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Walmart seeks to enter Washington, DC to operate retail stores. The Living Wages,
Healthy Communities Coalition consists of community stakeholders impacted by
Walmart's proposed developments. As a condition for the Coalition’s support for
Walmart’s entry in Washington, DC, Walmart must agree to enter with the Coalition into
a Community Benefits Agreement that:

(1) requires Walmart to provide the community benefits and impact mitigations detailed

(2) creates an ongoing role for the community to oversee and assist in implementing these
benefits and mitigations;

(3) establishes an advisory committee that will assist implementing the Agreement and
consists of representatives from community organizations, including the relevant
Advisory Neighborhood Commissions;

(3) protects employees from any retaliatory treatment from Walmart if such employees
take any action to enforce the Agreement or allege that Walmart fails to comply with the
Agreement; and

(4) provides the community with the right to enforce the Agreement through binding
arbitration, to enforce an arbitrator’s judgment in court, to seek equitable relief, and to
recover attorney’s fees in any court action.
                     RESPECT DC AGREEMENT
                    Schedule of Community Benefits


  A. PARKING. Walmart will provide a between 1 and 2.5 parking spaces per 1000
     square feet of building space per store location. Private vehicle parking for
     customers should be free or at a nominal cost of more than no more than $2 per

  B. BICYCLE PARKING. Walmart will provide secure, accessible bicycle parking
     for workers and visitors consistent with the District of Columbia’s draft zoning
     regulations on bicycle parking.

  C. CAR SHARING & BIKE SHARING. Walmart will meet with representatives
     of local car sharing and bike sharing services in an effort to secure car sharing and
     bike sharing locations at each of its stores.

  D. TRAFFIC. Walmart will be responsible for any costs related to infrastructure
     improvements, such as medians, traffic signals, curb ramps, signage, deemed
     necessary by the government of the District of Columbia.
        a. Wal-Mart will commit to responsible traffic alleviation studies and
            measures that promote walkability and increase the quality of life for
        b. Walmart willll be responsible for pedestrian, bicycle and transit access
            improvements through measures appropriate to specific site needs
            including: contributing to the cost of relocating a bus stop, shelter,
            enhanced pedestrian crossing treatments, construction of missing
            sidewalks, multiuse paths or other non motorized travel facilities within
            200 yards of the site.

  E. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. In an effort to reduce automobile traffic at its
     stores, Walmart will provide free shuttle service to the nearest Metro subway
     station on a regular 10-minute interval or fund existing bus service to extend to 10
     minute intervals. Such service shall commence 10 minutes prior to store opening
     and end 10 minutes after store closing.

  F. TAXI AND COURTESY SERVICE. Walmart will allow for curbside taxi and
     courtesy service pick-up and drop off in front of stores.

  G. METRO SMART BENEFITS. Walmart will provide each employee of its
     District of Columbia stores with $50 per month in Metro Smart Benefits.

  A. SECURITY. At each Walmart location Walmart will employ no less than two
     off-duty uniformed District of Columbia police officers from 30 minutes before
     store openings and until 30 minutes after store closing.

  B. HOURS OF OPERATION. Walmart will not have retail operating hours at any
     of its stores outside the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 10:59 p.m.

  C. FIREARMS AND AMMUNITION. Walmart will not sell firearms or
     ammunition at its District of Columbia stores.

  D. CAMERAS. Walmart will place monitored cameras near all parking lot
     entrances and exits to ensure that all visitors to the parking lot are
     captured. In addition cameras should be placed to ensure that every area of
     the parking lot can be seen.

  E. CALL BOXES. Walmart will provide adequate emergency call boxes in its
     parking facilities.


       a. Wal-Mart will adhere to the District’s Green Building Act requirements
          that go into effect for private developments in 2012.
       b. To the extent practical and feasible, in accordance with local Building
          Codes, Walmart will incorporate Leadership in Energy and Environmental
          Design (LEED) building standards into the demolition, design,
          construction and operation of all of its stores in the District of Columbia.
          Walmart will abide by all applicable City regulations with respect to
          energy efficiency, sustainability and green building design. Walmart
          commits that all of its stores in the District of Columbia will be certified

  B. CARBON OFFSETS. Walmart will purchase carbon offsets for all of its stores
     in the District of Columbia.

  C. TREE PLANTING. Walmart will provide annual funds to Casey Trees to assist
     in the improvement of the District of Columbia’s tree canopy.

