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									                                                                                                                                                               N° 193
Periodico Mensile P SPA - Abb. Post. DL 353/03 ( L.27.02.04 n. 46) Art. 1C.2 DCB - Roma, Taxe perçue - Tassa riscossa-Roma Italia
                    .I.                                                                                                                                   D E C 2006
Autorizz.Trib. di Roma n.690 del 23.11.1990 Iscr. Reg. Naz. Stampa n. 4121 del 23.3.1993 - Stampato in proprio

                                                   The General Minister
                                           visits the Custody of Turkey
      T    urkey: Bro Mauro Jöhri, General Minister planned his visit to our
           Custody in Turkey to coincide with the apostolic journey of H.H.
                        Pope Benedict XVI. He was accompanied by Bro Peter
                             Rodgers, general DeÞnitor. Both arrived in Turkey
                                on November 28, 2006. The following day, they
                                   met His Holiness Benedict XVI at Ephesus-
                                     Meryen Ana. On this pastoral visitation, Bro
                                      General will meet the 25 Capuchins who are
                                       working in various places in Turkey. It was                                                             Minister
                                                                                                                                01 The general Turkey visits the
                                                                                                                                   Custody of
                                       Pope Sixtus V who, in 1587, had asked the                                                02 Thank you, Brother Ben
                                       Capuchins to start this service in Turkey. As                                                  The 8th Centenary from the
                                       centuries passed by, the Italian and French                                               02   Birth of S. Elizabeth of
                                       Capuchins, were joined by other brothers
                                      from other parts of the world and since then                                               02   USG Assembly
                                     exercised their apostolate in various parts of                                                   The Franciscans at the
                                                                                                                                 02   European Congress on
                                    the country amongst which Antakia, Adana,                                                         Evangelization
                                 Mersin, Tarso, Istanbul, Izmir, Iskenderun and                                                       Letter of the CFF in
                                                                                                                                      preparation for the 8th
                               Trebisonda. Our Brothers assert that “such a                                                     03    Centenary from the approval
                           ministry had never been easy; but it was always one of                                                     of the Rule
                     love and sacriÞce for the good of humanity”. The presence                                                        Dictionary of Franciscan
                                                                                                                                 03   Spirituality in Polish
      of the general Minister in such a moment contains a message of solidarity
                                                                                                                                      Missionary week in a
      with our Franciscan brothers and sisters in Turkey so that they continue                                                   03   commercial Centre in Cracow
      daily be instruments of dialogue, life and peace.                                                                               Closing of the diocesan
                                                                                                                                      process of the Cause of Fr
                                                                                                                                04    José Tous i Soler, Founder
                                                                                                                                      of the Capuchin Sisters of
        “..For me, above                                                                                                              The Mother of the Divine
        all, my deepest
                                                                                                                                      A Song of success by the
        impression is the                                                                                                        04   Capuchin postulants
        commitment of
                                                                                                                                           Curia Generale OFMCap
        the friars here.                                                                                                                        Via Piemonte, 70
        There are not                                                                                                                         00187 Roma · Italia
                                                                                                                                            Tel. 0039.06.4620121
        many of them and                                                                                                                    Fax 0039.06.4828267
        the conditions are                                                                                                                 E-mail:
        not easy, but they
        give beautiful and
        strong testimony.
        We must give strong evidence of this reality so that it may continue in the
        future. When Msgr. Franceschini during the meal recalled to the Pope of our
        presence here, he looked at me, the Minister General, to keep this Capuchin
        presence in my heart, and at that moment the Holy Father looked me in the
        eyes and nodded in agreement....!” Br. Mauro
      G E N E R A L   C U R I A

                                          Thank you,
                                          Brother Ben!
                                                                                       W W W. O F M C A P . O R G

                                          R     ome: On December 3,
                                                Bro Ben Brevoort ended
                                           his service as Guardian at the
                                           General Curia; he will now form
                                           part of the Fraternity of the
                                                                                R     ome: On November 17, was
                                                                                      inaugurated the 8th Centenary
                                                                                from the birth of St Elizabeth of
                                           Friary at Piazza Consolazione        Hungary. To mark this occasion,
                                           in Rome until he Þnishes his         the General Ministers of the
                                           studies in Islam at the PISAI.       Franciscan Family wrote a letter to
                                           In the meantime, Bro Florio          all the Family underlining the most
       Tessari has been appointed Guardian ad interim at the General            important aspects of the Patron
       Curia until a new Guardian is appointed in spring next year. Bro         of the Secular Franciscan Order.
       Ben leaves the Curia after twelve years serving as General Assistant     Even the Third Order Regular
       of the SFO and Guardian of our Curia for the last four years.            started this Jubilee on the same day
       The general Minister, Bro Mauro Jöhri wrote to him a letter in           at its own General Curia, in Rome.
       which he underlined the witness of fraternity which Bro Ben gave         In this Celebration, our Order
       together with his commitment to exercise so delicate a ministry          was represented by the General
       as Guardian of our Fraternity. All of us have experimented and           Minister, the General Assistant of
       appreciated the attention of Bro Ben to the small and great needs        the SFO, Bro Irudaya Samy and
02     of the Brothers at the Curia. Thank you very much, Dear Ben,
       for the commitment of your religious life and for your zealous
                                                                                Bro Florio Tessari, the General
       activities amongst us.

