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					1. Pre-flight arrangement
Bag packing Documents gathering online notification ( passport validity check change money (lot 1, 21.7 twd to 1 sgd)

1.1 Bag packing

- All Liquids, Gels or Aerosols are to be carried on containers not more than 100ml - Containers are to be kept in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag of max capacity 1 litre - 1 transparent plastic bag per pax only - Just keep all in check in
        

Shirt x 3 Jeans x 1 Shorts or ¾ x 1 underwear x 6 socks x 3 pairs belts, watches shoes x1 sandal/slipper x1 any sleeping clothes

         

toothbrush toothpaste soap shampoo deordorant shaver shaving cream facial foam wet tissue tissue

      

camera and charger handphone and charger mp3 and charger psp and ds and charger all the memory cards laptop (chee or derrick) adaptor for tw plug (110v, 2 flat pin straight)

  

umbrella medication plastic bag for dirty clothes

1.2 Documents gather
     

credit/debit cards passport passport copies, keep in a different place from passport maps itenenary plans important numbers, information and meetup points page

Taipei Foreign Affairs Police Station:
(02)2381-7475; 2381-8341; 23817494 Consular Assistance for Singaporeans Overseas Service by MFA Missions Overseas : Authentication of Documents , Passport & Citizenship Matters , & Consular Assistance to Cases of Arrest, Repatriation, Accidents / Illnesses,Natural Disasters, etc. Taiwan (Taipei) Trade Office 001 (886) (2) 27721940 / 27721941 / 27721942 / 27721925 / 27721927 Taiwan 24hr Toll-free Travel Hotline: 0800-011-765

Fire – this is one of the most important telephone numbers. In any case of emergency please call 119. Police – is another very necessary phone number and people can call at 110. Int'l Phone Assistance – has a contact number of 100. Taiwan Visitors Association – is an important venue for the tourists;’ and can be called up at (02) 5943261 Tourist Information Hot Line – is another busy and important phone number that is of a great help to the visitors. The contact number is (02) 717-3737 CAMEL'S OASIS EMAIL AND CONTACT NUMBERS Camels' Oasis,Taipei 10F.-1, No.28, Sec. 1, Roosevelt Rd., Jhongjheng D, Taiwan. P. +886233936749 F. +886233938715 E.

   

set up overseas roaming notepad, pen airline insurance printout airline ticket print out

1.3 overseas notification 1.4 STAMP YOUR DAMN PASSPORT 1.5 Change money

Day 1 - Wednesday
      

1000 : meet at changi airport T1 burger king 1100 : check in luggage at jetstar counter 1230 : be in boarding area 1300 : Board plane, 3K521, Jetstar asia (first come first serve) 1740 :Arrive at Taiwan Taoyuan international airport 1800: Clear immigration, board bus to get to taipei railway station 1920: Taipei Railway station, take cab (near CKS memorial hall station 中正纪念 堂站) You get out at exit 2 from CKS, go straight (Roosevelt Rd) , hit the first traffic light (Ningbo west st.). Cross the street and you will stand in front of the bakery(國鼎食品). Turn right, walk in entrance just next to it. Camel Oasis's on the tenth floor number 1.


  

2000: Check in, settle down 2030: Proceed to mirama ferris wheel and walk shilin 2359: Back to hostel, bath + sleep

Miramar Entertainment Park 美丽华百乐园 (NT150) Jiantan Station 剑潭 -> Exit 1 -> Transfer free shuttle bus. If the line is too long, take public Bus 267 Shilin-> Take MRT to Jiantan station, the night market is just opposite the station Guo Yuan Ye 郭元益 Shihlin Station 士林 -> Exit 1 -> Walk straight out -> across the street -> Walk left and walk until the traffic light -> Cross the street and take right -> Go straight down 5 -8mins walk and you'll see the store on your left (太阳饼,凤梨酥)

Day 2 – Thursday (----> EAST)
        

0800: Wake up 0900: Breakfast 1000: CKS memorial hall 1045: Long Shan temple 1130: Lunch 1230: OTOT shopping @ taipei 101 area, 2 by 2 pair for familiarisation 1600: wu fen pu 2030: rao he night mkt 2330: lights out

