; Adam John Gulben and Elizabeth Anne Heiser
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Adam John Gulben and Elizabeth Anne Heiser


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									                                                ST. JOSEPH PARISH
                                                 First Sunday in Advent             SCRIPTURE READINGS
                                                  November 28, 2010               Please see the “Bringing Home
 SAT NOV 27                                                                        the Word” insert for the daily
    4:00 PM The People of Our Parish                                                 readings and commentary!
 SUN NOV 28                                                                      Next Sunday’s Readings:
    8:00 AM Schloss and Fuhs Families                                            Isaiah 11:1-10
   10:00 AM Carol Hoppe                                                          Psalm 72:1-2, 7-8, 12-13, 17
    6:00 PM Tom and John, Jr. Birrenkott                                         Romans 15:4-9
 MON NOV 29                                                                      Matthew 3:1-12
    8:00 AM Word and Communion Service
    Noon – 7:00 PM Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
     5:15 PM Vera Terry
 WED DEC 1 (Please note change in Mass time for this week.)
     8:30 AM Word Service for the School
     5:15 PM Living and Deceased Members of the Daughters of Isabella
     5:15 PM Special Intention: Ann Lisner
     8:00 AM Leo Bisch
     4:00 PM Peter Kelly/Beverly Gamble
    8:00 AM     Madeline and Louis Terry
   10:00 AM     The People of Our Parish

      Mass is televised each Sunday at 10:00 AM on Channel 43; Cable Ch. 10

Sunday (28)      9:00 AM Choir practice, Father Henry Hall
                 7:00 PM Confirmation Class, Gym

Monday (29)      8:30 AM    Legion of Mary, Holy Family Room
                 6:30 PM    Lifelong Faith Formation Commission, Faith Formation Office
Tuesday (30)     5:00 PM    Neighborhood Supper, Cafeteria

Wednesday (1)    6:00 PM Heroes of Faith, Gym
                 6:30 PM Youth Night: 9th & 10th Grades, Fr. Henry Hall
                 7:30 PM Youth Night: 11 & 12th Grades, Fr. Henry Hall

Saturday (4)     8:00 AM   Men’s Retreat, Oak Park Place
                 9:00 AM   Private Reconciliation, Reconciliation Chapel
                 3:00 PM   Choir Practice, Fr. Henry Hall
                 6:00 PM   Bingo, Gym

Sunday (5)      11:00 AM   RCIA Learning Session, Holy Family Room
                 6:30 PM   Advent Lessons and Carols, Church
                 7:00 PM   Confirmation Class, Gym

                  Please pray for this couple who will be married here in December.

                       Adam John Gulben and Elizabeth Anne Heiser
                  Life Long Faith Formation
                  Offering Experiences for Generations of Faith
                                                            If you have any questions, please give us a call! 608.356.5353

                                                                                         Advent is here!
                                                                            This weekend (November 27 & 28) the Advent
                                                                            Store will be available in the Gathering Space
                                                                            with wreaths, candles, calendars, and other
                                                                            resources to help you prepare for Christmas.
                                                                            New CD’s will also be available to help you
                                                                            grow in your faith will also be available during
                                                                            the season of Advent.

