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									                                 2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL

                          Student-Athlete Handbook
                        Department of Interuniversity Athletics
                               Laurentian University
                                                                                                 January 2003
                                                                                           Revised: April 2008
Congratulations on becoming a member of a Laurentian University Varsity Team.

Laurentian University offers student-athletes the opportunity to participate at the highest level of university
competition. An experienced and dedicated staff, and expert support staff are all available to assist you and
your team as you strive for sport excellence.

2008-2009 marks the forty-eighth anniversary of Voyageur Athletics. Provincial and National team titles,
combined with athletes and coaches who have participated on Canada’s national teams, attest to the success
of Laurentian’s Interuniversity sport programme.

Laurentian’s 13 teams have won 9 national and 36 provincial championships. More than 130 student-
athletes represent the University in Ontario (OUA) and Canadian (CIS) interuniversity athletic competition. In
addition, more than 50 student-athletes from Laurentian have been recognized by the CIS and OUA for
achieving 80% average in their studies.

The Laurentian University Student-Athlete Handbook contains information that will assist you both as a
student and as an athlete. The staff in the Department of Athletics is here to help you in any way possible.
Please feel free to contact us at any time.

For additional information, contact your coach or the Department of Athletics.

Laurentian University Varsity Athletics is committed to the provision, promotion, & facilitation of excellence
in sports. Varsity Athletics strives to make a positive impact on the well-being of Laurentian student-athletes,
students, and the Northeastern Ontario community.

     •    To create an environment, including resources which fosters the development of a program,
          teams and individuals striving for excellence at the OUA and CIS levels.
     •    To foster the ongoing development of female and male student-athletes and to assist them to
          fulfill their athletic potential.
     •    To encourage, promote, and support the coaches within the department.
     •     To attract and maintain quality coaches and staff.
     •    To develop and maintain a centralized fund-raising process.
     •    To encourage, promote, and support the recruitment of top level student-athletes.
     •    To facilitate the provision of quality educational experience for student-athletes and to provide
          practical educational experiences for interested students.
     •    To provide examples of healthy, active, and balanced lifestyles.
     •    To advance and promote an "Image of excellence" for Laurentian University.
     •    To provide wholesome sport entertainment, exemplifying a spirit of fair play and dignity.

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                                                2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL
                                                             TABLE OF CONTENTS
INTRODUCTION .......................................................................................................................................... 1

MISSION STATEMENTS & OBJECTIVES ...................................................................................................... 1

TABLE OF CONTENTS .................................................................................................................................. 2

      A: Department of Interuniversity Athletics/Service des Sports Interuniversitaires…………………….3
      B: Important University Phone Numbers....................................................................................... 4
      C: Important Websites……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….4

      A: General ....................................................................................................................................... 5
      B: Eligibility Requirements ............................................................................................................. 5

      A: Drug Education and Doping Control .......................................................................................... 7
      B: Athletic Therpay Clinic & Other Health Services ........................................................................ 8

      A: Academic Regulations.............................................................................................................. 10
      B: Academic Counselling ............................................................................................................... 13
      C: Scholarships, Bursaries and Financial Aid ................................................................................. 14

      A: Sponsorship & Marketing Policy .............................................................................................. 16
      B: Varsity Event Admission Policies .............................................................................................. 16
      C: Team Rooms ............................................................................................................................. 17
      D: Equipment ................................................................................................................................ 17

      A: Behavioural Requirements…………………………………………………………………………………………………...18
      B: Breaches/Violations……………………………………………………………………………………………………………...21
      C: Procedural Protocol……………………………………………………………………………………………………………...21
      D: Hearing Procedures……………………………………………………………………………………………………………...22
      E: Sanction Recommendations………………………………………………………………………………………………….23
      F: Social Online Networking Policy…………………………………………………………………………………………...24

SECTION 7: RETURN TO PLAY (RTP) POLICY ............................................................................................ 25

      A: Athletic Advisory Board (AAB) .................................................................................................. 27
      B: Student Athlete Council (SAC) .................................................................................................. 28

APPENDIX A: PERMISSION SLIP FOR CLASSES MISSED………………………………………………………………………...29

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                               2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL

           Le numéro principal est/The main university telephone number is: 705-675-1151
NAME                                  TITLE                              EMAIL               PHONE
                               ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT ADMINISTRATION
Mr. Peter Hellstrom            Director/Directeur               phellstrom@laurentian.ca     Ext. 1033

                            Administrative Assistant /
Ms. Georgette Roy                                                  groy@laurentian.ca        673-6542
                             Adjointe Administrative
                          Athletic Marketing & Media
Mr. Greg Hoddinott          Relations Officer/Chef,            gj_hoddinott@laurentian.ca    Ext. 1025
                         marketing et relation publique
Mr. Shawn Charron &            Athletic Therapist/              scharron@laurentian.ca &
                                                                                             Ext. 1031
Ms. Wendy Hampson             Thérapeutes du sport              whampson@laurentian.ca
                        Head Coach, Women's Basketball/
Mr. Mike Clarke                                                  mclarke@laurentian.ca       Ext. 1028
                        Entraîneurs, Basket-ball (femmes)
                         Head Coach, Men's Basketball/
Mr. Shawn Swords                                                 sswords@laurentian.ca       Ext. 1022
                        Entraîneurs, Basket-ball (hommes)
                           Head Coach, Women's Cross
Mr. Dick Moss             Country Running/Entraîneurs,            dmoss@laurentian.ca        523-1143
                            Course de fonds (femmes)
                         Head Coach, Men’s & Women’s
Ms. Janice Pula           Curling/Entraîneurs, Curling            janicepula@vianet.ca
                             (hommes & femmes)
                         Head Coach, Men's Golf Team/
Mr. Paul Schweyer                                               ps@personainternet.com       532-1006
                          Entraîneurs, Golf (hommes)
                          Head Coach, Men’s Lacrosse/
Mr. George Sheppard                                             gsheppard@laurentian.ca      Ext. 3210
                         Entraîneurs, Lacrosse (hommes)
                         Head Coach, Men's & Women's
Mr. Bob Hanson          Nordic Ski/Entraîneurs, Ski Nordi-   bobhanson@personainternet.com   522-5667
                           que (hommes & femmes)
                           Head Coach, Men's Soccer/
Mr. Carlo Castrechino                                          ccastrechino@laurentian.ca    673-6182
                          Entraîneurs, Soccer (hommes)
                         Head Coach, Women’s Soccer/
Mr. Rob Gallo                                                     rgallo@laurentian.ca       Ext. 6542
                         Entraîneurs, Soccer (femmes)
                         Head Coach, Men's & Women's
Mr. Phil Parker         Swimming/Entraîneurs, Natation           pparker@laurentian.ca       Ext. 1007
                             (hommes & femmes)

