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					           LIFE SKILLS
Life-Skill Lessons                                            Essential Vocabulary                                          Life Skills Math Games
Strengthen Key Reading, Writing, &                            Words They Need to Know!                                      Grades 3-9
Consumer Skills                                               Interest Level 5-12 • Reading Level 3-4                       Set of 3 Games (as described below):
Interest Level 4-12 • Reading Level 4-5                       The future looks brighter for                                  • Shopping Bag
Help students become proficient                               students who use this series to                                • Department Store Math
in everyday life! Critical life                               develop valuable life and survival                             • Menu Math Game
skills at home and in the            BEST R
                                                              skills! Each of the 5 books in the                            MR #043318 COMPLETE SET (3 games) $83.95
workplace are covered in SELL                                 set targets an important aspect
each book in this series.                                     of the everyday world. Key vo-
The structured lessons build                                  cabulary is introduced in context
key vocabulary, spelling, read-                               and then reinforced in motivat-
ing comprehension, sentence                                   ing exercises that emphasize word
and paragraph writing, and                                    pronunciations and definitions.
more. An excellent way to bring the daily environment         Interesting stories and real life
into the classroom!                                           activities improve problem solving and writing skills.
MR #036664      Consumer Words                      $8.95     MR #036671     Supermarket Words                  $8.95
MR #036665      Work Place Words                    $8.95     MR #036672     Restaurant Words                   $8.95
MR #036666      Money Management Words              $8.95     MR #036673     Department Store Words             $8.95
MR #036667      Independent Living Words            $8.95     MR #036693     Computer Words                     $8.95
MR #036668      Personal Care Words                 $8.95     MR #036635     Survival Words                     $8.95
MR #036669      Occupation Words                    $8.95     MR #036674     COMPLETE SET (5 books)            $44.95
MR #036670      COMPLETE SET (6 books)             $53.95
                                                              Survival Signs & Symbols
                                                              Grades 3-12
                                            BEST R                                                                          Shopping Bag
Practical Practice Reading                 SELL
                                                E             Flash Cards                                                   Shop Your Way to Math Success!
Functional Life Skill Activities                              Recognizing and under-                                        Grades 3-8
Interest Level 4-12 • Reading Level 3-4                       standing the 75 essential                                     With 4 levels of difficulty, students can enjoy playing
Reading and writing abilities are                             survival signs, symbols,                                      this fun game together. Players make purchases, com-
sure to improve as students work                              and words in this set will                                    pute change, and keep track of expenses while using
through activities involving                                  help keep students safe                                       functional reading, math, and problem-solving skills!
everyday life situations—                                     and will encourage self-re-                                   MR #043308 Shopping Bag                          $30.95
reading the newspaper,                                        liance. The bold graphics
ads, coupons, catalogs,                                       and simple, easy-to-un-
schedules, directories,                                       derstand definitions make
guides, etc. Each of these                                    these ideal for students of
six realistic books provide                                   all ability levels. A must-
plenty of practice as well                                    have addition for any life
as open-ended activities                                      skills class. Includes 75
which invite creativity. So                                   flash cards (3"x6") and 10
improve your students’                                        detailed extension activities.
reading comprehension                                         Pair the flash cards with our
skills the practical, “real-                                  Survival Words activity book
life” way with this relevant and popular series!              for plenty of practice on these
MR #036293      The Newspaper                       $8.95     essential survival signs.
MR #036298      Labels & Packages                   $8.95     MR #035765 Flash Cards                  $11.95
MR #036299      Ads & Coupons                       $8.95     MR #036635 Survival Words Activity Book  $8.95
MR #036300      Directories & Guides                $8.95     MR #036084 COMPLETE SET (Cards & Book) $19.95
MR #036301      Catalogs & Mail Order               $8.95
MR #036303      Filling Out Forms                   $8.95     Help keep kids safe and
MR #036302      COMPLETE SET (6 books)             $53.95     encourage their self-reli-                                    Department Store Math
                                                              ance with this interactive                                    Spending & Learning Wrapped up in One Game!
                                                              software program!                                             Grades 4-8
                                                              Students match pictures                                       Students receive $200 then get to “shop ‘til they drop”
Checkbook Math                                                of 75 essential survival                                      for their favorite items, make purchases, compute change,
Detailed Exercises for Learning to BEST                       signs and symbols to                                          pay returned check fees, finance charges, and more!
Manage a Checkbook                      ER
                                   SELL                       written cues. For limited                                     MR #043312 Department Store Math                 $30.95
Interest Level 4-12                                           readers, an audio feature
A really practical application                                lets students match signs and symbols to spoken cues
of math. Students read short,                                 as well. Students then “flip” each sign to learn its
real-life-situation word prob-                                meaning and common locations.
lems, solve for answers, write                                A dynamic quiz option tests student comprehension
checks for money spent, record                                and keeps interest high. Bold graphics and simple,
transactions, and keep track                                  easy-to-understand definitions are sure to appeal to
of their balances. A wonderful                                students of all ability levels.
step-by-step process for learning these essential skills!     Windows and Mac compatible.
MR #036435 Checkbook Math                           $8.95     MR #046060 Survival Signs & Symbols CD $76.95
                                                              MR #046059 COMPLETE SET (Flash Cards,
                                                                         Activity Book, and Software CD) $89.95

by Vicki Schulz
Grades 9-12 (108 page binder)                                 Math Mini-Mall
Prepare students for the                                      by Loretta Stabler
world of personal finance                                     Grades 4-8 (120 page binder)
which awaits them as                                          An award winning resource
adults. It is arranged into                                   that covers most of the
integrated topics: banking,                                   core math curriculum by                                       Menu Math
budgeting, paying bills, investing, employment, income        having students set up and                                    A Delicious Way to Improve Functional Math Skills!
taxes and more. Package includes complete teacher             operate their own businesses.                                 Grades 4-9
notes, occupation card, pay cheques, erasable calendar,       Students will become highly motivated entrepreneurs           Students receive $60 then “order” from six different
in/out centre, expense tickets, evaluation sheets and         who not only master their math skills by applying them        menus: Chinese, Mexican, Italian, short order, etc. Let
much more. Use with any high school math, business            in a real-world context, but also learn the principles of     the fun begin as students interpret menus and try to
or life skills course. Easily adaptable for grades 7 and 8.   establishing a working business.                              keep within their budget!
