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Volleyball Yearbook 2006 by nyut545e2

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Columbia Basin   College
HawksV o l l e   y b a l l
                  is a proud Sponsor of
             Columbia Basin College Athletics

Please visit our website at
480 Columbia Point Drive, Richland, WA 99352, 509/942-9400 (f ) 509/942-9401
                                                                                            quick facts
Columbia Basin College
location                                                                                              colors                                                                                athletic director
2600 North 20th Avenue                                                                                Columbia Blue, Navy Blue,                                                             Scott Rogers
Pasco, WA 99301                                                                                       & White                                                                               ext. 2234
(509) 547-0511                                                                                        affiliation                                                                           assistant athletic director
founded                                                                                               NWAACC conference                                                                     Jeremy Beard
1955                                                                                                  Eastern Region                                                                        ext. 2722
enrollment                                                                                            Acting president                                                                      head trainer
13,000 part-time, 7000+ full-time                                                                     Rich Cummins                                                                          Laura Stoker
mascot                                                                                                ext. 2201                                                                             ext. 2522
Hawks                                                                                                                                                                                       secretary
                                                                                                                                                                                            Kim White
                                                                                                                                                                                            ext. 2369

coaching staff
baseball                                                                                              men's soccer                                                                       media contacts
Scott Rogers                                                                                          Octavio Dovalle
ext. 2234                                                                                             ext. 2369                                                                          Jeremy Beard                                                                     KNDU TV
men's basketball                                                                                      women's soccer                                                                     ext. 2722                                                                        (509) 737-6740
Lane Schumacher                                                                                       Matt Mills
ext. 2336                                                                                             ext. 2369                                                                          Tri-City Herald                                                                  KEPR TV
women's basketball                                                                                    softball                                                                           (509) 582-1507                                                                   (509) 547-0578
Cheryl Holden                                                                                         Kelly Richards
ext. 2307                                                                                             ext. 2369                                                                          KVEW TV                                                                          KONA 610 AM
golf                                                                                                  volleyball                                                                         (509) 735-8372                                                                   Mike McDonnal
Mike Kasch                                                                                            John Patrick                                                                                                                                                        (509) 547-1618
ext. 2369                                                                                             ext. 2259

                                                                                                                   C            BC is home to over 13,000
                                                                                                                                students annually with
                                                                                                                                over 7,000 of them full-
                                                                                                                   time, but still offers small class sizes
                                                                                                                   averaging between 25-50 students
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The Hawk Athletic Department is
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              known around the Northwest as
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              one of the finest at providing an
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              atmosphere conducive to helping
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              student-athletes succeed. Each year
                                                                                                                   per class. An added bonus is that most                                                                     we work toward improving our ath-
                                                                                                                   of CBC’s classes and labs are sched-                                                                       letic programs and facilities to provide
                                                                                                                   uled Monday through Thursday with                                                                          our students with the very best in
                                                                                                                   Fridays off, which means a three-day                                                                       academic and athletic opportunity.
                                                                                                                   weekend every weekend!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              In just a three-year span, CBC has
                                                                                                                   Besides having credit transfer agree-                                                                      helped 56 student-athletes earn
                                                                                                                   ments with many four-year colleges                                                                         scholarships to play at the four-year
                                                                                                                   and universities, CBC also offers over                                                                     level. Eighteen of those were Division
                                                                                                                   thirty Associate in Applied Science De-                                                                    I schools and four earned professional
                                                                                                                   grees, twenty Certificate Programs, an                                                                     contracts.
                                                                                                                   Associate in Science Degree, an Asso-
                                                                                                                   ciate in Arts and Science Degree (AA
                                                                                                                   Degree), and a certificate of General
                                                                                                                   Studies. There are also a large num-
                                                                                                                   ber of Distance Learning web-based
                                                                                                                   classes to choose from quarterly.

       Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to participate in all college sponsored events and programs. If you have a   Columbia Basin College complies with the spirit and letter of state and federal laws, regulations and executive orders pertaining to civil
       disability and require an accommodation, please contact the CBC Resource Center, (509) 547-0511, ext. 2252, or TTY/TDD    rights, equal opportunity and affirmative action. CBC does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, religion, age,
       at (509) 546-0400. This notice is available in alternative media by request.                                              marital status, physical, mental or sensory disability, sexual orientation or Vietnam veteran status in its educational programs or employment.
                                                                                                                                 Questions may be referred to Camilla Glatt, Vice President for Human Resources & Legal Affairs, (509) 547-0511, ext. 2348.

No       Player                Pos      Ht      Yr   High School/Hometown
1        Corie Colosi          OH       5’9”    So   Richland/Richland, WA
3        Kellee Chandler       S/ DS    5’8”    So   Weiser/Weiser, ID
4        Ashley Cox            S/ DS    5'6"    Fr   Pullman/Albion, WA
5        Heather Guenther      OH/ DS   5'5"    Fr   Columbia/Burbank, WA
6        Chelsea Allen         OH/ RS   5'9"    Fr   Kiona-Benton/Benton City, WA
7        Lizzie Law            S/ DS    5’6”    So   Kennewick/Kennewick, WA
8        Kristina Gonzalez     OH/ DS   5'6"    Fr   Red Mesa/Sweet Water, AZ
11       Miranda Weitz         MB       5'11"   Fr   Pullman/Albion, WA
12       Carly Ross            OH       5'10”   Fr   Kamiakin/Kennewick, WA
13       Megan Weitz           MB       6'0"    So   Richland/Richland, WA
14       Clarissa Harston      MB       6'0"    Fr   Rosalia/Thornton, WA
15       Brianna Valencourt    OH       5'9"    Fr   Selah/Selah, WA
17       Ashley Miles          OH       5'10"   Fr   Valley Christian/Spokane Valley, WA
18       Morgan Veleke         OH       5'8"    Fr   Kamiakin/Kennewick, WA
20       Priscilla Ena         RS       5'8"    Fr   Hermiston/Hermiston, OR