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                                 2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL

DEPARTMENT                                                        PHONE #
Counseling & Resource Centre                                      673-6506
Envision Office                                                   673-6569
Equipment Room                                                    673-6573
Health Services                                               675-1151 Ext. 1067
Instructional Media Centre                                    675-1151 Ext. 2300
Language Centre                                               675-1151 Ext. 4111
Library                                                     673-6568 or 675-4800
Registrars Office (Ron Smith - Head Registrar)          673-6565 or 675-1151 Ext. 3900
Security & Parking                                    673-6562 (Day) or 673-2661 (Night)
Student Awards (Suzanne Brunette)                             675-1151 Ext. 3053
Treasury                                                          673-6599

WEBSITE NAME                                                    WEBSITE LINK
Athletics Department                                        www.luvoyageurs.com
Canadian Interuniversity Sport                              www.universitysport.ca
Laurentian University                              www.laurentian.ca or www.laurentienne.ca
Laurentian University Webadvisor                           webadvisor.laurentian.ca
Laurentian University Webmail                               webmail.laurentian.ca
Ontario University Athletics                                     www.oua.ca

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                                 2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL

You are a student-athlete, not vice-versa. It is the responsibility of each student-athlete to ensure that his/
her academic affairs are in order.

Each student-athlete must be registered in 3 full courses to be considered eligible for interuniversity
competition (see item B. Eligibility Requirements, for details). If you plan to alter your academic plans in any
way, you must immediately notify your coach. Also, notify your coach IMMEDIATELY if you think that you
may be having any academic difficulties. DO NOT WAIT! Be aware of all registration and withdrawal dates.

The Department of Athletics and its members are here to help you - feel free to drop by for advice or


CIS sports are those which are offered by both the OUA and the CIS and lead to both OUA and CIS
championships. Student athletes who participate in a CIS sport must meet all of the OUA and CIS eligibility
requirements. The most basic eligibility rules are listed below. However, some sports have specific liability
rules that must be met in order to be eligible to compete. If you have any questions or wish to review the
entire list of eligibility requirements, contact the Director, Department of Interuniversity Athletics,
705-675-1151 extension 1033.

Academic Standing
A continuing student athlete must be in good standing to be eligible for OUA and CIS competition.

Must be a full-time student and/or registered in 3 full courses, or 6 half courses, or 18 semester credits. A
student athlete must be registered in a minimum of 9 credits in the semester/term in which he/she is

Each continuing student athlete must have successfully completed 3 full courses or equivalent in a twelve
month period in order to be eligible for competition during the following season. Athletes may take summer
courses to fulfill the 18 credit requirement.

Academic records will be checked on a regular basis. If student-athletes reduce their course load below the
minimum eligibility requirement, they will not be permitted to compete.

Years of Eligibility
a)     CIS limits athletes to a maximum of 5 years of participation (non sport specific)
b)     OUA sports (non-CIS) have unlimited years of eligibility

A CIS student athlete who transfers to another academic institution must sit out one calendar year from the
date of the last competition in that sport prior to competing.

THE PRIDE & TRADITION CONTINUES…                                                                                  5
                                 2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL
A CIS athlete who withdraws prior to completing the academic term is not eligible to participate in CIS
competition for a period of one calendar year from the date of withdrawal and must have regained academic
eligibility prior to being registered as eligible to participate.

Participation as a Professional
A professional is any student who at any time played in a professional league recognized by the OUA/CIS;

Must be non-professional in order to be eligible to compete;

Any professional athlete may participate in CIS competition one calendar year from the date that the athlete
last participated in a professional game or event in a sport.

All CIS student athletes will be charged with one year of eligibility for each year in which they have
participated in a CIS sport as a professional.

Penalty for competing while ineligible
An athlete who competes while ineligible is subject to sanctions as imposed by the OUA and CIS. Any athlete
who participates while ineligible shall not be permitted to compete for the balance of that competitive year,
shall be charged with an additional year of eligibility and shall not be permitted to compete in the succeeding
year. The team on which the ineligible athlete participated will also lose any points accumulated during the
period in which the athlete competed while ineligible.

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                                 2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL


Each year a student athlete must attend a Student Athlete Seminar/Drug Education Seminar and sign the CIS
Doping Control Form in order to compete.

CIS athletes are a part of the drug testing protocol currently used by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport.
Any athlete may be tested at any time. Athletes testing positive for banned and restricted substances will be
sanctioned as per the CIS Drug Education and Doping Control Handbook.

Laurentian University and the CIS are unequivocally opposed to the use by athletes of any banned or
restricted substance or methods in contravention of the rules of the National and International Sport
Federations, the International Olympic Committee and FISU.

Laurentian University and the CIS are unequivocally opposed to any encouragement of the use of such
substances and or methods by individuals in position of leadership in university sport (ie., coaches, athletic
staff, medical practitioners, sport scientists, administrators, etc.), or by the athletes themselves. The
provision of, or administration of, banned or restricted substances to athletes, is forbidden.

You can contact Plaza 69 Pharmacy and speak with any of the four pharmacists. They have the same CIS
doping control booklet you have and can give you advice about a drug that may have been prescribed to you.

The Four Pharmacists:
      •     Walter Mozek
      •     Jim Rain
      •     Marlene Skakoon
      •     Sherry Dawson

Plaza 69 Pharmacy Hours:
       Monday to Saturday             8:30am - 10:00pm
       Sundays and Holidays           9:00am - 10:00pm

Telephone number:                     522-2121

Delivery Service to the University:
You can order an over-the-counter medication over the phone, however, the pharmacists have asked that
you please check with one of them first to ensure it is not on the banned list.

Delivery is twice per day:   1:30pm - 5:00pm and 6:30pm - 9:30pm

For more information contact Plaza 69 Pharmacy, the Voyageur Athletic Therapy Clinic, L.U. Health Services.

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                                  2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL

The Voyageur Athletic Therapy Clinic
The Voyageur Athletic Therapy clinic provides emergency injury management, assessment and rehabilitation
of sport related injuries on a year round basis to Laurentian students, the University community and to the
general public. The clinic is professionally staffed by two certified athletic therapists who specializes in sport
and exercise related health care. There is no charge for full time students. All other user groups must pay a
fee for the service.

Location:               Lower level near the entrance to the change rooms. Wheelchair accessible
Hours of Operations:    9:00 am to 7:00 pm (Winter) & 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (Summer)
Phone:                  675-1151 ext. 1031
Fax:                    673-6502
Email:                  whampson@laurentian.ca or scharron@laurentian.ca
Website:                http://www.luvoyageurs.com/clinic/index.html

Appointments can be made in person or by calling the clinic directly however, walk-ins are accepted if there is
adequate time available. Emergency injuries will be seen immediately. Athletes may be assessed without a
referral from a physician but, must see a physician prior to receiving follow-up therapy.

