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                                              Lake Superior State University
             InStrUctIonS for compLetIng AppLIcAtIon for AdmISSIon
                 freshman Admission                                                                       transfer Admission
      A freshman student is defined as a student who has               A transfer student is defined as a student who enrolls
not enrolled in a postsecondary institution anytime after the    in a postsecondary institution anytime after the summer
summer following high school graduation.                         following high school graduation and then applies to Lake
      You may apply to LSSU anytime after the end of your        Superior State University.
junior year of high school. The best time to apply is early in         Transfer students must possess a 2.0 cumulative
your senior year. Applications are processed continuously        college GPA and be eligible to return to their former
and when all necessary materials have arrived you will be        college(s).
notified of a decision as soon as possible. The primary
factors used to determine admission are cumulative grade               Complete Part I of the application form.
point average (GPA), high school course curriculum, and                Attach a $35 non-refundable check or money order
ACT or SAT results.* LSSU recommends that students               (U.S. funds-payable to Lake Superior State University).
follow a college preparatory curriculum mirroring the            Send to the LSSU Admissions Office.
Michigan Merit Curriculum. The middle fifty percent of our             Request an official copy of your transcript be sent
entering freshman class typically have high shcool GPA’s         directly to the Admissions Office from each college/university
ranging from 2.7 to 3.3 and ACT scores ranging from 18-24.       you have attended.
Students should feel free to submit any additional materials           If you have completed fewer than 19 semester (29
which may aid the Admissions Office in reviewing unusual         quarter) hours of transferable college credit (C- or higher),
circumstances which may have impacted high school                you must also send an official high school transcript or GED
performance.                                                     scores in addition to your college transcript. ACT or SAT
                                                                 scores will also be used unless you graduated from high
                                                                 school more than two years ago.
           currently enrolled in high school                           For all schools you have attended, besides Michigan
     Complete Part I of the application form.                    Community Colleges, please provide course descriptions
     Submit your entire application and a $35 non-               from the year(s) you attended. Please write your name and
refundable check or money order (U.S. funds-payable              school on each page of the course descriptions.
to Lake Superior State University) to your high school                 Your application will be processed and an evaluation of
principal or counselor for completion of Part II. The            transfer credit will be made as soon as all required materials
application and a copy of your high school transcript            are on file in the Admissions Office.
and ACT or SAT scores must be mailed directly to the
Admissions Office from your high school.                                                                              readmission
                                                                       Former LSSU students who miss one or more semesters
                                                                 (not including summer) must reapply. You should:
        not currently enrolled in high school                          Complete Part I of the application form.
      Complete Part I of the application form.                         If you have attended another college/university since
      Submit your entire application and $35 non-refundable      you last applied or attended LSSU classes, you must have
check or money order (U.S. funds-payable to Lake Superior        official transcripts sent from the other institution(s).
State University) to the Admissions Office.                            If you previously paid the application fee you do not
      Have your high school transcript and ACT or SAT            need to pay it again.
scores mailed directly from your high school to the                    Your application will be processed and an evaluation
Admissions Office.* If you withdrew from high school prior       of transfer credit will be made, if necessary, as soon as all
to graduating you may submit GED results.                        required materials are on file in the Admissions Office.

