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                   Vol. VII No. I I              December 1, 1993                               Peter & Hilary Mae Gaul 951 Spanish Wells Dr. Melbourne, FL 32940

                                  Happy 50th
Gaul news

                       Wedding Anniversary
                        Ferdinand and Dorothy (Rau) Gaul, of Earling, Iowa,
                  were honored at an early celebration of their 50th wedding
                  anniversary. The celebration, hosted by their children, was
                  held Saturday, October 2, 1993. The festivities began with a
                  Mass at St. Joseph’s Church followed by a reception at the
                  parish hall.

                         Ferdinand Gaul and Dorothy Rau were married
                  December 28, 1943 at St. Boniface Catholic Church in
                  Westphalia, Iowa. Ferd is the son, and third oldest child, of
                  the late Peter and Elizabeth Gaul. Dorothy Rau is the
                  daughter, and oldest child, of the late Gilbert and Mrs.
                  Lidwina Rau of Portsmouth, Iowa. Ferd is a retired Mechanic
                  and Dorothy works part-time at the Little Flower Haven in
                                                                                  Carol and Jeff Walton of Harlan, Iowa; Joan and Terry
                                                                                  Hulsebus of Harlan, Iowa; Laurie and Jack Gilbert of
                         The couple have thirteen children, thirty-six grandchil- Glidden, Iowa; Walter and Donna Gaul of Dunlap, Iowa;
                  dren, and seven great-grandchildren. The children and           Dan and Deb Gaul of Dow City, Iowa; Marian and Dan
                  spouses are: Shirley (Hendricks) of Omaha, Nebraska; Jean       Greer of Kirkman, Iowa; Lisa and Tim fox of Alburnett,
                  and Dan Bieker of Harlan, Iowa; Ron and Paula Gaul of           Iowa; Janice and Tim Thompson of Cedar Rapids, Iowa; and
                  Harlan, Iowa; Larry and Maxine Gaul of Earling, Iowa;           David Gaul of Earling, Iowa.

                 DESCENDANCY CHART                                                    3— Angela Alice Bieker (1971)                                 2— Laurette Marie Gaul (1955)
                 1— Ferdinand Henry Gaul (1916)                                       sp-Rodney Kenkel                                              sp-Jack Eugene Gilbert (1955)
                  sp-Dorothy Rau (1925)                                          2— Ronald James Gaul (1948)                                            3— Levi Cody Gilbert (1984)
                     2— Shirley Mae Gaul (1944)                                  sp-Nancy Blum (1948)                                                   3— Rachel Ann Gilbert (1987)
                     sp-Raymond Hendrick (1944)                                       3— Kerry Gaul (1970)                                          2— Walter Charles Gaul (1958)
                         3— Sandra Marie Hendricks (1964)                             sp-Angie Petsche                                              sp-Donna Fern Pryor (1961)
                         sp-Roy Edward Winters (1962)                                 3— Jason Gaul (1974)                                              3— Matthew Gaul (1982)
                             4— Kimberly Rose Winters (1986)                          3— Aaron Gaul (1979)                                              3— Heather Fern Gaul (1985)
