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This is a digital directory for homeschoolers everywhere. Whether they need a new curriculum for their kids or a new blog design for themselves, homeschoolers can turn to this TOS business directory to find what they need.

The Homeschool Business & Entrpreneur Directory makes it easy for homeschool families and homeschool friendly businesses to support each other when purchasing educational items, household goods, or services.

It is also packed with articles about homeschooling and about establishing and marketing a business directed toward the homeschool market.

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Welcome to the Homeschool Business
                                                                                                                        For More
& Entrepreneur Directory!
         omeschoolers today are blessed with a bounty of curriculum, resources, and
         supplements to enrich and enliven their children’s education. This brand-new                                   Homeschool requirements are
         directory is designed to help parents navigate the sea of possibilities when it
                                                                                                                        legislated by each individual
comes to choosing what resources to use in their home, whether they need a language arts
curriculum, a geography book, or a dissection kit.                                                                      state and vary greatly. The
  Homeschoolers do much more than homeschool, though, and we’ve brought in listings                                     Home School Legal Defense
from almost every type of business imaginable—from real estate and home décor to                                        Association (HSLDA) provides
insurance and Web design.
                                                                                                                        helpful links to each state’s
  Every business advertising here is owned either by a homeschooling family or by
someone supportive of the homeschooling choice, and we sincerely hope you’ll use this                                   homeschool regulations and
directory to connect with like-minded people as you fulfill your own family’s needs.                                    support groups. Please visit
  Before you delve into the directory listings, take time to read the articles we’ve gathered                           www.hslda.org to determine the
for you. You’ll be encouraged in teaching and guiding your children through their lives.
                                                                                                                        rules for your state.
You’ll also be able to read about the continually growing homeschool market and how you
can share materials you’ve created with other homeschooling families.
  The encouraging articles for budding entrepreneurs are designed especially to help
                                                                                                                        Find encouraging research
homeschoolers start and/or build their own homegrown businesses. When you do delve                                      and statistcs regarding
into the directory listings, consider building your business using the support products and                             homeschooling at
services offered there.                                                                                                 www.nheri.org.
  Blessings from our families to yours,                                                                                 And, don’t overlook the benefit
  Paul & Gena Suarez, Publishers, and                                                                                   of connecting with other
  The Homeschool Business & Entrepreneur Directory Project Team                                                         homeschoolers online. There
                                                                                                                        is a wealth of experience,
                                                                                                                        information, encouragement,
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  The 2011 Homeschool Business & Entrepreneur Directory
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    Table of Contents

3     Welcome to the Homeschool                    Socialization                            58   From Desperation to
      Business & Entrepreneur                                                                    Publication: A Curriculum Is
      Directory!                              30   Inveterate Ironies of                         Born
                                                   Socialization                                 by Kim Kautzer, Expo Speaker
                                                   by Emily Hoffhines
      Homeschooling Styles                                                                  62   Illuminations
                                              31   Homeschooling and                             by Dari Mullins, Expo Speaker
6     What Kind of Homeschooler                    Socialization Opportunities
      Are You?                                     by Heidi Johnson                         64   A True Tale
      by Loretta Spangler                                                                        by Diana Waring, Expo Speaker
                                              32   The Great Bugaboo
7     Quiz Time: Find Your                         by Donna Conner                          66   A Father of Vision
      Homeschooling Style                                                                        by Norm Wakefield, Expo Speaker
                                                   The Homeschool Market
8     What Makes Classical Education                                                        70   Making Time for Things That
      Different                               34   How to Break Into the                         Matter: Everyday Education,
      by Susan Wise Bauer                          Homeschool Market                             LLC, The Story of a Business
                                                   by Liz Koon                                   by Janice Campbell, Expo Speaker
10    What is a Unit Study?
      by Amanda Bennett                       36   The Marketing vs. Advertising            72   From Famine to Feast: How I
                                                   Conundrum                                     Built My Writing, Editing, and
12    A Traditional Approach to                    by Mari Almon                                 Coaching Business as a Single
      Homeschooling                                                                              Homeschooling Mom
      by Sandy Dawson                                                                            by Mary Jo Tate, Expo Speaker
                                                   Working at Home
13    Unschooling                                                                           75   NHERI—The Research Institute
      by Bethany George
                                              38   Ten (Unusual) Roles You’ll Play
                                                   as a Work-at-Home Mom                         by Brian D. Ray, Ph.D., Expo Speaker
14    Eclectic Homeschooling                       by Carol Topp, CPA
                                                                                            78   Five Reasons to Use Mobile
      by Diana Waring                                                                            Technology for Education
                                              40   Move Past the Juggling
                                                   Act: Balancing Home Life,                     by Terri Johnson, Expo Speaker
16    A Mini Primer on Charlotte
      Mason for Everyday Life                      Homeschool, and Home Biz
                                                                                            81   A Case for Freedomship &
      by Rea Berg                                  by Mary Jo Tate
                                                                                                 Entrepreneurial Education
                                                                                                 by Andrew Pudewa, Expo Speaker
18    The Relaxed Homeschooling                    Schoolhouse Expo 2011
      Lifestyle                                                                             85   Learning and Teaching and
      by Mary Hood, Ph.D., Executive          45   Hello, Friends!                               Business, Oh My!
      Director, ARCHERS for the Lord®, Inc.
                                                                                                 by Barbara Beers, Expo Sponsor
                                              46   Accountant to Author: A Home
21    Frustration to Fun: Informal                 Business Journey                         88   The Adventure of a Lifetime
      Homeschool Days                              by Carol Topp, CPA, Expo Speaker              by Davis Carman, Expo Sponsor
      by Cindy Horton
                                              49   Carol Barnier’s Impressive               90   Your Kids Can Train to Become
      Special Needs                                Business Plan                                 Fire Station Buddies
                                                   by Carol Barnier, Expo Speaker                by Karen McHale, Expo Sponsor
24    Why Homeschool Children with
      Special Needs?                          51   Child Diagnostics, Inc., Denver,         93   Rainbow Resource Center: Then
      by Rebekah Wilson                            Colorado                                      and Now
                                                   by Dianne Craft, MA, CNHP, Expo               by Bob and Linda Schneider, Expo
25    Ten Reasons to Homeschool                    Speaker                                       Sponsors
      Your Child With Special Needs
      by Amanda Fuller                        54   Jim Weiss and Greathall
27    Guiding Your Gifted Child                    by Jim Weiss, Expo Speaker               100 Who We Are and Why We Exist
      by Maggie Hogan
                                              56   Bright Ideas Press: A Brief              102 Statement of Faith
                                                   by Maggie Hogan (& Tyler Hogan),
                                                   Expo Speakers

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                                                 Homeschool Business & Entrepreneur Directory - Table of Contents
Resources for                                                                                                                       Cosmetics & Skin Care .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 127                                    Illinois  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   151
Homeschooling Families                                                                                                              Crafts  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 127     Indiana  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .       152
Arts & Crafts  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 104                Economics / Finance  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 128                                  Iowa  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .       153
Baby & Toddler .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 104                      Event Venues  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 128                    Kansas  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .     153
Business & Economics .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 104                                     Family & Relationships  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 128                                     Kentucky  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .            153
Business Services & Support .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 104                                                Foreign Language  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 128                               Louisiana  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .           154
Christian / Bible Study .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 105                                  Fun & Games .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 128                   Maine  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .      154
Classical Education .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 107                             Gardening  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 129              Maryland  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .            154
Clothing & Fashion  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 107                             Graphics & Web Design  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 129                                         Massachusetts  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                      154
College & Career Planning .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 107                                            Health & Wellness  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 130                           Michigan  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .            154
Colleges & Universities  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 108                                    Handmade Items  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .131                            Minnesota  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .              155
Computers & Technology  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 108                                              Homeschooling .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 132                          Mississippi  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .            156
Cooking & Nutrition .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 109                                Homeschooling Encouragement & How-To  .  .  . 133                                                                                   Missouri  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .         156
Critical Thinking  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 109                        Homeschooling - Full Curriculum .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 134                                                           Montana .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .           156
Cross-Curricular Products  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 109                                           Homeschooling - High School & Beyond .  .  .  .  .  . 134                                                                           Nebraska  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .            157
Family & Relationships  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .111                                   Homeschooling - History .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 134                                           Nevada  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .        157
Fine Arts, Music & Drama .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .111                                        Homeschooling - Language Arts  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 134                                                            New Hampshire .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                          157
Foreign Language  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .113                             Homeschooling - Mathematics  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 135                                                        New Jersey  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                157
Full Curriculum  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .113                     Homeschooling - Music  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 135                                         New Mexico  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                   157
Fun & Games .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .113                 Homeschooling - Online Courses .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 135                                                            New York  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .            158
Gifted Students  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .115                     Homeschool - Planning & Organization .  .  .  .  .  .  . 135                                                                        North Carolina  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                     158
Health & Physical Education  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .115                                             Homeschooling - Writing  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 136                                             North Dakota  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                    159
Health & Wellness  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .115                         Household .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 136               Ohio  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .       159
High School & Transcripts  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .115                                         Household - Frugal Living  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 137                                           Oklahoma  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .               160
History & Geography .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .116                                 Household - Home Décor  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 137                                              Oregon  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .        161
Homemaking & Household  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .117                                                  Household - Keepsakes, Gifts & Awards .  .  .  .  .  .  . 137                                                                       Pennsylvania  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                    161
Homeschool Encouragement & Information  .  .  .117                                                                                  Household - Kitchen Items  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 137                                              Rhode Island .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                  162
Language Arts  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .117                    Household - Organization & Storage  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 138                                                                   South Carolina  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                     162
Language Arts - Penmanship .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .118                                                  Insurance  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 138           South Dakota  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                    163
Language Arts - Phonics / Early Readers  .  .  .  .  .  .  .118                                                                     Literature & Books  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 138                             Tennessee  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .              163
Language Arts - Writing  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .119                                     Natural Foods & Farms  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 139                                      Texas  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .      164
Lapbooking  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .119                 Preschoolers  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 139                 Utah  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .       166
Literature & Books  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .119                           Photography .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 139                   Vermont  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .          166
Mathematics .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 120                   Publishing & Recording  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 139                                        Virginia  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .      166
Movies & Film  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 120                   Real Estate  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 139            Washington .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                 167
Online Schools & Classes  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .121                                       Science & Nature .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 140                          West Virginia .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                 168
Preschoolers  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .121               Screen Printing  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 140                       Wisconsin .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .            168
Safety  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .121   Special Needs .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 140                    Wyoming  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .             169
Science & Nature .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .121                        Travel & Hospitality  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 140                              Alberta  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .       169
Special Needs .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 122                    Virtual Assistants  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .141                        British Columbia  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                         169
STEM Curricula .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 122                      Work from Home Opportunities .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .141                                                         Manitoba  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .            170
Struggling Learners  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 123                               Writing & Editing .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 142                         New Brunswick  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                         170
Testing / Assessments .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 123                                                                                                                                                                        Newfoundland & Labrador  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                                170
Travel  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 123     Listings by Region                                                                                                                  Northwest Territories  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                   170
Unit Studies .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 123               Alabama  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .        144   Nova Scotia  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .               170
                                                                                                                                    Alaska  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   144   Ontario  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .       170
Homeschool-Friendly                                                                                                                 Arizona  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .     144   Prince Edward Island  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                 170
Entrepreneurs                                                                                                                       Arkansas .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .        145   Quebec  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .        170
Automotive .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .        124          California  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .        145   Saskatchewan  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                       171
Baby & Toddler .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .             124          Colorado  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .          147   Yukon  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .      171
Business Services & Marketing .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                           124          Connecticut  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                148   Finland  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .       171
Christian / Bible Study .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                         124          Delaware  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .          148   Germany .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .           171
Christian Music  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .              125          Florida .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   148   Nigeria  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .       171
Clothing & Fashion  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                    126          Georgia .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .      150   United Kingdom  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                           171
Computers & Technology  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                     126          Hawaii  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   151
Cooking & Nutrition .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                       126          Idaho  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .    151

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  Homeschooling Styles

                     What Kind of Homeschooler Are You?
                     by Loretta Spangler

       tanding before the boxed mixes in         of many methods in order to create a truly      sorting through the many curriculum re-
       the baking aisle of the grocery store,    individualized education that matches the       sources available, it isn’t necessary to
       I am struck by the similarities be-       teaching style of the parent and the learn-     identify explicitly with one or the other.
tween homeschooling and baking brown-            ing style of the child.                         Just as some families change homeschool-
ies. There are many options. From a single         Unit studies are characterized by inte-       ing styles in different seasons of life, other
brand of mix, choices include chocolate          grating work in all subject areas around a      families blend two or more styles.
chunk, dark chocolate, and cookie brown-         chosen topic.                                      So continue to explore these essays.
ies. From a single cookbook, options in-           Unschooling takes advantage of a child’s      Search out the suggested resources. Talk to
clude peanut butter, mint, and even ginger-      innate curiosity by providing a rich learning   homeschool moms near you. Read curricu-
flavored brownies. Oh, sorry, I’m making         environment of books, resources, and adult      lum reviews. Join an online homeschool
you hungry; I’ll stop now. The point is          models so that he can productively explore      community. Investigate on a small scale
having so many choices can be simulta-           those subject areas that interest him.          styles new to you. Try out the Charlotte
neously wonderful and overwhelming.                The folks at The Old Schoolhouse® have        Mason approach by adding a living book to
Likewise with homeschooling. Given the           brought together a group of experts to tell     your current history or science curriculum.
variety of educational methods and materi-       you more about each of these homeschool-        Sample the unit study approach by using
als available today, the bigger decision is      ing styles. As you read, you may find your-     one of the Schoolhouse Planner modules
often not whether to homeschool but how          self nodding in agreement—“Yep, that’s          published by The Old Schoolhouse® Maga-
to homeschool.                                   me”—or you may find you don’t fit into          zine. Delve into classical education by play-
                                                                                                 ing around with an elementary-level Latin
                                                                                                 curriculum. Experiment with unschooling
                                                                                                 in just one subject area, maybe science.
 “The bigger decision is often not whether to                                                    Try all these things at once, and you’ll be
                                                                                                 an eclectic homeschooler by default!
    homeschool but how to homeschool.”                                                              You see, it doesn’t really matter if you
                                                                                                 are a classical homeschooler with a little
                                                                                                 Charlotte Mason thrown in, or if your un-
  The truth is there are as many ways to         any one “type.” If so, that’s okay; person-     schooling sometimes looks a lot like unit
homeschool as there are families who ho-         ally, I think peanut butter chocolate brown-    studies, or if your style defies classifica-
meschool. That is why homeschooling is           ies taste great.                                tion. Homeschooling that is worthy of the
such a unique gift. Every family can fully          So, what kind of homeschooler are you?       name happens when children are learning
customize the education of their children.       Did you readily identify with a particular      at home and having fun while they do.
Even so, most homeschooling approaches           style? If so, you can use that knowledge           Returning to the brownie analogy, it isn’t
fall into one of several general types.          to help fully customize the education you       necessary to identify your favorite kind in
  The Charlotte Mason approach, also             are giving your children. In choosing cur-      order to bake a batch. So go ahead and
known as the living books approach, is           riculum, for example, you can look for          throw a handful of chocolate chips or stir
based on ideas developed in the early            resources developed specifically for your       a spoonful of peanut butter into your basic
1900s by British educator Charlotte Ma-          style of education.                             brownies. The important thing is that they
son. The essence of this approach is that           Perhaps you found yourself thinking,         are sweet and they are chocolate.
the child is a person whose mind should be       “I’m this kind of homeschooler, but I’d like
offered a feast, not a container to be filled    to be that kind of homeschooler.” If so, be     Loretta Spangler is a widow who has al-
with predigested bits of knowledge.              encouraged to make changes; many fami-          ways homeschooled. She has graduated one
  The classical approach is based upon           lies switch from one style to another over      of three sons and continues to homeschool
methods that have been used successfully         the course of their homeschooling years,        the other two in between vegetable garden-
for centuries. It can refer to both a specific   basing their approach at any given point in     ing, baking brownies bread, caring for the
content, including logic, Latin, and Great       time on their children’s interests, maturity    chickens, tutoring upper-level math, and
Books studies, and a method based on stag-       levels, and state grade-level requirements.     running her used curriculum and children’s
es of learning described in a famous essay          Still not sure what kind of homeschooler     book business. She blogs at http://home-
by Dorothy Sayers.                               you are? The good news is you don’t have        schoolblogger.com/amnbooks and may be
  Those who use the eclectic approach            to figure that out in order to homeschool       contacted at amnbooks@juno.com
combine what they consider the best parts        successfully. While labels are helpful in

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  Homeschooling Styles

Quiz Time: Find Your Homeschooling Style

         efore you read the homeschooling styles articles on the following pages, take this quiz to find out which homeschooling method
         might fit you best! Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. These questions are simply designed to help you figure out how
         your personal preferences match up with the most common styles of homeschooling.

1. What type of lesson plans do you prefer?
    A)    I want to open a book and have the lessons completely laid out–no preplanning for me!
    B)    I love making up my own lessons and hate having someone else tell me what I should teach.
    C)    I prefer laid-out lesson plans, but I don’t mind buying materials or preparing in advance.
    D)    I like having a plan, but I’m always tweaking things to fit my family.

2. I want to be able to teach all of my children at the same time.
    A) Definitely
    B) Not really

3. How do you feel about re-creating a schoolroom at home?
    A)    I think a dedicated place for learning is important.
    B)    I don’t want our homeschool to look anything like a classroom.
    C)    We may not use school desks, but I think structure and a daily routine are very important.
    D)    I’d rather “’do school” cuddled up on the couch or outside in the sunshine!

4. How do you define academic success?
    A)    When I see my children really enjoying their school time.
    B)    Good test scores.
    C)    Having my child develop a love of learning.
    D)    My goal is for all my children to attend college and begin
          successful careers.

5. How do you feel about child-directed learning?
    A) I worry that we’d miss important concepts or topics.
    B) I think that following my child’s interests makes it easier
       for him to truly learn the material.
    C) I like the idea, but I’ll keep offering suggestions and guid-
       ing his interests.

6. As a homeschool teacher, you want to be:
    A) An example to your children. As you spend time read-
       ing and learning about new subjects, you’ll inspire your
       children to love learning new things.
    B) A resource for your children. You’re available to answer
       all their questions and discuss topics that interest them.
    C) A source of information for your children. You’ll plan
       lessons and select topics that are important for your chil-
       dren to learn.