                                                                      *ACT or SAT scores will not be used in the admissions
                                                                 process if you graduated from high school two or more
                International Students                           years ago.
     If you are a citizen of any country outside of the U.S.
or Ontario, Canada, you should complete the application
                                                                              Upon request, Lake Superior State University will provide persons with disabilities promotional literature and comparable
according to your status: Freshman, Transfer, or Read-           recruitment efforts in a medium in which they can communicate.
                                                                              It is the policy of Lake Superior State University that no person shall be discriminated against, excluded from participation
mit. Additional materials are required to complete your          in, denied the benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination in employment, or in any program or activity for which the
                                                                 University is responsible on the basis of race, color, national origin or ancestry, gender, age, disability, religion, height, weight, sexual
application. There is a $35 non-refundable application           preference, marital status or veteran status. The following people have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimi-
                                                                 nation policies:
fee (U.S. funds-payable to LSSU) For a complete list of                       Applicants for admission and students: Vice President for Student Affairs, Administration Building, Lake Superior State
                                                                 University, 650 W. Easterday Ave., Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783. 906-635-2273
required materials, please visit and click on                    Applicants for employment and employees and ADA concerns: Director of Human Resources, Administration Building, Lake
                                                                 Superior State University, 650 W. Easterday Ave., Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783. 906-635-2697
                                                                              The information in all Admissions Office publications is only for your information and is not part of an enrollment contract.
prospective students or contact the Admissions Office at
                                                           Lake Superior State University
COLLEGE OF:                                              Science, Technology, Engineering &                         Mathematics-Actuarial and Business Applications
                                                                                                                    Mathematics-Elementary Teaching
Business & Professional Studies                          Mathematics                                                Mathematics-Secondary Teaching
Business, Entrepreneurial and Legal Studies              Biological Sciences                                       Associate
  Post-Baccalaureate-Certificate                           Baccalaureate                                            Computer Science
    Legal Studies                                            Biology                                                Internet/Network Specialist
  Baccalaureate                                                  Pre-Medical, Dental, Veterinary, Optometry,
    Accounting                                                   Chiropractic, Podiatry                          Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities
    Business Administration                                  Biology-Secondary Education                         Arts and Humanities
    Business Administration-Business Education               Clinical Laboratory Science                           Baccalaureate
    Business Administration-International Business           Fish Health                                              Communication
    Business Administration-Legal Management                 Fisheries and Wildlife Management                        English Language and Literature
    Business Administration-Management                           Fisheries Management                                 English Language and Literature-
    Business Administration-Marketing                            Wildlife Management                                      Elementary Teaching
    Finance and Economics                                  Associate                                                  English Language and Literature-
    Legal Studies                                            Natural Resources Technology                                 Secondary Teaching
        Specialties in: Legal Administration, Client     Chemistry and Environmental Science,                         Fine Arts Studies
        Advocacy, Criminal Law, Environmental Law        Geology and Physics                                          French Studies
        and Policy, Legal Technology, Personal Injury,     Baccalaureate                                              French Studies-Elementary Teaching
        Labor Law, Legislative/Constitutional Law            Applied Geographic Information Science                   French Studies-Secondary Teaching
    Pre-Law                                                  Chemistry                                                History
  Associate                                                  Chemistry - Secondary Teaching                           History-Elementary Teaching
    Business Administration                                  Chemistry (Pre-Professional, Pre-Pharmacy)               History-Secondary Teaching
    Legal Studies                                            Environmental Chemistry                                  Social Science
    Office Administration                                    Environmental Health                                     Social Studies-Elementary Teaching
    Personal Computer Specialist                             Environmental Management                                 Social Studies-Secondary Teaching
    Technical Accounting                                     Environmental Science                                    Spanish-Elementary Teaching
  Certificate                                                Forensic Chemistry                                       Spanish-Secondary Teaching
    Information Processing                                   Geology                                               Certificate
    International Studies                                        Environmental Geology                                International Studies
    Personal Computer Specialist                                 Secondary Teaching-Earth/Space Science          Education
Criminal Justice, Fire Science and EMS                       Integrated Science-Elementary Teaching                Master of Arts
  Baccalaureate                                              Integrated Science-Secondary Teaching                    Curriculum and Instruction
    Criminal Justice                                       Associate                                               Post-Baccalaureate Bachelor
        Emphasis in: Corrections, Criminalistics,            Chemistry                                                Education
        Generalist, Law Enforcement, Law Enforcement       Associate of Applied Science                            Baccalaureate
        Certification, Loss Control, Public Safety           Chemical Technology                                      Early Childhood Education
    Fire Science                                         Engineering and Technology                                   Education-Elementary
        Emphasis in: Engineering Technology,               Baccalaureate                                              Education-Elementary:
        Generalist, Hazardous Materials                      Computer Engineering                                         Special Education - Learning Disabilities
  Associate                                                      Options in: General, Robotics and Automation         Education-Secondary - Degrees in major
    Criminal Justice                                         Electrical Engineering                                Associate
        Emphasis in: Corrections, Law Enforcement                Options in: Digital Systems,                         Early Childhood Education
    Fire Science                                                 Electrical/Mechanical,                          Social Sciences
    Paramedic Technology                                         Robotics and Automation                           Baccalaureate
  Certificate                                                Engineering Management                                   Political Science
    Paramedic Training                                       Industrial Technology                                        Tracks in: General, Prelaw, Public Administration
                                                             Manufacturing Engineering Technology                     Political Science-Secondary Teaching
Health Professions                                           Mechanical Engineering                                   Psychology
Nursing                                                          Options in: Mechanical Design, Robotics and          Psychology-Elementary Teaching
 Baccalaureate                                                   Automation, Vehicle Dynamics                         Psychology-Secondary Teaching
   Nursing                                                 Associate                                                  Sociology
   Nursing - Post Licensure                                  General Engineering                                      Sociology-Elementary Teaching
 Associate of Applied Science                                General Engineering Technology                           Sociology-Secondary Teaching
   Health Care Provider                                      Manufacturing Engineering Technology                     Sociology-Social Services
 Certificate                                               Certificate                                             Associate
   Practical Nursing                                         Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering,            Social Work
Recreation Studies and Exercise Science                      Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering        Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment
 Baccalaureate                                               Technology                                            Certificate
   Athletic Training                                     Mathematics and Computer Science                             International Studies
   Exercise Science                                        Baccalaureate                                         Inter-Disciplinary
   Parks and Recreation                                      Computer and Mathematical Sciences                    Baccalaureate
   Sport and Recreation Management                           Computer Information Systems                             Individualized Studies
 Associate                                                   Computer Networking                                      Liberal Studies
   Health Fitness Specialist                                 Computer Science                                      Associate of Arts
                                                             Computer Science-Secondary Teaching                      Liberal Arts
                                                                                                                     You may also apply online at

         perSonAL                        ❑ Incoming freshman                                       ❑ transfer Student                                      ❑ readmit Student