                  December — No GIFT!
                                                                                         Heroes of Faith
Due to the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, which is a Holy
                                                                                                Young disciples in Grades
Day of Obligation in the Roman Catholic Church falling on
                                                                                                3-5: Join us for Heroes of
Wednesday, December 8th, we will not be holding our December                                    Faith on Wednesday,
GIFT Sessions. Instead, we encourage your family to not only go to                              December 1, from 6:00-7:17
                                                                                                pm. Games, activities, and
Mass to celebrate this great feast but also take extra time for prayer
                                                                                                discussion about one of our
and preparation during this Advent so you are going to be ready for                             Heroes of Faith, or saints,
the birth of Christ child!                                                  are part of this evening of fun and learning.
                                                                            Please enter the school through the parking lot
                  Immaculate Conception Mass Times
                     5:15 pm - December 7th (Vigil)
                   8:30 am & 7:00 pm - December 8th
                                                                            Camp Gray Registration Is Open!
                                                                            Camp Gray, located
                             Mass Band
                                                                            just minutes north of
                             We are playing this weekend at the 6:00 pm
                                                                            Baraboo, is an
                             Sunday Mass. Practice before Mass begins at
                                                                            outstanding Summer
                             4:30 pm in the Church.
                                                                            Camp and Year
                                                                            Round Retreat
                             High School Youth Night                        Center, at home in
                             We are going to be making some epic            the Madison Diocese.
                             seminarian St. Nicholas Day packages and       If you are interested
                             we need all hands on deck. Come at the         in getting any youth
                             usual time to Father Henry Hall on             in your life signed up
                             Wednesday Night - 9th & 10th Graders from      for Summer Camp,
                             6:30 - 8:00 pm and 11th & 12th Graders         the time is now, as registration is open. Check
                             from 7:30 - 9:00 pm                            out their website for details. www.campgray.com
ADVENT LESSONS AND CAROLS:                                      MEN’S RETREAT – SIGN UP NOW!
                 Hope in the darkness – Emmanuel On Saturday December 4th, St. Joseph Parish will be hosting
             The parish Liturgy Commission has chosen the       a one-day men’s retreat titled, "Thy Kingdom Come: Forma-
             "O" antiphons as a special focus for Advent this   tion of the Church Then and Now." Fr. Dan Farley and Fr.
             year. The "O" antiphons' most familiar adaptation Eric Nielson, who have both been featured on Relevant Radio
             is the favorite Advent carol "O Come, O Come,      will be giving two of the talks. Additional activities
             Emmanuel" and consist of a series of invocations throughout the day include, small group discussion, adoration,
to the coming Savior, each highlighting a title for the Messiah confession, Mass, lunch and snow football (snow permitting).
taken from the Hebrew scriptures. These                         The retreat will take place at Oak Park Place in the City of
antiphons are part of the rich prayer resource of the Liturgy   Baraboo. The retreat begins with registration and continental
of the Hours, and form the basis for the Advent Festival of     breakfast at 8:00 am, and concludes before dinner. The cost is
Lessons and Carols, which will be celebrated in our parish on $30, and for more information or to register,
Sunday, December 5, at 6:30 p.m.                                contact Becky Thompson at the St. Joseph Parish office
The Festival of Lessons and Carols dates back to the late       356-5353, beckyt@stjosephbaraboo.org.
1880's, when the Archbishop of Canterbury, England,
introduced a service of music and readings to keep his          THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE 2010
parishioners out of the pubs on Christmas Eve. This beloved     GINGERBREAD BAZAAR A SUCCESS!
yearly gathering has become such a part of English culture      Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed in any way
that the BBC has broadcast the service from King's College      to make the 2010 Gingerbread Bazaar and Craft Fair a great
Cambridge continuously since 1931, even during World War success, including the parish and school staff, Santa's Snack
II when the chapel's stained glass windows had been removed Shop elves, all those who brought and bought delectable
and there was no heating. It is broadcast in the United States goodies and worked in Granny Ginger's Bakery, made and
on the morning of Christmas Eve on National Public Radio        decorated cookies, worked on Friday for set-up and helped in
(88.7 FM in this area).                                         all areas of the Bazaar on Saturday. It takes the efforts of
While the Christmas Eve service of Nine Lessons and Carols many to make the Gingerbread Bazaar a success! We are
begins with Genesis and traces the story of redemption, the     truly blessed at St. Joseph to have so many helping hands.
Advent festival begins with the prophetic promises of salva-    Thank you for making this year’s event one a great success!
tion using the ancient "O" Antiphons. Although their exact      Coreen Marklein,
origin is unknown, they have been sung with the Canticle of     on behalf of St. Joseph’s Council of Catholic Women
Mary since the 6 century from December 17 – 23.                 Gingerbread Christmas Raffle Winners:
                                                                    Afghan, donated by Ellen Dargel – Jan Budig;
         ST. VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY                                Tree Skirt, donated by Rosie Bauer – Deb Zeman;
         God put us on this earth with ears to hear the              Compote Longaberger Basket –
          “Cries of the Poor” with eyes to “Seek and find                      donated by Laura Garven - Judy Kurabelis;
