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					“How to Sell $10,000 in
 One Week” Training
   Buffalo Trail Council
               How to Sell $10,000 in
                    One Week
• Based on proven ideas, plan, presentation and results

• Built for those Units who WANT to increase their sales

• This plan should help you:
   – Motivate your Scouts more
   – Gain participation from more parents
   – Make your sale more profitable & efficient
   – Help your boys enjoy a more robust Scouting program
   – Teach your boys how to “earn their own way”
   – Spend more time on Scouting, and less on fundraising
   – Help the Council
           Why Have a Great Sale?
• Every Unit wants a quality Scouting program.
• No one likes playing “check collector” all year long.
• Popcorn offers your Scouting Families a simple, safe,
  effective RISK FREE fundraiser that helps teach your boys
  salesmanship, speaking skills, confidence, etc.
• Helps ensure the Council’s financial stability.
• Helps your Scouts realize their Scouting interests & dreams.
• Allows your Unit to stop worrying about dues, money to
      operate, having other fundraisers, etc.
• Less fundraising = MORE Scouting FUN!

If you’re going to sell popcorn this year anyway, why not do a
        few simple things to raise a LOT more money?
    If Your Unit Earned $3,000,
      How Would You Use It?
•   Fun Unit Trip
•   Community Service Project
•   Camping Equipment
•   Summer Camp
•   Donation to Your Sponsoring Organization
•   Camp for PARENTS
•   Educational Trips
•   FREE Scouting Program?
                  The Program Basics
• Planning Your Sale
A Unit will be successful if time is spent planning things out and establishing

• Unit Popcorn Kickoff
The most important step. This is where you train Scouts, create excitement,
communicate with parents, give out goals, show prizes, etc.

• Blitz Day
Crucial in order to get as many of your Scouts out selling, to get off to a good
start as possible, and to cover your communities.

• Keep Going Until You Reach Your Goals
Scouts should continue after Blitz Day until they reach their goals. Parents
taking the form to work, another Blitz Day, selling in another town, etc.
                    Planning Your Sale
       Planning out everything in advance is the main
differentiator between those Units who have a good sale, and
        those who do not. Involve your Den Leaders!
• Is the Program Set?
Most agree a Unit should have a robust program with camp and lots of Scouting
activities “to deliver the dream” that young boys have when they join Scouting.

• What are the Costs?
Depends on the Unit, depends on the program, depends on the parents. Once your
Program and the costs are determined, decide what the proceeds from the Popcorn
Sale will cover.

• Plan the Unit Popcorn Kickoff and Blitz Day.
The first exposure to the sale for Scouts and parents. Make it fun, exciting, and
informative. Your Blitz Day will not reach its potential without advance planning.
                              Goal Setting
Goal-setting is a big differentiator between Scouts (and Units) who
 succeed in the popcorn sale, and those who don’t. Only 55% of
Units had a defined goal on 2005; even fewer had “per-scout goals”.

• If the Unit reaches its goal, then Scouting is less expensive for parents, the
boys have more FUN activities… so they enjoy their experience more and stay
in Scouting longer. Reaching one’s goal is an achievement!

• The best way for a goal to make sense is to “tie it to the program”, but the
goal must be comfortable for everyone.

• Insist the boys write their goal on their order form.

• An excellent idea is to suggest each Scout “Fills Up” the two order forms as
their goal. The boys can visualize this and track their progress very easily. It’s
easier to follow than a dollar-based goal.
       What’s the best way to goal-set?

  Follow the IDEAL YEAR OF
SCOUTING in these 6 simple steps!
  1)   Planning
  2)   Budgeting
  3)   Goal Setting
  4)   Communicating the Plan
  5)   Earning the Money
  6)   Executing the Plan
• 65% of all Scouts stated that scouting should
  take place year round.
• 59% of Scouts want to get involved in the
  planning/scheduling of activities
• 87% of the Parents think the Scouts should be
  involved in the planning process.
• Scouts and Parents are tired of “The same old
  – Evaluate the previous years activities
• “Fulfill the Scouts’ Dreams”
• List all the activities that the Scout want to
  participate in for the next 12 months.
   – Be sure to include summer camp.
• Work with your District Executives and
  commissioners to include district and council
• Seek advice from other leaders within the
• Get assistance in planning and scheduling
  activities from area (ball games, amusement parks,
  swim clubs, state parks, etc.).

