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									What is bypass facebook fan page?
The word bypass facebook fan page as used above is sequel to cheating in
Examinations and stealing in real life, taking the payoff from some-one’s else’s
hard work and business with the sole intent of maximizing profit. About 1.2 billion
E-mail Id’s pass through the facebook portal from all over the world and now
imagine the huge traffic that goes to your site on a daily basis and therefore the
huge clients such a site would have for their product and services?

It means viewing hidden content on facebook pages without going to the
facebook fan page or becoming a fan. The monotony of the fan pages are a bore
and stressful to some because fan pages ask the first timers to

1) Become a fan

2) Invite friends and acquaintances

3) They link to blogs and websites

4) Ask the users to take surveys

5) Tags like msn, twitter, MySpace etc.

The bypass allows you to “pass by” these conditions especially the “surveys” to
the pictures, videos or others promised at the top of the page. A simple way to do
this is to like a page and afterwards unlike the page again in which case you are
not under obligation to stay with the page. You can also become a fan and later
unsubscribe after getting the information you want and still be free from an
obligation to any fan page.

Another method is to use the browser’s page solution to bypass facebook fan
page is by loading the page on it and from the menu bar, go to view then page
style and change from “basic page style” to “no style”. For those working with
Firefox from there scroll to the bottom of the page and voila! The hidden content
and for Google users go to Google chrome.
Finally, it could be a link to another website which will reveal its hidden content in
a small box. You can change the style to normal to view the content.

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