  D. GREEN ROOF. Walmart will commit to green roofs for all stores and parking

  E. GREENSPACE/PARKS. Walmart will provide funds annually to facilitate the
     creation and maintenance of greenspaces and parks in the District of Columbia.
   F. TRUCK IDLING. Walmart delivery trucks or other trucks servicing its stores
      will not idle in parking lots or loading docks.

   G. NOISE ABATEMENT. Walmart will investigate the appropriate noise
      abatement techniques and features and incorporate them into the construction and
      operation of its stores in the District of Columbia.

   H. STORMWATER RETENTION. Wal-Mart will match stormwater retention
      standards for Federal buildings in the District of Columbia, through use of green
      infrastructure techniques to help clean up area rivers and creeks.

   I. CLIMATE ACTION PLAN. Walmart will commit to working closely with the
      District Department of the Environment and the Sustainable Energy Utility to
      develop a climate action plan for District of Columbia stores that is worthy of our
      nation’s capital city and its communities

IV. ARCHITECTURE. Walmart will abide by architectural standards developed in
    consultation with community stakeholders including but not limited to building in
    conformity with area historical preservation standards; building a building that creates
    a pedestrian-oriented environment with multiple entrances, transparent windows
    opening directly onto a wide sidewalk, and avoiding black walls; erecting noise
    barriers between its stores and nearby homes, funding the development of green
    spaces and parks near its District of Columbia stores.

   A. PURPOSE. The Responsible Contractor Policy “RCP” is designed to guide
      Walmart’s selection of independent contractors who provide building operations
      services and construction services to Walmart stores in the District of Columbia.
      The RCP seeks to ensure that Walmart’s contractors will be selected based upon
      demonstrated ability to provide high quality services as evidenced by their record
      of compliance with applicable statutes and payment of fair compensation and
      benefits to employees, as well as by their experience, reputation, responsiveness,
      fees, and dependability.

      Contractor is a contractor who: (1) has the appropriate experience, reputation,
      employee relations, responsiveness, fees, and dependability to perform the
      required work; and (2) provides workers a fair compensation and fair benefits


      the District of Columbia will be constructed and maintained pursuant to a Project
      Labor Agreement negotiated between Walmart and organizations in the Building
      Trades Council.
     Walmart will give a preference to firms that are Certified Business Enterprises
     under the Department of Small and Local Business Development, with the goal of
     50% of contracts citywide going to CBE firms.

  E. NEUTRALITY. When there is a legitimate attempt under the National Labor
     Relations Act by a labor organization to organize workers employed in
     construction, maintenance, operation, or services at a Walmart store in the District
     of Columbia, Walmart will take a position of neutrality.


  A. FULL TIME POSITIONS. Walmart will guarantee full time hours for at least
     65% of the employees at each of its District of Columbia stores. Full time is
     defined as 40 hours per week.

  B. ADVANCE NOTICE OF SCHEDULES. Walmart will establish work
     schedules no less than 3 days prior to the required attendance of its employees.

  C. REPORTING REQUIREMENTS. Walmart will provide the Coalition with an
     annual report detailing all hours worked by employees employed during the
     preceding year or partial year.

  D. VOICE ON THE JOB. Walmart will abide by a Labor Relations Conduct
     Agreement with regard to its employees’ freedom to choose a voice on the job
     without interference from their employer.


  A. LIVING WAGE. Walmart will not pay any wage below the living wage rate as
     defined by the District of Columbia Living Wage Act of 2006 or any successor

  B. REPORTING REQUIREMENTS. Walmart will provide the coalition with an
     annual report detailing the hourly rates of pay for all employees.

