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									Tips on making a facebook fan page
The tips to making a facebook fan page are simple and include:

1) You need to have a name for your facebook fan page which can be simple but
attractive and attention grabbing and you must be sure of the name because
once your fan page grows facebook will not allow you to make any name change,
so you need to research and be very convinced that the name you chose is the
best for the fan page.

2) You need to have a niche or an area of interest or focus for your facebook fan
page so that you can target a particular group or area of interest that some group
of people are interested in.

3) You should endeavor to make your facebook fan page not only informative but
interactive as well, asking friends, colleagues and acquaintances to join with an
irresistible offer to entice and attract which should be a free gift or a free book or
free tickets to a concert, just something free. You should also leave a comment
thanking people who joined the page and invite others to give it a shot.

4) Your fan page should have some basic components like discussions, poll, leave
– a – comment, suggestion sites so that your fans would feel you care about what
they think and thank each one personally. Do not hide ‘’bad criticisms’’ as they
will be blown open to everyone on your page by the aggrieved fan, instead
respond to it and deal with it in a simple, smooth and straight forward manner to
satisfy the fan.

5) You should set a target on the number of fan you want in a week, a month, a 3
months, 6 months up to a year and work towards achieving that goal.

6) You can also create a facebook fan page exchanges so that your fans can
interact with not only each other but also with the fans of other fan pages, after
all it’s all about interaction.

7) In order for fans to learn more about your company, product or services which
in most cases they cannot do on your facebook fan page, it is advisable to create
blogs and websites that they can go to and learn more. Remember to put the ‘Url
of your website’ and the link of your blog to your fan page to also help generate
traffic to your page.

Once these tips on making facebook fan pages are followed strictly, the page
created is bound to be attention grabbing and attractive.

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