                             4— Jesse Winters                                    sp-Paula                                                               3— Jonathan Henry Gaul (1987)
                         3— Raymond Jr. Hendricks (1966)                              3— Thad (Paula's child)                                       2— Daniel Gerard Gaul (1959)
                         3— Catherine J Hendricks (1967)                         2— Larry Gerald Gaul (1950)                                        sp-Debbie Laubscher (1959)
                         sp-John “Woody” Goodell                                 sp-Maxine Theilen (1953)                                               3— Krystal Sunshine M Gaul (1981)
                             4— Dylan Robert Goodell (1990)                            3— Danell Gaul (1974)                                            3— Shawn Gaul (1984)
                             4— Lauren Goodell                                        3— Robin Gaul (1980)                                              3— Cody Daniel Gaul (1992)
                         3— Bradley D Hendricks (1976)                           2— Carol Adelaide Gaul (1952)                                       2— Marian Elizabeth Gaul (1961)
                     2— Jeanne Elizibeth Gaul (1946)                             sp-James Fitzpatrick (1952)                                        sp-Daniel Greer (1958)
                     sp-Daniel Leo Bieker (1945)                                      3— Jessica C Fitzpatrick (1974)                                   3— Benjamin Daniel Greer (1991)
                          3— Natalie Marie Bieker (1964)                              3— Christain Fitzpatrick (1977)                               2— Lisa Ann Gaul (1963)
                         sp-Daniel Crees                                              3— Sara R Fitzpatrick (1981)                                  sp-Timothy Scott Fox (1961)
                              4— Jason Crees (1984)                               sp-Jeff Walton                                                    2— Janis Marie Gaul (1965)
                             4— Brianna Jean Crees (1992)                             3— Jessie Walton (Jeff's child)                               sp-Timothy Thompson (1964)
                         3— Kristina Renee Bieker (1965)                              3— Timmy Walton (Jeff's child)                                    3— Amanda Thompson (1985)
                         sp-Kevin Burns                                          2— Joan Marie Gaul (1953)                                              3— Gregory Lowe Thompson (1988)
                             4— Sarah Elizabeth Burns (1991)                     sp-Terry Hulsebus (1951)                                               3— Mary E Thompson (1990)
                         3— Craig Daniel Bieker (1968)                                3— Jennifer Hulsebus (1973)                                   2— David John Gaul (1966)
                         3— Brian Edmund Bieker (1969)                                3— Sherry Hulsebus (1974)
                         sp-Laura Olson                                               3— Joey Hulsebus (1976)
                                                                                      3— Shelly Hulsebus (1979)
  page 2                                        December 1, 1993                                             Gaul news Vol. VII No. II