MR #041341 The Life-Project                        $29.95     MR #041254 Math Mini-Mall                        $31.95       MR #043317 Menu Math Game                        $22.95

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174                KITCHENER, ONTARIO N2E 3G4                                                                                 FAX: (519) 895-0331
                                                                                                                                                      LIFE SKILLS
                                                                                                                                                                                                  BEST G
                                                                  Consumer Math                                                                                                                  SELL IES
                                                                  Success Kit
                                                                  Grades 9-12 • Reading Level 7 (326 pages)
                                                                    • Addresses relevant topics
                                                                      such as interest rates, taxes,
                                                                      prices, ATM banking, and
                                                                    • Provides clear explanations,
                                                                      worked-out examples, and
                                                                                                                                        BEST G
        BEST G                                                        realistic practice problems                                          IN
                                                                                                                                       SELL IES
       SELL IES
                                                                  MR #011491 Consumer Math Success Kit                  $43.95
                                                                                                                                        SER                                   ORDER 10+
        SER                                                                                                                                                                 OF A WORKTEXT
                                                                  Daily Warm-ups                                                   Lifeskills Series                        AND SAVE 10%
Practical Practice                                                                                                                                                                             !
Math Series                                                       Everyday Skills                                                  Literacy Skills for Self-Management                    SAVE
                                                                                                                                   Interest Level 6-12+, ELL • Reading Level 4
Over 600 Real-Life Math Problems                                  Grades 9-12 (206 pages)                                          Ten 48-page worktexts introduce young people to the
to Teach Basic Skills                                             Turn downtime into learning time!                                “must have” skills and concepts they’ll need to enter
Interest Level 4-12 • Reading Level 3-4                             • Covers vocabulary, reading,                                  the adult world.
Watch math skills improve as                                          and math and problem solving                                 The 96-page Teacher’s Resource Guide provides teach-
students work through exercises                                     • Emphasizes daily routines for                                ing tips and 65 reproducible extension exercises as well
that involve everyday activities                                      basic hygiene, nutrition, and housekeeping                   as the answer key for the worktext lessons.
such as comparison shopping,                                        • Encourages individuals to focus on essential every-
                                                                      day responsibilities                                         FEATURES
using coupons, buying in                                                                                                            • Preview and Review exercises introduce and wrap
quantity, learning about budgets,                                 MR #032584 Everyday Skills                            $23.95
                                                                                                                                        up each unit
withholding tax, and so much                                                                                                        • Emphasis on essential, topic-related vocabulary
more. A really practical application of math!                                                                 REVND                 • A topic-related “Everyday Math” application in
MR #036480           Math in the Mall                     $8.95                                                 A TED                   every lesson
MR #036481           Math at Home                         $8.95   Reading For Living                          UPD
                                                                  Grade Level 6-12+ • Reading Level 3-5                            TOPICS INCLUDE
MR #036482           Career Math                          $8.95                                                                         • Bus route map             • Library services
                                                                  Prepare your students for the task of living and teach
MR #036483           Best Buys                            $8.95                                                                         • Comparing airfares        • Monthly bank statement
                                                                  them “life skills” such as how to find a job, how to
MR #036484           Money Sense                          $8.95   budget money, the importance of voting, dealing with                  • Dangers of debt           • Product warranties
MR #036485           Everyday Math                        $8.95   personal feelings, and much more. Builds comprehen-                   • Employee handbook         • Reading a city map
MR #036486           COMPLETE SET (6 books)              $53.95   sion, word skills and vocabulary through high-interest                • Health insurance          • Voter registration
                                                                  themes. The program enables targeting of specific                     • Infectious diseases       • Worker’s compensation
                                                                  skills and needs of individual students. Each unit in-
                                                                  cludes 12 lessons, 6 audio CDs, a 32-page reproducible           Moving Out on Your Own
                                                                  activity book, a Teacher’s Guide with answer keys and            Units include: Readiness for Independence, Short-Term and Long-Term Goals,
                                                                  a CD-ROM of student activity pages in PDF format.                Understanding Rights and Responsibilities, Budgeting Time and Money
                                                                  Programs are provided in a sturdy vinyl binder.                  MR #030458 Moving Out on Your Own                                $17.95
                                                                                                                                   Everyday Living
                                                                  Unit 1: Responsibility                                           Units include: Grocery Shopping and Meal Planning, Cooking, Caring for
                                                                  Covers money, income, auto                                       Your Clothes, Home Maintenance and Decoration
                                                                  ownership, emotions, environ-                                    MR #030459 Everyday Living                                       $17.95
                                                                  ment, spare time, (leadership),                                  Health and Safety
                                                                  (work), budgeting and voting.                                    Units include: Prevention–The Best Cure, Getting Medical Attention,
                                                                  Skills Covered: main idea,                                       Handling Health Problems, Avoiding Health Hazards
                                                                  inference, detail, prefix, suffix,                               MR #030460 Health and Safety                                     $17.95
                                                                  compound words, homonyms,
                                                                  discerning, drawing conclusions,                                 Managing Money
Life Skills Activity Books                                        comparing ideas, descriptive                                     Units include: Living Within Your Budget, Banking Basics, Buy Now, Pay
Build Essential Math Skills with Real-Life Activities!            words and phrases.                                               Later, Improving Your Budgeting Skills
Interest Level 3-12 • Reading Level 3-4                           MR #048631 Responsibility                         $164.95        MR #030461 Managing Money                                        $17.95
MR #035901           Nutrition                            $8.95   MR #048635 Student Workbooks (10)                  $99.95        Consumer Spending
MR #035902           Exercise                             $8.95                                                                    Units include: The Wise Buyer, Shopping for Goods, Shopping for
MR #035903           Grooming                             $8.95   Unit 2: Health                                                   Services, Consumer Rights
MR #036422           Shopping Mall Math                   $8.95   Covers prejudice, alcoholism,                                    MR #030462 Consumer Spending                                     $17.95
MR #036424           Shopping Around the Town             $8.95   drug addiction, depression,                                      Job Search
MR #036214           Making Decisions                     $8.95   physical health, nutrition,                                      Units include: Workplace Readiness, Occupational Training, Applying for
Understanding Instructions:                                       exercise, and self-esteem. Skills                                a Job, The Job Interview
MR #036321 In the Kitchen                                 $8.95
                                                                  Covered: synonyms, antonyms,                                     MR #030463 Job Search                                            $17.95
                                                                  punctuation, syllabication, fact
MR #036324 Arts & Crafts Projects                         $8.95   or opinion, cause and effect, per-                               Getting Ahead at Work
                                                                  ceiving relationships, emotions,                                 Units include: Off to a Good Start, Learning the Job, Succeeding on the
                                                                  predicting outcomes, author’s                                    Job, Workplace Problems and Solutions
                                                                  attitude, locating information                                   MR #030464 Getting Ahead at Work                                 $17.95
Reading About High-Interest Jobs                                  and solving problems.