Head Coach: John Patrick
Assistant Coach: Stacey Vladimiroff
W            ith this year's experienced sophomore class and the
             addition of a highly touted recruiting class, you can
             expect great things from the 2006 CBC Volleyball
team. Last year, nineteen-year veteran Head Coach John Patrick
started just one sophomore and five freshmen and went 12-26
                                                                        season and she averaged 2.2 digs per game. She can also set or
                                                                        play the libero position.
for the season.
                                                                        This season's freshman class will have to live up to expections if
“We played as hard as we could all season but lacked the firepower      the 2006 Hawks want to make a run at Patrick's seventh East
needed to compete in the Eastern Region and out of region tourna-       Region Championship. Here is a complete list of this year's fresh-
ments, but they gave it all they had and we all stuck together until    man class:
the last match,” coach John Patrick said.
                                                                        Right Side Hitters
This year, coach Patrick hit the recruiting trail hard and found per-   The right side is wide open with three freshmen competing for two
haps the best freshman class he has ever had. “Eleven freshman are      spots. Coach Patrick has confidence that all three freshmen are
coming in and nine of them have played for very competitive club        capable of stepping in and adding strength to the right side.
programs. The other two had great high school volleyball careers
and we expect they will blend in right away,” said Patrick.             Priscilla Ena, Hermiston High School
                                                                      "Priscilla gets up quick and has a fast arm. She’s not real big, but
CBC returns four experienced                                                                              she has good skills and I think
starters that all put in a lot                                                                            around mid-season she will
of extra effort in the weight                                                                             be a real force on the team."
room and open gyms during                 Eleven freshman are coming in                                   Coach Patrick
the off-season. Megan Weitz               and nine of them have played
from Richland High is the lone                                                                            Brianna Valencourt,
sophomore to earn Eastern
                                          for very competitive club pro-                                  Selah High School
Region All-Star Team honors.              grams. The other two had great                                  They won a state champion-
Last season, Weitz lead the               high school volleyball careers                                  ship this past season. “Every
team with 436 kills, 29 aces,             and we expect they will blend in                                time we watched her play, she
2.4 digs per game and 1.05                right away.                                                     seemed to find a way to score
blocks per game. “Those are                                                                               or make a big play. She is pretty
pretty impressive numbers for a                                      Coach John Patrick                   far along and will be a strong
freshman and with the amount                                                                              team leader.” Bri helped her
of time and effort that she put                                                                           Selah team to a State Champi-
into her game, we have some                                                                               onship this past season.
pretty lofty goals for Megan” said Patrick. Outside hitter Corie Co-
losi also from Richland High, also returns for the 2006 campaign. Chelsea Allen, Ki-Be High School helped her team to a 4th place
Colosi played in 115 games last season and averaged 2.3 kills finish at state this past year. Chelsea can play outside or right side
per game, 36 aces, and 2.4 digs per game. Setter Lizzy Law from and can get the job done. She is a well-rounded player who can
Kennewick High, set in all but one match which she sat out of add stability to the Hawks' defense while providing an offensive
due to a broken nose in a practice. Law averaged 7.6 assists per threat.
game, 19 aces, and 2.1 digs per game. “Lizzy is much improved
in this position and her defensive skills will match any other great Outside Hitters
defensive player we have on this team. Lizzy has developed a very It looks like this is going to be a battle for these two spots with
competitive attitude on defense” stated Patrick. The remaining three other very strong outsides coming in along with the returner,
sophomore to return is Kellee Chandler from Weiser High, who saw Corie Colosi. “These three freshmen know how to play this position
action in 116 games last year. Chandler mostly played defense last and have a lot of fire power”, said Patrick.
                                                                    Miranda Weitz, Pullman High School
                                                                    Miranda is a pretty gifted middle with good range and a variety
                                                                    of strong shots. She is a great blocker and has a competitor’s
                                                                    attitude on the court.

                                                                    Clarissa Harston, Rosalia High School
                                                                    Harston will be one of the tallest players on the team at 6’ tall.
                                                                    She is also going to be a great middle but can also play the right
                                                                    side if we need her to help with the blocking.

                                                                    Sophomore Kellee Chandler had a great off-season. Patrick looks
                                                                    forward to Chandler having a great season. "Kellee can play set-
                                                                    ter or libero. She is quick, tough, and will really help the team on
                                                                    defense this year. She was in the weight room and in the gym
                                                                    training everyday in the off-season.” - Coach Patrick said.

                                                                    Kristina Gonzales,
                                                                    North Idaho College/Red Mesa High School
                                                                    (AZ) Kristina can also play several positions including outside
                                                                    hitter or libero. Her skills are very solid and we are really looking
                                                                    forward to her helping us on defense.

                                                                    Heather Guenther,
                                                                    Columbia Burbank High School
                                                                    Heather will most likely play a defensive specialist position. She
                                                                    is a very quick and explosive player and will be fun to watch as
                                                                    she continues to develop her skills.

Carly Ross, Kamiakin High School
is an exceptional player and has a lot of power. “When she gets
in the weight room and improves her strength she will be even
better. She can block and plays great defense and is a great team
player.” - Coach Patrick

Morgan Veleke, Kamiakin High School
Veleke is a great passer and a very smart hitter. She may not
have the size of the other outsides but she knows how to hit
around a block and get the ball down. She also possesses a
great jump serve.

