖ involves identifying properties which do not have address points assigned to them as well as
streets with addresses that don’t match the range adopted by the City. The NG-911 system will
establish the location of a call into the PSAP from a cell phone based on X-Y coordinates rather
than the closest cell tower.

Improve and Update Land Use Regulations

With the grants we have received and staff’s efforts we plan to continue working toward
bringing our land use regulations up to date.

Use the CAT Team for Beautification and Money Saving Efforts

Spring 2010 was the beginning of the CAT Team program through our office. Equipment
purchases were offset by the improvement in the appearance of our community through their
litter removal efforts and they did most of the abatements for our nuisance program. We are
working toward having them do additional work on behalf of the city in order to save money on
maintenance contracts.

Island Ford Bridge Lights

We have received funding for decorative lighting on the Island Ford Bridge at the Spray Traffic
Circle. Through efforts with NCDOT and Duke Energy we plan to have these lights installed
before the end of the current fiscal year.

Streetscape for Draper Village and Olde Leaksville

Funds were reallocated for crosswalks for Draper Village and Leaksville and for landscaping in
the Draper Village traditional downtowns. The plan is to have these projects completed by the
end of fiscal year 2010/2011.

Cook Block Streetscape

The Council has expressed interest in the planning phase of a streetscape program for the Cook
Block area in the Spray area. Implementation will depend on funds available and the will of the
City Council. The consultant authorized by the Council has been engaged. The next step is a
meeting with the stakeholders. We hope to have this project finished by summer 2011.

Boards and Commissions

Community Appearance Commission:

   1. Complete the Keep America Beautiful pre-certification process and have the City
      certified as a Keep America Beautiful affiliate.
   2. Continue the monthly Community Appearance Awards and work on better publicity.

Historic Preservation Commission:

   1. Update the City’s historic properties survey and submit to the SHPO.
   2. Continue to review and consider properties for local historic landmark designation.
   3. Pursue training opportunities for Commission members and staff in order to maintain the
      City’s CLG (Certified Local Government) status.

Tree Board:

   1. Continue to replace missing, dead and damaged trees along the Highway 14 corridor as
      funds are available.
   2. Promote urban forestry education initiatives by continuing the Arbor Day program in
      local schools. The Board plans to present their Arbor Day program at Central Elementary
      School in 2011 and to Douglass Elementary School in 2012 (when construction is
   3. Continue to monitor and maintain trees on public property and replace dead or damaged
      trees as necessary and as funding is available.
   4. Continue to review citizen requests for removal of dangerous, dead or damaged trees on
      public property and to take appropriate action as needed.
   5. Maintain the City’s Tree City USA status.

                                      Fleet Maintenance Division

Continue to administer fleet operation and replace equipment with the most effective means

Provide an ongoing effort to provide cost efficient and reliable vehicles on a daily and
extended use basis.

 Send mechanics to any available training that will benefit the City to ensure we can reduce
cost and downtime.

Continue to have a very aggressive preventative maintenance program schedule that is
strictly adhered to that follows the manufacturers recommended service intervals as well as
the capacity that it operates in.

Continue to Investigate to see what new vehicle/equipment maintenance programs are
readily available that would enhance our current vehicle maintenance record keeping that
can also receive the existing history.

Investigate the process, benefits as well as what equipment would be required along with
cost to start using alternative fuel in our vehicles/equipment as well as the installation of a
standalone Urea system located at the refueling station on Klyce Street to meet new emissions.

Continue to make repairs as cost efficient as possible.

Continue to train someone the entire day to day operations of our fleet maintenance
operations in the event the Superintendent is out for an extended time.

Work with Solid Waste and Streets to investigate the cost and possible benefits of having
another automated leaf truck that possibly could service the entire city during the annual leaf
pickup season.

Continue to stay up to date on the various vehicle/equipment that is available to ensure we
purchase the right unit to do the job its needed for.

                          Water Filtration Plant & Water Resources

Produce high quality water that meets or exceeds all State and Federal Standards for Drinking
Water 100% of days each year.

Meet the water volume demands of 100% City of Eden customers for 365 days.

Collect and analyze 100% of the water samples necessary for plant operation and regulatory
compliance in 2011.

Work to have zero days of Boil Water Advisories for 365 days.

State regulations require that Special Public Notices be issued for any samples we process
from consumer homes that are in violation of Drinking Water Standards. Our goal this year
is to have zero violations. If a violation should occur, then we will meet 100% of the
deadlines for issuance of required public notices.

The Water Plant Budget Cost for 09-10 to produce treated water was $0.55 per 1000 gallons.
Our goal this year will be to hold this cost below $0.58 per 1000 gallons despite the
reductions in water sold, escalating cost for chemicals and energy, and the current economic

Strive to reduce our reportable accidents from the one accident that we had in 2010 for the Water
Plant and Water Resources. This will be accomplished by emphasizing the fact that safety
begins with the individual and what they do. The subjects of monthly safety training will be
used to reinforce safety on the employee’s daily job.

Provide 100% of staff members with the continuing education to maintain their certifications for
renewal in 2011.

Continue with an aggressive preventative maintenance program to minimize breakdowns,
better control repair costs and help contain overtime labor costs from after hour’s callbacks.
The maintenance staff of Water Resources has a goal of less than one overtime hour of
afterhours call in per 100 hours of operation at the water plant, wastewater plant and C&D
sewer pump stations and water tanks and power station.

