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									WHITE HOUSE FARM Equestrian
Eagle Moor, Nr Lincoln LN6 9DP
(2 miles off the A46 Lincoln by-pass)

    Senior               British Showjumping (Progressive)
                          Sundays 10th April, 8th May, 12th June,
                            21st August, 11th September 2011
                 Organiser and Show Secretary: Mrs Elaine Lovell, White House Farm, Eagle Moor, Lincoln LN6 9DP
   Telephone: 07778 121653 (mobile)                   Website: www.white-house-farm.co.uk                           email: elainelovell@aol.com
         All entries taken on the day – ‘Ticket to Ride’ and H/C entries accepted provided classes are not over subscribed

                 Judges: Mr Kevin Jackson, Mr Barrie Johnson and Mrs Maureen Townsend
                                      Course builder: Mr PJ Rowe
CLEAR ROUND                   from 9.00 – 9.45 am in Main Ring                                                           Entry fee £5.00
  A separate ring of clear round jumps will then be available all day (Pay and Play Ring) – ideal for bringing the babies or if the
                       wheels fall off in the main ring! Tickets available from show secretary on the day.
        Unaffiliated classes (inc clear round) also running from 9.45am - 65cm to 1.05m – please see separate schedule

                British Showjumping classes start 10.00am prompt
CLASS 1:                      KBIS Insurance BRITISH NOVICE (1st round)
Table A7                      Speed 325mpm                              Rule 316            Height 0.90m                 Entry fee £13.00
PRIZES                        £25, £15, £13, £13, £13                                           st
                                                                                               1 rosette kindly sponsored by KBIS Insurance

CLASS 2:                      Equissage DISCOVERY CHAMPIONSHIP (1st round)                                               Entry fee £14.00
Table A7                      Speed 325mpm                              Rule 314
PRIZES                        £30, £20, £14, £14, £14                                       1st rosette kindly sponsored by Equissage

CLASS 3:                      1.05m OPEN
For registered horses to be ridden by Adult, Associate or Pony Associate members                                         Entry fee £13.00
Table A7                      Speed 325mpm.
PRIZES                        £20, £15, £13, £13, £13

CLASS 4a/b:                   SENIOR NEWCOMERS (1st round)/1.10m Open                                                    Entry fee £14.00
For registered horses to be ridden by Adult, Associate or Pony Associate members
Table A7                      Speed 325mpm                              Rule 312
PRIZES                £40, £30, £20, £16, £14
NB - If 30 or more starters then this class will be split. Horses may compete in one section only.

CLASS 5:                 1.15m NATIONAL AMATEUR CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFIER – 1st round
For registered horses to be ridden by Full, Associate or Pony Associate members Entry fee £15.00
excluding the top 150 on British Showjumping Riders Ranking List no 339. Riders who have ever competed as a team member of any senior
international team (Nations Cup, World, European and Olympic Games) are not eligible. Pony Riders, children, juniors and young riders who have
ever competed in Nations Cup/International Team Events and European Championships in the last five years are not eligible (excluding Veteran
Table A10                     Speed 325mpm                              Rule 324
First six to qualify, qualification will not pass down the line and qualifiers must jump clear in the 1 st round.
PRIZES                        £45, £35, £25, £15, £15
FIRST AID                     A charge of £2 per competitor will be made towards the cost of First Aid cover
LATE ENTRIES                  A surcharge of £1 per entry will be made for entries received after the class has started
 Entries – horses to be registered and riders to be full members of British Showjumping as per Rule 79. ‘Ticket
  to Ride’ entries are acceptable and H/C entries may be accepted if classes are not over subscribed. The show
  secretary reserves the right to limit numbers of entries to any class (not less than 40 as per Rule 75:8).
  Entries close 15 minutes after the first horse has entered the arena. See rule 79:3.
 Membership and Horse Registration Cards must be produced to the show secretary when
  making entries.
 Prize money - may be reduced in the event of insufficient entries as defined in Rule 76:6.
 Hats MUST be worn and correctly fastened at all times when mounted.
 Stallions – No member shall allow a stallion for which he/she is responsible as owner, lessee, authorised agent
  or rider to attend a show, compete or be prepared to compete in any show jumping competition without taking
  adequate precautions to ensure other members of the public are not put at risk of injury (see Rule 82.21).
 Dogs – must be kept on short, non-extending leads at all times whilst on the premises. Please also clean up
 Health and Safety – every precaution has been taken to ensure your health and safety at these events. For
  these measures to be effective, please follow any instructions given by ring stewards or any other official.
 First Aid – is provided at these events by the British Red Cross or White House Farm Equestrian.
 Catering – quality catering is provided by Sizzlers of Lincoln.
 Liability – White House Farm Equesttrian and all persons connected with the shows do not accept any liability
  for loss, damage, injury or illness to horses, riders, owners, spectators or any other person or property through
  accident or any other cause whatsoever.
 Warm-up areas – please pass left hand to left hand and ensure that practice obstacles are jumped leaving the
  red wings on the right. Practice obstacles are not to be raised above the maximum height of the class running
  in the main ring at the time.

   If you would like to receive details of shows, events or training days, please let me have a stamped addressed
                        envelope and I shall send you schedules as soon as they are prepared.
                             Don’t forget our popular LUCY HENSON JUMPING clinics.

         We have a website which will contain up to date information and results from shows and events.
Visit www.white-house-farm.co.uk and let me know what you think! You can e-mail me for schedules via the website
                                  or by contacting me on elainelovell@aol.com.

We look forward to welcoming you to our humble establishment where we will hopefully greet lots of familiar faces
                                     and introduce some new ones as well.

                    ***** QUALITY CATERING by Hannah Szombara t/a Sizzlers *****

            On-site printing of photographs at most of our events by David Neve Photography.

                        TACK and EQUIPMENT stand from DEEPDALE EQUESTRIAN
         WHITE HOUSE FARM Equestrian would like to take the opportunity of thanking all our helpers and officials
                                     who make these competitions possible
                     and not forgetting the sponsors of some of our show jumps:
         * K9 Fuels 01673 885618                 * Clive Bosworth – Farrier 01522 691193
    * The Royal Oak at Aubourn 01522 788291               * Deepdale Equestrian 01673 860563
      * Croft Carpets 01522 523004                          * Lovell Landrovers 01522 703762

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