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									getAbstract Affiliate Program—Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and carefully.       By registering with the getAbstract
Affiliate Program as a Publisher, you are deemed to have read and accepted these
Terms & Conditions. Failure to comply with this policy may result in full or partial
reversals of commission and/or removal from the program. If you have any
questions or requests regarding these Terms & Conditions, please contact your
account manager.

     1. Commissions

        - Lead/Free Download: Earn $0.50 USD for every new email address we obtain.
        - $1.00 Trial: Earn $2.50 USD for every new trial subscription.
        - Subscriptions: Earn 20% for every new subscription attained. Our subscriptions
        range from $89 to $299 — with our most popular product being our Gold
        Subscription ($299 USD).

        A lead is considered a lead if the e-mail address does not yet exist in our database.
        Due to the 30-day money back guarantee we offer customers, commissions will only
        be paid 30 days after the sale is made.

     2. Cookie period: 60 days
        Lead lifetime: 365 days

     3. Validation criteria: orders are manually validated and affilinet and the client reserve
        the right to reverse any leads which are not genuine.

     4. Publishers must declare all websites that they will promote the getAbstract campaign

     5. E-mails promoting getAbstract are permitted but must be approved before being
        sent out. Please do not state in the sent area or in the subject that the email is from
        getAbstract, the email must clearly be from the publisher’s website or company. All
        emails promoting getAbstract must contain an unsubscribe link.

     6. Creative restrictions: only creative / logo's provided can be used to promote
        getAbstract. If a publisher wishes to use other creative it must be approved before
        being used.

     7. Key Word Limitations

Under the terms of getAbstract’s affiliation program, keyword affiliates may promote
getAbstract on search engines and web directories only where the following conditions are
fully met:

A.      Regarding the keywords in an advertisement:

The affiliate is specifically prohibited from using:

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        -   any keyword that is linked to a registered brand name
        -   any keyword that is linked to an illegal or restricted activity or product
        -   any keyword of a pornographic nature
        -   any keyword linked to another book summary website
        -   in general, any keyword that could be detrimental to the getAbstract brand

The affiliate is not authorised to use the keyword ‘getAbstract’, or its derivatives. It is also
forbidden to use a combination of several keywords of which one is ‘getAbstract’ or one of
its derivatives.

The affiliate will add to its “getAbstract” keyword campaigns any negative keyword that
getAbstract will provide.

B.      Regarding the text of an advertisement:

The affiliate undertakes to write only professionally responsible advertisements without bias
or exaggeration, and avoiding the use of superlatives or comparatives. The wording of the
advertisement must not have any negative connotation for the getAbstract brand at any

The affiliate is not authorised to give any statistical information about getAbstract. For
example, phrases such as ‘x million members’ or ‘y thousand members online now’ are

It is expressly forbidden to use the word ‘getAbstract’ or any of its derivatives in the title or
description of an advertisement. Ads must be written in the targeted country language.

If in any doubt at all, the affiliate has to contact getAbstract for authorisation before
publication (

C.      Regarding the links within an advertisement:

A link may be connected, directly or indirectly to the getAbstract site. The word
‘getAbstract’ may appear within the link.

 If traffic is redirected via an intermediary page, that page must meet the standard
conditions of the getAbstract affiliation program.

Display Urls have to be in the format.


Keyword affiliates take sole responsibility for their promotion of getAbstract’s services on
search engines and web directories, and as such are also liable in the event of any
contravention of antitrust or intellectual property laws. In the event that the use of the
affiliation programme results in damages being brought against getAbstract, or causes the
getAbstract brand to be harmed in any way, the affiliate accepts full liability.

getAbstract reserves the right to terminate this special agreement at any time and without
notice. In this event, keyword affiliates must immediately cease any promotional

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campaigns associated with getAbstract. getAbstract reserves the right to withhold payment
to any affiliate that does not fully respect all of the conditions listed in this policy.

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