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									                                    Senior SAP Consultant

Has 12+ years of experience in developing and managing software applications. This includes 6 years in
SAP R/3 (including IS-Retail), about 2 years in SAP APO and 6+ years in IBM mainframe environment.

       My SAP Supply Chain Management experience has covered all aspects of implementing SAP in
        Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail organizations. My involvement has covered the analysis,
        design, modeling, development and implementing of SAP applications.

       My skills in SAP APO are Integration Model, Core Data Interface (CIF), LiveCache, Demand
        Planning (DP) and Supply Network Planning (SNP), Global Available to Promise (GATP),
        Backorder Processing (BOP) and Business Information Warehouse (BW). I have working
        knowledge of all aspects of Integration of Master Data and Transactional Data, Dynamic
        Availability Checking on the basis of ATP (available to promise), Product Allocations, Copying
        Product Allocations and Characteristic Value Combinations (CVC), Planning Areas, Planning
        Books and Master Planning Object Structures, prototyping of Capable to Match (CTM) and SNP
        planning scenarios and DP forecasting. I also created BAPI� for Transportation Lane, Programs
        for Mass ATP Check (to substitute BOP), CIF monitoring, BOP dynamic variant creation and
        CVC report & mass deletion.

       My skills in SAP R/3 in are Sales & Distribution (SD), Materials Management (MM), Warehouse
        Management (WM) and Finance and Costing (FI/CO) areas. I have covered all aspects of Sales
        Order Processing, Availability Checking, Pricing, Output Determination, Purchase Orders,
        Purchase Requisitions, Info Records, Stock Transport Orders, Outbound and Inbound Deliveries,
        and Transportation Scheduling, Picking and Packing, Bill Goods Issues and Goods Receipts,
        Invoicing and Billing, Inventory Management and Warehouse Management, Equipment, Serial
        Number and Handling Unit Management, Transfer Orders and Print Programs.

       My SAP ABAP/4 technical skills include the design, development and debugging of ABAP
        Programs (Dialog Programming, Standard and Interactive Reports), ALV Reporting, SAPScript,
        Menu Painter and Screen Painter, ALE, EDI and IDOC configurations, Custom IDOC
        development, Workflow configurations and development, RFC and BAPI Development, User Exit
        and Field Exit Development, Dialog Programming, Interfacing Data with external systems, Data
        conversions, Programming using BDC, ABAP/4 Workbench, Data Dictionary and Batch Job

       Prior to SAP, I worked in IBM mainframe area, designing and developing applications using DB2,
        BTS, WS-FTP, DTL, COBOL, C, DYL280, CLIST and REXX.

       Over the past 12 years I have been involved as a project manager, team lead, system analyst and
        mentoring new developer & team members

Work Experience

       Software Associate, Cranium Consulting LLC/ISAP group Inc, March 2008 to current
       IT Systems Engineer, Motorola, November 2005 to February 2008
       SAP Technical Consultant, Emplifi/iGate Capital/Mastech, May 2002 to November 2005
       Project Leader, Systems Analyst and Programmer, Tata Consultancy Services, February 2000 to
        April 2002

       Masters Degree in Engineering from IIT, Kharagpur, India (January 2000)
       Bachelors Degree in Engineering from JNTU, Kakinada, India (August 1998)

American Honda Motors, Torrance, CA, USA

March 2001 to Current (SAP R/3 and APO Implementation)

