Letter to Coleman Family by nuhman10


									April 14, 2008


Hello Family~

The 2008/2009 Coleman Family Reunion Planning Committee is proud to announce that we are on for Coleman Family
Reunion 2008! This year the reunion will be held in Tampa, Florida, on Saturday August 2nd and Sunday August 3 with
                                             st                                     nd
check-in on the evening of Friday, August 1 and the morning of Saturday, August 2 . For future reference next years
reunion will be held Friday July 31, 2009 through Sunday August 2, 2009. The location is still to be determined, however
the date is set. Please mark your calendars accordingly.

Coleman Family Reunion Event 2008
Dates: Out of towners arrive evening of 8/1/08
        Reunion activities all day 8/2/08
        Reunion activities morning-mid afternoon of 8/3/08
        Out of towners depart mid-afternoon/evening of 8/3/08
Location: Tampa, FL

Coleman Family Reunion Event 2009
Dates: 7/31/09-8/2/09
Location: TBD

Our intent for this years reunion, next years reunion, and all future reunions is to plan a reunion weekend that is not only
affordable, but that meets your expectations. We are looking for 100% participation from the family.

PERCENT ATTENDANCE! We are reaching high and low to find every child, cousin, brother, etc of the nine
Coleman brothers and sisters to insure we all get to meet, re-meet, and fellowship with our family. We realize that with
the economy in the shape that it’s in, the environment in the declining shape that it’s in, and people's faith being tested
daily it is more important than ever that we concentrate on family. As descendants of this great Coleman family we are
asking that you help insure that current and future generations continue to have access to each other for love, support,
and growth by participating in family events like the family reunion and family get togethers.

Having said that we want to make sure you receive all communications regarding the reunion. To that end we have
established several different means of communication. For those of you that have access to email we will send out
reunion communications via email. An initial communication was sent to you last month introducing the reunion planning
committee and providing the reunion dates. If you have access to email, but did not receive that communication it is
because we do not have your current email address. Please contact Jamila Mack.

The second form of communication is via the Coleman Family Reunion Yahoo Group. For those who provided us with
your email addresses you should have received an invitation to join this group. If you did not receive this invitation please

contact Elizabeth Mitchell.       The Yahoo reunion group will have the same posting updates that you will find in your
email inbox. If you have email access and would prefer to receive communications via the yahoo group only and not
through regular email please contact Jamila Mack. Our intent is not to over communicate, but to insure you are "in the

The third means of communication, for those of you who have access to the internet, is via the Coleman Family Reunion
website. The website is currently under construction which is being led by Alalia Lundy. Further details concerning the
website will be provided shortly. For questions concerning the website please contact Alalia Lundy.
Fourth,        you can expect to receive communications via postal mail. Please note these communications will not be
sent as frequently as the first three communications due to the cost of postage. We do want to insure, however, that you
are kept up to date. Again, we need 100% participation in this years reunion so we want to make sure you know the what,
when, where, and how.

The fifth and final means of communication is via web cast messages             like the one you should have received on
Saturday, March 15, 2008. If you received this web cast message that means we have a current phone number for you.
Please contact Jamila Mack to insure your postal address, email address, home telephone numbers, cell phone numbers,
etc are correct so that you continue to receive all communications. Also, please provide names, addresses, and other
contact information for any other family members that you believe may not be receiving communications.

Included in this correspondence is a letter from Yejide Mack concerning reunion fees as well as some other key items. It
is our intent to make the reunion very affordable so that we can all attend, however, there are some costs associated with
reunion shirts, securing venues, food purchases, etc that we need to account for. Please note that this initial fee is a
budgetary number only as we are still in the process of planning. This dollar amount may fluctuate slightly depending
upon the activities chosen. You will be notified as soon as possible if this is the case. Please contact Yejide Mack if
there are any questions regarding fee payments.

We absolutely NEED you and WANT you at the reunion! Help us to have                    participation at this years reunion.
Your help and participation are imperative to making our family reunion celebrations a success. If there is anything you
want to see that you are not seeing or that you are seeing and want to see more of do not hesitate to contact any one of
your reunion planning committee members.

The following is a list of your reunion planning committee members names, committees and telephone numbers.

Name                  Committee Lead                                    Phone Number         Email Address
Early Coleman         Food Committee                                    813.622.7690         mizzearly@aol.com
Alalia Lundy          Family Tree Development/Reunion Website           404.797.0287         Alalia.lundy@autotrader.com
                      Development & Maintenance/Historian/
                      Children’s Activity Committee
Aswad Mack            Reunion Activity Book Development/Reunion         513.253.5245         Aswad_mack@hotmail.com
                      Weekend Agenda/Reunion Core Activity
Jamila Mack           Reunion Weekend Agenda/Reunion Core               941.586.2844         Jamila_mack@hotmail.com
                      Activity/Reunion Site/Reunion Web cast
                      Messages/ Family Info Verification/ Secretary
Yejide Mack           Treasurer/ Reunion Weekend Agenda/Reunion         734.717.8842         Missmack3@hotmail.com
                      Core Activity/ Transportation & Lodging
Elizabeth Mitchell    Reunion Shirt/Food Committee/ Reunion             813.951.4688         EMMitchell82@yahoo.com
                      Weekend Agenda/Reunion Core Activity
Cynthia Robinson      Reunion Weekend Agenda/Reunion Core               813.735.1239         mpcxrobinson@yahoo.com
                      Activity/ Reunion Site
Alpha Williams        Historian                                         813.767.2299         Alpha@alleyesdesign.com
Minyon Williams       Reunion Weekend Agenda/Reunion Core               813.849.8810         Fillet2002@yahoo.com
                      Activity/ Transportation & Lodging