  Ideal Timing: April-June
• Determine the cost for each activity you
  are planning within your calendar.
  – Can go back to determine definite costs.
• Have other leaders/parents assist in the
• Determine the cost based upon the
  number of Scouts within your unit.
• Remember to fulfill the “Scouts Dream”

  Ideal Timing: April-August
               Goal Setting
• Determine the sales goal in order to meet your
  unit’s total annual plan.
• Set a goal per Scout. Parents want to know
  what they (scouting family) are responsible for.
• Units that set goals per Scout show significant
  increased in fundraising efforts, parental
  involvement, retention, etc.
• Set up individual Scout accounts.
   – 60% of parents and 44% of Scouts think that the
     money earned should go towards his activities.

  Ideal Timing: April-August
  Communicate The Plan
• 67% of all Parents feel that a meeting was the
  best way to communicate the Unit’s annual
• Parents also feel that multiple channels of
  communication are also essential.
   – e-mail, web site, newsletter, phone, etc.
• 51% of parents went into Scouting expecting to
  pay between $25-$149 for the year.
   – Avoid surprises-communicate what the program is,
     what it will cost, and how to fund it!
• Hold program kick-off meeting at a “fun”
  location; firehouse, cookout at local park, ball
  park, etc.
    Communicate The Plan
• Explain to the parents what his and/or her
  child will get out of Scouting.
   – Learning experiences, building friendships,
     responsibility, etc.
• Request volunteer support from parents.
   – Lay out annual plan so people may plan
   – 66% of parents hesitate to get involved due to time
• Distribute calendars and web site address to all
  parents and Scouts.

  Ideal Timing: August-September
Earn The Money Needed
• 83% of Cub Scout parents and 97% of
  Boy Scout parents feel that their child
  should earn his own way in Scouting.
• Distribute materials for the Popcorn sale.
• Review the products, commission
  structure, and incentives (prizes) for the
  – 52% of the Scouts were motivated by prizes
  Earn The Money Needed
• Review sales needed to reach the Scouts goal
  and review how money raised benefits
  – 39% of parents do not know how the money raised
    is spent.
• Recruit more Scouts.
• Get 100% participation from the Scouts and
  their parents.
• Monitor the sale from start to finish with
  weekly reports.
      Execute The Plan!
• Keep the calendar (budget) updated.
• Communicate upcoming events well in
• Constantly review activities for the future
  planning meetings.
• Track actual costs for all activities.
                     Letter to Parents
Giving a letter to all the parents at the Unit’s Popcorn
 Kickoff (or sending it home with every Scout) is an
 idea that successful Units tell us about repeatedly.

•   The letter communicates the Unit’s program, activities, and costs.

• It explains how the popcorn sale is going to be the ONE fundraiser
for the program, and if parents wish to “pay for the program”
through popcorn, the Unit really needs their participation.

• It gives the Unit’s goal, the “per-family” goal, and what happens
when the goal is reached.

• It explains Blitz Day and gives all the key dates for the sale.
Letter to Parents (cont.)
                      The Unit Popcorn
 The Kickoff is the most important step to a successful sale.
  Scouts AND parents should know everything about your
       plan and be excited to sell after your Kickoff.

• Make it FUN.
At your kickoff, consider having decorations, pop some popcorn, wear a costume or
a “popcorn hat”, etc. Play games with the Scouts, and explain any additional Unit
and Council prizes that a Scout selling popcorn can receive.

• Communicate Well.
The Unit’s Kickoff is the time where Scouts and parents learn what this is for, and
how to do it. For Scouts, they need to be trained on what to say at the door.
Parents need to understand the “what’s in it for me” part / receive letter. Remind
all of the program, the popcorn sale goals, and How Blitz Day will work.
               Training The Scouts
  In addition to safety tips, training the Scouts on actually
 what to say at the door is very important. They should be
 able to repeat a 3-5 sentence “sales pitch” to consumers in
                    order to be successful.

