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                                                      Lethbridge Regional Hospital Foundation

                                                                                                           Winter 2003

                                              A Sister’s
                             Helping Hand
   Payton Laurine Patricia King arrived in this world on       While their situations were somewhat different both of
   September 21, 2003. The second child to Jennifer and        Jennifer’s daughters have benefited from the local NICU.
   Jim, and baby sister to 12-year-old Cheslea, Payton’s
   arrival came six-weeks early.                               Having a neo-natal intensive care unit in Lethbridge
                                                                                  means that premature and sick
   Because Payton wasn’t supposed to                                              babies and their mothers don’t have
   be born until the end of October,                                              to be shuttled to Calgary. With
   she is spending her first few weeks                                            Payton being cared for locally,
   of life in the neo-natal intensive                                             Jennifer can stay home with Jim and
   care unit at the Lethbridge                                                    Chelsea instead of having to com-
   Regional Hospital. Every calorie                                               mute or stay in Calgary.
   counts for premature babies like
   Payton, and if they have to work                                                It also means that Cheslea can bond
   too hard at eating, tube feeding                                                with her baby sister on a daily basis.
   helps them gain weight and
   strength.                                                                       “This NICU has been a great
                                                                                   resource for me and my family,” says
   “She just needs to grow and wake-                                               Jennifer. “It’s wonderful to be able to
   up,” says Jennifer about her beauti-                                            stay at home here in Lethbridge.”
   ful four-pound daughter. “We are
   hopeful that she will be coming                                                Jennifer has nothing but high-praise
   home before the end of the                                                     for this team of health care providers
   month.”                                                                        for their wealth of knowledge and
                                                                                  respect for privacy. “They’ve been
   Although Chelsea can hardly wait                                               absolutely wonderful,” she says.
   for her baby-sister to come home, she’s already bonded      “They take everything into consideration and have
   with Payton during regular visits to the NICU. She lends    responded to both the physical and emotional needs of
   a helping hand by changing Payton’s diapers, holding her    myself and my family.”
   during tube-feedings, getting her dressed, and most
   importantly, giving her lots of love.                       Reta Berte, Senior Program Director for Family Health,
                                                               is very proud of the NICU team who believe in provid-
   Chelsea herself is no stranger to the NICU at the           ing family-centred care.
   Lethbridge Regional Hospital. When she was born 12-
   years-ago, she also spent three-weeks in the unit because   “Family-centred care is an attitude rather than a proto-
   of a respiratory condition.                                 col. It’s an approach to children’s health care that
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   respects the importance of the family as a partner on the health
                                                                       Lethbridge Regional Hospital
   care team,” says Reta. “Our neo-natal intensive care unit
   allows us to involve the families of premature or sick newborns
   by offering them the care they need – close to home.”               Board

   In order to continue offering neo-natal intensive care, Reta says   Eugene Wauters                Chairman
   we need to retain and attract highly qualified professionals, as    Paul McDonald                 Vice-Chairman
   well as constantly update our medical equipment.                    Dale Coupland
                                                                       Joyce Dunlop
   “Offering a full-service NICU means that we have to stay on         Ellie Dys
   the cutting-edge of innovation and technology,” she says. “We       Alan Fraser
                                                                       Stan Heller
   need to continually update our equipment in order to provide
                                                                       Eric Hillman
   the best care to our most vulnerable young patients.”
                                                                       Doyle MacKinnon
                                                                       Tom MacLachlan
   Equipment Needs for the Surgical Suite                              Jim Mills

          Wish List
                                                                       Sonia Nicas
                                                                       Mary Robison
                                                                       Art Sanford                  CHR Appointee
                                                                       John Talerico
   There are many ways to help enhance the life-saving work
   done by the Family Health team. Support at any level helps          Stan Heller                   CHR Liaison
   propel everything they do for thousands of families like
   Jennifer and Jim King and their two daughters.                      Staff

