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Choices Summer2010


									Summer Term 2010
                                                                        Hope • Oppor tunity • Jobs

                                                                • Learn About the
                                                                  Demand for Health
                                                                  Information Technology
                                                                  Grads and Nurses
                                                                • Find Out How a
Celebrating 49 Years of Service in Durham and Orange Counties

                                                                  Layoff Can Begin
                                                                  a New Chapter
                                                                • Prepare for University
                                                                  Transfer and Save
                                                                • Discover Educational
                                                                  Opportunities at the
                                                                  Orange County

Creating Success — Hope, Opportunity, and Jobs
      A Letter from the College’s President
During these challenging economic times, more and more Durham and Orange County residents are turning to
Durham Technical Community College to improve and enhance their workplace skills; to prepare for a new, high-
demand career; or to take advantage of a high-quality, low-cost alternative to the first two years of a bachelor’s degree.
In the past year, over 26,000 individuals have turned to Durham Tech for these reasons or to enroll in the adult literacy
programs that will open doors to a lifetime of success.
In this issue of Choices for Success, you’ll see there is much that is new and exciting on our campuses. Learn about our
new Center for the Global Learner, which provides students with many opportunities to understand cultures through-
out the world. Durham Tech is the first college within the North Carolina Community College System with such a
focused initiative. The Center for the Global Learner offers credit and noncredit instruction as well a variety of support
services for international residents living in the communities we serve and beyond.
Durham Tech continues its commitment to environmental responsibility with an array of credit and noncredit programs.
Architectural Technology, Machining Technology, and Automotive Systems programs are just three of the programs
integrating green technologies into the curriculum. And this fall, we will begin a new program in Sustainable Technologies.
Our Orange County Campus, conveniently located between Chapel Hill and Hillsborough, continues to grow. We
have increased the number of curriculum and continuing education courses offered in Orange County. You will find
                                                                                                                                  William G. Ingram, Ed.D.
out more about the many resources now available at the Orange County Campus by reading the article on page three.
Also in this edition of Choices for Success, you will read about students who made a positive change in their lives by            Durham Technical Community College
enrolling in the Computer Programming, Machining Technology, Health Information Technology, Licensed Practical
Nursing, and Associate Degree Nursing programs. Their success stories offer snapshots of Durham Tech’s importance
to those we serve and how our high-quality, affordable, and convenient education enriches lives.

                         Center for the Global Learner Provides a World
                         of Knowledge, Broadens International Horizons
                        Durham Technical Community College’s newly-created               courses free of charge to help students develop their basic skills in English.
Center for the Global Learner (CGL) is the first of its kind within the North            Enrollment dates and other information about the ESL program are available on
Carolina Community College System. The CGL’s mission is to lead and collabo-             the Durham Tech web site at
rate with all areas of the college community to foster intercultural understanding
                                                                                         The Spanish Facilitator and Medical Spanish Facilitator certificate programs
and the development of global citizens.
                                                                                         provide students with the skills they need to facilitate language translation in
Many students with international backgrounds choose to attend Durham Tech.               government offices, schools, hospitals, emergency medical agencies, and other
The CGL brings together staff members who have considerable experience work-             facilities. To learn more and to find the information session schedules, visit
ing with international students and global issues to offer these students more 
support services and course options than have been available in the past. But
                                                                                         Future plans for the CGL include additional course and program offerings as
the CGL is not just for international students. It will provide all Durham Tech
                                                                                         well as intercultural activities, guest speakers, and study abroad opportunities.
students more opportunities to learn about cultures throughout the world.
                                                                                         At Durham Tech, we recognize the importance of global and intercultural under-
The CGL offers courses for both credit and noncredit students, and several exist-
                                                                                         standing and are committed to preparing current students to compete and
ing programs are now part of the CGL. One of these is English as a Second
                                                                                         succeed in an intercultural environment. For more information, visit the CGL
Language (ESL). Durham Tech's ESL program offers several levels of noncredit
                                                                                         web site at

Student Plans a Career That Combines Medical Care with Spanish Interpretation
“Education is the most important treasure I can give to you,”      patients and families who did not speak English communi-
said Odarely M. Bejar’s mother, a teacher in Mexico. Over          cate with doctors and nurses who did not speak Spanish.
the years, Bejar came to understand the truth of those words.      While on the job, she also learned much about the medical
Bejar moved from Mexico to the United States with her              environment. Soon Bejar’s skills were called on throughout
mother in 2001. She excelled in her studies at Northern            the hospital.
High School in Durham, where she was a member of the
                                                                   Her volunteer work for her courses led to another interest.
National Honor Society. After high school, Bejar enrolled
                                                                   Bejar is now enrolled in Durham Tech’s Associate Degree
in Durham Tech’s Spanish Facilitator certificate program.
                                                                   Nursing program. She attends courses during the week. On
Because she was interested in the medical field, she then
                                                                   weekends, she works part time at UNC Hospitals, using her
enrolled in the Medical Spanish Facilitator certificate program.
                                                                   facilitating skills. “I always love going to work,” she said. She
As a student, Bejar was able to practice her skills at UNC
                                                                   would like a job that combines her medical and facilitator
Hospitals, shadowing professional interpreters as they helped                                                                            Odarely M. Bejar works as a Spanish
                                                                   expertise, perhaps in patient relations.                             interpreter while taking nursing courses.

2                                                                                                                              919.536.7200

