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Thanks for reading our book! My name is Julius L. Möltgen, I am
German, a world citizen. I presently live in Uruguay. I want to
introduce you to the team who has helped me with this ebook. The
Social Marketing Strategy Guide was a project that I have wanted
to complete for a long time. It reflects my philosophy and
experience – both as an Internet Marketer (since 1997) and Networker (since 1992).

My journey started in Hong Kong – a place which I liked because of its energy. I
lived there for 12 years, after traveling all over the world for 3 years.

                                                                        Today I live in
                                                                        Montevideo – right next
                                                                        to the beach. It is
                                                                        reassuring that all I need
                                                                        to earn a living is an
                                                                        internet connection –
                                                                        anywhere in the world.

                                                                        For me Internet
                                                                        Marketing means
                                                                        freedom to live wherever
                                                                        I want.

                                                                        Link to Google Earth link to my

The best thing about the Web is that it is easy to make friends. And, In a way, you
have control over the quality of these friendships. The more you put into it – the
more you will get back.

I started this project by talking to Tim Whiston, the ghostwriter who produced the first
two drafts. Tim introduced me to Keith Ng in Malaysia who did our design. Then my

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friend and fellow Networker, Scott Atwood, reviewed and improved the book.
Together we produced the almost-final draft. After this we passed the book to
Marianne Beasley, my friend who used to be an English teacher. She helped “polish”
it. The final result – which is something like revision 19- is what you have here. I
hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed the production process.

To your success,

Julius L. Möltgen

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Here are the people who made the Guide possible
   The Sequence is according to the production Process

                  Tim Whiston is a writer and entrepreneur living in the
                  southeastern U.S.
                  When not working, he enjoys reading, getting his
                  exercise, and talking philosophy.

                  Keith Ng is our man with the eye for beauty. We’ll keep
                  him on the team – he is good ☺ Keith lives in Malaysia
                  and obviously has talent.

                  Scott Atwood is about quality relationships. Look for
                  his many contributions to Web 2.0 Marketing discussions
                  in leading Social Networks. Our White Hat guy, lives
                  in Portland, Oregon w/ Wife and Son, Walter age 6.

                  Marianne Beasley is our editor. Democrat (Hillary is the
                  best), Quaker, B.A. English, environmentalist, animal
                  rights activist, a bit of a gardener. a bit of a poet. Born on
                  cusp of Scorpio/Sag. Am Scorpio Rising.

                  Julius L. Moltgen is a successful “Networker” and
                  Internet Marketer He is German by nationality and world
                  citizen by conviction. He currently lives with his son Philip
                  in Montevideo Uruguay.

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                                   Table Of Contents

Introduction: Internet Marketing vs. Network Marketing                                   p.5
        Internet Marketing Defined                                                       p.9
        Network Marketing Defined                                                        p.11
        Given The Above, What’s The Difference?                                          p.14

Network Marketing On The World Wide Web                                                  p.17

Web 2.0 As A Networking Vehicle                                                          p.20

A Simple Formula For Social Networking                                                   p.23
Getting Started Is Easy                                                                  p.23
Profile Basics                                                                           p.25
The Networking Process – How Does It Work                                                p.30
Be Sure To Give First                                                                    p.34

Growing Residual Income                                                                  p.36

Legal Notice and Disclaimer                                                              p.38

All rights reserved.

No part of this e-book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without expressed written
permission from Julius L. Moltgen.

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Introduction: Internet Marketing vs. Network Marketing
Thousands of new people come to the Web every day looking for lucrative
opportunities to create an income. There are many different ways to earn money
online, but the vast majority of folks are funneled into one or both of two categories:

Internet Marketing and Network Marketing are the two market sectors into which
most people are led when they first execute a Google search on terms like “work
from home” or “make money online”. But what are these two types of marketing
about, and is there any real difference between them?

I’ll answer the latter question first: There is a HUGE difference between these two
types of marketing!

                                                       Screenshot from http://www.simpleology.com/

Let’s take a closer look at each and briefly examine the major differences.

