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									   Occupational Health & Safety policy (in brief) & Scope of the Occupational
                       Health & Safety Management System
Shine Food Machinery Limited is a market leader in the spatial design, supply, manufacture and
installation of a wide range of storage, preparation, prime cooking, waste disposal and display
equipment to the commercial catering industry.

Shine understands the importance of effectively managing Occupational Health & Safety risks that
may result from its activities and undertakes to strive for best practice within its own operations and
those of its supply chain. This ethos is carried through the manufacture and design of our own
products, the operation of our business and the activities associated with the management, supply
and installation of all the factored goods we supply.

It is the continuing policy of this company to ensure, so far as is reasonably practical, the health
safety and welfare at work of all company employees and subcontractors and to have regard to the
health and safety of the general public

To this end the Board of Directors of this company will take all reasonable practicable steps to
ensure that all legislation and statutory regulations governing health and safety at work of
employees and other persons engaged at work on premises and sites under the control of the
company are properly observed and implemented.

A more detailed policy can be reviewed at annex A

Shine Food machinery strive:

      To ensure all products and activities comply with current, relevant health & safety legislation
      To lead the implementation and operation of its Occupational Health & Safety Management
       System by the Directors and Management Team
      To continually monitor, review and plan to prevent health and safety risks resulting from its
      To goal set and empower employees in the achievement of goals to reducing health and
       safety risks
      To effectively communicate its Health & safety Policy, goals and intentions to its employees
       and interested 3rd parties
      To maintain a record of all activities which effect health & safety
      To hold and maintain its Occupational Health & Safety Management System in accordance
       with OHSMS 18001:2007
      To provide adequate resources to enable the effective implementation and operation of this

                                                               Julian Shine
                                                               Managing Director
                                                               Shine Food Machinery Ltd

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