One Health Career Led to Another for This Busy Student
                                                        College classes, homework, an     obtain an associate degree. Lennon learned to classify, code, and index medical
                                                        internship, a job, a 2-year-old   diagnoses and procedures. She now knows how to coordinate information for
                                                        child. There is busy, and then    cost control. She has learned about quality management, statistics, and how to
                                                        there is Latoria Lennon busy.     monitor governmental and non-governmental standards. “The instructors make
                                                        She rises early to get to work    sure you know what you need to know,” she said.
                                                        at 6:30 a.m. She studies at
                                                                                          Lennon’s days — and nights — are as busy as ever. She cares for her daughter
                                                        night after her daughter is
                                                                                          and is completing a 144-hour internship at both Durham Regional Hospital and
                                                        asleep, often from 10 p.m.
                                                                                          Duke University Medical Center. She has continued her job as a pharmacy tech-
                                                        into the wee hours of the
                                                                                          nician at Duke University Medical Center. Lennon said it helps that many of her
                                                        morning. How does Lennon
                                                                                          Durham Tech courses are online.
                                                        do it? Her focus and determi-
                                                        nation keep her on track to       “Coding is an ideal job for me,” she said. “I love analyzing the health informa-
                                                        complete an associate degree      tion. You’re investigating and solving a puzzle. You are trying to make sure that
Latoria Lennon says Health Information Technology is   in the Health Information          claims are being filed correctly and paid properly. It’s a career that is expanding
a little like being a detective.                                                          every day.”
                                                       Technology program.
Lennon worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant for five years. “I loved the               Graduates of the Health Information Technology program find employment in
patients, but I realized I didn’t want such a hands-on job,” she said. One day            hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, long-term care facilities, health insurance
Lennon visited her aunt at her medical coding job in a physician’s office, and            organizations, outpatient clinics, mental health facilities, and home health organ-
Lennon was fascinated with the work. Not long afterward, she enrolled in                  izations. Upon completion, graduates are prepared to pass the entry-level coding
Durham Tech’s Health Information Technology program. Students in this                     certification examinations offered by the American Health Information
program learn to process, analyze, compile, and report health information.                Management Association (AHIMA) or the American Academy of Professional
                                                                                          Coders (AAPC).
Initially Lennon planned to obtain a one-year Comprehensive Coding diploma.
But because she excelled in the work, the program director encouraged her to              For more information, contact or call 919-536-7235,
                                                                                          ext. 8152, or visit

Orange County Campus
Increases Curriculum and
Continuing Education Courses
Almost two years ago, Durham Tech opened its Orange County Campus (OCC)
with the completion of its 40,000-square-foot flagship building on a 20-acre cam-
pus. It was a big undertaking. Since then, we’ve been very busy. But so have you!
Orange County residents have discovered the convenience of taking curriculum,
continuing education, and basic skills courses at the new campus just outside of
Hillsborough. The college’s Orange County curriculum enrollment has increased
41 percent during the last year. Our Corporate and Continuing Education enroll-
ment has increased 37 percent.
This summer, the OCC will offer University Transfer students an opportunity to
take a full semester’s worth of courses (15 hours) toward their General Education
Core requirements. Visit for more
information. If you have questions about enrolling in courses at the OCC, you
may schedule an appointment with an admissions counselor. Current students
                                                                                          The Orange County Campus, completed in 2008, includes classrooms, computer and science
may make an appointment with an academic advisor, and prospective students
                                                                                          labs, a library, instructional and student support services areas, and faculty and student lounges.
may also take the placement test at the OCC. For all of these services, call 919-
536-7238, ext. 4203.
                                                                                          Technician (EMT) begins May 18. JobsNOW provides short-term training for
The OCC Library will be open to students during the Summer Term on ondays,                those who are unemployed and meet certain qualifications. Funding is through
Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and on Wednesdays from                     the Federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. To learn more abut
9:30 to 11 a.m.                                                                           JobsNOW, visit
A variety of Corporate and Continuing Education courses are available this                The OCC is on the Triangle Transit Authority bus line and that campus also
summer at the OCC. For more information, visit                                            offers a Park-and-Ride lot for student and community use. For more informa-                                        tion, visit
Two JobsNOW programs will be offered at the OCC. A daytime Solar Technology               For more general information about Durham Tech’s Orange County Campus,
course begins June 1 and an evening course begins May 17. Emergency Medical               visit

Creating Success — Hope, Opportunity, and Jobs

Student’s Dream of Being a Nurse
Becomes a Reality                                                                                                                             nurses with families,” she said. She
                                                                                                                                              believes that the single most
                                                                                                                                              important trait for a nurse is
“My father died young, leaving my mother with seven children,” said                                                                           compassion. “I always think, what
Wincent Fontenelle, a native of Belize. “My mother had an extremely                                                                           if I was lying in that bed? What
difficult struggle because she didn’t have a good education,” she said.                                                                       would I want my nurse to be
“Mother always told us to get a good education.” Fontenelle wanted                                                                            like?” she said.
to be a nurse, but she said the training standards in her native country
                                                                                                                                               The classroom portion of the
were not as strict as those in the U.S. So she chose the solid field of
                                                                                                                                               Associate Degree Nursing program
accounting. She was good at her job, but she didn’t particularly like it.
                                                                                                                                               is taught during the day. Clinical
Years later, Fontenelle married and moved to Durham, where she                                                                                 experiences are available at health
thought about changing careers. “I was in the hospital and noticed                                                                             care facilities throughout the
that the nurses’ work was really interesting,” she recalled. “I talked to    After completing her degree at Durham Tech, Wincent Fontenelle    Triangle area. Students are
                                                                             works at Duke University Medical Center and is pursuing a
them about their jobs. Some of them had gone to Durham Tech.” She            bachelor's degree.
                                                                                                                                               required to have CPR certification
remembers vividly the moment she thought, “This is what I want to do.”                                                                         and be a certified Nursing
                                                                                             Assistant I before entering the first Associate Degree Nursing course.
Fontenelle enrolled at Durham Tech, taking prerequisite courses while waiting to
be accepted into the Associate Degree Nursing program. “It’s a tough program,”               Students completing the five-semester Associate Degree Nursing program are
she said. “But with the help of my husband, Pius, and my family, I had the sup-              employed in hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics, physicians’ offices, indus-
port system I needed.” The instructors are excellent, she said. She thinks the cur-          try, and community health agencies. Graduates are eligible to apply to take the
riculum provided her with all the skills needed to be a nurse.                               National Council Licensure Examination. The program is approved by the
                                                                                             North Carolina Board of Nursing and is accredited by the National League for
Fontenelle benefited from many hands-on clinical opportunities at Duke
                                                                                             Nursing Accrediting Commission.
University Medical Center, V.A. Medical Center, Wake Medical Center, and
UNC Hospitals. Today she has a job in the Intensive Care Unit at Duke                        If you are interested in the Associate Degree Nursing program, please attend one
University Medical Center. She enjoys working with patients as well as with the              of the sessions listed on the back of this publication. More information is also
staff and managers. Fontenelle is also pursuing her bachelor’s degree in nursing             available at
at UNC-Greensboro. “The field allows for a flexible schedule, which is great for
                                                                                             You may also email questions to

