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									PLA Market in China Keeps Witnessing Uptrend in Next Few Years

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CCM’s report, Benchmarking of Lactic Acid and Polylactic Acid in China discloses that PLA market sees
uptrend in China. The report penetrates into 11 manufacturers including 6 lactic acid manufacturers and 5
PLA manufacturers.

Guangzhou China, May 10, 2011 - According to CCM International’s latest report called Benchmarking of Lactic Acid
and Polylactic Acid in China, PLA’s market demand in China will witness an uptrend in the next five years and will
climb to over two million tonnes in 2015.

“Featured by environmentally friendly, biological degradation and governmental support, PLA is attracting more and
more attention both at home and abroad. Though China has achieved great progress in the development of PLA in
the past ten years, its PLA industry still stays at the initial stage. Most of the five key manufacturers are preparing to
expand PLA capacity to above 10,000t/a. “The researcher of PLA project from CCM commented.

“The total output of lactic acid and polylactic acid has come to a substantial high level. Total capacity of lactic acid
and PLA has reached over 200,000 t/a and around 10,000 t/a respectively. Still, most of the enterprises are planning
to expand and put up new production lines. China has the potential to be the biggest manufacturing base in near

“The report firstly analyzes the policy and regulation in bioplastic industry in China, then figures out the key market
drivers. PLA, given its important and hot bioplastic, is so necessary that we make clear about the overall market. It’s
useful for those who want to enter into PLA or biomaterial market in China” The researcher explain, “We analyze on
11 manufacturers including 6 lactic acid manufacturers and 5 PLA manufacturers, like Anhui BBCA & Galactic Lactic
Acid Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Hisun Biomatericals Co., Ltd., and they are all key players in China. For example, Zhejiang
Hisun Biomaterials Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang Hisun) is the second largest PLA manufacturer in China, who enjoys the
highest reputation thanks to its good PLA quality.”

A spokesman from CCM said,” The report aims to help readers have a deep view of both industries and then make
an effective development strategies of PLA and lactic acid business to help them gain a deep understanding of key
manufacturers and potential manufacturers on manufacturing cost, capacity & output, and so on, and help them
grasp critical intelligence on technology, investment opportunity and market situation”

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