Lake Tyee
        PiraTe FesTivaL
       Friday July 31-Sunday August 1

Plan now to join your mates for a
weekend of pleasures 'n treasures
                    Bring your
               swashbucklers for
               three days packed
              full of activities and
              Lake Tyee Pirate Festival
                 Don’t miss the event of the year…arrr!
                       (*see specific event flyers for more details)
         Friday                            Saturday                                 Sunday
     July 30, 2010                       July 31, 2010                           August 1, 2010

     Concession stand open 11am-3pm, clubhouse
•   Assortment of Pirate    •   Pirate activities for kids 10am,             •    Treasure Hunt
    Crafts 11am-noon,           clubhouse deck                                    (Children 7 and
    clubhouse ($1 per       •   Black Market (lot owner vendor fair),             younger) 10:30am,
    project)                    11am-2pm, outside if weather                      clubhouse
                                permitting, otherwise inside the             • Treasure Hunt (Youth
•   Pirate pool games           clubhouse                                         age 8 to 12) Noon,
    1pm, swimming pool      •   *Milk Carton Derby 2pm, boat launch               clubhouse
    (weather permitting,                                                     • Treasure Hunt (Teens
    must be able to swim)   •   *Lot decoration judging 4-5pm
                                                                                  and Adults) 1:30pm,
                            •   *Pirate Feast and Entertainment 6pm,              clubhouse
•   Pirate movie 2:30pm,        clubhouse (pre-register with the office
    clubhouse                   by July 26th, 2010 for a discounted price)   Note: Treasure hunts will
•   *Pirate Bingo, doors    •   *Pirate Costume Contest 7:30pm,              start on time and will last
    open at 6:30pm, play        clubhouse                                    about 1 hour, please be
    begins at 7pm,          •   *Pirate Ball (Dance with DJ) and contest     present at the start in order
    clubhouse                   awards 7:30-10pm, clubhouse                  to participate.
             Pirate Black Market
                     Saturday 11am-2pm
            Outside if weather permitting, otherwise inside the clubhouse

• Lot owners, this is your chance to sell your goods.
   – Bring your crafts, do-dads, garage sale items, flea
     market items or anything else and set up a table in the
     field to sell your goods.
• You must man your owner booth/table, bring
  your own money to make change, and handle
  your own setup/tear down.
• You may use tables from the clubhouse but you
  must return them inside when you’re finished
  using them.
                       Milk Carton Boat Derby
                    Saturday, July 31, Boat Launch
• There are two types of milk carton boats to choose from:
   – Pirate transporter (which is capable of carrying at least one live pirate
     on it without sinking or flipping) - eligible for $100 cash prize. Life
     jacket required for pirate demonstrating transporter boat .
   – Stylish Vessel (which is stylish and floats but not big enough to haul
     pirates) - eligible for $25 cash prize. Can be made out of one or more
     milk cartons.
• Your boat must rely completely on milk cartons for flotation,
  however above the water line anything goes.
• DO NOT enclose the cartons completely within the hull, they
  must be visible. If cartons are not visible, the boat will be
• This is not a milk carton boat race; it’s a milk carton
  boat display and flotation test.
• Any type or size of milk carton is okay.
Pirate’s Feast and Dinner Entertainment
July 31, 2010 6pm if pre-paid, 6:15pm if not pre-paid
                                                                                           Watch the
 Cap’n, Sea Dogs, Saucy Wenches, and Landlubbers (age 11 and older):                     amazing “Fire
 $7 if pre-registered and pre-paid or $9 if paid the day of the event                    Eating Lassie”

 Lads and lassies (age 10 and younger):
 $5 if pre-registered and pre-paid or $7 if paid the day of the event
 Shiver me timbers!
 There’s some great grub being served here!
  Fiddlers Green ( Mozzarella balls with an               Sword Fight Duel
     olive slice, tomatoes, basil in a lettuce cup          Demonstration
     with balsamic vinegar)
                                                        (Sword fight training for kids
  A portion of:                                                                         Be mesmerized by
        Dead man bones (Tiny ribs in BBQ sauce)
                                                          with foam swords after
                                                             demonstration)              the “Belly Dancing
        Parrot legs (Sticky garlic chicken drummies)                                      Saucy Wench”
        Rat on a stick (Pork kabobs)
    Doubloons (Roasted potato rounds)
    O'de Sea veggies
    Hard Tack (Biscuit)
    Scurvy preventers (Fruit)
    Grog (Fruit punch with a bit of
     nonalcoholic rum flavoring - those who
     wish, may add their own spirits)

 Please complete the form to preregister and prepay for the Pirate Feast and Entertainment by
Sunday, July 26th. We want to ensure we have enough food for everyone who wants to attend.
     Pirate Ball and Costume Contest
             Saturday, July 31st
 Dance the night away with your pirate
    family, friends, and neighbors
• Costume judging will occur at precisely 7:30pm prior
  to the Pirate Ball. A trophy will be awarded to best
  costume for adult, teen (13-17), youth (8-12) and
  child (7 and younger).
• Prizes for the milk carton derby and lair (lot)
  decorating contest will be awarded at the Pirate Ball.
            Pre-Register for the following
        Pirate Festival Events
Pirate Lair (Lot) Decorating Contest Rules:         Cap’n, Sea Dogs, Saucy Wenches, and Landlubbers (age 11
1. Complete registration form below and submit at   and older):
   Lake Tyee Office by July 31, 2010 at noon        $7 if pre-registered and pay by Sunday July 26th or $9 if paid
2. Decorate your lot in Pirate motif before         the day of the event
   Saturday, July 31st at 4pm (when the judging     Lads and lassies (age 10 and younger):
   begins)                                          $5 if pre-registered and pay by Sunday July 26th or $7 if
3. Winner will be announced at the Pirate Ball on   paid the day of the event
   Saturday evening. Best decorated lot will win    ***When you pay you will be provided a ticket (initialed by seller) for
   $100.                                            admission to the Pirate’s Feast and Dinner Entertainment.
4. Must be present at Pirate Ball to win.           Your tickets are your receipt, DON’T loose them!

        Pirate Lair (Lot) Decorating
                                                     Pirate Feast Reservation
                Entry Form
                                                                            Lot #: __________
                     Lot #: __________                                      Name: _________
                     Name:                                                  Total # of pirates feasting:

                     _______________                                         # of Adults $7 each:__________________

                                                                             # of Kids (10 and under) $5 each: _______
                                                                             Total payment: $________________
                                                                             Ticket #’s: __________________
Pirate Bingo                                         Bring all your
                                                     gold and
                                                     gems… arrrr!

        Friday, July 30th
Tentative (if we have enough volunteers)

Doors open at 6:30pm
                             Volunteers Needed - Sign-up in the
                             Concession (3 volunteers)
                             Caller (1 volunteer)
                             Distribute Hard Cards (2 volunteers)
                             Sell 50/50 (1 volunteer)
                             Bingo Cashier (2 volunteers)

                              Participants under 18 must be
                              accompanied by a parent; cash
                              prizes will only be awarded to
                              adults and parents of minors.

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