Young Father Enters the Family Business of Nursing
                                                                          When it comes to a career, some people feel a real tug to follow in the footsteps of a parent.
                                                                          Michael Simosky is following in the footsteps of both his parents. The former Colorado resident’s
                                                                          father is an emergency nurse, and his mother is a pediatric nurse. After graduating from Durham
                                                                          Tech’s Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) program, Simosky now works as an LPN at Duke
                                                                          University Medical Center in the Primary Care Department. Simosky, a father of two young
                                                                          children and husband of a Duke Pharmacology and Cancer Biology Department research scientist,
                                                                          said that the Practical Nursing program was challenging. However, the instructors care about the
                                                                          students’ success. “The teachers are always accessible,” he said.
                                                                          According to Simosky, real camaraderie existed among the students. He helped organize study
                                                                          sessions with other students and has kept in touch with many of them. They all have obtained
                                                                          jobs in hospitals, nursing homes, or other facilities. Simosky has enjoyed his work so much that
                                                                          he decided to continue his education through Durham Tech’s LPN to Registered Nurse (RN)
                                                                          program. He takes courses on the weekends so he can work during the week.
                                                                          Practical nurses play an important role in implementing a patient’s health care plan. They work
                                                                          under the direction of physicians, dentists, and registered nurses in caring for and monitoring a
                                                                          patient’s progress. Program graduates are awarded a diploma in Practical Nursing and are then eli-
                                                                          gible to apply to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN), a requirement
                                                                          for practical nurses to practice their profession. Practical nurses are employed in hospitals, nursing
                                                                          homes, extended-care facilities, clinics, physicians’ offices, and other health care agencies.
                                                                          Courses in this program are offered during the day, and new students are enrolled in the Fall
                                                                          Semester. The program involves both classroom and clinical activities. Clinical experiences take
                                                                          place at Duke University Medical Center, Durham Regional Hospital, Lincoln Community
Michael Somosky works as a Licensed Practical Nurse at Duke University    Health Center, and other area health care facilities. The program is approved by the North
Medical Center as he continues in DTCC's Associate Degree Nursing         Carolina Board of Nursing and is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting
                                                                          Commission (NLNAC).
                                                                          For more information, contact or call 919-536-7234, ext. 8147, or visit

4                                                                                                                                                                                           919.536.7200

     Layoff Means a New Chapter for a Long-Time
                   Telecommunications Manager
                                                               Joel Pendergraft is one   retire and sit home. “I wanted to do something I enjoyed,” he said. Through
                                                               of those lucky people     information he received in the mail, he learned that Durham Tech had a
                                                               who is turning an avo-    Machining Technology curriculum. “I signed up for just 20 hours,” he said. ”I'd
                                                               cation into a vocation.   been out of school for so long. I'm a perfectionist, but I feared I wouldn't excel.”
                                                               An avid rifleman who      He needn't have worried. He worked hard and received top grades. In fact, he
                                                               holds a world record      was able to complete two semesters of work in one semester, a rare accomplish-
                                                               in 1,000-yard             ment. “I did have the advantage of already knowing much of the material,” he
                                                               benchrest shooting,       said modestly. After he completes the program, Pendergraft plans to establish a
                                                               Pendergraft enjoys tin-   small home business, contracting with area companies that need hand-crafted
                                                               kering in his garage      parts. Pendergraft also plans to expand his gunsmith business.
                                                               workshop making rifle
Joel Pendergraft is parlaying a long-time hobby into a career,                           Students in Durham Tech's Machining Technology program learn to manufac-
                                                               parts. After a recent
thanks to Durham Tech's Machining Technology program.                                    ture mechanical components using a variety of modern machines. These range
                                                               layoff, he plans to use
                                                                                         from basic, manually-operated band saws to state-of-the-art computer numerical
the skills he acquired through Durham Tech's Machining Technology program
                                                                                         control (CNC) machine tools. Students learn to read mechanical blueprints.
to become a professional machinist.
                                                                                         They master basic machining skills as well as computer-aided manufacturing
Pendergraft enjoyed a 23-year career with Nortel Networks, where he managed                                    software to program CNC milling and turning machines.
an engineering department for a number of years. He and his family moved to                                    Machining students find employment in manufacturing
Dallas for a couple of years before he was transferred back to the area. In 2001,                              industries, government agencies, and specialty machining
Pendergraft took a job with an engineering company contracting to Nortel,                                      job shops. Most machining students already have a job
where he was director of quality. But when the telecommunications industry                                     lined up before they graduate!
struggled, Pendergraft was among the many who lost their jobs.
                                                                                                                    For more information, contact
“I had many good years with the company,” he said. “I thought I'd be there as                                       or call 919-536-7234, ext. 8145, or visit
long as I wanted to be.” But when he left Nortel, Pendergraft wasn't ready to                             

   Durham Tech Graduate
 Finds His Niche with World
   Wide Web Consortium
Before Doug Schepers enrolled at Durham Tech, he held a few jobs: cook, waiter,
delivery driver, video store clerk, hotel A-V technician, salesman, wine-grape
picker, landscaper, taxi driver, and more. Then he became a laboratory technician
for a pharmaceutical company. It was there that Schepers learned more about the
web and computer programming. “I was excited by how the web was making so
much more possible than stand-alone PCs could do themselves,” he said.
Schepers enrolled in Durham Tech’s Computer Programming curriculum in the
late 1990s. His instructors had jobs in the computer programming and consult-
ing fields, and he learned much more than theory. Their material focused on
how to accomplish pragmatic tasks, he said. Shortly before Schepers graduated, a         Doug Schepers poses in Tokyo in front of barrels of sake at the shrine to the first modern
fellow Durham Tech student told him about a job opening at the company                   emperor after Japan transitioned from a feudal society to a parliamentary democracy.
where he worked. He got a job as an assistant database engineer. Other jobs fol-         He advises those considering the field to apply what you learn in your own
lowed. Along the way, he learned XML technologies, specializing in a web-based           projects and keep experimenting. “Always set your own standards higher than
XML graphics technology called Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). Schepers and              that of your employers, and put something of yourself in all your projects to
several others started a small international consulting company building web             keep yourself engaged,” he said.
applications. Later he joined the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) as a
member company and helped create the next version of the SVG language.                   Graduates of Durham Tech’s Computer Programming curriculum learn
                                                                                         computer concepts, logic, programming procedures, languages, code generators,
Today Schepers works for the World Wide Web Consortium and is employed by                operating systems, networking, data management, and business operations.
the W3C office at Keio University in Fujisawa, Japan. He is the W3C team
contact for the SVG and WebApps Working Groups. He coordinates member                    Graduates find employment as programmers, programmer trainees, programmer/
companies and promotes technologies. He also writes technical specifications,            analysts, computer operators, systems technicians, and database specialists.
the blueprints for browser functionality. Schepers likes traveling around the            For more information, contact or call 919-536-7235,
world and developing new technologies. “It’s often challenging and sometimes             ext. 8157, or visit
political since we are a forum for rival companies to collaborate,” he said.
Creating Success — Hope, Opportunity, and Jobs

    Durham Tech?
    Here’s How to Enroll.
Use these steps to enroll in college credit
programs and courses.

