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					UCSF/SFGH Public Psychiatry Fellowship
The Department of Psychiatry at the University of California San Francisco offers a non-ACGME
accredited fellowship in Community Psychiatry through its affiliate program at San Francisco
General Hospital. This one year traineeship, under the Direction of Christina Mangurian, MD,
Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and James W. Dilley, MD, Vice-Chair of the Dept. of
Psychiatry at UCSF and Chief of Psychiatry at San Francisco General Hospital, will develop and
educate the next generation of leaders in community psychiatry. Core Faculty for the Traineeship
includes Mark Leary, MD, Robert Cabaj, MD, Irene Sung, MD, Martha Shumway, PhD, and Raj
Parekh, MD.

With an emphasis on recruiting minority junior faculty, this one year training experience, in
collaboration with Community Behavioral Health Services (CBHS), San Francisco Department of
Public Health (SFDPH), will be oriented around a range of clinical care activities within existing
CBHS community psychiatry service programs (0.80 FTE) and (0.20FTE) focusing on building a
knowledge base specific to Public Psychiatry. Fellows will be strongly committed to the role of
psychiatrists as physicians caring for the chronically and seriously mentally ill and receive
didactic education oriented towards becoming leaders in public psychiatry. Fellows will learn
about the history and organizational structure of public psychiatry, program development,
effectiveness and advocacy. Fellows will also be expected to prepare an evaluation or quality
assurance project focused on improving some aspect of care at their clinical care assignment.

Core Activities of the Traineeship will include:

Element I:      Academic or Didactic Curriculum
Element II:     Primary Field Placement in CBHS outpatient clinic
Element III:    Faculty Supervision and Mentoring
Element IV:     Teaching, Presenting, and Supervising
Element V:      Research/Quality Improvement Project
Element VI:     Systems Management Skills
Element VII:    Community, Consumer, or Family Advocacy
Element VIII:   Recovery/Resiliency Oriented Services
Element IX:     Cultural Disparities, Competency and Sensitivity
Element X:      Telepsychiatry

The didactic, clinical, administrative, and scholarship experiences provided during the traineeship
will enable fellows to develop knowledge in:

  Prevention and public health approaches to community mental health
  Historical foundations of community mental health
  Effective leadership practices and consultation methods
  Administration and financing of public psychiatric services
  Integrated care for co-occurring disorders
  Program development in public behavioral health systems and system based care with an
        emphasis on the role of psychiatrists as physicians
  Services for special populations: Homeless, Criminal Offenders, LGBT clients,
        Addicted, Child and Family, Geriatric, Institutionalized.
  Person - Centered Care: Assessment and Treatment with a focus on diverse populations
Term of Fellowship
Trainees will be junior faculty and hold the rank of Clinical Instructor, UCSF Dept. of Psychiatry.
Salary is set at $75,000 annually plus full benefits including health care, vacation and educational
leave. These board eligible trainees will serve one-year terms (July 1, 2012 -- June 30, 2012).
Fellows will also be eligible to earn additional compensation for providing evening/weekend
coverage in the psychiatric emergency room at the hospital.

Applicants must have completed a general adult residency in psychiatry and by the time the
fellowship begins, must have a California medical license. Applicants must either be a US citizen
or hold an appropriate visa. Fellows will be selected from applicants whose achievements reflect
a strong desire to advance the work of public psychiatry in caring for those with complex mental
health disorders and an interest in integrating mental health and primary care.

How to Apply
To apply, please send a cover letter telling us a little about yourself and your interest in public
psychiatry, a CV, and contact information for three references. In your cover letter please
indicate if you currently hold a California Medical License and if you are not a US citizen, let us
know your visa status. After reviewing this information, we will arrange interviews. A complete
set of training documents will be requested prior to final acceptance. Please send the requested
materials to:

Christina Mangurian, MD
Director, UCSF/SFGH Public Psychiatry Fellowship
SFGH Department of Psychiatry
1001 Potrero Ave, Suite 7M
San Francisco, CA 94110

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