Both Internet and Network Marketing are very similar in that it takes little to get
started. The investment is a mixture of a small entrance fee, some products, and a
healthy dose of hope. In other words, almost anybody can easily get started.

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                                  But who do you follow?

In Internet Marketing you will find lots of people who call themselves “gurus” and
who will show you how to build a list and sell (usually internet marketing) products to
your list. Successful marketers build communities as a way of building connections;
others will simply have a list which they attempt to grow.

There is plenty of potential for confusion! The Internet market is dominated by very
big players such as Google, but we can all play the game. Info products are a big
market, and while top marketers create their own $2000 informational and coaching
packages, the much larger group keeps selling $5-$17 products to each other.

Hope is the key word here, hope rather than vision. hope that the next $37 info
package will put you into that Ferrari. Most who have access to the latest IM
products usually find that they are simply too busy to read or listen to or watch the
information that they purchased on hopes of making big money. Or they never really
believed it in the first place.

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Network Marketing is more focused – usually the company or the marketing group
offers some type of targeted coaching as well as the tools to make the Marketing
Plan work for you.

It is our experience that the training tools the network companies provide are usually
excellent, however the online marketing tools don’t really work.

     Replace “The Emperors New Clothes” IM Strategy with a Web2.0 Plan

This e-book teaches you how to re-think Internet Marketing in a Web2.0 world. You
can cast aside the anxious feelings that come with the pressure of offering your list
an endless array of products day after day. Why not concentrate on a real strategy
of building relationships with your list resulting in greater profits? So, let’s start by
examining traditional ideas about marketing online.

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Internet Marketing Defined

Internet Marketing is a broad term - but for our purposes it can be defined as an “act
of moving products or services to the end user by way of Internet promotion, sales or

For many, simply choosing the product or service is the first challenge. Once that is
determined, the fun begins. How to use the Internet to promote, sell or deliver the
"goods” effectively - and profitably- is the end game. The stakes are high.

Perhaps one of the most alarming aspects of the grey areas surrounding Internet
Marketing is the confusing mountain of hype, promises and false expectations that
many new IM’ers quickly encounter. Very few get beyond the initial temptations that
lure the newcomer into expecting fast wealth (with little to do regarding actual
promoting, selling or delivering product via the Internet).

And are there really so many who earn fantastic incomes from Adsense? And does
anyone really know what Google is going to favor today…or tomorrow? While it is
true that an effective PPC (paid per click) campaign can drive targeted traffic to your
website and convert to sales – most home based IM’ers simply don’t have the
budget to test and implement a large scale campaign.

And those who do manage to develop a product or niche for affiliate products or
services then face their ultimate challenge: Competition

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Internet income:

There are several ways to earn income online. You can earn commissions on
affiliate sales of others’ products. Ideally you are promoting a product to your list, or
buying click-through traffic with the hope that the advertising cost is lower than your
commissions. You can also drive quality traffic to your blogs and other virtual real
estate sites and profit from clicks and purchases.

One real risk is that often, just at the point of payment, the buyer recognizes that he
too has a Clickbank or Paydotcom account and decides to purchase using his own
affiliate link. Chances are, you have already figured this out for yourself. ☺

Steady monthly income:

We all have a fixed cost for basic marketing tools, and in order to live off our internet
efforts we need to derive steady income from the web. You can choose to promote
membership sites which pay you a monthly commission, or build up a vast amount
of virtual real estate and hope that Google Adsense or similar programs will translate
into a nice check for you.

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The problem with Google Adsense is your lack of control. Google can exclude you
from their program from one day to another, seriously limiting your earnings
potential. You do not have a stable “contract” relationship.

The next option is to create your own products. On the Internet these may have a
lifespan of 6-9 months. During this time you really have to innovate to maximize your
product’s value.

However – despite some of the uncertainties found in creating regular income,
studies show that there is a seemingly endless of supply of people who, when
asked, will cite Internet Marketing as their biggest hope for financial freedom.