• Knowing details about the products, pricing, tin designs, etc. isn’t
as important as being able to explain WHY he’s raising the money.

• In advance, plan out what you feel comfortable with, and
communicate it with your boys at the Kickoff several times. Have
fun with it!

• A “close” is very helpful. For instance, “Popcorn sales will allow
me to be able to go to camp. Will you help me get to camp?”
     Basic Scout Salesmanship Training:

A Scout’s Appearance
 All Boys In Field Uniform

 All Boys Know the Presentation

 All Boys are Courteous At All Times!

 Everyone spoken to is shown appreciation
 for taking the time to listen!
        Basic Scout Salesmanship Training:

        The Presentation:
     5 Principles to Success!
1)   Tell them who you are – First Name Only!
2)   Tell them where you are from!
3)   Tell them what you are doing.
4)   Tell them what they can do for you.
5)   Close the sale!
         Basic Scout Salesmanship Training:

   Psychological Effects
1) Telling them a first name only makes the consumer feel
   as if they are buying from someone they know.
2) Telling them where you are from helps build an
   attachment to the community.
3) Telling them what you are doing shows you are taking
   responsibility for helping to support your group .
4) Telling them what they can do for you informs them on
   how they can be of service to you and your group.
   Thereby helping their community.
5) By using a statement to close the sale you avoid asking
   them to buy popcorn. You are telling them that they want
   to help your group. It is easier for someone to say no if
   you ask them to buy something.
       Basic Scout Salesmanship Training:
      The Principles in Use….
• Hi sir, my name is _______________
• I’m a cub scout with pack _________
• We’re selling popcorn to help raise money for
  our pack.
• You can help us by trying some of our
  delicious popcorn.
• You’ll help us, won’t you?
Have the boys practice until they don’t have
 to think about what they are going to say.
                                   Blitz Day!
 Blitz Day is the best way to start a Unit’s sale. It gives Scouts
 an opportunity to sell, to sell with their friends, and to get off
    to a good start. It helps Units cover their communities.
• Again, advance planning is essential.
Know the area (map?) and set it up for the Scouts and parents to cover it well.
Have a fun activity planned for everyone afterwards where you can communicate
more details / reminders to all.

• Ensure Parental Involvement
After telling Parents at the Kickoff about the program, prizes, goals, etc., explain
that Blitz Day is the one time the Unit needs their assistance. One to two parents
per street (4 Scouts).

• Ask More Consumers.
82% of consumers have never been asked, 70% buy when asked. Consumers will
support Scouting if asked. Parents, keep a record of those “no one home” houses.
                  Total Coverage Plan
   Have a complete “coverage plan” – beyond Blitz Day – for
   your neighborhood / community during the Popcorn Sale.

• Again, think ahead and plan out in advance
Take a few minutes before the Unit Kickoff to define your Unit’s area, then, keep
track of what part(s) were covered during Blitz Day, and push your Scouts during
your Unit’s “fun activity” at the end of Blitz Day to keep going.

    “Let’s Give Every Consumer in Our Area the Opportunity to
            Support Scouting and to Support our Unit.”
You’ve no doubt heard, “Let’s give every boy the opportunity to experience
Scouting”? Communicate to your Scouts and parents that the Popcorn sale is how
your community supports YOU! They will, if they are asked…
                            Keep Going
During your “fun event” at the end of Blitz Day, have some prizes to
 hand out, remind everyone of the goals, the other prizes available
and what happens if the goals are reached. Celebrate the good start
      you’ve had, and offer additional ideas and suggestions.

• “Fill It Up” prizes from the Council and Trails End.
• National Trails End Prizes ($1,500 & Scholarship).
• Individual Scout Prizes (back of Family Sales guide).
• Additional Unit Prizes (pie in the face, Pizza Party, shave unit
  leader’s head, etc.).
• Suggest Parents take the form to work.
• Where else to cover in the community? Nearby towns?
• Remind all when money is due, popcorn pick-up, etc.
               Take the Challenge and “Fill It Up”
                      How to Fill Up One Take Order form in
                              LESS than One Week
Daily Activity Plan                                                     Number of items to Sell

Saturday (Blitz Day, October 7th):                                              10 items
Participate in your Den, Pack or Troop Blitz Event, or have Mom or Dad Drive you around to the
homes of family and friends in other neighborhoods.