1   Choose your program.
    Select the program that best fits your goals. Check out some of the
    programs featured in this publication. Also visit our web site at Click on “Career Programs and University Transfer,”
    and select a Program of Study. If you are still undecided, we can help.
    Use the “Career Center” link at For more informa-
    tion, call 919-536-7207.
                                                                                  5    Prepare for and take the placement test.
                                                                                       Most students are required to take the COMPASS test to determine

                                                                                       course placement. Preparing and practicing for this test can help you
    Complete the paperwork.                                                            save valuable time and money. Use the “Placement Testing” link at
    Enrollment Application                                                    to learn more about how to prepare. The testing
    If you want to take college-level courses, you need to complete an                 schedule and exemption information are also available online. For
    enrollment application using the “Admissions” link at                              more information, call 919-536-7210. For more information, call 919-536-7202.
    Transcript Request Form
    If you plan to pursue admission to a degree, diploma, or certificate
    program, submit your official high school transcript, GED scores, or
                                                                                  6    Attend a ConnectSession, Durham Tech's new
                                                                                       student orientation.
                                                                                       Once you have completed the steps above, you are ready to begin the
                                                                                       advising and registration process. Attend a ConnectSession to review
    proof of high school completion to Durham Tech’s Admissions office.
                                                                                       your program requirements; plan your first semester of courses; meet
    If you desire an evaluation for transfer credit, submit an official college
                                                                                       with an advisor; and register on WebAdvisor, our online registration
    transcript to the Admissions office. For more information, call 919-
    536-7202.                                                                          system, or on TECHLINE, our telephone registration system. Use the
                                                                                       “Orientation/ConnectSession” link at to make sure

3   Apply for financial aid, and then follow up.
    Financial Aid Application
    If you need financial aid, complete the FAFSA (Free Application for
    Federal Student Aid) online at Make sure you
                                                                                       you have completed all the requirements to attend, reserve your seat,
                                                                                       and review the documents you’ll need to bring. For more information,
                                                                                       call 919-536-7205.
    include Durham Tech’s school code (005448) so the college will receive
    your information. The application process can take more time than you
    might expect, especially during busy registration periods. Start now.
                                                                                  7    Pay your tuition.
                                                                                       Although you have until the deadline listed on the web site to pay your
                                                                                       tuition and fees, it is best to settle your account as soon as possible
                                                                                       after you have registered. Payment may be made on the telephone
    Additional Steps and Documentation
                                                                                       using TECHLINE or in person at the cashier’s window on the second
    If you receive a notice from the federal government that you are quali-
                                                                                       floor of the Phail Wynn, Jr. Student Services Center. Use the “Tuition
    fied for financial aid, you still may have additional steps to complete
                                                                                       & Fees” link at to learn about the current tuition
    the process to receive this money at a college or university. You will
                                                                                       rates and fees. For more information, call 919-536-7201.
    receive an email or a letter from Durham Tech’s Financial Aid office if
    there is additional paperwork you need to complete. It is necessary to
    submit all documentation prior to the deadline listed on the college’s
    web site to use your financial aid to pay for tuition and books. Use
    the “Financial Aid” link at for additional details. For
                                                                                   8   Get your student ID card and parking tag.
                                                                                       Visit the Campus Police and Public Safety office to obtain your ID
                                                                                       card. If you plan to park on campus, bring your license plate number
                                                                                       and the make and model of your vehicle to obtain your parking tag.
    more information, call 919-536-7209.                                               For more information, call 919-536-7255.

4   Activate your ConnectMail and WebAdvisor
    Once your enrollment application has been processed, you will receive
    an email or a letter with instructions on how to activate your student
                                                                                   9   Buy your books.
                                                                                       Get ready by buying your books and everything else you’ll need to be
                                                                                       successful on your first day of class. Use the “Bookstore” link at
                                                                              to determine which textbooks are required. For more
    email and web registration accounts. From this point forward, you will             information, call 919-596-8883.
    receive important updates and all official communication through your
    new student email account. Use the “ConnectMail” and “WebAdvisor”
    links online at to get instructions. For more informa-
    tion, call 919-536-7206.
                                                                                  10   Attend your classes.
                                                                                       To get a good start, attend the first day of your classes to make sure
                                                                                       you understand course requirements and have the correct textbooks
                                                                                       and materials. To successfully finish your classes, attend regularly!

6                                                                                                                    919.536.7200

A Placement Test is a Smart Start!
                                                          After completing a written application to
                                                          Durham Tech, you may need to take the                   Student Spotlight
                                                          COMPASS placement test before attend-
                                                          ing a ConnectSession, the college’s new
                                                          student orientation, to register for courses.
                                                          A placement test helps determine the
                                                          courses that you need for college success.
                                                          It assesses your skills in writing, reading,
                                                          numerical reasoning, and algebra.
                                                          Achieving your best score on the test can
                                                          save you time and money.
To perform well on the test, review the subjects that are covered and become familiar with this
type of test. Chart Your Success on the COMPASS is a helpful guide that includes test-taking
strategies and sample questions. Limited copies are available on reserve at the libraries on the
Main Campus, at the Northern Durham Center, and on the Orange County Campus. You can
also purchase your own copy at the Durham Tech Bookstore for $54.95. To check out additional
COMPASS practice questions and review material, visit
Your DTCC student ID number, which you will receive once you have completed your written
application, is required to take the COMPASS placement test. You must also bring a photo ID
when you take the test. For more information about placement testing and to review the test
schedule, visit or call 919-536-7202. You can also obtain a test schedule in the
Testing Center located in the Phail Wynn, Jr. Student Services Center, room 1302.