 The key to successful Internet Marketing is building a list of people who trust you: People
         who follow your recommendations, who become your Circle of Influence.

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Network Marketing Defined

Since the late 90’s Network Marketing has exploded onto the Internet scene. But in
fact this form of entrepreneurship existed long before the Web was invented.

                                                       Screenshot from http://www.simpleology.com/

As far back as the 1940’s Network Marketing, or MLM, was creating big paychecks
for motivated people just like you. Today this is one of the fastest growing business
models on the planet, and many millionaires are made each year within this broad
industry. Yet despite this pretty picture, most people fail.

Essentially MLM (multi-level-marketing) is like direct selling, where a manufacturer of
a product also handles the distribution process, thus cutting out the “middle man”
and excessive advertising expenses. In the case of Network Marketing, product is
moved through independent distributors who are also customers of the company.

So a customer tries the product, loves it, believes in it, and then decides to share it
with others through personal interaction and contact building.

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So, why do many people fail? Usually it is failure to take action. Network
Marketing is a numbers game and person-to-person communication is the key.
Frankly, many Network Marketers feel they are running out of prospects shortly after
they got their family and friends to start using the product.

Next they turn on the computer, hoping someone will see their banner or their
replicated Webpage. Like their cousins, the "hopeful" Internet Marketers, they too
now find their message lost in a wide sea of competition and turn to buying leads to
have people to approach. Buying leads is an effective strategy to outsource the
finding of new contacts. If you are reading this we believe that you can do better.

             Web2.0 provides a more direct way to meet new people!

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Given The Above, What’s The Big Difference Between The Two?
Boiled down to the basics, the major difference between Internet Marketing and
Network Marketing is…


                                                      Screenshot from http://www.simpleology.com/

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                   Information overload can be a problem
“Who do you follow?” is the big question – the typical IMer will buy into lots of
different plans with the hope that the next one will become his breakthrough. There
is a lot of good information out there, but too much of a good thing can result in

As a developer of IM products, I understand that a lot of work and focus can usually
generate a nice windfall that lasts between 1 to 6 months. You’ll be on top of the
world for a brief period, and then your customers are looking for the latest and
greatest thing to replace you. This is great for what it is, but then you have to get to
work on your next project.

Life as an Internet Marketer can involve a constant process of coming up with
your next big idea just to keep the cash flowing.

Network Marketing is about long-term growth and prosperity. The plan is simpler and
easier to follow than Internet Marketing. The products don’t change all the time. The
industry truly is about building it once and then reaping the rewards for a lifetime.

Web2 Marketing done right + Network Marketing = residual income

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It has been said that MLM is a “self-improvement system that happens to include a
compensation plan”. I like this definition. A good company will give you the
opportunity to make a great paycheck, while challenging yourself and helping others
at the same time!

                            Online Training Everywhere

The reason why most Network Marketing Companies do not provide a complete
Web2.0 Toolkit to meet new members is their strategy to “keep it simple” – so that
everybody can work in this business. The new member will usually get access to an
online office which will provide access to state of the art training and information

  But the real Power is in combining this focused and very advanced training
             system with your Web2 approach to meet new people.

 The key to successful Network Marketing is building a list of people who trust you:
People who follow your recommendations, who then become your Circle of Influence

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            Network Marketing On The World Wide Web
A question you may have already considered, and one that comes up all the time in
this sort of discussion, is “What happens when you combine Internet Marketing with
Network Marketing?”

The answer of course is: magic. Thanks to the power of the Web we can now build
lasting, highly profitable relationships with people from around the world. It is now
possible for a single distributor to build a team of thousands of people without
wearing the tires off of his car or spending eight hours a day pounding the pavement
for new leads.

In recent years the biggest problem for an online Network Marketer has been the
massive competition he or she had to deal with. Cyberspace is flowing over with
business opportunities, most are junk, which creates a bad image for the entire

Too many people view Network Marketing as a non-traditional business venture, and
get to work posting cheesy, mind-numbing ads all over the Web. This insults the
intelligence of most people, then the idea grows that network marketing is nonsense.