Write down your answers, then go to page 43 to find
out what your homeschooling style is.

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  Homeschooling Styles

                     What Makes Classical Education Different
                     by Susan Wise Bauer

           odern classical education is built    of phonics and spelling, rules of gram-          as they do? Why does this book hold or lose
           around three distinctive, time-       mar, poems, the vocabulary of foreign lan-       the reader’s interest? What is the book’s
           tested principles. First: a child’s   guages, the stories of history and literature,   climatic point, its crisis, its resolution?
mind develops in three distinct stages. Sec-     descriptions of plants and animals and the          Developing the habit of critical analy-
ond: living books and primary sources are        human body, the facts of mathematics—            sis prepares the student for the final phase
worth more than textbooks. Third: the pur-       the list goes on.                                of education, the rhetoric stage. At this
pose of education is to train lifelong learn-      This information provides the “gram-           point, the high school student learns to
ers, not to fill a student’s head with a set     mar,” or the basic building blocks, for the      write and speak with force and original-
amount of information.                           second stage of education. By fifth grade        ity. The student of rhetoric applies the
   The first principle—the three-stage de-       or so, most children begin to lose inter-        rules of logic learned in middle school to
velopment of the young mind—is proba-            est in memorization and mere absorption          the foundational information learned in
bly the most distinctive aspect of classical     of facts. Instead, the young student begins      the early grades and expresses his conclu-
education. In the classical pattern, the ear-    to think more analytically. The child is no      sions in clear, forceful, elegant language.
liest years of schooling, roughly the same       longer satisfied with asking a question and      Students also begin to specialize in what-
grades that American educators think of          receiving an answer; instead, she wants to       ever branch of knowledge attracts them;
                                                                                                  these are the years for art camps, college
                                                                                                  courses, foreign travel, apprenticeships,
                                                                                                  and other forms of specialized training.
      “The purpose of education is to train life-                                                    The second and third phases of edu-
                                                                                                  cation—the logic and rhetoric phases—
      long learners, not to fill a student’s head                                                 depend on the second principle of classi-
         with a set amount of information.”                                                       cal education: Living books and primary
                                                                                                  sources are more valuable than textbooks.
                                                                                                     Certainly, textbooks have their place in
                                                                                                  education. The classical educator is care-
as “elementary school,” are spent on aca-        find out why the answer is true. The second      ful to make a distinction between skills
demic basics. These years are often called       phase of the classical education, the logic      and content areas. Skills such as arithme-
the grammar stage of education; not be-          stage, is a time when the child begins to        tic, English grammar, spelling, and begin-
cause the young student spends four years        pay attention to cause and effect, to the        ning scientific education rely on the step-
doing English grammar, but because dur-          relationships between different fields of        by-step introduction of new material that
ing these years, the foundation for all oth-     knowledge, to the way facts fit together         builds logically on what has come before.
er learning is laid. Grammar, in its origi-      into a logical framework.                        A student can’t understand what a subject
nal sense, means the basic elements of any          A student is ready for the logic stage        and predicate are until she understands
art or science; during the first four years      when the capacity for abstract thought be-       nouns and verbs; she can’t fully grasp mul-
of education, children learn the basic el-       gins to mature. During these years, the stu-     tiplication and division until she’s learned
ements of reading, writing, mathematics,         dent begins algebra and the study of logic       how to add and subtract. A well-designed
and science.                                     and begins to apply logic to all academic        textbook can be the best possible guide to
   The elementary years are the best pos-        subjects. The logic of writing, for example,     mastery of these skills.
sible time for this basic learning. During       includes learning paragraph construction            But in the content areas—history, litera-
grades one through four, the child’s mind        and how to support a thesis; the logic of        ture, more advanced sciences—classical
is incredibly retentive, ready to memorize       history demands that the student find out        educators encourage students not to rely on
and retain information. So during this pe-       why the War of 1812 was fought, rather           textbooks. Rather, children are given “liv-
riod, education involves not primarily self-     than simply reading its story; the logic of      ing books”—books by individual authors,
expression and self-discovery, but rather        science requires that the child learn the sci-   presenting particular points of view—and
the learning of facts. Young students cer-       entific method. For a grammar-stage stu-         primary sources.
tainly aren’t discouraged from self-expres-      dent, the study of literature means reading         Why? Because students in the logic and
sion, but original thought and creativity are    a book and then answering a simple ques-         rhetoric stages are encouraged to think
not required as a basic element of learning.     tion: What happened? For a logic-stage           critically about the ideas presented in their
Instead, the focus is on spreading out a rich    student, the study of language involves          history, literature, and science materials.
feast of information for the child. Rules        new questions: Why do the characters act                            (continued on page 23)

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  Homeschooling Styles

                      What is a Unit Study?
                       by Amanda Bennett

            ell, first let me tell you what it is   oceans are, and how all of these compo-         or not politically correct. Many textbooks
            not. A good unit study does not         nents work together.                            now read like encyclopedias, with little in-
            involve dry reading or memori-            Take a minute to compare textbooks            teresting reading included, just facts, fig-
zation, busy work, endless worksheet com-           with unit studies. Textbooks are one form       ures, and condensed material. Most chil-
pletion, and bored children. A good unit            of curriculum used for education, and most      dren or adults would never rush to pick up
study involves learning about one topic in          of us were educated using textbooks. They       a textbook these days for a “good read.”
an interesting and engaging way that will           are written from the perspective that ev-       Why would they get excited or eager to
captivate students and make them want               erything in the world fits neatly into one of   learn from a textbook?
to learn more and continue to think about           several categories, such as science or ge-         If we can teach our children with in-
the things that they are learning. From cell        ography. Textbooks include a collection of      teresting materials, challenging them to
phones to Ethiopia, from catapults to el-           information that is to be read, memorized,      think, reason, analyze, and dig deeper for
ephants, unit studies can open up the world         and repeated for a test or exam. The main       further information, we will find them to
to your children, one topic at a time.              problem with textbook learning is that the      be well-educated and ready to move on to
  As the process of “education” has de-             student becomes very well trained at mem-       a lifetime of challenge and questions and
veloped through the ages, people have               orizing information, but unfamiliar with        adventure. While we will never be able
slowly but surely categorized and com-              how all of this memorized information ap-       to teach children everything, we can cer-
partmentalized almost everything in our             plies to the world around him. By coming        tainly teach them these things, providing
                                                                                                    a strong foundation and knowledge base
                                                                                                    for the future.
                                                                                                       After writing unit studies for 18 years,
  “A unit study works by capturing children’s                                                       I have been blessed to be able to see first-
                                                                                                    hand some of the advantages offered with
  attention and helping them understand the                                                         this curriculum choice. The use of unit
                                                                                                    studies can help your student develop into
    pieces of the whole as they fit together.”                                                      a self-motivated learner, eager to see what
                                                                                                    the world has to offer. Children learn to
                                                                                                    think and reason and understand the deep-
world into specific areas of learning.              from a different perspective and teaching       er connections that God created in this
These include science, history, geogra-             the child about a complete topic, unit stud-    world and how so much of His creation
phy, art, and many others. However, to              ies offer the advantage of helping children     fits together according to His plan. Instead
children who are eager to learn, the world          grasp the big picture and then apply what       of learning about clouds and water vapor
is viewed as whole pieces, not segmented            they have learned to other areas and other      and the water cycle separately from the
bits and parts. When they see the vast              topics as their education continues.            study of the rivers and lakes and streams
ocean, they see it as teeming with whales              A frequently asked question about unit       and oceans of the world, they learn about
and dolphins, full of sunken pirate ships           studies is “will there be holes in a child’s    these things just as they were created—as
and octopus and seashells, covered with             education using unit studies?” How many         one part of an amazing world!
rolling waves. A unit study tries to work           textbooks did you finish in your own edu-
from this viewpoint, taking one topic at a          cation? Most of us never finished a single      Amanda Bennett is a wife, homeschool
time and explaining the way it works as             textbook. We have huge holes in our own         mom, speaker, and author. She travels and
a whole to children who already see it as           education. Also, realize that it will be im-    speaks at conferences and retreats, sharing
a whole. They don’t see the ocean as his-           possible to teach your child everything that    her faith, homeschool experiences, and a
tory, geography, marine biology, etc.               is now known. It is vitally important that      contagious love of learning. Her newest se-
   A unit study works by capturing chil-            we provide an excellent basic education         ries of books, Download N Go™, is based
dren’s attention and helping them under-            and teach these bright young minds how to       on a groundbreaking combination of unit
stand the pieces of the whole as they fit           think and find answers.                         studies, lapbooks, and digital interactivity.
together. When they learn about the oceans             In this day and age of information ex-       With two that have graduated from college
with a unit study, they learn about whales          plosion, textbook publishers rush to keep       and one teenager at home, she and her hus-
and dolphins, how the oceans flow, how              adding new information to textbooks, fur-       band stay busy on their tree farm in Ten-
explorers traveled the oceans with currents         ther abridging, condensing, and modifying       nessee. Visit Amanda at www.UnitStudy.
and wind, how big and wide and deep the             or deleting what they deem less important       com and www.AmandaBennett.com.

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  Homeschooling Styles

                    A Traditional Approach to Homeschooling
                    by Sandy Dawson

    n order to understand the traditional         Recognizing the fundamental nature of        tation and creative writing are tools used
    approach to learning, we must look         reading to all other learning, traditional      to help children express themselves in an
    back to the very foundations of edu-       training in reading is foundational and         effective and confident way. The ability to
cation in our country. The first American      based on a phonetic approach. Knowledge         speak comfortably before others is recog-
schools were an extension of the family.       of letters, sounds, blends, and pronuncia-      nized as a skill that will serve them well
Each community had its own autonomous          tion rules will enable students to decipher     throughout life.
school, whose teacher served at the plea-      any printed word they may encounter. The           The most important aspect of traditional
sure of the families in that community.        study of phonics gives them basic reading       learning is the emphasis on character train-
These schools were local and individual-       tools, which will not limit them to a list of   ing. Our forefathers understood the need
ized. Quality was high and waste was at a      sight words they recognize.                     for instilling certain values in the hearts
minimum. The parents provided the lead-           After a child masters the basic phonetic     and minds of our children. It is not enough
ership and resources for the education of      skills, he moves on to reading mastery          to present lessons on such traits as honesty,
their children, because education was not      and concrete drills. A person learns skills     compassion, resourcefulness, and responsi-
considered a function of government.           by understanding and performing them            bility. The parents, through their example,
  A traditional approach to homeschool-        repetitiously. Memorization is not only         mentor their children to incorporate these
ing would follow this one-room school-         a means of retaining information; it also       traits in daily life. Open discussions should
house format. One teacher (the parent) su-     disciplines the mind for more difficult         ensue that show the practical relevance of
pervises the studies of numerous students,     tasks to follow. As his mental maturity         the desired character traits and identify
spending time working individually with        allows, the older student will move into        them in each child’s relationships and ac-
each child. This one-on-one methodology        more abstract thought, allowing him to          tivities. The regular study of Bible verses
                                                                                               and stories that exemplify the traits being
                                                                                               learned will help children understand how
                                                                                               to apply them to real-life situations. This
                                                                                               three-fold approach to character training
        “Each child is permitted to progress at                                                (example, discussion, and application) will
                                                                                               create a foundational platform from which
        his own rate, on his own performance                                                   a child’s daily decisions are formulated.
                                                                                                  The traditional approach to education is
         level, with the emphasis on ‘learning’                                                individualized, child-focused, and mastery-
                                                                                               based. Through the use of regular measure-
                 rather than ‘teaching.’”                                                      ment, training in communication skills,
                                                                                               and an emphasis on character, children can
                                                                                               establish a solid moral and academic foun-
                                                                                               dation in their lives.
                                                                                                  The use of an established, time-tested, in-
is crucial to the success of the traditional   deal with more complex materials. “Line         dividualized curriculum allows parents the
approach to learning. Each child is per-       upon line, precept upon precept” is the         freedom to spend their educational time in-
mitted to progress at his own rate, on his     Biblical model that is followed in direct-      teracting with their children instead of pre-
own performance level, with the empha-         ing a child’s learning.                         paring lesson plans. Accelerated Christian
sis on “learning” rather than “teaching.”         In order for a child to master concepts      Education® has been meeting this need for
The focus is the child and his individual      and be able to use them effectively, learn-     over four decades for thousands of home-
needs. The parent serves as a tutor to as-     ing must be routinely measured. The stu-        schooling families around the world.
sist when needed rather than as a lecturer.    dent is taught to take responsibility for his
This frees the parent to zero in on areas of   own learning, with frequent testing to en-      Mrs. Sandy Dawson serves as an education
strength and weakness for each child, giv-     sure mastery. In all areas of study, mastery    specialist for Accelerated Christian Edu-
ing him the personal attention necessary to    is required before a student is permitted to    cation. After 25 years in the classroom, she
make sure concepts are fully grasped. The      advance to the next level.                      and her husband have spent the last nine
child’s learning style and personality can        Along with academic subjects, the tradi-     years traveling the globe training Chris-
be considered in the approach taken when       tional approach to education values the de-     tian educators.
working individually with that child.          velopment of communication skills. Reci-

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  Homeschooling Styles

                     by Bethany George

         f the myriad of homeschooling          ers use whatever resources or experiences        do them in your homeschool too, even if
         styles being utilized today, un-       they deem useful and appropriate to their        you know your kids will hate them! Un-
         schooling has got to be the most       current need or interest. A third, and likely    schoolers aren’t immune from comparing
misunderstood. It was only a few months         the most powerful, unschooling myth is           themselves, but typically they won’t stub-
ago that I, myself, had a very skeptical at-    that unschooling is simply too risky. Terms      bornly plow ahead with something when
titude towards it. I didn’t know much about     like interest-led and self-directed can be       their kids hate it and they’re not really sure
unschooling, but what I did know left me        very unsettling for many homeschooling           why they’re doing it in the first place.
confused and maybe even a little suspi-         parents. And yet unschooling students              If you think about it, we are all unschool-
cious. I was too concerned about my kids        continue to excel. Unschooling is serving        ing every day, though we may not call it
keeping up to consider unschooling. How-        many families very well.                         that. We live our lives, gathering the infor-
ever, I did want to choose the materials and       The unschooler label is broad enough for      mation and skills that are useful to us (or
methods that would cause the least amount       a very wide spectrum of homeschoolers to         that will be soon.) We find it easy enough
of moaning and groaning in our home. I          fall under it, some of which consider them-      to trust this way of learning for ourselves,
didn’t think there was much hope for my         selves very close to mainstream, and others      but somehow less so when it comes to our
kids to actually love school, but I wanted      far from it. But the way that unschoolers        children. Unschooling strives to nurture
them to at least not hate it. So I was always   learn is surprisingly familiar; it’s exactly     the natural joy for learning that we are all
on the lookout for fresh ideas and tried to     how we “non-school-age” folks learn.             born with. In this way, a refreshing amount
keep our learning as fun as possible.           When I become interested in a particular         of respect is extended to the student, reject-
                                                                                                 ing the moldy idea that education must be
   “An unschooling parent is highly involved,                                                    miserable, grueling, and forced.
                                                                                                   If there were an awards ceremony for
  continually receptive to her child’s particular                                                homeschooling styles, unschooling would
                                                                                                 undoubtedly win the Kid’s Choice Award.
   needs, interests, and abilities during each                                                   But how quickly the thought follows: If
                                                                                                 they like it, it must not be good for them.
               season of growth.”                                                                I’m ready to challenge that thinking. My
                                                                                                 desire is for my children to be enthusiastic,
   That’s when I happened upon John Holt’s      topic, I’ll use the Internet, library, conver-   curious, resourceful young people who car-
book, What Do I Do Monday? (Boynton/            sation with others, and sometimes classes        ry with them the joy of learning throughout
Cook, 1995). The author’s ideas made a          or hands-on experiences to get the level of      their lives. With these goals in mind, I’ve
huge impact on me. It was an exciting time      knowledge I’m looking for. That’s real-life      moved from misunderstanding to embrac-
as I began to view learning in a brand new      learning, and that’s unschooling.                ing the principles of unschooling, and from
way. After looking for more information           Unschooling asks why more often than           suspicion to trust. These are exciting days
about John Holt, I found that his writings      the other homeschooling styles, I think.         for our homeschool as we continue to grow
had inspired the unschooling movement! I        The parent and student both know why             and learn together.
was really intrigued now, and eager to give     they are learning what they are learning.
unschooling another look.                       Maybe it’s because the student is strongly       A second-generation homeschooler who
   After I had done my research, I realized     interested in the subject. Maybe it’s some-      also attended public and private school,
that my previous assumptions about un-          thing the parent feels is important to know.     Bethany knew she would choose home-
schooling were far from accurate. I began       Or maybe it’s simply required by the state.      schooling for her own children. Blessed
by learning what unschooling is not. For        There can be many motivators for learning.       with parents whose wisdom as veteran
example, I found that unschooling is not        The unschooler knows and can articulate          homeschoolers she can draw from, she
un-parenting. In fact, nothing could be far-    which motive is driving his studies.             has also found inspiration in the writings
ther from the truth. An unschooling parent        Because they are apt to ask why, un-           of Ruth Beechick and John Holt. (Betha-
is highly involved, continually receptive to    schooling parents seem less afflicted with       ny’s mom is TOS contributor Deb Turner
her child’s particular needs, interests, and    what I like to call the look-what-they’re-       http://homeschoolblogger.com/pattycake.)
abilities during each season of growth. An-     doing syndrome—you know, that panicky            Bethany, her supportive and hardworking
other unschooling myth is that unschoolers      feeling you get when you see the wonder-         husband, Josh, and their four young chil-
do not use traditional materials or take tra-   ful things other homeschooling families          dren enjoy living in the beautiful, rolling
ditional classes. On the contrary, unschool-    are doing, and feel that you must somehow        farmland of Upstate New York.