         Jack's Story Corner “Napoleon
                                                                                                 Who Was this guy,

          Back in the late 1920s my Dad and     or of those he didn’t like. I remember
   his three brothers, William, Peter and       seeing Bruno Hauptmann, the man
   Paul, installed 32 volt battery powered      accused of kidnapping the Lindbergh
   lighting systems in their homes. All of      baby; and John Dillinger and Al Capone.
                                 the systems    And then the pictures of Adolph Hitler,
                                 used a         Herman Goering, Goebbels, and Himmler
                                 somewhat       were there along with Benito Mussolini               Jack’s story in the July issue of the
                                 cantanker-     and Chamberlain. Herbert Hoover also was      Gaul newsletter was a real hit with readers
                                 ous single     there, as was Hirohito, Haile Selassieand     in this country as well as Luxembourg.
                                 cylinder       Franco of Spain. Pictures of Henry Ford,      Here are some excerpts from some of the
                                 engine         John L. Lewis and Wendell Willkie made it     letters.
                                 driven         into Dad’s outhouse gallery too.
                                                                                                    The first letter, and the one that
                                 generator                                                    prompted me to write Roland Gaul in
                                 built by the          I recall, especially during the war
                                                years, that if Dad got all steamed up over    Diekirch, Luxembourg, came from Jack’s
                                 Delco                                                        brother, Dewie, in Sioux City, Iowa.
                                 Electric       what he read about some person in the
                                 Company to     newspaper and began cussing in German,
                                                                                                     Dewie’s letter arrived in an unusual
                                 keep the       it wouldn’t be long before he had a new
                                                                                              state however. It showed evidence that you
batteries charged. But this concept, for the    picture for us to paste up in the outhouse.
                                                                                              folks in the Midwest got more than your
most part, did eliminate the dependence on      Once that was done however, Dad seemed
                                                                                              share of rain this summer. It arrived in a
kerosene and/or gas lamps. And in some          satisfied. He had his little victory.
                                                                                              plastic envelope with a note printed on it
cases also provided enough power to                    Shortly after the war the old out door from the post office in Sioux City and was
drive an electric water pump.                   privy got torn down and Dad’s gallery was sopping wet. It apparently was dropped
       In Dad’s case this pump supplied         no more. But we still talk it about now and into a puddle of red mud. The stamp
                                                then and wonder who’s pictures might          wasn’t even canceled. Once dried how-
water under pressure to an indoor flush                                                       ever, everything was very legible.
toilet, bath tub and wash sink.                 have been added. Mao-tse-tung,
                                                Khruschev, Ho-Chi-minh, Khomenini,
                                                                                                     The Judge wrote, “I hope Jack’s
      Dad however harbored some doubts          Hussein, Castro? Knowing how Dad
                                                                                              Story Corner will be a regular feature of
about the dependability of his Delco            decided who belonged in his outhouse, I
                                                                                              the Gaul News. The Book, on page I-9,
Electric Lighting system and water works        feel they, plus many other’s would have
                                                                                              covers his story in this edition in 7 lines.
and therefore kept his out door privy in a      made it.
                                                                                              Jack’s account is more colorful. One
good state of repair. Should his new                                                          doesn’t want to be picky on details, but the
modern indoor contrivances fail. ALL                                                          man Jack calls ‘Napoleon Nick’ is not so
would not be lost.
                                                            Thanks for the                    obscure. He was Paul Gaul and he was our
                                                                                              father’s great-grandfather.”
       In his out door privy, there was the                “postage      relief”
usual collection of out dated Sears and                                                             In his letter, Dewie also sent copies
Roebuck, Montgomery Ward and National                  With the contribution of money         of two pages from a book on “Luxem-
Belas’ Hess mail order catalogues. But Dad        and stamps from many of you, much of        bourgers In Napoleon’s Army.” He found
went one step further. He had the older           the cost of this mailing of the Gaul News   the book in the Yale University Library.
children in his family paste pictures and         is covered. Thank you all.                  Of the pages, he says, “You will note that
clippings taken from newspapers or                                                            Jean-Pierre Gaul, brother of our great-
magazines onto the inside walls of this                 I welcome your help and contin-       great-grandfather Paul Gaul, was with
privy.                                            ued support. But just as important are      Napoleon in Russia, while our ancestor’s
                                                  the letters and sharing the news of your    army career is much more modest. But the
       I must have been in the second or
                                                  families with us all. Thanks again for      book may be wrong, and they gotten the
third grade before I realized that the
                                                  your support.
pictures which Dad signaled out to be
pasted in his outhouse were of evil people                                                    Continued on next page
Gaul news Vol. VII No. I                                December 1, 1993                                                        page 3

