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									                                                                     CORNERSTONE VOL. 2 ISSUE 10 Oct. 2004
Highlighted Project:                                              Foundation News:
Colle+McVoy Help Desk                                             Meet John Brenner
Colle+McVoy has worked with The Foundation for the past           John Brenner joins The Foundation as Vice President of
18 months, starting with purchasing hardware and software         Technology.
and moving into consulting and planning. Recently, The
Foundation helped Colle+McVoy with their IT Department’s
transition into supporting their sister company, Mackenzie
Marketing. To make a smooth changeover The Foundation
offered solutions for remote machine inventory and
updating, Casper and Jamf Software Server to compliment
Colle+McVoy’s use of Timbuktu, and had ideas for extending
help desk services to the remote location.

“After a few mis-steps I returned to Chip [Pearson]
explaining that extending help desk services to another
company was a much larger and complex project than I
initially anticipated. In the first six months of supporting the
new users everyone was quite unhappy (including my IT staff).
There were breakdowns in communication at almost every
level. On top of this situation, I learned Colle+McVoy’s I.T.
Department was soon to take over help desk support for
a new office in Chicago and I didn’t want to make the same
mistakes again,” said Bill Hansen, IT Director of Colle+McVoy.

So Colle+McVoy came to The Foundation, looking for a              John Brenner
                                                                  John comes to The Foundation with an extensive background
better solution for their help desk. Chip pointed them to         in enterprise computing, including 12 years of experience
1543AD and Chris Judson. Chris had experience in rolling          with Fortune 500 companies. For the last five years, John
out help desk services to companies with multiple locations.      supported a leading international print manufacturing,
                                                                  and document management company. John brings to
“Over the past three months Chris has helped me develop           The Foundation a broad range experiences, including the
software and hardware requirements that will feed into a          opening of international outsourced offices, process control,
Service Level Agreement, which will be used as the basis for      document production, workflow automation and systems
help desk services at each new company we support. He has         integration. With his vast technical background John has
also developed a detailed project plan to keep the process        architected solutions in Active Directory and Mac OS X
moving forward and set expectations both internally and for       integration.
the new companies we support,” said Bill Hansen.                  John has a divergent technical background and is platform
                                                                  agnostic; he believes that the right tool should be used for the
The initial beta testing of Colle+McVoy’s help desk offerings     right job.
will begin in November. The new processes and services
should be deployed across all three offices by March 2005.         Industry News:
                                                                  The Foundation Help Desk
Sales Special:                                                    In addition to drop off repairs and onsite service, The
                                                                  Foundation is offering its current client Help Desk support to
Free RAM!                                                         clients with a service level agreement (SLA). At the Help Desk
                                                                  we offer phone support for remote help and trouble-shooting
Get 1GB RAM (2x512MB DDR PC 3200 DIMMs) free with                 for all network devices. SLA clients have secure VPN access
the purchase of any XServe G5.                                    to the Help Desk and its resources. This access allows The
                                                                  Foundation to monitor networks and devices, as well as gives
                                                                  the Help Desk remote control access to servers and desktops
                                                                  for immediate trouble-shooting.

                                                                  How the phone support part of the Help Desk works is that a
                                                                  client calls with an issue regarding their workstation, server or
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Upcoming Events:                                                    Tech Tip:
Service Level Management and                                        Hardware and Software Inventory
Help Desk Solutions                                                 In the world of technology, digital methods of organization
                                                                    make it easier than ever to collect and analyze data, but an
Today’s leading IT managers are building process-based              ironic and frequent problem for our clients is a lack of a
organizations and demanding a culture of service. As business       current inventory of the software and hardware that they own.
demands on IT continue to increase, Service Level Management        There are many reasons that a full inventory of hardware and
helps scope, maintain and improve IT service quality ensuring       software is useful.
success for both business and IT. The most common SLM
tool, the Service Level Agreement (SLA), has helped several IT      As a business acquires more computers it becomes difficult
organizations meet today’s current demands!                         to tell at a glance what you have. Even more difficult it is to
                                                                    tell what each machine’s specifications are, such as processor
In this session, learn about the key ingredients of successful      speed, RAM and hard drive space. Having a list of all the
Service Level Management including SLA design and the               computers that a company owns, ranked by processor speed
MAX Help Desk Management System. In the lab section of              can be invaluable to gaining the most out of the machines
this seminar we will demonstrate the features of MAX and            in use and replacing the least powerful machines first. An
show how a simple tool can provide your IT department with          inventory report can also be used to quickly judge which
valuable results.                                                   computers are capable of running specific software and which
                                                                    require more RAM. When you have a complete picture of your
Meet the presenters:                                                business hardware, its much easier to make clear purchasing
Michael Volchok is owner of Volchok Consulting a technology         decisions, whether new hardware is needed, or the current
consulting and support company he founded in 1993. Michael          will do just fine for whatever new task is presented.
helps design and support MAX Help Desk. Michael has also
appeared in the Wall Street Journal, ABC News, Newsweek,            Along with a hardware inventory, a software inventory is
and MSNBC.Volchok Consulting’s clients include: J. Walter           essential for determining software license compliance. If you
Thompson,Young & Rubicam, Maxim Magazine, Blender                   know that your company owns seven licenses of Microsoft
Magazine, Landor, Burson Marsteller, Sudler & Hennessey. For        Office, and the inventory determines that it is installed on
more information on MAX go to, for              six computers you may have saved the cost of an additional
more information on Volchok Consulting go to                        license. Conversely if you have five licenses for Photoshop, but                                                     it is installed on 10 computers you are now aware that you
                                                                    need to purchase more licenses or remove the program from
Chris Judson is a partner at 1543AD, a business and technology      some workstations. As software companies become more
consulting firm focused on designing, developing, and                aggressive enforcing their copyrights, having a list of what
revolutionizing IT processes and organizations. Chris helps         software is owned by your company is invaluable.
his clients manage projects to completion while developing
operational processes through-out their organizations. Chris        In the event of an emergency, a theft, a flood or a fire, a
also lectures on technology management at Hamline University.       complete list of the hardware and software that a company
For more information on 1543AD go to                owns will be extraordinarily useful in making an insurance
                                                                    claim and potentially identifying stolen equipment if the police
Join us on Thursday, October 21st at 2pm in the Holden              locate it.
Center at Dunwoody College of Technology. To register please
visit                                         The Foundation provides a service called the Orange Book,
                                                                    which, among other features, takes an inventory of your
Industry News Continued...                                          hardware and software. We recommend that all of our clients
other device, a Foundation technician takes the call and uses       have an Orange Book created and kept up to date, so that
VPN access to look at what the client is seeing on their monitor.   your company always knows the resources it owns.
Then the technician then can remotely control what the
problem device for issue resolution, walk the call through while
watching their screen, or escalate the call to onsite support.

The Help Desk is responsible for the remote monitoring
of managed network devices as part of a SLA. Help Desk
technicians will often know about an outage before end users
and will resolve any issue, and only escalate it when remote
access cannot repair the problem. With the Help Desk come
many benefits including faster tech response time; cost-effective
technical support; and problem diagnosis and escalation.

In January 2005 we will be opening up the Help Desk phone
support to everyone for immediate remote assistance.

If you have any questions about using the Help Desk, or about
the benefits of remote support call The Foundation at
612-486-5610, or email

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