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  Homeschooling Styles

                     Eclectic Homeschooling
                      by Diana Waring

            hat on earth does that mean?          learning is a dynamic operation involving        European-style bakery versus purchasing
            Eclectic homeschooling can be         children who are constantly growing and          ingredients from the store and baking the
            defined as “enjoying the freedom      changing, it needs to be able to flex and        cake yourself. Obviously, homemade—if
to individually choose and utilize the best el-   develop with them.                               you have the time and a bit of pluck—is far
ements of various educational resources for          What does this look like? An eclectic         cheaper. Your version might not have the
your individual children, rather than strictly    homeschool mom will have spent time              fancy box, but it won’t have the fancy price
following a particular style.” Instead of be-     prayerfully considering the unique needs         tag, either. More importantly, with quality
ing tyrannized by a textbook, scolded by          and styles of her children, since she recog-     ingredients, the taste of your homemade cake
a schedule, or controlled by a curriculum,        nizes that one size does not fit all. In addi-   will be far better than the store-bought cake.
eclectic homeschoolers have the liberty to        tion, she will have taken her own adventure      In the same way, an eclectic homeschooler
say, “We will do this and not that today.”        into the realm of learning—reading, listen-      gets more bang for her buck by picking up
It is emancipation from the impersonal de-        ing to, and studying the varied educational      some quality ingredients—readers, projects,
mands of an educational approach that does        ideas, philosophies, and resources—so that       maps, etc.—from used bookstores, libraries,
not know (or care about) our unique child or      she can draw from each one’s particular          neighbors, and resale sites. With her wise
particular situation.                             strengths. She recognizes that the extra         and thrifty approach, she knows she can
   Where did it come from? This contempo-         time she spends now provides huge divi-          scrimp here and splurge there.
rary term is actually the strategy originally     dends later, since her children actually en-       How do you know it will work? Because
used by homeschooling pioneers to teach           joy the learning process and aren’t bogged       we are dealing with humans, not machines,
their children—when that was so far out-          down by boredom mid-year. Essentially,           we realize this is a dance between two
side the norm that it was illegal in many         she has the freedom to choose her family’s       people, requiring a daily give and take.
                                                                                                   Our vision, as we look down the road, is to
                                                                                                   prepare their hearts for the future. We rec-
      “They discovered that this approach pro-                                                     ognize that our approach—though glori-
                                                                                                   ously liberating, giving our children a love
       duced far better results than traditional                                                   of learning—is going to be an ongoing
                forms of education!”                                                               process of tweaking and adjusting. It may
                                                                                                   mean occasionally tossing out things that
                                                                                                   didn’t work and trying something new, like
states. Since these pioneers had already          educational provisions from a wide variety       Thomas Edison did with his light bulbs. As
stepped outside the boundaries of tradition-      of resources so that they can love learning.     eclectic homeschoolers, we have to walk
al schooling, they found it natural to look          Where do I start? Become a “bird-             in humility—always ready to say, “Hmm,
for new and innovative ways of teaching           watcher” of your kids: go to their natural       that didn’t go like I planned”—but we also
that would meet the needs of their unique         habitat and quietly observe. What makes          walk in confidence because these students
children, inspiring them to love learning         them tick? What delights their hearts?           will be equipped to engage in every imag-
in the process. They discovered that this         What bores them? Do they like to tinker          inable endeavor.
approach produced far better results than         with toasters? Do they want to play group
traditional forms of education!                   games? Do they love to read books? Do            Diana Waring, author of Beyond Survival,
   What do eclectic homeschoolers know            they run and leap? Do they spend hours           Reaping the Harvest, and the History Re-
about how children learn? Learning is             creating LEGO® masterpieces or prac-             vealed curriculum published by AiG discov-
not a mechanical process. As parents, we          ticing music or painting pictures? All of        ered years ago that “the key to education is
do not set our children on conveyor belts         these are clues to what will give them joy       relationship.” Beginning in the early ‘80s, Di-
where knowledge is dropped through a              in the journey of homeschooling. Learn-          ana homeschooled her children through high
chute into their brains and then on to the        ing styles, modalities, and the eight intel-     school—which provided her the real-life op-
next subject’s dispenser! Instead, learn-         ligences make the eclectic homeschooler’s        portunities to learn how kids learn. Mentored
ing is relational: it should be warm and          efforts in understanding her unique “birds”      by educators whose focus was to honor Him
responsive, kind and thoughtful, full of          far more productive. Be encouraged—you           who created all learners, and with an interna-
God’s grace and mercy, taking into ac-            figured out how to potty train them! This is     tional background (born in Germany, univer-
count the real, human students who are            merely continuing down the same path.            sity degree in French, lifelong student of world
learning, and the real, human teacher who            How much does it cost? Think about            history), Diana has been enthusiastically re-
is helping them in this process. Because          what it costs to buy a festive cake from a       ceived by audiences on four continents.

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                                                                                                                         ge Genius.
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                                                                      NOT Just Your Av                                         smart
                                                                                                                               made you

                                                                                                                 ow God

                                                                                       teachers and
                                                                       For students,

                                                                        twenty years tion,
                                                                        studying educa her fun-loving,
                                                                         combined                        to
                                                                                         nal approach                 to
                                                                         unconventio uniquely quali es her nature of
                                                                                          s,                        the
                                                                          presentation               message on se, Diana's Not Just Your
                                                                          deliver this                    to Syracu               continents.
                                                                                          t". From Seoul            nces on four                 this
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                                                                           being "smar s has inspired audie                          raved about
                                                                                                                       cultures have
                                                                           Average Geniu ages, disciplines and
                                                                                                                    to learning.

 to a New World
                                                                            Students of                approach                           .
                                                                                           humorous                         kinesthetic)
                                                                            workshop's                 (visua  l, auditory,          or).
                                                                                          modalities                  Sensor, Intuit                                                                                                     DIANA
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    Homeschooling Styles

                    A Mini Primer on Charlotte Mason
                    for Everyday Life
                    by Rea Berg

Education Is an Atmosphere.                    taining life is the suitable nourishment of          nation, and equips a child for life. The clear

        harlotte Mason’s motto, “educa-        the mind and heart.                                  delineation of right and wrong in fairy tales,
        tion is an atmosphere, a disci-           As parents striving to avoid for our chil-        folk tales, and mythic and epic literature, nur-
        pline, a life” might accurately        dren foods that are adulterated with sugar,          tures the inclination of the human heart for
be called “educating organically.” As          preservatives, unhealthy fats, and chemi-            that which is good, lovely, honest, and true.
parents, many of us are interested in pro-     cals, so, too, our approach to education             By a rich and orderly serving of living books,
viding our children with the most whole-       should reflect a similar devotion. Mason             the child’s heart is expanded and enlarged. As
some foods we can offer in our day of          called the adulterated curriculum often              the youngest child listens and understands a
mechanized corporate agriculture. When         proffered children “twaddle—the men-                 story, he freely relates back his response to
available, we desire organically grown         tally inferior and useless stuff produced            the story. The growing discipline of narration
fruits and vegetables, minimally pro-          or written for children by adults.”2 Mason           initiates the child into the world of words.
cessed whole grains, free-range, antibi-       defined an “organic” curriculum as rich in           True education begins.
otic- and hormone-free meats, and best         “living books.”3
of all, homegrown fruits and vegetables           Because Mason recognized the inherent             Education Is a Discipline.
from our own gardens! We desire, to put        dignity and individuality of each child, she            In addition to a solid foundation of living
it simply, to provide our families with        strove to establish an approach to education         books, Mason advocated the educational
foods that are as close to nature and as       that respected and encouraged that intrinsic         benefit of play and nature study. Indeed,
unadulterated as possible.                     value. Just as parents avoid junk food with          Mason “recommended four to six hours
                                                                                                    outdoors each day . . . from April to Octo-
                                                                                                    ber” for growing children.55 While Mason
                                                                                                    had the benefit of the English countryside
                                                                                                    at her doorstep, many of us must drive or
          “...true education happens when the                                                       plan in advance in order to provide these

          right atmosphere is established that                                                      experiences for our children. But provide
                                                                                                    them we must. Running, swimming, skip-
                 nurtures life and growth.”                                                         ping, jumping, climbing, and dancing will
                                                                                                    all make for happy, well-rounded children.
                                                                                                    Weeding a garden, feeding chickens, pick-
                                                                                                    ing fruit in an orchard, —all work to con-
                                                                                                    nect children to real life.
   This same perspective could be ap-          its questionable nutritional value, curriculum           While outdoor free play is important
plied to understanding Charlotte Mason’s       based upon tedious workbooks, monotonous             in and of itself, Ms.iss Mason also advo-
methodology of education. By defining          rote work, and watered-down, uninteresting           cated nature studies that open the eyes of
education as “an atmosphere, a discipline,     stories is to be avoided for its questionable        the child to the beauty and wonder of the
a life,” Mason strove to reconnect educa-      educational value. Mason advocated only              outdoor world. By the discipline of ob-
tion to an organic understanding of it; in     the best literature for children. As she notes,      serving and relating (and even sketching
other words, true education happens when       “We hold that a child’s mind is no mere sac          and recording) what a child sees as they
the right atmosphere is established that       to hold ideas, but is rather . . . a spiritual or-   he experiences and examines the natural
nurtures life and growth. When the human       ganism, with an appetite for all knowledge.          world–—both terrestrial and astral, —a
spirit is nurtured by love, transcendent       That is its proper diet.”4 An educational cur-       connection to and appreciation for beauty
truth, beauty, music, literature, adventure,   riculum rich in Scripture, classic literature,       is established. This is the beginning of
imagination, play, and healthy expanding       histories, biographies, poetry, and dramatic         wonder. In a technology-saturated culture,
labor, the mind and the spirit grow natu-      works nurtures the spirit, develops the imagi-       where children often spend little time out-
rally. As Miss Mason noted, “we must                                                                doors, this becomes increasingly essential.
                                                   Macaulay, Susan Schaeffer. For the
sustain a child’s inner life with ideas as                                                          The ability to see the small wonders of the
                                                   Children’s Sake: Foundations of Edu-
we sustain his body with food.”1 Analo-            cation for Home and School. Wheaton,                                (continued on page 23)
gous with nutrition’s importance to main-          Illinois: Crossway Books, 1984. p. 15.
    Mason, Charlotte. Towards a Philoso-       3
                                                   Towards a Philosophy of Education. p.            5
                                                                                                        Mason, Charlotte. Home Education.
    phy of Education. Radford, Virginia:           118.                                                 Radford, Virginia: Wilder Publications,
    Wilder Publications, 2008. p. 86.          4
                                                   Ibid. p. 89.                                         2008. p. 40.

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                            – David McCullough, Pulitzer Prize author of John Adams

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  Homeschooling Styles

                      The Relaxed Homeschooling Lifestyle
                      by Mary Hood, Ph.D., Executive Director, ARCHERS for the Lord®, Inc.

         elaxed homeschooling is more a            changed! Life has many lessons, and I’ve          table. If we ever looked like a school,
         mindset than an educational phi-          found the best ones rarely come from an           that was the time. We always did some-
         losophy and can be the basis for          instruction manual!                               thing before leaving the table—generally
instruction using a variety of methods               When the children are young, I believe          a Bible Study, followed by some kind of
and materials. It is rooted in the follow-         the most important thing is to establish a        unit study. For the Bible study, we read
ing beliefs:                                       basic structure for the home. Our organi-         The Story Bible by Pearl Buck (Random
   •	 You are a family, not a school.              zation is called “ARCHERS for the Lord,           House, 1997) over and over. When the
   •	 You are a dad and the head of the            Inc.” (www.archersforthelord.org). We             children were very young they drew pic-
      household, not a principal.                  are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, and        tures to go with the story. We used the
   •	 You are a mom, not a teacher.                the name stands for “Association of Re-           11”x17” primary paper with the lines on
   •	 You have individual relationships            laxed Christian Home Educate . . . Rs” (It        the bottom and the place for the picture at
      with your children, not a classroom.         almost works). It is also based on Psalm          the top. The presence of the lines motivat-
   These beliefs free parents up to set their      127, which talks about our children be-           ed the kids to want to put something there.
own goals for their children and use what-         ing arrows in our quivers. For most of the        As they became ready, it started with a
ever curriculum materials they may decide          people who are associated with our group,         title, then a caption, then a few sentences.
to use in their own manner, without concern        our Christian beliefs provide the bedrock         After a while they were writing stories that
for the intent or methods of the publishers.       for the education and training of our chil-       took up several pages. We stapled them
It also frees the parents to treat the children    dren. If you have other beliefs, your own         all together at the end of the year, and the
as individuals, rather than a group, and be        values will guide you to find the basic           children wound up writing their own ver-
                                                                                                     sion of the Bible every 3–4 years.
                                                                                                        After that, we often worked on a “re-

             “It frees the parents to treat the                                                      laxed unit study” One memorable one was
                                                                                                     “Medieval Times”. (Being relaxed means
           children as individuals, rather than a                                                    that Mom did not spend all night preparing
                                                                                                     a medieval feast or making costumes) In-
           group, and be mindful of individual                                                       stead, we read books, had meaningful dis-
                                                                                                     cussions, watched a couple of related vid-
                strengths and weaknesses.”                                                           eos, and maybe went on a field trip. Then,
                                                                                                     about the time other families would gear
                                                                                                     up for the big “culminating activity,” ours
mindful of individual strengths and weak-          structure for your family. Whatever you           would die a normal death and we would
nesses, as well as differences in learning         may believe, it is important to think out         move on to something else.
styles and readiness. Finally, it helps the        this structure carefully and set goals that          Sometimes we used the time at the break-
parents establish a framework for their days       will guide your actions.                          fast table to work on foreign languages. I
and their overall lives that is flexible and re-      The structure includes not only your ba-       believed in dabbling in several languages
laxed, providing the structure children need       sic religious and philosophical beliefs, but      when the children were little, thereby pre-
while allowing all parties to have some free-      also the organization of your home and            paring them for serious study later on. We
dom to make adjustments when needed.               your day. A famous philosopher once said,         also studied other countries and cultures
   Today, for example, I’m sitting indoors         “There is a certain disorder in any busy          and read biographies of missionaries. This
in Atlanta, here in the Deep South. Out-           workshop.” Those homeschooling mothers            planted the seed for later missions work.
side there are four inches of snow on the          who try to keep “Better Homes and Gar-            Two of my kids wound up working in Asia
ground! I’m staying flexible, writing this         dens” houses are probably being unrealis-         for several years as young adults.
article instead of doing the real estate ap-       tic. However, I believe there needs to be            After the breakfast table, the morning
praisal work I’m supposed to be doing! If          an underlying order. I’ve always said, “A         was known as “productive time.” “Produc-
the children were still young, we wouldn’t         place for everything and everything out of        tive” might include playing with LEGOs
be sitting indoors studying about Egypt            its place some of the time . . . at least while   or digging in the dirt, thinking! It did not
today, either, even if that were what I had        we’re working on a project!”                      include playing with neighborhood chil-
planned! We’d be outside studying how                 Our schedule for our day was loose, but        dren before noon. The television stayed off
to make a snowman! “School” would be               we always had one. When we first got up           and there were no video games. This didn’t
in session, even if the subject matter had         in the morning, we began at the breakfast                           (Continued on page 20)

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The Relaxed Homeschooling Lifestyle
(Continued from page 18)

change during the summer or vacations. It        Too many parents would have done ex-            I never turned this in to anyone. A typi-
remained the same throughout their child-        actly what I did, but then knuckle under        cal entry might say, “Today we discussed
hood, until the children became teenagers,       later. “Oh, well, the team needs you and        good and bad insects while we were plant-
when the situation began to shift a bit.         we don’t want to let them down. I’ll go         ing the beans,” or “Today we talked about
   Our education was always guided by            ahead and take you just this once, but I        the Civil War while going on a field trip to
long-range goals, which I believe are            HOPE YOU LEARNED SOMETHING                      Gettysburg.” (We did a LOT of field trips,
critical for success in any endeavor. The        FROM THIS!”                                     usually just by ourselves or with a couple
areas my husband and I considered were              All our kids are grown now, and they have    of other families.)
(in order of importance to us): values, atti-    all grown up to be people we can be proud of.      In addition, we always kept a list of the
tudes, habits, skills, individual talents, and   They all followed unique, interesting paths     books that we were reading. In most ho-
knowledge. Note that knowledge was on            into their adult lives. All five entered col-   meschooling families, just this list will im-
the list and was very important to us, but it    lege and did quite well when they got there.    press the socks off the authorities if they
was less important than the kind of people       Three have college degrees already and one      ever really look at any of your records.
we were raising.                                 is working on her master’s in counseling. All      Above all, just learn to chill and relax!
   Since we believe that our children should     but one have spent time overseas.               Set some worthwhile goals. Enjoy the pro-
be treated as individuals, their own goals          The relaxed homeschooling lifestyle can      cess of moving forward while concentrat-
and individual passions became more and          be a wonderful way of living together and       ing on the present. Focus more on abilities
more important as they got older. To what-       enjoying your children. You don’t need to       than perceived disabilities, and have fun
ever extent they were able to set goals,         live with constant stress and worry about       with your kids while they are with you!
plan their own work, and manage their                                                            Now that mine are scattered all over the
own time, we largely backed off after they                                                       world, I miss those times! Remember, too,
became teenagers. However, to whatever
extent they weren’t able to do so, we still               “You don’t                             that we have an enemy who loves to stir
                                                                                                 up feelings of discouragement, depres-
stepped in to help them do it! Even though
I stress that teenagers are actually “young
                                                           need to                               sion, and inadequacy. Be assured that God
                                                                                                 wouldn’t have called you to this journey
transitional adults” and should be treated
differently than children, we still kept be-
                                                         worry about                             unless He believed you have what it takes
                                                                                                 to follow through! Relax, and let God guide
havioral boundaries in place.                           someone else’s                           your goals. Enjoy those kids while they
   One of my sons was a very strong-willed                                                       are little. As they get older, spend more
individual, and as he entered the middle                expectations.”                           time on your knees than trying to control
school years, it became difficult to work                                                        everything yourself, and then sit back and
with him. One day I had asked him to do                                                          get ready to be astounded at the wonderful
something for me, and he said, “You can’t        someone else’s expectations. You don’t          men and women they will become!
make me do that!” (He had recently be-           have to slavishly follow a curriculum, or
come bigger and stronger than I was, and         mindlessly follow the dictates of anyone           Mary Hood, nationally known as “The
he was probably just testing the waters.)        outside of the family. Of course, you do        Relaxed Homeschooler®,” believes that a
Rather than fly off the handle and send him      need to know the laws of your state and do      “relaxed homeschool” develops out of the
to his room until he was 21, I just looked at    what it takes to stay legal, but most of the    mindset that you are a family, not a school;
him, and said, “You’re right. I can’t make       time, if you really have your own convic-       a dad, not a principal; a mom, not a teach-
you do that.” While he was gloating, I fol-      tions clear and can explain your goals and      er; and that you have individual relation-
lowed up with, “And you can’t make me            methods to the authorities, you will be able    ships with your children, not a classroom.
make your supper, clean your uniform, and        to follow the dictates of your heart.           This mindset helps you to stress out less
drive you to the game tonight.”                     It is important to keep good records,        over school-like expectations, and relax
   After a brief pause, he did whatever I had    even if your own state doesn’t expect it. I     and enjoy your family. Mary Hood and her
asked him to do. (I don’t even remember          believe in standardized testing every year,     husband, Roy, have been homeschooling
what it was anymore.) One of the reasons         beginning in the third grade, mostly to         their five children since the early 1980s.
this worked was the consistency that my          help the children develop their ability to      The older children have successfully made
husband and I had developed in our disci-        take tests. If they don’t do a great job, re-   the transition to college and adult life.
plinary techniques over the years. We did        member the test makers aren’t testing your      Mary has a Ph.D. in education and is a na-
not have a million rules for the kids—just       curriculum, and may not share your goals.       tionally known speaker and the author of
the basics, such as don’t hurt anyone and        The tests never told me anything I didn’t       such books as The Relaxed Home School,
don’t ruin anyone else’s things. However,        already know.                                   The Joyful Home Schooler, and The En-
when we did take a stand on something,              I also kept a journal reminding me of ev-    thusiastic Home Schooler. Visit Dr. Hood’s
the kids knew we would follow through.           erything we did during the year, although       website at www.archersforthelord.org.