Ashley Miles Valley Christian High School
Miles is a great athlete with a very explosive jump and a high
reach. “We think Ashley is going to be a pretty exciting player
to watch. She may be a little behind in consistency and with
her defense but just like a couple of others we fully expect that
they will 'get it' quickly and find a way to get on the court and
contribute." - Coach Patrick

Middle Blockers
Returnee Megan Weitz will be challenged by Miranda Weitz from
Pullman and Clarissa Harston from Rosalia. Miranda and incoming
setter Ashley Cox were both on the Pullman State Championship
team this past year.

The ’99 Hawks dominated the Eastern Region and the NWAACC             paid off as she was elected All-American team both of her years here
tournament going undefeated in their region play with a record        at CBC. She also went on to be the captain of the BYU team compet-
of 10-0.                                                              ing at the Division I level, something that most volleyball players can
                                                                      only dream about.
According to Head Volleyball Coach John Patrick, the 1999 Colum-
bia Basin College Volleyball team dominated the Eastern Region and    Still, coaches Patrick and Vladmiroff continue to use the ’99 team as
NWAACC tournament because of their work habits. “They trained         inspiration for their team today. The ’99 championship team has left a
hard in the weight room and on the court perfecting drills that are   lasting impact on the entire CBC volleyball program.
still used to train today,” said Patrick.

The '99' club separated itself from other clubs due to their work
habits and their array of key players gave them a record of 47 wins
and only 4 losses over all. Allison Holsten (MB), was voted MVP and
elected to the all-star team of many tournaments. Accompanying
Alli, were her team-
mates Shae McCor-
mack (OH) and Jessica
Bauder (OH) who con-
tinued her play at SPU,
along with Courtney
Patrick (S).

Allison Holsten stood
out as a leader for the
team. She inspired her
team through her ac-
tions on and off the
court. She went out
of her way to lift the
team’s spirits with small
poems and stories that
she would post in the
locker room or in the
gym for her teammates
to see. Her hard work

John Patrick
Head Coach
BA Education, Oregon State University
MA Health and Physical Education, University of Oregon
(19th season, 610-318)

Coach John Patrick returns for this nineteenth season as Head Coach of the CBC Vol-
leyball program. During his tenure, Patrick has won two NWAACC Championships (95,
99), six Eastern Region Championships (95, 97, 99, 00, 03, & 04) and has qualified
for the NWAACC Tournament 15 out of 18 years. He has been named Eastern Region
Coach of the Year five times (95, 97, 99, 00, 03), NWAACC Tournament Coach of the
Year (95), and AVCA JC/CC Western Region Coach of the Year twice (99, 02).

In 2000, coach Patrick reached the 400-win plateau. A season later, he recorded his
100th Eastern Region victory. In 2003, Patrick reached another milestone when he
earned his 500th career victory. His career mark of 610-318 (.659 winning percentage)
over 18 seasons, ranks among some of the countries top active coaches.

Over the past 12 years, CBC has established itself as one of the top JC Volleyball pro-
grams in the Northwest. CBC has placed at least fifth in the NWAACC Championships
nine out of the past 13 seasons.

During Coach Patrick’s legacy, 17 players have gone on to play at the four-year level.

                                           Stacey Vladimiroff
                                           BA Education, Eastern New Mexico State University
                                           MA Health Education, Emporia State University
                                           (8th season)

                                           Coach Vladimiroff returns as Coach Patrick's head assistant for her eighth season. Vladimiroff
                                           helps with almost every aspect of running the CBC Volleyball program. Her ability to teach set-
                                           ters proper technique, leadership responsibilities, and court awareness has been a tremendous
                                           asset to the CBC Volleyball program. She has helped three setters move on to the four-year
                                           level. Vladimiroff also coaches club volleyball in the off-season.

                                           As a former standout player at CBC from 1994-1995, Coach Vladimiroff broke and still holds
                                           some CBC Volleyball records (see Stacey Estlund). She helped lead the Hawks to an NWAACC
                                           Championship (95), was named 1st Team All-NWAACC Tournament (95), and Honorable
                                           Mention All-American (95). She still holds the career assists record at CBC totaling 2,659.
                                           Later, she attended Eastern New Mexico University (96-98), where she was named 1st Team
                                           All-Conference and broke the record for assists in a season.

                                           After working as the CBC Fitness Center Coordinator for six years, Coach Vladimiroff recently
                                           became an instructor in the PE and Health department. Stacey and husband Brian, have a
                                           son named Parker.
                  Patrick all time

Year   East Region Place   Overall   Win
       Record              Record    Percentage
1987   6-4        2        13-12     0.52
1988   5-5        3        20-28     0.417
1989   7-3        3        34-24     0.587
1990   7-3        3        24-19     0.558
1991   4-6        4        20-25     0.444
1992   6-4        2        44-17     0.721
1993   7-3        2        25-24     0.512
1994   9-3        2        38-21     0.644
1995   9-1        2        55-4      0.932
1996   4-6        4        30-22     0.576
1997   9-1        2        33-24     0.578
1998   8-2        2        35-12     0.744
1999   10-0       1        43-4      0.914
2000   10-1       1        45-5      0.9
2001   4-6        4        34-18     0.653
2002   10-2       2        34-10     0.772
2003   10-2       1        36-16     0.692
2004   10-2       1        38-10     0.791
2005   5-6        4        9-23      0.281

Total 164-111              610-318

                                                  Year   Wins Losses
                                                  1987   6    4
                                                  1988   5    5
                                                  1989   7    3
                                                  1990   7    3
                                                  1991   4    6
                                                  1992   6    4
                                                  1993   7    3
                                                  1994   9    3
                                                  1995   9    1
                                                  1996   4    6
                                                  1997   9    1
                                                  1998   8    2
                                                  1999   10   0
                                                  2000   10   0
                                                  2001   4    6
                                                  2002   10   2
                                                  2003   10   2
                                                  2004   10   2
                                                  2005   5    6