                                                                                                                                                                                                         LAke SUperIor StAte UnIverSItY UndergrAdUAte AppLIcAtIon for AdmISSIon
         Please Print
pArt I

         name: ________________________________________________                                                    ________________                        ________________________
                        Legal First                 Legal Middle               Legal Last                                  Preferred Nick Name                      Former Last Name (if any)

         date of Birth _____________________________                                        Social Security Number:                  (optional)   _____________________________
                                       month    /     day     /     year                                                                               (non U.S. citizens leave blank)

         Sex: ❑ Male                  ❑ Female                                              marital Status: ❑ Married                   ❑ Single

                                                                                                          permanent mailing Address:
                                                                                                          P.O. Box/ Street Address                                              City
         current mailing Address: Effective Until: _________________                                      _________________________________________________
                                                                                                          State/Province               ZIP/Postal Code                          County of Residence
         P.O. Box/ Street Address                                            City                         telephone: (_____) ________________________________
         _________________________________________________                                                name of parent, guardian or Spouse (First & Last Names):
         State/Province                ZIP/Postal Code                       County of Residence
                                                                                                          ❑ Mr. ❑ Ms. ___________________________________________
          telephone: (_____) ________________________________
                                                                                                          ❑ Relationship to Applicant: ________________________________
          cell: (_____) ______________________________________
                                                                                                          Address: (if different) _______________________________
         BIogrAphIcAL - please check all that apply
         ❑ U.S. citizen                                                                                                        ❑ non-U.S. citizen
         State or Country of Birth _________________________                                                                   Country of Citizenship __________________
         ❑ michigan                   ❑ non-michigan resident or                                                               Country of Birth ________________________
         resident for                 Michigan resident for less than 6 months
                                                                                                                               Are you a resident alien (green card holder)?
         more than 6                  State of legal residence? __________________________                                     ❑ Yes ❑ No
         months                       How long have you lived there? Yrs _____ Months _____                                    (If yes, you must submit a photocopy of your
                                      On what date did you begin living in Michigan? ____________                              alien registration card.)

          race/ethnicity Optional - Information for statistical purposes
          please indicate all races that apply among the following:
          ❑ White                                   ❑ Canadian Aboriginal; Tribe Affiliation _________________________________
          ❑ Asian                                   ❑ American Indian or Alaskan Native; Tribe Affiliation______________________
          ❑ Black or African American               ❑ Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
          please check your ethnicity ❑ Hispanic or Latino ❑ Not Hispanic or Latino

         YoUr pLAnS At LSSU
         please indicate the academic program you wish to study ________________________________________ ❑ Undecided
         When do you plan to enroll?                               ❑ Fall Semester (Sept)             ❑ Spring Semester (Jan)                      ❑ Summer Semester (May)
                                                                   Year 20              ❑ Part Time               ❑ Full Time
         What degree plans do you have?
            ❑ LSSU classes, no degree                               ❑ LSSU for one or two years, then transfer                          ❑ Certificate 1-year
            ❑ Associate’s Degree 2-year                             ❑ Bachelor’s Degree 4-year                                          ❑ Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
         Which location do you wish to take your classes?                                                                               ❑ Master’s - Graduate Degree
            ❑ Sault Ste. Marie (on-campus) ❑ Petoskey Regional Center**
            ❑ Escanaba Regional Center** ❑ Other
         do you plan to live in University housing? ❑Yes                                    ❑No                                **Study is limited to selected programs on a part-time basis

         fInAncIAL AId
         ❑ I am submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

         ❑ High school diploma                      ___________________________________________________                                              Date earned: _________________
                                                                     Name high school              City              State                                                    Month       Year
         ❑ GED             have you taken the Act or SAt exam?                         ❑ Yes, Month/ Year___ / ___                     ❑ No, but I plan to             ❑ I plan to RE-TAKE it
         please list the courses you are taking your senior year of high school.
         Current Semester                                                                                 Next Semester
         course                                credit        course                          credit       course                                  credit      course                            credit
         __________________                     ___          __________________               ___         __________________                       ___        __________________                 ___
         __________________                     ___          __________________               ___         __________________                       ___        __________________                 ___
         __________________                     ___          __________________               ___         __________________                       ___        __________________                 ___
          If YoU hAve Attended Another coLLege or UnIverSItY
          List everY college, university or trade school currently attending or previously attended starting with the earliest enrollment.
          ImportAnt: failure to list every institution attended may result in dismissal from LSSU.
          Official transcripts must be sent from ALL institutions you have attended. If you earned college credit while in high school and
          want to transfer it to LSSU, you must have that college send an official transcript to our Admissions Office.