                                            for his former regiment, as soon as he            wars as one big adventure, and not Paul
“Napoleon Nick” continued                   learned of Napoleon’s return from the             who was a lowly supply soldier, had
                                            island of Elba. So he also took part in the       neither the status nor the opportunity to
careers of the two Gaul brothers reversed.” ‘100-day campaign’ and returned                   view much real action.”
Since the pages are in French, he sug-      definately home in 1815. Gaul wound up
                                            his days in his hometown of Hobscheid as                So there you have it folks. Was
gested that a translation of those items
                                            a day-laborer.                                    Jack’s ‘Napoleon Nick’ my grandfather
would be a service to the family records.
                                                                                              Nicholas’s grandfather Paul, or are the
      I sent a copy of the two entries,                Paul Gaul: Brother of the preceding,   stories about Paul’s brother Jean-Pierre?
along with Dewie’s comments, to Roland          Gaul entered service in 1812 as a member      You be the judge.                   s
Gaul in Diekirch, Luxembourg thinking he        the 7th ‘train’ battalion (transportation
would find them interesting, since he gets      unit). In 1813 he participated in the
a copy of the newsletter. He sent me a nice     Saxony campaign and returned to his home
response which contained the translation.       by the end of 1813, where he established
Roland, you recall, works for the Ameri-
can Embassy and is curator of the Battle
                                                himself in Perle as a cobbler, and where he
                                                remained for the rest of his life.’
Of The Bulge museum in Diekirch.
                                                       I hope the attached is useful for
                                                completing the “Gaul” story. Once again,
                                                                                              TO THE CLAN
      I'd like to share Roland’s response
with you.                                       many thanks for your thoughtfulness. I’d
                                                like to close with all my very best regards   Shelly Waldron, married Tyge Gaul
       He wrote, “Thank you so much for         and wishes to my dear American ‘cous-               October 4, 1993. Tyge is the son
being so kind to keep me posted on the          ins’.”                                              of Michael and Cathy Gaul of
American Gauls by sending updates and                                                               Davenport, Iowa; His Grandparents
newsletters on a regular basis. I really                                                            are Sylvester and Betty Gaul of
appreciate you doing all this — I share, of                                                         Davenport, Iowa.
course, the info with my father. The more
we think of this exciting transatlantic Gaul                                                  Jeffrey Paul Steel, married Julie Ellen
connection, the greater the wish to come                                                            Zimmerman October 9, 1993 in St.
over to visit you, and vice versa the                                                               Andrews Church in Orlando
greater the hope that some American                                                                 Florida. Jullie is the daughter of
Gauls would come over and visit their           There's More!                                       Duane and Pat Zimmerman of
Luxembourg cousins.                                                                                 Orlando, Florida; Julie’s Grandpar-
                                                                                                    ents were the late Jack and Liparda
       I was especially thrilled by the two            I also sent a copy of the two French         (Gaul) Zimmerman of Earling,
enclosures revealing that one of our            versions of the biographies to our son              Iowa.
common ancestors served under Napoleon.         Jerry, in Grand Forks, North Dakota. His
I am especially proud of this. As you           translations were pretty much the same as   Catherine Hope Gaul, born August 20,
mentioned that you were looking for a           Roland’s except for one major difference.        1993 to Carl and Debbie Gaul of
translation, let me please contribute a tiny    In Jerry’s version, Jean-Pierre sustained a      Melbourne, Florida; Grandparents
bit to all your dedicated efforts and do fill   sword injury in Liepzig on October 17,           Peter and Hilary Mae Gaul of
in for that Translation follows:                1813. But in Jerry’s own words, “. . . I         Melbourne, Florida; Great-
                                                can't guarantee my translation. For              granfather, William Grote of The
      ‘Jean-Pierre Gaul: Entered in 1807        example, I’m unsure if Paul Gaul became a        Little Flower Haven in Earling,
the 7th regiment of hussards and partici-       shoemaker in the town of Perle, or if he         Iowa.
pated in 1809 in the Austrian campaign, in      was a maker of beaded shoes.” Then, he
1811 in the Polish-, and in 1812 the            continues in a more serious tone.           Simon Joseph Gaul, born May 27, 1993,
Russian campaigns; and as a fellow soldier                                                       to Greg and Nanette Gaul of Des
of Marshal Davonst, he participated                    “ Obviously Jean-Pierre was more          Moines, Iowa; Grandparents Leo
amongst others in the Wagram, Moskowa,          into the Napoleonic wars than his brother.       and Aggie Gaul of Earling, Iowa.
and Smolensk battles. During the 1813           Many people were forced into fighting,
Saxony campaign, he distinguished               and his [Paul’s] position in the supply     Troy Michael Gaul, born June 22, 1993
himself on October 17 at Leipzig. In 1814,      train, suggest to me that he was not             to Tyge and Shelly Gaul of Daven-
he participated in the campaign of France,      exactly as enthusiastic as his brother, who      port, Iowa; Grandfather Michael
and came under control of the allies            managed to see all the major battles and         Gaul of Davenport, Iowa; Great-
(captured??) near Soissons on February          lived to tell about it. The stories you’ve       grandparents are Sylvester and
13. During the 1st “Restauration” period,       collected must be all from Jean-Pierre,          Betty Gaul of Davenport, Iowa.
he returned home, but volunteered again         who would have viewed the Napoleonic
  page 4                                      December 1, 1993                                            Gaul news Vol. VII No. II