                                                  Total 140   59

Many Hawk Volleyball players have gone on to compete at the
4-year level. Here is a list of recent Hawks who have signed
at the 4-year level:

  Jamie Eggers             University of Puget Sound
  Molinda Vincent          Northwest Nazarine College
  Stacey Estlund           Eastern New Mexico State University
  Jessica Bauder *         Seattle Pacific University
  Nicole Waubaunser        Lee University
  Michelle Burge *         Northwest Nazarene College
  Rachel Grant             Seattle Pacific University
  Lindsay Davison          Eastern New Mexico University
  Heather Demorais         Eastern New Mexico University
  Aubry Gladstone          Eastern New Mexico University
  Courtney Patrick         Central Washington University
  Allie Holsten Larson *   Brigham Young University
  Stacie Johnson           St. Martin's University
  Jackie Holwenger         Central Washington University
  Mandy Taylor             Montana State-Billings
  Marci Hawes              Eastern Oregon State College

                                  * All American

                                                                 Jamie Eggers
                                                                 University of Puget Sound
                                                          Team Records
                                                          Most Kills
                                                          Match: 100 vs. Spokane - 1999
                                                          Season: 2,165 - 1999
Individual Records                                        Highest Hitting Percentage
Most Kills                                                Match: .697 vs. Umpqua - 1999
32, Allison Holsten vs. Spokane 2000, Linn Benton 2000    Season: .344 - 1999
Highest Hitting Percentage (5 plus kills)                 Most Service Aces
100% 13/13, Rachael Grant vs. Big Bend - 1997             Match: 22 vs. Yakima - 1987
Most Service Aces                                         Season: 350, 1989
9, Allison Burk vs. Big Bend - 1989                       Most Solo Blocks
Most Solo Blocks                                          Match: 27 vs. Blue Mountain - 1987
12, Wendy Henn vs. Big Bend - 1989                        Season: 395 - 1992
Most Digs                                                 Most Block Assists
42, Crystal Guenther vs. Blue Mountain - 2001             Match: 35 vs. Yakima - 1989
Most Assists                                              Season: 717 -1992
66, Judy Ann Burdick vs. Shoreline - 1993                 Most Digs
                                                          Match: 159 vs. Spokane
                                                          Season: 3.956 - 1989

Single Season Records
Most Kills               Gp     K      Year              Aces                  GP       A      Year
Allison Holsten          139    648    2000              Allison Burke         158      117    1989
Michelle Burge           150    621    1995              Donna Forbes          159       96    1992
Michelle Burge           155    543    1994              Wendy Henn            176      73     1989
Megan Newcomb            128    514    1990              Heidi Gailey          178      69     1989
Amy Johnson              118    509    1993              Allison Holsten       139      69     2000

Hitting %(50 + Kills) GP        %      Year
Stacey Estlund          148     .484   1995              Career Records
Michelle Burge          150     .434   1995
Allison Holsten         139     .432   2000              Kills                 GP       K      Years
Allison Holsten         155     .409   1999              Michelle Burge        305      1164 1994-95
Jamey Cutler            159     .406   1992              Allison Holsten       291      1139 1999-00
                                                         Amy Johnson           275      975 1992-93
Assists                 GP      A      Year
Haley Patrick           156     1501   2004              Assists               GP       A      Years
Jamey Cutler            159    1492    1992              Stacey Estlund        300      2659 1994-95
Lindsay Davidson        142    1454    1997              Jamey Cutler          296      2611 1990-92
Stacey Estlund          148    1361    1995              Amanda Taylor         284      1953 1998-99
Stacey Estlund          152    1298    1994
                                                         Aces                  GP       A      Years
Digs                     GP     D      Year              Allison Burk           295     156    1988-89
Crystal Guenther         158    822    2001              Donna Forbes           279     146    1991-92
Wendy Henn               178    755    1989              Amanda Taylor         284      132    1988-89
Shae McCormack           153    744    1999
Heidi Gailey             178    666    1989              Digs                  GP       D      Years
Crystal Guenther         175    578    2002              Crystal Guenther      333      1400 2001-02
                                                         Wendy Henn            314      1226 1988-89
Solo Blocks              GP     B      Year              Shae McCormack        264      1139 1998-99
Kristie Pinolo           160    139    1992
Jennifer Jamison         160    101    1992
Allison Holsten          139    88     2000
Allison Holsten          152    70     1999
Laura Sizer              146    69     1995
 Corie Colosi

 Position: Outside Hitter
 Height: 5’9"
 High School: Richland
 Club Team: Velocity
 GPA: 3.0
 Major: Nursing/Pharmacy
 Volleyball Awards: 2005 & 2006 CBC Team Captain, 2004 Team
 Captain Richland High, 2004 Big Nine Honorable Mention

                                                              Kellee Chandler

                                                              Position: Libero
                                                              Height: 5’7”
                                                              High School: Weiser
                                                              GPA: 3.1
                                                              Volleyball Awards: Three-year varsity Team Captain, 2003 & 2004
                                                              All Star
                                                              Academic Awards: Honor Roll, CBC Bookhitter

Lizzie Law

Position: Setter
Height: 5’6”
High School: Kennewick
Club Team: Columbia Jrs.
GPA: 3.2
Volleyball Awards: 2006 INWC Tournament Team, Big Nine Hon-
orable Mention 2003 & 2004, Team Captain 2004
Academic Awards: CBC Bookhitter
Megan Weitz

Position: Middle Blocker
Height: 6’0”
High School: Richland
Club Team: Velocity
GPA: 3.4
Major: Education
Volleyball Awards: 2003 2nd Team All Conference, 2004 1st
Team All Conference, 2004 All State nominee, 2004 Team Cap-
tain, 2005 1st Team Eastern Region, 2006 INWC All Tournament
team, & Player of the Week
Academic Awards: CBC Book Hitter
Other sports played and/or awards: Three years varsity basketball
- Most Improved, 2004 Coaches Award - track, 2005 track Team
Captain & 1st team discus, four-year varsity letter winner