                                                                                                                Clubs and Activities Offer
The ACA 122 Course – Your                                                                                     Opportunities for Enrichment
                                                                                                                       and Growth
Guide to Success at DTCC                                                                                    Many active students are enrolled at Durham Tech, and
                                                                                                            then there is Chris Hart. The Networking Technologies
Last August, Maisha O’Neal registered for some of
                                                                                                            student has held a job most of the time he has been in col-
the prerequisite courses she needed for Durham
                                                                                                            lege. Hart was co-manager of the program’s capstone proj-
Tech’s Associate Degree Nursing program. She also
                                                                                                            ect, creating a web site, drafting a project plan, and organ-
learned that she should take ACA 122 College
                                                                                                            izing team members, among other duties. He obtained an
Transfer Success, a course that helps new students
                                                                                                            internship with UNC-Chapel Hill’s Department of
become successful students.
                                                                                                            Computer Science and was president of Durham Tech’s
“I was not happy,” O’Neal recalled. “I thought,                                                             chapter of Phi Beta Lambda business society, all while
‘Another course. Why do I have to take this one-                                                            maintaining a 4.0 average. Hart is Durham Tech’s recipient
credit-hour course?’” Today O’Neal is one of the                                                            of the N.C. Community College System’s statewide 2010
biggest supporters of ACA 122. “It was very helpful                                                         Academic Excellence Award, and he received the President’s
to me,” she said. In the course, she learned study                                                          Recognition Award. Many Durham Tech students hold
and review strategies. She even learned how to han-                                                         jobs and raise families, but all students should consider
dle her math test anxiety. “I felt like I knew the sub-                                                     becoming involved in at least one campus activity.
ject, but during a test I was so anxious. I didn’t test
                                                                                                            “Extracurricular activities not only help prepare us for the
well in math,” she recalls. While taking ACA 122,
                                                                                                            challenges that await us outside of class, but they are also a
she learned about new math web sites and other
                                                                                                            great way to make new connections,” said Hart. “They
resources that increased her skills and her confi-
                                                                                                            help solidify our bond as students with the institution,
dence. O’Neal made an A on the math course.
                                                                                                            strengthening our sense of community.” Hart also advises
She and other DTCC students say the course helps         Maisha O'Neal contributes much of her success at   potential students to get to know their advisors and
them take better notes, study more efficiently,          DTCC to the ACA 122 course.                        instructors. "They are here to help you,” he said. Become
become better organized, and make higher grades. Through their portfolio projects, they learn               familiar with the supportive resources on campus. “There
about career choices that might be a good fit for their talents and interest. They research one             are numerous resources, such as the Center for Academic
career that they might want to pursue. After the project, O’Neal decided that she wanted to be a            Excellence, computer labs, tutoring, and developmental
nurse. Once she finishes her degree, she plans to work with cancer patients.                                studies,” he said. “If you need help, don't be afraid to ask.
O’Neal said ACA 122 also helped her navigate the campus and find numerous resources. She                    I have seen too many people who didn't take advantage of
learned about advising, registration, financial aid, tutoring, and many student clubs and activities.       these resources.” He advises new students to pace them-
As it happened, the course was also where she met her best friend!                                          selves. “If it’s been a while since you’ve been in an academic
                                                                                                            environment, don’t take too much of a course load,” he
For more information about ACA 122 College Transfer Success, contact                                        said. “Ease into it at first, especially with the other or 919-536-7223, ext. 8083.                                                       demands life has on your time.”
Creating Success — Hope, Opportunity, and Jobs

 Got Questions About                                                                      Here are Some Important
    Financial Aid?                                                                        Financial Aid Reminders:
                                                                                      • Although your tuition and fees will be automatically deducted from
We’ve Got the Answers!                                                                  your account once you have been awarded financial aid, WebAdvisor
                                                                                        does not reflect this deduction. It will only list award amounts.
Q. What types of financial aid does Durham Tech offer?                                • Out-of-state students who are awarded financial aid will have a
                                                                                        balance due. If this applies to you, please plan accordingly.
A. There are three types of financial aid: grants (which do not have to be
    paid back), work-study (which is paid part-time employment), and                  • You must be accepted into an approved program of study to be
    scholarships (which are cash awards to selected qualifying students).               eligible for financial aid.
                                                                                      • You must maintain satisfactory progress toward graduation in
Q. How do you apply for financial aid?                                                  order to keep your financial aid.
A. To be considered for any type of federal, state, or other need-based finan-        • After you receive your Student Aid Report, Durham Tech must
    cial aid, you must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid
                                                                                        receive additional paperwork in order to process your financial aid.
    (FAFSA) at Students may use an online template that
    guides them through the process. For further assistance, students may             • Tuition and fees are automatically taken out of your account by
    visit the Financial Aid office, located in the Phail Wynn, Jr. Student              the Business Office if you are granted financial aid before the
    Services Center, room 1209A.                                                        payment deadline dates. If tuition charges are more than your
                                                                                        financial aid award, you will be responsible for paying any
Q. What is Durham Tech’s Title IV school code?                                          remaining balance.
A. 005448                                                                             • Understand that financial aid awards are based on full-time
                                                                                        enrollment. If you attend less than full time, financial aid awards
Q. What other enrollment requirements must you meet to be eligible for                  are adjusted according to your part-time enrollment.
    financial aid?
                                                                                      • State grants require a student to be enrolled in at least six credit
A. In order to receive financial aid of any kind, you must be enrolled in               hours.
    a credit diploma or credit degree program or an approved noncredit

Q. Does a Student Aid Report (SAR) confirm that you will receive a
    financial aid award?
A. No. The SAR is generated by the federal government and does not
    guarantee a financial aid award. Please follow up with the Financial Aid
    office to confirm your award status.

Q. After tuition and book fees are taken out of your financial aid award,
    what happens to the rest of your money?
A. All refunds will be mailed directly to you. Please make sure the
    Registration office has your correct address on file.