the forgotten, the suffering or the deprived” and hearts that        Table Runner, donated by Rosie Bauer, and Longaberger
“bring God’s love to the poor” through your generosity and                   Basket,donated by Laura Garven – Ellen Dargel;
donations.                                                           Necklace & Earrings, donated by Laura Hamden-Krause
                                                                             – Jo Heath;
WANT TO HELP A FAMILY IN NEED? You can                                Set of Lang gift boxes and Travel Coffee Mug, donated
 purchase a SHARE food box for $20. Write your check to                       by Coreen Marklein – James Baumgarten;
SHARE and mail it to Mary Bowers, 948 Rosemary Lane,                  Spa Gift Basket, donated by Doris Genovese –
Baraboo. The money will be used to buy a SHARE box for a                          Mary Sweeney;
family who cannot afford to buy their own.                            Wine gift basket, donated by Coreen Marklein and Doris
                                                                                  Genovese – Rita Steffes;
HELP IS AVAILABLE FOR THOSE IN A CRISIS                               Kitchen Goodies Basket, donated by Doris Genovese –
PREGNANCY - Columbia County Crisis Pregnancy Line                                Jan Budig;
1-800-705-4710 or Catholic Charities Pregnancy Crisis Center          Large Divided Longaberger basket, donated by Laura
1-888-485-7385.                                                                 Garven – Sharon Meisel;
                                                                       Christmas Sleigh, painted by the Art Angels – Jane
THE SAUK COUNTY CHILDREN’S GIVING TREE                                            Engelbert;
asks your help in providing Christmas gifts for area children.        Large Longaberger basket with liner, donated by Laura
Just take an ornament from the Giving Tree in the Narthex,                        Garven – Donna Marsich
purchase the item and return it to the tree. Please be sure to
attach the ornament to the gift! Gifts should not be wrapped. THE HOLLY JOLLY LIGHT PARADE will be broadcast
Thank you for sharing! Gifts can also be returned to the        on WRPQ (Channel 43/Chanel 10 on Cable) on December
Parish Office. Gifts are due December 6th.                      11th at 6:00 p.m. and December 15th at noon. Check out the
BARABOO PIZZA RANCH will be hosting Tip Night for St. Joseph float featuring lots of little angels and shepherds!
the SCCGT on Thursday, Nov. 30th from 5-9:00 p.m.
CCW CHRISTMAS PARTY Tuesday December 14 at 6 pm                     SCRIP WORD OF THE WEEK: EASY
at Glacier Rock. We will order from a limited menu and              This time of year everyone likes easy and nothing could be
cocktails available at the bar. There will be games including       easier than using Scrip for your shopping needs! Purchase
Christmas trivia, the fabulous Prize wheel, and lots of fun!        Scrip to use for shopping or for giving as a gift.
All parish women are invited to attend, and we are looking for      Check out the catalog of over 600 participating merchants.
a big group!                                                        Catalogs are available from the weekend Scrip sellers or in the
RSVP to Barb Stanek Quinn at 522-4204 by 12/6, or call any          Parish Office. Orders placed by 9:00 a.m. Monday are usually
officer for questions. Hope to see you there!                       ready for pickup on Thursday.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS of the Scrip                                     Stewardship of Treasure 11/21/2010
Raffle sponsored by the Home & School Association. Winners                  Thank You! Last weekend members shared:
received their choice of Scrip gift cards in the following             Weekly Offertory Envelopes (277): $       8,148.25
Amounts:                                                               Weekly Children’s Envelopes (4):     $        3.00
      $250 Amity Meyer                 $150 Cathy McNevin              Direct Debit & Credit Card  (13):         1,158.50
      $ 50 Anne Sahs                   $ 50 Margaret Walz              Weekly Offertory Cash:               $      705.33
      $ 25 Adam Lowe                   $ 25 Jill Quinn                 Total Weekly Contributions:          $ 10,015.08
      $ 25 Cathy McNevin               $ 25 Iveta Ball
Thank you to Chairperson, Terri Rybarczyk and all who                               Cafeteria Floor Project
helped sell or purchased tickets!                                      Project Cost                       $ 78,112.00
                                                                       Collections (176)                  $ 48,388.50
                        Information received from Pro Life             Total Need To Complete Project: $ 29,723.50
                      Wisconsin, a Catholic based organization.
  “Salt and Light
                      University of Wisconsin to open another
   Block              embryonic stem cell research facility.
    Together”         On Thursday, December 2, the Wisconsin
                     Institutes for Discovery will open in
Madison. The Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery is a research
"institute," a partnership between UW-Madison, the Wisconsin
Alumni Research Foundation and John and Tashia Morgridge,
who are private donors. Read more about the research facility
                                                                          FRIDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2010
@ http://www.discovery.wisc.edu/home/discovery/about-the-                      5-7:00 PM              In our gym
                                                                         All You Can Eat Only $11.00       Seniors- $9.00
Unfortunately, the website fails to mention that some of the
                                                                         Kids 4-12 Just $5.00 - Kids 3 & Under – FREE
research will involve embryonic stem cells. We are opposed to
the killing of embryonic children, which fully taints an                               Take Outs – $10.00
otherwise praise-worthy endeavor.                                             Donations of dessert bars to complete
Pro-Life Wisconsin and Vigil for Life of Madison will hold                      our meal would be appreciated!
a silent picket of the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery's
grand opening ceremony. You can view information about the
grand opening ceremony @ http://www.discovery.wisc.edu/
Join us on Thursday, December 2 from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. at
330 North Orchard Street (University Avenue and Campus
Drive) in Madison in defense of the tiniest preborn.
Contact Virginia Zignego with questions by emailing
 virginia@prolifewisconsin.org or call (262) 796-111.

St. Joseph parish will be ringing bells for the
Salvation Army on December 4th and 5th at
the grocery store entrance to Wal Mart. Shifts
are one hour long, feel free to sign up for more
than one shift. Volunteer by yourself or with a friend. A sign
up sheet is available in the Narthex or call the Parish Office at
356-4773. Bells are provided!

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