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  Homeschooling Styles

                    Frustration to Fun: Informal Homeschool Days
                     by Cindy Horton

       et me start out with complete hones-     parents agree that instilling a love of learn-   they happen to be. The grocery store and
       ty—homeschooling can be frustrat-        ing in their children is one of the most im-     the gas station are great places to prac-
       ing. Sometimes kids get frustrated,      portant goals of this journey.                   tice all of the math skills, including esti-
and sometimes Mom gets frustrated.                 Why exactly does being relaxed and            mation, multiplication, fractions, and, of
   The cause is often a difficult subject       comfortable make learning easier? Think          course, decimals.
such as math, reading, or spelling but is       of it this way: When your body is well-             Most subjects can be learned and prac-
just as likely to be a learning disability,     rested, tackling a physical job like clean-      ticed in non-traditional ways around the
illness, or plain ol’ burnout. Adjustment       ing out a closet or weeding the garden           house as well. Try these suggestions from
to a major change in life, such as a move,      is manageable, maybe even easy. If you           homeschooling moms:
a new baby, or going from public school         sleep fitfully the night before or wait until       “Stair hopping” for spelling or math.
to the home environment, can also lead to       late in the day to begin, however, these         Place rewards, such as gum or coins,
difficulty and frustration.                     same jobs become challenging and take            on the stairs. Each time the child spells
   Whatever the cause, the result of this       much longer to accomplish.                       a word or answers a math problem cor-
frustration frequently includes tears, ar-         The brain works the same way. It learns       rectly, she gets to hop to the next stair and
guing, and a true inability to learn new        better when it’s well-rested, calm, and re-      pick up the reward.
                                                                                                    Handwriting can be practiced in a
                                                                                                 sandbox, in a cookie sheet filled with

         “A relaxed atmosphere in the home,                                                      rice, salt, or beans, or even on a mir-
                                                                                                 ror covered with shaving cream. If your
       both during school time and in general,                                                   child is past the “finger writing” stage,
                                                                                                 let him use a dry erase marker to practice
         helps a struggling child to feel more                                                   writing on the windows.
                                                                                                    Audio CDs, especially for history and
        comfortable, which in turn helps him                                                     literature, can grab a child’s attention even
                                                                                                 if she usually balks at those subjects. Play
        look forward to learning new things.”                                                    them in the car or around the house while
                                                                                                 the kids play or help with the cooking or
                                                                                                 cleaning. Even when they don’t seem to
information. Moms may interpret this            laxed. Penny Ray, whose daughter is on           pay close attention, you’ll be surprised at
as a refusal to do lessons, as a contrary       the autism spectrum, says, “As I relax and       how much they retain.
attitude, or as disobedience. In reality,       move more and more into following her               Lisa Ann Young likes to do projects and
though, a child can become so stressed          interests . . . I see her absorbing more in-     activities with her kids that help them learn
that his mind can’t possibly retain any         formation and applying it.”                      “without even knowing it, because it is just
new information whether it comes in the                                                          plain fun!”
form of phonics rules, spelling words,          But How?                                            •	 Baking (covers math skills and home
math facts, or state capitals.                    Okay, so you know that leaving for-                  economics)
                                                mal schooling behind can help a child               •	 Painting
Drop the Formality                              relax and learn better, but maybe you’re            •	 Gardening
   If frustration has found its way into your   wondering how in the world to go about              •	 Working puzzles
home, one of the most helpful things you        this. Without textbooks and lesson plans            •	 Reading books together
can do is drop the formality of school for      to guide you, what exactly should you               •	 Watching educational programs and
a short time (or permanently!) and take         be doing?                                              then discussing the topics
a more relaxed approach to learning. As           Mom Debbie Rowand sums it up nicely:              •	 Listening to CDs with math facts,
mom Sarah Dugger says of her son, “When         “We look at schooling as a life experience.”           spelling words, or other topics set
we relaxed, so did he.”                         Learning doesn’t just happen between the               to music
   A relaxed atmosphere in the home, both       pages of schoolbooks. It can happen any-
during school time and in general, helps a      where and everywhere!                            Take It Outside
struggling child to feel more comfortable,        Beginning readers can practice their             Being cooped up indoors all day long
which in turn helps him look forward to         phonics skills on signs at the grocery store     isn’t fun or healthy for anyone, but out-
learning new things. Most homeschooling         or along the side of the road, or anywhere                       (Continued on page 22)

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Frustration to Fun: Informal Homeschool Days
(Continued from page 21)

side lessons stir up excitement in kids of      interested. There, our kids learned that          question about supernovas or your fam-
all ages and personalities. Writing spell-      the Confederate Army burned the entire            ily discusses the French and Indian War
ing words or math problems or just draw-        town except for that house when they fled         at the dinner table, those conversations
ing pictures with sidewalk chalk is always      the area during the war and that Lt. Col.         constitute science and history lessons.
going to be more fun than sitting at a table    Rutherford B. Hayes and Sgt. William                 Depending on your unique situation,
writing on notebook paper—but it still          McKinley set up their headquarters and a          you may prefer to use a portfolio evalua-
counts as learning!                             hospital there.                                   tion instead of a standardized test for your
                                                                                                  child’s yearly assessment. A portfolio can
                                                                                                  contain any cards or letters your child
                                                                                                  has written, photographs of projects he’s
                                                                                                  completed or of sites she’s visited, and
                                                                                                  printouts of computer work.
        “...it’s often best for kids to ‘experience                                                  Remember that most portfolio evalu-
                                                                                                  ators ask for just two examples of the
                    first and name later.’ ”                                                      child’s work from each subject—one from
                                                                                                  the beginning of the year and one from
                                                                                                  the end. In math, for example, a child
                                                                                                  could complete two worksheets or work
                                                                                                  problems on notebook paper just twice
                                                                                                  to fulfill that request. During the rest of
  Angela Wells suggests taking a nature           Other local field trip possibilities include:   the year, math work can be done through
hike where your kids are sure to see plenty       •	 State and national parks, which often        games, using sidewalk chalk, or in any of
of wildlife, even if it’s only the six-legged        offer free or low-cost nature programs       the other ways mentioned.
variety. If possible, let them pick flowers,      •	 Fire station, police station, and               If a state requires a yearly, standardized
leaves, and grass or collect some of those           rescue squad                                 test, taking a little time to practice reading
bugs to take home. They could use a book          •	 Farms or dairies                             questions and filling in bubbles is usually
or website to identify their items later or       •	 Banks                                        sufficient. This is when moms have to re-
simply enjoy them. As Angela says, it’s           •	 Library                                      lax even more and trust that the informal
often best for kids to “experience first and      •	 Veterinarian’s office                        lessons are doing exactly what they’re
name later.”                                      When choosing field trips, it’s important       supposed to do—helping a comfortable
  Field trips interest almost all children      to select things your child will enjoy. If        child to learn and retain the information he
and allow them to experience history and        you have a young boy who likes to collect         needs to know!
nature firsthand. These are but a few pos-      frogs and climb trees, he may not enjoy an
sibilities:                                     art museum, even if art appreciation is part        *If your family lives outside of the Unit-
  •	 Historical homes                           of the lesson plan this year.                     ed States, you should check your local laws
  •	 Native American sites                                                                        regarding homeschool requirements.
  •	 Battlefields                               Meeting Requirements
  •	 Natural wonders such as caverns,             When it comes to informal homeschool-           Cindy Horton lives in beautiful West Vir-
     canyons, and waterfalls                    ing, parents are sometimes concerned              ginia with her husband, Jon, and their
  •	 Science museums, children’s muse-          about meeting their state requirements for        sons, Nick, James, and Robert. Her fa-
     ums, and art museums                       yearly assessments and mandatory days             vorite moments are spent with her family
  •	 Zoos and botanical gardens                 or hours of instruction. In reality, no state     snuggled up under blankets, camping, or
  Even if your family can’t take a trip to      mandates the use of textbooks or formal           just playing in the backyard. She also en-
visit a major battlefield or a large zoo, you   curricula, which means that an informal           joys knitting, hanging clothes on the line,
can probably find field trip opportunities      approach to homeschooling meets the le-           and baking—mostly brownies and cook-
close to home. In our small city of about       gal requirements no matter where you live         ies! Cindy and Jon have homeschooled
8,000 people, our family has visited more       in America.*                                      their sons from the beginning and fol-
than a dozen different places where we’ve         For states that require families to log         low a relaxed, eclectic style. They like to
learned about history, animals, literature,     hours spent on different subjects, re-            learn together by reading great books as
and our community.                              member that math skills are being used            a family, working on projects, and taking
  For example, our local Chamber of             during baking and trips to the super-             field trips. You can visit their family at
Commerce has its offices inside a home          market. Playing a spelling game counts            Fenced In Family.
that was built before the Civil War, and        as language arts class just like taking a
they offer free tours to anyone who’s           spelling test would. If your child asks a

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A Mini Primer for Charlotte                    What Makes Classical
Mason for Everyday Life                        Education Different
Continued from Page 16                         Continued from Page 8

natural world around us (even if we live       They are taught to examine the informa-
in a city or suburb) gives the child a lens    tion they’re given, evaluate it for accura-
through which to appreciate beauty and ex-
perience life.
                                               cy and truth, and form their own opinions
                                               about it. Textbooks actively discourage
                                                                                                   “The final goal of
Education is Is a Life.                        this sort of learning. Instead, textbooks          classical education,
   Mason’s philosophy of education is de-      provide students with a set amount of in-
signed to develop life-long learners. Intro-   formation that must be accepted as “true”          after all, is to train a
ducing children at a young age and through
their educational career to the “best which
                                               and memorized. Textbooks rarely pro-
                                               vide footnotes; the authors are unknown,            lifelong learner.”
has been thought and said in the world”        or else grouped together so that no one
connects them to the rich literary heritage    writer claims responsibility. Textbooks
of western civilization–—a heritage that       are designed to be accepted and passively
can inform and inspire them throughout         memorized, not questioned and analyzed.
their lives.66 Opening the eyes of a child     And this style of learning—passive, trust-       kind of adult it wants to produce, classical
to the beauty of the natural world around      ing, and non-critical—is the complete op-        education has a very clear goal. It aims to
them him develops wonder–—a defense            posite of classical education.                   turn a child into an adult who knows how
against the cynicism and hubris of post-          The final goal of classical education,        to think: how to take in new knowledge,
modern life. This can provide a critical an-   after all, is to train a lifelong learner. The   evaluate its worth, and then either discard
tidote to an often violent and topsy-turvy     three-stage pattern of classical educa-          it or put it to good use.
world. Understanding their his place in        tion (first, master the basics of a subject;
that world establishes a solid foundation      second, think critically and analytically;       Susan Wise Bauer is a historian and writ-
for right relationship with God and their      third, develop and express an opinion) is        er. She is currently at work on a four-vol-
his neighbor.                                  a pattern that will guide all later learning.    ume history of the world for W. W. Norton;
                                               The adult who decides to take up knit-           her books include The History of the An-
Rea Berg is the author of the Beautiful        ting follows this same process; first, learn     cient World, The History of the Medieval
Feet Books History Through Literature          the basic stitches; second, connect those        World, and The Well-Educated Mind (all
Study Guides, which utilize a living books     stitches together into a pattern; third, in-     from W. W. Norton) and The Art of the
approach to teach history. Her company,        vent new patterns. So does the lifelong          Public Grovel: Sexual Sin and Confession
Beautiful Feet Books, has brought back into    learner who sets out to teach himself a          in America (Princeton University Press).
print the popular D’Aulaire biographies,       new subject, be it philosophy or astro-          She is the founder of Peace Hill Press, a
the Genevieve Foster “World” books, as         physics. First, he learns the basic terms,       small press dedicated to publishing his-
well as many other well-loved children’s       definitions, and arguments; second, he           tory and literature resources for parents
authors. Rea speaks at educational conven-     learns how the terms relate to each other,       and teachers. Susan holds a Ph.D. from
tions around the country on history, educa-    and evaluates the arguments; third, he de-       the College of William and Mary, where
tion, and children’s literature. Rea has a     cides whether or not he agrees.                  she now teaches writing. She lives in
bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s       In contrast with much modern educa-           Charles City with her husband and four
degree in children’s literature. She blogs     tion, which doesn’t know exactly what            children.
on children’s literature at Rea Berg’s Book
Blog and at Rea Berg’s Book Blog and can
be emailed at rea@bfbooks.com.

    Arnold, Matthew and Jane Garrett.

    Culture and Anarchy. Oxford: Oxford
    University Press, 2006. p. 5.


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  Special Needs

                    Why Homeschool Children with Special Needs?
                     by Rebekah Wilson

    n a public school, a special needs stu-     provides a basis of his area of limitations      a written agenda called the lesson plan,
    dent would be thoroughly evaluated          and how to work with or overcome them,           and the lesson plan demands that the class
    prior to an IEP meeting taking place.       and being very flexible and patient as the       move forward regardless of whether the
The IEP meeting would create a special-         child learns, practices, and begins to master    students understand or not. The teacher as
ized education plan designed specifically       new concepts. Special needs children gen-        well is at the mercy of the lesson plan, for
for the special needs student. The IEP          erally learn slower than their non-affected      if she does not adhere to it, she will find
meeting would include the IEP—a legal           counterparts and need a great deal of re-        herself in trouble with the school. There
document—stating what the child’s needs         view through spirals. It is not unusual for      is no freedom—no time to make changes,
were and how the school would fulfill           their lessons to be broken down into multi-      slow down, or ensure your child is learning
those needs. An IEP is a legal contract be-     ple steps that may take days or even a week      before moving on.
tween the parents and the school on behalf      or two to get through instead of just one           At home, as with non-affected children,
of the child.                                   day. Understanding that this is normal and       you as the teacher can go at the child’s
   For homeschoolers with special needs         is also what happens in public school can        pace and make adaptations and modifica-
students, where do you start without an         help homeschooling parents feel less stress      tions and return again and again to a topic
IEP, and how do you know you are doing          when educating their child at home. Ho-          until the child is able to comprehend and
the best for your child? How do you adapt       meschooling generally goes at the child’s        retain and move on to something new. This
curriculum, and how do you create expec-        pace already, but when educating a special       doesn’t happen in public schools! Never
tations for your child that are reasonable      needs child it may trickle down to a crawl       feel you are shortchanging your special
                                                                                                 needs child by homeschooling him. You
“Homeschooled children already have profes-                                                      are giving him an enormous opportunity to
                                                                                                 be educated one-on-one by a person who
   sionals in their lives—their parents!”                                                        has his best interest at heart.
                                                                                                    There are numerous strategies that can be
and reachable? If the curriculum you are        or even a standstill and that is okay. Don’t     utilized when educating special needs stu-
using is difficult or isn’t working for your    worry; don’t panic; just persevere.              dents at home and in public school. These
child, how do you modify it or should you?         Many homeschooling parents who                transcend the barriers of home and school
What happens if your special needs child        have special needs children worry about          and target the strengths of the student to
reaches an educational hurdle and can’t         not meeting the expectations of the local        help him make connections with informa-
move past it? Is that the end or are there      school district or falling short and “getting    tion, as well as comprehend and retain it.
alternate ways to get him past the hurdle       in trouble.” The reality is, in public schools   Learning what these strategies are and how
and learning again? How do you know his         they often water down lessons for special        to use them can make homeschooling your
learning is adequate? Could he be doing         needs children to the point of not educating     special needs child much easier and less
more in public school?                          the child! What you do at home, and the          confusing, and will help show progress
   When it comes to special needs chil-         information your child is presented with         where you may not have seen it before.
dren, most parents think they need to go        and exposed to, is more than your child          Setting specific and reasonable goals for
to the “professionals” to make sure their       would gain in a public school even with          your child to reach and providing flexibility
child receives the best education possible      the “professionals” working with him.            with the level of mastery your child attains
and has the best options. However, home-        Special education classrooms are filled          will allow you to enjoy the homeschooling
schooled children already have profession-      with students of multiple levels of ability      adventure instead of pushing too hard and
als in their lives—their parents! Parents are   and age, and the special education teacher       making the experience unpleasant for you
professional experts where their child is       has to teach to the whole group. If a child      and your child. Enjoy the journey—your
concerned. Parents simply need guidance         is on a higher level, he is forced to learn at   special needs child is far better off at home
in knowing what to do and how to do it,         a lower level and often get bored and disin-     than at school.
and, most especially, they need to be flex-     terested. If the child is on a lower level, he
ible and patient. The focus should be on the    is forced and pushed along to keep up with       Rebekah Wilson homeschools her eight
child’s ability and reachable goal, not on      the rest of the class regardless of whether      children: four have autism, and seven have
the parents’ expectations.                      he understands or masters the concepts           learning disabilities. Rebekah is earning a
   There are two vital areas of homeschool-     being taught. Public schools cannot stand        B.S. in elementary and special education
ing a special needs child: understanding the    still or slow down and continue teaching         to help homeschoolers with special needs
child’s strengths and weaknesses, which         your child like you can at home. They have       children.

