Types Of Facebook Fan Page Templates

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					Types of facebook fan page templates
Facebook was launched in 2004, it now has about 600 million users which make
up a large percentage of a vast ready market and since then it has upgraded its
layouts, features and designs to help business grow over facebook. One of such
features is the latest picture showcasing area, where you can use “imagery and
graphics in the form of templates” which play an important role to display
product and services to your target market.

There are different types of facebook fan page templates designs that are
available and include:

1) Business facebook template- - This is for businesses, companies, organizations,
industries to show cases their product and services, solutions to business issues,
talk about the company and their interest and leave an e-mail for people to reach

2) Photo portfolio facebook template - This is for the fashion and clothing industry
where designers and models can showcase their product and skills, the various
fashion cities of the world like London, Paris, with different poses.

3) Charity organization template – This uses the FBML (facebook markup
language) and is a forum for people to reach out to the following groups Help the
orphans and motherless babies and kids who have neither shelter nor food.
Children with congenital defects, who need life changing operations which their
families cannot afford. Victims of natural disasters like the hurricanes – hurricane
Katrina in new Orleans in the US, Tsunamis of the coastal areas and beaches and
earthquakes – like what japan as a nation is facing, monsoon and heavy rains in
Asia and drought in Africa especially in the desert regions.

4) Photography facebook template – This is where celebrities and superstars can
reach their fans to share stories and photos, relate events, and explain issues.

5) Others includes: men and women beauty salon facebook template, night club
facebook template, lingerie facebook template, interior and furniture facebook
template, the list is endless but which ever type of facebook fan page template
chosen it has to be customized to make it attractive.

Description: Describes the different types of facebook fan page templates