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 Naming Your Culture
                       Country Naming
                         Ideas 1-5:
                    1. The Mobious Tribe
                    2. The Apricorn Tribe
                 3. The Tribe of the Angels
                4. People of the Divine Wind
                    5. The Morocco Tribe
     The Final Name of my Tribe: The Tribe of the Angels
•   Habitat
•   1. The country my culture originated in was Asia.
•   2. My culture is located above Indonesia.
•   3. The average summer temperature at Angel Island is 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
•   4. There is no winter in Angel Island.
•   5. Monsoons commonly appear 4-5 days a week.
•   6. The landscape on Angel Island consists of mountains, valleys, and canyons. The
    most common feature found on Angel Island are Rainforests, with trees going up to
    500 ft. tall.
•   7. Animals: Wolves, echidnas, boas, albatrosses, etc.
•   Plants: White oaks, great pines, lilies, etc.
•   8. (See paint)
•   9. Culture: A religion or belief people have.
•   Habitat: The living space around you, where you are located or where you live.
•   Migrate: To move to a different country or region.
•   Natural resource: The things you can get around you that are natural, such as water
    and berries.
       The red
Flag   stands for
       blood, war,
       and Fury.
       The yellow
       stands for
       and blight.
       The blue
       stands for
       blue skies,
•  The Anthem of the Angels               We knew we wouldn’t make it,
•  Long ago when darkness was in          We knew we would die,
   our land,                              But suddenly,
• To get rid of it,                       A light from the heavens came,
• We made our plan,                       We knew our god was to
• We came so close,                       blame,
• The time was right,                     For when that light hit the
• The day of darkness,                    earth,
• We had to fight,                        Darkness would never again
• We sent our warriors,                   rebirth,
• Brave and true,                         And on our island to this day,
• But when we fought,                     In our jolly, nomadic, leather
• Then we knew,                           array,
• The dangers of this place,              As long as we have our
• The possibilities of our race,          anthem,
On the floating island in the sky,        Everything will be fine,
                                          For we are the angels,
                                          The angels of the divine!
         Constitution/ Bill of Rights
•   Bill of rights/Amendments
•   1. Freedom of speech
•   2. Freewill (freedom)
•   3. All other tribes that are a threat will be prosecuted to the fullest extent.
•   4. If you do good things for your tribe you have the right to go to the master
    shrine for purification.
•   5. The 7 elders will improvise you for anything you need. (You have the right
    to go and ask them.)
•   6. You can raise your own domestic stock, and hunt at anytime no matter
    the season.
•   7. You have the right to decline to fight in our tribal wars (if you’re a
•   8. You may have up to 4 children.
•   9. You may live with up to 7 family members.
•   10. You have the right to make a colony anywhere on the island.
                                   Types of shelters: Female/male 3-10: Huts
•   Total Population: 1,460
•   Total Male: 730                                     Female/male 11-20: nomad shelters
•   Total Female: 680                                   Female/male 21-65: Shrines
•   Children under 3: 50
•   Males 3-10: 150                                     Female/male 65+: ruins/master
•   Males 11-20: 250                   shrines
•   Males 21-65: 210
•   Males over 65: 120                 Martial status:           Female/Male 3-10: Not Wed
•   Females 3-10: 140                                            Female/male 11-20: can date
•   Females 11-20: 220
•   Females 21-65: 220                                           Female/male 21-65: Can Wed
•   Females over 65: 100                                         Female/male 65+: Date/Wed/family
•   Family size: common: 7-9
•                 Uncommon: 4-6                                                                     Children Under
•                 Rare: 1-3                                                   Tribe of the Angels
•   Education: age 3-10: grade school                                                               Males 3-10
•               Age 11-20: middle school
•   Income levels: They don’t use money, they trade!             300                                Males 11-20

•   Usually they trade animal skins and beads.
                                                                 200                                Males 21-65
                                                                 100                                Males over 65
                                                                   0                                Females 3-10
                                                                                   1                Females 11-20
                                                                             age categories         Females 21-65
                                                                                                    Females over 6
                           Living Quarters
•   Living Quarters and Buildings (continued)
•   Materials include: bricks, cobblestone, trees, and bark.
•   The buildings are made by special workers that build for food and currency; they use any of the
    supplies seen in question 1.
•   You would go to the seven elders’ master temple for healing herbs and other medicines.
•   Criminals will be sent to sacrificial hill, where their lives will depend on how bad the crime was,
    and will be prosecuted.
•   Education goes by word of mouth; the temple of Gaia is the place where the all-knowing-ones
    speak (teachers), while you learn and listen from their wisdom.
•   They would go to Hawaya square, where stands, traders, and tribes’ people gather to exchange
    various things (located in the middle of Angel Island).
•   Twice a day, people of the Angel Tribe go to the master shrine to pray to the gods for peace and
•      Living Quarters and Buildings (Main)
•   The size of the houses varies, the simple houses are leaf huts (nomadic), and higher authority
    tribes’ people live in temples (see computer picks.)
•   The rooms have a soft, dirt floor with homemade quilts on the top (of the dirt); usually the
    huts/temples are only one room, with a wide area and a pillar in the middle.
•   The tribes’ people usually sleep on the quilts in their huts/temples.
•   The cook their meals inside the giant pillar in their huts/temples.