Prepare and distribute a new Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) by June 1 of 2012 for the
2011 water production year. The 2009 CCR was produced and distributed at a cost of
$0.3653 per copy in 2010. Our goal this year will be to produce and distribute the 2011 CCR
for under $0.44 per copy.

                                     Wastewater Treatment

Biosolids management program and facilities

       Continue a regular operation at the Dewatering Facility and try to establish a routine

       Keep the upper lagoon clean and in good condition.

       Close out and fill in the lower lagoon.
Comply with the statutory, regulatory, and permit requirements for operation and
administration of the following facilities and programs:

       Mebane Bridge Wastewater Treatment Plant, NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge
       Elimination System) Permit Number NC0025071.

       Land Application of Wastewater Residuals, Permit Number WQ0003035.

       City of Eden Industrial Pretreatment Program as authorized in Eden City Code, Chapter

       Maintain Laboratory Certification for parameters currently permitted and obtain new
       parameters for in-house analysis. Look into the requirements for performing fecal
       coliform in house and cost effectiveness of this versus sending it off to a contract lab.

Continued improvements to plant operations while dealing with lower influent flows.

Have all operators working toward higher Wastewater Operator’s Certification.

       Currently our staff is as follows:

                  Melinda Ward – Grade IV (attend the Pretreatment class and the Laboratory
                   Analyst class and take the respective exams)
                  Ralph Potter – Grade IV
                  David Greer – Grade III
                  Chris Powell – Grade I (obtain his Grade II and attend the Grade III/IV school
                   and sit for the Grade III)
                  Charlie Manley – Grade II (attend a Grade III/IV school on his own and sit for
                   the Grade III exam)
                  Ronald Wright – Grade II (attend a Grade III/IV school and sit for the Grade
                   III exam)
                  Glenn Pulliam – Grade II (attend a Grade III/IV class and sit for the Grade III
                  Joel Freeman – Grade IV
                  New Pretreatment Technician – (attend the Pretreatment class and the
                   Laboratory Analyst class and obtain the respective certifications)

Provide continuing education for staff certification requirements.

       We will try to have Rural Water schedule another dual credit training class in Eden so
       that any operators who have not received their hours can attend for free.

Stay in compliance with all parameters for the year with nothing to report on the Annual
Wastewater report.

Continue to find ways to reduce energy and fuel costs.

       Look into other alternatives for renewable energy sources that can be used on site to
       reduce energy usage.


Repair all utility cuts that have been temporarily patched with cold mix due to the asphalt plant
being out of service for maintenance issues.

We have eleven of the forty-five streets left to do that the Street Division will be removing the
deteriorated asphalt for the Street Resurfacing Contract.

The Street Division will be doing some skin patching on the streets that are on the Resurfacing

The Street Division will be pouring a slab at the Transfer Station and setting the diesel fuel cell
and anchoring it down.

The Street Division will be hauling off the debris (asphalt, concrete, mud etc.) that was put there
from water / sewer breaks that is stock piled at Draper Fire Department.

The Street Division will be pouring a slab at Public Works and having a lean to shed installed for
the mowing equipment.

The Street Division will be doing some reconstruction to the ditches and the gravel road going
into the Bear Slide Pump Station.

To replace the men working / construction signs etc as needed. This is an ongoing process due
the signs being in the weather.

The Street Division will be managing our budget even closer with the shape of the economy.

To cross train employees on some of the equipment such as the backhoe, skid steer loader so in
time they can use their experience and skills to advance within the Street Division.

To work with other departments and divisions in making a good work environment.

                           Parks, Recreation & Facility Maintenance

Bid on a North Carolina Dixie Youth Baseball State Tournament to be held at Freedom Park in

Plan and implement a successful Ribfest and Fall Festival to be held at Freedom Park during FY

Assist the Economic Development and Tourism Department in providing a successful 2011
Riverfest. Parks, Recreation & Facility Maintenance will assist with set-up and take-down of the
event, as well as provide waste removal during the event.

Conduct a successful 2011 United Way Campaign for the City of Eden. The goal will be to
remain at the existing level of contributions that the City gives, and if it increases the amount,
this would be great, due to the economic conditions that exist.

Continue the efforts of the City’s Sustainable Energy Plan for the City of Eden, by managing the
consumption of its energy resources in an effective and efficient manner. These resources
include electrical, natural gas, vehicle fuel.

Maximize the scheduling at Freedom Park in FY 2011-2012 with weekend tournaments, concerts
in the park, special events, and weekly scheduled athletic programs for youth and adult.

Continue to host the Community Accents Program on WLOE on the second Friday of each
month to keep the residents of the City of Eden and Rockingham informed about the programs
and services offered by the City of Eden, Parks and Recreation Department.

Add electrical outlets along the nature trail in the back of Freedom Park to help with the logistics
of planning and implementing the Haunted Trail. This will eliminate the need for generators and
help make setting up the event more efficient.

Host a successful 2011 Dixie Youth Baseball State Ozone Tournament at Freedom Park July 15-
21, 2011.

Work with the American Legion Posts in Eden to develop and implement a plan to install
additional Flag Poles at the entrance of Freedom Park to recognize all branches of the United
States Military to horror all Veterans.