Today is a perfect time to have another look to understand how the
combination of the best of both worlds – Internet Marketing and Network
Marketing-- can work for you.

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WEB 1.0 Approach – Information

For those wondering what Web1.0 is, consider the typical Information-only website
or advertisement. Much like a road sign, static Web1.0 sites and marketing strategy
only provide information, but do not promote interaction.

               Screenshot from a generic video from BrilliantCompensation.com

Web 2.0 Is About YOU

Harvard business professors and the world’s leading wealth creation experts have
endorsed the MLM industry as one of the best wealth generation vehicles available
for the average person. And thanks to the Web 2.0 movement, it is now possible for
us to show the world what real Network Marketing is all about.

The fact is that people who are looking for an opportunity don’t want to join
companies or systems. They want to join other people whom they believe can help
them achieve their goals of success and fulfillment.

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This makes the amount of competition on the Web irrelevant. Regardless of
how many opportunity ads are out there, the fact remains that you are unique,
and nobody else can offer exactly what you have to offer to prospective
Networkers who are looking for a sponsor to help them get started.

And using the Social Networking sites that are now so popular online, YOU can now
promote yourself, your ideals and values, AND your opportunity to hundreds of
thousands of highly targeted prospects. This e-book will show you how.

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                    Web 2.0 As A Networking Vehicle

Many people think sites like MySpace are reserved for teenagers who wish to gossip
about the latest pop star news. However, savvy entrepreneurs were delighted with
the proliferation of this sort of Social Web portal, because it opened the door for
direct relationships with ideal prospects.

It’s true that interactive Web use is nothing new. Blogs and forum boards have been
around since the dawn of the Internet age, but the key to the Web 2.0 era is the
mass acceptance of Internet citizens everywhere - And the possibility for Two Way
Communications that static Web 1.0 never offered.

                                          Screenshot from http://www.stompernet.net/goingnatural2/

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People who have never visited a forum or even attempted to create a blog can easily
understand the user-friendly platforms that control sites like MySpace and

It’s simple: You set up a Profile, Attract Friends, and Interact.

This is no different from going to a social mixer in many ways. The idea is to find
people who share your interests, then strike up a conversation, or share with them
the links to other sites you would both enjoy.

All This can now be done from the comfort of home and with no face-to-face
interaction required. But here is the Key:

You can’t just roll into FaceBook and start blazing away with your “larger than life” or
“get rich now” proclamations. People will write you off as a joke, ignore you, or even
flame away at you.

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The best approach would be to make friends with people as you would do in the real
world. Once you have a few conversations going, those who are good prospects for
your opportunity will shine through.

And here’s another key point – not everyone on the Web is a good prospect for
your business opportunity! You should only want to do business with those who
actually have an interest in your offer.

Too many new Network Marketers exhaust themselves begging everyone with a
pulse to join their program. This results in a great deal of frustration because not
everyone will be interested - no matter how great the opportunity.

                                          Screenshot from http://www.stompernet.net/goingnatural2/

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             A Simple Formula For Social Networking
If you set yourself up correctly, the right people will come to you. Finding good
prospects shouldn’t involve a lot of stress and hours of hard work.

The next section will cover the basics of setting up a Social Profile and then
attracting others to you, using Web 2.0 Social Networks. (I am assuming your
intention here is to draw qualified people into your business opportunity.)

There are many different Web 2.0 programs available, but the majority operate on a
very similar platform and provide users with the same array of options. I recommend
you set up the same basic profile on each Social site.

Using the same profile makes life easier on you, but it also creates a strong
repetition campaign. People who are active on many different sites will see the same
message from you again and again, hence increasing the odds of a favorable

Getting Started Is Easy

Here are a few good Networks for you to register with:

Face Book MySpace LinkedIn Classmates
Tribe Bebo Friendster Orkut Squidoo
Social Authority Blog Catalog (A must for bloggers!)