     R    ome: The Assembly of the Union of General
          Superiors (USG) was held at the Salesianum
     in Rome on November 22-24. In this meeting
     which is held twice a year, Bro Mauro Jöhri,
     General Minister, participated for the Þst time.
     The third day was reserved for the election of
     the new President of the USG, Father Pascual                              The 8th Centenary
     Chávez Villanueva, Rector Major of the Salesian
     Congregation, and of the new executive Council.                            from the Birth of
     The Assembly members have also chosen the
     members of the various Commissions, approved
                                                                        S. Elizabeth of Hungary
     the balance sheet and heard the reports of the
     Commissions which have shown the journey
     completed by the Union in the year that is at its          The Franciscans at the European
                                  end. The General
                                  Superiors present             Congress on Evangelization
                                  at this session were
                                  about a hundred.             B    russels: The Franciscan Family of France
                                                                    and Belgium participated in the 4th European
                                                               Congress on New Evangelization which was held in
                                                               Brussels from October 28 to November 5, 2006. This
                              USG                              Congress made it possible to unite once again the
                              Assembly                         various branches of the Franciscan Family of Belgium
                                                               in a common project.
                                                                                         G E N E R A L C U R I A
                                                                                 C A P U C H I N P R E S E N C E

R    ome: The Conference of the Franciscan Family
     (CFF) – the First, Second and Third Orders, in
their diversity and in their different forms, the Secular
                                                            project of Francis and of his Friars to live “according
                                                            to the Gospel of Jesus Christ” was approved in 1209,
                                                            by Pope Innocent III. We have, at a distance of eight
Institutes and the other Movements which have a             centuries, the grace to be the inheritors of this project
reference to St Francis – are preparing to celebrate in     and of the serious task of being those who must
the year 2009 a particular historical event. “It is not     continue it”.
a question of commemorating a Þgure, Francis, Clare
or any other person but rather the calling to mind the
                                                                           Letter of the CFF in
origins of the Franciscan charism. In 2009, in effect,                    preparation for the 8th
it will be 800 years since a dozen men presented
themselves before Pope Innocent III to ask                                  Centenary from the
for recognition and approval of their gospel                               approval of the Rule
life project. This Letter, state the general
Ministers, is sent to all the members of the
Franciscan Family, and wishes to be a Þrst
announcement to state that the event we
are preparing to celebrate concerns us all:
we cannot live this without the other. It is
also an invitation to begin immediately the
giving of thanks for the gift which God
gave to the Church and the world since the

  Dictionary of Franciscan Spirituality in Polish
  P   oland: The Dictionary of Franciscan Spirituality in Polish is now in print. It was made a reality with
      the collaboration of all in the Franciscan Family in Poland. The project was promoted and followed
  by an editorial committee formed of Wacław Michalczyk (OFM), Zenon Styś (OFM), Ryszard Wróbel
  (OFMConv), Kazimierz Synowczyk (OFMCap). This Dictionary of Franciscan Spirituality was thought
  and planned to be a great help to the brothers and sisters of the Franciscan Family.

                     Missionary week in a commercial Centre in Cracow

  C    racow (Poland): The Capuchins of the Cracow Province have put on a stand in the new
       commercial centre of the city where they gave publicity to the capuchin missions in the Central
                                                   African Republic and in Chad. For a full week, the
                                                   people had the possibility to know more about the
                                                   missionary activity of the capuchins, admire and buy
                                                   the handcrafts of the local Africans and see photos
                                                   of African art. The main message of this week was:
                                                   that even you yourself can become a missionary
                                                   through your Þnancial support to the brothers who are
                                                   working in Africa. This initiative was also the occasion
                                                   to launch a new book written by our missionary Bro
                                                   Robert Wieczorek “The broken heart of Africa”. This
                                                   book is highly recommended by Ryszard Kapuściński,
                                                   a journalist of world fame.
     S A I N T S A N D H O L I N E S S
     S M A L L / G R E A T N E W S

    Closing of the diocesan process of the Cause of Fr José Tous i Soler,
 Founder of the Capuchin Sisters of The Mother of the Divine Shepherd

  B    arcellona (Spain): On November 3
       last, at the Archbishop’s House in
  Barcellona was held the ofÞcial closure
  of the Process on a “presumed miracle”
  attributed to the intercession of the Servant
  of God Fr. José Tous i Soler, founder of
  the Capuchin Sisters of the Mother of the
  Divine Shepherd. For this function were
  present Alfonso Ramirez Peralbo, delegate
  of the General Postulator OFM Cap, Sister
  Carmen Aparicio, Vice-Postulator of the
  Cause, Sister Belkis, General Superior of
  the Congregation, a numerous group of
  the Capuchin Sisters of the Mother of the
  Divine Shepherd and several Capuchins
  among whom Bro Jacint Duran, Provincial
  Minister of the Capuchins of Catalogna.

M      alta: The three postulants who have
       just entered the Capuchin Province of
                                                  A Song of success by the
Malta made a hit of success with their song         Capuchin postulants
composed in preparation for World Youth
Day 2007. On November 11 last during a song contest in preparation for the World
Youth Day, their song was chosen and given Þrst place with a theme that is typically
Franciscan. The contest was organized by the Diocesan Youth Commission and
held in Bay Street, St. Julians, which is a very lively area of youth entertainment. It

was truly a golden opportunity to communicate the gospel message to many who
are in search for true love and authentic joy and to make them conscious that this
can only be found in Jesus and in living his message of true fraternal love.

                                                                                                                     Curia Generale
                                                                                                               dei Frati Minori Cappuccini

                                                                                                                   Luciano Pastorello

                                                                                                                  Tutti i segretari della
                                                                                                                    Curia OFMCap

                                                                                                     Italiano, francese, inglese, polacco,
                                                                                                 spagnolo, tedesco, indonesiano, portoghese

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