Refurbish Ladder 1.

Due to the age, wear and tear of Ladder 1, various sensors and hydraulic and electrical parts need
to be replaced. Tommy Carter, Tony South (our department’s mechanic) and I have been looking
at this for several years. The estimate for the work is a ballpark figure of $250,000; however,
we’ll still have less than $500,000 in Ladder 1, which if purchased new now would cost more
than $1 million. Upon completion of the project, Ladder 1 will be updated to new safety
standards and will provide many more years of service. Maintenance costs for this apparatus
should greatly diminish. With the two trucks from Summerfield in service, we can most likely go
for at least five years without having to purchase a new truck.

Staff Station 4 with a full-time crew.

The staffing of Station 4 would allow us to comply with the NFPA and the OSHA Standard 2 in
2 out. Because of the lack of volunteer response, this is needed to provide adequate fire
protection to our citizens and industry here in the City Of Eden.

Make the Deputy Chief’s position a sworn law enforcement officer.

Making the Deputy Chief’s position a sworn law enforcement officer would be a great advantage
to the fire and police departments. This will allow the Deputy Chief to conduct a full
investigation of arson-related incidences without putting a burden on the police. I have discussed
this with Chief Pyrtle.

Install Internet service at Stations 1, 2, and 3.

Internet service was not installed this past year. I believe that having this capability in the three
stations would be a great asset for various reasons. It would enhance inner-departmental
communications by stations or by individuals. This would also allow the operator on duty to put
in his own reports, conduct online training and many other items necessary for them to do. It
would allow the operators to e-mail their timesheets, saving time and gas when these are to be

Change full-time Lieutenants to Captains.

By doing this, the chain of command would be structured the way that it needs to be. This would
not involve pay increases.

Simulation computer-based training tool.

This training aid will create real fire simulations without live fire scenarios. We could utilize this
to reduce fuels costs and liability issues associated with live fire exercises.

Retrofit Engine 1 with Insta Chains.

Because Engine 1 could take the place of Engine 4 due to repairs, these chains are needed for 3
inches of snow or less and could be used on ice-covered side streets.

Flat rate pay for all Volunteers.

The current pay system is pay per call basis. The flat rate pay system would allow easier
budgeting. This could be called a stipend pay to cover our firefighters that are city employees.

Send two to FDIC training.

This is held in Indiana but the quality and quantity of training makes this the best place to go.
Our instructors that would be attending could bring this training back to our department.

Replace hand lights on our trucks.

This is a necessity because all of our hand lights are old and worn out – most are more than 20
years old. We constantly have to repair or replace parts on these lights. I would have to purchase
15 hand lights. It is very important to the firefighter inside a burning structure for the hand lights
to be dependable and ready for use.

Install generators at Station 2 and 3.

The generator will keep everything operating in the case that power is lost. What we have now in
place are Army surplus. They are not large enough to run the facilities and they must be
manually cranked. We have had situations during an actual call when the generator would not
crank due to cold weather.

Place a hydraulic rescue tool on Engine 2.

Due to the lack of response of the rescue squad, this would give us adequate coverage for the
City of Eden in the event we had to perform vehicle extrication. We currently have one on the
west side and in the central area. One is needed for the east side.

Confined space equipment

We need funds to replace or add needed equipment on our confined space trailer.

                                             City Clerk

Central Filing System/Shared Directory

The City Council’s files, minutes, ordinances, proclamations, resolutions, affidavits, contracts
and other documents are indexed on a regular basis for easy access. Minutes and Agendas have
also been placed in the city’s shared directory to enable employees to access minutes themselves
and agenda documents. This is an ongoing project.

City Code of Ordinances

The City Clerk maintains and codifies all ordinances for the city code books and the city’s
website. In previous years codification was done by American Legal Publishing for a fee. This
is an ongoing project.

City Council Meetings

The City Clerk sets up the City Council Chambers on a regular basis in preparation for monthly
or special called meetings. The City Clerk also sets up the Conference Room and arranges
catering for the City Council’s annual budget retreat.

Clerical Support

The City Clerk provides continuous administrative support for the Mayor, City Manager and
City Council from typing memorandums, letters and other correspondence to registering for
conferences and seminars. This is an ongoing project.

Closed Session Minutes

The City Clerk assisted in providing the necessary research to determine that the closed session
minutes would no longer frustrate the purpose. Council agreed to allow the City Manager,
Attorney and Clerk to make that determination when needed. This is an ongoing project.

Continuing Education

The City Clerk is still in the process of continuing education to achieve the Master Municipal
Clerk certification (MMC) from the International Institute of Municipal Clerks. This should be
achieved by 2012.

Plans are also being made for a State Certification Program for Municipal Clerks. The North
Carolina Association of County Clerks completed its first State Certification Program in 2009
and the clerks were awarded certificates in January of 2010. If this program is approved, the
City Clerk would also like to pursue State Certification.

Contracts and Agreements Database

The City Clerk plans to also add signed contracts and agreements to the system/shared directory
in 2011.

Duke Energy

The City Clerk also reports streetlight outages to Duke Energy. This is an ongoing project.


The City Clerk has continued to work with E-Gov Link to enable citizens with another means of
communication for services, requests or complaints after hours. The company works on a
continuous basis to improve the software.