       Configuration of Core Data Interfaces (CIF and Integration Models)
       Special reports to monitor and processing of CIF (restart, registration programs)
       LiveCache Monitoring and Reporting
       Global ATP Processing and Backorder Processing,
       Programs for Mass ATP Check and Dynamic BOP variant creation
       Reports to validate GATP and BOP processing (Before and After)
       Product Allocations and Characteristic Value Combinations
       Configuration of DP and SNP, Prototyping Capable to Match (CTM) and Vendor Managed
        Inventory (VMI)
       Design of Global Logistics Operation interfaces with Factories
       Designing interface architecture, coding programs to support the interface architecture, Code
        reviews and Performance tuning
       Developing functional specifications, testing scenarios for SD, MM, WM & FI interfaces
       Design, Documentation and coding of WM related interfaces: Goods Receipts upload and
        downloads, Warehouse Staging and Warehouse Relocation
       Print (SAPScript) programs for Printing of Bill of Lading, Master Bill of Lading, Crate Cards and
        Shipping Labels
       Dialog Programs for maintaining Crate Cards/Labels, Staging and Bill of Lading data, Online
        staging, Online relocation, Warehouse workbench and Creation of automatic inbound deliveries
        from PGI of outbound deliveries for plant to plant transfers
       Field Exits and User Exits for Handling Unit Validations, Delivery creation and change, Material
        Master custom fields enhancements, Sales Order creation and change processing
       Various Data extract and interface programs in SD, MM, WM and FI areas
       Post Go-Live support and mentoring of new developers

Motorola, Phoenix, USA

November 2000 to February 2001 (APO 3.0 Implementation)

       Setting up ALE configurations between APO, BW and Mercator

       Mentoring and guiding developers in ABAP, ALE, BAPI and CTS areas
       Core Data Interface (between APO and SAP R/3) Analysis
       Establishing development standards and guidelines
       Development of BAPI for Transportation Lane

The Home Depot, Atlanta, USA

March 2000 to November 2000 (IS-Retail Implementation -International Stores)

       Creation of custom Promotion programs to replace SAP standard promotion transactions and
        creating outbound IDoc for promotions.
       New PO Copy functionality that includes custom screen development and BAPI�   s.
       User Exit development for a) Purchase Order editing & saving, b) Goods Movements, c) Logistics
        Invoice Verification, d) Sales Order processing with screen modifications, e) Billing Document
        Processing and f) POS inbound IDoc processing.
       Creating new withholding tax functionality (for Argentina) using SD. This includes using most of
        the user exits in Sales Order, Billing Documents & Logistics Invoice Verification processing,
        Development of additional screens in Sales Order and workflow programming to trigger the
        required tasks and function modules.
       Custom Document flow program to tie the documents in MM, SD & FI.
       Development of reports a) Purchase Orders, Schedules and Goods Movements, b) Vendor
        Worksheet, c) Price Change Worksheet, and d) Moving Average Report.
       Rebates processing for documents created in SD & FI.
       Report Development using ALV and BAPI�       s.

Petsmart Inc., Phoenix, USA

August 1998 to March 2000 (IS-Retail Implementation)

       Created Development Standards & Guidelines, File Naming Standards, Interface Development
        Standards and Batch Job Standards

       Development of utility programs, function modules and tools.
       Performance tuning of custom programs
       Batch job scheduling tools for high volume data processing
       Analysis and design of Merchandise related interfaces and data conversions
       Article Master customization to develop new screens and new features to eliminate SAP standard
        characteristic functionality
       Development of complex and multi-step processing interfaces a) Fish Order & Live Animals
        interface, b) Distribution Center to Store transfer, c) Site and Vendor Master data, e) Expense to
        Accounts, f) Return to Vendor (RTV), g) SAP Price data to advertising and h) Store to Store
                                                                         s,      s
        Extensive ABAP report/program development using of BAPI� BDC� and User Exits
       Invoice Verification & Invoice Matching programs and Reports in FI/CO
       ALE/EDI-IDOC configurations & Custom segments creation for Purchase Order IDoc

Kimball International, Jasper, USA

July 1996 to August 1998 (SAP Implementation)

       Analysis, Design and Development of data extract programs from the Legacy system & re-design
        and enhance legacy applications for SAP implementation