  Going Back To Our European Roots
       Of the nine children born to Johann          Nicholas Gaul, in 1871, came to the        In May of 1993,
Wilhelm and Anna Albertine (Thiennes)         United States and went to the farm of his
Gaul, their daughter Rosalie was the only     uncle, Peter Gaul. After his marriage he      Leo and Agnes Gaul
one to remain in her native Luxembourg.       farmed in Shelby County, Iowa.
Their son, Nicholas, was the first to leave                                                 paid a visit to the
Luxembourg for the United States in 1871.           Theresia Gaul was born November
Anna Albertine came to the United States      16, 1853 in Pratz, Luxembourg. She, on        homeland of their
                                              January 14, 1879 in Groshaus, Luxem-
after her husband, Johann Wilhelm, died in
1883. She died September 17, 1902 at          bourg, married Peter Zeimen. After they       ancestors.
Westphalia, Iowa. She is buried at Earling,   had three children they came to the United
                                              States. They lived near Earling, Iowa for a         They returned to the hometown of
Iowa.                                                                                       Agnes’ father, William Schulte, who was
                                              time and then moved to the Mapleton,
      The following are excerpts about the    Iowa area where Theresia died on Febru-       born in Bracht, Germany and to Leo’s
family from The Nicholas And Susanna          ary 2, 1913.                                  grandfather Nicholas Gaul’s hometown
(Friedmann) Gaul Family history:                                                            Pratz-Bettborn, Luxembourg. It was there,
                                                    Rosalie Gaul was born May 2,            in Pratz, that Leo and Agnes met Leo’s
      Paul Gaul was born July 4, 1847 at      1856 in Pratz, Luxembourg. She                2nd cousin, Jean Pierre Steichen and his
Pratz, Luxembourg. On February 15,            married Pierre Kisch in October of            two sons Jean Claude and Nico and their
1870, at Groshaus, Luxembourg, he             1878. She died February 27, 1926 in           families. Jean Pierre is the grandson of
married Anna Catherine Wiltgen. They          Pratz, Luxembourg. On the night she           Rosalie (Gaul) Kisch.
had four children, all born at Dellen,        died, her sister Catherine, in America,
Luxembourg. His wife died December 14,        heard her scratching at the window,
1882 at Dellen. Paul then married Lucy        trying to get in.
Meyer on May 19, 1885 and had a child
on March 14, 1887. Paul was a blacksmith           Rosalie had three children and
in Luxembourg. About 1888, he and his         descendants of hers still live in
five children came to the United States. On   Luxembourg - the only descendants of
January 19, 1897, he became a naturalized     Johann Wilhelm Gaul who do.
citizen at Harlan, Iowa. He died July 14,
                                                    Catharine Gaul was born Septem-
1928 at Wadena, Minnesota.
                                              ber 12, 1858 at Pratz, Luxembourg. She,
      Peter Gaul was born March 8, 1849       on May 31, 1888 in Earling, Iowa,
at Pratz, Luxembourg. He married Mary         married John V. Dergans. Catherine died
Boes on September 11, 1872 in Bettborn,       at Mapleton, Iowa July 5, 1940.
                                                    Anna Marie Gaul was born May
      On September 6, 1884 Peter, in a        27, 1861 at Pratz, Luxembourg. She
delirium, got up from his sick bed in         married Johann Bissen in Westphalia,
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, went to          Iowa on May 6, 1884. They had nine
the window, fell out the window and died.     children. She died October 6, 1933 in
His brother Nicholas, on his farm near        Earling, Iowa.
Earling, Iowa on September 6, 1884 told
                                                    Jacob Gaul was born May 29,
his family that his brother Peter, back in
                                              1864 at Pratz, Luxembourg. He married
Luxembourg, had fallen out of a window.
                                              Mary Graff on October 1, 1890 in
Weeks later word came to Nicholas
                                              Earling, Iowa. He died May 20, 1907 in
confirming that on that day Peter had
                                              Cooper Township, Monona County,
indeed fallen out of a window and died.
                                              Iowa. He and Mary had seven children.
      After Peter’s death, his widow Mary
                                                     Paul Gaul was born April 23, 1867
and their five children all came to the
                                              at Pratz, Luxembourg. He died, unmar-
United States. Mary (Boes) Gaul died
                                              ried, on November 19, 1892 at Dubuque,
August 5, 1917 and is buried in the
                                              Iowa.                                         The Tomb of Rosalie (Gaul) Kisch in the
Westphalia, Iowa cemetery.
                                                                                            church cemetary in Bettborn, Luxembourg
Gaul news Vol. VII No. I                        December 1, 1993                                                            page 5