Monday: Sell to Mom and Dad at home after your Scout meeting.                     2 item

Tuesday: Sell to neighbors on both sides and two neighbors across the street      3 items

Wednesday: Call both of your Grandmas and two favorite Aunts                      4 items

Thursday: See if Mom/Dad can take you in uniform to their work lunchroom          6 items

Friday: Whew! Take a moment, and decide where to go sell over the weekend!

    Total Sales…..…………………………………………… 25 Containers
               Show-N-Sell Planning
Trails End knows that Units will likely do Show-N-Sell sales
to augment their door-to-door sales. Your best chance for
success is covering your area in addition to Show-N-Sell.
• Locations / Times
       The best places, how to obtain them and when to sell there
• Merchandising
       The best way to present the products
• Sales Principles
       The development of skills
• Supervision
       How to control and ensure your success
• Incentives
       Give a little, get a lot back
                Location Request             CUB PACK 111
                     Letter                   TROOP 111
                                      BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA
                                      CHRIST THE KING CHURCH
                                         3252 CHESTERFIELD
                                       PHILADELPHIA, PA 19114
                                         Chartered Since 1966

                                             Principle 1                         Principle 2
       To Whom It May Concern;               Who We Are                       Where We Are From
       We are the leaders of Boy Scout Troop 111 & Cub Scout Pack 111 sponsored by the Christ the King
Church.                         Principle 3 - What We Are Doing
       We will soon be participating in an annual scouting fund raising drive to help raise money for our
local scout organization by selling popcorn. This is a national program which not only helps to support our
work within the local community, but also helps to cover the costs associated with preserving many of
our scout campsites and campgrounds. Principle 4 - What They Can Do For Us
       You can help us by providing a small area outside of your establishment where our boys could set
up to sell their popcorn and create awareness about our scouts and their work within the community. All
of our boys have been trained to work and communicate in a professional manner and you will be giving
them an opportunity to practice their new communication skills while taking the responsibility of
supporting their Pack / Troop and the programs that they offer to the community.
       There will be adult supervision at all times. We can assure you that our boys will be unobtrusive and
courteous, and the sales area you supply us with will be kept clean and neat throughout the sale.
       The fundraising drive lasts throughout the month of October and we appreciate the dates that you
are able to supply us with.                     Principle 5 - The Close
       Should you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Kitty Beck, Public
Relations Coordinator at 215-637-4510.
       Thank you for your support.

      Cub Pack 111                                          Troop 111
You obtain the locations the same
   way you obtain the sales!




                      Just START:
•   Begin to secure locations at the end of August / early Sept.
•   Speak to store manager. Use the presentation.
•   Know the dates you want prior to your approach.
•   Explain that the boys will be professional and supervised.
•   Have an idea of where you want to set up OUTSIDE.
•   Do not block doorways or entrances.
•   Take a copy of the request letter with you.

    •   SUPERMARKETS                •   HARDWARE STORES
    •   GAS STATIONS                •   SHOPPING CENTERS
    •   WALMART                     •   DOOR TO DOOR
    •   TRUCK STOPS                 •   Cover Entire Zip Code
 For Leaders To Obtain Locations:

• Tell them who you are:
  “Hi, my name is ________________”

• Tell them where you are from:
 “I’m a leader with Pack / Troop ____”

• Tell them what you are doing:
  “We will soon be participating in our
  annual popcorn fund raising drive.”
• Tell them what they can do for you:
  “We would appreciate it if our boys could
  set up out front to sell popcorn. Our boys
  have been trained to be professional and it
  will give them an opportunity to practice
  their communication skills while taking
  responsibility to support our Pack / Troop
  and the programs it offers the community.”

• Close them:
  The dates are________. You’ll help us out
  won’t you?


• High Traffic - Quick In / Out

• Cash Machine on Premises

• High Volume of Male Clientele
How Many Locations Do You Need?

 Location selling, using all of the principles discussed
        will generate sales at a rate of at least:

            Per Hour!