Attending appointments is important for effective care of your injury. Accessibility to medical or therapeutic
services is hampered if athletes arrive late or do not arrive at all for her/his scheduled appointments. We do
not wish to penalize individuals seeking help at this facility; however, certain steps must be taken to ensure fair
accessibility of services to all clients.

Late Arrivals to appointments
Should an athlete arrive late for an appointment, he/she will be seen for the remainder of the appointment time.
The amount of treatment time available may not allow adequate treatment. If the athlete is late for the full
appointment time, the appointment will be recorded as did not show. An attempt may be made to re-schedule
the appointment for that day, time permitting. If the behaviour occurs repeatedly, the athlete will be told why
it is unacceptable, and the coach will be notified. Further appointment dates may be in jeopardy if the
behaviour does not change.

Cancelling Appointments
There is no penalty for not showing up for a scheduled appointment unless it occurs repeatedly. After the first
time, it is explained why it is unacceptable behaviour. If a varsity athlete does not show up on more than one
occasion, the athlete’s coach is informed. There is a $70 penalty if you do not show for three appointments for
an initial assessment and a $45 penalty if you do not show up for three appointments for a treatment.

Pre-Participation Medicals
Medicals are not required prior to participation in varsity athletics at Laurentian. All varsity athletes
however, must complete a Medical History Questionnaire Form prior to competing in the first scheduled
practice of the season. Pertinent information taken from this form will be written on a file card and will be
kept in the teams trainer’s kit. If a health condition is identified, the athlete will be sent to a physician for
follow-up assessment.

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                                 2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL
Student Trainers
It is the intent of the clinic to provide each varsity team with a trained student trainer. The student chosen
for this volunteer position is jointly agreed upon by the coach and the therapist. Taping is done in most
cases, by the student trainer and is free of charge to all varsity athletes.

University Health Services
University Health Services, located on the main floor of Single Student Residence, is staffed by registered
nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians. Appointments may be made in person or by calling 673-6546. A
wide variety of health care services are provided or can be accessed through this Department.

Health Cards
It is a Ministry of Health requirement to present a valid Health Card (i.e.. OHIP) prior to receiving services
provided by a doctor or emergency care at a hospital. As a result, it will be a Department of Athletics policy
that all athletes must bring their health cards to every practice and every game or risk not being able to
practice or play.

Available Health Care Services
Type of Service                       Go To
                                      Shawn Charron or Wendy Hampson (Voyageur Athletic Therapy Clinic)
Banned Substances                     University Health Services
                                      Plaza 69 Pharmacy
Medical Services                      Health Services
Athletic Therapy                      Voyageur Athletic Therapy Clinic
                                      Voyageur Athletic Therapy Clinic
Nutritional Counseling
                                      Public Health Unit
                                      Health Services
Psychological Counseling
                                      Counseling and Resource Centre (Student Centre)
                                      Voyageur Athletic Therapy Clinic or make own arrangements
Massage, Chiropractic, Etc.
                                      Regent Chiropractic Centre (2381 Mallard’s Landing Dr. - 522-7780)
After Hours Clinic                    Four Corner’s Clinic (Beside Shopper’s Drug Mart 522-3380)
Pharmacy                              Plaza 69 (Order over the phone and free delivery)

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                                 2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL


Procedures for Making Academic Changes

Neither a verbal request for a change nor an informal change will be accepted as valid. Informing the
Professor does not constitute a valid change.

Course Changes
Students wishing to withdraw from a course, add a course, substitute one course for another or change from
one section of a course to another, must complete and submit the appropriate form according to the
schedule indicated below.

Academic change forms are available in the Office of the Registrar.

All academic changes require the approval of the student’s academic advisor and in the case of course
additions, also authorization by the instructor of that course.

                                                                                         Course Withdrawals
                             No Winter Session Regis-     No Course Additions Or      *Prior To This Date AW@
  DATES TO REMEMBER          trations Permitted After     Complete Deletions Per-       *After This Date AF@
                                     This Date             mitted After This Date      Recorded on Academic
Full Year Courses               September 15, 2008           November 1, 2008             November 1, 2008
First Term Half Courses         September 15, 2008           November 1, 2008             November 1, 2008
Second Term Half Courses         January 19, 2009              March 2, 2009                March 2, 2009

Student Appeals
A student who is dissatisfied with a grade, or decision of the course instructor, or the conduct of the course is
expected to discuss the matter with the instructor and/or the Department Chair/School Director in the first

In the event the student is not satisfied with this informal session, the student may submit a formal appeal to
the appropriate Department/School or Faculty Appeal Committee.

Such Appeal must be submitted within 30 days of the publication of the Grade Reports.

The Senate Committee on Student Appeals shall hear student appeals from decisions of Department/School
or Faculty Appeals Committees, only when such decisions affect a student’s academic standing; and of
actions of University Officers arising from such Committee decisions.

Such appeals must be submitted within 30 days of the decision of the Department/School or Faculty Appeals

THE PRIDE & TRADITION CONTINUES…                                                                              10
                                2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL
Full details on form and procedures are available in each Department/School office and in the Office of the
Registrar and Centre for Continuing Education.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any difficulties regarding the student appeals process please see your Coach and/
or the Athletic Director.

Special Consideration
Requests for special consideration, in extenuating circumstances, in matters pertaining to admission or
re-admission to the University, promotion, graduation, and academic regulations should be addressed to the
Senate Committee on Admissions, Promotions and Requests through the Registrar, the College Registrars,
the School Directors, or the Centre for Continuing Education.

Determination of Final Grades
   1. Prior to the beginning of each session, instructors submit for the approval of the Department/School
      Council a method of determining final grades in each of their courses. This method shall be
      consistent with department, school, faculty, and Senate policies in this matter. Final approval of the
      method of determining final grades in each course rests with the Dean of the Faculty.

   2. The method must include some means of evaluating the student=s performance on the whole of the
      course work at the conclusion of the course, which means shall count for not less than 25% of the
      final grade and shall be consistent with Department/School/Faculty, and Senate policies concerning
      final evaluations.

   3. Once approved as per (1) above and by the Department Chair/School Director and the Dean, the
      method of evaluation for each course is filed in the offices of the Department, School, Dean, and
      Registrar by the end of the second week of classes. The Chair/Director and Deans signatures signify
      that the method of evaluation is consistent with existing Department/School/Faculty and Senate

   4. The method of determining final grades may be revised prior to the mid-point in the course provided
      the Department Chair/School Director and the Dean formally approve the revisions.