High-Interest Stories Exploring the Workforce                                                                                      Community Resources
Interest Level 4-8 • Reading Level 2-5                            MR #048632 Health                                 $164.95        Units include: Your Taxes at Work, Emergency Assistance, Services for
The many job descriptions                                         MR #048636 Student Workbooks (10)                  $99.95        Workers, Services for Citizens
in these books run the gamut                                                                                                       MR #030465 Community Resources                                   $17.95
– from serious to not-so-serious!                                 Unit 3: Finance                                                  Public Transportation and Travel
Besides introducing students to                                   Covers credit, credit bureaus,                                   Units include: Commuting to School and Work, Taking the Bus, Traveling
a variety of jobs, Reading About                                  debt, money management,                                          by Train or Plane, Planning a Vacation
High-Interest Jobs presents a                                     finding jobs, marriage, first aid,
                                                                  stealing, patents, pride in work.                                MR #030466 Public Transportation and Travel $17.95
number of follow-up ques-
tions to build word skills, test                                  Skills Covered: adjective forms,                                 Car and Driver
comprehension, and provoke                                        context clues, pronunciation key,                                Units include: Becoming a Good Driver, Buying a Car, Maintenance and
thoughtful discussion about the                                   detail, main idea, relationships,                                Repair, Driving and the Law
world of work.                                                    emotions, sensory impressions,                                   MR #030467 Car and Driver                                        $17.95
MR #036359           Reading Level 2                      $8.95   judging statements, judging
                                                                                                                                   MR #030471 Teacher’s Resource Guide                              $23.95
MR #036360           Reading Level 3                      $8.95   relevancy, solving problems.
                                                                  MR #048633 Finance                                $164.95        SAMPLE SET: 10 books (1 each of 10 titles) plus Teacher’s Resource Guide
MR #036361           Reading Level 4                      $8.95                                                                    MR #030468 SAMPLE SET                                          $199.95
MR #036362           Reading Level 5                      $8.95   MR #048637 Student Workbooks (10)                  $99.95
                                                                                                                                   CLASS SET: 60 books (6 each of 10 titles) plus Teacher’s Resource Guide
MR #036363           COMPLETE SET (4 books)              $35.95   MR #048634 COMPLETE SET (3 units)                 $449.95
                                                                                                                                   MR #030470 CLASS SET SAVE!                                     $999.95
                             130 SHOEMAKER STREET                                                                                PHONE: 1-877-414-6463 (TOLL FREE)
                          KITCHENER, ONTARIO N2E 3G4                                                                                  FAX: (519) 895-0331                                           175
             LIFE SKILLS
                                                                         Coping with Death                                                 Personal Development for Success
                                                                         These audio CDs help develop a better understanding               Interest Level 6-12 • Reading Level 4
                                                                         of the emotional impact of the sudden or expected                 Provide students with the basic
                                                                         death of a friend, relative or pet. Each CD includes              skills needed to attain success in
                                                                         a story of loss and professional methods for coping.              school. This series helps to de-
                                                                         Use these as a teaching device or as a counseling tool.           velop the knowledge, skills and
                                                                         Excellent for group discussion and pre-death and post-            attitudes necessary to become a
                                                                         understanding.                                                    healthy, productive adult. Each
                                                                                                                                           book includes dialogue between
                                                                         “Puff the cat, won’t wake up!”                                    characters in a hypothetical
                                                    BEST G               Elementary Grades                                                 difficult situation and discusses
Survival Vocabulary                                SELL IES              Designed to help elementary                                       various reactions and the likely
100 Reproducible Activities in Each Binder          SER                  school children and their                                         outcomes from either a positive or negative reaction.
