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									                                                        The Nutshell
                           The Walnut Creek Neighbors and Newcomers Club
                           Volume 49, Issue 7           www.walnutcreeknewcomersclub.org        March 2009

The President’s Monthly Message                                                            Inside this issue:
                                                                                Our Name and Officers ...... 2
Once again this club amazes me. We had a packed meeting for our
                                                                                Out to Lunch ................... 3
Community Service Projects. We have so many things to offer in this
area. Projects include Child Protective Services food drive, St.                Welcome Coffee ................ 4
Vincent de Paul Easter baskets, Bay Area Crisis center, Fresh Start             Bay Area Excursion ............ 5
cooking, cell phone collections, Wardrobe for Opportunity, and our              Small Activity Groups .......... 6-7
new ―Project Ready to Learn‖ to school back packs for under
                                                                                Member Profile ................. . 8
privileged kids. This really gives us an opportunity to give back to our
community.                                                                      Birthdays,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,......8
                                                                                Calendar ........................ ..9
Our featured member this month is Laurie Harken. She has been a
member since 2003. She coordinates our monthly Bay Area
                                                                                New Members, New Friends:
Excursions and does an awesome job. Read all about her in this
                                                                                Teresa Grant
                                                                                1952 Oak Grove Rd, WC 94598
Just in time for spring gardens, this month’s excursion is to the
                                                                                Birth date: 10/18
Sunset Magazine gardens in Menlo Park. Sign up early.
                                                                                Works full-time
                                                                                Interests: evening activities: Bunko,
In March our nominating committee, Nikki Harris, Sylvia Allen, Ann
                                                                                Night Owls, possibly Walk N Talk.
McBride, Mary Lou Welch, Susan Hansen, and Ellena Teague will start
their search for next years officers. This is a great opportunity.
                                                                                Regina Wand
Being on the executive board is a rewarding experience and allows
                                                                                1200 Allen Way, Pleasant Hill 94523
you to be part of the leadership of this wonderful organization. It
also provides us with new fresh ideas. If you are interested in
                                                                                Birth date: 9/16
holding office, let us know. If we call you for help, please say yes.
                                                                                Interests: Excursions, Book Group,
                                                                                Bunko, Community Outreach, Lunch
                          SAVE THE DATE!
                           Sunday MAY 3rd
              Spring Social – Cinco de Mayo Celebration
                                                                                Anne Fuller
                                                                                1900 San Miguel Dr., WC 94596
That is the date of our Spring Social, Cinco de Mayo Celebration.               annemonty@sbcglobal.net
This will be held in the lovely home of Susan Hansen. We have lots of           Birth date: 10/15
fun and food planned for this day. Write it on your calendar today.             Interests: Excursions, Book Group

We have so much happening this month, you will just have to read
this month’s newsletter to see how much fun there is to enjoy.

                                Kathy Winnie, President
      The Nutshell                              March 2009                                                Page 1
     About the Walnut Creek Area Neighbors and Newcomers Club
                                   The purpose of the Walnut Creek Area Neighbors and Newcomers Club is
                                   to promote friendship among women in the Walnut Creek Area through
                                   social functions, activities, interest groups, and community service.
                                   Additionally newcomers to the area will be introduced to the charm and
                                   vast resources of the Diablo Valley and the Bay Area.

                       2008-2009 Executive Board of Directors
President                           Kathy Winnie
1st Vice President                  Agnes Shintani                                   Monthly luncheon
2nd Vice President                  Carolyn Priest                                   Membership
                                    Ann Smith                                        Membership Assistant
3rd Vice President                  Lynda Smith                                      Coffees
Secretary                           Ann McBride
Treasurer                           Sandy Kretsch

                                  Activity Chairpersons
 Executive Activity Chairperson           Audrey Green
 Bay Area Excursions                      Laurie Harken
 Book Discussion Group                    Carolyn Priest
 Bridge                                   Sue Eltringham
 Bunko                                    Nancy Bocanegra
 Casual Bridge                            Pat Painton
 Community Outreach                       Pat Hacker
 Documentary & Discussion                 Open
 Duplicate Bridge                         Sue Eltringham
 Golf                                     Paulette Chandler
 Lunch Bunch                              Elaine Steele
 Marriott Bridge                          Bette Perez
 Night Owls                               Ann Thelwell
 Partnership Bridge                       Henny Dijkman & Petie Wright
 Scrapbooking                             Mary McDonald
 Tennis                                   Connie Wylie
 Walk and Talk                            Eugenia Rutledge