   5. A) The approved method of determining final grades is explained to students in each course during
      the first week of classes.

   5. B) Revisions to the original method are explained to students during the week the revisions are

   6. Student Appeals dealing with the method of determining final grades shall, in the first instance, be
      submitted to the Department/School Appeals Committee not later than the end of the second week
      of classes, and in the second instance, if necessary, to the Dean who shall make a final resolution after
      consultation with the student (s), the instructor, and the Department Chair/School Director.

   7. The instructor must inform students, upon request, of their standing prior to the date for honourable
      withdrawal from the course. If no written term work has been evaluated by that date, the
      information shall be given in the form of a written statement of the student’s standing.

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                                2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL
   8. All written term work carried out for evaluation purposes is returned to students with appropriate
      commentary. Students may discuss with their instructor the work presented, the comments made
      and the final grade assigned.

       Final evaluation submissions are not returned to students but are kept on file by the Department/
       School for a period of 6 months. Students may review their final evaluation submission with the
       instructor within the appeal period (see Student Appeals).

   9. For each course, a marks sheet is completed, signed by the instructor and submitted to Department
      Chair/School Director for approval. The Chair/Director=s signature indicates that the marks
      submission is consistent with existing practices and policies of the Department/School. Revisions to
      any previously assigned grade are submitted in writing for the approval of the Chair/Director and the
      Dean, together with the reasons for such revisions.

Examination and Tests
   1. When the final evaluation of a student’s performance involves a written examination, this shall be not
      less than one hour in duration and shall take place after the end of the regular class period for the
      term and in accordance with a schedule prepared by the Office of the Registrar.

   2. When a mid-term test in a Winter Session full-year course involves a written examination which is
      longer than one hour in duration, this test shall take place after the end of classes for the term and in
      accordance with a schedule prepared by the Office of the Registrar.

   3. During the regular Winter Session, classroom tests are not to be longer in duration than the regular
      scheduled class period.

   4. During the regular Winter Session, no classroom tests are to be given during the last week of the first
      or second term.

   5. Notwithstanding the above, where the final evaluation of a student’s performance includes an oral
      examination, take-home examination, jury examination, major project or case study, such are to be
      completed no later than the last day of classes for the term.

   6. Notwithstanding the above, the final laboratory tests in those courses where such is required are
      normally held during the last laboratory period for the term.

   7. No tests or examinations may be held during the official examination period other than those
      scheduled by the Office of the Registrar.

Academic Dishonesty
The University takes a very serious view of such offenses against academic honesty as plagiarism, cheating,
and impersonation. Penalties for dealing with such offences will be strictly enforced.

A copy of the complete Policy Statement on Academic Dishonesty may be obtained from the office of the
Secretary of Senate.

THE PRIDE & TRADITION CONTINUES…                                                                             12
                                 2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL
The following rules shall govern the treatment of candidates who have been found guilty of attempting to
obtain academic credit dishonestly.

  a.    The minimum penalty for a candidate found guilty of plagiarism, or of cheating on any part of a
        course will be a zero for the work concerned.
  b.    A candidate found guilty of cheating on a formal examination or a test, or of serious or repeated
        plagiarism, or of unofficially obtaining a copy of an examination paper before the examination is
        scheduled to be written, will receive zero for the course and may be expelled from the University

  c.    Students disciplined under the Code of Student Behaviour and Disciplinary Procedures may appeal
        their case through the judicial Panel.

Note: "Plagiarism" shall be deemed to include:
  1. Plagiarism of ideas as where an idea of an author or speaker is incorporated into the body of an as-
       signment as though it were the writer's idea, i.e. no credit is given the person through referencing or
       footnoting or end noting.

  2.    Plagiarism of words occurs when phrases, sentences, tables or illustrations of an author or speaker
        are incorporated into the body of a writer's own, i.e. no Quotations or indentations (depending on
        the format followed) are present but referencing or footnoting or end noting is given.

  3.    Plagiarism of ideas and words as where words and an idea (s) of an author or speaker are
        incorporated into the body of a written assignment as though they were the writer's own words and
        ideas, i.e. no Quotations or indentations (depending on format followed) are present and no
        referencing or footnoting or end noting is given.


If necessary, it is important that student athletes contact their coach, professors, the Coordinator or Chair of
their program for academic counseling.

If you are having difficulty, it is important to contact the appropriate person prior to the withdrawal date in
the course.

If you contact the Registrars Office for information or assistance make sure that you ask the name of the
individual who gives you advice.

The Department of Athletics has individuals who are very knowledgeable in academic counseling. If you wish
to discuss your problems, do not hesitate to contact the Director of Athletics (contact names and numbers
are listed in the first section of this manual - Section 1: A: Directory of the Department of Interuniversity

Student Athletes may be absent from classes due to travel arrangements. Athletes should discuss this with
each of their professors early in the season to make suitable arrangements. If a professor requires
confirmation a form is available from the Athletics office. (An example of this form can be found on page 29)


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                                 2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL

Laurentian University offers a significant number of scholarships, awards and bursaries available to all
undergraduate students. These awards are available through enquiry and application to the Student Awards
Office in room L-222.

The Department of Athletics understands the importance of providing the opportunity for financial
assistance to continuing varsity student-athletes. Awards have been developed that are sport specific and
are available to continuing varsity athletes who maintain a 70% average, and students entering University
with an 80% or higher from high school degree . To be considered, a student must complete a formal
application each year, available from the Athletic Secretary. A list of available awards and application criteria
has been provided below.

            Frederick Arthur Wiggy Walmesley Bursaries (4 @ $660)
                      •   Any sport
                      •   Academic standing & financial need

            Joey Jerome Memorial Award ($500)
                     •  Any sport
                     •  Academic standing & financial need

            Max Silverman Memorial Scholarship ($190)
                     •  Any sport
                     •  Academic standing
                     •  Preferably registered in BPHE

            Don Punch Memorial Award $120
                    •  Any sport
                    •  Academic standing & financial need

            Clarke-Holla Athletics Bursaries
                     •    Any sport
                     •    Academic standing & financial need

         Peter Ennis Memorial Bursary - number and value variable
                  • Basketball (women)
                  • Academic standing & financial need

            Joy Bellinger Memorial Scholarship $600
                      • Basketball (women)
                      • Academic standing
                      • BPHE program

THE PRIDE & TRADITION CONTINUES…                                                                              14
                               2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL
           Joy Bellinger Bursary - number and value variable
                     • Basketball (women)
                     • Academic standing; financial need; has assisted with recruiting efforts

         N.R.C.S. (Northern Rehab. Consulting Services Inc) Scholarships 2 @ $1,000
                   • Basketball (men)
                   • Academic standing