Interest Level 5-12+, ELL • Reading Level 3-4                            families cope with questions                                      Some of the topics students might encounter that are
Ever wonder how you can teach your reluctant and                         and answers regarding death                                       addressed in the series include: anger management,
slower students how to get by in the real world? With                    and dying. Concepts discussed                                     improving self concept, how to effectively solve problems,
these binders you can teach real life words and skills                   include life cycle, death, normal                                 the difference between focused and displaced anger, how
that students can practice immediately. Furthermore,                     grief, bargaining, replacement and anger. Elementary.             to identify and manage stress,
while teaching about employment forms and money                          MR #048638 Coping with Death CD                      $21.95       understanding the importance of
management students are learning essential critical                                                                                        education, career decision mak-
thinking, writing, and reading comprehension skills.                                                                                       ing, and much more. Each book
Words are learned in context through a variety of                        “Oh, no, Billy Fox is dead?”                                      includes two or more topics and
high-interest activities including: safety signs and                     Grades 6-12                                                       each is followed by a variety of
symbols, finding a job, personal health, cooking, smart                  Billy Fox was killed in an accident.                              exercises such as true or false,
shopping, legal documents, making a budget, and                          His friends deal with anger,                                      matching, fill-in-the-blanks,
more. The self-directed activities require virtually no                  sadness, rage, bargaining and                                     multiple choice, sentence
preparation and can be completed in one class period.                    denial. Concepts discussed                                        completion, crossword puzzles
                                                                         include unconscious feelings,                                     and subjective opinion. Answer
Survival Vocabulary 1                                                    trade-off, grief, work and active
Sample activities include:                                                                                                                 keys are found at the back of
                                                                         mourning. Grades 6-12.                                            each book. (Specific book topics listed under each book below)
   • Safety Signs and Symbols
   • Finding a Job                                                       MR #048639 Coping with Death CD                      $21.95
                                                                                                                                           MR #044130 Personal Development Book 1                           $11.95
   • Employment Forms and Manuals                                                                                                          Managing Stress & Anger, Positive Self-Esteem, Anger Management • Don’t
   • Personal Health Care                                                “But Mr. Wilson...why did it have to be Melissa?”                 Bug Me! • Sticking Up For Number One!
   • Government and Law                                                  Grades 6-12
   • Media and Communication                                                                                                               MR #044131 Personal Development Book 2                           $11.95
   • Smart Shopping                                                      Classmate and friend Melissa,                                     A Mountain is to Climb • The Party • (Personal Satisfaction & Peer Pressure)
   • Cooking and Cleaning                                 BEST R
                                                                         (a high school student) has                                       MR #044132 Personal Development Book 3                           $11.95
   • Driving and Public Transportation                   SELL            died. Her peers struggle                                          How to Improve Your Self-Concept (Parts I & II)
   • And more!                                                           to make sense of her
MR #030355 Survival Vocabulary Binder 1 $39.95                           early death. An explanation                                       MR #044133 Personal Development Book 4                           $11.95
                                                                         about the dynamics of death                                       Handling Stress (Parts I & II)
Survival Vocabulary 2
Sample activities include:                                               and dying are discussed. De-                                      MR #044134 Personal Development Book 5                           $11.95
   • Physical Fitness and Nutrition                                      velops self-awareness about death and grief and teaches           How to Get Good Grades • Learning How to Study
   • Legal Documents                                                     the stages of death and dying. Grades 6-12.                       MR #044135 Personal Development Book 6                           $11.95
   • Citizenship                                                         MR #048640 Coping with Death CD                      $21.95       Learning How to Take a Test • Test Wiseness • Studying and Retention
   • Social Situations
   • Succeeding at School                                                                                                                  MR #044136 Personal Development Book 7                           $11.95
   • Computer Technology                                                                                                                   How to Succeed Inside the Classroom • How to Succeed Outside the Classroom
   • Evaluating Advertising                                                                                                                MR #044137 Personal Development Book 8                           $11.95
   • Money Management                                     BEST R
                                                              E          Self-Relaxation Program                                           Recognizing Depression (Parts I & II)
   • Household Budget                                    SELL            This general purpose program
   • And more!                                                                                                                             MR #044138 Personal Development Book 9                         $11.95
                                                                         introduces the 5 step                                             Course Selection • Choosing a College • Career Decision Making
MR #030356 Survival Vocabulary Binder 2 $39.95                           procedure for relaxation.
MR #030357 COMPLETE SET (2 binders) $76.95                               Purposes and benefits are                                         MR #044139 Personal Development Book 10 $11.95
                                                                                                                                           Communication Skills • Problem Solving • Getting a Job • Keeping a Job
                                                                         discussed and follow along
                                                                         examples provided. Can be                                         MR #044140 COMPLETE SET (10 books) $99.95
                                                                         used for individual or group
                                                                         settings. Appropriate for any age.                                Using the Newspaper to
                                                                         MR #048647 Stress and Relaxation CD                  $21.95
                                                                                                                                           Teach Basic Living Skills
                                                                                                                                           Grades 9-12 (133 pages)
                                                                                                                                           Link life skills with literacy and language!
                                                                         Life Skill Lessons                                                  • Enhances students’ apprecia-
                                                                         Ellen McPeek Glisan                                                   tion of newspapers with more
                                                                         650 ready-to-use transition activities.                               than 50 activities
                                                                         Objective: Link everyday life skill activities to key math,         • Develops skills in locating in-
                                                                                    health and literacy concepts.                              formation, applying for jobs,
Life Skills Academics Series                                             Author Ellen McPeek Glisan                                            finding an apartment, using
Academics meet life skills in the real world.                            has created a thoroughly                                              the Internet, and more
Objective: Link everyday life skill activities to key math, health and   organized, easy-to-imple-                                           • Provides teachers with directions, materials lists,
           literacy concepts.                                            ment life skill program for                                           extension activities, and more
The Life Skills Academics Series links everyday activities               transition students with mild                                     MR #018710 Using the Newspaper to...                             $30.95
to key math, health and literacy concepts. Each book                     to moderate disabilities. The
covers five concepts, relating to everyday situations.                   goal of the 650 lessons is to                                     Nutrition & Fitness
Includes objectives, teaching suggestions and follow-up                  instill a general awareness of                                    50 Lessons and Exercises
activities. Requires students to read stories, solve prob-               an important life skill and                                       Grades 9-12 • Reading Level 7 (118 pages)
lems or analyze events the characters encounter. Math                    each one can be completed                                         Show students how to choose healthier diets
covers: Add/subtract, multiply/divide, measurement,                      in just five minutes. Five                                        and increase their knowledge of nutrition!