   Infant Cribettes - Used in NICU and Pediatrics                      Vacant                        Director
   Infant Cribettes provide nurses and physicians with a larger        Annette Baker                 Receptionist/Secretary
   work surface and offer mothers the chance to personalize their
   child’s temporary home. (4 X $3,000)                                Kandis Parascak               Data Entry Clerk
                                                                       Taneill Soroka                Fund Development
   Portable Infant Scale
   For special situations where measuring weight may be helpful
                                                                       Contact Information
   in monitoring an infants health, a Portable Infant Scale may
   be loaned to families so they can ensure that their baby is
                                                                       Lethbridge Regional Hospital Foundation
   growing and developing. These scales are also used at drop-in
                                                                       960 19 St S, Lethbridge, AB T1J 1W5
   clinics where parents have the opportunity to weigh their
                                                                       Phone: 382-6001
   child and discuss any concerns with Public Health Nurses. (2        Fax:     382-6604
   X $2,758).                                                          Email:

   Heart Lung Monitors - Used in NICU and Pediatrics                   Office Hours:
   Heart Lung Monitors provide comprehensive information and           Monday - Friday              8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
   access to patient data. Information from the monitor systems        Weekend and Holidays         Closed
   is used to analyze patient outcomes, modify treatment pat-
   terns, and develop appropriate care plans. Accurate and             Mission:
   immediate clinical data supports the clinician with timely
   decisions. (8 X $22,000)                                            The Mission of the Lethbridge Regional
                                                                       Hospital Foundation (LRHF) is to seek
   Infant Care Centres – Used in NICU and the                          financial support that will help provide the best
                           Delivery Suite                              possible healthcare in a positive, healing,
   Infant Care Centres are a babe’s first bed! Secure under the        compassionate environment. The Foundation
   warmth of heat and light, the open design of the bed offers         will ensure that all funds received are managed
   the health care professional easy access to the babe for assess-    prudently and that all funds are dispersed in
   ment, monitoring, and intervention. (4 X $20,000)                   keeping with the wishes of the donor.
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   LRH Foundation
           funds over
           in equipment
    The LRH Foundation recently funded over $440,000 in
    equipment to all five major program areas within the                                            Photo courtesy Lethbridge Herald
    hospital (Acute Care, Public Health, Women and
    Children’s Health, Mental Health, and Senior’s Health).
                                                                  “We are so thankful to the Foundation for adopting this
    A large portion of this funding went towards the pur-         project into their funding this year,” says Karen
    chase of over $113,000 in new scopes for the LRH Day          Kennedy, Nursing Unit Manager for the Day Procedures
    Procedures unit. These amazing little pieces of technolo-     Unit. “These scopes have the latest in new technology,
    gy have a built in camera chip which projects a crystal       allowing us to perform minimally invasive procedures on
    clear image of the inside of the body to a TV monitor.        screen. In many cases, the work we can do with a scope
    This allows your surgeon to assess, diagnose, and if nec-     eliminates the need for a patient to visit the OR, saving
    essary, treat a problem using this relatively simple proce-   them time and allowing for a quick recovery”.
    dure. The scopes also allow doctors to more easily screen
    patients for diseases such as cancer, and re-check
    patients after a disease has been diagnosed.

   Grateful Patients fit into picture of health
                                                         The newest initiative launched by the LRH Foundation is the
                                                         Grateful Patient Program. So many gifts come to the hospital
                                                         from thankful patients and family members who are pleased with
                                                         the care and services the hospital provides.

                                                         To facilitate these types of gifts, Grateful Patient brochures and
                                                         posters were placed throughout the hospital informing patients
                                                         and the public of the opportunity to give. The posters are cus-
                                                         tomized to the floor they are posted on, outlining the specific
                                                         needs of a unit or program.

