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					   Tyler French, Woodstock, Va., (far right) purchased Ahlem Action              Purchasing the second high seller of the day was R. J. Doran,
Tiffany 16516 for $4,250 to top the 46th Pot O’Gold Sale. Larry Van           Newberry, S.C. Doran is represented by his great-grandfather, J. J.
Roekel, Director of Marketing for Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products           “Doc” Malnati, second from left. He purchased DeBoer Texida M3728
Company presents a plaque to AJCA-NAJ Area Representative Kristin             for $4,000. Nico de Boer, Chandler, Texas, (back center) consigned
Paul on behalf of consignor Bill Ahlem Jr., Hilmar, Calif. Tyler Boyd,        the bred heifer. South Carolina’s Lauren Black, Saluda, is on the halter.
Parrottsville, Tenn., is on the halter. Also pictured are Jersey Marketing    Also pictured are Larry Van Roekel of Land O’Lakes, Jersey Marketing
Service Manager Herby Lutz and Auctioneer Lynn Lee in the box.                Service Manager Herby Lutz and Auctioneer Lynn Lee.

Youth Participation Strong in Pot O’Gold Sale
T    his year marked the 49th year for the
     Pot O’Gold Sale and 46 th year
production contest for Jersey youth. The
                                                        4 Bred heifers
                                                                      Sale Analysis
                                                                                Avg. Price Total Value
                                                                                 $2,937.50   $11,750
                                                                                                         +121, with a 3-1 record of 23,440 lbs. milk,
                                                                                                         1,141 lbs. fat and 988 lbs. protein.
                                                                                                            “Tiffany’s” grandam is an Excellent-
                                                        8 Open yearlings          2,912.50    23,300
sale was presented by Cow’s Match Jersey                8 Heifer calves           3,137.50    25,100     93% daughter of WF/L&M Duncan
Blend.                                                20 Lots                    $3,007.50   $60,150
                                                                                                         Barber-ET, JPI +31, with two records
   The annual sale, held on Junior Day at            Median Price                $2,950.00               exceeding 24,000 lbs. milk, 980 lbs. fat.
The All American each November, is                                                                       and 800 lbs. protein. The next dam is
chance for youth between the ages of seven                         Sale Management:                      Excellent-91% and sired by Mason
and 20 to exercise their pedigree and                           Jersey Marketing Service                 Boomer Sooner Berretta, JPI +64. She has
judging skills by studying each                                   Auctioneer: Lynn Lee                   completed five records of over 20,000 lbs.
consignment. Their goal–choose the right                                                                 milk, including her high record of 5-3 305
combination of production-potential and              In 2009, a total of $12,121.00 will be              26,410 3.8% 1,009 3.6% 961 95DCR. Her
type to put them in the winners circle after         awarded to the top 22 placing heifers from          next dam is also Excellent.
their selection completes her two-year-old           the two Pot O’Gold sales in 2006. The                  After a busy day in the showring, R. J.
production record.                                   winner will receive a check for $2,181.78           Doran, Newberry, S.C., selected the
   The ringside crowd on Saturday,                   with $1,393.92 going to the owner of the            second high seller of the sale. The high
November 4 in Newmarket Hall, showed                 second place animal in the contest.                 school freshman placed the final bid on
many dairy youth of all breeds had come                For the first time in the history of the          DeBoer Texida M3728 for $4,000.
to place their bids. Cries from the ringman          Pot O’Gold Sale series, a consignor has                The P9 heifer is a daughter of young sire,
echoed through the sale arena as the youth           topped both sales in a calendar year.               Mason Jace Texida, PA JPI +185. He is a
raised their hands and nodded their heads            William (Bill) Ahlem Jr., Hilmar, Calif.,           Windy Willow Montana Jace, JPI +179,
to try and finish as the last bidder.                consigned the two high selling Pot O’Gold           son of Mason Lemvig June IV-ET, Very
   As always, the consignors to this sale            individuals of 2006.                                Good-89%.