                       Standing Board Committee Members 2008-2009
 Ex-Officio                               Nikki Harris
 Historian                                Francine Ruotolo
 Newsletter Editors                       Anna Freitas & Sylvia Allen
 Parliamentarian                          Carroll Brooks
 Publicity                                Fran Love
 Roster                                   Marj Russell
 Web Master                               Sylvia Allen

        The Nutshell                             March 2009                                       Page 2
                         March Out to Lunch
                                Tuesday, March 17, 2009
                                       11:30 am

                                SUNRISE BISTRO
                    1559 Botelho Dr. (between Main and Locust Sts.)
                               Walnut Creek ~ 930.0122

               Parking: Large 2 hr. free parking lot in front of restaurant;
                      In the Main Street Plaza, near the Ross Store

                             RSVP: By Thursday, March 12
                        Agnes Shintani, agnes.shintani@gmail.com

 SUNRISE BISTRO, opened in 1986 by owner/chef Cindy Gershen and recently
remodeled, has long been a favorite among locals, with its comfort foods ―like mom
  used to make.‖ Its extensive menu offers a variety of HEALTHY and TASTY
hot and cold sandwiches, salads, gourmet burgers, and special entrees, such as lean
   brisket, poached salmon, pulled pork quesadillas, etc., all at reasonable prices
                               (mostly around $10).

               To view the lunch menu, go to www.sunrisebistrocatering.com.

 We’ll be using the private dining room in the back of the restaurant, so do join us!

       Note: Cindy, a strong advocate of healthy living, has been instrumental in
      promoting nutritional and wellness programs throughout the community. For
       example, with the help of Vinita Ramsay, she is currently working on a pilot
               nutritional food program in the Acalanes School District.

The Nutshell                         March 2009                                 Page 3
                                 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11TH COFFEE

Hostess:               Julia Holland
Where:                 3199 Arbolado Drive, Walnut Creek, CA 94598
RSVP:                  e-mail juliah@astound.net

When:                  Wednesday, March 11th at 10:00 AM (Board meets at 9:00 am)

Co-hostesses:          Audrey Green, Mary Lou Welch and Joyce Capece
Program:               ―Cooking with All Things Trader Joe’s‖
                       Wona Miniati will be giving a talk about how she and another mom by the name of Dena
                       Gunn have collaborated to write a cookbook called ―Cooking with All Things Trader Joes‖.
                       Some of the topics Wona will cover are how they decided on their timesaving recipes using
                       Trader Joes’ products; how they produced the cookbook; how they built a website and how
                       they shipped the book.

                       Wona will also demonstrate how they used Trader Joe’s products in their cookbook
                       recipes. Copies of the book will be available for sale at a discount.

Directions:            From highway 680 take the Ygnacio Valley Road exit. Travel about 4 miles to Oak Grove
                       Road and turn right. Go another mile and turn left on Arbolado Drive. Go 2 blocks and
                       Julia’s house is on the right.

                                    Save this date!
                              Sunday May 3rd Spring Social

  Yes, we are having a Cinco de Mayo celebration at Susan and George Hansen’s
   beautiful house. Fun, food and friendship. Don’t miss it. Details will follow.

        The Nutshell                           March 2009                                           Page 4
                                       BAY AREA EXCURSION
                                    Sunset Magazine Gardens
                                           Thursday, March 26th

We have made a reservation to tour these beautiful gardens at Sunset magazine headquarters in Menlo Park.
This is the perfect time to get ideas for spring planting or garden tips for our growing region.

We will meet at 10:00 AM at the fourth right hand parking entrance in Heather Farms Park (from Ygnacio Rd.)
The Date is Thursday, March 26th. From there we will carpool to Menlo Park on the San Francisco Peninsula
(about 40-60 minutes depending on traffic). We will go to lunch first at Mike’s Bistro, a local hangout for
Sunset employees. Lunches range in price from $10-15, so bring $20 just in case. Our tour reservations are
for 1:00 PM and will probably last one hour. This is a free tour so there will be no incremental expense for the

Overall cost for this event will be carpooling expense (usually $5 is offered to the driver) and the cost of your
lunch. Hope to see you then. Please RSVP to Laurie by March 20th.