                                                         The Foundation board looks forward to the new support this
                                                         project will generate for essential healthcare equipment and

                                                         So many gifts come to the hospital from thankful patients
                                                         and family members who are pleased with the care and
                                                         service the hospital provides.
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   10 things you can do today
                                ...to leave a legacy
   Prepare a will Without a will you lose control over you
   property at death.                                                                         Community
   Leave a gift in your will for the charities that make a dif-
   ference in your life. Imagine the positive impact on our
   community if everyone made a gift from their estate to
   their favourite charity.
                                                                                              Tim Horton’s Smile Cookies Campaign
   Learn about the many tax advantages associated with
   making a planned gift as part of your financial and estate                                 During a week in October, the three local Tim
   planning.                                                                                  Horton’s stores and volunteers in the Hospital Atrium
                                                                                              sold Tim Horton’s Smile Cookies for $1 each. The
   Consider using both cash and assets for your charitable                                    campaign was a huge success, raising $3,000 for the
   gift. Assets could include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, term                               LRH. “We did twice as well as we expected to,” said
   deposits, real estate, vehicles, art, jewelry, or insurance.                               Tim Horton’s manager Tim Strisel, who was pleasantly
   Such gifts may even provide tax savings.                                                   surprised by how well the delicious chocolate cookies
                                                                                              sold. The LRH Foundation thanks Tim Hortons, their
   Name a charity as a beneficiary of your RRSP, RRIF or                                      staff, and the hospital volunteers who did such a great
   pension.                                                                                   job selling smiles to so many people.

   Name your favourite charity as the beneficiary on an
   existing or paid-up life insurance policy.

   Purchase a new life insurance policy naming your
   favourite charity as the beneficiary.

   Remember loved ones with memorial gifts.

   Encourage family and friends to leave gifts to charities in
   their wills.

   Ask your financial and estate planning advisor to include
   charitable giving as part of their counsel to clients.                                     Local Zellers makes significant contribution

   * The Lethbridge Regional Hospital is a member of Leave a Legacy Calgary. The              The local Zellers franchise has been overly generous to
   above information has been reprinted from a LALC brochure.                                 the LRH Foundation, recently donating $15,000 to
                                                                                              the hospital. The donations were generated through
                                 Your beneficiaries                                           the Zeller’s Friends of the Family Foundation, which
                                                                                              delegates funds to local stores based on how much
                                                                                              they put in. Lethbridge’s local Zellers has been award-
                                                                                              ed the prestige of being the number one store in
  Your children/grandchildren          Your assets                   Your favourite charity
                                                                                              Canada for the amount of money their hard working
                                                                                              staff raises to support community charities! The LRH
                                                                                              Foundation thanks store manager Darrell Halvorsen
                                 Canada Customs and Revenue Agency
                                                                                              and his wonderful staff for the great work they do to
                                        Pick two!                                             better our community.
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                   A Donor
          Bill of Rights
                                      Philanthropy is based on voluntary action for the common good. It is a tradition
                                       of giving and sharing that is primary to the quality of life. To assure that philanthropy
                                      merits the respect and trust of the general public, and that donors and prospective
                                      donors can have full confidence in the not-for-profit organizations and causes they are
                                      asked to support, we declare that all donors have these rights:

                                            To be informed of the organization’s mission of the way the organization
                                  I.        intends to use donated resources, and of its capacity to use donations
                                            effectively for their intended purposes.

          II.       To be informed of the identity of those
                    serving on the organization’s governing
                    board, and to expect the board to exercise
                                                                          III.         To have access to the organization’s
                                                                                       most recent financial statements.

                    prudent judgement in its stewardship

                                                  IV.         To be assured their gifts will be used for
                                                              the purposes for which they were given.

                             V.       To receive appropriate acknowledgement and recognition

                                                                VI.          To be assured that information about their
                                                                             donations is handled with respect and with
                                                                             confidentiality to the extent provided by law.

                   VII.           To expect that all relationsips with individuals representing oragnizations
                                  of interest to the donor will be professional in nature.

                                  VIII.                To be informed whether those seeking donations
                                                       are volunteers, employees of the organization or
                                                       hired solicitors.