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  Special Needs

                    Ten Reasons to Homeschool Your
                    Child With Special Needs
                    by Amanda Fuller

       hoosing to homeschool your child        the best experiences a child can have in         ments need to be made to personalize your
       is a huge decision. Then add to that    life. By homeschooling, you are able to          child’s education.
       a child with special needs. This        help special needs children nurture and
brings up all kinds of mixed feelings, un-     develop positive relationships with others       5. It gives you the ability to focus
certainties, and emotions. I feel we tend to   around them. Some of the most positive so-       on your child’s strengths—not
sell ourselves short when it comes to our      cialization comes from family and friends        weaknesses.
children with special needs because this       of all different ages, who help them learn          Children with special needs face all kinds
is uncharted territory. However, with re-      to interact with adults as well as children.     of challenges. The last thing they need in
search, resources, and much prayer, you                                                         their education is negativity. You can take
can do it. Here are ten reasons to home-       3. There are fewer distractions.                 the subject or work area that they are stron-
school your special needs child.                  When a special needs child is trying to       gest in and spend as much time as is needed
                                               learn, the last thing he needs is distraction.   throughout their day working on this. This
1. No one knows and understands                Most have to work harder to focus on their       can boost their confidence, providing them
your child’s needs better than                 work, so when you have their attention, it is    with an opportunity to say, “Hey, I’m good
you do.                                        important to keep it. Having them at home        at this!” instead of feeling frustrated while
   Who is there when your child is diag-       gives you the opportunity to keep distrac-       working on tasks they aren’t ready for.
nosed with a special need? Who spends a        tions at a minimum. If you need to take that     If they have subjects that they are not as
great deal of time at doctor appointments,     child into a separate room during instruc-       strong in or are struggling to comprehend,
in therapy sessions, and by their beds when    tion time and close the door so that he or       you can just touch on these subjects briefly
                                                                                                throughout the teaching time. Minimize
                                                                                                their frustration by focusing more attention
     “Your knowledge of his needs allows you                                                    on their stronger subjects.

      to modify your child’s schooling based                                                    6. Use your child’s interest or com-
                                                                                                pulsive tendencies as educational
     on his needs instead of his needs having                                                   tools.
      to conform to someone else’s teaching                                                        My daughter with Down syndrome loves
                                                                                                to shuffle cards repetitively on a daily ba-
           method or classroom rules.”                                                          sis. She rarely goes anywhere without
                                                                                                them. So we use them in her education. She
                                                                                                has trivia cards that we use for reading and
they are sick? You! You have been through      she can concentrate better, you can do that.     playing cards that we use for number or-
thick and thin with your child. You know       Staggering the teaching time between your        der, number recognition, sequential count-
and sometimes understand a need or be-         special needs child and your other children      ing, addition, and subtraction. She loves it
havior your child might be experiencing.       is helpful.                                      because she is getting to use her favorite
Your knowledge of his needs allows you to                                                       things while she is doing school.
modify your child’s schooling based on his     4. You can provide one-on-one
needs instead of his needs having to con-      teaching.                                        7. Siblings or other homeschoolers
form to someone else’s teaching method or        Many special needs children require            can encourage and help your child
classroom rules.                               one-on-one guidance throughout their dai-        with his or her schoolwork.
                                               ly lives. This holds true for their education       Siblings are fantastic teachers for your
2. Homeschooling provides posi-                as well. You can sit down face-to-face with      child with special needs. They are fantas-
tive socialization opportunities.              them and take as much time as needed to          tic motivators. When your special needs
   One of the most common questions we         explain and work through the task at hand.       child sees a sibling learning to write in cur-
hear as homeschoolers is “What about           Giving your special needs child one-on-          sive, you may very well hear these words
socialization?” Something I have learned       one attention not only can help encourage        from her: “I want to learn how to write like
over the years is that not all socialization   and improve your relationship, but it also       that.” You might find yourself teaching her
is good or positive—especially for a child     can give him a positive school experience.       something you never thought possible. If
with special needs. Developing a positive      Also, it helps you as his teacher to be able     she doesn’t have siblings, then you can re-
relationship with Mom and Dad is one of        to see where adjustments and improve-                              (Continued on page 39)

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  Special Needs

                    Guiding Your Gifted Child
                     by Maggie Hogan

        ow can you tell if you’re the parent    What Does It Mean to Be Gifted?                  •	 Resourceful
        of a gifted child?                         At the most basic level, the word gifted      •	 Highly developed abstract reasoning
                                                means “having the ability to think or do            skills
  •	 You regularly ask your 6-year-old to       beyond the abilities of average people.”         •	 Intense
     troubleshoot your computer problems.       When we see someone who understands
  •	 Your 14-year-old speaks and writes a       things more quickly, learns more easily,       The Flip Side of the Coin
     foreign language fluently . . . one of     or performs certain tasks far better than         Then there are other potential characteris-
     his own invention.                         others, we say this person has a “gift for     tics common to the gifted that can be, shall
  •	 Your 2-year-old insists on putting to-     something—a gift for language or mu-           we say, “a bit more difficult” to live with.
     gether his jigsaw puzzles “color-side      sic or sports, etc.” We call a person who         •	 Perfectionism
     down” so it won’t be “so easy.”            learns easily and thinks well or differently      •	 Super sensitivity or heightened senses
  •	 At the bookstore you discover your         “intellectually gifted.” Many types of tests         (can’t stand the toes of the socks to be
     9-year-old in the checkout line with       and assessments that help to ascertain gift-         on “wrong,” requires the tags in shirts
     $500 worth of science books.               edness are available. This partial list of           to be cut off, or overly sensitive to
  •	 Your 4-year-old cries when he hears        attributes commonly found in gifted chil-            light or sound or environment, etc.)
     news reports about a famine in Africa.     dren is a useful starting place. (Few gifted      •	 Very intense emotionalism
  •	 Your 5-year-old strikes up a conversa-     children will exhibit all of these, and some      •	 High energy levels
     tion with a stranger on a plane, which     characteristics may be masked by learning         •	 May require little sleep
     results in his deriving a mature grasp     disabilities.)                                    •	 Stubbornness (the extreme side of
     of negative numbers.                         •	 A developed sense of humor                      persistence!)
  •	 Your 10-year-old writes, directs, stars      •	 Does things earlier and better than          •	 Unable to finish projects
     in, and gets all her friends involved in        peers                                        •	 Impatient with details
     a musical.                                   •	 Very different perspective than peers        •	 Manipulative
                                                                                                  •	 Opinionated
                                                                                                  •	 Argumentative
                                                                                                  •	 Organizationally challenged
       “...we’re just holding on for dear life.                                                   •	 Easily frustrated

     They drive us crazy one minute and leave                                                  Parenting Gifted Kids
                                                                                                  I think a parent of gifted children must
      us laughing, flabbergasted, and utterly                                                  have coined the phrase “herding cats!”
                                                                                               You know what I mean—these kids are
                  amazed the next.”                                                            always into something and they are seem-
                                                                                               ingly impossible to keep on track (your
                                                                                               track, that is!). At times, their overwhelm-
                                                                                               ing energy, creativity, persistence, and
Whew! Hanging on!                                 •	 Extreme focus on one or two hobbies       boundary testing can drive a parent just
   Does any of this sound familiar? Life          •	 Sees patterns—both concrete and           south of crazy. But please understand this:
with our gifted children can certainly be            abstract                                  Gifted children are gifts. God intentional-
both a joy and a challenge! Think of it as        •	 Precocious use of language (if            ly placed your gifted child in your home.
an amusement park ride—fraught with                  verbally gifted)                          When it gets difficult, when you think you
thrills and screams and the fear of immi-         •	 Prefers to do math work in head (if       can’t keep up with her, don’t despair. You
nent disaster, but when we get off, we just          mathematically gifted)                    can’t—but God can! Look to Him first for
want to hop right back on! Despite opin-          •	 Active imagination—creative               wisdom and encouragement.
ions to the contrary, we aren’t “pushing”         •	 Extremely competitive
our children; we’re just holding on for dear      •	 May show extreme emotional                Should We Homeschool Our Gifted
life. They drive us crazy one minute and             sensitivity                               Children?
leave us laughing, flabbergasted, and ut-         •	 Original thinker—may be a                   We may find ourselves wondering if we
terly amazed the next.                               nonconformist                             can really provide these amazing children
                                                  •	 Persistent                                                (Continued on page 28)

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Guiding Your Gifted Child
(Continued from page 27)

with an appropriate education at home:          ler, began high school, he was spending       our jobs is indeed to teach them how to
Surely they would be better off in “gifted      more and more time at church—too much         learn and to inspire them to learn, it isn’t
programs!”                                      time, I thought, to get all his academics     our primary job. Our primary job is to raise
   The good news is that there is a growing     completed as well. Plays, choir, orches-      disciples of Christ, and there is no place, no
amount of support, in terms of services,        tra, and mime ministry were all compet-       place, better than home to accomplish this
research, and information available to          ing for his time. Fortunately, before I did   goal of eternal importance.
you. In the fall 2007 issue of Mensa Re-        something stupid, God helped me to see
search Journal, Simone de Hoogh writes,         that this was His plan for Tyler. No, there     Maggie Hogan is an author and speaker
“Research results confirm the effective-        wouldn’t be time for Latin, but yes, there    who lives in Dover, Delaware, with her hus-
ness of home education beyond a doubt:          would be time for God! Tyler’s desire         band, Bob. They are the founders of Bright
Parents and caretakers who choose home          was to serve the Lord through his musi-       Ideas Press. When not reading or play-
education create an environment for the         cal and theatrical gifts, and God blessed     ing with her granddaughters, you can find
child in which it can develop its abilities     Him. Ironically, I once told Tyler that all   Maggie drooling over travel magazines.
in both social and intellectual fields, re-     this mime and such wouldn’t get him into
gardless of the educational level or social     college or provide him with a livelihood.
position of the parents.”1                      God must surely have chuckled when                          Resources
   We parents need to search out the best       Tyler secured a full, 4-year, academic        Mentors—Look to families with gifted
in education, resources, and opportunities      scholarship to a fine Christian college, in   children who are older than yours. Pick
for our gifted learners, just as we would       part on the strength of his mime perfor-      their brains; find out what worked and
for our athletes, musicians, or learning        mance! Now that he has graduated from         what didn’t. (Then pass it on—be a mentor
disabled children. With prayer and pa-          college, he is working toward starting a      yourself.)
tience we can provide our gifted chil-          Christian Performing Arts Center. The
dren an outstanding education within the        lesson I learned? Always submit your          Groups.Yahoo.com/Group/HSGifted—
sphere of homeschooling.                        curriculum plan to the Lord.                  Maggie Hogan’s safe haven for Christian
                                                                                              parents who want to talk about the joys
Working With Their Natural Bent                 Curriculum for Gifted Students                and challenges of homeschooling gifted
   Use what you know about your child in          In case you are wondering, there is no      children.
order to guide and motivate him. Some stu-      perfect curriculum designed for gifted
dents need encouragement to work to their       children. Additionally, curriculum is not     Nationally Recognized Gifted
capabilities, while others are perfectionists   limited to textbooks. In developing your      Programs
and need help learning to lighten up and to     student’s educational plan, think outside     CTY/IAAY: Grade 2 and up. Johns Hop-
not take everything so seriously. Our oldest    the book. Use resources and activities that   kins University has widely recognized
son, JB, was a serious, perfectionist child.    incorporate higher-level thinking skills.     programs for gifted youth. They consist
He refused to learn to ride a bike until he     Provide plenty of imaginative learning op-    of testing to determine eligibility, camps,
was sure he could get on it and ride with-      portunities. A student might:                 workshops, symposiums, and online class-
out falling off. (He was considerably older       •	 Volunteer                                es, all created for very gifted kids and/or
than his peers when he finally learned, but       •	 Create a board game                      their parents.
he learned on his terms.) My husband and I        •	 Perform in a play
didn’t pressure him to succeed because he         •	 Publish a newspaper                      Johns Hopkins University and the Center
was already hardwired to avoid failure at         •	 Invent a product                         for Talented Youth (CTY)
all costs. If anything, we needed to show         •	 Start a business                            3400 North Charles Street
him that making mistakes is a part of life.       •	 Pursue a passion                            Baltimore, MD 21218
                                                  •	 Travel                                      1.410.516.0337
More to Life Than Academics                       •	 Apprentice                                  www.cty.jhu.edu
  Although it is easy to focus on academ-         •	 Write a book                                www.cty.jhu.edu/imagine/linkb.htm
ics, remember to develop other essentials         •	 Enter a competition                      (links to academic and artistic competitions)
such as social skills, spiritual develop-         •	 Try Scouts or 4-H
ment, character, service to others, fine          •	 Learn a language                         Duke has a similar program called TIP
arts, etc. When our youngest son, Ty-             •	 Enjoy free time!                         (Talent Identification Program), which in-
    Hoogh, Simone de, “Home-education:                                                        cludes a seventh-grade talent search. Duke
    A successful educational experiment?”
                                                Finally, Relax, Dear Ones                     also publishes a free, quarterly E-Newslet-
                                                  Our job as homeschooling parents is not     ter for parents of gifted students.
    Mensa Research Journal 38.3 (2007):
                                                to cram all the available facts into their       Duke University TIP
                                                heads (as if we could!). Although one of         Box 90747

28 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine
28 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine                              www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory
  Durham, NC 27708                               provided by the regular school program in         Giftedness, Special Needs, and
  919.684.3847                                   order to realize their contribution to self       Home Education
  www.tip.duke.edu                               and society.” (Marland, 1972)                        Lastly, research bears out what parents
                                                 http://parentpals.com/gossamer/pages/De-          already instinctively know. Home educa-
Useful Websites                                  tailed/686.html                                   tion gives one the best opportunity to pro-
GiftedDevelopment.com/Index.htm                                                                    vide individualized instruction to students
                                                 Now, realize that No Child Left Behind            with special needs.
www.UniquelyGifted.org—Resources for             legislation created a new, achievement-              “Home-education makes it possible to
gifted children with special needs (ADD/         based definition of giftedness; however,          individualize instruction, respecting the
ADHD, learning disabilities (LD), Asperg-        it does not mandate that states use its           principles of good education for high-
er syndrome, etc.)                               definition.                                       ability children. Home-education gives
                                                    If you are curious as to what individual       all highly and differently gifted children a
Giftedness as Special Needs?                     states have to offer concerning special pro-      chance to flourish in a way that is tuned to
  Let’s look at giftedness now from an-          grams for the gifted, look at this page:          their unique needs. . . . Moreover, home-
other angle: giftedness as a “special need.”     http://www.davidsongifted.org/db/state_           educated highly gifted children with learn-
First, read the following three quotes:          policies.aspx                                     ing disabilities (twice exceptionals) are
                                                                                                   self-confident students, and although their
From the Encyclopedia of Children’s                What does all this mean? It means that          academic skills may develop at uneven
Health: “Although gifted and talented            yes, gifted children do have special needs.       rates, they have usually achieved academic
students are not usually considered candi-       And no, the government is not going to            proficiency by high school.”
dates for special education and there is no      solve your educational dilemmas for you!             Excerpted from:
federal mandate to support these students,       As a parent whose oldest son was in a full-          Hoogh, S. de (2007). Home Education, a
exceptionally gifted children may also be        time gifted program until we elected to pull      Successful Educational Experiment? Men-
entitled to receive special education ser-       him out of public school at the end of third      sa Research Journal, Vol. 38, no. 3, Fall
vices. Gifted children who are not identi-       grade, I will attest that what we did at home     2007, p. 35–39.
fied and continue to be taught in a general      for him was far more valuable than ANY-              Here are websites jam packed with infor-
classroom may develop behavioral issues          THING he received in his gifted program.          mation and ideas to help you in your quest
due to boredom.”                                                                                   to do your best by your gifted student and
http://www.healthofchildren.com/S/Spe-           Giftedness and Other Special Needs                your twice exceptional student:
cial-Education.html#ixzz1GJa5TEDo                   As if it isn’t sometimes tricky enough deal-
                                                 ing with a gifted child, many gifted children     http://www.hoagiesgifted.org/
   “The US government defines “Gifted &          are also “special needs” in other ways as         The mega-site for all things gifted!
Talented” students as those . . . “who give      well. Being gifted does not make one “im-
evidence of high achievement capability          mune” to dyslexia, ADD, Asperger’s Disor-         http://www.hoagiesgifted.org/special_
in areas such as intellectual, creative, ar-     der, etc. These children are often referred to    needs.htm
tistic, or leadership capacity, or in specific   as “twice-exceptional” or “2e.”                   Hoagies’ page for 2e children
academic fields, and who need services or           Many times these children are misla-
activities not ordinarily provided by the        beled. Sometimes their giftedness hides           http://www.davidsongifted.org/
school in order to fully develop those ca-       the disability. (Gifted children who strug-       Davidson Institute for Talent Develop-
pabilities.” 20 U.S.C. Section 7801(22).         gle with reading, for example, may mask           ment—this site has a great articles library.
(Wrightslaw: No Child Left Behind, Title         it with their tremendous memory.) Some-
IX, Part A, (22). p. 526)                        times their disability hides their giftedness!    http://www.wrightslaw.com/info/2e.index.
   http://www.wrightslaw.com/info/2e.in-         I’ve heard this so many times: “He can’t be       htm
dex.htm                                          gifted—he can barely read” or “she can’t          Wrightslaw page on twice exceptional
                                                 be gifted—she is way behind in math.” It is       children
Former U.S. Commissioner of Education            important to realize that being gifted does
Sidney P. Marland, Jr., in his August 1971       not mean your child doesn’t need help in
report to Congress, stated, “Gifted and tal-     some way! Too often people assume that if
ented children are those identified by pro-      a child is smart, he will get by just fine. If
fessionally qualified persons who by virtue      a child has a disability, the parent has the
of outstanding abilities are capable of high     responsibility to sort it out and use the ap-
performance. These are children who re-          propriate resources for helping that child—
quire differentiated educational programs        even if that special need is “giftedness.”
and/or services beyond those normally