RSVP: Laurie Harken laurelharken@sbcglobal.net.

                                        Community Outreach
Some members enjoyed a Valentine’s Day Tea on Saturday, February 14, to benefit Contra Costa based agencies
Loaves and Fishes and We Care. Our generous members are continuing to prepare a meal once a month for a
group of 40 at Fresh Start. Fresh Start assists the homeless in our community. The next project on the
calendar is one of our favorites. We will once again make Easter Baskets for St. Vincent de Paul. When families
come to St. Vincent de Paul for assistance, these baskets are given out to children 10 years of age and under.
For these children the beautifully wrapped baskets filled with treats and activities provide a momentary bright
spot in their lives. It is our goal this year is to make 70 completed Easter baskets. The actual baskets, grass,
and cellophane will be purchased in bulk and members will buy items to fill the baskets. Most people will be
filling 4-5 baskets. We will meet at Carol Bonfiglio’s home on March 9 to assemble them. We invite anyone that
is interested to participate and if you are unable to make it on the 9 th, you can still participate by dropping off
your items at Carol’s home or with a member who is coming. We will gladly assemble your baskets for you. The
baskets are 7-8‖ in diameter so please keep this in mind and purchase items that are small. The Dollar store is
a great place to purchase most if not all the needed items. Below is the list for the contents of each basket:
                                  1 stuffed animal
                                  1 chocolate item – bunny, egg
                                  1 box crayons or washable markers (crayons should be 8 to a box)
                                  1 coloring book
                                  1 small toy, game, or book
Our next project will be Project Ready to Learn. This is a new one for our group. We will be purchasing and
filling backpacks with school supplies for low income and at risk families in Contra Costa County. We plan to
complete this project by the end of May. More information will be provided in upcoming newsletters.

When: Monday, March 9, 10:00 a.m.
Where: Carol Bonfiglio, 660 Quail Crest Drive, WC
RSVP: cgbonfig@astound.net

       The Nutshell                             March 2009                                             Page 5
                                    Small Activity Groups
Book Discussion                                          Bridge — Partnership
March’s book is Lottery by Patricia Woods.               We meet every month in a member's home, usually
Lottery is a compassionate look at the triumphs          on the fourth Saturday. Partners play together the
and tragedies in Perry Crandall’s life. It has an        entire evening. The partner may be a family member
engrossing story to tell. Redbook said ―It tickles       or a friend. We are always happy to have additions
your funny bone, tugs at your heart strings, and         to our group. Join with a partner or as a solo
redefines the word ―fortunate‖ all in one."              substitute. Call for more information.
When: Tuesday, 1:00 pm March 24th                        Henny Dijkman & Petie Wright
Where: Kathy Winnie 420 Crest Ave. Alamo
RSVP: kathywinnie@comcast.net                            Evening Bunko
Bridge                                                   Join us, all permanent players, at Francie Chan's,
                                                         1812 Whitecliff Way, Walnut Creek on Thursday,
We meet every Friday at 12:30 pm for as many
                                                         March 12th, at 7:30 p.m. where Carroll Brooks will
rounds as we can fit in! The requirements of this
                                                         host a night of bunko. RSVP to Carroll
group are to enjoy playing bridge and to have a
                                                         carroll_wcnewcomers@yahoo.com. If you are unable
good time! Please call Sue Eltringham for the
                                                         to attend please find a substitute from our
March hostess.
                                                         extensive substitute players list. Want to play, as a
Bridge--Casual                                           permanent player or as a substitute? Contact Nancy
We play with our notes and ―cheat sheets!‖ Our           Bocanegra njbocanegra@yahoo.com. We are still in
friendly group meets first for a light lunch and         need of one additional permanent player.
then rounds of bridge. New players are                   When: Thursday, March 12th 7:30 PM
encouraged. The hostess and location change              Where: Francie Chan’s, 1812 Whitecliff Way, WC
every week. Please call Pat Painton                      RSVP: Carroll Brooks
for specific details.
When: Every Friday, 11:30 am-3:00 pm
Where: Various members’ homes
                                                         Community Outreach
RSVP: Pat Painton                                        Our next project on the calendar is making Easter
                                                         Baskets for St. Vincent de Paul. These baskets are
Bridge--Duplicate                                        given out to children 10 years-of-age and under.
Duplicate Bridge meets on the first Monday of the        Our goal this year is to make 70 completed Easter
month at 12:30 pm. Our next meeting:                     baskets. We will meet at Carol Bonfiglio’s home on
Monday, March 2nd. Please RSVP to our March              March 9 to assemble them. We invite anyone that is
hostess, Connie Wylie,                                   interested to participate and if you are unable to
                                                         make it on the 9th, you can still participate by
Bridge — Marriott                                        dropping off your items at Carol’s home or with a
We meet monthly on the fourth Wednesday at the           member who is coming. Please see page 5 for more
Marriott Hotel in Walnut Creek, beginning play at        information on Community Outreach.
10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. A lunch break is
scheduled around noon. Our members rotate                When: Monday, March 9, 10:00 a.m.
hostess duties. In March our hostess is Audrey           Where: Carol Bonfiglio, 660 Quail Crest Drive, WC
Green. Please give her a call.                           RSVP: cgbonfig@astound.net