         IX.           To have the opportunity for their names to be deleted
                       from mailing lists that an organization may intend to

                                                      X.         To feel free to ask questions when making a donation and
                                                                 to receive prompt trughtful and forthright answers.
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                                                                                              January 1 thru September 30

  2003 Donations
        Lifetime Gifts Over $50,000     $20,000 - $49,999            $500 - $1,999                TELUS Community              Theda Darby
                                                                                                    Connections                Ingrid I. Dawson
   Associated Canadian                Brookfield Properties Ltd.   Al Hawley Trucking             Daniel Therrien              James and Barbara Dean
     Travellers                       Costco Wholesale             ATCO Gas Employee              Lawrence Trotter             Henry and Leona Dick
   Auxiliary to LRH                                                Community Service Fund         Martin and Willy Van         Stewart and Vicki Dorchak
   Dr. Jesse Bigelow                                               Avon                             Diemen                     Fred Dorigatti
   Vilma Chizmazia                                                 Bridge 55 Seniors Club         Glenn and Janice Varzari     Lloyd and Eleanor Dorigatti
   Costco Wholesale                     $10,000 - $19,999          Charles and Marguerite         Wal-Mart                     Doug and Jay Doughty
   Elaine Davis                                                      Bryant                       West Lethbridge Lions Club   Dr. Darren Tkach
   Downtown Optimist Club             Friends of the Lethbridge    Burbridge Farm Ltd             Margery Williams             Tom Droog
     of Lethbridge                      Regional Hospital          Carpenter, Estate of Nellie                                 Mel and Liz Duda
   Estate of Earnest                  Radiology Associates           Edna                                                      Clint Dunford, MLA
     Schumacher                         Incorporated               Chinese Cultural Society                                    Agnes S. Dunham
   Friends of the Lethbridge          Val and Flora Matteotti      Lethbridge & District                                       Herb F. Dunham
                                                                                                    $100 - $499
     Regional Hospital                Zellers Inc.                 Barbara and George Davies                                   Walter and Kelly Ann Dyck
   Kinsmen Club of Lethbridge                                      Joyce D. Dunlop                                             Marsha Edmunds
   Lethbridge & District                                           Earl’s Restaurant              Dick and Kiyo Adachi         Pius and Thekla Ehnes
     Japanese Canadian                                             Enercon Water Treatment        Joyce Andreachuk             Allan Ell
     Association (1990)                                              Ltd.                         Rene A. Arsene               Elmspring Hutterian
                                        $5,000 - $9,999                                           Bob and Bonnie Babki           Brethren
   Lethbridge Community                                            John and Irene Frouws
     Foundation                                                    Galt School of Nursing         Annette and Randy Baker      Ginger Erickson
   Lethbridge Iron Works              Bank of Nova Scotia            Alumnae Society              Melba Baker                  Senator Joyce Fairbairn
     Company Ltd.                     Lethbridge Police Service    Lillian Geiger                 Dale Baldwin                 Isabel Farmer
   Lethbridge Police Service          Oldtimers Hockey             Give Me A Turn Vending         Kaye Bathgate                Federal Superannuates
   Oldtimers Hockey                     Challenge                  Oliver Hagen                   Mae Bennett                    National Association
     Challenge                        Robert and Hettie McLean,    Elizabeth Hale                 Olga Beresford                 Branch #18
   Lethbridge Shrine Club               Trust                      Cora J. Hastings               Helen Berze                  Bill and Betty Fletcher
   Lion’s Club International -        Merck Frosst Canada & Co.    Gerda and Gudrun Hesse         Big Bend Hutterian           Onelio and Rina Fraulin
     District 37C Cabinet             Moonlight Run Committee      Richard C. Hill                  Brethren                   Gertrude Frayn
   Elizabeth and Pio Locatelli        Saturn Isuzu of Lethbridge   Eric and Barbara Hillman       William Bikman               Barbara Fujikawa
   Nova Corporation                   Save-On-Foods & Drugs        Japanese Canadian              Bikman Holdings Ltd.         Irene Ganne
     Charitable Foundation                                           Association Dinner           Milan and Ruth Bilbija       Surajit and Gayle Ghosh