dug deep in their heifer pens to find the              Nine-year-old Tyler French, Woodstock,               The November 2005 heifer purchased
best of their heifers born between July 1,           Va., selected Ahlem Action Tiffany 16516            by Doran, carries a PA of +900M, +48F,
2005 and February 28, 2006. At day’s end,            for $4,250.                                         +37P and a JPI of +181. Her dam is a Very
the Louisville Pot O’Gold averaged                     Sired by one of the breed’s top four sires        Good daughter of Sunset Canyon
$3,007.50 on 20 lots. Combined with the              for Productive Life, Forest Glen Avery              Decadence-ET, JPI +118, with a two
five heifers that sold at the Western Pot            Action-ET, JPI +140, “Tiffany” is a P9              lactation m.e. average of 25,544–1,172–
O’Gold Sale held in Tillamook, Ore., in              heifer with a Parent Average (PA) of                900. Her grandam is an Excellent-90%
July, the overall average of the 2006 sales          +899M, +36F, +31P and JPI of +173. She              daughter of Bancrest Lester AVery, JPI
is $2,852.00.                                        was born in December 2005 and is out of             +95, with butterfat tests up to 5.0%. The
   The Pot O’Gold Sale is about the chance           an Excellent-90% dam. Her dam is a                  next dam is an Excellent “Barber” daughter
to win the Pot O’Gold Production Contest.            daughter of Schultz Brook Hallmark, JPI                                         (continued to page xx)
  Lauren Perkins, Frankford, W. Va., (front,       SR Johnson Smooth sold for $3,750 to
center) purchased Rebel Fortune-ET for          Trent Kilgus (front, center). AJCA-NAJ Area
$3,800. She is pictured with the consignors,    Representative David Parkinson (far right)
James and Oneva Rowzee. On the halter is        represents the consignors Jeff Peters and
Pennsylvania Jersey junior Erika Rhein. Larry   daughter Jessica. Tyler Boyd is at the halter.
Van Roekel, Director of Marketing for Land      Representing the sale sponsor Land O’Lakes
O’Lakes Animal Milk Products Company,           is Larry Van Roekel. Herby Lutz and Lynn Lee
Herby Lutz and Lynn Lee are also pictured.      are in the box.

Pot O’Gold Production Sale                      Farm and Jessica Peters, Meadville, Pa.
(continued to page xx)                             Rachel Carr, Shreve, Ohio, purchased
with over 18,000 lbs. milk actual. “M3728”      Dupat Paramount 2891 from Wickstrom
was consigned by Nico de Boer, Chandler,        Jersey Farms Inc., Hilmar, Calif., for
Texas.                                          $3,700 as the fifth high selling heifer.
   A West Virginia youth participating for         The P9 heifer carries a PA JPI of +172,
the first time in Louisville, Ky., selected     and is sired by Rock Ella Paramount-ET,
Rebel Fortune-ET to add to her growing          JPI +159. She was bred in October to O.F.
herd. Lauren E. Perkins, Frankford, W. Va.,     Montana Saber-ET, JPI +125. Her dam is
placed a final bid of $3,800 on the P9          an Excellent-90% daughter of Al-Top All
heifer consigned by Rowzee Jersey Farm,         American, JPI +55, and has a three
Newton, Miss.                                   lactation m.e. average of 24,074–1,165–
   The September 2005 heifer is backed by       866. The next dam is a Very Good daughter
generations of high testing component           of Comfort Royal Alf-ET, JPI +54, with
dams. She has a PA of +1,148M, +79F,            two records of over 19,000 lbs. milk.
+50P and a JPI of +219. She is sired by                       Sales $2,950 and Over
O.F. Mannix Rebel-ET, JPI +198. Her dam                         (Consignors in Parentheses)
                                                   Tyler S. French, Woodstock, Va.
is an Excellent-91% daughter of Denny S         Ahlem Action Tiffany 16516, heifer calf 11 mos. ..... $4,250
Bell, JPI +51, and has produced three               (William Ahlem, Jr., Hilmar, Calif.)