                                                                        Clarissa Harston

                                                                        Position: Middle Hitter
                                                                        Height: 6’0"
                                                                        High School: Rosalia
                                                                        GPA: 3.6
                                                                        Major: Physical Therapy
                                                                        Volleyball Awards: four-year letterman, 2003 & 2005 Defensive
                                                                        MVP, 2005 Most Inspirational, 2004 & 2005 All-County, 2003 &
                                                                        2005 Spikefest All Star, 2004 & 2005 Co-captain
                                                                        Academic Awards: 2004 Academic letter, 2003-2006 National
                                                                        Honors Society member, 2004-2006 Science Club, 2004-2006
                                                                        Honor Roll
                                                                        Other sports played and/or awards: Four-year letterman basketball,
                                                                        2005 MVP, 2003 Rebounding Award, 2006 basketball Co-Cap-
                                                                        tain, three year letterman-track, 2005 team district championships,
                                                                        2003-2005 state competitor.

Miranda Weitz

Position: Middle Blocker
Height: 5’11”
High School: Pullman
Club Team: Palouse Jrs.
GPA: 3.2
Volleyball Awards: 2A State champions, 2nd team All State, All-
Palouse team, 1st team All League, MVP, Karen Johnson Doke
Award, 1st team All-Palouse, leader for most kills in a season- Pull-
man High School
Other sports played and/or awards: Sportsmanship and most
improved for golf, Two-year varsity letterman, golf
Carly Ross

Position: Outside Hitter
Height: 5’10”
High School: Kamiakin
Club Team: Velocity Volleyball Club
GPA: 3.1
Major: Business
Volleyball Awards: 1st & 2nd team All Conference, All Tournament
team Walla Walla Invite, 2nd team All-area, coaches award, block-
ing award, MVP, Player of the week
Academic Awards: Honor Roll, Scholar Athlete
Other sports played and/or awards: Tennis & basketball

                                                                       Ashley Miles

                                                                       Position: Outside Hitter
                                                                       Height: 5’10”
                                                                       High School: Valley Christian
                                                                       Club Team: Club Idaho NW
                                                                       GPA: 3.99
                                                                       Major: Arts and/or Chemistry
                                                                       Volleyball Awards: Total Release 2005-06, Oct. 2005 Athlete of
                                                                       the Week Spokane Valley News Herald, 2004-05 and 2005-06
                                                                       All-Star Player at the Rosalia Tournament
                                                                       Academic Awards: National Honor Society Academic Letter: four-
                                                                       years, Scholar’s Award: four-years
                                                                       Other sports played and/or awards: Three years varsity tennis
                                                                       singles and doubles for University High School Placed 3rd in
                                                                       2004-05 Inland Empire Tennis Tournament-Mixed Doubles.

Chelsea Allen

Position: Outside Hitter/ Right Side Hitter
Height: 5’9”
High School: Kiona-Benton
Club Team: Columbia Juniors 18 Black
GPA: 3.0
Volleyball Awards: 2nd team CWAC All League, 1st team CWAC
All-League, 2nd team All Area, co-MVP, co-captain, NBC Camp
All-Star team & True Grit award, 6th place State finish, 15th in
the Reno Volleyball Festival, Three-time co-volleyball Player of the
Month, HS Player of the Week for the Tri-City Herald.
Academic Awards: Student of the Month, Honor Roll, Principal's
honor roll, Consumer Economics Excellence award
Other sports played and/or awards: Most improved for track and
basketball, MVP- track, Basketball Athlete of the Month, Sports-
manship award for North Idaho team camp
Brianna Valencourt

Position: Outside Hitter
Height: 5’9”
High School: Selah High School
Club Team: Club Selah & Team Yakima
GPA: 3.7
Volleyball Awards: 2005-3A State Champions, Academic State
Champions, Regional Champions, District Champions, League
Champions, 1st team All State, Mid-Valley League Co-MVP of the
year, 1st team All-League, Selah Iron Woman Award, Fall Athlete
of the Year nominee
Academic Awards: National Honor Society, “A” Honor Roll, Weight
Training Student of the Year
Other sports played and/or awards: Two years varsity fastpitch

                                                                   Heather Guenther

                                                                   Position: Outside Hitter
                                                                   Height: 5’5”
                                                                   High School: Columbia
                                                                   GPA: 3.9
                                                                   Major: Pharmacy
                                                                   Volleyball Awards: Three-year varsity letterman, 2nd team All-
                                                                   League, Team Captain, Defensive Player of the Year
                                                                   Academic Awards: Honor Roll, Scholar Athlete
                                                                   Other sports played and/or awards: 3rd team and 2nd team All-
                                                                   League for softball, captain, three-year varsity letterman basketball

Morgan Veleke

Position: Outside Hitter
Height: 5’8”
High School: Kamiakin
Club Team: Velocity
GPA: 3.45
Major: Education
Volleyball Awards: Coach's Award (MVP), Most Inspirational, Hon-
orable Mention, Scholar Athlete- four years
Academic Awards: Honor Roll-four years, Scholar Athlete Award-
four years
Other sports played and/or awards: varsity tennis
Ashley Cox

Position: Setter
Height: 5'6"
High School: Pullman
Club Team: Palouse Jrs.
GPA: 3.65
Major: Pharmacy
Volleyball Awards: Blackhawk All Tournament team 2004 &
2005, Varsity letter
Academic Awards: Four years Presidential honor award, Dan
Fertak's "Find A Way" award, Moscow/Pullman Daily News award