There's a free shuttle bus from Taipei City Hall MRT. Exit 2, on your right side, many bus stops, one has a sign "Free 101". Taipei 101 is the tallest building. It costs NT$350 per head for the viewing observatory. Before heading to Taipei 101 you will definitely spot a Xin Guang San Yue which is a super big shopping mall, 4 Takashimaya towers joint together, each tower which a different theme. It's also where you'd be able to find the 24hrs book store, Elite. Taipei Arena Take MRT to Zhong Xiao Jiao Hua Station and take a Bus, or take MRT to Nan Jing East Rd Station and walk about 10min to Taipei Arena. 台北市南京東路四段 2 號 Breeze Centre is near Taipei Arena too. Website: Ice Skating at Taipei Arena: Wu Fen Pu 五分铺 (Best To Go On Wed - Sat, DO NOT Go On Mon & Fri) (After 4pm) Supply only to wholesalers Houshanpi Station 后山埤 -> Exit 1 (When walk from Metro to Wu Fen Pu, Will see a shop called "Hu Xu Zhang" 胡子张, try their Braised Minced Meat Rice (Ru Rou Fan)) Raohe St. Night Market 绕河夜市 After going to Wu Fen Pu -> Walk to Songshan Station -> There's a red bridge (See The Sign) -> Cross over to the other side OR Taipei Main Station 台北车站 -> Take Bus 605 or 276 -> Stop at entrance of Raohe

Day 3 – Friday ( ---> NORTH)
        

0800: Wake 0900: Breakfast 1000: National Palace museum 1100—1430 SOAK AND EAT( 1500: danshui 1730: danshui/yu ren ma tou 1900: shilin 2230: Head back to hostel 2330: Lights out

Take MRT to Beitou station and transfer to Xin Beitou. Exit the station and we should see a KFC outlet, on the right is Mcdonalds. Walk along that stretch of road and we will see a lot of hot spring resorts on the right side, while most of the public ones are on the left. Take note that the Hot spring museum is close on Monday. Ya Tai hotspring hotel (Asia Pacific) have a package for NTD1000 for an hour of hotspring bath in the private room on weekdays and NTD1200 during weekends. This price comes with two hours of free usage for the public bath after the hour of private bath. The attractive part is we are able to take the free shuttle bus from outside the hotel to and from Bei Tou / Xin Beitou MRT station. Asia Pacific Resort: Tel: 2898 3088 Fax: 2832 4053 Pickup from Beitou is every hour on the 50th min, exit MRT go right. Pickup from New Beitou is every hour on the hour, exit MRT go left. If you are not sure where is the pick-up point, there is a tourist infomation counter near the exit of the station. Yk: if there is typhoon dun go to dan shui Danshui Old Street 淡水老街 Danshui Station 淡水 -> Turn right -> Will See Starbucks Fisherman's Wharf 渔人码头 Danshui Station 淡水 -> Along the river, you can buy the ferry ticket (Produced easycard & get discount or transfer bus Red 26 from interchange (Directions on where to board the bus, are given at the station)

Day 4 – Saturday ( CENTRAL)
    

0800: Wake up 0900: Xi men ding (gunplay) 1200: lunch 1830: dinner 2000: pub or karaoke

Day 5 – Sunday ( CENTRAL/Prob to ZX Dong Lu)
    

0800: Wake up 0900: Xi men ding 1200: lunch 1830: dinner 1900: pub or karaoke

Day 6 – Monday
  

0800: wake up 0900: breakfast Possible whole day sun moon lake

Day 7 – Tuesday - OTOT
Other places
Jioufen 九份/Keelung/Miaokou seafood night mkt after8pm( all around there) Taipei Main Station 台北车站 -> Cross the road using an overhead bridge from the train station -> Take Keelung Bus 基隆客运 -> The bus stop is in front of a clinic with a blue signboard -> The service to Jioufen has a sign that reads 基隆 -> 九份 -> 金瓜石 OR Zhongxiao Fuxing Station 中孝复兴 -> Exit 1 -> Take the bus that reads 基隆 -> 九份 -> 金瓜石 (Takes about 1 hr 45 mins) - NT90 OR Board a railway train to Rueifang Railway Station 瑞芳 -> Transfer to a Keelung bus outside the station. After alighting from the train -> Exit the station and walk to the front of the railway station -> The road in front of the station is Mingdeng Rd Sec 3. If you are

