Methods Of Creating Facebook Fan Pages

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					Methods of creating facebook fan page
There are 2 different methods of creating facebook fan page and they are:

1) You can sign into either your facebook account or create one; it is relatively
easy and fast to do so.

2) Go to

3) You see some demographic questions which you must fill in. Note: Before
getting to this point you must have chosen a name for your fan page which must
be a nice one and catchy one at that because you might not be allowed to be
allowed to change later.

4) To edit the information on your fan page, click on the link Ads & pages and add
your profile HTML and photographs and when you are satisfied with your
facebook fan page, publish it.

5) You can drive traffic to the page by clicking on “share with friends” and
entering the name of the friends or group of friends with whom you want to
share the page. This is done manually.

Another method of creating the facebook fan page is:

1) Go to and just below the SIGN UP button, you will see a
button ‘’create page’’ click on it.

2) The “create a page site” which opens up allows you to choose a niche which
you should already have one in mind before starting and also a good name.

3) When you have chosen a niche, the page opens up to a category stage to allow
you to narrow down to a specific group.

4) Then there is a security check by Facebook fan page, you cannot escape nor
avoid this page neither can you go onto the next page without answering the
5) Then you come to the “create a Facebook account page” where you are asked
a questions – 1) Do you have an account.

6) If you don’t have one you can quickly create it and if you do have go on to
answer the questions and finally you have the solution to creating facebook fan

Description: Explains the methods of creating facebook fan pages