decimals and percents. Literacy covers: Oral com-                        categories of lessons align                                         • Features 50 lessons on fiber,
munication, reading comprehension and sentence and                       with the general curriculum:                                          cholesterol, vitamins, veg-
paragraph structure. Health covers: Risky behaviors,                     Math, Social Studies, Sci-                                            etarianism, basal metabolism,
personal hygiene, mental health and first aid.                           ence/Health, Expressive Literacy and Receptive Literacy.              diet and exercise, and more
Spiralbound, book, 75 pgs. each, 2003, Each includes Win/Mac CD with     For example, Assembling First Aid Kit and Making an                 • Enables students to demon-
    printable PDFs).                                                     Apology are linked to social studies. You can also select             strate their understanding
MR #043245         Life Skills Math                          $36.95      lessons by factors like learning style or life skill category.        through exercises, puzzles,
MR #043246         Life Skills Literacy                      $36.95      Covered Spiralbound, book, 230 pgs., 2006.                            problems, and personal applications
MR #043247         Life Skills Health                        $36.95      MR #047071 Life Skill Lessons                        $62.95         • Includes nutrition test with answers
MR #043248         COMPLETE SET (3 books)                    $99.95                                                                        MR #008166 Nutrition & Fitness                                   $30.95
                          130 SHOEMAKER STREET                                                                                            PHONE: 1-877-414-6463                      (TOLL FREE)

176                    KITCHENER, ONTARIO N2E 3G4                                                                                             FAX: (519) 895-0331
                                                                                                                                                                             LIFE SKILLS
                                                                                 Basic Occupational Math                                                   Steps to                                 BEST G
                                                                                 Second Edition                                                            Independent Living                      SELL IES
                                                                                                                                                           Grades 8-12 • Reading Level 3            SER
                                                                                 Grades 8-12
                                                                                 Show students why math really matters at                                  Show students how to take care of
                                                                                 work, at home, and in life!                                               themselves and face the challenges of
                                                                                   • Places mathematical concepts                                          everyday living!
                                                                                     in real-life settings—especially                                        • Contains activities set at a
                                                                                     the workplace                                                             manageable reading level for
                                                                                   • Covers basic operations,                                                  special education and ESL
                                                                                     decimals, fractions, percents,                                            students
Power Basics®                                                                        measurement, graphing, and                                              • Includes explanations,
School-to-Career                                                                     more                                                                      activities, and problems, as well as self-tests and
Grades 6-12 • Reading Level 4-5 • ELL, Special Needs, Adult Learners               • Sums up all concepts with                                                 comprehension checks
                                                                                     clear examples for greater comprehension                              MR #008372 Teacher’s guide (68 pages)                         $16.95
Power Basics® reviews and reinforces fundamental skills                            • Updated to meet the NCTM Standards
required to enter the workforce: Designed for striving                                                                                                     Complete Set includes all 6 student books plus the teacher’s guide.
                                                                                 MR #025608 Student Book (172 pages)                        $26.95         MR #008371 COMPLETE SET (7 books) $114.95
students, adult learners, English language learners,
                                                                                 MR #025609 Teacher’s Guide (58 pages)                      $19.95
and special needs students! Power Basics® provides the
  • Helps students transition from school to career                                                                                                        How to Use Money Wisely
  • Provides helpful information to assist students in                           Better Writing for Better Jobs                                            Grades 8-12 • Reading Level 3 (60 pages)
    getting a job                                                                Grades 9-12 (116 pages)
                                                                                 Use real-life scenarios in these 73 activities                            Shows how to budget money
  • Covers the skills needed to success on the job                                                                                                         and set goals; how to use the
  • Informs students about what to expect when they                              to develop students’ practical writing skills!
                                                                                   • Demonstrates sentence me-                                             bank for savings, checking,
    enter the workforce                                                                                                                                    credit, and loans; and how to be
  • Address workplace communication, evaluations,                                    chanics, word choice, tone,
                                                                                     point of view, and more; us-                                          a wise consumer
    and challenges                                                                                                                                         MR #008017 $18.95
                                                                                     ing such examples as a prog-
The Student Text focuses on one concept at a time,                                   ress report, complaint letter,
illustrates lessons with concrete models and examples;                               or business travel report
and provides ample practice to achieve proficiency and                             • Reviews material from previ-
mastery.                                                                                                                                                   How to Look Out for Yourself
                                                                                     ous chapters through the use                                          Grades 8-12 • Reading Level 3 (66 pages)
The Teacher’s Guide provides an overview of each                                     of “Checkups”
unit; extension activities; a glossary; record keeping                                                                                                     Covers staying emotionally
                                                                                   • Adapts easily to different learning levels                            healthy; keeping personally
forms; and graphic organizers for instruction.                                     • Meets National Standards for Business Education                       safe; and making wise decisions
The Student Workbook is designed to extend and                                     • Includes answer key                                                   about alcohol, drugs, tobacco,
enrich the Student Text with a variety of critical-think-                        MR #020404 Better Writing for Better Jobs $21.95                          and sexual activity.
ing challenges, practice activities, cooperative learning                                                                                                  MR #008004 $18.95
opportunities, and more.
Test Packs offer a pretest, unit tests, a posttest, scoring                      Job Power Series
keys, and test-taking strategies.                                                Grades 10-12
Classroom KITs include (all reproducible): 1 Binder, 1 Student Text, 1 Student   Develop students’ understanding of what skills they will need as they     How to Get Well
    Text Teacher’s Guide, 1 Workbook, 1 Workbook Answer Key, 1 Test Pack         enter the work world!                                                     When You’re Sick or Hurt
                                                                                   • Prepares students for choosing a career, finding the                  Grades 8-12 • Reading Level 3 (56 pages)
Classroom SETs include (not reproducible): 10 Student Texts, 1 Student Text                                                                                Covers treating common ill-
    Teacher’s Guide, 10 Workbooks, 1 Workbook Answer Key, 1 Test Pack                right job, and interviewing for a job
                                                                                   • Positions students—including ESL and adult learn-                     nesses, such as colds and flus,
MR #041893           Classroom Kit (reproducible) $349.95                            ers—for success in today’s competitive job market                     seeing a doctor, using medicines
MR #041892           Classroom Set                $436.95                                                                                                  wisely, and using basic first aid.