going to Jioufen or Jinguashih 金瓜石, you would need to cross Mingdeng Rd Sec 3 to the bus stop just outside the shops and café -> Take the Keelung bus heading to "Jinguashih" for Jioufen. The bus will terminate at Jinguashih. Bus fare: NT$22 (To Jiufen/Jinguashih same bus fare). The bus journey uphill takes about 20mins (to Jiufen) Alight at the Old street (Chishan Street) stop along the road bend -> You can see the 7-11 convenience store. For return -> Can take a bus directly to Taipei -> Stops at Raohe St Night Market 绕河夜 市 or Zhongxiao Fuxing Station Stop (竽圆,果冻 from Ah Xing's stall,Li Yi Bing Dian (李仪饼店) OR Li Gu Bing Dian (李鹄饼店) 太阳饼,凤梨酥,芋头酥,Mochi). Li Yi has opened a new outlet at Taipei Main Station Front Metro Mall. The train ride from Taipei Main station to Keelung takes about 40 min and the last bus back to Taipei is around 10plus in the night. At Keelung, double check at the bus interchange for the exact timing. Alternatively, choose to take a bus from Taipei to Keelung at Zhongxiao W. Road Sec 1, which is between Taipei Main Station Front Mall Exits 8 and 9. The bus departs at intervals from 5.30 am till 11 pm. The bus back to Taipei costs only NTD45 and there is no need to pre-book or buy in advance just get the tickets from the counter when you are about to board the bus. Try to go Keelung in the late afternonn/evening to their Miao Kou Jie for their seafood. To go Miao kou, upon reaching Keelung, cross the overhead bridge, go down the stairs on the left and walk straight. Continue to the Junction where the Macdonald is, walk the underpass and look for a direction to which exit to take towards MiaoKou. Try asking around if unsure and should reach miao kou jie within 10 min. Miaokow is open 24 hrs, but try not to go on a weekend. For the info, Keelung is in the center, Yeliou is North of Keelung and Jioufen and Jinguashi is South of Keelung. Website:

In Main Taipei Zhong Xiao Dong Lu Jay Chou's Shop (Omni) Zhongxiao Dunhua Station 中孝敦化 -> Exit 2 -> When you walked out, you will see a Watsons (Qu Chen Shi) -> Turn left to the lane besides it -> Keep walking straight & you will pass by 4 small lanes then you will see a sign '161 lane' -> Turn left & you will see Jay's Omni Shop -> It's on the left side. Jacky Wu's Desert Shop (Tang Chao) 糖潮 Zhongxiao Dunhua Station 中孝敦化 -> Exit 4 Ding Tai Feng 鼎泰丰 Zhongxiao Dunhua Station 中孝敦化 -> Exit 3 -> Will see a Watsons -> Walk straight to the next traffic light, and diagonally across on your right, can see a shopping mall "ATT" -> Should be able to spot the red Ding Tai Feng signboard. It's located behind this mall

Food St 食街 Zhongxiao Dunhua Station 中孝敦化 -> Exit 2 -> Walk To 2nd Traffic Light, Cross The Road & Turn Left On Yanji St Underground Mall 地下街 Taipei Main Station 台北车站 -> Exit 1 or 10 (To buy shoe & there's a stall called Lee Yi to buy Pineapple Pastry) Tianmu 天母 Shipai Station 石牌 -> Walk out of Station -> Left side to traffic Light -> Turn right & keep walking (Lots of Shops & food joints there as well, only empty spot is near the hospital. Lots of shops on TianMu West Rd as well (Not Factory outlets) Junction of Tian Mu West Rd & Tian Mu North Rd. great place to eat local food,worth a visit (You will see them frying the NiuRo Shien Pin, Chung Pin e.t.c.) You will see all the shops when you walk up Zhongshan North Rd Section 7 on the right side of the road) OR Shipai Station 石牌 -> Exit right -> Walk to the traffic lights -> Turn right to the bus stop - > Turn right across the street take Bus R19 OR Jiantan Station 剑潭 -> Take bus 220 to Tianmu Exit on the right at the Shipai station, cross the road for a famous "Chung Yu Pin " Shop. Walk up Zhongshan N Rd Sec 7 [about 7 mins] and the Adidas, Boss, Ralph Lauren, Nike shops will be on the Right. These shops open after 2pm. Shops 76~74 and 70 in TianMu have biggest range of RL for men and women, lots of Adidas,Nike Nautica Tshirts and shirts plus plenty of American Eagle fashion wear. These are all originals and prices range from NTD480 to NTD590. PS BuBu 金屋藏车食堂 Shipai Station 石牌 -> Exit right -> Walk to the traffic lights -> Turn right to the bus stop -> Take R19 all the way to the end (Tian Mu) -> Walk down the road on the Left side where PS Bubu located. (After that, keep walking down on the Left for the Export Outlet shops. Look out for the Budget "Bins" Lots of bargains can be found there. ) For return: Take bus 601 directly back to Ximenting Guanghua Electronic Centre Shops are open for business after 10am, but are closed every 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the Month. The nearest MRT station is Zhong xiao Xin sheng. Step out of Exit 4, turn right and walk to the second junction, turn left at the traffic lights (Bade Road, on the right are computer shops. Blk 3,4,5) and walk about 2mins to get there.

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