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					                              Allusions in Fahrenheit 451
This is a partial list of allusions that can be found in the novel. They are presented here in
the order in which they appear in the novel.

1.  Juan Ramón Jiménez                              28. Winston Noble (Churchill)
2.  Millay, Edna St. Vincent                        29. Hubert Hoag (Humphrey)
3.  Whitman, Walt                                   30. Dover Beach
4.  Faulkner, William                               31. All isn't well with the world
5.  Play the man, Master Ridley; we                     ("All's right with the world.")
    shall this day light such a                     32. Ruth
    candle, by God's grace, in                      33. We're all sheep who have
    England, as I trust shall never                     strayed at times
    be put out.                                     34. Truth is truth
6. Dante, Alighieri                                 35. Burning bright
7. Swift, Jonathan                                  36. Old Montag wanted to fly near
8. Marcus Aurelius                                      the Sun and ... he's burned his
9. Civil War                                            wings
10. Hamlet                                          37. Harvard
11. Mormons, Baptists, Unitarians,                  38. Thomas Hardy
    second generation Chinese,                      39. Ortega y Gasset, José
    Swedes                                          40. Ecclesiastes
12. the Constitution                                41. Revelation
13. Little Black Sambo/Uncle                        42. Plato's Republic
    Tom's Cabin                                     43. Charles Darwin
14. That favourite subject, Myself                  44. Einstein, Albert
15. Shakespeare, William                            45. Aristophanes
16. Jefferson, Thomas                               46. Mahatma Gandhi
17. Thoreau, Henry David                            47. Gautama Buddha
18. the lilies of the field                         48. Confucius
19. Hercules & Antaeus                              49. Thomas Love Peacock
20. Remember Caesar, thou art                       50. Mr. Lincoln
    mortal                                          51. Byron, George Gordon Noel
21. Pirandello, Luigi                                   Lord
22. Shaw, George Bernard                            52. Tom Paine (Payne)
23. John Milton                                     53. Machiavelli, Niccolò
24. Sophocles                                       54. Thoreau's Walden or Life in the
25. Aeschylus                                           Woods
26. O'Neill, Eugene                                 55. Bertrand Russell
27. The Book of Job                                 56. Magna Charta

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