MR #041886           Student Text                  $30.95
MR #041888           Student Text Teacher’s Guide $7.95
                                                                                 Choose Your Career                                                        MR #008002 $18.95
                                                                                 Grades 10-12 (57 pages)
MR #041889           Student Workbook & Answers $18.95                           You need to determine your
MR #041891           Test Pack (reproducible)      $24.95                        career path before you can find                                           How to Stay Healthy
                                                                                 the right job. This activity text                                         Grades 8-12 • Reading Level 3 (58 pages)
                                                                                 explains how work environ-
150 Ways to Keep Your Job                                                        ments vary, from corporations to
                                                                                                                                                           Teaches how to develop good
Grades 9-12 (95 pages)                                                                                                                                     grooming habits, take care
                                                                                 the corner store, so students can                                         of one’s body, practice good
Teach students the basic work ethics, habits, and                                figure out where they may fit in.
attitudes that are critical to staying employed!                                                                                                           nutrition (based on the Food
                                                                                 They also explore compensation                                            Pyramid), and stay fit.
  • Includes 150 tips on topics                                                  and employee benefits.
     ranging from the first day on                                                                                                                         MR #008010 $18.95
                                                                                 MR #018707 Choose Your Career                              $18.95
     the job to getting raises and
  • Presents scenarios of work-                                                  Master the Job Search
     related dilemmas for students                                               Grades 10-12 (64 pages)                                                   How to Set Up a Home
     to read and discuss                                                         This practical, hands-on activity                                         Grades 8-12 • Reading Level 3 (66 pages)
  • Includes pull-out sections of                                                text offers students the guidance                                         Explains how to find an af-
     answers and vocabulary lists                                                they need to get going in their                                           fordable place to live, choose a
  • Features case-study examples and highlights job                              job search. It’s all here: how to                                         suitable roommate, understand
     issues such as sexual harassment and work stress                            find potential employers, read                                            a lease, deal with utilities, and
MR #008176 150 Ways to Keep Your Job                               $20.95        want ads, write resumes and                                               furnish an apartment.
                                                                                 cover letters, and fill out ap-                                           MR #008008 $18.95
                                                                                 plications. Students will practice
Survival Skills in the World of Work                                             these skills in multiple forms.
Third Edition                                                                    MR #018708 Master the Job Search                           $18.95
                                                                                                                                                           How to Take Care of Your Home
Grades 9-12 (96 pages)                                                                                                                                     Grades 8-12 • Reading Level 3 (54 pages)
Give your students the tools and techniques
to be successful in the world of work!                                           Ace the Interview                                                         Explains how to make a home
                                                                                 Grades 10-12 (55 pages)                                                   safe, use cleaning tools and
  • Includes more than 50 ac-                                                                                                                              supplies, clean different areas of
    tivities taking students from                                                Interviewing can be the scariest
                                                                                 part of the job search process.                                           the house, and do laundry and
    finding a job to understand-                                                                                                                           ironing.
    ing benefits and obligations                                                 This book will give your stu-
                                                                                 dents the confidence that comes                                           MR #008015 $18.95
  • Heightens student awareness
    of key workplace issues                                                      with thorough preparation.
    including sexual harassment,                                                 Students will understand how
    health insurance, unions, and more                                           the interview process works and                                           Steps to Independent Living
  • Includes realistic forms                                                     use role-playing to prepare.                                              Complete Set includes all 6 student books plus the teacher’s guide.
MR #023685 Survival Skills in the World of Work $26.95                           MR #018709 Ace the Interview                               $18.95         MR #008371 COMPLETE SET (7 books) $114.95

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              LIFE SKILLS
Life Skills Literacy Series                            BEST G                                              ISED                Life Skill Readers
Things to Know About...                               SELL IES                                          REVND                  Craig Booth • Judi kinney
                                                       SER                                                A TED
Grades 9-12 • Reading Level 4 (80 pages each)                    Your Checking Account                  UPD                    Life skill instruction and reading comprehension.
Help students move from the classroom to the community!                                                                        Objective: Reach and teach older students reading at a second grade level.
                                                                 Lessons in Personal Banking                                   A photo-illustrated reading
  • Targets special needs students, including adult              Fourth Edition
    literacy classes, low-intermediate ESL learners, cor-                                                                      comprehension program
                                                                 Grades 10-12                                                  featuring contemporary life
    rections students, tutees, or high school learners           Teach students the skills they need to
  • Includes teaching suggestions, fascinating facts,                                                                          skill themes. Ideal for older
                                                                 maintain a checking account!                                  students who are reading at a
    Internet resources, and LEP suggestions                        • Uses real-life forms for prac-
  • Builds vocabulary, critical-thinking, and writing                                                                          second grade level or below.
                                                                     tice with making deposits,                                Story pages can be printed
    skills with 24 engaging lessons                                  writing checks, keeping a
MR #023901 COMPLETE SET (6 books) $129.95                                                                                      from the PDF on CD or pho-
                                                                     check register, and balancing                             tocopied. Or, each student can
                                                                     a checkbook
Community Resources                                                • Builds experience with electronic banking, includ-
                                                                                                                               have their own book to enjoy
Grades 9-12 • Reading Level 4 (80 pages)                                                                                       and explore!