          Have you earned 19 or more semester hours (29 quarter hours) of college/university credit? ❑ Yes ❑ No
                        School/Institution Name                                  City, State/Province                                        Dates Attended

          Have you ever been suspended, expelled or required to withdraw from any college or university for any reason? ❑ Yes ❑ No
          If so, from where and why? _________________________________________________________________________________________

          Complete the following only if you previously applied or attended LSSU classes at LSSU or any LSSU regional center.
          ❑ I previously applied for admission to LSSU. Semester: _______________________________ Date: ____________________________
          ❑ I previously attended LSSU classes: ❑ Full Time           ❑ Part Time       From ___________________________ to ______________________
                                                                                                         Semester / Year                          Semester / Year
          ❑ I have attended another college/university since my previous application. I will submit an official transcript.
          ❑ I have NOT attended another college/university during my absence from LSSU or since my previous application for admission.

          Has any member of your family ever attended LSSU? ❑ Yes ❑ No
          Name while attending LSSU:_________________________________________________ Relationship: ___________________________
          What is the highest educational level attained by your parents? This information is optional and is used for statistical purposes.
                                                              Not a High      High School         Some         Associate’s       Bachelor’s  Graduate
                                                             School Grad.        Diploma         College         Degree            Degree     Degree
          Mother’s name: ________________________                       ❑                   ❑                  ❑              ❑                 ❑                   ❑
          Father’s name: ________________________                       ❑                   ❑                  ❑              ❑                 ❑                   ❑
          Extracurricular Activities (include honors) Examples: sports, clubs, community service, civic groups. You may use a separate sheet of paper if necessary.

          pLeASe reAd cArefULLY, then SIgn And dAte: I certify all information given in sup-
                                                                                                                                             fIrSt tIme
          port of my application for admission is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
          I understand any omission or falsification of information will lead to a retraction of an offer of                                    $35
          admission. I also authorize my high school/college to release my academic records and ACT                                        (U.S. fUndS)
          scores to Lake Superior State University.                                                                                      non-refUndABLe
                                                                                                                                         AppLIcAtIon fee
                                                                                                                                        mUSt Be encLoSed
          Signature of applicant                                                                  Date

      cUrrentLY In hIgh SchooL- To be filled out by your high school counselor or principal
pArt II

          Student’s Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________________
                                  Last                                              First                                   Middle

          Student: ❑ will graduate in _______
          Has student taken MME tests? ❑ Yes ❑ No (used for statistical purposes)                                                      Information will be treated in a
                                                                                                                                            confidential manner
          Rank in class from top: ________________________               Total number of students in class: _______
          Grade point average: _____________ for __________ semesters. Grading scale if other than four-point scale: _____________________
                      Name                                  Address                                                  City            State/Province           Zip/Postal Code

          Name: __________________________________________________                          Position: ____________________________________________

freShmAn AppLIcAnt                                  trAnSfer AppLIcAnt
checkLISt                                           checkLISt
❑ Visit the campus and the town.                    ❑ Visit the campus and town.
❑ Take ACT or SAT; have scores                      ❑ Apply and send official copies of
  sent to LSSU.                                       transcripts from all colleges and
                                                      universities attended along with
❑ Complete the application.                           course descriptions to Admissions.
❑ Take completed application to                     ❑ If you have earned less than 19
  high school guidance office.                        credits, send in official copies of
❑ Receive letter of acceptance.                       your high school transcript and
                                                      ACT/SAT scores.
❑ Complete the FAFSA by March 1.
  LSSU’s code is 0002293.                           ❑ Receive letter of acceptance and
                                                      a transfer credit evaluation.

tImeLIne                                            ❑ Complete FAFSA or change school
                                                      to Lake Superior State University
mArch 1                                               by March 1. Use our Federal
  neW freShmAn: You must apply by this                School Code: 002293.
   date for scholarship consideration.
   Orientation and Housing information
   sent to students.                                decemBer 1
SUmmer                                                trAnSfer StUdent: You must
   Housing application due.                            apply by this date for scholarship
   Orientation programs                                consideration for spring admission.
                                                    AprIL 15
                                                       trAnSfer StUdent: You must
                                                       apply by this date for scholarship
                                                       consideration for fall admission.

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