The City Clerk recently (November 2010) demoed some new E-Gov applications that would
greatly enhance the city’s website. It is content management and website redesign that allows
each department to update their portion of the website. It is quick and easy to use with no special
web skills required. It provides a content management tool that enables each department the
ability to add and update content on the website. The editor is similar to Microsoft Word. The
City Clerk (as webmaster) would like to pursue this new application if possible and provide the
necessary training.


The City Clerk has continued organizing and working with historical files. This is an ongoing

Minutes Transcription

The City Clerk continues to transcribe minutes from City Council Meetings. This is an ongoing

Official Traffic Map

The Official Traffic Map is a project that will be ongoing. The Map is in the office of the City
Clerk and is to be updated each time a traffic ordinance is amended.

Paperless City Code

The City Clerk maintains and places all city code online for the citizen and staff’s convenience.
This is an ongoing project.

Paperless City Policies

The City Clerk maintains and places all city policies online for the citizen and staff’s
convenience. This is an ongoing project.

Policy Manual

The City Clerk monitors the city’s policy manual for updates and necessary revisions. This was
recently done in the fall of 2010.

Public Notices

The City Clerk contacts local news media whenever a meeting of the City Council is needed and
also submits legal notices for publication when needed.

Special Events Permit

The City Clerk plans to work with the City Attorney and the Chief of Police to look into
developing a city ordinance for special events inside the city.

Tax Collector

The City Clerk also acts as the city’s tax collector.

Traffic Law Changes

The City Clerk continues to work with Sgt. Sam Shelton and NCDOT to coordinate the traffic
law changes and temporary street closings for events held in the city.


The City Clerk continues to act as webmaster of the city’s website. The website is continually
being designed and updated to provide easy access and provide information to the citizens of
Eden as well as businesses, newcomers and visitors. The website is designed to promote Eden as
an inviting and wonderful place to live. With the addition of the E-Gov Link software to provide
user friendly forms, and online payments for citizen convenience, the city’s website continues to
serve as a vital tool for the City of Eden.

The City Clerk posts the monthly and special meeting agendas on the city’s website as well as
providing links to the agenda documents. After each meeting, the action agenda is posted with
the Council’s action.

Web Data Base

The City Clerk has begun creating a database of files located in the E-Gov Documents section of
the city’s website. There are folders of minutes from 1999 to 2010 and agendas from 2003 to
2010. The agenda folders from 2003 to 2005 only contain the covers. Agenda folders from
2006 to 2010 contain the entire agenda packet. Ordinances are also located in the database and
this online database is searchable. This is an ongoing project.

                                            Solid Waste

One goal that I would like to do this year is to look at the possibility of having the waste oil at
the recycling center used as a source of fuel for the maintenance shop at Public Works.

To have some chain link fence work done at the recycling center and concrete work done on the
main dock.

I would like to have (1) one laptop computer that would have the Solid Waste routing system on
them so that when we are out in the field we do not have to call public works for a container
number that we are trying to track down.

To strengthen our markets for our recyclables.

To improve customer service relations by reducing the number of valid complaints.

To upgrade one transport trailer at the Transfer Station that is used to transport the garbage to the

To be able to do some much needed work at the transfer station. We need some concrete repairs
to the lower level pad to correct our drainage issue.

Training employees to be in a position for promotion when the opportunity presents itself.

To continue to train the employees to work as a group instead of as individual.

To work the other department heads and supervisors to get any job completed in a timely
                                Collection and Distribution

Continue working to develop a backflow prevention (cross connection control) program. This
program is required once five or more backflow prevention assemblies are connected to a water
distribution system.

Work with Water Filtration on flushing our distribution system to meet minimum residual
chlorine levels and prevent us from exceeding THM levels as required.

Locating dead end water lines and the installing of blow-off assemblies, both manual and

To continue repairs to fire hydrants as the fire department issues the list of hydrant malfunctions.
Replace those fire hydrants as needed.

Continued employee safety training and continuing education for maintaining North Carolina

Continue CCTV and cleaning greater than 10% of our sewer main lines as required by our
sanitary sewer collection system permit.

Continue work on the outfalls during the cooler months to cut back the tree lines, remove trees
located over sanitary sewer lines and put stone on our outfalls and thereby gain and maintain
access for our sewer cleaning equipment in the event of a sewer backup and overflow.

Connect all taps presently connected to the existing 1 ¼ inch water line located behind the
houses between Front Street and Fieldcrest Road running from May Street west to Hale Street to
the newer water mains located at the front of these properties.

Kill and completely disconnect all unused 2-inch and smaller galvanized water lines that are not
in use any more. These lines create problems since these valves and lines are still physically
connected to the water distribution system. Valves are sometimes mistakenly turned on and leaks
occur requiring a response that wastes valuable city resources in time and manpower.

                        Information Technology and Communications

Continue PC replacements

Continue to replace our legacy 486 and single core Pentium workstations with minimum of dual
core, 2GB RAM replacements.

Implement unified server backup solution that also includes offsite backup

Our current server backup schema involves multiple backup software versions to multiple media
type and is not easily scalable. Currently only the finance server data is being moved offsite for
disaster protection. I propose to move to a single vendor hardware device that will centrally
manage and locally store backups for our entire server infrastructure as well as maintain a copy
of those backups at an offsite data storage facility a minimum of 250 miles away from Eden.
This will accomplish three goals. First, it will consolidate our current backup strategy to a
single, easily managed solution. Second, it will serve as the first step in developing a more
comprehensive disaster recovery solution. Third, it will provide the scalability necessary to
ensure our servers are protected as our technology needs grow.

