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Tips for Online Success
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8-week Classes =
Faster Completion
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                                               WHY choose Rio
                                                Why Choose Rio Salado College Online?
                                                Are you ready to start college? Visit, choose
                                                your classes, and begin now! It’s that easy! At Rio Salado, you
                                                don’t have to worry about semesters, applications, tuition
                                                increases, traffic or parking. Our online classes are affordable,
                                                flexible, and 24/7 help is accessible, which allows you to con-
                                                veniently fit a quality college education into your life.

                                                       • $71/credit*
                                                       • No surcharge or tuition increases in 2009
                                                       • Save an average of 52% with custom textbooks
“On behalf of Rio Salado                               • Save gas money by not having to drive to class
                                                       • No driving means not paying for parking
College, I extend warmest                              • Financial aid is available to eligible students
                                                       • Scholarship opportunities
congratulations to the class of
2009! I encourage you to go out                                Flexible
                                                               • Classes start every Monday
and use your new credentials                                   • No semester restrictions
                                                               • More than 500 classes online
to make a positive difference in                               • More than 40 degree and certificate programs
                                                               • 8-week class option available
the world around you.”
                                                                    • Take a class at any time of the day
                                                                    • 24/7 technical support
                                                                    • 24/7 instructional support
                                                                    • Online library and library assistance is always open
                                                                    • Free tutoring is available in-person, via e-mail, by
                                                                      phone, or online
                                                                    • Academic advising is available online or in-person

                                                                     *For Maricopa County residents. Tuition and fees are subject to change.

         Rio Salado College is accredited by
         the Higher Learning Commission
         of the North Central Association of
         Colleges and Schools
TABLE of Contents
Tips for Online Success ...................................................................................................... 3
Online Classes are for Everyone .................................................................................... 4
No time? Fast Programs! ................................................................................................... 5
Financial Aid Eligibility ...................................................................................................... 7
Commencement Speakers Inspire ................................................................................ 8
Online Classes by Discipline ............................................................................................ 9
8-week Class Option ........................................................................................................... 10
A Head Start on College .................................................................................................... 12
Meet the 2009 Graduates ................................................................................................. 13
Class Promotes Sales Techniques .................................................................................. 15
Rio Salado Transfer Partners ............................................................................................ 16
Re-Vibe Your Education ..................................................................................................... 17
Communiversity Opens August 3rd .............................................................................. 18
Top Online Classes @ Rio Salado.................................................................................... 19
Teacher’s “Baggage” Debuts in New York.................................................................... 24
Crossword Puzzle ................................................................................................................ 25
Rio Salado Locations .......................................................................................................... 26

Produced by Institutional Advancement
Contributing writers: Mira Radovich, David Staudacher

                                                                                        There are 5 ways to register for classes at Rio Salado:
                                                                                        1. Online at
                                                                                        2. Call 480-517-8540 or 800-729-1197(option 1)
                                                                                        3. Complete the Student Information Form (available
                                                                                           online) and mail to: Rio Salado College, ATTN:
                                                                                           Registration, 2323 West 14th Street, Tempe, AZ 85281
                                                                                        4. Complete the Student Information Form (available
                                                                                           online) and fax to: 480-377-4701
                                                                                        5. In-person at 2323 West 14th Street, Tempe

                                                                                                                                   U @ Rio Salado Magazine -   2
TIPS for Online Success
So you’ve registered for your first class at Rio Salado College. Great! The
next step? Preparing for the world of online classes. If you have never
taken an online class, we’ve compiled some tips that can help make you a
successful online student.

1. GET ORGAnizEd!                                                 4. BUdGET yOUR TimE.
 Taking an online class means you have to be especially           While online college offers the flexibility
  organized. It is up to you to know when assignments are         of classes on your schedule, students
   due, and to allocate the time to complete them. Because        should still expect a minimum time in-
    you don’t have to physically travel to a classroom, it may    vestment of 7-10 hours per week per class.
     be easy to miss deadlines. Rio Salado’s course manage-       There may not be commuting involved,
      ment system, RioLearn, gives you calendar and alert         but there is still studying and homework to
      tools to help manage time and coursework.                   complete. And because many online students
                                                                  also work and have family responsibilities, a
       2. BUiLd A RELATiOnShiP WiTh yOUR                          dedicated block of time should be carved out
        inSTRUCTOR.                                               each day (if possible) for school work.
         Online students can take an entire class or block
         of classes without ever meeting the instructor in-       5. TEChnOLOGy hAPPEnS!
          person! Therefore, it is important to communicate       Sometimes, forces beyond your control (such as
           often with your instructors. Give feedback on          thunderstorms or your dog unplugging your laptop)
            assignments, ask questions, and let them know         may cause technical difficulties with your online class.
             you are taking the class seriously. Chat rooms,      Stop! Take a deep breath! Remember that Rio Salado
              online discussion groups, email, phone, tex-        students have access to 24/7 technical support. The
               ting – take advantage of whatever communi-         Technology Helpdesk also can assist you with username/
                cation methods are used in your class.            password questions, opening pdfs, downloading files from
                                                                  the Internet and more.
                  3. BE CAREFUL WhAT yOU WRiTE!
                   Email is the communication method of
                    choice for today’s generation. Remember
                     that some aspects of verbal communica-
                      tion – facial expressions, body language,
                       gestures – are lost in translation when
                                                                        CrEATIng COLLEgE
                        you communicate through writing.                SuCCESS!
                         Words on a page can come across
                          differently than anticipated. Use             Get more practical advice on how to
                           correct grammar and spelling when            succeed at Rio Salado College. “Creat-
                            emailing your instructors, instead          ing College Success” (CPD115), a one-
                             of jargon and lingo (do U come
                              hre ofN).                                 credit class, teaches students how to
                                                                        select and develop effective academic
                                                                        strategies, increase self-awareness and
                                                                        develop self-management skills. The
                                                                        class is available starting July 2009.
                                                                                    See r finan options
                                                                                     We ent p
OnLInE Classes



are for Everyone

                                                                                             mu aid, scho

                                                                                                             n C an Sa nd
                                                                                                ch y

                                                                                                     ou C larships
                                                                                                                Om ve!
Online classes are for anyone and everyone! This year, more than 60,000

students took classes through Rio Salado College 35,000 of them online.
We specialize in serving a diverse student body made up of teens in

high school, members of the military, working professionals, parents
and retired adults. Students take classes from towns throughout

Arizona, cities across the country and places around the world.

