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					Console Application:

Introduction to .net
Architecture of .net Framework
Introduction to visual studio
Compiler, JIT
Application & Types
Introduction to C# 2008
First Program
How to write, comile & run a Console program
Keywords, Identifier, Access modifiers, modifiers
I/O methods
Types (Value Types, Reference Types, Pointer Types)
DataTypes, Variables (Instance, Static & Local)
Constants, Type Conversions (Implicit & Explicit)
Conversion methods
Operators (Arithmetic, Comparision, Logical, Assignment, Conditional)
Punctuators, Expressions (Arithmatic, Evaluation of Expressions)
Statements in C#
Selection, Iteration, Jump, Checked, Unchecked, try, catch, finally
Arrays & its methods, Binary Search in Array
Enumeration, Method, Structure

Object-Oriented Programming

Principles of OOP
Encapsulation, Abstration, Inheritance, Polymorphism
Class & type of classes
Object creation, Constructor, Destructor, Static members
Inheritance, Polymorphism, Method overloading,
Operator overloading, Method Overriding
Partial class, nested class, Abstract class, sealed class,
Static class, Partial class in Inheritance, Namespace creation & use
Interfaces, Delegates, Events, Boxing, Unboxing, Nullable Type,
Collections, Unsafe Codes, Threading, Language Integration,
Windows Programming in Console,Ado.net in Console
Registry Programming

Windows Application:

Introduction to IDE, Windows Form
How to compile, run & add Windows Forms
Property, Methods & Events
Working with Controls
Label, TextBox, Button, ListBox, ComboBox,
Radio Button,CheckBox,LinkLabel,
PictureBox, ProgessBar, DateTimePcker, Month Calendar,
ToolTip, ErrorProvider, Timer, RichTextBox, Masked Textbox,
FontDialog, ColorDialog, NumericUpDown, Panel, GroupBox,
Menu Design (MenuBar, ToolBar, Context, StatusBar)
MessageBox, Windows Forms Navigation
DLL files in Windows Application
String Handling, Numeric Methods
File Handling, GDI+, Events of Controls
Mouse & Keyboard Events
Working with OOPs


Introduction, Architecture, .NET Provides,
SQL Statements (Select, Where, Create, Insert, Update, Delete, Order By, In, Between,
Like, Group By, Having)
Built-in Functions, Joining Tables,
Working with Parameters, Procedures,
DataGridView, RowFilteration, Searching in DataGridView,
Record Navigation, Data Binding

*Databases (Oracle, MS SQL SERVER, MS Access)

Web Application (Asp.net 3.5)

Introduction, Web Definitions, HTML,
Introduction to Asp.net, Versions, Create & Open Web Application,
Web Page Life Cycle, Virtual Directory,
Objects of Web Page (Response, Request, Server, Session, Application)
State Management (Cookies, QueryString, ViewState, HiddenField, Session,
Standard Controls
ckBox,Radio Button,Table,BulletedList,Calendar,AdRotator,FileUpLoad,Panel,
Data-List controls:
GridView, DataList, Repeater, DetailsView, FormView, ListView
Validational Controls:
RequiredFieldValidator, RangeValidator, CompareValidator,
CustomValidator, ValidationSummary
Login Control, Setting Of Default Button & Default Focus
Add Table from MenuBar, Add Reference, Web.Config
Ado.net in Asp.net Web Application
Paging, Sorting in Grid View
XML, Master Page, Themes, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, WebServices
Speech Programs


Generics,Registry Programming,Crystal Report,Socket Programming,Native Programs,
Remoting,Graphics,Language Integration,Speech Programs,Web Browser Design,
WPF(Windows Presentation Foundation),WCF(Windows Communication Foundation)

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