Consolidate our multiple cell phone accounts to a single account with a single vendor

Currently our cell phone accounts are divided among four discreet accounts. One of those
accounts is with Sprint/Nextel, the remaining three are with Verizon. I intend to consolidate all
of those accounts into one and standardize on a single carrier. This will enable deeper
discounting of our plans due to a higher number of lines on a single account.

Increase server virtualization

Server virtualization, in the long term, will reduce server hardware costs and will be critical for
creating a disaster and fault tolerant technology infrastructure. In the short term, virtualization

will allow us to maximize the limited physical space we have in our data room by allowing
multiple servers to reside on a single server device.

Upgrade LAN infrastructure

As we expand our need for technology and network services, the existing network becomes more
and more crowded with network traffic resulting in slow response times from critical software.
Implementing faster and higher capacity switching technology will enable the network to keep
pace with the increasing demands of the technology the city relies on to operate.

Update Voiceprint server

The 911 recording server is nearing 5 years old and is in need of replacement. This expenditure
would be eligible for funding through 911 restricted funds or 911 Board grant opportunities.

Upgrade Exchange 2007 server to Exchange 2010

Our Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Software Assurance contract entitles the city to upgrade to
the latest version of Microsoft software and operating systems. This upgrade will provided
enhanced smartphone capabilities as well as enhanced web mail capabilities. Best of all, it will
be at no cost other than the time required to implement the upgrade.

Expand data storage

As our need for technology grows, so does the amount of data that technology produces. That
data must be stored and be easily accessible to support the day to day business of the city. A
scalable Storage Area Network (SAN) solution is needed to ensure that our storage needs are met
now and in the future. The SAN solution will also provide the backbone for future server
virtualization growth and disaster recovery solutions.

Add network access to Fire Stations 100, 200, and 300

Fire stations 100, 200, and 300 currently have no internet/network access to the Fireprograms
server at City Hall. As a result, online training as well as Fire Incident reports and inspections
must be entered at Station 400. Adding this capability to these three stations will enable their
personnel to remain at their station while entering reports and taking self-paced online training.

End User Training

Continue to find ways to provide basic computer training for end users.
                                      Finance & Personnel

Increase the speed of the audit by having the final copy issued to the LGC on or prior to October
31, 2011.

Improve on the accuracy of the audit/decrease adjusting entries to a minimum of 10 or less.

Write more of the audited financial statements internally to meet Governmental Accounting
Standards Board requirements and to keep the total audit cost at a minimum.

Continue to work on increasing employee morale for the finance department.

Continue to monitor our general ledger, utilities, and payroll software to insure that we are
creating & presenting accurate accounting information.

Implement a collection system that will improve the City’s collection rate to at least 30% or
better in terms of fees & delinquent accounts.

Continue cross-training efforts.

Continue to encourage employees to get involved in other educational opportunities such as
classes, workshops, & seminars that will increase their expertise.

Continue to establish a team work environment.

Continue to educate employees and improve benefits including:

      Educate employees on how to be cost effective with health insurance.
      Keep benefits competitive or better than other surrounding cities.
      Get more municipality training by going to free seminars and networking.
      Always working on employee morale.
      Continue to encourage employees to utilize the Employee Assistance Program.

Improve Wellness Committee activities including:

      Participate in the National Wear Red Day Friday February 4, 2011 for the American
       Heart Association.
      Health Fair March 24, 2011. We hope to have 45 or more vendors participating along
       with all the employees and retirees who are on the city’s health insurance.
      Personal Wellness Profile to have 140 employees who will participate.
      Maintain/Increase the average Lunch and Learn Programs participation by having 80
       employees or better attend each one. We plan to have at least 2 in the upcoming year.
      Relay for Life of Rockingham County. We hope to raise at least $3,000.00.

      Maintain/Increase the participation in the Walking, Baseball, and Weight Lifting
       programs by having 12 employees or better participate in each one.
      Encourage all 181 full time employees and retirees who are on the city’s health insurance
       to get the flu shot. However, we project 135 people will participate.
      Encourage wellness programs that can be helpful to the employees to save money for
       them & the city since we are self insured.
  Monitor ways to decrease liability insurance cost including:

      Always educating the employees through safety and departmental meetings to work
       together to keep accidents down. We hold additional safety training classes that the
       NCLM recommends to keep our employees safe and the insurance cost down.
      The Safety committee meets monthly with safety training and suggestions. Monthly
       training is conducted in each department. We have several educational classes planned
       for 2011 including Back Safety, First Aid, CPR, and also Fire Extinguisher. We are also
       updating our safety manual for the year 2011.
      Continue to make changes to the policy at renewal adding and deleting capital assets
       based on their value.

Continue to have information for the auditor earlier than normal with no errors.