Whatever your situation or location, Rio Salado has more than 500

classes that are adaptable to meet your needs.

high School Students
Rio Salado’s Dual Enrollment program allows you to earn college
credit while still in high school. We have partnered with more than
50 high schools throughout the Valley to help eligible high school
                                                                                                                                g            E
students get a head start on a college education. This program also
                                                                                                   O                      COLLE
gives parents a chance to save money on college before their son or

                                                                                         rIO S 4*
daughter completes high school.

military Service members                                                                   $1,7    niver
Rio Salado, a Service Members Opportunity College (SOC), helps                                           zona
military personnel at Luke Air Force Base, and at bases around the
                                                                                              ther n Ari
world, reach their educational goals. We provide educational support                   Nor
to military students, military spouses, and veterans by offering a wide-                                           a
                                                                                                       y of A
range of online courses, student services, and T.A. eligible certificates/

                                                                                                         2                     ty
College and University Students                                                                    $6,84                 versi
                                                                                                                 te Uni
Students can easily take classes at Rio Salado while attending other colleges
                                                                                                           a Sta
and universities. Our partnerships with schools in and outside of Arizona                          A rizon
guarantee your class will transfer. This is a popular option for students who                                 0
are looking to save on tuition costs or take a class that may not be available at                      $6,84
their host school due to closed/cancelled classes, time of the year and simply                                 olleg
not being offered. Rio Salado College’s online classes start every Monday and                          A xia C
are always open.
                                                                                                             9,240                 nix O
                                                                                                           $                 Phoe
                                                                                                                   rs ity of
Re-Careering Professionals                                                                                  Unive
If you are looking to switch careers, the flexibility of online classes lets you take a
class when it fits into your schedule. Rio Salado enables you to complete a degree                             $12,8              rsity
or certificate program while remaining committed to your family and jobs. Besides
                                                                                                                        sy Unive
flexible classes, Rio Salado offers 24-hour instructional and technical assistance, an                          Argo
online library and library assistance.                                                                                     40

Check out our easy to use online                                       Source:,

class schedule
                                                                       Approximate full-time annual tuition comparison based on two 12-credit semesters.
                                                                       *For Maricopa County residents. Tuition and fees are subject to change.

                                                                                U @ Rio Salado Magazine -                             4
             nO Time?
Programs that can be Completed in One Year or Less!
At Rio Salado College, we know that your time is valuable. That is why we offer several programs that
you can complete in one year or less, so you can further your education while saving money and time.
Here are a few of the many programs that could get you started on the road to a new career with a
minimal time commitment.

OnLinE CLiniCAL dEnTAL ASSiSTinG                      EARLy ChiLdhOOd/hUmAn dEvELOPmEnT
Certificate of Completion                             Certificates of Completion in: Adult Development and Aging,
                                                      Adolescent Development
How long does it take?                                                         How long does it take?
You can finish the online clinical dental assisting                            Both of these certificate programs
certificate program in 9-12 months.                                            require 16 credits, which can be com-
                                                                               pleted within one year.
What does a dental assistant do?
Assist dentists in delivering quality oral health-                               What careers are involved with the Early
care to patients.                                                                Childhood/Human Development fields?
                                                                                 Students at a paraprofessional level can
What will I learn?                                                               find employment in many areas including:
Coursework covers dental anatomy, X-ray               adoption and foster care, senior citizen centers, crisis intervention
imaging and the clinical skills you need to start     programs, group and halfway houses, social service agencies, psy-
a career in the healthcare field. Courses are         chiatric facilities and hospice care centers.
supplemented by comprehensive video instruc-
tion and feature unique distance lab kits mailed      What will I learn?
right to your home.                                   Depending on the certificate, coursework focuses on the core
                                                      competencies of adolescent development, parenting and
Is there in-person training?                          family development, aging issues, and family and consumer
Yes. In-person practicums are held in our state-      science.
of-the-art facility to provide hands-on experi-
ence in a lab setting. Students also take part in a   What else should I know?
300 hour internship with a licensed dentist.          By successfully completing Early Childhood coursework, you can
                                                      fulfill the requirements for a National Credential and have the
                                                      credits apply toward an associate degree at Rio Salado College.

              did yOU KnOW?
               Rio Salado offers
               8-week classes
COmPUTER USAGE And                                   PROFESSiOnAL AddiCTiOnS
APPLiCATiOnS                                         COUnSELinG
Certificate of Completion                            Certificate of Completion

How long does it take?                               How long does it take?
This certificate program requires 16 credits,        At 15 credits, this certificate program can be
which can be completed within one year.              completed within one year.

What can I do with this certificate?                 What can I do with this certificate?
Students trained in computer technology can          Students in the chemical dependency field
apply that knowledge in several technical fields     typically work in the areas of social work,
including business, graphics, programming,           counseling, mental health, psychology and
networking and web design.                           rehabilitation, to assist chemically-dependent
                                                     persons with alleviating their addictions
What will I learn?
Classes focus on the basic use of software ap-       What will I learn?
plications including operating systems, word         Classes focus on self-help groups, the recovery
processing, databases, presentation graphics         process, relapse factors, family dynamics and
and the Internet.                                    the various medical, emergent and interven-
                                                     tion models.
What else should I know?
This certificate is required for students who wish   What else should I know?
to earn a certificate of completion in Advanced      This program is for professionals already in the
Computer Usage and Applications, Network-            field – students must have bachelor’s, master’s
ing, Programming and/or Web Design. It is also       or doctorate degrees in behavioral health or a
required for an Associate in Applied Science         related field. Completing this certificate helps
degree in Computer Technology.                       professionals meet educational requirements
                                                     for state and/or national addiction certification
                                                     requirement, as well as earn continuing educa-
                                                     tion credits.

                                                                                 U @ Rio Salado Magazine -   6
   FInAnCIAL Aid Eligibility
   Six Common Questions
   1. do i have to be a full-time student to                      4. if i have defaulted on a prior student
      qualify for financial aid?                                     loan, am i eligible for financial aid?
     Students must be enrolled in 6 credit hours or more            A student with a defaulted loan is not eligible
     (half-time or greater) to be eligible for federal stu-         to receive Title IV federal student aid (grants
     dent loans. Rio students often stagger the start dates         and loans among other programs) unless the
     of their classes. For purposes of financial aid, eligibil-     defaulted loan is resolved with the U.S. Depart-
     ity is determined by the actual number of credits              ment of Education. When applying for financial
     in which a student is enrolled during the academic             aid, students with a prior default must provide
     term. The class start dates must fall within the start         Rio’s Financial Aid Office with documentation that
     and end of the standard academic term in order to              their eligibility to receive Federal Student Aid has
     be counted.                                                    been reinstated.