Q. Do you have to reapply for summer funding?
A. You do not have to reapply for summer funding if you have been awarded          Financial Aid Award Example
    financial aid in the fall or spring of that calendar year. However, you will   If a student receives a Pell Grant award for $5,300, which equates to $2,650
    need to speak to a financial aid counselor regarding fund availability.        per semester, the following applies:
Q. Are there special conditions for state financial aid awards?                      Enrollment Status                 Credit Hours*                 Award           of Award

A. Yes. To receive any state financial aid award, such as the North Carolina         Full-Time Status*                12+ Credit Hours              $2,650             100%
    Student Incentive Grant, the North Carolina Community College Grant,             3/4-Time Status                9 – 11 Credit Hours             $1,987             175%
    or the North Carolina Education Lottery Scholarship, a student must be
                                                                                     1/2-Time Status                 6 – 8 Credit Hours             $1,325             150%
    enrolled in at least six credit hours. There are no exceptions.
                                                                                     1/4-Time Status              5 or Fewer Credit Hours           $ 662              125%
                                                                                   * Financial aid for full-time enrollment in vocational programs (Surgical Technology, Licensed
    For more information, contact the Financial Aid office at 919-536-7209.          Practical Nursing, Machining Technology, and Pharmacy Technology) will be awarded based
                                                                                     on contact hours. Please speak with a Financial Aid counselor for details.

                                                                                   For more information, contact the Financial Aid office at 919-536-7209.

8                                                                                                                                 919.536.7200
     University Transfer
 Pre-Majors and Study Tracks
                                                    University Transfer: The First Step to a Four-Year Degree
                                                    If you are thinking about earning a bachelor’s degree at a          education equal to the first two years at a four-year institu-
  Pre-Majors in Associate in Arts
                                                    four-year college or university but want to start out with          tion, and our knowledgeable advisors will guide you through
  Anthropology                                      smaller classes in a nurturing, economically practical environ-     the transfer process. You will save thousands of dollars in
  Art Education                                     ment, Durham Technical Community College’s University               tuition and fees by completing your first two years of higher
  Business Administration, Accounting, Economics,   Transfer program may be the place for you. With one of the          education at Durham Tech. Our partnerships with four-year
     Business Information Systems, Finance, and     largest and most respected University Transfer programs in          institutions, such as the C-STEP and BRITE initiatives, may
     Marketing                                      the state, Durham Tech enrolls well over 1,500 students in          offer further financial assistance. For information, visit the
  Business Education and Marketing Education
                                                    the Associate in Arts (A.A.) and Associate in Science (A.S.)        Virtual Transfer Center at
                                                    programs each year (see box at right). Durham Tech students
  Criminal Justice                                                                                                      The Associate in Arts (A.A.) is a two-year (64-credit-hour)
  Elementary Education                              successfully transfer to public and private four-year institu-
                                                                                                                        degree program with an emphasis on humanities and social
  English                                           tions, including UNC-Chapel Hill, North Carolina State
                                                                                                                        sciences courses. This degree is intended for students plan-
  English Education                                 University, North Carolina Central University, Appalachian
                                                                                                                        ning to major in such areas as English, foreign languages,
  Health Education                                  State University, East Carolina University, UNC-Greensboro,
                                                                                                                        psychology, sociology, or nursing. The Associate in Science
  History                                           Meredith College, and Duke University.
                                                                                                                        (A.S.) is a two-year (64-credit-hour) degree program that
  Liberal Studies
                                                    In fact, this year Durham Tech was identified by the North          emphasizes science and math courses. This degree is intended
  Middle Grades Education
                                                    Carolina Community College System as one of the five top-           for students planning to major in such areas as engineering,
  Physical Education                                performing colleges for transfer over the last five years. More     biology, chemistry, or math. The college provides pre-majors
  Political Science                                 than 90 percent of Durham Tech University Transfer students         and study tracks in a number of fields to guide students in
  Psychology                                        who completed at least 24 credit hours or received an associate     course selection that will make transfer into their intended
  Social Science Secondary Education                degree had a GPA of 2.0 or higher after one year of enrollment      majors at four-year institutions seamless. A list of pre-majors
  Social Work                                       at a UNC school or private college (based on 2005-2009              and study-tracks appears on this page.
  Sociology                                         Critical Success Factors). UNC-Chapel Hill juniors who have
                                                                                                                        Durham Tech has entered into bilateral agreements and
  Special Education                                 transferred from Durham Tech average higher GPAs than
                                                                                                                        transfer tracks with some universities and colleges to
  Pre-Majors in Associate in Science                students who attended their first and second years there.
                                                                                                                        facilitate smoother transfer for students from specific
  Biology, Biology Education                        Furthermore, legal agreements are in place to assure that your      Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree programs.
  Chemistry, Chemistry Education                    time and effort at Durham Tech will move you closer to a            Current agreements and tracks include Accounting, Business
  Engineering                                       four-year degree. Under the Comprehensive Articulation              Administration, Fire Protection Technology/Public
  Mathematics                                       Agreement (CAA) between North Carolina’s community                  Administration, Nursing, Information Technology Systems,
  Mathematics Education                             colleges and public universities, students earning the A.A. or      and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering track
                                                    A.S. transfer into the state’s four-year institutions as juniors    (at ECU). Students can visit the Transfer Center, see their
  Study Tracks
                                                    with 64 credit hours of course work. Our outstanding                Durham Tech faculty advisor, or browse the Virtual Transfer
  Business Administration Online at ASU             University Transfer faculty will ensure that you receive an         Center for additional information on particular agreements.
  Biopharmaceutical at NCCU-BRITE
  Clinical Laboratory Science at UNC-CH
  Computer Information Systems at NCCU (A.A.)                  Spotlight on University Transfer Success: Natalia Silva Harwood
  Computer Science (A.A.)                           Born and raised in Belém, a city at the mouth of the Amazon                                  have a support network, it takes a
  Dental Hygiene (A.S.)                             River in Brazil, Natalia Silva Harwood remembers carrying                                    while to understand the system, how
  Design (A.A.)                                     loads of dirty laundry in baskets on her head from the homes                                 things work,” she said.
  Early Childhood at NCCU (A.A.)
                                                    of wealthier families to her home. There her mother would                                     After Silva Harwood graduated from
  Elementary Education at NCCU (A.A.)
                                                    pump water and wash the clothes before Silva Harwood and                                      Durham Tech, she completed her
  Engineering at ECU
  Finance at NCCU (A.A.)                            her brother carried them back to their owners. One of her                                     Bachelor of Science in Management
  Forensic Science (A.A.)                           friends taught Silva Harwood a few words in English, and                                      degree online through the University
  General Education at UNC-CH (A.A.)                she became fascinated by the language. When her father                                        of Phoenix while working to support
  General Education at UNC-CH (A.S.)                brought home a discarded English textbook he found in the                                     herself. She applied and was accept-
  Health Promotions Online at ASU (A.A.)            trash, then-10-year-old Silva Harwood spent hours learning          Natalia Silva Harwood     ed to George Washington University
  Hospitality and Tourism at NCCU (A.A.)            the words by using the book’s glossary. “Ever since I was little,   in Washington, DC. She completed a Master of Education
  Leadership in the Public Sector at NCSU (A.A.)    I was focused on getting an education,” she recalled.               degree in school counseling. Of her accomplishments she said,
  Middle Grades at NCCU (A.A.)
                                                    As a teen, she met one of her mother’s employers, Silvia            “I had to beat so many odds coming from a bad environment.
  NCSU College of Management
  Philosophy (A.A.)                                 Neno, who worked for a cultural exchange organization that          In Belém, if you get a college degree and a master’s from
  Pre-Law (A.A.)                                    teaches English as a Second Language and facilitates study          George Washington, you’re a star.”
  Pre-Medicine (A.S.), Pre-Dental, Pre-Optometry,   abroad in Brazil. “Neno became my guardian angel. She paid          At Durham Tech, we agree. On March 1, Silva Harwood
      and Pre-Veterinary                            my tuition to attend a private school to learn English,” said       began her new job at the college as a program assistant for the
  Pre-Pharmacy (A.S.)                               Silva Harwood, who eventually went to work for her friend           Center for the Global Learner. She will work with internation-
  RN to BSN at NCCU (A.A.)                          advising students interested in studying abroad.                    al students and program directors to encourage cultural
  RN to BSN at UNC-CH (A.A.)
  Radiologic Science at UNC-CH (A.S.)               In the fall of 2001, having moved to the United States, Silva       exchange and global education. Silva Harwood credits
                                                    Harwood enrolled at Durham Tech. It took her four years             Durham Tech faculty with encouraging her to continue her
ASU – Appalachian State University                  to finish her Associate in Arts degree. She encourages first-       education. The faculty “just get it,” she said. “They have
ECU – East Carolina University                      generation college students and international students not to       knowledge and patience. They guide students through the
NCCU – North Carolina Central University            feel frustrated if their programs take longer than expected. “It    steps and walk with us — until they realize we can do it on
NCSU – North Carolina State University                                                                                  our own. Then they let go and let the students shine,
UNC-CH – University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
                                                    takes time to adjust. If you are first-generation and you don’t
                                                                                                                        but they are still there if we need them.”                 9
Corporate and Continuing Education                                                                                                  919.536.7222
                                                                            Beginning this spring, Durham Tech offers eight JobsNOW programs, including three that