   Nova Corporation of                                               Committee                    Mariano and Antonia          Robert Gilmar, Sr.
     Canada                                                        Joint Medical Staff Courtesy     Biscaglia                  Howard and Rose Good
   Odd Fellow Rebekah Visual                                         Fund                         Phyllis and Gerald Bishoff   James Gray
                                        $2,000 - $4,999
     Research Foundation of                                        Kinsmen Club of Coaldale       Richard and Joyce Blasco     Gwen Green
     Alberta                                                       Lazy J Motel                   Hans and Pauline Bohnert     Kevin Gregus
   Order of the Royal Purple          Alberta Sport, Recreation    Lethbridge Country Club        Albert and Irene Bourassa    George and Maxine
     #32, Lethbridge                    Parks and Wildlife         Lethbridge Emergency           Butte Elks Benevolent &        Griffiths
   Poppy Committee, Royal               Foundation                   Research Network               Social Assoc.              Evan Gushul
     Canadian Legion                  Associated Canadian          Lethbridge Masons              John and Giselle Cailliau    H.H. Smith Ltd.
   Radiology Associates                 Travellers                 Lomond Lions Club              Eric and Lillian Campbell    Don and Lena Hale
     Incorporated                     De Jourdan Studios           London Drugs Foundation        Canadian Wildlife            Sydney and Sherry Hall
   Estate of William J.               Danny and Lori Degenstein    LPN Club                         Foundation                 Keiko Hamatani
     Ramsdale                         Hip Hip Hooray Lethbridge    Mary J. Milliken               Kiyoo and Fumiko Chiba       Harold Hansen
   Mr. Adolf Reinthon,                Knights of Columbus 5726     Neumann’s North Pole           Lino and Irene Chiste        Henrietta and Lloyd Hatt
     Estate of                        Knights of Columbus            House                        Martin Chmielewski           Jim Hawes
   Rotary Club of Lethbridge -          Council No. 1490           Blair and Karen Nyrose         Thomas Chumik                Alma Heap
     Downtown                         Lethbridge Herald            Randy Olafson                  Claresholm Lions Club        George and Ruby Heath
   Royal Canadian Legion              Steve Melling                Richard and Velisha            Dale Clark                   Anton Heck
     General Stewart Branch           Joanne Miller                  Paskuski                     Coaldale 4-H Equestrian      Doris Hedenstrom
     #4                               Order of the Royal Purple    Pincher Cowley Roaring           Club                       Dr. and Mrs. Kent S. Hein
   Estate of Mary Theresa               #32, Lethbridge              Lions Club                   Viola Cockburn               Stanley and Corrie Heller
     Skelton                          Poppy Committee, Royal       Beryl Pitcairn                 Beth Cockroft                Vaughan and Marilyn
   Squibb Pharmaceurical                Canadian Legion            Alex and Marjory Psikla        Barbara Coninx                 Hembroff
     Products                         Prairie Wind Riders          Ida Roberts                    Peter and Jean Coninx        Verna I. Hembroff
   Val and Flora Matteotti            Fuji and Kinji Takeda        ServiceMASTER of               Dale and Sandra Coupland     Scott and Bev Henderson
   Val Matteotti Italian Open                                        Lethbridge                   George Coutts                June Hepple
     Golf Scramble                                                 St. Andrew’s Presbyterian      Leslie and Helen Coyle       Highwood High School
   Leslie and Phyllis Wernick                                        Church                       Gerald and Julaine Coyne     C.L. Pat Hill
                                                                   Clarence Taal                  Ray and Pauline Culler       Harry and Edith Hinch
                                                                   Livio and Rosa Tavernini       Clara and Ron Dancer         Robert Hironaka
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   David S. Hodge                 Allan and Edna Layton         Norman and Ladene Nelson      Mrs. Minda Rogerson             The Real Canadian
   W. Rankin and Daphne           Edward and Joyce Leir         New Elmspring Hutterian       Bill Romanchuk                    Wholesale Club
      Hodgins                     Margaret Leishman               Brethren                    David and Dory Rossiter         Jon and Elizabeth
   Lorelei Hoffarth               Lethbridge Police Service     New West Theatre Society      Royal Bank Business Service       Thorlacius
   Janice and Grant Hopp          Lethbridge Shrine Club        Peto and Marie Nicas            Centre                        Bruce and Wendy Thurston
   Ernest and Betty Housley       Gerry and Doris Lidstone      Harold and Audry              Art and Shirley Sanford         Gil and Sandra Tourigny