I recommend that you create a “Master Profile” which you then update throughout all
the networks.

Here is a new Social Networking site that I am building:
The FavX Project

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Registering for a Web 2.0 site is a piece of cake. You just fill out a simple
membership form like this one:

Once you’ve submitted the registration form, be sure to check your email for a
validation link. Click on this link to activate your account and you’ll be ready to login
and set up your profile.

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Profile Basics

A profile is a small piece of the Web that acts as your personal billboard and
business card. You can add your name, contact info, Website links, and a variety of
other information.

Have a look at my personal MySpace profile to get some ideas…

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Keep these tips in mind when setting up your profile:

   1. It’s best to keep it simple and user-friendly. As you’ll see above, I have used a
      very basic theme, which is easy to read and navigate.
   2. Brand your name – like this http://www.myspace.com/juliusmoltgen
   3. A real photo is a must! People want to see that you are a person just like
      them and not some faceless Internet lurker. Also use your real name.
   4. If you speak several languages it may make sense to set up different profiles
      for each language.
          a. Many sites have shoutboxes or other broadcasting functions for your
             friends. It is more practical if all of your friends can understand what
             you are writing.
          b. In case you use software to send greetings or comments, it simply
             looks better and more personal if the language matches the language
             you and your friend actually communicate in.
   5. Always add the basic information like a brief bio, an overview of your personal
      vision, and some business background and activity info.
   6. Audio players can give you a real advantage, but I recommend setting them
      to NOT start automatically because most people find it annoying when they
      land on a profile and get hit with sound right away.
   7. Add some casual photos of you in a business or personal setting.
   8. Include plenty of info about what you like to do and who you would like to
      meet and interact with.
   9. Add some of your favorite video clips to make things more interesting. When
      you do, make sure they don’t load and start automatically.
   10. Integrate a blog. If you have your own blog be sure to link to it or add your
      RSS feed directly to your profile. Many Web 2.0 sites provide you with a blog
      as part of your profile. You should take advantage of this tool.

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The whole idea is to attract friends, or contacts, to your profile. As you can
see in the next screenshot I have almost 3,000 friends and counting on

I am looking for people who share my personal interests and who think like me.
Social Networking is not about people who are interested in my company or my
compensation plan - it’s all about finding like-minded people!

                       People like people who are like them!

Therefore, you want to give your new friends plenty of ways to discover those
things you have in common. Yes, show off your dog and your fish.

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   Once I have a large group of friends who like to talk about the same activities,
   share videos, etc. the “marketing” will take care of itself. My profiles always link
   back to my opportunities. And when a conversation about work comes up, I can
   tell people that I work from home, which is a great conversation starter.

   Remember, you only want prospects that have a real interest in working with
   you. Don’t try to mass market to everybody on MySpace, just find people you
   naturally get along with and you’ll end up meeting some new business partners
   as part of the process.

Adding interactive widgets like the ones below on your profile can be fun. People
like using them – you find such widgets on your friends profiles

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Be sure you have built a profile that is full of good information about who you really
are. If you like hiking, bowling, or video games, you must write about this and even
add some photos to your profile! Open yourself up – be transparent.

Don’t think about writing good ad copy. Focus instead on getting your true
personality across to the people who will view your profile page.

Remember to prepare several profiles if you speak different languages ☺
I sometimes comment on the news – I wrote this during the last G8 summit and
suggested that they meet somewhere where it is more difficult for activists to disrupt
the meetings.

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The Networking Process – How Does It Work ?

Once you have a strong profile, it’s time to get active. This process is easy and fun:

Leverage Existing Contacts First
You could start by using the search feature to locate any existing online contacts.
Just enter their first and last names into the search box to see if they have a profile
on the Social Network you are using.

If you find a few people you already know, add them to your friends list immediately.
You could end up meeting lots of new people if these friends share their contact list
with you.

On some Web 2.0 sites, when you add a new friend you will be automatically
connected with everyone on their contact list. You could build a huge network very
quickly on sites of this nature.