      When Leo and Agnes first arrived in
Luxembourg, they stopped at the Battle Of
The Bulge Museum in Diekirch, Luxem-
bourg. The Museums Curator, Roland
Gaul was not there that day but the man on
duty called him at his home and they
talked with him. Roland gave them
directions to Pratz-Bettborn. It was about
four in the afternoon when they arrived
there. Despite the fact that they came
unannounced, Jean Pierre and his wife
Anne gave them a very warm welcome.

       Jean Pierre, Anne and their two
sons, with their families, live on the same
street and next door to each other. Leo and
Agnes were quickly introduced to their
sons, Jean Claude, his wife Josie, and two
sons, and to Nico and his wife Sylvia.
Nico is a farmer and is the organist at the
church while Jean Claude works for the
State. Jean Claude, who could speak
English, then took them to the church and
cemetery in Bettborn.

      The church at Bettborn is the same
church where our ancestors Paul Gaul and            Leo Gaul is pictured here, on the left, with Nico and Sylvia Steichen
Elizabeth Sadler were married July 18,                                of Pratz-Bettborn, Luxembourg
1817. The church, you may recall, was
pictured in the December 1991 issue of the
Gaul News. It was there that the picture of
Rosalie’s tomb was also taken.

      Leo and Agnes spent a very pleasant
evening visiting with Jean Pierre’s family
before they continued their journey.

      Congratulations To
Anthony Enderle, graduated from St.
    Thomas Academy in St. Paul
    Minnesota on June 10, 1993. He is
    the second child of Jacqueline (Gaul)
    Charbel and Stephen Enderle of
    Eagan, Minnesota. His grandparents
    are Dewie and Mavis Gaul of Souix
    City, Iowa.

    Did your address change?
     (Many rural routes were
   changed to street address’).               Left to right: Jean Pierre Steichen, his wife Anne; Leo Gaul, in the back
  If your’s did, drop me a line.              center; Sylvia and her husband Nico (Nico is wearing a cap) and Jean
                                              Claude (on the right) with his two sons in the foreground.
                          L/R: Hilary Mae and Pete, seated in the two
                             Stephen’s family: Charlie, Stephen holding
                             Thomas, Debbie seated on arm of chair holding
                             Joanne and Gerald seated on arm of chair.
                             Julie, Kelli.
                             Robert’s family: Robert, Linda, Christopher,
                             Teresa’s family: Matthew holding Alex,
                             Teresa holding Carolyn seated on arm of chair.
                             Carl’s family: Debbie, Carl., Candice and
                             Maria (kneeling)

                          Picture taken June 1993.
                              Catherine, Carl and Debbie’s daughter (not
                              shown) was born August 1993.

      From our family to yours
Merry Christmas and a Happy
           New Year
             Pete and Hilary Mae Gaul

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