   Mike Howkins                   William and Molly Liggett       Nishikawa                   Schering Canada Inc.            Albert E. Townsend
   Harold Hudson                  Edward Likuski                Robert Y. Nishikawa           Doug and Rhondda                Tri-T Farms Ltd.
   Herman and Minnie              Darwin and Marguerite         Dennis S. O’Connell             Schindeler                    Betty Utigard
      Huesken                       Linn                        Fred and Ami Oliver           Johnny and Elizabeth            Mr. Leslie Vaala and Ms.
   Phyllis Huff                   T. Rex and Marjorie Little    Ruth M. Oslansky                Schneyder                     Karran Thorpe
   Mrs. Ruth Hunt                 Reno and Joyce Lizzi          A. K. Otsuka                  Margo Schneyder                 Andy and Wilma Valer
   Rumiko and Ichio Ibuki         Lomond Association For        Robert and Lillian Parkyn     Manfred and Erika               Margaret Van Biert
   Ken and Kim Ichino             Community Education           Elizabeth A. Paskuski           Schuchardt                    Visual Effects
   Charles and Patricia James     Guerrino and Wanda            Lorraine and Bob Paskuski     Lucille M. Schweigert           Helen Vucurevich
   J. Ben Janz                      Lutterotti                  Eric and Rita Peterson        W. Joyce Sexsmith               Abe and Diane Wall
   Sara Janzen                    Margaret MacLaine             Irvine and Evelyn Pickering   Mildred Shackleford             Adam Waslovich
   Ross Jestin                    William and Christina         Picture Butte & District      George Shafranski               Eugene and Virginia
   Lloyd and Jess Johnston          Malchow                       Lions Club                  Alta Marie Shaw                   Wauters
   Jola Investments Ltd.          Clare and Margaret            Picture Butte Happy Old       Cliff Sheridan                  Marion White
   Barbara Karbashewski             Malmberg                      Timers                      Steve and Lillian Shimek        Pam and Leroy Whitnack
   Rolf Karch                     Cornelius and Barbara         Delaney Pittman               Irene Shippobotham              Tom and Arline
   Hilda M. Kendall                 Martens                     Plainview Hutterian           Silverleaf Rebekah Lodge        Wickersham
   Kinette Club of Coaldale       Lawrence and Dorothy            Brethren                      #99                           Margaret Wieler
   Kings Lake Hutterian             Matheson                    Anne Plesko                   Norman and Jean Skeith          Vera Wiest
      Brethren                    Hertha Matson                 R. Michael and Ellenor        William and Eleanor             Bill Willoughby
   Mel and Sharon Kitzul          Herb and Nobuko Matsui          Porter                        Skelton                       Johanna Wilson
   Stan and Anne Klassen          Paul and Karlen McDonald      Lois and John Potts           Chester Slimko                  Clarence G. and Cecily
   Augustin A. Knotek             Bruce McFarlane                 Praxair                     Barry and Marion Snowden          Yanosik
   Louie and Alice Kowalski       Helen McGlenn                 Harold and Loreen             Douglas and Valerie Sox         Roger and Margaret Yeoman
   Walter and Kiyo Koyanagi       Lois McKillop                   Prokopishyn                 Helen Spolowicz                 Minoru and Novey Yoshida
   Ted Koyata                     Brian and Lois McNaughton     Raymond Junior High           St. Mary’s School               Edith Young
   Fred and Josephine Krokosh     Medichair Lethbridge            School                      Vera Stanko                     Kathleen Young
   Edith Kubasek                  Joe and Anne Megyes           Mr. Richard Reading and       Jim and Jill Storey             Mike Zmurchyk
   Fanny and Cornelis Kuipers     Norman L. Metz                Ms. June Lim                  Johnny and June Striemer        Daniel and Anna Zrim
   Henry Kurina                   Douglas and Susie Mikado      Dr. and Mrs. W. Kirk Ready    Dr. and Mrs. J.G. Strong
   Lloyd and Marion Kvame         Susan Miki                    Roy and Geri Reti             Henry Szalynski
   Ladies Auxiliary Royal         Frank and Betty Miller        Susan and Anthony Reti        Noris and Sachiko Taguchi
   Canadian Legion Branch         Verna and Larry Miller        Peter Retzlaff                Tom Tajiri
      No. 46                      Jim and Patricia Mills        Ted and Iris Richardson       Reiko Takeyasu
   Ian Laing                      Milo Parent-Teacher Group     Bill and Andrienne Riehl      John and Jean Talerico
   Janet Lapins                   Marvin and Ruby Mock          Richard and Ruth              Kenji Tatebe
   Ed and Julie Lastuka           Walter Montgomery               Rittenhouse                 Marion Taylor
   Laura Secord Inc.              Terry and Elizabeth Morris    Chester Robins                Blaine Thacker
   John and Patricia Lawson       Dave and Isabel Mortin        Mary and Ken Robison          The Management Students
   John Charles Lawson            Roy and Minnie Nakatsuru      Doug P. Rogers                  Society