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                      Inveterate Ironies of Socialization
                      by Emily Hoffhines

         ne of the inveterate ironies in the       principles we have for guidance?                  the best forum for acquiring social skills.
         life of a home educator is that the          It started rather badly. History books are     Again and again the Old Testament pat-
         question, “What about socializa-          filled with examples of disastrous social-        terns of socialization reside in families.
tion?” exposes the flawed social skill of          ization. In the earliest Biblical account, we     We learn in Genesis 18:19 that Abraham
the enquirer. This is most often asked by          find Adam and Eve chatting with a soon-           was chosen because God could trust him
a person who has only recently met you.            to-be notorious serpent. The next thing we        to be a family counselor. Moses, who was
The question presumes that socialization           know, they hear God walking around and            raised by Pharaoh’s daughter, had his sis-
could be troublesome. Because it carries an        decide to go hide. In their case, you could       ter, brother, and father-in-law for social re-
intrinsic mistrust in your ability to recog-       make the argument that they hadn’t had            sources during the wilderness years. Queen
nize and deal with socialization issues, the       much opportunity to gain practice in social       Esther, with the Persian court before her,
question can rankle your defenses if you           situations. But nine generations later, Noah      found her best social networking with her
are not prepared for it.                           found himself bobbing along on top of a           cousin, Mordecai.
   Bless their hearts, most people who ask,        flood after the socialization experience had         In the E-Book, Turning Points,1 Donna
“What about socialization?” are quite clue-        gotten out of hand.                               Wood tells of the time her son remarked that
less that they have just made a faux pas. A           Socialization under Nimrod gives us a          he loved Saturdays. Expecting an answer
well-socialized person would never cause a         snapshot of one possible outcome for the          along the line of getting to sleep in or be-
new acquaintance to feel defensive on pur-         mantra, “Can’t we all just get along?” The        ing able to watch television, she asked him,
pose. But even if she is oblivious to how she      unity and teamwork used to build the Tower        “Why?” But instead of focusing on any spe-
                                                                                                     cial privilege, he shrugged and said, “I feel
                                                                                                     like part of the family on Saturdays.” Her
    “Clearly, city-size groups are not always the                                                    son had seen the socialization offered at the
       best forum for acquiring social skills.”                                                      local Christian school and had decided that
                                                                                                     Saturday with the family was better.
                                                                                                        But sometimes, even families are too big
sounds to a homeschooler, she has tuned in         of Babel were extraordinary but sorely mis-       for learning good socialization. In a maneu-
to the collective belief that socialization is a   directed. In the end, the LORD scattered the      ver that defies the common logic, there are
problem for many people.                           construction crew abroad over the face of         times when the best socialization takes place
   A few years ago I had the opportunity to be     the whole earth.                                  alone. The Gospels offer many examples of
involved in a countywide youth rally. During          A lot of what passes for good socializa-       Jesus going off by himself. I believe his hu-
registration we asked the teens to fill out a      tion today has seeds of the same error. They      manity had to connect with who He really
short informal questionnaire about what they       had said let us build for ourselves a city, and   was/is. A properly socialized person will
felt was the greatest problem they faced. No       let us make for ourselves a name. Self-confi-     need time for reflection, and time to learn to
one was troubled by foreign verb conjugation       dence and pride of workmanship have their         think for himself.
or irrational coefficients of imaginary num-       place, but how close has today’s doctrine of         Without first becoming grounded in who
bers. No one was worried about their carbon        socialization come to emulating the builders      you are, who your Creator is, and in know-
footprint or the spikes in the prime lending       of Babel? This was a highly socialized soci-      ing what your purpose for the day is, social-
rate. The top three answers were drugs, sex,       ety, but the focus was on self-improvement,       ization can become a buffeting wind that
and peer pressure—all of which are rooted in       not on mentoring a servant’s heart.               sends you even farther adrift.
negative socialization.                               When we do find successful socializa-
   Public schools are truly a “house di-           tion in the Old Testament, it often comes         Emily Hoffhines homeschooled her three
vided” when it comes to socialization. In          structured as generational continuity.            children from babyhood to adulthood. She
policy statements, they are against illegal        Perhaps it is because America began as            is currently an adjunct teaching assistant
drug use and promiscuity; yet they provide         a nation of immigrants whose familial             at Ashford University and enjoys writing,
the climate that fosters these very behaviors.     ties were severed by a voyage across an           editing, and woodland gardening.
School is the place to be popular and fit in.      ocean; perhaps it is the product of the in-
Acceptance is aggressively competitive and         dustrial revolution followed by the rapid         1
                                                                                                         Turning Points: Real Life Stories of
the most highly admired qualities are often        progression of technology; perhaps it’s               Families Searching for Their True
materialistically driven.                          a combination—but in any event, family                North (The Old Schoolhouse® Maga-
   So, what about socialization? How did           time is not what it used to be.                       zine, LLC, 2009)
it start? And what are some of the Biblical           Clearly, city-size groups are not always

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                    Homeschooling and Socialization Opportunities
                     by Heidi Johnson

    f you have thought about homeschool-        ents trade teaching time with other parents    or playing an instrument. Many times adult
    ing or presently homeschool, you have       so their children can learn something the      worship teams encourage teens to partici-
    invariably thought about the socializa-     parent isn’t able to teach them. Seasonal      pate with them. Various churches have
tion issue. “Lack of socialization” keeps       events such as spelling bees, science fairs,   sports teams or open gym activities as an
many people from homeschooling because          and group field trips allow plenty of oppor-   outreach to the community. Homeschool
they think homeschoolers don’t get the in-      tunity for interaction with others and even    students can participate there and interact
teraction with others that they need. People    public speaking practice.                      with others in a sports setting.
who homeschool can just smile when oth-                                                          Homeschooling offers plenty of ways
ers ask about socialization, because they       4. Interaction with siblings and               for children to interact and socialize with
know there are plenty of opportunities          parents                                        others as long as parents watch for and are
for homeschoolers to interact with others.         Just because a child interacts with five    aware of the various opportunities avail-
Here are some examples:                         people each day instead of 30 doesn’t mean     able to them.
                                                he doesn’t know how to relate to people.
1. Community activities                         Children who are homeschooled interact           Heidi Johnson specializes in helping
  Almost every community has some form          with their family members and siblings         families find resources to simplify and im-
of recreation department that can offer         constantly. Sometimes family relationships     prove their lives. For more tips on home-
a variety of activities such as volleyball,     are the most challenging relationships they    schooling and homeschool resources, grab
                                                                                               your free report “How to Homeschool
                                                                                               Using the Best Resources” at www.home-
       “People who homeschool can just smile                                                   school-how-to.com by Heidi.

         when others ask about socialization,
         because they know there are plenty
        of opportunities for homeschoolers to
                interact with others.”
softball, baseball, soccer, and more. Some      will have to deal with. They can practice
communities even have drama, choir, and         and learn problem-solving skills all day
band groups in which your child can par-        long by interacting with their own family.
                                                5. Public school activities
2. Lessons and classes                            Some schools are now allowing older
   Parents can pay for their children to take   students to participate in classes that they
classes such as martial arts, gymnastics,       can’t get at home, such as band, choir,
ballet, and swimming. Free classes are          or drama. There are many programs that
sometimes offered by various organiza-          schools provide that are open to anyone in
tions or groups that teach jewelry making,      the community and are usually free. Stu-
babysitting, drawing, and more. Home-           dents can attend sporting events with their
schoolers can interact with people in these     families and interact with others while
classes and learn a great deal about how to     watching.
relate with adults and other children.
                                                6. Youth group or church activities
3. Homeschool co-ops or support                    Many churches promote programs where
groups.                                         children meet and practice a drama or mu-
   If homeschoolers belong to one of these      sical and then perform it for the congrega-
groups they can often attend weekly or          tion. Youth groups often have a youth band
monthly classes or events. Sometimes par-       where students can participate by singing

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                      The Great Bugaboo
                      by Donna Conner

        ocialization.                              we have to remember a watchword: bal-            child, you can look into the icing on the
        It really is the “great bugaboo” of the    ance. Yes, we do have to be more proactive       cake—the extras: activities and classes that
        homeschooling community. Gener-            on the social aspects of education, but we       are not necessarily imperative but do add
ally, it’s the first thing those on the outside    don’t have to do “school in the car” every       that balance to your charge’s life. For the
ask about when they hear we homeschool-            day of the week.                                 very young, having another family or two
ers are educating our children at home. It            First, consider your child’s personal-        to interact with in each other’s homes is
seems to be the primary concern for some-          ity. Is she a homebody, happy to play and        a nice, easy step into play dates at parks
one contemplating this new lifestyle. By           work alone? Or is he a social butterfly who      with a larger group. Then there are classes.
and large, it truly is extremely overempha-        thrives on all that interaction and go-go-       They may or may not be needed for several
sized. It is, however, more of a concern for       go? Both types do need interaction with          years. If you have a social butterfly, they
those with only one child.                         others (of all ages). The homebody may           may be a bit more necessary earlier than
   There is no built-in peer group. No one to      need to be pushed a bit out of her comfort       for one who is a homebody.
automatically learn alongside. No siblings         zone, but doesn’t need constant or daily            Don’t forget to look at your pocketbook!
to put one into his place. No siblings with        interaction. The social butterfly may want       Classes can be expensive, in either actual
whom to play, to fight, or to work togeth-         constant or daily interaction, but he needs      cash outlay or in the time you need to vol-
er. No one to share with on a regular and          to learn to cope with times when he is on        unteer. Don’t fill up every empty hour. It’s
                                                                                                    not horrible if you are home one, two, or
    “It is, however, more of a concern for those                                                    even three days a week! (Sometimes, I’ve
                                                                                                    been home with my son for a full week at
                with only one child.”                                                               a time or more with no scheduled activi-
                                                                                                    ties. We both happen to be homebodies by
daily basis. Also, no one to occupy oneself        his own. Balance for both is needed.             nature, but I don’t allow us to become her-
with while Mom is doing her own neces-                Second, list what you already are doing       mits!) Don’t fill up your child’s life (and
sary chores, duties, or even when Mom just         as a family in the way of getting out and        yours) with good programs when the bet-
needs a small break in the conversation.           about. Remember, every outing is a lesson        ter way is to be less active. Don’t settle for
   We have to be more proactive in getting         in socialization! How do we react to strang-     good when you can have the best. Every
our child in with groups to learn all the nice-    ers interacting with us? Do we run scream-       family’s calendar will look different. Af-
ties of social living. We need to encour-          ing to the nearest exit (or behind momma’s       ter all, we are all individuals and unique!
age a few play dates, and depending on the         legs), or can we learn to be polite without      Aren’t you glad? I don’t know if I could
personality of our own child, consider how         familiarity, knowing that this nice person       keep up with the ones who have two or
many co-op classes might be helpful.               really is a stranger. Children need to be able   three things scheduled every day of the
   Americans tend to think “more is better”        to talk for themselves in all situations, and    week (and more on the weekends). Give
and can easily go into overdrive, living out       learning how to deal with a stranger under       yourself permission to say no to some great
of their vehicles so that their children are not   mom’s protective presence is a great way to      programs or activities, and don’t feel guilty
deprived in some way. Classes of all sorts         learn. Learning how to address one’s elders      about it! Your child needs to learn balance,
abound on our schedules (or can if we don’t        is important. Young men should be taught         and he or she is watching you.
keep this in check): soccer, art, science, his-    to open doors for others (both ladies and
tory, language, sports for every season, and       their elders, and even to be polite with peer      Donna Conner lives in Fort Worth, Texas,
so forth. Balance is always needed. I have         groups), and this can easily take place at the   with her husband, Glenn, their son, Mike,
heard that some families with more than            grocery store, the mall, or the doctor’s of-     Donna’s mother, Charlotte, and their dog,
one child will allow one activity per season       fice. Church attendance is full of opportuni-    Lucia. Donna is an artist and has always
for each child to be involved in. Those with       ties to learn social skills. One has to learn    enjoyed writing. She wrote Homeschool-
multiple little urchins to tote to practices       what kind of behavior is expected in the         ing Only One in 2003, after discovering
and classes give way to allowing half the          sanctuary, during Sunday school, Sunday          that there were many other families home-
children to have one activity and the other        morning, Sunday evening, and/or Wednes-          schooling only one child. Her website is
half skip this season, rotating throughout the     day night services, and children’s ministry      devoted to those with only one student in
year. This can be tiring and expensive any         activities. You may find that your child is      their homeschool, with listings of online re-
way you look at it.                                getting a lot more socialization in a week       sources. You can visit her website at http://
   Having only one student may not be as           than you thought you were providing!             donnac.com and read her blog at: http://
expensive as if you had four or more, but             Third, depending on the age of your           www.homeschoolblogger.com/DonnaC.

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    The Homeschool Market

                    How to Break Into the Homeschool Market
                    by Liz Koon

           hether you are an established         •	 What is your target market? What          sider where customers will be searching
           business with years of experi-           types of homeschool families do           for products like yours and choose a vari-
           ence or you have an idea for a           you think will be interested in your      ety of methods to connect with buyers.
new business that targets home educators,           product?                                     There are many ways to advertise—
the homeschool market can be a profitable        •	 How will you position your products       some free or relatively inexpensive. Begin
place to sell your products and services.           or services? What problems can home-      advertising where your budget allows and
This is a billion-dollar market represent-          schoolers solve with your products?       then as your business demand increases
ing nearly 2.5 million homeschoolers in          •	 What will be your marketing meth-         and funds become available, increase
the United States alone. Even during eco-           ods? Where will you advertise? What       your advertising expenditures. Here are
nomic downturns, the homeschool market              types of advertising will produce the     some different advertising mediums start-
is growing as families continue to search           best results?                             ing with lower-cost options and moving to
for innovative products and services to use      •	 How much should you budget for            more-expensive choices:
in their homeschools.                               advertising?                                 •	 Press releases or white papers that can
                                                                                                    be distributed for little to no cost
                                                                                                 •	 Social networking through Face-
    “Consider where customers will be searching                                                     book®, Twitter®, Ning®, LinkedIn®,
                                                                                                    blogs, etc.
     for products like yours and choose a variety                                                •	 Internet marketing via a company
                                                                                                    website, blogs, affiliates, Google®
         of methods to connect with buyers.”                                                        AdWords, or webinars
                                                                                                 •	 Email marketing by distributing
                                                                                                    newsletters or promotional blasts
   If you are attempting to break into            Mari Almon, director of advertising sales      •	 Online or brick-and-mortar home-
the homeschool market, John Holzmann           at The Old Schoolhouse, recommends a                 school conferences at which you can
of Sonlight Curriculum® recommends:            marketing strategy that includes advertis-           display and sell products, hand out
“Fall in love with your customers, not         ing frequently and keeps customers think-            flyers, or give workshops
your product(s). Serve your customers’         ing about your product. She says: “It’s a         •	 Magazine advertisements in home-
needs. That’s not only Biblically right,       well-known fact that one-time ads don’t              school publications
but it makes good business sense. Sure,        yield the desired effect. The people you are      Let’s discuss each of these options in
you’d love to sell product. But if you’re      trying to reach need to see your ad/logo/      more detail. A press release is similar to
more concerned about selling your prod-        brand name many times to consider your         a news story. It may provide information
uct than you are about meeting your cus-       company real as a resource when stacked        about a trend in your industry, an anniver-
tomers’ real needs, plan on being out of       up against the well-known competition.         sary, a restructuring, an award, or a pub-
business soon!”1                               Consider this: Even the major, most well-      lic appearance, or it may announce a new
   The first thing you need to consider        known companies still advertise—even           product or service offered by your compa-
is your marketing strategy. A marketing        though they have made it to the top—be-        ny. Although press releases may be mailed,
strategy will help customers become fa-        cause they understand that it is necessary     they are more commonly emailed or faxed
miliar with your products and lead to sales.   to advertise to keep their position in the     to editors at newspapers, magazines, radio
Prayerfully ask yourself these questions:      market. Out of sight is really out of mind     stations, television stations, or television
  •	 What is unique about your company?        when it comes to advertising.”                 networks. Commercial press release distri-
     What do you have to offer to the             Once you have a marketing strategy, you     bution services, free or for a fee, are also
     homeschool market?                        can begin to choose advertising venues to      used to distribute press releases. Journal-
                                               help customers become familiar with your       ists are always looking for news, and if
                                               company and boost sales. Homeschoolers         your press release is newsworthy, it may
                                               are a diverse and unique group. Some ho-       be picked up for publication or broadcast.
                                               meschoolers like to use pre-packaged cur-      Sometimes journalists may also request an
                                               riculum they can use right out of the box,     interview in response to a press release.
      php http://thehomeschoolmaga-
                                               while others have a more eclectic approach     Many word-processing programs such as
                                               to schooling and like to use a wide variety    Microsoft® Word have templates that can
                                               of resources to teach their children. Con-     be adapted easily to create press releases.

