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									How to create a facebook business account
Businesses, organizations, companies and brands all need to create a facebook
business account in addition to their fan pages where they can use different types
of marketing tactics to reach out to millions of visitors and active users who make
up the bulk of their target market on facebook.

The methods of creating a business account are simple and include:

1) To create a facebook business account you need to create a personal account
through which you can create and operate it. You can create a business account
even if you don’t have a personal account but you cannot create a separate
business account if you have a personal account.

2) Business accounts are created for organizations, companies and brands who
want to use the account to create, manage and administer fan pages and for their
marketing and advertising campaigns and to set it up you have to create a
Facebook Advert/page by clicking on adverts and pages on your persona account.

3) When created, facebook asks for your login information but if you don’t have a
facebook account click on the “I do not have a facebook account” to create one.

4) If you have a facebook account, you have to first create a Facebook Ad or
Facebook Page. Enter the required information, you will come to “Facebook
Login” page and will be asked if you have a Facebook account. If you do not
currently have a Facebook account, enter your email address and date of birth as
required for login-in information and you are set to create your facebook business
account. One done, you can’t add other applications to your business account and
your account won’t be visible in search site.

5) Note: managing multiple accounts is a serious violation of Facebook’s Terms of
Use. If they believe that an individual has more than one account, they reserve
the right to terminate all of their accounts.


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