    The Nutshell                            March 2009                                            Page 6
                                      Small Activity Groups
Documentary & Discussion                                    resume in April. Any questions please call Mary

"Man on Wire" tells about the August 1974
adventure of Philippe Petit who illegally stepped out
                                                            Night Owls
on a wire that extended across the Twin Towers of           This group meets once a month for a fun girls’ night
                                                            out. Sometimes the evenings include a movie and
the World Trade Center. It is a fascinating story
                                                            dinner, or other times, a movie with dessert.
of the preparation for this event, his motivation and
                                                            Regardless of the plans, make some time just for
the artistry of his feat. It is based on Mr. Petit's
                                                            yourself and join the fun! Suggestions for new
book. He is still living and is planning other dare-
                                                            activities are very welcome.
devil adventures.
                                                            When: The fourth Tuesday evening of the month
When: Tuesday, March 24, 10 am                              Where: Location to be decided; call Ann for details
Where: Ann McBride's home:                                  RSVP: Ann Thelwell,
1073 Camino Verde Circle, Walnut Creek

Monthly Lunch Bunch                                         Golf
This is a monthly, casual potluck luncheon held in a        Our regular golf day is Wednesday morning with the
Newcomer member’s home. Pat Painton will be                 exception of the second Wednesday of the month,
hosting the March Luncheon. Please call Pat to              which is our monthly coffee morning. That week we
RSVP and indicate if you'll be bringing an appetizer,       try and fit in another day depending on the ladies’
salad or dessert.                                           schedules. The course we frequent the most is
                                                            Diablo Hills in Walnut Creek, but we sometimes try
Date: Monday, March 23, 2009                                other courses. We are a fun and not so serious
Time: 12:00 PM                                              group…….give us a try!
Hostess: Pat Painton, (
                                                            When: Every Wednesday, except the second
Address: 681 Quail Crest Drive, WC
                                                            Wednesday. Tee times vary.
                                                            Where: Most often, Diablo Hills Golf Course
Walk and Talk                                               RSVP:  Paulette Chandler
We will walk the beautiful trail at Castle Rock in the      Tennis
Diablo Foothills Regional Park. Please let us know if       Please grab your racket and join us for some tennis,
you plan to come.                                           of course, but also some chatting at the court
                                                            exchange. We play on Mondays and Thursdays at
When: Tuesday March 10, 2009, 9:30 a.m.                     8:30 am and are now playing at the courts at
Where: Encina Grande Shopping Center on Oak                 Bancroft Village where I live. The courts are steps
Grove & Ygnacio by Beauty Island (park facing Oak           away from my address of 432 Augustus Ct. in
Grove.                                                      Walnut Creek. Please call Connie Wylie email at
                                                            conjw@aol.com for directions and information as our
RSVP:                                                       schedule changes according to how many are
Judi Hersh , JudiH47@aol.com or                             available to play.
Eugenia Rutledge , te.rutledge@yahoo.com

Scrapbooking will be cancelled for March and

      The Nutshell                             March 2009                                          Page 7
              Creative Writing Group being formed--A New Small Group Activity
Francine Deppe has volunteered to host a creative writing group. It would meet twice a month on the first and
third Thursday. The first meeting is scheduled for March 5 th with the second meeting on March 19th,

All writing styles are welcome; memoirs, poetry or fiction. Guests will be asked to read their work, followed by
helpful suggestions offered by the group to incorporate into what's been written. This does not mean the
author has to follow these suggestions.