           Dr. Dwayne Rivard Memorial Award - number and value variable
                    • Basketball (men)
                    • Academic standing; financial need; team leadership

           Voyageur Men’s Basketball Bursary - number and value variable
                    • Basketball (men)
                    • Financial need

         Sudbury Masters Running Club Award $1,400
                 • Cross-Country Running
                 • Academic standing & financial need

        F. Grant Henderson Bursary 1 @ $500
                  • Swimming Team
                  • Financial Need

           Gino Tepper and Linda Caverson Scholarship $750
                    • Swimming Team
                    • Academic standing

           Roman Baumann Memorial Scholarships 2 @ $150
                   • Swimming Team
                   • Academic standing

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                                 2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL


Currently Laurentian University Athletics is building relationships in the corporate community to seek
independent sponsorships as a means of deferring the costs of operating high caliber athletic programs.
These programs are extremely important to maintain as they are a vital artery to our National and Olympic

In the past individual teams have initiated their own sponsorship arrangements, however in order to alleviate
any multiple solicitations from one department within the community of Sudbury, we hope to obtain
greater program funding through a more coordinated and centralized marketing and sponsorship plan. All
donation or sponsorship offers will be under the coordination of the Athletic Marketing and Media Relations
Officer. Sponsorship revenues will be distributed as they are so earmarked by the sponsor.

All varsity coaches and athletes will be informed of all department and team sponsors so that they may
possibly frequent the sponsors business in order to create a give/take situation. This also allows the coaches
and athletes to show an appreciation of the sponsors donation. Athletes and coaches should always be
brand conscious; you never know who is around in the community.

We all have a role to play in promoting Laurentian Voyageur Athletics. Show the sponsors and community
that you are proud to be a part of Laurentian University and a member of a Voyageur team. Remember, if
you are wearing an Ohio State hat, you are missing a valuable opportunity to promote our program.

Once a sponsorship contract has been established the Athletic Marketing and Media Relations Officer will
ensure all components of the contract will be adhered to by Laurentian University Athletics within 30 days of
the signed document. Coaches, athletes and staff must work together to ensure that we can deliver
promised exclusivity and valued integrity to our sponsors.

These policies will help us greatly in our overall ability to deliver the excellent athletic programs which our
athletes, fans, community, and students expect.


Varsity Athlete Admissions
Varsity athletes receive free admission to all home games held on this campus.

Complementary Tickets
Athletes have access for up to two (2) complimentary tickets for home games in which they are participating.
Each team will receive a list that must be delivered to the entrance gate one hour prior to the start of the
first game of a double-header or one hour prior to the start of a game on a single game night. If this list is not
received by this time any person on your list will be required to pay and no refund will be given.

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                                 2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL

Most varsity teams have pre-assigned team rooms. Those who do not will be assigned a locker.
Arrangements for the locker will be made by your coach and the Department of Active Living. There will be
no fee for this locker.

During the summer hours, student athletes will have access to a locker and the use of the facility at no cost.
Your coach must submit a list of names to the Department of Active Living in order for you to access this


All student athletes may access equipment at the Equipment Counter by bringing their student ID card.

THE PRIDE & TRADITION CONTINUES…                                                                            17
                                 2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL
The Laurentian University Department of Interuniversity Athletics requires that all student athletes
defined for the purpose of this code as an LU student meeting all OUA/CIS eligibility requirements who
has been selected to be a member of a LU inter-university team competing in the OUA or CIS, conduct
themselves consistent with the tradition of academic and athletic excellence at LU, and according to the
highest standards of ethical behaviour.

Student athletes are students of LU and are required to conduct themselves in accordance with all LU
policies, including the LU Student Code of Conduct. Involvement in inter-university sports imposes an
additional responsibility on student athletes. If a student athlete is facing a suspension or expulsion from
the university as a result of a complaint under this policy, the procedures and sanctions related to the
student misconduct under the LU Student Code of Conduct applies.

Generally, the Head Coach, in accordance with league regulations and issues pertinent to the specific sport,
is responsible for the establishment and implementation of team rules. The LU Department of Athletics
requires that all LU teams establish team goals that meet the high standard of behaviour outlined in this


The Student Athlete Code of Conduct (SACC) applies to a student athlete's conduct that is associated with
student membership or participation in any LU inter-university team and that has, or might reasonably be
seen to have, an adverse effect on the proper functioning of the university, the rights of members of the LU
community or the reputation of LU.

The LU Department of Athletics holds the following requirements for all student athletes while representing
LU and failure to adhere to such requirements is an offense under this code.

A.1 You are committed to behaviour that will reflect well on the reputation of Laurentian University by
treating your teammates, opponents, officials, spectators and the public in general with respect and

A.2 You abide by the rules and regulations of your sport as set out by the OUA and CIS (including the use
of iIIegal/banned substances) and the sport governing body.

A.3 You conduct yourself in all situations in a manner that would maintain and enhance positive student
athlete-coach relations.

A.4 You do not willfully damage the property of others which would include, but is not limited to, hotel
rooms, facilities at LU and other universities, transportation vehicles.

A.5 You treat others and yourself with respect and dignity which could include, but is not limited to:

           A.5.1. Refraining from sexist, racist or discriminatory language and/or behaviour as prohibited
           by the Ontario Human Rights Code.

THE PRIDE & TRADITION CONTINUES…                                                                               18
                             2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL
        A.5.2 Refraining from the consumption/use of alcohol or iIIegal/banned substances while on
        route to or from, or at the site of athletic events/contests, hotels, competitions or practices. The
        consumption or possession of alcohol on LU team transport is strictly prohibited. At Department
        of Athletics sanctioned events, or those events sanctioned by other OUA/CIS member
        institutions where alcohol may be available, student athletes are required to adhere to all
        provincial and/or federal laws and conduct themselves responsibly.
        A.5.3 Refraining from hazing/initiation activities of any type. (LU Department of Interuniversity
        Athletics definition of hazing) Hazing activities are defined as: any action taken or situation
        created as part of initiation to or continued membership on a team, which 1) produces or could
        be expected to produce mental or physical discomfort, harm, stress, embarrassment,
        harassment, or ridicule; or 2) which violates LU policy, the LU Student Code of Conduct, the
        Student Athlete Code of Conduct or law. This applies to behaviour on or off Laurentian University
        premises. See commentary on definition of hazing outlining examples of hazing in Schedule A

        A.5.4 A number of teams have traditionally held a rookie night ceremony. Most of these
        ceremonies are planned and carried out by senior athletes. However, it is the player’s
        responsibilities to inform the coach of the format of the team activities. Such events have the
        potential to result in injury and, in some cases, lawsuits involving not only the athletes, but the
        coach and the administration. The intent of such events is to have ‘fun without causing any
        physical damage or creating any mental anguish to the participants. The senior players bear the
        responsibility for the event, and the coach should be made aware of the process so he/she can
        provide some guidance as to what is acceptable and unacceptable in the process.

