Types Of Facebook Fan Page Applications

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					Types of facebook fan page applications
Facebook fan pages applications are supposed to customized your fan pages to
keep fans/users and visitors to the site engaged and involved, to actualize this you
need to customize your fan page to keep it attractive and attention grabbing not
only with constant and varied content but also designed with a number of good
fan page application tools which are features that helps you set up a good one.
They are:

1) Static FBML - With this application you can create and incorporate advanced
functions to your fan page to make it more engaging and interesting enough to
not only capture but also to hold the attention of users and visitors to your page.
It also helps to customize the design and theme of your fan page to meet the
increasing potential of facebook in an ever advancing society.

2) Promotion – Marketing strategy for branding and advertising campaigns should
be run on fan pages. You can create contests, sweepstakes, free gifts and other
strategies to keep users and visitors glued to the page and involved in the
branding and wanting to know more.

3) Sign-up application – This is a good application providing an avenue for visitors
and users of facebook and others outside facebook on the world wide web or the
other social networking sites to have a direct link with your brand. You can create
sign-up for product and services, newsletters and others and to get more
information add “link-up to blog or website”.

4) Twitter – Brands use twitter and other social networking sites to market their
product and services with links to the facebook fan pages, streamling online
marketing tasks and spreading branding and marketing campaigns further to the
other parts of the web.

5) Gifts – Gifts is a spontaneous marketing strategy and should be taken
advantage off on fan pages to connect visitors, users, and the brand by making
the gifts relevant and available because people like “freebies”.
6) Extended information – This application allows you to create tabs for some
functions and when organizing content of the profile, it can be used to re-direct to
the fan page from profile page on facebook and makes information readily
available to visitors and fans.

7) There are also the social Rss for regular post updates and conversing with fans,
iEndorse which helps in managing fan pages and for regular update post.

The facebook fan page applications listed above, when used in the right manner
will definitely produce an amazing fan page which will drive traffic to the site.

Description: Describes the different types of fan page applications