Convenience Store / Gas Station / Truck Stop – 4 to 8 = 4 hrs. @ $200 per hr   = $800
Walmart – 4 to 8 = 4 hrs. @ $200 per hr                                        = $800
Supermkt – 4 to 8 = 4 hrs. @ $200 per hr                                       = $800
                                                                        Total = $2,400

Convenience Store / Gas Station / Truck Stop – 7 - 12 = 5 hrs. @ $200 per hr   = $1,000
Walmart – 8 to 12 = 4 hrs. @ $200 per hr                                       = $ 800
Walmart – 12 to 4 = 4 hrs. @ $200 per hr                                       = $ 800
Supermkt – 8 to 12 = 4 hrs. @ $200 per hr                                      = $ 800
Supermkt – 12 to 4 = 4 hrs. @ $200 per hr                                      = $ 800
                                                                        Total = $4,200

Convenience Store / Gas Station / Truck Stop – 8 to 2 = 6 hrs. @ $200 per hr   = $1,200
Walmart – 10 to 2 = 4 hrs. @ $200 per hr                                       = $800
Supermkt –10 to 2 = 4 hrs. @ $200 per hr                                       = $800
                                                                        Total = $2,800

Grand Total for 1 Weekend with 3 locations =                     $9,400.00 in sales
What About The Product Mix?

Based upon location sales figures from
 2003, 2004, and 2005, we have
 determined that all locations should
 be able to sell all or close to all of the
 following in a single 4 hour shift:
                 Top Selling Mix
        PRODUCT               CASES Containers   RETAIL
   Cheese Lovers/3 Way          1        1        $40.00
  Tin/Chocolate Lovers
 26 oz Chocolate Caramel        3       18       $270.00
 24 oz Gourmet Caramel          2       12       $180.00
15 Pack Unbelievable Butter     4       24       $288.00
   15 Pack Butter Light         3       18       $216.00
   11 oz Caramel Corn           4       48       $336.00

        Total Retail Value $1,330.00
What Are Our Limitations?

• We are limited by the number of locations we
  secure and the number of people we speak to.

• We are limited by the number of boys who
  understand and know the presentation.

• We are limited by the number of parents who
  get involved as Location Supervisors.
 Clean The Area First – Have the boys ask the store manager
  for a broom and dust pan.
 Do Not Use a Table – The boys will use it as a shield and it
  prevents movement
 Use empty cartons to keep product off the ground and to
  elevate display
 Pyramid the product. Be creative in developing an appealing
  display. Use posters with pictures of the boys involved in
  activities and the community.
 Do not put up signs with pricing!!
  AS SINGLE UNITS! This action will reduce the dollar level of
  your lowest sale and you will lose donation dollars.
         Let The Boys Have The Reins!!
• Allow the boys to do all of the selling.
• Use a money pouch that the kids control.
  Allow them to handle the entire transaction
  without help unless requested.
• Location Supervisor keeps a separate
  money pouch in car and controls excess
• Alert scouts to potential customers.
• Talk to customers about the boys
  community service involvement.
To Succeed You Must
Remember One Thing!
      You Are
 Selling Popcorn!
       You are Selling

The Scouting Program!

  And isn’t this something you
       already believe in?
        What To Do NOW?
• Spend Some Time to PLAN Things Out
First, make sure your Unit’s Program is set, or determine the costs / set your Unit’s
popcorn sales goal and the “per-Scout” goals” based on those costs. Then, plan
your Unit’s Kickoff, your Blitz Day event, and your total coverage plan.

• Have a Great Unit Popcorn Kickoff
Create excitement by explaining the year’s program, prizes, any additional Unit
incentives, play games, etc. Give out the sales goals, and communicate to Parents
about what’s “in it for them”. Also, make sure your Scouts are trained, and explain
your Blitz Day plan / details.

• Blitz Day
Blitz Day: help your Scouts get off to a good start. What’s your coverage plan for
the community / neighborhood, and any nearby ones where your Scouts can sell?

• Keep Going to Reach Goals
Remind Scouts that consumers will support them if they are asked because they
believe in and value Scouting and trust the Trails End quality. HIT YOUR GOAL!
  In closing….
Don’t be afraid to
 set the bar high -
the kids will reach
       for it!!!
Thank You and Good
   Luck This Fall!