       The Department of Athletics expressly forbids any initiation program that involves any alcoholic
       consumption by participants. Initiation/Hazing ceremonies and any activity that humiliates,
       degrade, abuses or endangers a person wanting to join a group will not be tolerated.

       Each individual who participates in the process has a personal responsibility for the potential
       outcome of the acts engaged in, and therefore, the consequences of those acts. The Department
       of Athletics will severely penalize teams and individuals engaging in such unacceptable practices.

       Note: No policy can address, in specific fashion, all possible situations, which may take place.
       When this policy does not address a specific behaviour, student athletes and teams are expected
       to conduct themselves and their activities in a spirit of social responsibility and respect for others.

        A.5.5 Laurentian University Athletics Hazing Prevention Efforts

        Laurentian University uses a three-pronged approach to prevent hazing in its athletics program:

        The hazing policy is included in the Student-Athlete Handbook, which is presented every year at
        the annual NCAA eligibility meeting in both booklet form and as a PowerPoint presentation.

        Hazing Policy (in Student-Athlete Handbook)

        Laurentian University has a zero tolerance policy on hazing, and the consequences will be severe.

THE PRIDE & TRADITION CONTINUES…                                                                           19
                               2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL
          Participation in hazing activities may lead an individual disciplinary action, team disciplinary
          action and/or termination of the team or student organization.

          The Athletic Department defines hazing as any action or activity that recklessly endangers the
          physical or mental health of a person, or that violates the dignity of another person. Hazing is
          further defined as any activity that is expected of someone to join a group or team that
          humiliates, degrades, abuses or endangers them, regardless or intention or willingness to
          participate. Initiation activities and initiation parties fall into this category. The University
          enforcement of hazing will prevail regardless of whether it is conducted on or off the University

   Hazing activities may include by are by no means limited to the following team functions: use of alcohol,
   nudity, paddling in any form, branding or shaving, creation of excessive fatigue, consumption of
   excessive and/or an unusual combination of food, physical and psychological shocks, quests, treasure
   hunts, scavenger hunts, road trip or any other such activities conducted on or off campus; wearing of
   apparel that is conspicuous and not normally in good taste; engaging in public stunts and buffoonery;
   morally degrading or humiliating games and activities; and any other activities that are not consistent
   with state and local law (including legal drinking age), or the regulations and policies of Laurentian

   Hazing and Initiations

   I have seen the film “Preventing Hazing”

   I acknowledge the risk of hazing and initiation activities, have been informed of the zero tolerance of
   hazing at Laurentian University, and understand that there are severe penalties for all parties involved in
   hazing (including suspension/expulsion from the team or school and cancellation of the season). I certify
   I will not engage in hazing or initiation activities.

   ______________________________________________                     _______________________
   Student-Athlete Signature                                               Date

  Hazing is addressed in the required social contract for each team each year. The team social contract is
  discussed and signed by all team members EVERY YEAR before competition. Minimum expectations that
  are expected of all teams are outlined and each team may add to them. Here is the part of the social
  contract that is specific to hazing.

  Hazing and Initiation Issues:
  We fully understand the University zero tolerance policy towards hazing and initiation activity. We will
  not engage in any hazing or initiation activity as defined by the Student Athlete Handbook. We
  understand the consequences will be severe, and may result in suspension, probation or expulsion from
  the team or from the College, the team may be disbanded entirely, and competition may be cancelled.
  We further agree to provide an environment that is free from harassment of any kind.

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                                 2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL
    Note: Infractions will be dealt with on a case by case basis. In the first instance, the case will be
    reviewed by the Athletic Director. The Athletic Director will review the case and impose the sanction (if
    any) and inform all necessary individuals including the University administration. Sanctions may include,
    but are not limited to, individual suspensions from competition for one or more games, team
    suspensions for one or more games, suspension of individuals or teams from competition for one
    competitive season, cancellation of the program.


Further for the purpose of this code, the person (s) alleging that a breach/violation of this code has occurred
shall be known as the “complaint (s) and the person (s) who allegedly have breached/violated this code shall
be known as the ‘‘respondent (s)”.

B.1 Any person may advise in writing the Director of Athletics, the Dean of Students, the Harassment Officer
or any other appropriate LU official that he/she believes a breach/violation of the LU Student Athlete Code of
Conduct has occurred or the Director of Athletics, the Dean of Students, the Harassment Officer or other
appropriate LU officials may independently come to the belief that a breach/violation of the LU SACC has
occurred. Upon being so advised or coming to such belief, notice shall be forwarded of same to the Director
of Athletics.

B.2 Upon being advised or coming to the belief that a breach/violation may have occurred and upon deciding
to proceed further, the Director of Athletics shall record the complaint in writing and direct the complaint/
breach/violation to be dealt with under the Laurentian University SACC procedural protocol.

B.3 Immediately upon receipt of a complaint in the view of the Head Coach or the Director of Athletics that a
serious breach/violation of this code has occurred, the relevant Head Coach or Director of Athletics may
exercise the power of temporary suspension of the respondent (s) on an interim basis pending an
investigation. The Head Coach or Director of Athletics and Recreation can require that the student athlete (s)
appear before him/her to respond to the complaint. If the Head Coach or Director of Athletics, as the case
may be, is not satisfied with the respondent (s) response or if the respondent (s) fails to appear before the
Head Coach or Director of Athletics as requested then he or she may exercise the power of temporary
suspension of the respondent (s) and convey his or her decision to the respondent (s) and in the case of such
exercise being by the Head Coach convey same to the Director of Athletics.


Complaint/breach/violation of the LU SACC determined by the Director of Athletics to be dealt with under
this code shall be dealt with in the following manner:

C.1 If the Athletic Director concludes that there has not been a breach/violation of this code, the complainant
(s), the respondent (s), the Director of Athletics and the Head Coach will be informed that no further action
should be taken. The decisions of the Dean of Student’s Appeal Committee shall be given in writing in a
timely manner after receiving the notice of appeal with copies thereof to the complainant (s), the respondent
(s), the Head Coach and the investigating Officer. The Dean of Students’ Appeal Committee in this regard
shall be final.

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                                 2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL
C.2 If the Athletic Director concludes that there is potentially a case of misconduct, the respondent (s) will be
informed in writing of the nature of the complaint and will be provided with a copy of the complaint and be
given the opportunity to respond in a formal hearing before a Committee of Inquiry established by the
Director of Athletics. The Athletic Director shall also inform the respondent (s) of the sanctions/penalties
that may be levied under the LU SACC.