                                                                     ing ATMs, debit cards, and online banking                 Presents 40 stories in six
Topics include: Community Issues, Govern-
ment Structure, Citizen Responsibility,                            • Guides students through a six-month banking               content areas: Commu-
State Schools, Court System, Job Resources,                          simulation                                                nity, Personal, School, Signs,
Emergency Services. Also includes resources                        • Revised and updated with information about debit          Transportation and Work.
for City Hall, Counseling, Self-help, Arts and                       cards, online banking, and more                           Stories describe places (grocery stores, restaurants),
Sports, Social Security, Living Resources,                         • Teacher’s guide includes an answer key, extra repro-      things (community signs) and activities (going on a
Moneymaking Resources, Natural Resources,                            ducible forms, and a pretest and posttest                 date). Each story has three, five, or seven pages with
Community Play Resources                                         MR #042160 Student Book (128 pages)               $19.95      study questions. Easy-to-read text is brought to life
MR #023902           $24.95                                      MR #042161 Teacher’s Guide (64 pages)             $16.95      with engaging, colorful photos.
Cars and Driving                                                                                                               Covered spiralbound book, 290 pgs., 2005, (includes Win/Mac with
Grades 9-12 • Reading Level 4 (80 pages)                                                                                            printable PDF).
Topics include: Who Should Have a Car?,                                                                                        MR #043169 Life Skills Readers             $75.95
Who Can Drive a Car?, Kinds of Cars, Under                       Survival Math Skills                                          MR #043170 Life Skills Readers (5 copies) $199.95
the Hood, Paying for Cars, Shopping for                          Grades 7-10 • Reading Level 5 (112 pages)
Cars, Advice About Cars, Maintaining Cars,                       Hone problem-solving skills in the context of
Checking Used Cars, Liquids of Cars, Fixing                      real-life situations!
Damaged Cars, Car Parts, Car Options, Laws
About Cars, Insuring Cars, Papers for Cars, The                    • Builds basic skills in addi-
Writing on Cars, Driving for Pay, Road Signs,                        tion, subtraction, multiplica-
Accidents, Maps, Defensive Driving                                   tion, division, and percents
MR #018712           $24.95                                        • Integrates math with
                                                                     everyday tasks including pre-
Medicine and Health                                                  paring a household budget,
Grades 9-12 • Reading Level 4 (80 pages)                             understanding credit, taxes,
Topics include: The Whole Person, Taking                             and more
Charge, Approaches to Health Care, Balanced                        • Includes teacher notes, solutions, and more
Health Care, Diet and Exercise, Healthy and                      MR #017624 Survival Math Skills                   $28.95
Unhealthy Habits, Finding Good Doctors, Get-
ting Dental Care, Health Care to Avoid, Public
Health Clinics, Medicines, The Medicine Cabi-                                                                                  Life Skill Readers Multimedia CD
net, The Emergency Room, Common Colds,                                                             BEST R
                                                                                                                               This talking software version narrates the 40 stories
Hospitals, Skin Care, Challenges That Don’t Go
                                                                 Math in Everyday Life            SELL                         featured in the book.
Away, Learning More About Health                                                                                                  • Easy-to-use interface
MR #020399           $24.95                                      Third Edition                                                    • Second grade level or below
                                                                 Grades 7-12
Housing                                                          Build students’ confidence while preparing                    MR #047073 Life Skills Readers CD            $126.95
Grades 9-12 • Reading Level 4 (80 pages)                         them to be financially independent!                           MR #047040 Life Skills Readers CD (5 copies) $299.95
Topics include: Special Housing, Shared                            • Includes banking, budgets,
Housing, Looking for Housing, Using Ads,                             shopping, home expenses,
Renting an Apartment, Start-up Costs,
Continuing Costs, Furnishing a Home,
                                                                     insurance, car expenses, and                              Learning Basic Social Skills
                                                                     income tax                                                Grades 9-12 (104 pages)
Rent-to-Own Furnishings, Roommates,                                • Incorporates new Internet
Safe Housing, Housing Maintenance, Using                                                                                       Reinforce basic social skills and show
                                                                     and calculator activities, as                             students how to put their best foot forward!
Agents, Paying for Housing, Buying a House,
Major Building Projects, Rights to Safety and                        well as lessons involving electronic banking, tax           • Focuses on choosing and caring
Quiet, Private Housing                                               filing, 401(k)s (U.S.), IRAs (U.S.), and more                 for clothes, getting along with
MR #023684           $24.95                                        • Teacher’s guide contains answers, teaching sugges-            others, developing conversation
                                                                     tions, and chapter notes                                      skills, and having a good work
                                                                 MR #025576 Student Book (214 pages)               $25.95          attitude
Personal Paperwork
Grades 9-12 • Reading Level 4 (80 pages)                         MR #025577 Teacher’s Guide (76 pages)             $18.95        • Includes a teacher guide with
Topics include: Storing Papers, Filing Papers,                                                                                     objectives, vocabulary, additional
Avoiding Paperwork, Bills and Paperwork,                                                                                           activities, and answer guides
Wills, Health Insurance, Taxes, Ownership                                                                                      MR #018711 Learning Basic Social Skills                         $26.95
Papers, School Paperwork, Parenting
Paperwork, Money and the Paperwork Pile,                         41 Activities in Basic
Moving, Paper People, The Jury Notice,                           Money Management
Kitchen Papers, Party Paperwork                                  Third Edition                                                                                          BEST R
MR #023683           $24.95                                      Grades 7-12 (64 pages)
                                                                                                                               Living on Your Own                      SELL
                                                                 Give your students the practical skills                       An Independent Living
                                                                 they need for successfully managing their                     Simulation
Spending and Saving Money                                        personal finances!                                            Grades 8-12 • Reading Level 3
Grades 9-12 • Reading Level 4 (80 pages)                           • Builds students’ vocabulary                               Let students experience independent
Topics include: Spending Limits, Budget                                                                                        living—without leaving the safety of the
Basics, Budget Categories, A Place to Live,                          and skills they need for
                                                                     dealing with the day-to-day                               classroom!
