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					                   MUSLIM UNIVERSITY OF MOROGORO
DAY         DATE    MONTH                                EVENT
Thursday      1     Jan-09                      New Year (Public Holiday)
Monday       12     Jan-09                Zanzibar Revolution (Public Holiday)
Saturday     17     Jan-09                  Planning and Finance Committee
Monday       26     Jan-09                      Semester I Exams Begin
Saturday     31     Jan-09               Appointments and Staff Dev. Committee
Friday        6     Feb-09                       Semester I Exams End
Saturday      7     Feb-09                         End of Semester I
Monday        9     Feb-09                     Vacation for Students Starts
Saturday     14     Feb-09                     Students Affairs Committee
Saturday     21
                    Feb-09                     Extermal Examiners Meeting
Sunday       22
Saturday     28     Feb-09                         Joint Faculties Board
Saturday      7     Mar-09                                Senate
Monday        9     Mar-09                              Maulid Day
Tuesday      10     Mar-09                          Semester II Begins
Saturday     14     Mar-09                                Council
Tuesday       7     Apr-09                     Karume Day (Public Holiday)
Friday       10     Apr-09                     Good Friday (Public Holiday)
Sunday       12     Apr-09                       Easter (Public Holiday)
Monday       13     Apr-09                    Easter Monday (Public Holiday)
Saturday     18      Apr                     Planning and Finance Committee
Sunday       26     Apr-09                      Union Day (Public Holiday)
Friday        1     May-09                     Workers' Day (Public Holiday)
Saturday     30     May-09    Apointment and Staff Dev. Committee (Academic and Administrative)
Monday       22     Jun-09                       Semester II Exams Begin
Friday        3     Jul-09                        Semester II Exams End
Saturday      4     Jul-09                      Students Vacation Begins
Tuesday       7     Jul-09               International Trade Fair (Public Holiday)
Saturday     11
                     Jul-09                    External Examiners Meeting
Sunday       12
Monday       13     Jul-09                       Teaching Practice starts
Saturday     18     Jul-09                        Joint Faculties Board
Saturday     25     Jul-09                               Senate
Saturday      1     Aug-09                               Council
Saturday      8     Aug-09                     Nane-Nane (Public Holiday)
Saturday     15     Aug-09                     Students' Affairs Committee
Saturday     22     Aug-09                        *Ramadhan Begins?
Friday        4     Sep-09                      End of Teaching Practice
Saturday     12     Sep-09    Apointment and Staff Dev. Committee (Academic and Administrative)
Monday       21     Sep-09                               *Idd-el Fitr
Saturday     26     Sep-09           Arrival of 1st Year Students for 2009/2010 intake
Monday       28     Sep-09                    Orientation week for 2009/2010
Wednesday    14     Oct-09                      Nyerere Day (Public Holiday)
Saturday     21     Nov-09                            Graduation Day
Saturday     28     Nov-09                                Idd el Haj
Wednesday     9     Dec-09                  Independence Day (Public Holiday)
Friday       25     Dec-09                    Christmas Day (Public Holiday)
Saturday     26     Dec-09                       Boxing Day (Public Holiday)