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									Oman Flour Mills SAOG
Result Flash – 9M Mar 2011

 Figures in RO ‘000        9M 2011 9M 2010             Change                                                                    OFMI OM                               MSM30 Index
 Revenue                    36,997  34,546              7.1%
 Total Overhead Expenses     2,223  2,056               8.1%
 Profit from Operations      4,615  7,677              -39.9%                                                                                                                                                                        15%
 Investment & Other Income    374    907               -58.8%
 Net Profit                  4,672  7,790              -40.0%
 Shares O/S (Mn)                157.5
 Current Market Price (RO)      0.570                                                                                                                                                                                                -15%
 EPS (TTM) (RO)                 0.033
 P/E (TTM)                      17.3









 Source: MSM, NBO Research

Financial Highlights
•   Oman Flour Mills recorded net profit of RO 4.67 million for the 9M 2011 as compared to net profit of RO 7.79 million recorded for
    the same period last year, decreasing by 40 percent Y-o-Y. Total Revenue for 9M 2011 increased by 7% amounting to RO 36.99
    million, as compared to Total Revenue of RO 34.54 million recorded for 9M 2009.

•   The Sharp drop in the company’s bottom line can be attributed to an increase in wheat prices which have increased by around 40%
    over the reporting period (June ‘10 – March ‘11). Soaring wheat price placed pressure on margins, as the company’s Gross Margin
    fell from 28.17% in 9M 2010 to 18.48%, while the Operating Profit Margin fell from 22.22% for 9M 2010 to 12.47% for 9M 2009.

•   The re-instatement of a government subsidy announced in November 2010 and an increase in flour prices is expected to have a
    positive impact on the profitability of its core flour milling business in 2011.

•   At the current market price of RO 0.570 (20th April, 2011), Oman Flour Mills is trading at trailing P/E of 17.3.
Analysts                                                                Tel                                                         Email
Ahmed Al Marjibi                                                 (+968) 24 778545                                       ahmed.marjibi@nbo.co.om
Partha Sarathi                                                   (+968) 24 778425                                            partha@nbo.co.om
Rand Al Shaikh                                                   (+968) 24 778180                                             rand@nbo.co.om

Brokerage Unit                                                          Tel                                                         Email
Khalid Al-Sulaimi                                                (+968) 24 778697                                          Khalidas@nbo.co.om
Hussain Al-Lawati                                                (+968) 24 778791                                           Hussain@nbo.co.om
Murtadha Al-Ajmi                                                 (+968) 24 778761                                         MurtadhaA@nbo.co.om
Amur Al Mashani                                                  (+968) 24 778790                                            Amur@nbo.co.om


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