I think six to eight people would make up a good size group. As mentioned, this would occur twice a month, from
10:00 - 12:30. Appetizers and beverages will be offered.

When: March 5th and March 19th 10:00 – 12:30
Where: Francine Deppe’s home, 1125 Peacock Creek Dr., Clayton 94517
RSVP: Francine deppe@att.net

                                          Member Profile
  Our featured member this month is Laurel Harken. She has been a member since 2003. She coordinates our
  monthly Bay Area Excursions and does an awesome job.
                                 In Laurie’s own words:
                                 ―I am a native of Cleveland and an only child. I stayed in Ohio for college at
                                 Denison and for half of medical school at Western Reserve. While at Denison, I
                                 met Alden at a tea for a visiting professor in November. We married just 11
                                 months later and celebrated our 43rd anniversary this year.

                                 ―While finishing Medical School and the School of Public Health at Harvard
                                 (where Alden did his residency), we had our first two children. It was really
                                 bad planning, but those were the days when we believed that we could do it all!!

                                 ―We  lived in Cleveland, Boston, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Denver and now
                                 Walnut Creek with Dwight, Melissa, Tabetha and four dogs named Buffy, and
                                 two Daisy cats. My career resembled a game of Shoots and Ladders. Every
                                 time Alden, a cardiac surgeon moved, my career shifted from pediatrics, Child
                                 Development, a consultant for Health and Human Services, Public Health and
                                 finally as a faculty member at the University of Co. in Preventive Medicine and
―I am happiest as a wife, mother, grandmother of Charlie and Nico, a physician, breast cancer survivor and a very
happily retired woman who knows you all and gets to enjoy all the fun events that were impossible while working!

                                     Happy Birthdays, Newcomers!
              Lots of best wishes for a year of happiness to these March birthday girls!
                                           3/3      Jody Watson
                                           3/6      Kathy Winnie
                                           3/17     Betty M. Hinz
                                           3/27     Gwynneth Willams
                                           3/31     Betsy J. Hale

       The Nutshell                           March 2009                                            Page 8
                                             March 2009
    Sunday               Monday             Tuesday           Wednesday         Thursday             Friday          Saturday

1                    2                  3                    4                 5                6                7
                     Tennis, 8:30am                          Golf/Chandler     Tennis, 8:30am   Bridge:12:30
                     Wylie                                   Paulette          Wylie            Sue
                     Duplicate Bridge
                     12:30pm                                                   Creative         Casual Bridge
                     Connie                                                    Writing          11:30am-3:00pm
                                                                               10:00 Francine   Pat

8                    9                  10                   11                12               13               14
                     Tennis, 8:30am     Walk and Talk,       Welcome Coffee    Tennis, 8:30am   Bridge:12:30
                     Wylie              9:30 am              10am              Wylie            Sue
                                        Judi                 Julia
                     Community                               9:00 Board        Bunko, 7:30pm    Casual Bridge
                     Outreach 10 am                                            Carroll          11:30am-3:00pm
                     Carol                                                                      Pat

15                   16                 17                   18                19               20               21
                     Tennis, 8:30am     Out to Lunch         Golf/Chandler     Tennis, 8:30am   Bridge:12:30
                     Wylie              11:30 am             Paulette          Wylie            Sue
                                                                               Creative         Casual Bridge
                                                                               Writing          11:30am-3:00pm
                                                                               10:00 Francine   Pat

22                   23                 24                   25                26               27               28
                     Tennis, 8:30am     Documentary &        Golf/Chandler     Tennis, 8:30am   Bridge:12:30     Partnership
                     Wylie              Discussion           Paulette          Wylie            Sue              Bridge
                                        10:00                                                                    Henny
                     Lunch Bunch,       Ann                  Marriott Bridge   Bay Area         Casual Bridge    Petie
                     Noon                                    10 am             Excursion        11:30am-3:00pm
                     Pat                Book                 Audrey            10:00 am         Pat
                                        Discussion                             Laurie

                                        Night Owls
                                        Ann T.

      The Nutshell                                       March 2009                                              Page 9

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