        Eugene                Paul            Dale                Joyce             Doyle               Ellie               Alan               Stan
        Wauters             McDonald        Coupland             Dunlop            McKinnon             Dys                 Fraser             Heller

                   Eric               Tom               Jim                Sonia               Mary              John                  Art
                  Hillman          MacLachlan           Mills              Nicas              Robison           Talerico             Sanford
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             Open                                                  Christmas Tree
        Val Matteotti Italian Open (Aug. 13, 2003)
        $65,000 raised for LRH Stroke Clinic

        Members of the Tournament Committee were
        thrilled to welcome Premier Ralph Klein to the
                                                                           Christmas Tree Festival 2003 (Nov. 12 – 27, 2003)

        first tee at the Val Matteotti Italian Open. The                   The cherished Christmas Tree Festival was back and better than ever
        tournament has truly become a “premier” golf                       this year. The festival was held for the first time in the beautiful halls
        event in southern Alberta, raising important dol-                  of the Sir Alexander Galt Museum and Archives. Hundreds of people
        lars for many vital hospital services since 1996.                  and families enjoyed the sights and sounds of the holidays while sup-
        The LRH Foundation extends its deep apprecia-                      porting priority health care needs at the LRH and fundraising goals for
        tion to sponsors and the organizing committee:                     the museum.
        from left, Rocco Suriano, Val Matteotti, Premier
        Klein, tournament founder John Talerico, and
        Tony Rose.

                                                                                      Hospitals DreamLife Lottery (Aug. – Oct., 2003) Raises
                                                                                      $100,000 for health care in CHR

                                                                                      The third annual Hospitals DreamLife lottery was its biggest
                                                                                      success to date, thanks to almost 5,000 supporters who
                                                                                      bought a $100 ticket with a chance to win over $322,000 in
                                                                                      prizes. All money raised was shared between the Lethbridge

              Lights of
                                                                                      Regional Hospital and the CHR’s eight rural hospital sites.

                                                                                      The lucky winners of the beautiful African Serengeti

   Lights of Hope (Nov. – Dec., 2003)

   The Hospital Auxiliary’s ninth annual Lights of Hope campaign will
                                                                                      themed Dream Home built by Soroka Developments was

                                                                                      Pat Henker from Calgary Alberta was the lucky winner of
                                                                                      the Early Bird prize: a brand new Chevrolet “Mild 2 Wild”

   received thousands of dollars in gifts this year. The Auxiliary will cover
   the Lights of Hope tree in the Hospital atrium with hundreds of decora-
   tive light bulbs, in tribute or in memory of a loved one. The Auxiliary
   and the LRH Foundation thank all donors who make a lasting contribu-
   tion to this special campaign.

   Care from the
   Heart                                        Care From the Heart Telethon (May 11, 2003)
                                                $507,000 raised in annual campaign

                                                The 12th annual Telethon, held on Mother’s Day, showcased fantastic local entertainment, inter-
                                                esting information pieces, and many hospital donors who contribute to the LRH Foundation.
                                                Next year’s Telethon is scheduled for April 25. If you are interested in being involved in this event
                                                in any way (entertaining, volunteering, donating, or fundraising) please call 382-6001.