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					                                            Clint Willard
                                           Senior ColdFusion Developer
                                             1732 Sahale Falls Drive
                                               Braselton, GA 30517

       Senior ColdFusion developer and architect versions 5 through 9.
       Strong experience in Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts.
       Possess experience in MVC architecture.
       Framework experience in ColdBox, Cairngorm, and Model Glue.
       Experienced with SQL programming and integration with MySQL and MSSQL.
       Experienced in systems integrations, API’s, and web services.
       Experienced with Flash Media Server real-time data streaming integration.
       Mid-level developer in Flash platform development and the Flex framework.
       Expert in web site development with design, layout, and image assets.
       Excellent communication skills, customer interaction, team player, and decision maker.


Web Programming: ColdFusion 5 MX6 MX7 8 9, ColdBox 2.6 3, MXML, ActionScript 2 3, Javascript, Ajax,
Web Development Tools: ColdFusion Builder, Eclipse 3.4, Flash Builder, Flash Professional
Version Control Tools: Subversion, CVS
Unit Testing Tools: MXUnit
Database: SQL server 2000, MySQL 4 5
Operating Systems: Windows 2000, XP, 7

, Braselton, GA.                  1999 - Present
Role: ColdFusion Systems Architect
Project: Web Based Consultation Systems and Ecommerce Capabilities
Work directly with primary company owner to identify, acquire, and implement web applications and Internet
systems necessary to fulfill business initiate requirements. Design and develop front facing UI/X, supporting
database, and back office administrations for systems configurations, reporting, and content management.
Incorporate Google analytics for business analysis of traffic volume and patterns. Use SEO best practices and SES
linking to obtain and retain search engine ranking. Design graphics and other multimedia assets for site UI and

Recently migrated web systems from ColdFusion 7 to ColdFusion 9 adding a ColdBox 2.6 OOP event driven
framework. MySQL 5 database systems integrations using data access beans, gateways, and services. Object
oriented design and programming of business model layer including interceptors and dependency injection of fully
scripted class components. Design, layout, and implementation of view layer including Javascript, CSS, and
Fireworks image editing. Incorporated proper caching techniques in queries, components, and event handlers for fast
and responsive page delivery.
Designed and developed company’s live online chat and video consultation application based on the Flash platform.
Created consultation application using Flex framework, MXML, and ActionScript with hosted Flash Media Server
integration providing video and data streaming capabilities through netConnection channel services and RTMP.
Coded Flash Remoting and Object Sharing for remote data access through ColdFusion components. Customers can
sign in, buy consultation time, and use the online system to receive live consultations while the system records all
activities for instant online account processing.

Built the company’s online membership system with secure login and account management for customers and
consultants, roles based. Built the secured ordering system integrated with merchant credit card
processing services and Paypal IPN API. Built an integrated online click-to-call system with API web services from
a hosted IVR provider with automated data integration for instant customer account updates.


        Meet and report with company owner daily to evaluate time estimates, make suggestions, and identify
        Maintain systems integrity with technical support of customers and vendor systems.
        Make code changes as needed for internal and external system upgrades.
        Gather requirements, design, and implement or enhance new or existing systems.
        Write ColdFusion component classes and methods.
        Configure ColdBox framework and write ColdBox event handlers, interceptors, and plugins.
        Design database structure and write SQL queries for MySQL 5 server.
        Implement client side validation with Javascript and server side validation with CFML.
        Make migrations when needed for system changes.
        Create and maintain site and data backups.
        Design and create web graphics and ad media.
        Direct junior developer on small design projects as needed.

Environment: ColdFusion 9, MySQL 5, ColdBox 2.6, Flash Media Server, Flash and Flex, ActionScript,
Javascript, CSS, Fireworks, Flash Builder, Eclipse

         BeavEx, Atlanta, GA.                 Sep ’09 - Jan ’10
Role: Flex UI Developer
Project: UI Modules for Package Delivery Logistics Tracking System
Participated as one of three other Flex UI developers on a team of 12 systems developers to design and develop a
real-time logistics tracking system for the company’s hub operators, drivers, and customer packages. System
incorporates data push, messaging, and GPS coordinates to display driver and package location and status while
giving hub operators real-time route management ability.

Implemented a GraniteDS comet data push system to manage real-time data flow between Flex and JavaEE data
services. Created Flex interface modules to display data graphically for user interaction. Developed model layers in
Flex modules using the Cairngorm MVC framework to manage system events for user interface interaction and
asynchronous data updates.
Used an Eclipse 3.2 IDE with a Flex 3 Builder plugin to facilitate developing MXML interface modules with
ActionScript OO model layer coding. Used Flash remoting and Granite swc library methods with AMF channels for
data synchronization using producer/consumer pattern.