                                                                 Kristina Gonzalez

                                                                 Position: Libero
                                                                 Height: 5'5"
                                                                 High School: Red Mesa
                                                                 Club Team: Native Adrenaline VBC
                                                                 GPA: 3.2
                                                                 Major: Computer Engineering
                                                                 Volleyball Awards: 2002-2005 MVP, 2004 & 2005 player of the
                                                                 year, 2003-2005 All Conference, 2005 final four, 2004 & 2005
                                                                 Navajo Times all area all-star
                                                                 Academic Awards: 2001-2005 GPA 3.5 honor roll, Salutarian
                                                                 Senior year
                                                                 Other sports played and/or awards: 2004 best defensive player
                                                                 - basketball, played basketball & softball all four years, 2004 track,
                                                                 2004 Best Offensive Player

Priscilla Ena

Position: RS - Hitter
Height: 5'6 1/2"
High School: Hermiston
Club Team: Velocity
GPA: 3.0
Volleyball Awards: best offensive award, team All Conference
Other sports played and/or awards: Basketball - Best Offensive
'05         season

                                                           Head Coach: John Patrick
                                                           Career Record: 19 seasons 613 - 318 (.659 win percentage)
                                                           Playoff appearances: 15
                                                           East Region Championships: 6
                                                           2005-06 overall record: 12-26, 5-7 East Region (fifth place)
                                                           Assistant Coach: Stacey Vladimiroff (8th season)

CBC’s volleyball season came to a heartbreaking conclusion                                              season this year.
in 2005. The Hawks put themselves in position to qualify for                                            CBC lost 24 games
the NWAACC Championship Tournament prior to the final                                                   throughout the sea-
game of the regular season at Big Bend CC. A win would                                                  son by less than
have given the Hawks the Eastern Region’s third seed at the                                             four points, three
tournament. Unfortunately, the season was shortened after                                               coming on the final
the Hawks failed to capitalize on a two-game lead resulting in                                          night against Big
a 27-30,28-30,30-28,30-28,15-13 defeat. The Hawks had                                                   Bend. Despite los-
managed to stay in contention for the playoff race despite                                              ing Clark to gradu-
beginning the season 3-22. The team finished with a record                                              ation, CBC returns
of 12-26, 5-7 in league play.                                                                           a much more ex-
                                                                                                        perienced group in
The Lady Hawks were powered offensively by a duo of Rich-                                               ‘06. Every player
land graduates, Megan Weitz and Corie Colosi. Weitz led the                                             saw time in more
team on the year in kills (436), blocks (125) and was second                                            than 100 games
in digs with 290. Sophomore Allison Clark led the team in                                               throughout the sea-
digs with 324. Clark also proved to be a great leader during                                            son. The Hawks
the teams resur-                                                                                        will rely on maturity
gence, having                                                                                           in their efforts to re-
played a major                                                                                          gain their place on
role in last year's                                                                                     top of the Eastern
Co-East region                                                                                          Region.
team. Colosi
was second to
Weitz in kills with
265, and also
                                                                       Individual Honors
                                                                       Megan Weitz
tallied a third
                                                                       1st Team All East Region
best 277 digs
on the year.

Although things
ended on an un-
desirable note
last year for the
Hawks, there
were many
good signs that
point to a better
               Wa t t s C o n s t r u c t i o n

4828 S Union Loop   K e n n e w i c k , WA 9 9 3 3 8   (509) 735-7969
                                                 about the

The Tri-Cities of Southeastern Washington state encompass-
es the three municipalities of Pasco, Kennewick, and Rich-
land. Area population is about 225,000. Boasting nearly
300 days of sunshine, the Tri-Cities weather is comparable
to many Sunbelt cities. Average annual rainfall is about 7
inches. With early springs and late falls, the Tri-Cities climate
is the best-kept secret on the West Coast.

On the historic Lewis & Clark Trail, the Tri-Cities span the
confluence of the Columbia, Snake, and Yakima Rivers. The
area is an ideal spot for water sports and boating, fishing,
water skiing, and swimming opportunities abound during all
seasons. Snow skiing, hiking, hunting, and camping are all
popular and located nearby.

Professional baseball and hockey teams call the Tri-Cities
home and the Toyota Center hosts events and concerts.

                                                                    The annual mid-summer Water Follies is a community
                                                                    event boasting one the West’s oldest unlimited hydroplane
                                                                    races on the Columbia River. The Gorge Amphitheater,
                                                                    which is also located nearby, is one of the top five am-
                                                                    phitheaters in the world. Some of the bands featured
                                                                    there are Dave Matthews, U2, and several other popular
                                                                    bands and groups.

                                                                    The Tri-Cities is a center of the world-renowned northwest
                                                                    wine industry, with more than a dozen top wine vintners
                                                                    located nearby.

                                                  To find out more...