We love you and look forward to seeing you at the 2008 Coleman Family Reunion on August 2nd and 3rd of this year in
Tampa, Florida!!!"

                Cynthia             Minyon                           Early                          Alalia
Jamila                          Yejide                           Aswad                      Elizabeth
Please see the list of frequently asked questions and answers below. If you have
a question, comment, concern that is not addressed below please do not hesitate
to contact one of your Coleman Family Reunion Committee Members ( SEE LIST

Q1: What happens next?
A1: Several things. You will be receiving regular communications from the reunion
committee. Communication will be in the form of emails, phone calls, on line group mail
postings, website postings, and/or postal mail. Please confirm your attendance immediately
and submit your reunion fees to Yejide Mack.

Q2: Is there a family reunion website?
A2: Yes. The website address is www.coleman-reunion.com. Please note that the website is
currently under construction. The website designer is Alalia Lundy. Any specific questions
about content or functionality should be directed to Alalia.

Q3: How do I contact members of the CFR Planning Committee?
A3: Alalia Lundy is in the process, as we speak, of providing each committee member with a
contact email address. Also, in the next communication we will be providing those email
addresses, street addresses, and phone numbers for each member of the committee. In the
interim, feel free to contact us via telephone or personal email address. [See contact list

Q4: Are we having a family reunion this year (2008)?
A4: Yes. The reunion will be a 1.5 day event. We are asking that all out of town family
members arrive in town on August 1, 2008. Reunion activities will be hosted all day on
August 2, 2008 and the first half of the day of August 3, 2008. The reunion will culminate
with a family meeting mid day on August 3, 2008. Out of town family can plan to depart the
evening of August 3, 2008.

Q5: Are we having a family reunion next year (2009) as well? If so, why? Why are we
having family reunions back to back?
A5: Yes. We are having a smaller family reunion this year (2008) as well as a slightly more
fabulous reunion next year (2009). What we've decided is that we believe it is imperative for
us to meet this year to make sure we take advantage of each moment we have with the
Great Aunts, however, we do not have time to plan the type of "blow out" reunion we really
want to have this year.
Q6: How often will we be having family reunions after these first two?
A6: During the family reunion meeting on August 3, 2008 we will discuss how often we want
to have reunions and who will be responsible for planning the next reunion.

Q7: What activities are planned for both reunions?
A7: Reunion activities, times, and locations will be posted on the family reunion website.
Please check back weekly to insure you are made aware of all updates. In the interim look
for postings to the Coleman Reunion Group.

Q8: Is there a registration cost for the reunion activities for both years?
A8: Yes. As you know, our intent is to make sure your expectations are met with this years
reunion as well as next years. There will be a cost associated with this. See enclosed letter
from Yejide Mack, CFRPC Treasurer, which provides information around registration fees.
Please contact Yejide directly with any questions regarding registration fees and due dates.

Q9: I have pictures, news clippings, video, and other precious memorabilia that I would like
to share with the family at the reunion. Who should I contact?
A9: We desperately need your help in gathering historical memorabilia about the family.
 Alpha and Alalia Lundy are the family historians. Please contact them with anything you
have and are willing to share. Please note that we will NOT be keeping anything that you
want to save. Our intent is to have items scanned, photographed, recorded, etc so that they
can be shared, and preserved. In addition, Aswad Mack is designing the family reunion
booklet for this year. Please share photographs with both Aswad and the Lundy sisters to
insure we cover all bases.

Q10: I want to participate in the reunion planning. Who should I contact?
A10: We need you! Depending upon which committee you want to participate in please
contact that committee leader immediately to indicate your willingness and interest in
participating. You will be contacted IMMEDIATELY!!! If you just want to help and are not
sure which committee contact Jamila Mack.

Q11: How can I insure I receive all reunion communications?
A11: There are several ways. First, please see that attached Excel spreadsheet with all the
contact information we currently have. Please review your information. If information is
incorrect, people are missing, etc. please contact Jamila Mack immediately with corrected
information. Second, please be advised that reunion web cast messages will be sent via
telephone. The number that shows up on your caller ID will be 941.586.2844. Please
answer the calls to get important reunion information. Third, check the reunion website
regularly for updates. Fourth, please join the Coleman Family Reunion Web Group. Elizabeth
Mitchell will be sending group invitations again this week. Important updates will be posted
regularly. Finally, check your postal mail.

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