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					    A facebook fan page
A facebook fan page is a medium or a forum created by facebook, the world’s
leading social networking site that has about 600 million active users worldwide.
It allows individuals stay connected with families, friends and loved ones, it allows
companies and organization connect with new potential clients and stay in touch
with existing clients and it allows celebrities and superstars to stay connected
with fans and friends. It is a forum for people to share information with each

Facebook fan page is therefore the forum for these socializing and sharing
activities between people to take place as follows:

1) Companies and organizations can interact with clients and customers with
information about launch of a new product or services, changes within the
organization like recent dismissal and appointments, release updates, free
promotion and events and in turn ask for suggestion, criticisms and advice all in
the bid to keep clients satisfied and happy. The fan page must be attractive and
attention grabbing and must be updated regularly.

2) Facebook is the main forum for friends, acquaintances, colleagues and
neighbours to stay connected on events but celebrities and superstars have fans
all over the world who would want to know what’s happening to their favourite
stars from time to time, so they set up fan pages for their fans so that they can
communicate either ways.

3) Some individuals like the homosexuals popularly known as the “gays” and their
female counterpart “lesbians” use the facebook fan page an a forum to
communicate with their kind sharing information, events update and generally
hooking up.

4) Some individuals on the other hand fight for one cause or the other like animal
right group, protect the environment “the green” group, some fight for animals
being poached on and killed and so many others.
Yet again, some individual come together through the facebook fan pages as an
umbrella because of one natural disaster or the other, to help people displaced
from their natural habitat or others by family tragedy of congenital abnormalities
in babies and children to support each other.

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