Learn an In-Demand                                                          are brand new! JobsNOW provides short-term training that can be completed in six months
                                                                            or less. Additional funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act enables the
                                                                            state’s community colleges to provide training in high-demand fields. Applicants must have
Skill in a Short                                                            a high school diploma or a GED from an accredited school to qualify for any of these pro-
                                                                            grams. Financial assistance may be available through the Workforce Investment Act for those

Amount of Time                                                              who meet certain requirements. JobsNOW training also includes career readiness certifica-
                                                                            tion, career exploration, college placement testing, and more.
                                                                                                        Auto Detailing – Begins May 17

Through JobsNOW                                                                                         BioPharma Lab Assistant – Begins May 3
                                                                                                        BioManufacturing Process Technician – Begins April 26
                                                                                                        Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Basic Training
                                                                                                         – Begins May 18
                                                                                                        Health Unit Coordinator – Begins May 17
                                                                                                        Nursing Assistant – Begins May 17
                                                                                                        Solar Technology – Evening Classes – Begins May 17
                                                                                                                           Day Classes – Begins June 1
                                                                                                        Sustainable Landscaping – Begins June 1

                   For more information, email or call 919-536-7222, ext. 4021, or visit

                                                                                                              Demand for Licensed Skin Care
                                                                                                                  Specialists Increases
                                       Durham Tech Offers                                                   Train to be a licensed skin care specialist through the new
                                       Nationally Certified                                                 Esthetics Technology program. Esthetics is the beautifica-
                                                                                                            tion of the skin on both the face and the body. Licensed
                                       Solar Technology Course                                              estheticians work as make-up artists, cosmetics buyers,
                                                                                                            cosmetics researchers, medical estheticians, and esthetics
                                       Students can now obtain an entry-level certificate in Solar          instructors. Students in Durham Tech’s Esthetics Technol-
                                       Technology at Durham Tech through the North American                 ogy program participate in intensive training in a newly-
                                       Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). After              created, fully-appointed salon. The program includes 600
                                       taking the 100-hour course and passing the national certifica-       instructional and clinical hours as required by the N.C.
                                       tion exam, students have the knowledge and understanding             Board of Cosmetic Arts Examiners. The $1,040 fee is
                                       of terms and concepts of photovoltaic (solar electric) systems       divided between the first and second semesters.
                                       necessary for employment in the industry.
                                                                                                            For more information, contact
 For more information, contact or call 919-536-7222, ext. 4013, or visit           or call 919-536-7222, ext. 4407, or visit                                          

        Learn Key Construction Skills
      Through This Five-Course Program
   Durham Tech’s Construction Trades program teaches students what they need to know to land
   an entry-level position. The expert instructors in this program teach the following five courses:
   Carpentry I, Carpentry II, Blueprint Reading, Estimating, and Masonry. The sequence of courses
   takes the student from basic tools and equipment through the complete process of building an
   entire house. Carpentry I and Blueprint Reading are offered during the fall semester, Carpentry II
   and Estimating during the spring semester, and Masonry during the summer term. Students may
   enter the program at any time.
   For more information, contact or call 919-536-7222, ext. 4017, or visit

10                                                                                              919.536.7200