   2. Will my financial aid eligibility change if i 5. What is a book voucher and is it a good
      withdraw from one or more of my classes?         option for me?
     It can. Financial aid eligibility is based, in part, on a      The book voucher allows students to purchase
     student’s academic performance during an aca-                  textbooks prior to the disbursement of their
     demic term. Withdrawing from one or more of your               financial aid. As long as the student’s anticipated
     classes could affect your academic eligibility to              financial aid is enough to cover tuition and fees,
     receive financial aid in the future, so be sure to check       academically-eligible students who qualify for fi-
     into this if you consider withdrawing from any of              nancial aid can receive a book voucher after they
     your classes.                                                  have submitted all required application docu-
                                                                    ments to Rio’s Financial Aid Office.
   3. if i owe a prior balance, am i eligible for
      financial aid?                                              6. When will i receive financial aid
     Yes, but in order to register for classes and receive           disbursement?
     financial aid, students must resolve outstanding               Rio Salado College disburses financial aid funds
     balances from any prior term owed to any college of            to eligible students’ accounts once the drop/add
     the Maricopa Community College District including              period has ended and once grades for all prior
     Rio Salado.                                                    classes have been posted.

7 U @ Rio Salado Magazine -
Speakers Inspire with
Determination, Patience                                                                               Alana

Alana Parker and Loretta Price couldn’t be more        That same determination is a trait also
different, and yet more similar. One is a mother.      exhibited by Loretta Price, who earned
One is a grandmother. One is starting her career.      an Associate in Arts degree in Public
The other is supplementing an already diverse          Administration.
work history. Both served as commencement
speakers at Rio Salado College’s graduation            In 1976, Price immigrated to the United
ceremony. And both have overcome tough indi-           States from South Africa, and worked
vidual challenges to reach this goal.                  for a car rental company for many years
                                                       before getting a recruiter position with
Parker, whose life-long dream is to become a           Maricopa County.
                                                                                                                       ta   Price
nurse, graduated with an Associate in Applied                                                                    Loret
Science in Nursing degree.                             At work, she joined a cohort program
                                                       where county employees receive onsite
“Earning my degree has empowered me,” said             training to earn certificates or degrees
Parker, who began taking classes in 2001. “I am        through Rio Salado College.
excited to help improve the quality healthcare
offered to individuals in my community.”               “I was apprehensive because this was my
                                                       first exposure to any American school,”
While working toward her degree, Parker                said Price. “My educational experience in
juggled school, a job, and the family responsi-        South Africa was high school and three
bilities that come with having a husband and           months of college.”
two young sons. Soon, however, the pressure
began to build.                                        Price’s cohort completed their certificate
                                                       program in 2006, and decided to con-
“I faced massive stress during the first two           tinue with the degree program. When the
blocks of my program,” said Parker, who reached        cohort ended in 2008, Price forged ahead,
out to Melanie Abts, Rio Salado counseling fac-        taking online classes on her own to com-
ulty member, for support.                              plete her degree.

“Melanie taught me how to relieve my stress            “I learned it’s never too late to start your
using different methods of relaxation,” said           education,” said Price. “Rio Salado took
Parker. “She helped me understand my study-            away all the obstacles and made getting an
ing method, and how to prepare and minimize            education very easy.”
test anxiety.”

Having conquered stress, Parker then found
herself dealing with self-confidence issues.

“I would look at others in my class and feel un-
der qualified due to my lack of work and educa-
tional experience,” said Parker. “I realized halfway
into the program that I could achieve anything I
put my mind to.”
  nuMBEr of
  Online Classes
  Offered by
  Allied Health                        15
  Biology                               9
  Business and Management              32
  Chemical Dependency                  27
  Communication                         5
  Computers                            55
  Corporate and Government Programs     4
  Counseling and Personal Development   1
  Dental Assisting                     14
  Dental Hygiene                        1
  eLearning Design                      5
  Early Childhood Education            36
  Education                           105
  English and ESL                      29
  Humanities and History               19
  Languages                            35
  Library Science                       3
  Mathematics                          16
  Nursing                              18
  Physical Science                     25
  Psychology, Philosophy, Religion,
           and Future Studies           8
  Public Safety Programs               16
  Reading                               4
  Social Sciences                      16

  Note: Data is representative of Spring 2009 online offer-
  ings; additional classes are continually added. Rio Salado
  has more than 500 online classes in its system. The number
  offered fluctuates each term.

9 U @ Rio Salado Magazine -
new 8-Week Class Option
Students can complete their degrees                hOW dOES ThE 8-WEEK CLASS
faster now that Rio Salado offers classes          OPTiOn WORK?
that are 8 weeks in length.                        • Check Rio Salado’s online class
                                                     schedule to see if a class is offered in
The new 8-week class option is avail-                the 8-week format.
able for a majority of Rio Salado’s online         • For most classes, you select the 8-week
classes. If you prefer fast-paced classes,           option when you start your class in
this option is for you! However, you can             RioLearn. However, some science
continue to choose the traditional 14-               classes require you to select the 8-week
week option if you prefer a moderately-              class section at the time of registration.
paced class.                                       • If you choose not to select the 8-week
                                                     class option, your class remains its
WhAT ARE ThE AdvAnTAGES                              original length (e.g. 14 weeks).
• Lets you complete more classes in a
  shorter period of time
• Empowers you to go from part-time to
  full-time status
• Leads to faster degree completion

WhEn dO i ChOOSE ThiS                                     Check out our
You can choose the “8-week class option”
                                                          simple to search
within the first 7 days of your course start              online class
date. The RioLearn system will automati-
cally create an 8-week calendar for you
and adjust your assignments, quizzes            
and examinations accordingly.

                                             U @ Rio Salado Magazine -        10
     costs up to

               Partnership with
    Pearson Custom Publishing,
Follett Higher Education Group
         and Rio Salado College

                                  Maricopa Community Colleges
                                  Innovation of the Year Award 2007-08
A Head Start on College
 Throughout the Valley high school seniors are           Rio Salado College has partnered with 50 high
celebrating graduation and preparing for college.        schools in the greater Phoenix area to make the
Among these teens are students who have already          dual enrollment program a reality. For a class
completed their first year of college while they were    to qualify for dual enrollment, the syllabus
in high school. How did they accomplish this? The        and textbooks are evaluated by Rio Salado to
students took advantage of Rio Salado College’s          ensure it is a college-level course.
dual enrollment program.
                                                         According to Dr. Vernon Smith, Vice President,
                             One student who has         Teaching and Learning at Rio Salado College,
                             benefited from the pro-     “in order to teach dual enrollment classes
                              gram is Wayne Unger,       through Rio Salado College, high school
                               a recent graduate         instructors must meet strict qualification
                                of Mountain Pointe       requirements, which usually include having
                                 High School. Unger      obtained a master’s degree in their teach-
                                  started taking dual    ing discipline and being approved by Rio’s
                                   enrollment classes    Faculty Chair.”
                                    during his sopho-
                                     more year and       Dual enrollment credits transfer to all
                                     completed high      Arizona public colleges and universities, as
                                      school with 40     well as in other states.
            e   Unge                 college credits.
                                                         Students also can take online classes
              “The dual enrollment program was           through Rio Salado College even if
  a great opportunity for me,” said Unger. “It is al-    their high school does not have a dual
lowing me to pick a flexible schedule this fall. With    enrollment partnership established.
these credits, I’m seriously considering a double        Students under the age of 18 need
major, too.”                                             parental permisson.