Paying for Utilities, In the Supermarket, Sav-                                                                                    • Builds solid skills in finding
ing on Clothes, Thoughts on Transportation,                          challenges of maintaining
                                                                     financial responsibility                                       the right job, choosing a
Money Emergencies, About Insurance, Sales                                                                                           place to live, managing
Promotions, Spending at Home, Renting This                         • Ensures that students master everything from basic
and Buying That, Paying for Health, Invest-                          paycheck vocabulary to credit cards and loan payments          expenses, and more
ing Money, Credit Cards, Warranties and                          MR #023670 41 Act. in Basic Money Management $25.95              • Includes activities on using the Internet for infor-
Complaints, Taxes, In Time of Trouble                                                                                               mation about jobs and housing, electronic banking,
MR #018713           $24.95                                                                                                         and up-to-date health and nutrition information
                                                  !                                                                               • Features daily lesson plans, reproducibles, and
Life Skills Literacy Series S                                                                                                       answers to all activities
MR #023901 COMPLETE SET (6 books) $129.95                                                                                      MR #023768 Student Book (126 pages)                             $19.95
                                                                                                                               MR #023769 Teacher’s Guide (168 pages)                          $25.95
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178                       KITCHENER, ONTARIO N2E 3G4                                                                             FAX: (519) 895-0331
                                                                                                                                                    LIFE SKILLS
Life In Focus                                                                                                            BEST R
Life in Focus is a unique collection of 4,800                                                Learn About SE
digital photographs (royalty free) on one CD,
designed for life skill, language and functional                                             Life Curriculum
vocabulary instruction. Places, people, objects,                                             Sexuality and social skills for
daily tasks and many other situations are pre-                                               secondary students with low or
sented in digitally mastered, color photographs.                                             no reading skills!
Each photo presents subjects in context as you                                               An illustrated sexual education
would see them in everyday life.                                                             and social skills program with candid
                                                                                             graphics and simple text. It helps low
Life in Focus includes a management tool that lets                                           level readers understand important sexual
you search thumbnails by keyword or browse through                                           issues. The instructor’s guide has six chap-
categories of pictures. Main categories include: Animals,                                    ters: Your Body, My Body, Being a Woman,
community, home, people, school, shopping, signs and                                         Being a Man, Having a Baby, Be Safe and
workplace/industry. Selected images can be saved or                                          Relationships. Each chapter provides up
printed. Print feature lets you add text and is ideal for                                    to eight lessons, 40 in all. Lessons detail
creating illustrated books and instruction sheets. Interactive                               objectives and teaching suggestions. Student
help menu and tutorial makes Life in Focus easy-to-use.                                      resources feature six laminated, full-colour
All images are royalty-free! Use them any way you would                                      booklets. All concepts are clearly illustrated.                                BEST R
normally use a JPEG file: e-mail, word processing document                                   Cover-up stickers let you edit material.
                                                                                             101 pages, spiralbound, laminated booklets, 2nd Ed. 2003.
or a digital slide show presentation.
MR #043140 Life in Focus CD                       $98.95                                     MR #043239 Learn About Life Curriculum                      $87.95

                                                                   Life Skill Curricula Series
                                                         MR #043231 Life Skills Curricula Series (set of 6) $549.95

                                                   BEST R

  Looking Good                                                   Shopping Smart                                                      Select-A-Meal
  Looking Good includes a 215 page instructor’s                  Shopping Smart includes a 230 page instructor’s                     Select-A-Meal includes a 195 page instructor’s
  guide focusing on 47 personal care activities.                 guide featuring illustrated step-by-step sequenc-                   guide covering dining at fast food or table
  Each activity is illustrated step-by-step in a                 es of grocery and department store shopping.                        service restaurants, school cafeteria or home!
  reproducible format and described in lesson                    Lesson plans provide objectives, data forms and                     Features step-by-step dining activities plus
  plans featuring objectives, data forms and                     training suggestions. The 288 laminated cards                       reproducibles: Food cards, picture step pages,
  training suggestions. Seventy-two laminated                    illustrate food and non-food items and function                     communication cues, money aids and data
  routine cards fit in the pocket book to help                   as a picture-based shopping list at the store. The                  sheets. Emphasizes table manners and appropri-
  users complete a sequence of grooming activities               pocket book displays up to 50 cards. Updated                        ate social skills. Student resources include 144
  independently. Updated 2002.                                   2002.                                                               laminated food choice cards, illustrated menu
  MR #043225 Looking Good                  $ 113.95              MR #043227 Shopping Smart                $ 126.95                   and pocket book.
                                                                                                                                     MR #043229 Select-A-Meal               $ 113.95

                                                                 Home Cooking
                                                                 Home Cooking includes a 160 page instructor’s
                                                                 guide and a beautifully illustrated cookbook.
                                                                 The guide provides 38 lessons with objectives,
                                                                 training suggestions and reproducible recipe
  Keeping House                                                  pages. The cookbook includes 37 healthy, easy-                      Plan Your Day
  Keeping House includes a 217 page instructor’s                 to-prepare conventional and microwave recipes,                      The Plan Your Day instructor’s guide describes
  guide focusing on 48 housekeeping activities.                  printed in color and black line. Cookbook pages                     three methods of following a schedule: Picture
  Each activity is illustrated step-by-step in a                 are laminated for protection and displayed in an                    sequence, daily schedule and ongoing schedule.
  reproducible format and described in lesson                    easel binder for easy viewing. Updated 2002.                        Reproducible school, community and work
  plans featuring objectives, data forms and                     MR #043228 Home Cooking                  $ 126.95                   cards plus calendar aids are included in the
  training suggestions. Seventy-two laminated                                                                                        guide. Student resources feature activity, date
  routine cards fit in the pocket book to help                                                                                       and calendar cards that fit into the pocket book
  users complete a sequence of cleaning activities                     Life Skills Curricula Series                                  to form a picture-based schedule for low-level
  independently. Updated 2002.                                               Includes all 6 packages!                                readers.
  MR #043226 Keeping House                 $ 113.95              MR #043231 COMPLETE SET                   $549.95                   MR #043230 Plan Your Day               $ 113.95

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