STACIE ORRICO by liuhongmei



beautiful awakening [virgin records]

Stacie Orrico has had some catchy tunes in the past, like „More To Life (There‟s Gotta Be)‟, but her new album
Beautiful Awakening is mediocre at best. The teenager who started out as a Christian artist has lost her religion
in favor of R&B. Orrico‟s voice has potential, but the sound feels generic, like a less potent Jessica Simpson, with clear
influences from Mary J. Blige and Natasha Beddingfield – minus the distinctiveness and flair. The new direction is
likely the work of super producer Dallas Austin, who provides the occasional funky Timbaland beats. The first single
„I‟m Not Missing You‟ lacks pizzazz, while „Dream You‟ sounds too Christina meets Britney for comfort (“Boy you
know I hate when you leave/Oh won’t you please stay here with me”). The sole track with
hit potential is the title tune, which harks back to her more mainstream pop roots. In a world of artists like Ciara and
Rihanna, who have managed to craft catchy, distinctive songs, this album just falls short. Less a beautiful awakening
than a groggy stumble round the kitchen in search of the teapot.

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