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On May the 11th, 2011 I was to Medigas in Peterborough Ontario to have the JOEY LIFT installed
into the van so that I am able to continue doing our ministry work with the homeless, needy,
elderly, disabled, teenagers and mothers with young children across the Durham region and into
the GTA area.

Also having this device it gives me more independents and convenience since it is impossible to
try to depend on the current public transportation system as it is somewhat adequate but in
most cases it is not dependable and reliable for the disabled individual who is wanting to go
across Durham region or into the GTA area.

Even the GO transportation system is an adequate and not beneficial for the handicapped
because of their regulations and their pickup policies at certain locations across the region.

I would like to mention and bring recognition and attention to some of the individuals who
helped to make this possible for me to have the JOEY LIFT. As it has been a very long waiting
period for me to be in this position to be able to have this device for our van.

The following list of names and businesses made it possible for this personal dream come true.

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Wilson formally from Ajax now currently living in Oshawa.

(Generous donation)

Mrs. Pat Yole currently living in Pickering Ontario (Generous donation)

Mr. Allen Feinwax - for his time and honest effort

Mr. Mark Caverly - for his time and honest effort

Mr. Alan Perron - for his time and honest effort

Mr. Tawfik Salama - MASTER TUNE - UP IN Ajax Ontario

ONTARIO MOTOR SALES - ( and their staff ) especially to Trevor Caverly- mechanic and electric
technician who was able to rectify our electrical problem in the van.

QUINN'S TOWING (JOEL) he was there in the Time of need and was very helpful and respectful.

Would like to give thanks and gratitude to Mrs. Nicola Phillips from Montessori Learning Centre
of Pickering, staff, family members and children who participated in the clothing and
nonperishable food items for the families over the Easter holiday.
Pastor Garry Cuthbert and The Holy Spirit Ministries Food Basket are so grateful for the above
people who come forth to give a helping hand to make things happen for the sake of our
Ministry and it is a great pleasure and a true blessing that the Holy Spirit has brought all of us
together for a common goal of saving souls and allowing our ministry to be practical useful and
beneficial across the communities, cities, nursing homes. and hospitals under the umbrella of
Durham region and the GTA.

May God bless you all and may you all the prosperous and your efforts and hopefully we are able
to continue working together for the sake of the lost souls that need our help.

Yours truly,

Pastor Garry Cuthbert
Pastor Garry Cuthbert

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