While students like Unger are appreciating the           Rio Salado’s online classes start every
flexibility and likelihood of graduating from college    Monday and are supported by 24/7
early, they are not the only people to see the pro-      instructional and technical support.
gram’s benefits.

“Dual enrollment is a tremendous asset for our
daughter,” said Kathrine Komarnisky, whose
daughter, Sydney, is preparing for her junior year
at Hamilton High School in Chandler. “There is the
obvious financial savings, but it is also teaching her
responsibility and preparing her for college life.”
                            09 G
                                                                                       certifi ional stu-

                        e 20
                                                                                  rees, addit
                                                                           e deg                         ent
                                                                      ociat early 400 mmencem

 EET                  th                         omp
                                                          leted ge! And n as. At co t their Rio
                                           nts c ado Colle ) diplom est abou
                                      tude o Sal

                                                                      D       ked b
                                300 s        i                  t (GE                                    gree
                           an 3, hrough R elopmen at they li
                      re th ms t
                                                                                                   or de
                   mo                         ev                wh                       tifi cate
             year,         gra         tion D         hared                        e cer
       past ureate pro ral Educa aduates s                                   Onlin
In the accala        ir Gen
                                  our g
 p ost b rned the , some of
       s ea          ay         .
  dent onies in M perience
   cere m            ex
          o Col
                                                                  BiEC s
                                                 RE     W dU eral Studie
                                          And iate in Gen                         appe
                                                                                       n for
                                           Asso c                           e it h t have
                                                                       mad don’
                                                     a  lado dona and e course
                                            “Rio S ve in Se                  nlin for me.”
                                                  . I li              io’s o       t
                                             me             ti ons. R he right fi
                                               ma   ny op y was t

                                                                                               n                g
                                                                               n         Nursi
                                                                          dSO Science in
                                                                     m hUApplied                    g my
                                                                 ThO    n
                                                                        iate i
                                                                                                  on           d
                                                                  Assoc                      ade c       llowe
                                                                                    ogram m e classes a hich
                                                                              o’s pr      nlin        ule, w
                                                                        Salad reality. O my sched h my wife
                                                                    “Rio ion a
                                                                          at          es on        d wit
                                                                     educ take class e to spen
                                                                      me to e more t
                                                                      gave m ren.”
                                                                       and c

                                                                                                          n         g
                                                                                      W             Nursi
                                                                             S LA idLA d Science in               have al
                                                                     dOR iate in Appli
                                                                                       e                    they       ic
                                                                                                    ec ause ers techn
                                                                     Assoc                     Rio b that off
                                                                                          end ogy                   nd
                                                                                    omm          l           rary a     f
                                                                            u ld rec art techno online lib nience o d
                                                                      “I wo f-the-             an           nve here an
                                                                             -o           day,         e co
                                                                       state 4 hours a part is th me, anyw dule.”
                                                                              2            st           ti           e
                                                                        help g. The be work any r own sch
                                                                               in           e            u
                                                                         tutor your hom ke it fit yo
                                                                          doing able to m
                                                                           bein g
                 R          ip           loma
            LivE      ent d
         mAC Developm                           ive.                                       E                   nT
WiLm l Educatio
                                      very ering wit
                              do w nt partn e here.”
                                                                                2009 EnCEm
                                                                                 COm ShOT
Gene                     Sala
                   t Rio        mea        eopl
              nce a ED exam d those p
          erie he G
       xp                       un                                                    P
 “My e ing for t e, and I fo
  Prep rrect peo   pl                                                             SnA
   the c
        o                                                                                 ciate
                                                                                      Asso es - 344
                                                                                       Degr                cade
                                                                                                    ns of
                                                                                             gnitio t - 289
                                                                                        Reco emen
                                                                                                     es of
                RE              e in O
                                       rg aniza n in
                                              letio                                            ificat n - 2,739
                                                                                          Cert letio
           mOOplied Scienc te of Comp d with
   iAn in Ap                                                                                     p
 BR iate           d Cer
                                          uate nors
                                                  o                                        Com
 Assoc ement an adership. Kappa; H
  Ma nag ional Le          hi T heta
         nizat       on; P
  Orga t Distincti                                      e fac
   H ighes .)                              nt, a nd th
           am                       venie
                             s con
                       lasse me.”
                io’s c          r
           und R ys there fo                                                                          l
      “I fo lwa                                                                    LL        emica
            ea                                                             USSEletion in Ch
       wer                                                        iAn R          p
                                                          AdR cate of Com
                                                           Certifi dency                             ity
                                                              epen                            ilabil
                                                            D                            y ava very
                                                                                     nd m lasses
                                                                                me a                      I
                                                                     rk  full ti nd Rio’s c dly. When .”
                                                             “I wo ed. I fou er-frien                    ble
                                                                      it             s           availa
                                                               is lim ible and u as always
                                                                        s            w
                                                                acces d help, it
                                                                 ne ede

                                                               al Hy
                                           R              Dent
                                   URBE cience
                          mi Thin Applied Sinction)
                      TA iate                                              rs,
                                           Dist                      porte      ds,
                       Assoc ated with                         al sup uture hol
                               u                          men the f
                                                      eno ver                  ee I
                        (Grad                   re ph       e             degr
                                      cto rs we ors. What ation and
                                nstru         ucat        educ llege.”
                          “My i rs and ed ks to the               o
                                 o             n           ado C
                           ment ghter tha m Rio Sal
                                  ri            o
                           it is b ceived fr

                                                                      U @ Rio Salado Magazine -      14
                                       CLASS Promotes
                                       Sales Techniques
                                       In only eight weeks you can learn the ins and outs of the sales profession through
                                        a new online class created by Rio Salado College and Kaiser Companies.

nEW OnLinE                              The Sales Professional I class outlines the basic principles of relationship sell-
                                        ing, and reviews the theories and methods of successful sales strategies.
Students can now earn                    The class is designed for people who are looking to enter into a sales profes-
a business degree online                 sion or revitalize their selling techniques, and also presents an employee
through Rio Salado College.               training opportunity for business owners.

                                          “The techniques taught in this class are especially important in today’s
The Associate in Applied
                                          economy when strategizing on how best to reach your target markets,” said
Science (AAS) in General                   Chris Bustamante, Vice President of Community Development and Student
Business program introduces                Services at Rio Salado. “Employees can really benefit because at some point
students to the major areas of             everyone uses sales and customer service practices in their jobs.”
business, including account-
ing, marketing, management,                 Specific topics covered in the class include how to build customer relation-
                                            ships, prospect and qualify leads, overcome objections, make effective pre-
and human relations.
                                            sentations and close the deal. The online class is led by a certified sales expert.

