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					                        Afternoon Tea’s in The Garden Hall

                             Traditional Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea at Lough Erne Resort is served in The Garden Hall or out on The Terrace ,
 directly overlooking Castle Hume Lough. A selection of over ten varieties of tea, finely
     cut sandwiches, delicate pastries and freshly baked scones with fresh home-made
   preserves and Irish whipped cream, combine to make for an unforgettable afternoon.

                           Monday to Sunday 2pm to 5pm

                              Assorted Finger Sandwiches:
                                    Smoked Salmon
                                  Chicken Coronation
                          Irish Ham and Wholegrain Mustard
                               Cucumber & Cream Cheese

                     Home-made Scone with Irish Whipped Cream
                       Fresh Strawberries and Irish Preserves

                     An Assortment of Pastries and Sweet Fancies

                      A selection of loose Caddy teas, including:
            English Breakfast, Jungpana, Mokalbarie, Earl Grey, Greenleaf,
                         Mint & Fresh and Fruity Camomile

                                      Loose Teas:
    Irish Breakfast, Hot Toddy, Light & Late, Vanilla, Superior Fancy Oolong, Irish
         Afternoon Gold Blend, Royal Gunpowder, Jasmine Gold and Sport Cup

                             Traditional Afternoon Tea
                                   £18 per person

                                 Also available:
                              Pink Afternoon Tea
       (Traditional Afternoon Tea, with a Glass of Billecart Salmon Rose)
                                 £36 per person
                               Chocolate Afternoon Tea

 Do you love chocolate? Do you truly believe that chocolate makes every day a better day?
  Do images of chocolate make you run screaming to your secret stash, for a quick hit of
                            satisfaction and contentment?
                            Friday to Sunday 2pm to 5pm

                            Assorted Finger Sandwiches:
                   Smoked Salmon, Chicken Coronation, Irish Ham
                and Wholegrain Mustard, Cucumber & Cream Cheese
                     Chocolate Scone with Irish Whipped Cream
           An Assortment of Chocolate Pastries and Sweet Fancies, including:

  Delicious Chocolate Brownie, Sweet Chocolate Macaroon, Chocolate Dipped Strawberry
    with the famous White Chocolate, Chocolate Profiterole, Mini Chocolate Muffin,
                           Rich Fruit and Dark Chocolate Cake
                         Including your selection of Tea or Coffee
                               Chocolate Afternoon Tea
                                     £22 per person

                 Why not try our famous Chocolate Cocktail or a glass of
                             Billecart Salmon Champagne:
                               Death by Chocolate: £7.95
                        Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve: £13.95

                             Cygnets Afternoon Tea
                  The ‘BIG’ Experience For Our Younger Guests
Afternoon Tea...Now available for Lough Erne ‘Cygnets’ (children aged 3-11 years)

  Look out for Swans or Lough Ernie on Castle Hume Lough, while enjoying your special
                     ‘Cygnets’ Afternoon Tea in The Garden Hall

                        Monday to Sunday from 2pm to 5pm

                           Assorted Finger Sandwiches:
                            Irish Ham, Cheese, Chicken
            An Assortment of delicious ‘Cygnets’ Treats for you to enjoy…
   Tulip Cup with Famous White Chocolate Soup, Toffee Cake, Milk Chocolate Dipped
    Strawberry, Marshmallows, Meringues, Mini Muffin, Chocolate Chip Cookie,
                              Home-made Shortbread
                        Chocolate or Strawberry Milkshake
                             Cygnets Afternoon Tea
                                   £10 per Cygnet

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