                     What Degrees, Certificates,
                and Diploma Programs are Available?
Programs to Transfer to a Four-Year College                                                      Programs for a Medical/Biotechnical Career:
or University:                                                                                   Associate Degree Nursing
Associate in Arts Degree                                                                             LPN to ADN Track
Associate in Arts Transfer Core Diploma                                                          Clinical Trials Research Associate Degree
Associate in Science Degree                                                                          Level I Certificate
Associate in Science Transfer Core Diploma                                                           Level II Certificate
                                                                                                     Data Management Certificate
Program to Create an Individualized Degree:                                                      Dental Laboratory Technology Degree
Associate in General Education Degree                                                                Cast Partial Denture Certificate
    Concentration in Emergency Preparedness                                                          Complete Denture Techniques Certificate
    Management                                                                                       Crown and Bridge Techniques Certificate
                                                                                                     Dental Ceramic Techniques Certificate
Programs for a Second-Language Career:                                                           Medical Assisting Diploma
Community Spanish Language Certificate                                                               Introductory Medical Assisting Certificate
Community Spanish Facilitator Certificate                                                            Office Centered Certificate
Medical Spanish Facilitator Certificate                                                          Occupational Therapy Assistant Degree
Workplace Spanish Certificate                                                                    Opticianry Degree
                                                                                                     Optical Apprentice Certificate
Programs for a Business Career:                                                                  Pharmacy Technology Degree
Accounting Degree                                                                                Pharmacy Technology Diploma
    Bookkeeper Entrepreneur Certificate                                                              Retail Pharmacy Technician Certificate
Business Administration Degree                Programs for a Career in Industry:                 Practical Nursing Diploma
    Entrepreneurship Certificate              Architectural Technology Degree                    Respiratory Therapy Degree
    Human Resources Certificate                   Architectural CAD Certificate                  Surgical Technology Diploma
    Marketing Certificate                     Automotive Systems Technology Degree
    Operations Management Certificate             Automotive Systems Diploma                     Programs for a Public Service Career:
Health Information Technology Degree              Automotive Electrical Certificate              Basic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
    Comprehensive Coding Diploma                  Automotive Machining Certificate               Criminal Justice Technology Degree
    Medical Coding Certificate                    Drivetrain Certificate                         Early Childhood Education Degree
Medical Office Administration Degree              Engine Performance Certificate                      Child Care Administration Certificate
Office Administration Degree                      Under Car Certificate                               Child Development Certificate
    Word Processing Certificate               Electrical/Electronics Technology Degree                Infant/Toddler Care Certificate
Paralegal Technology Degree                       Electrical/Electronics Technology Diploma      Emergency Preparedness Technology Degree
    Bankruptcy Law Certificate                    Construction Electrician Certificate                Business Continuity Certificate
    Business Law Certificate                      Control Electrician Certificate                Environment, Health, and Safety Technology Degree
    Civil Litigation Certificate                  Maintenance Electrician Certificate                 Environment Management Certificate
                                              Electronics Engineering Technology Degree               Occupational Health Certificate
Programs for a Computer Technology                Computer Repair Certificate                         Occupational Health Management Certificate
Career:                                       Industrial Systems Technology Degree                    Occupational Safety Certificate
Computer Information Technology Degree
                                                  HVAC Certificate                               Fire Protection Technology Degree
    Linux+ and CLP Certificate
                                                  Maintenance Certificate                             Fire Management Certificate
    Microsoft Certificate
                                                  Welding Certificate                                 Wildland Fire Suppression Certificate
    Software Specialist Certificate
                                              Machining Technology Diploma                       School-Age Education Associate Degree
Computer Programming Degree
                                                  Basic Machining Certificate                         Instructional Apprentice Associate Certificate
    Database Programming Certificate
                                                  Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Certificate
    Java Certificate
    Visual BASIC Certificate
    Visual C# Certificate
Information Systems Security Degree
    Secure Networking Certificate
Networking Technology Degree
    CCNA Certificate
    Network+ Certificate
Web Technologies
    Web Designer Certificate
Creating Success — Hope, Opportunity, and Jobs
 Important Dates for Summer Term 2010 Credit Classes
                              Admissions and Financial Aid
                              Enrollment applications, change of major forms, transcripts, and financial aid documents due ..................................... May 4
                              IMPORTANT: All documents must be submitted by this date to be accepted into a program and receive financial aid in sufficient time to see
                              an advisor and register during late registration for Summer Term. Students who wish to register earlier should submit all documents at least
                              two weeks prior to advising. Students submitting enrollment applications or change of major forms after May 4 may still register as visiting
                              (non-admitted) students. However, visiting students are not eligible to receive financial aid.

                              General Advising and Registration
                              Advising Appointments for Admitted Program Students with Assigned Advisors ............................................ Begin March 22
                              Priority Registration for Admitted Program Students with 35 or More Credit Hours .................................................. April 12
                              Priority Registration for Admitted Program Students with 17 or More Credit Hours .................................................. April 13
                              Priority Registration for Admitted Program Students with 4 or More Credit Hours .................................................... April 14
                              Priority Registration for All Admitted Program Students ................................................................................... April 15 – 16
                              Advising for New Durham Tech Students Via ConnectSession ...................................................................... April 12 – May 3
                              Registration for New Students Who Have Attended ConnectSession ............................................................ April 19 – May 3
                              WebAdvisor or TECHLINE Registration for All Students .................................................................................. April 19 – May 3
                              Registration Payment Deadline (4 p.m. – Cashier’s Window; 12 midnight – TECHLINE) ............................................... May 3
                                                  Summer Term credit classes begin May 17 and end July 27, 2010.

                              Plan Ahead for Fall!
                              Advising for Admitted Program Students ............................................................................................ Begins June 22, 2010
                                            Fall Semester credit classes begin August 16 and end December 15, 2010.

                                     Register Online This Summer!        Currently enrolled credit students can activate their
                                                                         WebAdvisor account at
                                                                             • Search for courses
                                                                             • Register for classes
                                                                             • View your class schedule
                                                                             • View grades and unofficial transcripts
                                                                                     • Check your account balance — all online!

                                                                                             Learn About These Programs
                                                                                         By Attending an Information Session
                                                                                   • Clinical Trials Research Associate – April 13 and May 5, 6 – 7 p.m.,
                                         Non-Profit Organization
                                                                                     Durham Tech/GlaxoWellcome Technology Center, room 910.
                                              US POSTAGE                           • Medical Assisting program – June 3, 5 p.m.,
                                               Durham, NC                            Durham Tech/GlaxoWellcome Technology Center, room 906.
                                           Carrier Route Presort
                                             Permit No. 496                        • Nursing programs – All Nursing program information sessions are
    1637 Lawson Street                      Postal Patron Local
    Durham, NC 27703                                                                 held in the Phail Wynn, Jr. Student Services Center
                                                                                     – April 14, 2 p.m., Multi-Purpose Room, first floor
                                                                                     – April 27, 5:30 p.m., Testing Center, room 1302
                                                                                     – May 11, 5:30 p.m., Multi-Purpose Room, first floor
                   CAR-RT SORT
                                                                                   Durham Tech’s Main Campus is located off the Briggs Avenue
                   Postal Customer                                                 exit of the Durham Freeway. See Main Campus at

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