  C. ENFORCEMENT. Walmart agrees that an employee claiming violation of this
     sections B shall have the right to file an action against Walmart in an appropriate
     court within one year after discovery of the alleged violation.
      A. PURPOSE. The purpose of this Section is to facilitate the customized
         training of targeted job applicants for Walmart’s District of Columbia stores.
         Targeted Job Applicants include, among others, individuals whose residence
         is in the affected Ward of the District of Columbia, ex-offenders residing in
         the District of Columbia, disabled D.C. residents, homeless D.C. residents,
         and veterans of the U.S. armed forces, and other “hard-to-employ”
         populations residing in D.C.

       B. JOB TRAINING PROGRAM. Walmart will provide annual funding for
          job and work skills training for District of Columbia residents for jobs at

       C. CAREER ADVANCEMENT. Walmart will establish and publicize career
          paths available to Walmart employees within the company. Walmart will
          make available for these career paths requisite skills for the positions, sources
          of relevant employment training within or outside the company and
          information on wages and benefits.

       provide annual funding for a job training and preparation program targeted at
       rehabilitated individuals who have completed all sentencing requirements
       associated with the previous commission of crimes and who are meeting all
       applicable conditions of probation or parole.

  A. PURPOSE. The purpose of this section is to facilitate the employment of
     targeted job applicants by Walmart. It is a goal of this Local Hiring Policy that
     the system contemplated herein will benefit Walmart by providing a pool of
     qualified job applicants whose job training has been specifically tailored to the
     needs of Walmart.

   B. REFERRALS. Walmart will notify the job training programs selected under the
      Job Training Section of this Agreement of vacancies. Walmart will give
      preference in hiring to all qualified applicants from such job training programs.

   C. GOAL. As a result of the job training initiatives and other hiring efforts 40% of
      Walmart employees at each store shall come from the affected Ward. Overall
      75% of the employees at each store should be District of Columbia residents.
      Walmart shall strive to seek a diverse workforce that represents the age, gender
      and racial makeup of the affected community and shall take steps to ensure that
      all employees have access to the range of jobs available in the company.
   D. CRIMINAL RECORD POLICY. Walmart will not inquire directly of the
      applicant in an application, interview or otherwise or indirectly, including though
      a government agency, consumer reporting agency, criminal record reporting
      company, or similar company about an arrest, or arrests of a person or take an
      adverse action against a person because of an arrest or arrests of the person.
      Walmart may only inquire into and take consideration of convictions in
      accordance laid out in the Background Check Policy (Attachment A).

   A. PURPOSE. The purpose of this section is to mitigate the impacts of the opening
      of a Walmart store on surrounding businesses.

      annual funds for assistance to small businesses.

   C. FAÇADE IMPROVEMENTS. Walmart will provide annual funds for façade
      improvements of locally based businesses.

   D. SMALL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. Walmart will provide space at each
      store for a display of locally-produced products and give store managers
      discretion to identify and stock these local products. Walmart will provide a
      weekly opportunity for local businesses to sample their products or services inside
      the store.

        1) Walmart will create commercial store fronts at each store with operable
           door entrances at least every 60 feet on the main street frontage.
        2) Walmart will complete mechanical build-out for these spaces and lease
           them to local small businesses at cost for no less than 7 year leases.

   A. PURPOSE. The purpose of this section is to memorialize Walmart’s ongoing
      support of the surrounding communities.

   B. COMMUNITY MEETING ROOM. Each Walmart store will set aside 200
      square feet of space for the creation of a community meeting room. This room is
      to be made available at no cost to community organizations. Walmart will supply
      each community room with working computers with internet access available for
      use at no cost to customers, employees, and the community.

   C. COMMUNITY NEEDS ASSESSMENT. Walmart will pay for a needs
      assessment for each neighborhood with a Walmart store.
   D. FUNDING. Each Walmart store will provide annual funds to address the needs
      identified in the needs assessment.

   E. NEIGHBORHOOD INTERNET ACCESS. Walmart will install free wireless
      internet throughout every Ward where a store is located. Walmart will offer free
      advertising on the homepage of the free wireless internet to locally based

XI. COMMUNITY BENEFITS RIDERS. Residents and community stakeholders in
each Ward will develop Ward specific Community Benefits Riders to be included in this
citywide Agreement with Walmart to address concerns and guarantees that are site

   A. PURPOSE. To address concerns and facilitate an ongoing dialogue between
   Walmart and the community, the Coalition and Walmart shall establish for each store
   in the District of Columbia a Neighborhood Advisory Group.