Convert to an automated reading program. This will not only allow the readings to be more
precise, but would also provide the service of allowing the customers to ―rent‖ a device that
would monitor their water usage and alert them if they have a leak between the meter and their

Since converting to monthly billing, it is my recommendation (Blair Barker) that we hire an
additional collections clerk to be mainly responsible for taking payments at the counter and
processing payments that come through the mail. He/she could also assist with various duties
should anyone in the office need assistance due to getting behind on his/her duties. This position
could even be part-time in order to save money. This is needed due to the fact that the Collection
Clerks’ work load has doubled and the entire City is now paying their bills in one month instead
of being spread out over a two month period. Both Collection Clerks have begun to accumulate
comp time due to the fact that they have to stay after on several occasions to try to catch up on
their daily tasks.

Would like to consider implementing a standard deposit amount required for any new businesses
wishing to establish dumpster service. Over the last two fiscal years, we have been left with 13
outstanding accounts owing the city a total of $2,426.06. This is money that we have already
paid to Waste Management; therefore, this is money the City has lost. The average amount
delinquent from the 13 outstanding accounts is around $200.00. While I think this is a little high,
we should probably consider a deposit of at least $100.00.

Would like to consider implementing a 1-800-NUMBER for customers to use to pay their utility
bill over the telephone. We have begun to receive several telephone calls a day from customers
wishing to pay their bill over the telephone. This requires the Collections Clerk to look up the
customer’s account, fill out a stub (with customer’s name, account number, and payment
amount), transfer the customer to one of the two credit card terminals, process the payment on
the credit card machine, and then post the payment to the customer’s account. Much time would
be saved if the customer was able to do this via an automated system (similar to the way online
payments are processed). Many of the other utility companies have converted to this method of
payment as it is a quick and convenient way for the customer to pay his/her bill and saves the
utility company time and resources. However, if this is not something we can implement, it
would be my recommendation to receive two additional credit card machines (one for each
Collection Clerks desk) so that the Clerk can process the payments at his/her desk without
having to transfer the customer to one of the credit card terminals at the counter (on several
occasions when the customer is being transferred, the call gets picked up by another office staff
and therefore, creates confusion).

Would like to have digital read-outs put on the big meters that Public Works reads. We currently
have three big meters that Public Works has to read for us each month. If we are able to put
digital read-outs on these three meters, our meter technicians can begin to read these meters as
well while they are reading their other assigned big meters. This would in turn continue to help
speed up the billing process.

Would like to be able to use CodeRed as a method of alerting customers of upcoming cut-off and
pull meter dates due to non-payment. We currently have around 70-100 people on the cut-off list
twice a month and around 30 people on the pull meter list twice a month. By being able to alert
customers one or two days before cut-off and pull meter via CodeRed, I feel that we could
drastically reduce the number of disconnections each month due to non-payment. This would
certainly cut down on the amount of customer complaints due to being cut-off for non-payment
because we would have exhausted every option of warning the customers before disconnecting
their services. I talked to Jennifer from CodeRed Utility Auto Caller (earlier last year) in regards
to this. I am estimating…the cost would be $160.00/month because I don’t anticipate that we
would go over the 1000 minute limit a month since the computer will average calling about 300
customers a month and I wouldn’t think the message would be longer than about 30 seconds (just
long enough to say that the customer needs to pay his/her bill by 5:00 P.M. on a specified date to
avoid disconnection of water services). I am guessing that we would still build the delinquent
file like we do now and then we would send the file to the FTP site so that the Utility Auto Caller
can begin calling the customers. Jennifer said that the training is one hour long and since the
City of Eden has been a customer for a long time, we could share the database. All she would
have to do is create an addendum.

Would like to be able to purchase two additional phones for our meter readers. We currently
have three meter readers and only one City phone. The radio on their trucks no longer works
with the radio system that we used to have in our office; therefore, we are forced to call their
personal cell phones whenever we need to get in touch with them when they are out in the field.
According to Kevin Taylor, we currently pay $34.00 a month for the one City phone we have
and it would be $102.00 a month to have three City phones.

Have fewer rereads from meter readings.

Begin to cross-train co-workers.

Try to keep the number of days for meter readings and billings on schedule.


Mark the full depth pavement repair and the surface (skin) patching for FY 2011-12 and send the
Street Division a work order to complete the repairs.

Oversee the resurfacing of the remaining ten streets on the FY 2010-11 Street Resurfacing
Contract. This contract is scheduled to be completed by May 31, 2011.

Evaluate and put out a contract to repaint the faded street pavement markings on city streets
including center lines, lane lines, edge lines, etc.

Complete the annual street evaluations, select the streets for the next resurfacing schedule,
prepare the contract documents, plans and the proposal for the FY 2011-12 Street Resurfacing
Contract. Administer and inspect the contract. This contract is scheduled to be completed in the
spring of 2012.

Select the streets for the FY 2011-12 Asphalt Crack Sealing Contract. Prepare an informal bid
proposal and release the contract for bid in November 2011. Oversee and administer the contract.
This contract is scheduled to be completed in January 2012.

Complete the state stormwater structure inventory on Meadow Road, Stadium Drive, Morgan
Road, Oakland Avenue and Van Buren Road.

Resume collecting information from cataloged maps and entering pertinent items into the Access
database. Learn more about the software and try to make the search for information more user-
friendly. A minimum monthly goal of 40 maps appears to be more realistic.

Continue to inspect and observe work to wrap up completion of the Indian Hills annexation area
water and sewer improvements project.

Assist with the inspection of water line projects to be installed by various utility contractors.

Communicate with C&D crews during and after water line repairs to verify location of mains
and collect any information that may be beneficial in the future.

