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									HOW YOU CAN TURN YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCES INTO A COLLEGE DEGREE Even without a degree Keith landed on the job he wants. Then on, with his years of professional experience, he had acquired above- average knowledge on his certain field. He knows the ropes and the ins and outs of the industry. Because of his hands- on training on the job, he can even beat a degree holder. That is, if he ever has the chance. Keith and a thousand more individuals can never have the chance to climb up a notch on the corporate ladder. Why is that so? He doesn’t have a college degree. College degree is a vital component for any job qualification. It has become an important battle gear in this world of competition. Now, through online education or distance learning, you can turn your work and life experiences into a college degree. Study in the comfort of your home. Get the mode on how you want to learn, through online chats or videoconferencing perhaps? Pick the schedule you want and take the examinations at your own pace. The possibility is endless on how you can custom- fit your online education to suit your learning needs and lifestyle. So don’t be left behind and read on to know how you too can earn your college degree at home in just a few clicks of a mouse. *Choose a life experience There are hundreds of possible life experiences that can be qualified to convert into suitable course credits in helping you get a college degree. If you’ve been enrolled to a college or a university before, you can turn your previous educational courses as credits. Trainings and seminars you attended during employment can also be used. Community and military training are the most popular life experience you can turn into a college degree. Participation in both professional and non-professional organizations can also be credited. Even hobbies, talents, related independent writings and literature readings can also be a factor in getting your college degree online. *Prepare your high school diploma and other documents A basic high school diploma is necessary to be verified before you can be eligible to get a college degree. You must send the proper certifications, school transcripts and certificate of attendance for seminars or added documents to support the life experiences you stated on the evaluation form you passed. *Choose a college degree Like traditional schools, you get to choose a degree that suits your life experience. There are hundreds of online college degrees to choose from. Choose your education level: Bachelor, Associate or Masteral. Pick your field of interest: Arts and Humanities, Computers and Information Technology, Teaching and Education, MBA and Business, Social Sciences and Trades & Careers.

*How the program works Each college degree you pick has specified life experience needed such as work familiarity and skills in your chosen field of study. You need to fill out an application form you can get online including your personal data and relevant experiences. The provider will then evaluate your application based on your competencies and actual life experiences. If you have passed and met their minimum standard requirements, then they will possibly give you a college degree in your chosen industry of expertise. *Check the school’s accreditation Be sure that the online school you chose is accredited by the United States Department of Education. Accreditation means that it has been evaluated and passed a series of assessments done by the said government branch. You can give them a call or go online to double check. You can also verify with CHEA or Council for Higher Education, it is a nongovernmental office that helps in accrediting on-line schools for standard quality of education, faculty and facilities. *Get more courses if needed During the evaluation of your life experience, you may need to take some more courses if your experience and other credentials are insufficient. These additional courses would also be taken online. Don’t you worry about the extra courses; you can choose the schedule and pace of how you want the course program to be. You can take them and continue with your usual activities. Getting an online college degree is really helpful to anyone who wanted to pursue their dreams and goals in life. Lacking a college degree will not become a hindrance anymore in getting that big promotion or getting prioritized during a job interview. Now you can earn them through valuable life and work experience. Truly, there is no substitute for a hard- earned experience.

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