By providing a broad overview of             “Kaiser Companies is extremely passionate about sales education and
the business program, this degree            helping others to realize their full potential,” said Jim Kaiser, President
allows students to select a specific          and CEO of Kaiser Companies. “We are very excited about the release of
area of interest within the business          our first Sales Professional class through Rio Salado College.”
field to pursue in future studies.
                                               The sales professional class is offered at an introductory rate of $595,
                                               with special rates available for employee groups. The non-credit class
Students will need 61-63 credits to             also includes a one-year subscription to Selling Power magazine.
complete the online business degree.

rIO Salado’s Transfer Partners
Rio Salado partners with several colleges and universities across the United States
to offer you convenient ways to complete your bachelor’s degree.

         in-STATE                                         OUT-OF-STATE
Argosy University                      Ashford University                      North Carolina A&T University
Arizona State University/              California University of Pennsylvania   Nova Southeastern University
          The Alliance                 Capella University                      Palmer College of Chiropractic
Art Institute of Phoenix               Charter Oak State College               Park University
DeVry University - Phoenix             Clark Atlanta University                Plymouth State University
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University   Cleveland Chiropractic College          Prairie View A&M University
Grand Canyon University                Columbus College of Art & Design        Regis University
Midwestern University                  Florida Memorial University             Rochester Institute of Technology
Northern Arizona University/           Franklin University                     SUNY Empire State College
          NAU Connection               Indiana University                      Union Institute & University
Northcentral University                Jones International University          University of the Incarnate Word
Ottawa University                      Langston University                     University of New Mexico
Prescott College                       Marylhurst University                   Upper Iowa University - Extended Univ.
University of Arizona                  Mayville State University               Utah State University
University of Phoenix                  Mercy College                           Walden University
Western International University       Mississippi Valley State University     Wayland Baptist University

                                                                     U @ Rio Salado Magazine -    16
                       Community Services Spotlight
                       rE-VIBE Your Education
                       Rio Salado College serves the community through
                       a variety of outreach programs that provide cul-
                       tural and educational enrichment. We highlight a
                       community service in each issue of U @ Rio Salado.



                       Rio Salado College and Latino Vibe 95.1 FM             Recently, Maria Pina and Maria Dena were hon-
                       have teamed up for the “Re-Vibe Your Educa-            ored by Latino Vibe’s Pedro’s Playground.
                       tion” program. Every month, two winners are
                       awarded for their outstanding accomplish-              maria Pina
                       ments, community involvement, academic                 I believe that I, along with everyone who sub-
                       achievement and desire to go to college.               mits an entry, deserve this scholarship. We want
                                                                              to start or continue our education to better
                       The first-place winner receives a $500 scholar-        ourselves. When I finished high school in 2000,
                       ship to Rio Salado College online (includes            I was 19 and a teen mother. I remember one
                       tuition, books, and fees for up to a 3-credit          of my teachers telling me at graduation that I
                       course) and Internet service for a year. The           need to go to college. I let life get in the way,
                       second-place winner receives a $500 scholar-           but I think the teacher’s words still ring true.
                       ship to Rio Salado College.                            Today, I am 27 and have not started my college
                                                                              education. I heard someone say “excuses are
                       The public is encouraged to nominate them-             fragmented lies.” I have no excuse. I would love
                       selves or someone they feel who deserves               the opportunity to go to school and jump start
                       to win.                                                my college education.

                                                                              maria dena
                                                                              Time has passed me by so quickly since I last
                                                                              attended school. I am a certified pharmacy
     To nominate yourself or                                                  technician, but I still don’t make enough money
     someone you know,” visit                                                 to support my two beautiful daughters. My
                                                                              goal is to become a registered nurse before my and                                              9-year-old finishes elementary school so I can
                                                                              provide a better future for both my daughters.
     submit the online application.                                           This scholarship will allow me the opportunity
                                                                              to continue my education and achieve my goal.

17 U @ Rio Salado Magazine -
                         @ SURPRISE

Opening August 3rd
Part Community College, Part University
The Communiversity @ Surprise is on track to of-     Students can choose from 40 programs
fer a modified schedule of classes in late August,   through the Communiversity’s educational
with a full class schedule slated for October.       pathways, which include: health care, educa-
                                                     tion, business, information systems, public
The Communiversity is a unique educational           safety and liberal arts. Classes at the Com-
partnership between private and public entities.     muniversity will be available in-person and/
                                                     or online.
Host college Rio Salado has invited several insti-
tutions to provide classes and programs through      The Communiversity concept, the first of its
the Communiversity, including:                       kind located west of the Mississippi River,
                                                     allows students to complete everything from
• Rio Salado College                                 certificates and associate degrees, to bachelor’s
• Phoenix College                                    and master’s degrees, in-person and/or online,
• Glendale Community College                         all in one location.
• Ottawa University
• University of the Incarnate Word                   By allowing them to take up to 90 credits
                                                     through the community college partners,
“The Communiversity in Surprise represents           students save on tuition before transferring to a
a new model for higher education,” said              university partner for the remaining credits.
Dr. Linda M. Thor, president of Rio Salado Col-
lege. “By providing affordable options in higher     (see inside back cover for location information)
education, we are confident the Communiver-
sity will help increase bachelor degree comple-
tion rates in Arizona.”

                                                                                      U @ Rio Salado Magazine -   18
TOP Online Classes @                                                                                     AGEC COdES

Rio Salado by Enrollment (Fall 2009)                                                                     C = Cultural Diversity in the United States
                                                                                                         CS = Computer/Statistics/Quantitative Applications
                                                                                                         FYC = First-Year Composition
                                                                                                         G = Global Awareness
                                                                                                         H = Historical Awareness
Rio Salado offers over 500 online classes with most starting every Monday.                               HU = Humanities and Fine Arts
Additional information, including mini syllabus and course number for                                    L = Literacy and Critical Inquiry registration can be found in the online class schedule.                                  MA = Mathematics
                                                                                                         SB = Social and Behavioral Sciences
Classes with Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) codes meet spe-                                 SG = Natural Sciences General
cific degree requirements at Arizona universities.                                                       SQ = Natural Sciences Quantitative