        Follow requirements documentation and company guidelines to implement business systems in a graphical
         user interface.
        Create Flex view layer modules and reusable model layer business classes
        Generate development documentation.
        Help prepare use test cases and assist with use case testing.
        Maintain code integrity with unit testing.
        Participate in daily meeting discussions and report task progress and time estimates.
        Assist and troubleshoot other system developers and Flex peer developers.

Environment: Flex 3, ActionScript 3, MXML, Eclipse 3.2, Flex 3 Builder, GraniteDS

          AT&T, Atlanta, GA.               Mar ’08 - Jul ’08
Role: Senior ColdFusion Developer
Project: Internal ‘Idea Box’ Voting System
Tasked by IT department to rapidly develop a ColdFusion based “Idea Box” system allowing internal employees to
submit ideas and suggestions to the company through their intranet. Employees could browse, vote, and comment on
idea suggestions from other employees nationwide. Voting would determine points based idea popularity and
priority ranking. Eventually ideas are managed by privileged users and department heads and dismissed or promoted
from approved to implement.

Implemented a ColdFusion 8 solution based on the Model-Glue MVC framework. Coded model layer business
objects, DAO, and gateway functions with ColdFusion components using OO methodologies. Coded view layer
HTML, CSS, and client side Javascript validations. Coded control layer event components directing UI interactions
with business logic, methods, and data.

Designed database structure and tables. Wrote SQL queries to store and manage idea submissions. Integrated page
and role based security through employee data views. Coded secure login page utilizing company employee
directory data. Wrote SQL queries to retrieve and display ideas along with user submitted votes and comments.


        Design application layout on staging server using requirements documentation.
        Acquire approved image assets from graphics department per design requirements.
        Meet with IT department manager semiweekly to report on progress and time estimates.
        Utilize Model-Glue framework to create an MVC structured solution.
        Write SQL queries to integrate UI and model logic with database.
        Write ColdFusion components and UDFs for application and business model logic.
        Work with other applications developers to ensure project would meet company guidelines.

Environment: ColdFusion 8, SQL, Model-Glue, Dreamweaver, CSS, Javascript
          Federal Reserve of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA.               May ’05 - Feb ’08
Role: Senior ColdFusion Developer
Project: Intranet Development and Support
Assisted project manager and other senior system developers with various projects as directed. Wrote ColdFusion
components, UIs, and SQL queries necessary to complete tasks. Reported weekly with project manager and
department director to discuss progress, time estimates, and make suggestions. Meet with internal customers to
discuss and gather project requirements for new initiatives.

Helped to update legacy core and ColdFusion 5 systems to ColdFusion 7. Rewrote legacy intranet navigation system
with a DHTML CSS solution and updated components. Included a new roles based navigation administration
section for department admins. Worked with database administrators to design and implement data scheme and
wrote SQL queries for model layer.

Designed and developed a ColdFusion based “Fed Café” application for internal services department to replace the
legacy word document system of cafeteria menu display. Included a back end roles based secured login and
management administration section for department employees to enter and manage menu item data and menu
display scheduling. Menu item display has DHTML drop down showing item description and nutrition values.
Administration only required adding new items, description, and nutrition data once to set and reuse within a
predefined biweekly schedule automatically updated on company intranet.

Designed and developed Flash based “Fed Exchange” application for internal services to display and sell Federal
Reserve products to employees through the company intranet. Using Flex 1.5, Cairngorm framework, and
ActionScript 2 created a Flash based web store allowing employees to browse products sold by the services
department. Including a ColdFusion based admin section for services staff to enter and edit item information and
process orders.

Designed and developed a Flash based weather display module for the Federal Reserve building multimedia
displays. Used the Flash IDE and ActionScript 2 to consume web services XML feed from Created
dynamic animation for weather information display including an automatically updated news scroller.


        Report to department project manager on tasks progress, time estimates, and documentation directives.
        Worked with other senior developers to troubleshoot and collaborate on systems issues, department
         guidelines, and application development standards.
        Write ColdFusion components and user defined functions to meet business model requirements.
        Follow and use Cairngorm MVC framework methodologies.
        Write SQL data layer queries for the MSSQL 2000 server database.
        Design view layouts and graphics, code HTML and CSS, write Javascript when needed.
        Help consult Flash and Flex based system initiatives.
        Troubleshoot existing systems with customer support and issue resolutions.
        Work with server administrators on application deployments and server changes effecting applications.

Environment: ColdFusion 7, Flash Pro and Flex 1.5, MSSQL 2000, Cairngorm, Dreamweaver, CSS,

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