Develop CDs or DVDs with project photographs taken during inspection work for the various
water and sewer projects. Strive to compile all digital photos within 45 days after the project is

Attend workshops or classes to learn more about the NPDES Phase II Stormwater Program, prior
to the city being officially designated.

Install the latest version of WaterGEMS software and continue to update the water system

                                           City Attorney

City Attorney plans to aggressively attack and reduce the $98,551.91 owing to the City for
code enforcement.

At the outset of my employment as City Attorney in January 2009, the total uncollected amount
of code enforcement fees was $127,764.02. The current uncollected amount of $98,551.91
includes all code enforcement fees prior to January 2009 as well as those from January of 2009
to the present. The methods of collection include imposing liens, foreclosure of those liens, and
garnishment of wages. This has been a priority for the past two years. $35,225.62 of the prior
$127,764.02 was reduced due to legal foreclosure actions that have been pursued during my
employment. Once a property has been foreclosed upon, no further collection remedy may be
pursued. The City is now either the owner of these properties that were foreclosed upon or it has
sold these properties.

The goal of attacking and reducing this amount includes advising the Planning and Zoning
Department during the code enforcement process. Giving advisory legal opinions during the
process eliminates the pursuit of housing or building code actions resulting in enforcement fees
that the City will never be able to recover. It also includes informing the Planning Department of
significant title issues such as mortgages or other liens prior to initiation of actions. This
eliminates the need to start a case over because all lienholders have not been given proper notice.

This goal also includes advising the Council when properties are placed upon the agenda for
demolition as to whether or not collection of the demolition costs will be likely to be recovered
through foreclosure. If County taxes are so high, that there would be virtually no profit from the
sale of the vacant lot after payment, the Council will need to make a case by case assessment of
whether it wants to spend the money to enforce the code or to allow the property to remain in its
current state.
City attorney plans to pursue traditional and alternate means of foreclosures as it reduces
the code enforcement fees.

This past year, I have researched an alternative type of foreclosure method. This method is
entitled ―foreclosure in rem‖. There was recently a new case handed down by the Court of
Appeals affirming the constitutionality of the ―In Rem‖ method of foreclosure. This is a semi
faster and cheaper way to foreclose on municipal liens. Tom Medlin, Mr. Nooe and I had all
been cautious of this type of foreclosure, and had made the decision to foreclose on properties
only through the civil court action procedure filed in District Court. As you may remember this
method was at minimum, a six month process. The in rem method had many skeptics and it was
generally feared that it would one day be ruled unconstitutional or that property seized in this
manner could be subject to law suit. The Court of Appeals case and decision seemed to allay
many of my fears, and it has also been discussed and approved of by the School of Government.

I now feel comfortable using this method to foreclose on properties that will leave the City with
little liability, meaning properties that are not worth a substantial amount. Most of our
foreclosure properties have a tax value of less than $20,000. This process is very helpful in
minimizing costs when used on properties in which there are multiple unknown heirs and all
owners are not identifiable and servable. In a conventional foreclosure action, service on every
party is required. This is costly. In addition, properties with unknown heirs, which are common
in these types of code enforcement actions because abandoned properties often are abandoned
because the owner has died with no will or estate, require an attorney to be appointed as a
representative of the unknown heirs throughout the law suit. The City must pay these attorney
fees as part of the court costs. Often times, this fee is more than the vacant property would ever
bring in a sale. These processes are not required in in rem foreclosures. Usually the Courts have
been very careful in foreclosures to require proper notice and representation because an
individual’s property is being taken from them. This is why the in rem method has been
unfavorably viewed for many years.

The procedure for the in rem method is as follows: Once my title searches are complete, Debra
Madison and I will identify all the properties to be foreclosed upon this way and proceed. The
process entails:

1. Serving each owner and lienholder with notice—either personally or by publication if you
cannot personally serve them.

2. In thirty days, we will file liens with the Clerk of Superior Court. This cost is minimal
compared to a filing fee for a complaint.

3. We must then wait 3 months before we can appeal to the Sherriff to execute and sale the
property. At that point, he will advertise the properties in the paper, but he can combine all the

properties we are selling at one time, which cuts down on costs. When I had to execute on the
property in the old style of foreclosure, one ad would cost approximately $170.00.

In addition to completing the process of in rem foreclosures for the properties that I have started,
I also must conclude the old style foreclosure actions that have been initiated recently. These
properties are 631 Grove Street, 1209 Irving Avenue, 812 Church Street, and 1291 South
Avenue. These actions were commenced in August. These actions need to be finalized and the
properties auctioned. This procedure should come to an end and be ready for sale in February or

City Attorney plans to assist in the completion of Phase II of the North Smith River Sewer
Improvement and Repair.

This includes acquiring all required easements. Construction for Phase II begins in the summer
of 2011; therefore easements should be acquired prior to the bidding of this contract. Easements
are also needed for successfully receiving state funding for this project. Easements should be
acquired by mutual agreement of City and Property Owner with the use of concessions, but if
agreement is not possible easements should be acquired through the legal condemnation process.
This process also requires title searches to the properties, plat/survey approval, easement
preparation, deed preparation, recordation of these documents, review of bidding and contract
documents, as well as negotiation with property owners. There are eleven properties that will be
impacted in this project and 7 affected property owners.