    34 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine                          www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory
   The white paper is written as a persua-      ing programs such as Google AdWords to         often save magazines to read again and
sive essay to address a specific problem        drive traffic to your website.                 again. Customers frequently mention that
and pose a solution. White papers are also        Email marketing is another Internet-         they save copies of The Old Schoolhouse®
known as learning guides, position papers,      based advertising option. Rather than mail-    Magazine and refer to back issues year af-
reference letters, market overviews, or in-     ing information to customers, you create       ter year. A reader named Anna wrote: “I got
formational manuals. The white paper does       emails (blasts) to promote new products,       my magazines today and they are wonder-
not actually sell anything, but it highlights   send reminders about workshops or speak-       ful! I have read every article in them and
the reliability of your company and subtly      ing engagements, or announce other im-         there was so much that gave me encour-
introduces your product. It can build your      portant company information. The success       agement and helpful ideas to use with my
company’s reputation. White papers may          of email marketing is based on the value of    daughter . . . . These are definitely maga-
be distributed as a hard copy, PDF file, E-     your customer list. Names for your list can    zines that will be kept and referred back to
Book, audio (podcast), video (vidcast), or      be collected in exchange for free down-        again and again.”
webinar. White papers are spread far and        loads or newsletters; from customers who          This is a short overview of ways that you
wide and promote your company as read-          purchase products, visit your website, or      can enter the homeschool market. For more
ers pass them on to friends and colleagues.     view your Facebook page; or by partnering      information about growing your business
   Social networking is a new and relative-     with another company. For example, TOS         and marketing your products, purchase a
ly inexpensive means of reaching custom-        offers a service in which your email can be    copy of To Market, To Market, an E-Book
ers and includes using sites such as Face-      sent to customers on their email list.         being released in the spring of 2011 by The
book, Twitter, Ning, or LinkedIn. There
are two ways to use these sites. The first
is to establish a company presence and set
up a business page, an almost no-cost op-                   “Seek God’s will for your business,
tion. On Facebook, for example, you can
set up a business page and build a follow-
                                                            obtain wise counsel, research your
ing of customers. Offering coupons, spe-                    options, plan carefully, and follow
cials, or valuable information can attract
readers to your Facebook page. The other                       sound financial practices..”
option is to purchase advertising on these
websites. Facebook has an especially pow-
erful advertising system in which you are          Webinars are basically online classes or    Old Schoolhouse®. Filled with more than
charged each time someone clicks on your        forums. They provide an interactive way        one hundred pages of marketing advice,
ad. Social networking can quickly spread        for you to meet with customers and dem-        tips, and inspiration, this E-Book will be a
information about your company across           onstrate a product or teach customers how      valuable tool in your marketing arsenal.
the Internet.                                   to use products. Examples of webinars             What’s the best way to break into the
   The Internet provides other options for      would be the FREE Classes offered by Ho-       homeschool market? Seek God’s will for
spreading the news about your company           meschoolBlogger.com.                           your business, obtain wise counsel, re-
and equips you to reach a worldwide audi-          Homeschool conferences, either virtual      search your options, plan carefully, and
ence. A company website permits custom-         or those hosted in a physical location, can    follow sound financial practices. Remem-
ers to browse an online catalog, ask ques-      provide valuable publicity for your com-       ber, it must be God who builds your com-
tions, and purchase products. A blog is like    pany. You can display your products in         pany (Psalm 127:1). The billion-dollar
an online newsletter and helps establish        vendor booths, conduct workshops, hand         homeschool industry continues to flourish
name recognition for your company. Blogs        out flyers, or speak during main sessions.     as parents realize that home education is
may be a part of your website or posted         Conferences allow you to network with          the very best choice and as homeschooled
free on sites such as HomeschoolBlogger.        prospective customers, homeschool lead-        children become adults and school their
com or WordPress®.                              ers, and companies like yours—people           own children. The homeschool market has
   Numerous methods for advertising on          who can help spread the word about your        plenty of room for old and new businesses
the Web abound. Affiliate marketing uses        company. Online conferences include the        to prosper.
other company or individual websites as         Schoolhouse Expo sponsored by TOS, and
adjunct marketers for your products and         physical conferences are usually hosted by     Liz Koon is a freelance writer and editor
services. An affiliate is like an indepen-      a state homeschool organization.               and an assistant to the publisher at TOS.
dent sales person for your company. An             Although advertising in magazines can       She and her husband, Craig, have three
affiliate agrees to place on his website a      be expensive, it is an excellent means of      children—two homeschool graduates and
banner or button that links to your com-        marketing your company. Print advertising      one to go! Liz loves learning new things
pany. In return, you give him rewards or        in homeschool magazines allows you to          and crafting with dried flowers. You may
a portion of the profits made through his       better reach your target audience. In addi-    contact her at LizKoonWritingandEdit-
referrals. Other advertising options in-        tion, print advertising has a longevity that   ingSvcs@gmail.com.
clude advertising on other websites or us-      other types of advertising do not. Readers

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  The Homeschool Market

                      The Marketing vs. Advertising Conundrum
                       by Mari Almon

         ave you developed a product or ser-        the marketplace as they are introduced. Think       consumers. “Out of sight is out of mind.”
         vice that you’d like to introduce into     of it as “the effort to enhance the perception         I strongly recommend that you consider
         the marketplace? Perhaps you have          of your product,” which includes market re-         rolling out your advertising slightly in ad-
put thousands of hours into research and de-        search to gain knowledge about potential users      vance of finalizing your product. You want
velopment getting your product or service           of your product and the purpose(s) for which        orders as soon as that product is available. A
ready for the market, and depending on the          they will want to use your product (some of         well-made ad that announces that your prod-
product, you may have made a huge financial         these answers may have become clear while           uct is “coming soon” or tells consumers to
investment already. Tell me now—are you             you were doing research as you developed            “order now for first fulfillment” can generate
ready to sell your product?                         your product). The images you relate to the         early sales that you will appreciate, especially
  You are ready, right? Now comes the easy          product, the logo, the packaging/colorations/       since you have already spent a lot of money
part, right? No!                                    specific words used, and even the partner-          getting your product to this point.
                                                                                                           There are experts you can hire to help you
                                                                                                        sift through the information, and if you have
              “You are ready, right? Now comes                                                          a large company with several products, you
                  the easy part, right? No!”                                                            may want to consider doing this. However,
                                                                                                        often you can navigate this process on your
                                                                                                        own and save thousands of dollars that can be
   Now that you have “birthed” your prod-           ships you form can all enhance how you are          invested elsewhere. Here at The Old School-
uct, you must make every effort to ensure its       perceived in the market. Perception is critical.    house®, we offer free market research tools,
growth and longevity of success in the mar-         If you are trying to reach more than one mar-       demographic survey information, and advice
ket. Much like raising young children, you are      ket, you may even need to package and pres-         to help you promote your products within our
stepping into a new stage of life. You are now      ent your product differently to each market to      niche. Generally, most reputable advertising
ready to segue from the development stage           generate the maximized perception.                  venues will be able to provide this sort of ma-
to the marketing and advertising stage. You            Advertising is the aggressive promotion of       terial if you ask for it.
are totally sold on your product—you love           a product, idea, or organization in order to           I always recommend comparing what a
it! You created it, and you are convinced that      cause individuals to buy, support, or approve       couple of competing companies have to offer.
many consumers out there need it and will be        of it. It is a deliberate attempt to promote your   Don’t look only at price, but consider the reach
eager to purchase it. Congratulations! But you      product or service to specific individuals or       of the company and the various services it of-
still have a way to go . . .                        companies whom you hope will buy it, using          fers. Just remember that old adage is true—you
   As I speak with potential advertisers who        the advertising venues that your marketing          do get exactly what you pay for. So dig deep
are in the development stage of a product, I        research has determined will convince them          and make sure that you have all of the answers
hear a couple of recurring statements from          most effectively. Successful advertising re-        you need—before leaping.
those who are eager to get a product on the         quires strategy and understanding of the vari-         I wish you the very best in your new ven-
market—statements like these: “I will start         ous advertising venues available, as well as        ture! Please feel free to contact me if I can
promoting my product as soon as I have it           knowledge about your competition.                   answer any questions for you.
ready and packaged for sale” and/or “I have so         As I mentioned earlier, working hard to
much invested in the development stage that         produce an excellent product is critical, but       Mari Almon, Director of Advertising Sales
I can’t afford to advertise, so I’ll just do what   equally important is getting your product in        for The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, spe-
I can myself” or “I didn’t budget for any ad-       front of the prospective buyers quickly—over        cializes in consultative sales in a business-
vertising.” But this is a fact: You will not have   and over again. If you want your business to        to-business, media environment and is also a
buyers if they don’t know about your product.       grow, then I can tell you from years of ex-         homeschool marketing consultant. Mari is a
How many people do you know? How many               perience that advertising is not optional. You      published author, an avid gardener and bird
people can you personally introduce your            must get the word out in a broad way, quickly,      watcher, and an enthusiastic traveler. She is
product to? What is your time worth?                to generate the “buzz” that catches a potential     married to her best friend, Steve. They have
   What’s the difference between marketing          buyer’s interest. No matter what the product        two grown children, both of whom were ho-
and advertising? Do I need both for my busi-        is, repeat views of the image and message           meschooled through high school graduation.
ness to prosper? Let’s look at the difference;      are what sell products over the long term. It’s     Mari and Steve live in northern Georgia, and
the answers will become evident.                    not necessarily the size of the ad that matters;    you can write to Mari at MAlmon@TheHo-
   Marketing is the process by which products       what matters most is putting your product out       meschoolMagazine.com.
and services are most effectively described to      there in the sight of, or hearing of, potential

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 Have you ever wondered how easy it would be to sell to the
 homeschool marketplace?

 To Market, To Market will help you launch or grow your business
 and provide you with the advice, inspiration, and tips you
 need to market successfully—whether you're just starting or
 you have already established your own business.

                    This valuable marketing tool is only $49.

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  Working at Home

                    Ten (Unusual) Roles You’ll Play as a
                    Work-at-Home Mom
                    by Carol Topp, CPA

       very work-at-home mom (WAHM)            direct sales for a company, a business plan       5. Practice your runway walk. Put on
       plays several roles. I’ve been work-    can help you focus on customer service         working clothes and model them in front
       ing from home for more than ten         and marketing. Here is what to put in your     of the kids even if you are staying at home.
years, and I change myself into something      business plan:                                 Some WAHMs find that it puts them in the
different several times a day. Usually, I’m      Goals: How much do you hope to earn          correct frame of mind if they are dressed
an accountant, but sometimes I feel like a     and how, specifically, will you do it?         for work. I didn’t follow my own advice
gymnast doing a balancing act, a writer cre-     Market: Who are your customers and           one morning during tax season—it was
ating a business plan, a detective sniffing    how will you reach them?                       9:30 a.m. when a tax client called and told
out scams, or a time management special-         Competition: Who is already out there?       me he was dropping off his tax return in
ist wondering how I’m going to get it all      How are you unique?                            10 minutes! I was in my sweaty workout
done!                                            Price: What will you charge? Be sure to      clothes, had on no makeup, and there was
   I hope you can learn from my tips for       cover your direct costs, indirect costs, la-   no time for a quick shower! I kept him at
working from home! They are a little un-       bor, and add in some profit.                   the door and rudely stuck out my hand to
usual, but very practical.                       Your qualifications: Do you need to          grab his folder of information, muttering a
                                                                                              quick “Thank you for stopping by.” I tried
                                                                                              getting my kids to answer the door, but
                                                                                              they were in their pajamas (we’re home-
       “I’ve been working from home for more                                                  schoolers, baby!).

       than ten years, and I change myself into                                                  6. Investigate like a police detective.
                                                                                              Watch out for WAHM job offer scams.
      something different several times a day.”                                               Here are a few clues that a scam may be
                                                                                                 •	 It sounds too good to be true.
                                                                                                 •	 There is only a vague idea of what the
  1. Don your leotard and tights and           learn more about any aspect of your busi-            job entails.
practice walking on a balance beam. You’ll     ness? Where will you go for help and in-          •	 Promises of making tremendous
need to work on your gymnastic skills as       formation?                                           amounts of money with little time
you balance your work and home life. Be-          Obstacles to overcome: List everything            invested are made.
fore you begin being a WAHM, ask your-         that can go wrong, along with solutions.          •	 Advertising with lots of exclamation
self, where will the time come from? If you       3. Buy some crime scene tape and set              points and lofty promises.
think you will need 10–20 hours a week for     boundaries. Stretch out some tape around          •	 Ads require you to pay a fee to get
work, write down specifically where that       your workspace so your family can clearly            information or dial a 900 (toll) phone
time will come from. For example:              see where there are boundaries. A real of-           number.
  •	 Skip three favorite TV shows and          fice with a door is ideal, but a spot where       •	 Working at home is the main empha-
     work 3 hours a week.                      you can work comfortably and store your              sis in the ad, not the skills or experi-
  •	 Get up one hour earlier 5 times a         things can also suffice. If you don’t have a         ence needed to perform the job. Re-
     week (ouch!).                             set workspace, try what one mother did. She          member working at home is a benefit
  •	 Work one night a week for 4 hours.        put on a special hat when she was working,           of a real job, not a job in itself.
  Then discuss your list with your spouse      so her children knew that she should not be       7. Study industrial engineering (or
and children. They will be your reality        interrupted. That works in a pinch!            just watch the movie). Pioneer of indus-
check and ask hard questions, such as:            4. Become an alarmist. Set an alarm         trial engineering and time management,
  •	 Can you really be productive in the       and establish a quitting time. Author of the   Lillian Gilbreth, of Cheaper by the Dozen
     morning?                                  popular history curriculum The Mystery of      fame, used her experience as a mother of
  •	 What if customers call or visit in the    History, Linda Hobar, had set hours for ho-    12 to eliminate wasted time. She’s one of
     mid-afternoon?                            meschooling and for work when her chil-        my heroes (I studied industrial engineer-
  •	 What if sales calls must be made in       dren were young. She found that she could      ing at Purdue University where Lillian
     the evenings?                             homeschool in the mornings and then as-        had been a professor in the 1930s). Lillian
  2. Take up your pen and write. If            sign independent work for her children to      taught managers how to be efficient, sim-
you’re starting your own business, write a     finish while she researched and wrote her      plify work, and manage their time better.
business plan. Even if you are working in      books in the afternoons.                       I apply her principles when I make a to-do

 38 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine
38 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine                             www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory
list, create a filing system, or keep my desk    nicest people too.” Direct-selling compa-       up with your bookkeeping or get help if
organized. Rent the 1950 version of the          nies can offer wonderful opportunities for      needed. There are software packages such
movie Cheaper by the Dozen for an enter-         WAHMs, but you should be aware of the           as QuickBooks® and new online services
taining evening with the family while you        pitfalls, such as overspending your time        such as FreshBooks® to make record keep-
pick up some ideas on running your work-         away from home.                                 ing easier for WAHMs.
at-home life better.                               9. Become a techie (or find a seven-             Working from home for the past ten
   8. Pull out the dictionary and read           year-old). Learn how to work an answer-         years has been a great experience and I
about the difference between “work at            ing machine. Turn on the answering ma-          have stretched myself in many ways. I had
home” and “home-based business” op-              chine during meal prep time and do not          no idea I would learn so much and perform
portunities. The latter means that a lot of      answer the phone nor let the children an-       so many roles. Fortunately, I have had sup-
the work is done outside of your home,           swer it. Nothing throws off a schedule like     port and lots of helpful role models. You,
such as selling presentations and deliv-         an interruption at dinnertime. Return calls     too, will find working from home challeng-
ering products. Mary Kay®, Pampered              after dinner.                                   ing as you learn new skills and roles, but it
Chef®, and Usborne® books are all con-             10. Put on a green eyeshade and do            is very rewarding.
sidered “home-based.” You will work              your bookkeeping. “Here are my receipts;
several hours at home making phone               I have no idea if I made a profit,” Bob            Carol Topp, CPA (CarolToppCPA.com)
calls and placing orders, but many hours         told me as I prepared his tax return. I am      has been working from home while ho-
are spent outside of the home also. Many         amazed that some of my tax clients are so       meschooling her two daughters for ten
homeschooling mothers enjoy this type            lax at record keeping. It was no surprise to    years. She is an author and accountant
of work because their selling parties of-        learn that Bob had not made a profit that       offering “cents and sensibility” to fami-
fer an opportunity to get out a bit. My          year. Businesses that keep monthly records      lies, micro-business owners, and non-
friend Cindy, a jewelry sales representa-        have an 80% survival rate, while business       profit organizations. She is the author
tive, finds that the best part of her work,      owners who only prepare records once            of the Micro Business for Teens series
dealing with people, is also the hardest.        a year have a 30% survival rate.1 Keep          and Homeschool Co-ops: How to Start
“Getting people to commit to booking a                                                           Them, Run Them, and Not Burn Out.
party and return my phone calls can be
                                                     The Small Business Book; Robert
difficult,” she admits. “But I have met the          Hamilton and John English

Ten Reasons to Homeschool Your Child With Special Needs
(Continued from page 25)

cruit a fellow homeschooler to spend time           Homeschooling your children gives you        sibly even years. To see that joy and ex-
with her.                                        an opportunity not only to verbally teach       citement after such a struggle is priceless,
                                                 them your family’s morals, values, and          and with the child at home you are right
8. Personalize self-help and life                manners but also to show them by your ex-       there to share it with him. You get to see
skills to meet your child’s specific             ample. Just because your child has special      the tears of joy and struggle and even shed
needs.                                           needs doesn’t mean that you can’t teach         some yourself.
   Each child with special needs has very        her these things too. You want her to have         As a parent of a special needs child, I
different needs. If your special needs child     every opportunity that life can offer, just     feel that we have been chosen by God to
is at home, you can identify his needs and       like anyone else. If we hold back on teach-     raise these precious, special children. If He
discern what he needs help with to grow          ing our special needs children how to be        has laid it on your heart to home educate
up to be as self-sufficient as possible as an    respectable people in life, then we are sell-   yours, then He will be there to help guide
adult. If this means that you dedicate an        ing them short. The instruction might have      you through the amazing journey. It may
entire school year to teaching him how to        to be broken down into smaller or simpler       not always be easy, but with much prayer
feed himself with a spoon or how to choose       lessons, but it can be done.                    and patience, it can be done.
the appropriate clothing to wear for the
weather outside, then that should be a part      10. You can share all of the differ-              Amanda Fuller and her husband, Billy,
of his education that is just as important as    ent joys, excitement, and struggles             have been homeschooling their two chil-
math and reading. Children with special          that you and your child may en-                 dren, the oldest of which has Down syn-
needs do have to work harder to accom-           counter during his education.                   drome, for seven years. Amanda enjoys
plish tasks, with lots of repetition and posi-     Teaching a child with special needs can       spending time with her family and has a
tive reinforcement, and this holds true for      be rewarding and yet heartbreaking. Spe-        newfound love for gardening. For the last
self-help and life skills.                       cial needs children have to work harder         ten years, she also has been a support par-
                                                 at school and life. There is nothing more       ent for other parents of children with spe-
9. Teaching morals, values, and                  rewarding than to see your child achieve        cial needs. The Fuller family lives in west-
manners is also important for chil-              or comprehend something that he has been        ern North Carolina.
dren with special needs.                         working on for weeks, months, and pos-