                                                   R. J. Doran, Newberry, S.C.
records of over 21,000 lbs. milk, 1,100 lbs.    Deboer Texida M3728, heifer calf 11 mos. ................ 4,000
                                                    (Nico DeBoer, Chandler, Texas)
fat and 800 lbs. protein. The next dam is          Lauren E. Perkins, Frankford, W.Va.
Excellent-92% dam with a best record of         Rebel Fortune-ET, open yearling 13 mos. ................ 3,800
                                                    (Rowzee Jersey Farm, Newton, Miss.)
20,670 lbs. milk, 1,061 lbs. fat and 813           Trent Kilgus, Fairbury, Ill.
lbs. protein. The next dam is Very Good-        SR Johnson Smooth, open yearling 16 mos. ........... 3,750
                                                   (Spruce Row Farm, Meadville, Pa.)
87% and has an average fat test of 5.4%            Rachel Carr, Shreve, Ohio
on seven lactations.                            Dupat Paramount 2891, bred heifer 13 mos. ............ 3,700
                                                    (Wickstrom Jersey Farms Inc, Hilmar, Calif.)
   A package deal came with the fourth             Kyle M. Schirm, West Salem, Ohio
                                                Celestial Lieutenant Freckle-ET, heifer calf 10 mos. . 3,200
high seller of the day. SR Johnson Smooth          (Scott and Kristin Carson, New Lebanon, N.Y.)
was purchased by Trent Kilgus, Fairbury,           Tyler C. Kirchdoerfer, Cape Girardeau, Mo.
                                                Yosemite Max Fanclub F18482, heifer calf 11 mos. . 3,150
Ill., for $3,750.                                  (Yosemite Jersey Dairy, Hilmar, Calif.)
   The P6 yearling heifer sold carrying a          Katlyn M. Stewart, Dayton, Pa.
                                                MVF Kulp Action Sylvie, heifer calf 9 mos. ................ 3,150
Sunset Canyon Matinee-ET, JPI +248,                (Kulp Genetics and Craig Rhein, Manheim, Pa.)
embryo out of SR Paramount Gem,                    Caitlin Avila, Dalhart, Texas
                                                EF Abe Guacamole, heifer calf 11 mos. ................... 3,100
Excellent-92% and was a top 200 JPI cow            (C. L. Collins, III, Sylacauga, Ala.)
                                                   Landry Bibee, Springfield, Tenn.
in August and now ranks 74th in the nation.     Maximus Leila, open yearling 12 mos. ...................... 2,950
   The consigment “Smooth” is a daughter            (Cedarcrest Farms, Faunsdale, Ala.)
of TC Hallmark 830 Johnson, PA JPI +138.          Other youth making purchases in the Pot
Her dam is a Very Good-87% daughter of          O’Gold Sale were: Daniel Armstrong,
Gabys Freedom Santana-ET, JPI +99, and          Springfield, Tenn.; Sidney Avila, Dalhart,
has a 2-3 record of 16,880 lbs. milk, 628       Texas; Riley Bibee, Springfield, Tenn.;
lbs. fat and 511 lbs. protein. The next dam     Andrew Bok, Def iance, Ohio; Dylan
is a Very Good-86% daughter of AU Lester        Ellenburg, Morristown, Tenn.; Benjamin
Topkick-ET, JPI +54, with a best record         Grammer, Sebring, Ohio; William D.
of 4-3 305 23,050 3.9% 897 3.2% 727             Grammer, Sebring, Ohio; Elizabeth
94DCR. The next dam is Very Good-84%            Graves, Springf ield, Tenn.; Tricia Jo
dam with over 100,000 lbs. milk lifetime.       Kirchdoerfer, Cape Girardeau, Mo.; and
The heifer was consigned by Spruce Row          Kassandra R. Krebs, Glenford, Ohio.

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