       Analysis, Design and Development of Interfaces to Legacy system
       Development of BDC programs for a) Vendor Creation, b) Material Prices Creation, c) Change
        Delivery Document with pick confirmation and d) Changing Shipment General Header Data.
       Development of outbound interfaces to support a) Product ID serialization, b) SAP sales history
        download, c) Trends interface with open order information, d) Trip and Opportunity funds
        interface with sales information and e) Activity Based Costing interface with product, material and
        customer information
       SAPScript customizations to Invoice Print program RVADIN01 and layout set and Order
        Acknowledgment print program RVADOR01 and layout set
       Development of showroom inventory processing functionality which includes BDC programs to a)
        Relieve inventory for showrooms, b) Receive inventory into in-transit location, c) Receipt of
         inventory from in-transit location and d) Reports that include Showroom movements in and out,
         Showroom inventory report and Showroom open order reports
        Development of ABAP reports and utility programs and performance tuning of custom programs
        Selection of 3rd party bar code vendors to Wave 1.5 goods movement interfaces using Bar-coding
         and IDocs

Kimball International, Jasper, USA

May 1994 to July 1996 (Development of various applications)

         Worked on several projects and applications including

        Product Identification System Phases III, IV and V
        Quality Tracking System
        Competitive Discount Authorization System
        ARTEC Scheduling System
        Bonus and IS Focus System
        Enhancements to Order Entry, Shipping and Allocation Systems
        Trip and Opportunity Funds Programs
        ISPF 4.0 Installation

Automated several processes, developed interfaces to new and existing applications. Coordinated and led
various projects in going through full life cycle of each and every application at Kimball. All applications
are developed on IBM ES/9000 using VS COBOL II, OS/VS COBOL, DYL 280, CLIST and REXX with

My responsibilities include,

        Project Management
        Analysis, Design, Development, testing and implementation of the various applications
        Maintenance/Enhancements to existing applications and Interfaces development

Shell Oil, Houston, USA

June 1993 to April 1994 (Application Maintenance Tools)

The Application Management Tools (AMT) are developed to maintain about 500 applications of Shell Oil.
These set of tools scan the source programs and produce the cross-reference relations between subjects and
categories. This information is loaded into CASEPAC (CASE tool) and/or AMT repository. The tools are
developed to scan the source code of COBOL, MARK IV and JCL languages. VS-COBOL II, C and
REXX are used with DB2, VSAM and DMS on IBM 3090.

My responsibilities include,

        Project Management
        Analysis, Design and Development of the tools
        Testing and Implementation

American Express TRS, Australia

December 1992 to May 1993 (SWAP 4.0)
System for Worldwide Application Processing (SWAP) 4.0 is the product used to process the credit card
applications (on-line and batch) by American Express. SWAP 4.0 is an enhancement to SWAP 3.0 to add
the following features. A) Mono-sourcing B) Centralized database and C) build standardized interfaces to
external systems.

The system is developed on IBM 3090 using IMS DB/DC and VS COBOL II.

My responsibilities include,

        Analysis and design of the enhancements
        Development of MPP's, BMP's and batch programs
        Testing and Implementation

IBM Labs, Bethesda & Gaithersburg, USA

June 1991 to November 1992 (Image and ImagePlus)

Image and ImagePlus (next version of Image) are office automation products designed to eliminate paper
movement in the offices. The product has ability to capture, store, retrieve, display, distribute and print the
captured information.

Image 1.2 is developed using OS/VS COBOL in CICS, IMS DB/DC environments. ImagePlus 2.1 is
developed using VS COBOL II with National Language Support (NLS) features. SDF II is used to develop
the screens and REXX is used to develop utilities for automating the NLS process.

My responsibilities include,

        Development, Testing & Implementation of online application programs
        National Language Support (NLS)
        Development of tools to support NLS
        Product Support, Enhancements and Maintenance

IBM Labs, Sweden

February 1990 to May 1991 (CBAM)

Center for Business Administration Manager (CBAM) is a software package developed to bill the
customers for using the installation resources according to their usage. Each resource is associated to a
billing unit. The billing cost varies depending on the billing periods and holidays. The product can simulate
and forecast future resources.

CBAM is developed in three layers. Application Layer interacts with Database Layer and Dialog Layer.
The online screens are developed using Dialog Tag Language (DTL). ISPF/DMS services are used for
displaying the online panels/screens. The product is developed on IBM 3090 using DMS, REXX, DB2 and

My responsibilities include,

        Development of dialog layer programs and screens
        Help Screens and Message Screens development
        National Language Support
        Testing & Implementation
   System Support & Maintenance

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