Easily search our online class schedule at

Class                                                                                  AGEC Code          Career Pathways*
ACC111        Accounting Principles I                                                                     Bookkeeper $24,540 - $37,780
ACC230        Uses of Acct Info I                                                                         Accountant $47,200 - $57,020
ACC250        Intro Accounting Lab
ACC240        Uses of Acct Info II
ACC260        Certified Bookkeeper Prep Seminar I
ARB101        Elementary Arabic I
ARB102        Elementary Arabic II
ARB201        Intermediate Arabic I                                                    G
ARB202        Intermediate Arabic II                                                   G
Art humanities
ARH100        Introduction to Art                                                      HU
ARH102        Renaissance Through Contemporary Art                                     G, H, HU, H, HU
ARH101        Prehistoric Through Gothic Art                                           G, H, HU, H, HU
ART112        Two-Dimensional Design
Anthropology (Soc/Behv. Sci)
ASB102        Introduction to Cultural and Social Anthropology                         G, SB              Anthropologist $28,862 - $49,930
ASB202        Ethnic Relations in the United States                                    C, H, SB
ASB222        Buried Cities and Lost Tribes: Old World                                 G, H, HU, SB
ASB245        Indians of the Southwest                                                 C, H, SB
AST101        Survey of Astronomy                                                      SG
AST102        Survey of Astronomy Laboratory                                           SG
Behavioral health Service Tec
BHS205        Therapeutic Models
BIO156        Introductory Biology for Allied Health                                   SQ                 Biologist $34,560 - $57,980
BIO201        Human Anatomy and Physiology I                                           SG                 Zoologist $32,800 - $53,300
BIO100        Biology Concepts                                                         SQ
BIO205        Microbiology                                                             SG
BIO202        Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BIO160        Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology                             SG
Business-Personal Computers
BPC110        Computer Usage and Applications                                          CS
BPC135DK      Word: Level I
BPC125        Microcomputer Set Up and Maintenance
BPC100        Business-Personal Computers
BPC170        Computer Maintenance I: A+ Essentials Prep
Clinical dental Assisting
CDA110        Infection Control and Hazard Communication                                                  Dental Assistant $19,000 - $33,000
CDA105        Introduction to Clinical Dental Assisting and Dental Office Management
CDA115        Dental Anatomy and Pathology

19 U @ Rio Salado Magazine -                                  *Salary information obtained from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Child/Family Studies
CFS176        Child Development                                                     SB                    Social & Human Services Asst. $22,380 - $30,510
CFS157        Marriage and Family Life                                              SB
CFS205        Human Development                                                     SB
CFS159        The Modern Family                                                     SB
CFS220        Introduction to Parenting and Family Development
Chemical dependency
CHD100        Foundations of Chemical Dependency                                                          Case Manager $24,000 - $32,000
CHD102        Communication Skills in Chemical Dependency
CHD110        Pharmacology of Substances of Abuse and Dependency
CHD150        Principles of Self-Help Groups
CHD120        Professional Ethics in Counseling the Chemically Dependent
CHI101        Elementary Chinese (Mandarin) I
CHI102        Elementary Chinese (Mandarin) II
CHM130        Fundamental Chemistry                                                 SQ
CHM130LL      Fundamental Chemistry Lab                                             SQ
CHM151        General Chemistry I                                                   SQ
CHM151LL      General Chemistry I Lab                                               SQ
CHM138        Chemistry for Allied Health
Computer information Systems
CIS105        Survey of Computer Information Systems                                CS                    Computer Technician $14,000 - $32,000
CIS114DE      Excel Spreadsheet                                                                           Web Master $27,000 - $46,000
CIS133DA      Internet/Web Development Level I
CIS121AE      Windows Operating System: Level II
CIS118AB      Powerpoint: Level I
COM100        Introduction to Human Communication                                   SB                    Communications Specialist $35,670 - $52,940
COM110        Interpersonal Communication                                           SB                    Public Relations Assistant $38,450 - $57,800
COM230        Small Group Communication                                             L, SB
COM259        Communication in Business and Professions
COM263        Elements of Intercultural Communication                               C, G, SB
Counseling & Personal development
CPD102AB      Career Exploration
Critical Reading
CRE101        Critical and Evaluative Reading I                                     L
Critical Writing
CRW150        Introduction to Creative Writing
EDU285AA      Education Program Seminar                                                                   Teacher Assistant $20,740 - $31,610
EDU220        Intro to Serving English Language Learners                                                  Principal $67,735 - $92,965
EDU287AA      Master Teacher Seminar I
EDU208        Introduction to Structured English Immersion
EDU270        Learning and the Brain
Early Childhood Education
ECH280        Food Experiences with Young Children                                                        Early Childhood Caregiver $17,050 - $27,870
ECH270        Observing Young Children
ECH282        Discipline/Guidance of Child Groups
ECH271        Arranging the Environment
Early Education
EED200        Foundations of Early Childhood Education
EED215        Early Learning: Health, Safety, Nutrition and Fitness
EED220        Child, Family, Community and Culture
EED222        Introduction to the Exceptional Young Child: Birth to Age Eight
EED272        Early Childhood Educational Psychology
Early Education Professions
EEP240        Early Childhood Foundations                                                                 Early Childhood Manager $35,600 - $73,020
EEP246        Early Childhood Culture, Community, Family and the Child
EEP242        Early Childhood Guidance Management
EEP250        Early Childhood Language Literacy Development
EEP285        Curriculum, Instruction, Standards, Observation and Assessment in Early Education

                                                                                                  U @ Rio Salado Magazine -                  20
Class                                                                           AGEC Code   Career Pathways*
Education Field Experiences
EFE285AC     Student Teaching Lab: Special Education Learning Disabilities I
EFE285AD     Student Teaching Lab: Special Education Learning Disabilities II
EFE287AC     Student Teaching Lab: Special Education Emotional Disabilities I
ECN211       Macroeconomic Principles                                           SB
ECN212       Microeconomic Principles                                           SB
ELN102       Elearning Media Level I                                                        Instructional Designer $52,000 - $70,000
ELN110       Introduction to eLearning Environments                                         Training Manager $58,700 - $107,450
ELN120       Organizing and Evaluating eLearning Projects
ELN202       elearning Media Level II
ENG101       First-Year Composition                                             FYC         Copywriter $34,850 - $67,820
ENG102       First-Year Composition                                             FYC
ENG213       Introduction to the Study of Language                              L
English humanities
ENH251       Mythology                                                          G, HU
ENH291       Childrens Literature                                               HU
ENH275       Modern Fiction                                                     HU
ENH230       Introduction To Shakespeare                                        HU
ENH241       American Literature Before 1860                                    HU
Education Professional development
EPD233       SEI and ESL Teaching Methods for Certified Teachers                            Teacher w/Endorsement $42,000 - $47,000
EPD220       Introduction to Serving English Language Learners (ELL)
EPD244       Reading and Writing in SEI/ESL/Bilingual Settings
EPD273       Phonics Based K-12 Reading Diagnosis and Remediation
EPD279       Reading Practicum K-12
English As a Second Language
ESL020       English as a Second Language II: Grammar
ESL030       English as a Second Language III: Grammar
ESL040       English as a Second Language IV: Grammar
Food & nutrition
FON241       Principles of Human Nutrition                                      SG          Nutritionist $43,250 - $49,950
FON241LL     Principles of Human Nutrition Laboratory                           SG
FON104       Certification in Food Service Safety and Sanitation
FRE101       Elementary French I
FRE201       Intermediate French I                                              G
General Business
GBS151       Introduction to Business                                                       Business Manager $50,100 - $59,300
GBS205       Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Issues in Business                              Business Administrator $46,500 - $74,000
GBS233       Business Communication                                             L
GBS221       Business Statistics                                                CS
GBS175       Professional Development
Cultural Geography
GCU121       World Geography II: Western Hemisphere                             G, SB
GER101       Elementary German I
GER102       Elementary German II
GLG101       Introduction to Geology I - Physical Lecture                       G, SQ
GLG103       Introduction to Geology I - Physical Lab                           SQ
GLG110       Geologic Disasters and the Environment                             G, SG
GLG111       Geological Disasters and the Environment Lab                       SG
GLG102       Introduction to Geology II - Historical Lecture                    H, SG
Physical Geography
GPH111       Intro to Physical Geography                                        SQ          Geographer $35,572 - $62,990
GPH194       Special Topics in Physical Geography