   B. MEMBERSHIP. Each Neighborhood Advisory Group will consist of not less
   than 9 members. Members must be residents living within 1 mile of the store, or
   represent small business, church, or non-profit groups operating within 1 mile of the
   store. The Advisory Group should reflect the demographic diversity of the
   community and engage business, church, and community institution stakeholders.

   C. PURVIEW. Each Walmart store will seek the input of the Neighborhood
   Advisory Group on the following issues:

       1. Traffic management, pedestrian safety, public transit access, and provision of
       shuttle service.
       2. Public safety
       3. Community needs assessment and funding.

    A. PURPOSE. To assist with implementation of this Community Benefits
       Program, the Coalition and the Walmart will establish a working group of
       representatives of the Coalition and the Walmart, known as the Advisory

    B. COMMITTEE COMPOSITION. The Advisory Committee will include the
        following seats:

       --2 representatives of small businesses or organizations representing the interests
       of small businesses.
       -2 representatives of workforce development organizations.
       -2 representatives of labor and worker’s rights organizations.
       -2 representatives of environmental organizations.
       -1 representative of an organization representing concerns of returning citizens.
       -1 representative of a women’s organization.
       -1 representative from each Neighborhood Advisory Group.
                                     ATTACHMENT A
Walmart will not inquire directly of the applicant in the of an application, interview or
otherwise, or indirectly, including through a government agency, consumer reporting
agency, criminal record reporting company, or similar company or agency about an
arrest, or arrests of a person or take an adverse action against a person because of an
arrest or arrests of the person.

Walmart may only inquire into consideration of convictions in accordance with certain

Walmart may inquire into and consider prior conviction(s) of a prospective employee
after extending an offer of employment, promotion, or change in terms, conditions, or
privileges to the prospective or current employee conditions upon a review of that
person's conviction(s).
The offer of employment, promotion, or charge in terms, conditions, or privileges may be
withdrawn only if the prospective employee or current employee has a conviction(s) that
bears a rational relationship to the person's fitness to perform the duties and
responsibilities of the offered position, promotion, or change in terms, conditions, or

Current employment may only be terminated or subject to any detrimental change of
terms based on a conviction that occurred prior to the employee's hiring if the
conviction(s) both bears a rational relationship to the person's fitness to perform the
duties and responsibilities of the position as determined pursuant to Section 6 of the DC
Human Rights Act of 1977, and such conviction(s) was not (or could not have been
known if an inquiry had been made) at the time of hiring.

Rational Relationship Definition:
In determining whether a rational relationship exists between the conviction(s) and the
employment position or real estate transaction, the following factors shall be considered
by the entity that has made an offer pursuant to this part:
(1) The specific duties and responsibilities necessarily related to the employment sought
and the bearing, if any, that
(2) The time which has elapsed since the conviction or the end of any term of
(3) the age of the person at the time of the occurrence of the criminal conduct that
resulted in conviction
(4) Any information produced by the person, or produced on his or her behalf, in regard
to his or her rehabilitation and good conduct since the occurrence of the conduct that
resulted in the conviction; and
(5) The reasonable belief that the person would pose an unreasonable risk to the safety or
welfare of the customers, employees, consumers, or others associated with the workplace.
Walmart would not be required to employ a person whose employment would constitute
a direct threat to the health or safety of other individuals or whose employment would
result in substantial physical damage to the property of others.

If Walmart denies a person employment, or promotion, or changes terms, conditions, or
privileges of employment, or terminates employment, Walmart shall provide within 10
business days notification of the denial, a written statement setting forth the reason for
the denial with specificity as to the rational relationship between the conviction and the

Nothing in this policy shall interfere with or otherwise affect the rights and
responsibilities of Walmart with respect to actions taken based on arrests or convictions
that occur after hiring.

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