•   Usually there’s only one nomad living in a temple/hut, but families up to 4 may live inside too.
•   Foods and their preparation
•   The daily foods that my tribe eats are Apricorns, strawberries, and Papu fruit.
•   The hunters gather the food for the tribe; they get them by either invading other tribes
    or tracking down food with their hunting specialty.
•   The weapons they use in this process are swords and spears, or baskets for
    gathering fruit.
•   3-4 meals are eaten in a day. (It also depends on the food supply). The times are:
    10:00 am, 1:00p.m, 6:00p.m, and 10:00p.m.
•   The oldest male in the family cooks inside the main pillar located inside the middle of
    the temple/hut.
•   Only members of the same family will eat the same meals. (The “hunter”, or eldest
    male will gather food.)
•   There are no special activities, but when special EVENTS happen, such as a
    wedding, there is chanting, dancing, and a feast.
•   Food is only used for meals in my tribe.
•   The people that sell food for money in my culture are called the Acck. They are
    located in trading posts all over Angel Island, and sell almost everything they can get
    their hands on.
•   The Angel Tribe will trade with other friendly tribes.
•   Dance
•   Name of dance: The Angel of Soleanna
•   Special clothing worn: Women put on snow dove feathers, while men wear crow feathers in a suit.
•   Event celebrated: Wedding ceremony
•   Steps and movements: Stand, raise hands, yell bird call and dance in a circle 2 times.
•   Name of dance: Alzakamar
•   Special clothing worn: special headbands and leather suits. (Both male and females)
•   Event celebrated: Battle victory
•   Steps and Movements: Dance and raise spears (while jogging in a circle) until music (from flutes)
                      Power Structure
•   The Form of Government my tribe has is Totalitarianism.
•   Leaders: Only those who proved themselves with their knowledge and loyalty (braveness) will
    replace one of the elders when old enough (79+).
•   #1 in power: 7 elders #2 in power: Wisdom nobles (a.k.a the know it alls) #3 in power:
    Warriors. #4 in power: Noble women, and finally #5 in power: Everyone else.
•   The responsibility of those in power is to provide religion, wisdom, power, and surplus among
    other things.
•   When a new elder is named, the Minoshi Celebration starts. All the Angel Tribes on Angel
    Island come to celebrate, dance, and honor the new elder.
•   There is a written record of laws in my culture,
•   It is called the Argemus Mobian, but there is no written constitution to explain how it works (it’s
    secret, so only the elders know it orally.) The laws only apply to anyone lower in rank than an
    elder; the elders have their own set of laws for themselves.
•   7. Arguments are settled by calling in warriors to solve any disputes, but arguments are rare
    because the laws are very strict.
•   8. The laws are in the bill of rights, they too are known orally and the elders use them to keep
    peace within the Angel Tribes.
•   9. The punishment for rule breakers is usually the death penalty, but a lifetime of irrigation
    work is another option.
•   The most valuable items are: Rana (bright colored rubies), and topazes are worth the most
    because it shows how much effort you took to get them, and your reputation will grow.
•   Everyone has access to the values, but only the bravest of tribe people will have the best
•   The “cash” of my tribe is their trading items, such as food, jewels, clothing, etc. Exotic coins
    are also treasured.
•   They trade everyday, because this is a necessity for them so they can survive. They only
    trade on Angel Island. (That’s probably because Angel Island is a floating island.)
•   People in the Angel Tribe display their wealth with jewels, from diamonds and rubies to lapis-
    lazuli's and opals.
•   You are considered successful in my tribe when you rob/loot/destroy enemy tribe settlements,
    and when you have the greatest of trading surplus. Knowledge is also a respecting factor.
•   Walking: The Angel Tribe’s main transportation is walking. They walk to get to trading areas, other
    regions on Angel Island, etc.
•   Beasts of burden: Donkeys are used to pull and operate reservoirs, while llamas are used to carry
•   Boats: They are usually made from white oak, and have a canoe-like shape.
•   The weakness of my tribe is that there are a lot of trees on Angel Island, so if an
    enemy tribe brought torches, half of the whole island may be set ablaze, including the
•   2. On Angel Island, there is a lot of mountains and monsoons, so other tribes are at a
    disadvantage because the Angel Tribes are adept at climbing and are immune to
•   3. The Samonsuke, or the warriors, are ferocious bezerkers who defend Angel Island
    with their lives.
•   4. Strategies are taught through the highest rank of Samonsuke, which the children to
•           5. The Angel tribe only had one war, and it was from an enemy tribe that came
    from an unknown land. The Angels won, and the enemy tribe called the “Majori” fled.
•   6. Spears are the main weapons the Angel Tribe uses, but pikes, lances, torches,
    crossbows and other various weapons are used for fighting. Clubs and short bows
    are used for training.
•   7. The Angel Tribe defends itself from harm with hardened leather clothes, shields,
    etc. Temples are also used as scouting points and safe houses when a war or battle
    is going on.
•   8. The Samonsuke (warriors) wear a hardened leather/Inca style uniform, which the
    general wears the heaviest armor almost impenetrable from harm.

• The waste products that I use at home is candy
  wrappers, bananas peels, etc.
• Clothing, entertainment boxes, and other things
  allow us to retain our lifestyles.
• Different types of industries produce different
  types of wastes.
• Plastic and cardboards are used the most in my
• Wastes go to a dump/waste facility, and we can
  reduce the wastes by recycling.
             Calendar              Wed
                                      e Thur         Satu
» The Angel Tribe’s       Mon Tues    s     s            r Sun
  calendar is just like      d   d    d     d Frid       d     d
  ours, just with more       a   a    a     a      a     a     a
  days and fewer             y   y    y     y      y     y     y
                            1     2     3    4     5    6     7
                            8     9    10   11    12   13    14
                           15    16    17   18    19   20    21
                           22    23    24   25    26   27    28
                           29    30    31   32    33   34    35
                           36    37    38   39    40   41    42
                           43    44    45   46    47   48    49
                           51    52    52   53    54   55    56
                           58    59    59   60    61   62    63
                           64    65    66   67    68   69    70
                           71    72    73   74    75   76    77
                           78    79    80   81    82   83    84

                           85    86    87   88    89   90

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