21 U @ Rio Salado Magazine -
health Core Curriculum
HCC145           Medical Terminology for Health Care Workers
HCC130           Fundamentals in Health Care Delivery
HCC146           Common Medical Terminology for Health Care Workers
HCC145AA         Medical Terminology for Health Care Workers I
HCC130AD         Communication and Teamwork in Health Care Organizations
health Care Related
HCR240           Human Pathophysiology
HCR230           Culture and Health                                        C, G
HCR210           Clinical Health Care Ethics                               HU
health Science
HES100           Healthful Living                                          SB
HIS103           United States History to 1870                             H, HU, SB           Historian $28,880 - $48,520
HIS104           Us History 1870 to Present                                H, SB
HIS105           Arizona History                                           H, SB
HIS277           The Modern Middle East                                    G, H, SB
HIS145           History of Mexico                                         G, H, SB
HUM250           Ideas and Values in the Humanities                        H, HU, L
HUM251           Ideas and Values in the Humanities                        H, HU, L
information Studies
IFS101           Info Skills in the Digital Age                            L
JPN101           Elementary Japanese I
JPN102           Elementary Japanese II
Library Skills
LBS101           Library Resource Concepts and Skills                                          Library Technician $24,000 - $31,550
LBS201           Electronic Resources Concepts and Skills
Law Enforcement Technology
LET110           Fundamentals of Law Enforcement                                               Police Officer $39,900 - $58,000
LET109           Criminal Law                                                                  Campus/Business Security $28,850 - $66,000
LET211           Criminalistics
LET223           Search and Seizure
LET156           First Aid
LET203           Report Writing
MAT082           Basic Arithmetic                                                              Mathematician $43,500 - $86,930
MAT092           Introductory Algebra                                                          Statistician $44,480 - $87,080
MAT122           Intermediate Algebra
MAT102           Mathematical Concepts/Applications
MAT142           College Mathematics                                       MA
MGT175           Business Organization and Management
MGT229           Management and Leadership I
MGT251           Human Relations in Business
MGT253           Owning and Operating a Small Business
MGT276           Personnel/Human Resources Management
music: history/Literature
MHL153           Rock Music and Culture                                    H, HU
MHL145           American Jazz and Popular Music                           C, HU
MHL140           Survey of Music History                                   H, HU
MHL143           Music in World Cultures                                   G, HU
MKT271           Principles of Marketing
MKT268           Merchandising
nursing: Continuing Education
NCE232           Health Assessment of the School Age Child
nursing Science: Basic
NUR187           Pharmacology and Medication Administration II                                 Registered Nurse $34,000 - $56,000
NUR151           Nursing Theory And Science I
NUR251           Nursing Theory and Science III

                                                                                       U @ Rio Salado Magazine -             22
Class                                                    AGEC Code                   Career Pathways*
Office Automation Systems
OAS118        10-Key by Touch
Public Administration
PAD107        Public Finance Administration                                          Public Admin. Manager $58,230 - $105,130
PAD101        Survey of Public Administration                                        Government Sector Manager $34,970 - $74,730
PAD170        Public Sector Organizational Behavior
PHI243        World Religions                            G, G, H, HU, G, HU, H, HU
PHI101        Introduction to Philosophy                 HU
Physical Science
PHS110        Fundamentals of Physical Science           SQ
Pharmacy Technology
PHT120        Pharmacy Technician Responsibilities                                   Pharmacy Technician $23,920 - $28,828
PHT104        Pharmacology for Pharmacy Technicians
PHY101        Introduction to Physics                    SQ
PHY111        General Physics I                          SQ
Political Science
POS221        Arizona Constitution                                                   Political Scientist $43,371 - $90,140
POS222        U.S. Constitution
POS110        American National Government               SB
Property management
PRM120        Apartment Property Leasing                                             Property Manager $37,400 - $78,040
PRM112        Property Management Procedures
PRM116        Property Valuation and Market Analysis
PRM110        Legal Aspects for Property Management
PSY101        Introduction to Psychology                 SB                          Psychologist $45,300 - $77,750
PSY230        Introduction to Statistics                 CS                          School Psychologist $35,800 - $61,290
PSY240        Developmental Psychology                   SB
PSY290AB      Research Methods                           L, SG
PSY266        Abnormal Psychology                        SB
RDG030        Reading English as a Second Language III
RDG040        Reading English as a Second Language IV
RDG091        College Reading Skills I
Sign Language
SLG101        American Sign Language I
SLG102        American Sign Language II
SOC101        Introduction to Sociology                  SB                          Sociologist $35,800 - $60,290
SOC140        Racial and Ethnic Minorities               C, SB
SOC157        Sociology of Marriage and Family           SB
SOC212        Gender And Society                         C, SB
SPA101        Elementary Spanish I
SPA102        Elementary Spanish II
SPA201        Intermediate Spanish I                     G
SPA202        Intermediate Spanish II                    G
SPA115        Beginning Spanish Conversation I
Spanish humanities
SPH245        Hispanic Heritage in the Southwest         C, HU
THE205        Introduction to Cinema
THE210        Contemporary Cinema
Total Quality management
TQM101        Quality Customer Service
TQM230        Teamwork Dynamics