C.3 Each Committee of Inquiry shall be composed of the Athletic Director and a minimum of three (3)
members of the Laurentian campus community (faculty, staff, student athletes, alumni) who have not been
directly involved in a case. The Athletic Director shall act as Chair to the Committee of Inquiry. It shall be the
responsibility of the Department of Athletics that Committee of Inquiry appointees are trained in procedural
fairness in hearings.


D.1 The hearing shall be held in camera unless mutually agreed by the complaint (s), the respondent (s), the
University and if applicable, the Coach.

D.2 The respondent (s) and/or the complainant (s) may be represented by an advisor prior to and present at
the Committee or Inquiry hearing.

D.3 Should the respondent (s) or the complainant (s) refuse to or fail to appear before the Committee of
Inquiry without due notice or just cause, a decision may be rendered in the respondent (s) or the complaint
(s) absence and such refusal or failure to appear shall be noted in the decision.

D.4 First the case against the respondent (s) shall be presented by the Chair and Athletic Director, including
evidence from the complainant (s), other witnesses, the Coach etc. As the evidence of each witness providing
evident in support of the complainant is presented, the respondent (s) will have the opportunity to question
same. Thereafter, the respondent (s) will have an opportunity to present his or her reply and the Athletic
Director will have the opportunity to question the respondent (s) and his or her witnesses.

D.5 Any party to the proceedings may call witnesses to provide information relative to the case being heard;
however, the Committee of Inquiry may limit the number of witnesses or the amount of cross examination
when a summary of the evidence or cross examination questions reveals the information will be repetitive or
irrelevant. Hearsay evidence is to be avoided but may be admitted at the discretion of the Committee of
Inquiry in necessary and appropriate cases.

D.6 Any member of the Committee of Inquiry may question any person appearing before the Committee of

D.7 All parties shall have the right to present evidence on appropriate sanction recommendations during the
hearing. A majority decision of the Committee of Inquiry shall be rendered. Sanction recommendations will
be communicated to the respondent (s).

D.8 The Committee of Inquiry hearing may be audio taped to assist with an accurate record of the
proceedings. The respondent (s), complainant (s) or the Dean of Students can request access to the tapes for
appeal purposes.

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                                 2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL
D.9 Testimony before the Committee of Inquiry is in strict confidence subject to disclosure required at law.
All members of the Committee of Inquiry are to be responsible for maintaining confidence regarding all
information received during the course of the hearing.

D.10 The Chair of the Committee of Inquiry will inform in a timely manner of a decision being reached. The
Director of Athletics and Recreation will immediately following receipt of the decision of the Committee of
Inquiry, inform the respondent (s) and the complainant (s) in writing of the decision and sanction
Recommendation (s) imposed. The right to appeal will also be clearly communicated in writing by the
Director of Athletics and Recreation.

D.11 The Director of Athletics is responsible for communicating this decision, whether to accept the
recommendation or not, to the Committee of Inquiry, the respondent (s) and the complainant (s). A
recommendation may only not be accepted for procedural reasons, error at law, in which case the case is
directed back to the Committee of Inquiry outlining the concerns. The Committee of Inquiry will then review
the concerns, take corrective action and resubmit the recommendation for implementation as outlined

D.12 It should be noted that because of the time sensitive nature of the athletic season every effort will be
made to render a decision before the team's next competition.

D.13 The Committee of Inquiry can exercise its discretion at any time in a hearing to refer the matter that it
believes may result in a university suspension or expulsion to the Dean of Students under the procedures of
the LU Student Code of Conduct.


Sanction recommendations will be based on the finding of the investigation, the number and nature of the
previous offences (if any), any other relevant factors in the Committee of Inquiry's discretion and any
extenuating circumstances which might exist. Appropriate sanctions for a breach/violation of the Laurentian
University Student Athlete Code of Conduct are at the discretion of the Committee of Inquiry and include,
but are not limited to:

E.1 Suspension of student athlete (s) or team for one or more competitions, an entire season or permanently

E.2 Suspension of travel           E.3 Probation           E.4 Community service

E.5 Reprimand letter               E.6 Restitution         E.7 Removal of privileges

E.8 Behavioural contract between the respondent (s) and LU to correct behaviour

E.9 Withdrawal of team funding     E.10 Termination of team program

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                               2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL

      •   Be mindful that online content is not private and that there could be long-term ramifications.

     •    Don’t post personal information (cell phone, address, class schedule) for safety reasons.

     •    Online communication puts one at greater risk for stalking.

     •    Consider that your coach, team-mates, family and even future employers may review your site.

     •    Do not participate in or post inappropriate photographs or other content.

     •    Refrain from affiliating yourself with topics that are potentially offensive or degrading.

     •    Do not post comments about fellow student-athletes, coaches, administration or faculty from
          your institution or other institutions.

     •    Fans from opposing teams have downloaded images or information and used it to taunt or
          humiliate during a contest.

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                                 2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL

Athletic injuries have become much more a part of sport across Canada. Despite efforts to improve medical
care provided to athlete’s injuries remain unpredictable and an unfortunate part of competition.

In 1987, Flint proposed a "Bill of Rights for Injured Athletes". According to Flint, athletes should receive (a)
appropriate, immediate medical attention, (b) moral, informed decisions concerning the athlete's return to
play (RTP) after an injury, and (c) rules to protect athletes from injury and re-injury.

There remains some confusion about who makes the decision to return injured or ill student- athletes to
competition. A number of factors could influence such a decision and exactly who has the education,
experience, and authority to make the final decision.

In 1992 Flint & Weiss surveyed 60 CIAU basketball coaches and 49 CIAU certified athletic therapists to
determine who should make RTP decisions. Results from the coaches (70%) and the athletic therapists (90%)
clearly indicate that RTP decisions must be the responsibility of the athletic therapist. Coaches, with limited
medical background or training, should never make or be put in a position to make RTP decisions. Their focus
and role during competition hampers objective decision making when athletes are injured and could result in
serious ethical and legal ramifications.

Purpose of Policy
This Policy will describe clear guidelines for the RTP of Voyageur student-athletes following injury or illness.
There will be different levels of approval required depending on the type and severity of the injury or illness.
In all cases the well-being of the student-athlete must take precedence, not the game situation or the need
to win or succeed.

The Voyageur Athletic Therapy Clinic (V A TC) is staffed by certified athletic therapists. There is also a
University Health Services (UHS) department, which provides full medical treatment. All Voyageur Athletic
teams, in accordance with the V ATC's policies and procedures, have an assigned student trainer who is
supervised directly by a VA TC athletic therapist.