Fitness Center                                                        2004, Athletic Director Dave Dunterman did not cut any corners
The Columbia Basin Athletic department has always taken pride         offering a first class playing surface, dugouts, scoreboard, bleachers,
in being a reputable stepping stone for athletes trying to improve    and a miniature club house. There was also an expansion of the
their abilities in order to move on to a higher level of college or   batting cages for practice purposes, adding two more tunnels to
professional competition. Although CBC already maintained what        increase the total square footage to 7,000.
many thought to be “The Northwest’s finest fitness center,” space
was becoming limited due to workout popularity among students         Coach Kelly Richards is excited for the work to finally be done.
and community users.
                                                                                                           “It’s already one of the best parks
The College decided to                                                                                     in the Northwest,” Richards
expand the 4,000-square-foot                                                                               said of the facility. “Around
facilities to 9,000-square-feet                                                                            the state, only the University
and purchased new pieces of                                                                                of Washington’s park can rival
equipment. The project cost                                                                                ours. It’s definitely one of the
upwards of $1 million and was                                                                              best facilities in the NWAACC.”
over three months a work in                                                                                Thanks to the help from Athletic
progress. The student-athletes                                                                             Director      Dave     Dunterman
are now reaping the benefits                                                                               and the determination of the
of the improved workout                                                                                    coaching staff, the Lady Hawks
facilities.                                                                                                can step onto their field with a
                                                                                                           new sense of pride this year.
Only a year ago, it was difficult
for an entire team to workout                                                                              Soccer Facility
together in the CBC facilities                                                                          The new CBC soccer facility
due to the high number of                                                                               plan is in the beginning stages
exercisers and limited amount                                                                           of development. Future plans
of space. With the addition of                                                                          include moving and resurfacing
new equipment, it is difficult to                                                                       the playing field, adding
find a shortage of weights or a                                       bleachers and benches, install a new scoreboard, and add seating
backup on a machine. Some of the new equipment includes:              for fans. When all is complete, the CBC soccer programs will
cardio machines; treadmills, recumbent bikes, elliptical machines     practice and compete in one of the elite soccer facilities in the
and rowing machines. There is a new sound system installed as         northwest.
well as updated ventilation and remodeled men’s and women’s
locker rooms. The new weight room will serve as a valuable
recruiting tool as well as give our athletes the proper facilities    Baseball Field
needed to improve their chances of recruitment following their        CBC's baseball complex is second to none with one of the truest
careers at CBC.                                                       playing fields in the Northwest. Field dimensions include 335 down
                                                                      the lines, 365 in the alleys, and 400 in center. A new 10-inning
                                                                      scoreboard replaced the old scoreboard prior to last season. The
Gymnasium                                                             scoreboard sits in left-center field displaying the program's Eastern
The CBC Gymnasium, also known as "The Hawks Nest," is known           Region titles (96, 98, 99, 00, 01, 03, & 04). To go along with the
around the Northwest as one of the most difficult places for          unparalleled playing surface, the program is beginning a stadium
opponents to play. CBC's Volleyball and Men's and Women's             campaign that would provide first class seating for fans.
Basketball programs have benefitted greatly from the nest full of
noisy crowds. Reaching a capacity of 1,200 hungry Hawk fans, all      Adding to the top-notch playing field, CBC's baseball facility
nestled on one side of the gymnasium, makes for an electricfying      includes a 12,500-square-foot hitting facility. The layout consists
atmosphere for our student-athletes and spectators.                   of six batting tunnels, five batting machines, and several tee and
                                                                      short workstations, all positioned on astro turf inside perimeter
Softball Field                                                        fencing. Players have all the essential tools to work on their game
CBC's newly established softball field is second to none. Built in    on a daily basis.
     NW Champions           59 Championships---51 Years

      1.    1957-58
       2.     1958            21. 1970-71
      MEN'S TENNIS             WRESTLING
       3. 1958-59             22. 1971-72                 40. 1986
   MEN'S BASKETBALL           BASKETBALL                    GOLF
         4. 1959              23. 1971-72                 41. 1988
      MEN'S TENNIS             WRESTLING                    GOLF
       5. 1960-61               24. 1972                  42. 1989
   MEN'S BASKETBALL            FOOTBALL                     GOLF
         6. 1961                25. 1973                43. 1989-90
        FOOTBALL                  GOLF                MEN'S BASKETBALL
       7. 1961-62             26. 1975-76                 44. 1992
   MEN'S BASKETBALL            WRESTLING                    GOLF
         8. 1962                27. 1976                  45. 1993
        FOOTBALL                  GOLF                      GOLF
(JUNIOR ROSE BOWL TEAM)       28. 1976-77                 46. 1993
       9. 1962-63              WRESTLING               WOMEN'S GOLF
      BASKETBALL                29. 1977                  47. 1994
         10. 1963                 GOLF                WOMEN'S SOCCER
        BASEBALL                30. 1978                  48. 1995
         11. 1963              FOOTBALL                 VOLLEYBALL
        FOOTBALL          NATIONAL CHAMPIONS              49. 1995
      12. 1963-64               31. 1979                 MEN'S GOLF
   MEN'S BASKETBALL         WOMEN'S TENNIS                50. 1996
         13. 1964               32. 1979                 MEN'S GOLF
        BASEBALL                  GOLF                    51. 1997
         14. 1964               33. 1980                 MEN'S GOLF
        FOOTBALL                  GOLF                    52. 1999
     15. 1964-1965              34. 1980               WOMEN'S GOLF
   MEN'S BASKETBALL           MEN'S TENNIs                53. 1999
         16. 1965             35. 1980-81               VOLLEYBALL
           GOLF            MEN'S BASKETBALL               54. 1999
         17. 1965               36. 1983              WOMEN'S SOCCER
        FOOTBALL                  GOLF                    55. 1999
      18. 1965-66               37. 1984               MEN'S SOCCER
       WRESTLING                  GOLF                    56. 2001
         19. 1966               38. 1984                  BASEBALL
        FOOTBALL            WOMEN'S TENNIS                57. 2002
         20. 1970               39. 1985               WOMEN'S GOLF
        FOOTBALL                  GOLF                    58. 2005
                                                     WOMEN'S BASKETBALL
                                                          59. 2006
eastern region

                           Big Bend
                  Community College                        Walla Walla
Hometown:         Moses Lake, WA                      Community College
Mascot:           Vikings
                                         Hometown:         Walla Walla, WA
Colors:           Blue and Green
                                         Mascot:           Warriors
Web Site:
                                         Colors:           Black and Gold
Athletic Director:Maryanne Allard        Web Site:
                                         Athletic Director:Jeff Reinland

                     Blue Mountain
                  Community College
Hometown:         Pendleton, OR
                                                       Wenatchee Valley
Mascot:           Timberwolves
                                                      Community College
Colors:           Blue and White
Web Site:      Hometown:         Wenatchee, WA
Athletic Director:John Turner            Mascot:           Kinghts
                                         Colors:           Black and Silver
                                         Web Site:

                Community Colleges       Athletic Director:Marco Azurdia
                        of Spokane
Hometown:         Spokane, WA
Mascot:           Sasquatch
Colors:           Blue, Navy, and Gold                    Yakima Valley
Web Site:                Community College
Athletic Director:Dr. Maury Ray          Hometown:         Yakima, WA
                                         Mascot:           Yaks
                                         Colors:           Red and Gold
                    Treasure Valley
                                         Web Site:
                  Community College      Athletic Director:Jerry Ward
Hometown:         Ontario, OR
Mascot:           Chukars
Colors:           Orange and Blue
Web Site:
Athletic Director:Rick Baumann
                                                                        friends of the
Bev & Doug Alford                                        Don & Lori Gana                     David O'Connor

Jeremy Beard                                             George R. Gibbons                   Neil H. Ofsthun

Shari Bernsen                                            Joyce Halsey                        Joseph J. Praino

Russell Beyers                                           Don and Carol Harris                Len Pyne

Richard T. Boisoneau                                     Larry Hattemer                      Jerry & Laure Quaresma

Derek Brandes                                            Richard & Pam L. Hawley             Alma Rau

James L. Chubb                                           Lawrence Jacobs                     John & Karen Roehl

Steve & Jane Cook                                        Judith Knutzen                      Marilyn Reid

Tom Cooper                                               Rick & Jana Langiliers              Tony & Ari Schumacher

Richard W. Cummins                                       Susan & David Lombard               Neil & Joyce Smiley

Heath & Michelle Dolven                                  Larry McClenny                      Sue A. Sullivan

Dave Dunterman                                           Frank Murray                        Lee R. Thornton

Scott Eggers                                             Earl & Sande Nettnin                Ray Whitlow

Darrell & Lynn M. Estlund                                Alan & Karen. Nordby                Kane A. York

Joe & Peggy Frank                                        Nelson & Raseanne O'Brien           Gerald & Mary Zeitler

Ea c h y e a r , t h e C o l u m b i a B a s i n C o l l e g e A t h l etic Department works toward improving its programs and facili-

tie s t o p r e s e r v e t h e c o n t i n u e d s u c c e s s a t developing student athletes. Part of the constant challenge is fund-

in g t h e s e i m p r ov e m e n t s . W i t h t h e h e l p o f t he Friend of the Hawks Association, CBC’s Athletic Department

ha s m a d e s e v e r a l u p g r a d e s o v e r t h e p a s t f ew years. Becoming a Friend of the Hawks Association member

me a n s y o u c a n b e a p a r t o f t h e r i c h a t h l e t i c tradition at Columbia Basin College as we compete for champion-

sh i p s a n d s t r i v e f o r e x c e l l e n c e .

W e w o u l d l i k e to t h a n k o u r c u r r e n t m e m b e rs for their support of CBC’s fine student athletes.

   Day	     Date		     Opponent		                     Site		   Time	
   Fri	     Sep	1		    Chemeketa	CC		                 CHCC		   12	PM	
   Fri		    Sep	1		    Olympic	CC	                    CCC		    5	PM	
   Fri		    Sep	1		    Clackamas	CC		                 CCC		    7	PM	
   Sat		    Sep	2		    Lower	Columbia	Tourn.		        LCC		    TBA	
   Thur		   Sep	7		    Linn-	Benton	CC		              CBC		    2	PM	
   Thur		   Sep	7		    Tacoma	CC	                     CBC		    6:30	PM	
   Fri		    Sep	8		    Spokane	CC	Tourn.		            SPCC		   TBA	
   Sat		    Sep	9		    Spokane	CC	Tourn		             SPCC		   TBA	
   Wed		    Sep	13		   Big	Bend	CC		                  BBCC		   6	PM	
   Wed		    Sep	20		   Walla	Walla	CC		               CBC		    6	PM	
   Fri		    Sep	22		   Treasure	Valley	CC		           TVCC		   6	PM	
   Wed	     Sep	27	    Spokane	CC		                   CBC		    6	PM	
   Thur		   Sep	28		   Yakima	Valley	CC		             CBC			   6	PM	
   Mon		    Oct	2	     Walla	Walla	College		          WWC		    7	PM	
   Wed		    Oct	4		    Blue	Mountain	CC		             BMCC		   6	PM	
   Fri		    Oct	6		    Lower	Columbia	Crossover		     LCC		    TBA	
   Sat		    Oct	7		    Lower	Columbia	Crossover		     LCC		    TBA	
   Wed		    Oct	11		   Walla	Walla	College		          CBC		    6	PM	
   Fri		    Oct	13		   Big	Bend	CC		                  CBC		    6	PM	
   Wed			   Oct	18		   Walla	Walla	CC		               WWCC		   6	PM	
   Mon		    Oct	23		   Spokane	CC		                   SPCC		   6	PM	
   Thur		   Oct	26		   Treasure	Valley	CC		           CBC		    6	PM	
   Fri		    Oct	27		   Mt.	Hood	CC	Tourn.		           MHCC		   TBA	
   Sat		    Oct	28		   Mt.	Hood	CC	Tourn.		           MHCC		   TBA	
   Wed		    Nov	1		    Yakima	Valley	CC		             YVCC		   6	PM	
   Fri		    Nov	3		    Shoreline	Crossover	Tourn.		   SHCC		   TBA	
   Sat			   Nov	4		    Shoreline	Crossover	Tourn.		   SHCC		   TBA	
   Wed		    Nov	8		    Blue	Mountain	CC		             CBC		    6	PM	
   Thur		   Nov	16		   NWAACC	Tournament		            SPCC		   TBA

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