City Attorney plans to assist in the completion of Phase II of the Dry Creek Sewer
Improvement and Repair.

This includes contracting with a surveyor, C.E. Robertson and Associates, to prepare plats and
surveys. It also includes acquiring all required easements. Construction for Phase II begins in
the summer of 2011; therefore easements should be acquired prior to the bidding of this contract.
Easements are also needed for successfully receiving state funding for this project. Easements
should be acquired by mutual agreement of City and Property Owner with the use of
concessions, but if agreement is not possible easements should be acquired through legal
condemnation process. This process also requires title searches to the properties, plat/survey
approval, easement preparation, deed preparation, recordation of these documents, review of
bidding and contract documents, as well as negotiation with property owners. I am not sure how
many property owners or properties will be impacted as we do not have a plats for this project to

City Attorney plans to complete the draft, finalize, and adoption of a new and updated
Drug and Alcohol Policy.

Our current Drug and Alcohol Policy needs updating and amending in how we test employees
and prospective employees. Significant legal changes have been made to Fourth Amendment
Search and Seizure and privacy laws with respect to employees and how we can test them

randomly as well as testing upon reasonable suspicion. In addition, the City needs to comply
with these new areas of the law as well as certain specific regulations dealing with our safety
sensitive employees. I will be working with Teri Sentiff, Tammie McMichael and all relevant
Department Heads in this drafting for practicability in enforcing as well as in the actual
enforcement of it. The City will also require new responsibilities of its occupational health
provider, however, this has already been arranged at no additional cost to the City. Once this is
completed, it will be presented to the Council for adoption by resolution.

City Attorney plans to draft and finalize a guidebook for the appropriate and legal
remedies of collecting water and sewer bills.

Because there is no statutory authority to attach unpaid water and sewer bills to individuals’
properties, collection of these bills is more difficult than collecting fees from nuisances and
housing code violations. There are also specific, but often difficult to understand laws that direct
when and where you can withhold service, disconnect service and require payment. There are,
however, similar situations that frequently arise with respect to unpaid water and sewer bills.
Currently, the finance employees will submit the question with the particular facts and I will
research the law and give them the answer. Instead of having the finance employees submit the
answer and wait on the response, I intend to create a guidebook for myself and the finance
department that will address most of the common situations. Not only will this save the
employees time when they submit the question and wait on the response, but it will save me time
in not having to research the same laws repetitively. (Because the law is dependent upon the
different situations and facts, I do not have the laws all memorized yet). As I am in this process,
it may become apparent that some of these situations can be placed in our ―Reconnect Policy.‖
This way, we can provide a copy to our customers, so that they can become aware of the laws.
In addition, we can avoid improperly disconnecting service when we are not authorized to do so,
and also we can avoid not disconnecting service and wasting water or sewer services when we do
have the legal authority do so.

City Attorney plans to assist in the acquisition and recruitment of the Berryhill Road

After meeting with Alan Hart of the USDA regarding the City’s funding for this venture, it
became apparent that the City will be required to provide numerous assurances and information
to the USDA in order to secure funding. Some of this information will require legal input.
Among these requirements will be plat and design approval, negotiations or review of the ―Take
or Pay‖ Agreement between the City and Pittsylvania County or any particular industries that
intend to locate here, any easement acquisitions that may be required for the sewer line
construction, services of a closing attorney for the USDA loan, and assistance in the revenue
bond with which the USDA will secure its money/funding. (This will probably require a
separate bond counsel).
City Attorney plans on drafting and completing an amendment to the Truck Route

Our Truck Route Ordinance is in need of amending to comply with changes to the North
Carolina General Statutes. It is also in need of amending to make this easier to enforce. I will
work with the Police Department and with the State Highway Patrol, in particular, officer Todd
Ray, in drafting an amendment. The particulars include changing the restrictions in the
ordinance to address numbers of axles instead of a weight limit. The current ordinance instructs
officers to enforce the laws based upon the weight of the trucks. By using the number of axles,
enforcement will be easier and more efficient. Our police department is not in possession of
scales, so they normally rely on estimates. This amendment will allow more efficient
enforcement and hopefully discourage large trucks on roads that were not meant for commercial

City Attorney plans on assisting with the recently approved funding for improvement in
City infrastructure along Holland Street.

The Planning and Inspections Department has secured an infrastructure improvement grant for
Holland Street. I will work with the Planning Department in acquiring easements and approving
plats for this project. I have a list of the properties and owners along Holland Street and Morgan
Ford Road that will be impacted by the Block Grant. We will have to acquire easements along
these roads. I will search the title to these properties, as we will have to be able to ascertain
owners and title. There are 29 properties that will be impacted. I will also assist in the review of
the bidding and contract documents.

City Attorney plans on staying current and up to date on new laws and court cases that
impact City administration.

I will attend seminars and continuing legal education courses regarding any relevant municipal
law area to increase knowledge and expertise. I intend on completing my Municipal
Administration Course through the Institute of Government that I began last year that was
interrupted by my medical leave. I also intend to stay abreast of current law and changes in the
law that will affect the City. I intend on accomplishing this by subscribing to the Institute of
Government listserv for municipal attorneys and retaining my subscription to Westlaw Research.
This is so that I can effectively advise department heads, the City Manager and the City Council
when needed.


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