23 U @ Rio Salado Magazine -
                     ArT Teacher’s “Baggage”
                     Makes New York Debut
                     Unlike most people, Sue Norton-Scott’s     “I am passionate about helping people
                     baggage is a good thing. The Rio Salado    express their ideas,” said Norton-Scott. “I
                     College art instructor’s “Baggage” is an   get a kick out of seeing someone having an
                     original art piece about immigration       ‘aha’ moment because one positive spark is
                     that was recently on display at the Pen    quite contagious.”
                     and Brush gallery in New York City.
                                                                These days, Norton-Scott finds that
                     “The piece explores crossing immigra-      humanities courses are quite popular.
                     tion boundaries, with clear references     “Especially in this economy, people need
                     to Mexico, water, and what we take         meaningful enrichment and they appreci-
                     with us when entering new territory,”      ate the arts more than ever,” she said. “Most
                     said Norton-Scott.                         of my students are taking online classes to
                                                                enhance their skills for a new job or to earn
We are               “Baggage” was accepted into an exhibi-     a college degree.”
                     tion called “In the News,” which was
proud to be          judged by CBS News/60 Minutes cor-         The self-proclaimed “guide on the side”
one of the           respondent Morley Safer.                   enjoys bringing her first-hand knowledge
                                                                into the classroom.
MArICOPA             Norton-Scott’s art pieces begin as
                     oil paintings, but are categorized as      “I can express an artist’s point of view when
Community            surrealistic mixed media because she
                     expands and extends her canvas.
                                                                students ask questions about the creative
                                                                process, the current market, or contempo-
Colleges             Viewers can expect to find unusual
                                                                rary art,” said Norton-Scott. “Because of my
                                                                personal experience with these issues, I can
Chandler-Gilbert     objects sewn into, popping out of, and     explain the artistic, physical and intellec-
Estrella Mountain    hiding behind Norton-Scott’s artworks.     tual processes in detail.”
Glendale             “More important than the media is the      Norton-Scott has displayed her work in
Mesa                 message,” said Norton-Scott. “Rather       Chicago and Sacramento, as well as the
Paradise Valley      than conveying a point of view, my         Mesa Arts Center. The Pen and Brush Gal-
Phoenix College      pieces ask viewers to think differently    lery in New York City will feature another
Rio Salado College   about an issue and ask new questions       one of her works in a new show beginning
Scottsdale           about a contemporary topic.”               April 2010.
South Mountain
                     Norton-Scott teaches Introduction to     Art, Survey of Music History and Con-
                     temporary Cinema at Rio Salado.

                                                         U @ Rio Salado Magazine -      24
                    THE Rio CrossWord Puzzle

             dOWn                                                   ACROSS
             2:    Student financial aid based on academic          1:    Course outline and information
                   achievement                                      5:    The college within everyone’s reach
             3:    Ceremony after completing school                 7:    Chosen profession
             4:    General Education Degree                         8:    Someone who learns
             6:    Rio classes are offered this way                 11:   Rio Salado’s location
             9:    Official record of a student’s course work       13:   Rio classes start every__________
             10:   24/7 online support                              16:   How you enroll for courses
             12:   Requirement which must be met before enrolling   17:   Online course delivery system at Rio Salado College
                   in a class                                       21:   Series of courses offered by an educational institution
             14:   Person who guides in the education process       22:   Rio’s online payment plan
             15:   Higher education center that offers programs     23:   Optional course selected by students
                   from several colleges & universities             24:   Teaching staff
             18:   Rio Salado’s online student union                25:   Diploma received after graduating
             19:   Moving credits from one institution to another
             20:   Electronic device used to take Rio courses

                                                                            Answer key is available
25 U @ Rio Salado Magazine -
RiO SALAdO COLLEGE                                    Rio Salado @ East valley                  Rio Salado College
Administrative headquarters                           480-377-4150                              Scottsdale Adult Learning
480-517-8000 or 1-800-729-1197                        1455 S. Stapley Drive, Suite 15           Center
2323 W. 14th St.                                      Mesa, AZ 85204                            480-941-5166
Tempe, AZ 85281                                       (just north of the U.S. 60)
                                                                                                1170 N. 86th Way
(west of 52nd Street between University               • Testing Center                          Scottsdale, AZ 85257
and Broadway)                                         • ABE/GED/ELAA classes                    (old Apache Park School)
                                                      • Computer Lab                            • ABE/GED/ELAA classes
Tower @ Rio
• Advising                                            Rio Salado @ Pv mall
• Cashier’s Office                                    480-377-4200                              Rio Salado College
• Computer Lab                                        4550 E. Cactus Road
                                                      Phoenix, AZ 85032                         Ann Ott Adult Learning
• Counseling (by appt.)
• Financial Aid                                       (above the food court at PV Mall)         Center
• Library                                             • Testing Center                          480-377-4300
• Registration                                        • ABE/GED/ELAA classes                    1801 S. 12th St.
• Technology Helpdesk                                 • Computer Lab                            Phoenix, AZ 85034
• Testing Center                                                                                (south of Buckeye Road)
• Tutoring                                            Rio Salado @ 7th Avenue                   • ABE/GED/ELAA classes
_________________________                             480-377-4050
• KJZZ/KBAQ Radio Stations                            Adult Learning Center                     Rio Salado College
  480-834-5627                                        619 N. 7th Ave.                           Lifelong Learning Center
• Sun Sounds of Arizona                               Phoenix, AZ 85007                         480-377-4250
  Radio Reading Service                               (just south of I-10)                      12535 Smokey Drive
  480-774-8300                                        • ABE/GED/ELAA classes                    Surprise, AZ 85374
                                                                                                (just south of Bell Road)
Conference Center @ Rio                               Rio Salado @ Luke AFB                     • Testing Center
• Bookstore                                           480-377-4010                              • ABE/GED/ELAA classes
                                                      56th Mission Support Cntr, Rm 3138        • Computer Lab
Rio @ hohokam drive                                   7383 N. Litchfield Road
1480 S. Hohokam Drive                                 Glendale, AZ 85309
Tempe, AZ 85281                                       (two blocks north of Glendale
                                                      Avenue on Luke Air Force Base)
                                                      • Restricted access                       @ Surprise
                                                      • Testing Center                
Rio Salado @ Avondale                                                                           480-384-9000 or 866-330-6892
480-377-4400                                                                                    15950 W. Civic Center Plaza
420 N. Central Ave.                                   Rio Salado College                        Surprise, AZ 85374
Avondale, AZ 85323                                    School of dental hygiene                  • Certificates through master’s
• Testing Center                                      480-377-4100                                degrees
• ABE/GED/ELAA classes                                1150 E. Washington St.
• Computer Lab                                        Phoenix, AZ 85034

ABE - Adult Basic Education
GEd - General Education Development (high school diploma equivalency)
ELAA - English Language Acquisition for Adults
                                                                                    U @ Rio Salado Magazine -      26
What’s New at Rio?
  8-week Class Options
  Certificate of Completion/Associate in Applied Science
  Accounting (available January 2010)
  Academic Certificate
  Creative Writing
  Certificate of Completion/Associate in Applied Science
  General Business
  Academic Certificate
  Language/Literary Culture of the USA
  Certificate of Completion/Associate in Applied Science
  Paralegal Studies
  Academic Certificate
  Sustainability and Ecological Literacy

  Education Your Way