The VA TC does initial injury assessments and refers the student-athlete to a physician for further medical
assessment. A treatment protocol is instituted immediately. The student-athlete may also be referred to
medical professionals outside UHS, if required. Team student trainers have the mandate and authority to
provide emergency injury assessment and prescribe immediate treatment to Voyageur student-athletes. The
student trainer will notify their VA TC supervisor (and the V ATC) of all student-athlete injuries/illnesses.
Through these arrangements, student-athletes and coaches have access to qualified and competent

The rehabilitation schedule will be discussed and agreed upon by the student-athlete, athletic therapist and,
when necessary, the treating physician. With the student-athlete's permission, the coach will be kept
informed of the student-athlete's rehabilitation progress, and will be consulted regarding any modifications
that need to be made to allow the athlete's progressive R TP. The student trainer will also be kept informed
and may be asked to participate in the rehabilitation program.

THE PRIDE & TRADITION CONTINUES…                                                                               25
                                 2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL
Return to Play (RTP)
The time and amount of rehabilitation required before the student-athlete returns to play (practice or
competition) will vary depending on the severity and type of injury/illness. Where present all approved RTP
guidelines will be strictly followed.

RTP procedures will be discussed and agreed upon by the student-athlete, V ATC therapist and, when
necessary, the treating physician. With the athlete's permission, the coach and student trainer will be kept
informed and included in any decision making as required.

When an athlete suffers an injury that is either life threatening or could cause long-term damage or disability,
he/she will be allowed to return to play only once written approval from a treating physician is received by
the athletic therapist. Further evaluation by medical personnel (second opinions) will be reviewed and taken
into account when putting together a R TP time line.

In the unlikely event the team student trainer is the only person present to make a RTP decision, he/she
could be called upon to make a decision regarding a sideline RTP decision. If possible consultation will take
place with onsite medical personnel. In all cases, the team student trainer will make every effort to take all
factors into consideration when making the decision.

If a certified athletic therapist is present, he/she will make the decision regarding a sideline RTP decision. As
the certified athletic therapist deems fit, the RTP decision may be made in consultation with the coach and
other qualified healthcare professionals.

Disciplinary Action
Failure to comply with the medical advice from either the VATC or a qualified healthcare professional places
the safety, health, and possibly the life of the student-athlete in jeopardy. The well-being and future of
Laurentian University Voyageur student-athletes must always take precedence.

By failing to comply with medical advice a student-athlete may put his/her self and the University in a civil
liability situation. Clearly directed and written approval must be received prior to a Voyageur student-
athlete's RTP.

Failure to comply with Laurentian University's RTP Policy will result in the following disciplinary action:

      First Offence           The first offense will be penalized by 1 competition suspension, including
                              practice time prior to the competition. This suspension can be carried forward
                              to a future competitive season.

      Second Offence          The second offense will be penalized by 3 competition suspension, including
                              practice time between competitions. This suspension can be carried forward to
                              a future competitive season

       Third Offence          Reviewed by Athletic Director

       These levels of disciplinary action will be imposed after failing to comply with the policy. A coach is in
       violation for each offence committed.

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                                 2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL


The Athletic Advisory Board is the guiding body for Interuniversity Athletics at Laurentian University.
Structure of the Council: Terms of reference for the Athletic Advisory Board: Initiated: January 2003.

       1.      The Athletics Board is an Advisory Committee composed of members from the Administration,
               Faculty, Alumni, and student body.

        2.     Membership.
               The Board shall be composed of the following members: two members of the Department of
               Interuniversity Athletics (to be appointed by the Dean of Professional Schools); two faculty
               appointed by the Vice-President Academic and Provost; Head Registrar; two community repre-
               sentatives appointed by the Director of Athletics; two alumni members (appointed by Lauren-
               tian University Alumni Association); two student Athlete Representatives (one male and one
               female appointed by SAC Council); the Director of Athletics ex officio (who will act as Chair).

       3.      Composition of the Board and Length of Term.
               Laurentian University is committed to equity in its educational programs and services. The
               Board encourages all parties appointing members to the Board to give due consideration to
               this commitment. The length of term for Board members is two years; renewable for up to
               one additional term at the discretion of the appointing group.

       4.      Voting
               Each member of the board is entitled to one vote. A tie vote will defeat a pending motion. The
               chair may only cast a vote on a motion to break a tie. Seven voting members shall constitute a
               quorum, provided the quorum includes the Director (or a member appointed by the Director
               to be acting Director), one member of Athletics, one student member and one faculty mem-

               A simple majority is required to pass a motion of the Board. members must be in attendance
               in person or by teleconference, in order to vote. No proxy votes are allowed.

               Members must attend at least 50 percent of the meetings of the Board in a previous academic
               year to retain their membership on the board for the following year or to be considered for re-

        5.     Responsibilities and Duties.
               a) To provide a forum for the identification and discussion of any major issues or concerns
               related to the operation of the Department. These issues will only involved interuniversity

               b) To discuss and report on the Department's proposed budget for the next academic year.

               c) To approve official athletic award policies and the Department's recommendations for
               Athletic A wards in any given academic year.

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                                2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL
              d) To advise the Director on major matters of policy and other items related to the
              Department of Athletics.

       6.     Committees.
              The Athletics Board may name Committees of the Board, membership on which would not be
              restricted to Board members that would investigate and report on matters of interest to the

       7.     Meetings.
              a) The Athletics Board shall meet at least twice per semester.

              b) The Board shall have the right to conduct closed meetings when it is deemed necessary.

              c) Students or other groups may make presentations to the Athletics Board at the invitation of
              the Board.

              d) Agenda and minutes from the previous meeting are to be circulated at least one week in
              advance of a meeting of the Board.

              e) Items of business are to be circulated at least one week before the meeting at which they
              are to be considered. Any such items not given this notice will be tabled for action at the next


The Varsity Council is comprised of 2 representatives of each Varsity team, as selected by that team. The
Council meets approximately 4 times a year (twice in each term). The purpose of the Council is to discuss
needs and concerns of varsity athletes and to make recommendations that are forwarded to the Athletic Ad-
visory Board. Two representatives (one male and one female) of the Varsity Council will be selected by the
Council to be voting members of the Athletic Advisory Board.

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                                    2008-09 STUDENT-ATHLETE MANUAL


                                                           Telephone: (705) 675-1151 ext. 1033
                                                           Fax:       (705) 673-6502


Please note that the following athlete: ________________________________________
                                                                  Student Athlete
has a University scheduled event on the following dates:. ____________________________
                                                                  date of competition

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact the Athletic Director.


_______________________________                         ____________________________
             Signature of Student                                 Signature of Athletic Director

_______________________________                         ____________________________
             Date                                                       Date

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