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Finding New Friends

You can find new contacts by simply surfing through the profiles of other users. By
doing keyword searches using the program’s search bar, you can find other users
who share your interests.

For example, you could search for “hiking” or “video games” to find a list of profiles
where these topics are mentioned. When you find a profile you like, add this person
to your friends’ list. Take a genuine interest in others –then add quality contacts.

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Get Involved In The Local Groups

A great way to find contacts and to promote your profile is to get active in the groups
provided by a Web 2.0 site. Most programs have discussion groups and forums
where people chat about specific topics. Join these groups and jump in on the
conversations, or start one of your own. BE ACTIVE.

The key to establishing a presence is to get out there and be seen! When people
see your name and picture on a regular basis, they will assume that you know what
you are talking about, and that you are an important individual.

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This is basic human psychology. Think about it:

When you go to a social event in the offline world and see a certain individual
playing an active role such as coordinator, speaker, greeter, etc. on a regular basis,
you automatically imagine this person is important and/or knowledgeable.

But the truth is these folks might just be regular attendees like you. They have
simply chosen to play an active role in the event for the obvious social benefits

Get your name and your face “out there” on the various Web 2.0 sites where you are
a member. Stay active in the discussions and events and you will draw people to
your profile in large numbers.

Again, once you have made friends with people, those who have an interest in your
business opportunity will make themselves known. Invite people to contact you if
they want to know more and avoid chasing after everyone who comes along.

It’s all about quality prospects. People who like you, and have a real interest in
working with you to build an extra income, will put money in your pocket. You don’t
need to waste your time begging people who aren’t sincerely interested.

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Be Sure To Give First

To succeed in Network Marketing you MUST give of yourself before asking for
anything. Give people the benefit of getting to know you, or give them useful
information that will help them in some way.

Once you have delivered real value, many people will be more than happy to ask
what they can do for you in return. When you make an offer to help someone you
are friends with by showing them a way to make some extra money, it doesn’t come
across like selling.

The world’s most successful Network Marketers understand the value of putting
people first. And with the emergence of the Web 2.0 era, you now have more power
at your fingertips than anytime in the history of the industry.

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                          Growing residual income?
Some of my Internet Marketing friends say things like how they are now focusing
more on promoting products with “residual income.” That makes sense – and it
means that they will promote products where they can get a cut of a monthly
membership fees rather than just one off sales. Real security is being paid over and
over for the same sale.

I have an inside view on both. Most people will join a membership site and then
will forget it until they see their next Paypal payment . And then – because they did
not find the time to use the site, they cancel it - even asking for refunds when
offered. The average time a member stays in any kind of membership site is 9
months (or even less)!

It is obvious that this is not growing the desired “residual income.” This is an
example of promoting yet another Internet Marketing Product – that happens to have
a residual payment - but usually does not last for long before you must find a

                       Duplication versus Replacement

While in Internet Marketing you do most of the work with the help of your friends
(JV’s ) - in Network Marketing you have more focused group dynamic. The products
are not changing all of the time, so you don’t have to worry about what is next. You
just focus on duplicating, not on finding another product to replace the one
that is no longer popular.

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                   What Can You Take From This Report?

An Internet Marketer who gets involved in Network Marketing will not have to buy his
leads. By effectively creating a professional profile, and actively promoting it with
the goal of creating real relationships with like-minded people, he or she can enjoy
using Web 2.0 Social Networking to their financial advantage.

Today is perhaps the single largest opportunity ever to build valuable personal and
business relationships and to introduce others to your business opportunity without
having to depend on paid leads or advertising.

I hope you’ll put the basic information in this report to good use. To learn more about
using Social Networking to build your business, join me at the
Friday Traffic Report

Once you join, please add me to your friends’ list. We can stay in touch. I look
forward to learning about you. This community is designed for serious Social
Marketers – so create your profile and make friends. Be sure to let me know that you
have read this Social Marketing Strategy Guide and feel free to pass this along to

Thanks for reading, and I look forward helping you succeed.

Julius L. Möltgen

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