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  Working at Home

                      Move Past the Juggling Act: Balancing Home Life,
                      Homeschool, and Home Biz
                      by Mary Jo Tate

        alancing all the responsibilities of       Don’t Juggle; Balance                             ment, resulting in a triage approach to life:
        home life, homeschool, and home              For years I thought in terms of juggling        We ignore the things that aren’t going to be
        business can often seem overwhelm-         my responsibilities; you probably use that        done no matter what, ignore the things that
ing—better suited to Supermom than ordi-           metaphor too. You have all these balls in         will be taken care of anyway, and give all
nary mortals. How do you do it all?                the air that you’re juggling, and it’s so hard    our attention to the current crisis.
  Here are just a few of the frustrations          to keep everything from crashing—includ-             You just can’t live that way for very long.
that work-at-home, homeschooling moms              ing you.                                          Life is a marathon, not a sprint. You’ve got
may encounter:                                       In the early years of my business, I            to find a pace that you can maintain for the
  •	 You sometimes wonder what good it             handled the juggling act with the Planned         long haul. Rushing frantically from one
     does to be working at home if you’re          Neglect Rotation Cycle. When I had an             deadline or crisis to the next will burn you
     too busy to spend time with your              editing deadline, I’d spend less time ho-         out and eventually injure innocent bystand-
     children.                                     meschooling and taking care of the house.         ers—your family. Constantly operating in
  •	 You’re paralyzed by such a long to-           I didn’t literally neglect my children, but       triage mode is a signal that your life is like
     do list that you don’t know where to          comparatively speaking, they got much             a disaster scene.
     start.                                        less of my time.                                     So don’t think in terms of crisis manage-
                                                                                                     ment. Don’t even think in terms of time
                                                                                                     management. The most balanced approach
    “You sometimes wonder what good it does                                                          is to think in terms of life management—
                                                                                                     balancing all of life in the real world.
    to be working at home if you’re too busy to                                                         Although the details vary, our life cir-
                                                                                                     cumstances fall into three main categories:
          spend time with your children.”                                                            (1) irreducible facts—things you can’t
                                                                                                     change, such as chronic illness or being
                                                                                                     a single mom; (2) non-negotiables—deep
                                                                                                     commitments you’re not willing to change,
  •	 You drag through the day exhausted,              I’d focus on the editing job while it last-    such as religious practices or homeschool-
     thinking only of how much longer it           ed, and then there wouldn’t be any more           ing; and (3) preferences—things you can
     is before you can finally collapse into       work for a while (I hadn’t learned about          change and are willing to change. The third
     bed . . . just to get up and start all over   marketing yet), so I’d spend extra time on        category is where you have to make deci-
     the next day.                                 homeschooling and housekeeping. When a            sions that reflect your ideals but also ac-
  •	 Your life is so dominated by the ur-          new editing project came up, I’d shift my         commodate the realities of your life.
     gent that you never get to the impor-         attention back to business. I’d neglect one
     tant.                                         thing at a time, but I would keep rotating it,    Find Peace in the Space Between
  •	 You feel like you could finally get it        so that everybody and everything eventu-          the Ideal and Reality
     all done . . . if you could just get past     ally got taken care of . . . or so I thought.        One of my number-one rules is no whin-
     that pesky 24-hours-in-a-day barrier.         Finally, I realized that the juggling act in-     ing. The irreducible facts are just that—
   If these struggles sound familiar, you’re       evitably leads to dropping the ball.              facts. Pity parties and panic attacks are
probably caught up in the juggling act . . .          Eventually I found a better metaphor for       counterproductive; they sap your energy.
but take heart! You don’t have to stay in          what I wanted to accomplish. Think of a           The cure for whining is one of my most
that trap.                                         performer on the high wire at a circus or         fundamental principles: Find peace in the
   As a single mom homeschooling four              maybe crossing the Grand Canyon on a              space between the ideal and reality.
energetic sons while growing my home               tightrope. Tightrope walkers make fre-               The ideal is what you would do and have
business as a writer, editor, and coach,           quent small adjustments to maintain their         if you could do and have anything you
I’ve battled all those challenges. I’m not         balance; they move a little to the right and a    wanted without any complications or the
Supermom, but I’ve developed powerful              little to the left, adjusting gradually without   hindrances of an ordinary life. The reality
strategies that cut through the chaos and          drastic shifts. That image of balance rather      is your everyday life—the facts that you
get results. I’ll share some of my most            than juggling made a powerful difference          have to deal with. No use whining about
important secrets—excerpted from my                in the way I approach my daily life.              that. The real question is: What are you go-
7-hour home study course, How Do You                  When we’re caught up in the juggling           ing to do in the middle?
Do It All—here.                                    act, we think in terms of crisis manage-                           (Continued on page 42)

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   How Do You Do It All?!?
    Proven Strategies for Balancing
    Family Life and Home Business                                                           “   Mary Jo is a real pioneer in this arena.
                                                                                                We were truly amazed when we saw
                                                                                                what we had accomplished using her
    Mary Jo Tate is a single mom with four energetic sons—whom she                              guidelines.           — Colleen in TX
    homeschools—while growing her profitable enterprise as a writer, editor, and
                                                                                                Her practical teaching takes real life
    book coach. Her downloadable time-management course can help you move
                                                                                                into consideration—interruptions,
    past the juggling act and into genuine success:
                                                                                                dirty dishes, and all! — Joy in LA
                           •   Finding peace in the space between the ideal and reality
                                                                                                Mary Jo liberated me to pour my
                           •   Setting goals—when, why, and how
                                                                                                energies into being a woman of
                           •   Essential tools to simplify your life
                                                                                                motion, rather than being paralyzed
                           •   Entrepreneurial principles for growing your business
                                                                                                by my list of what ‘should be’ but
                           •   Schedules, routines, and flexibility
                                                                                                wasn’t.               — Dawn in IN
                           •   Training independent, responsible children
                           •   Avoiding a crisis-management approach to daily life              Her down-to-earth, sensible advice
                           •   When to multitask and when to focus                              is grounded in the fact that she lives
                               Your calling versus opportunity
                               Balancing self-discipline with self-care. . .
                               . . . and much, much more. Get all the info at:
                                                                                                it herself. It isn’t just some theory.
                                                                                                                        — Karen in WA
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Move Past the Juggling Act: Balancing Home Life, Homeschool, and Home Biz
(Continued from page 40)
   One of the best ways to implement this         Goals must be specific and measurable.         egories: personal, family (including home-
principle is to be realistic in your educa-    If you can’t measure it, how can you know         schooling), and business. Using these cat-
tional plans, especially about how much        if you did it? For example, instead of set-       egories helps you see the balance (or lack
time you can devote to direct instruction of   ting a vague goal to get more exercise, my        of it) in your life each week. You won’t al-
your children.                                 specific goal is to walk at least 30 minutes,     ways have a perfect balance among the cat-
   Teach your children together whenever       at least 5 days a week. It’s very easy to as-     egories—and it’s not just about the number
possible. Skills such as math and phonics      sess: Did I walk 30 minutes? Did I do it 5        of items in each group. Some weeks will
have to be taught at individual levels, but    days? Yes or no—very clear-cut.                   necessarily lean more toward one area than
children of different ages can study the          Goals should be shared. I’ve done the          others. But if you often have 25 items in
same period of history and the same sci-       best job of sticking to my goals when I’ve        the business list, 5 in family, and 0 in per-
ence topics, with individual assignments at    shared them with a mastermind team or ac-         sonal, you’re headed for burnout fast!
varying levels of difficulty.                  countability partner. Having a trusted friend
   Encourage independent learning when         or team who will ask tough questions when         It All Boils Down to Prioritizing
they become competent readers. Tak-            you start to slack off is priceless.                 Just as the three most important factors
ing responsibility for their own education                                                       in real estate are location, location, loca-
teaches important skills and offers the op-    Balance Short-Term and Long-                      tion, the three most important tasks for
portunity for each child to pursue his own     Term Goals                                        work-at-home moms are prioritize, priori-
special interests.                                Everyone needs both short-term and             tize, prioritize.
   Don’t try to do everything yourself.        long-term goals. Building our lives primar-          Remember that pesky 24-hours-in-a-day
Delegate some instruction of younger           ily around short-term tasks plants us firmly      barrier? It’s real. You can’t add a major
children to older children, which rein-
forces their own learning as well. Par-
ticipating in a good homeschool co-op                     “Goal-setting may be old hat for
can multiply your own efforts. You can
also delegate, in moderation, to techno-                some people, but if you’re deep in the
servants such as audiobooks, educational
videos, and software.                                  trenches of triage, you may think goals
   It may not be possible for your home-
school to match your highest goals, but
                                                         are a luxury you can’t afford—your
you can still make it work and give your
children an excellent education.
                                                         only goal is to survive another day!”
Set Written, Specific, Measurable,             in triage mode and keeps us focused on the        commitment like a home business to an al-
Shared Goals                                   urgent rather than the important. Instead,        ready busy life without letting something
   Zig Ziglar says, “There are two sure        start with a long-term vision for your life       else go. That’s why the stop-doing list is so
ways to fail: think and never do, or do and    and build your yearly goals around that.          important. Here are a few strategies to help
never think.” That’s another balance we        Then you can plan each month, week, and           you prioritize.
all have to find. Setting goals and putting    day in alignment with that vision.                  Focus. Figure out what it is that only
them into action helps you balance think-         Use the week between Christmas and             you can do, and prioritize those things.
ing and doing.                                 New Year’s to review the year and set             Remember your long-term vision when
   Goal-setting may be old hat for some        goals for the coming year. Each Sunday            you consider what your focus should be.
people, but if you’re deep in the trenches     afternoon throughout the year, evaluate           What are you passionate about? What are
of triage, you may think goals are a luxu-     the previous week and plan for the week           your most profitable skills? What is unique
ry you can’t afford—your only goal is to       ahead. Just half an hour of weekly planning       about what you have to offer?
survive another day! But no matter where       will multiply your productivity and relieve         Eliminate. Edit your life by eliminating
you are in your life and in your business,     stress and frustration.                           activities that don’t fit your goals or your
setting goals is one of the most important        I use seven essential planning tools: (1)      current priorities. Opportunity does not
things you can do.                             long-term vision (big dream), (2) yearly          equal obligation; say no to the good in or-
   Goals must be written; otherwise,           goals, (3) monthly priorities, (4) weekly         der to say yes to the best.
they’re just talk. Writing down your goals     plans, (5) daily tasks, (6) running to-do list,     Delegate. If it can’t be eliminated, of-
makes them more real, and you become           and (7) stop-doing list. The order is impor-      ten someone else can do it instead of you.
accountable to that piece of paper—espe-       tant. Each set of goals should be in align-       Delegate some housework, laundry, and
cially when you look back to evaluate how      ment with the one that precedes it.               cooking to your children—this helps them
you’re doing.                                     It’s useful to set goals in three major cat-   learn responsibility and makes them feel

 42 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine
42 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine                              www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory
                                                Quiz Time: Find Your Homeschooling Style
                                                (Continued from page 7)
like they’re contributing to the family in a
meaningful way. Look for ways to involve        Use this table to calculate your score:
your children in your business.
   Outsource. For a fee that’s often less
than the hourly value of your own time,         Question 1                Question 3              Question 5
you can outsource household and business        A) 1 points               A) 1 point              A) 1 point
tasks such as lawn care, housecleaning,         B) 4 points               B) 3 points             B) 4 points
piano lessons, order fulfillment, duplicat-     C) 2 points               C) 2 points             C) 3 points
ing CDs, accounting, keyword research,          D) 3 points               D) 4 points
website design, and much more.                                                                    Question 6
                                                Question 2                Question 4              A) 4 points
Find Time for Fun and Take Care of              A) 3 points               A) 3 points             B) 3 points
Yourself                                        B) 1 point                B) 1 point              C) 2 points
   Don’t neglect to make time for fun as a                                C) 4 points
family. When you work at home, it is dif-                                 D) 2 points
ficult to identify when your “work day” is
over. Taking a break is good for all of you,
                                                If you scored 7-10 points, you may be most comfortable with a
and it can actually make your work time
more efficient.                                 traditional approach to education. The security of planned out lessons
   Many work-at-home moms neglect tak-          and clearly defined goals will help you measure success as your
ing care of themselves, but you simply          children grow and learn. Start by reading Sandy Dawson’s article, A
can’t nurture, provide for, and educate         Traditional Approach to Homeschooling, on page 12.
your children well if you’re always on the
edge of burnout. Taking care of yourself        If you scored 11-14 points, you may prefer a more hands-on
isn’t selfish, and it isn’t optional. You ab-   approach to education through unit studies and other activity-based
solutely must make time for personal rest,
renewal, relaxation, and even recreation.
                                                learning. Unit studies may provide the perfect balance between
Make sure you’re getting enough sleep,          carefully planned lessons and your child’s interests to keep both
exercising, eating right, and drinking          of you happy. Start by reading What is a Unit Study? by Amanda
plenty of water.                                Bennett on page 10.
God Is Faithful                                 If you scored 15-19 points, you may enjoy a literature-based style
   Even with the best strategies and goals,     such as classical education or the Charlotte Mason approach.
things won’t always go exactly as you plan.
But if God has called you to homeschool
                                                Both of these methods allow you to teach children of different ages
your children, He will provide the strength,    together with a focus on great books. Start by reading Susan Wise
patience, grace, resources, and time to do      Bauer’s What Makes Classical Education Different? on page 8 or
it. May your family and your life be a testi-   Rea Berg’s article, A Mini-Primer on Charlotte Mason for Everyday
mony of God’s faithfulness.                     Life on page 16.
   Mary Jo Tate, host of the “Homeschool        If you scored 20-23 points, you may want to use a relaxed approach
Spotlight” interview series for the Home-
                                                such as unschooling. With this approach, your child’s interests and
school Channel, has been educating her
sons at home since 1997. A lifelong bib-        natural curiosity can lead to learning throughout everyday life. Start by
liophile, published author, book coach, and     reading Bethany George’s article, Unschooling on page 13.
international editor since 1986, she also
teaches homeschoolers, single moms, and         Of course, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to homeschooling.
work-at-home moms how to create balance         Maybe the result you got from this quiz doesn’t really match the style
between family life and home business. Her      of homeschooling you see yourself using. Most parents pull from
complete How Do You Do It All course is
                                                multiple teaching philosophies as they homeschool their children and
available at www.HowDoYouDoItAll.com.
                                                discover what works best for each individual child. Diana Waring’s
                                                article, Eclectic Homeschooling, on page 14 talks about this style of
                                                homeschooling which is tailor-made for each unique family.

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        Do you have days when you find it difficult
         to fulfill all your responsibilities at home?
Do you ever feel poured out? Empty?

                                            Take time to
                                “get a refill”
                                    at the Schoolhouse Expo

     Dr. Susan Wise Bauer   Carol Barnier    Deb Wuehler   Dianne Craft   Diana Waring   Kim Kautzer

    Listen to your favorite speakers whenever it’s convenient with Expo To Go!
              Download MP3 recordings of every Schoolhouse Expo session and listen to the
           encouragement and inspiration any time you need a refill. Find out more at our website
              where you can also read up on the speakers and topics we’re lining up for 2012!

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  Schoolhouse Expo

                                                                                     2011 Schoolhouse Expo
Hello, Friends!                                                                      Speakers
Spring 2011 marks the third Schoolhouse Expo, brought to you by The                  •	   Susan Wise Bauer
Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. This totally online conference features                   •	   Janice Campbell
                                                                                     •	   Dr . Brian Ray
encouraging speakers such as Dr. Brian Ray, Susan Wise Bauer, Carol                  •	   Dianne Craft
Barnier, and Norm Wakefield. With the theme “Homeschooling with                      •	   Kim Kautzer
                                                                                     •	   Diana Waring
Heart,” the speakers share tips, tricks, and tools to enhance all phases of          •	   Malia Russell
your homeschool journey, from the preschool and elementary years to                  •	   Carol Barnier
                                                                                     •	   Maggie Hogan
high school, college, and beyond.                                                    •	   Tyler Hogan
                                                                                     •	   Dari Mullins
As a special bonus, this section of the Homeschool Business & Entrepre-              •	   Carol Topp
                                                                                     •	   Jim Weiss
neur Directory includes articles from some of the 2011 Schoolhouse Expo              •	   Norm Wakefield
speakers and sponsors.                                                               •	   Mary Jo Tate
                                                                                     •	   Terri Johnson
Here they share their stories with you—stories of how they started their             •	   Tricia Goyer
                                                                                     •	   Heidi St . John
businesses at home and grew into the successful companies of today.                  •	   Andrew Pudewa
These articles will help you get to know your favorite speakers a little bet-        •	   Molly Green
                                                                                     •	   Deborah Wuehler
ter and might just inspire you to start your own business!
                                                                                     Vendor Workshops
The live “Homeschooling with Heart” Schoolhouse Expo (held May
16–20, 2011) may be over, but you can still enjoy the inspiring sessions             •	 Karen McHale, Fire Station Buddies
                                                                                     •	 Barbara Beers, Schola Publications
through ExpoToGo. An MP3 recording of each and every session is avail-               •	 Zan Tyler, Apologia Educational
able for download through our website.                                                  Ministries
                                                                                     •	 Marie Rippel, All About Spelling
                                                                                     •	 Janice Price, Rainbow Resource
If you attended the live event, you may download the recordings at no
                                                                                     •	 Vivian Doublestein, Masters
charge! Otherwise, check out ExpoToGo in the Schoolhouse Store. Re-                     Academy of Fine Arts
                                                                                     •	 Jennifer Courtney, Classical
cordings from the May and October 2010 Schoolhouse Expos are avail-
able as well!                                                                        •	 Joy Anderson, Start a Preschool
                                                                                     •	 Michael Liu, Mike Kelley, David J .
Visit www.schoolhouseexpo.com for up-to-date information about the                      Brancamp & Colleen S . Leavens-
                                                                                        Knapp, EDU2000
next Schoolhouse Expo coming in 2012!                                                •	 Barnabas Bridgman & James
                                                                                        Townsend, LeTourneau University

                                                                                     Visit our website at http://www .
The Schoolhouse Expo Team                                                            schoolhouseexpo .com/?page_
                                                                                     id=10150 to read descriptions of
                                                                                     each session topic .
Michael and Sharra Badgley, Cindy Horton, Renee Neace,
and Wendy Hilton                                                                     Remember to visit the virtual
                                                                                     Vendor Hall too!
                                                                                     http://www .schoolhouseexpo .

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  Schoolhouse Expo

                     Accountant to Author: A Home Business Journey
                     by Carol Topp, CPA, Expo Speaker

            hen my children were young,          one class at a time while I homeschooled my     These were great experiences. I met many
            I switched careers. I had been       children. I call myself a homeschooled CPA.     wonderful people and learned a lot about
            working as an engineer for the       I named my first website HomeschoolCPA          running a nonprofit. Volunteering allowed
U.S. Navy. It was an interesting job that        as a play on words.                             me the flexibility I needed to continue to
paid well and used my skills, but it in-                                                         homeschool and stay at home with my
volved traveling and leaving my children         Launching a Home-Based Business                 daughters, but unfortunately, it didn’t pay
with a babysitter.                                  My daughters were eight and ten when I       anything! Eventually, I realized I could
  I needed and wanted a source of in-            received the news that I had passed the gru-    combine what I knew about nonprofits, ho-
come that:                                       eling, two-day CPA exam. By this time, I        meschooling, and accounting and launch a
  •	 Had flexible hours so I could take          was enjoying homeschooling so much that         new business.
     care of my children instead of using        I didn’t want to re-enter the workforce, so
     babysitters or daycare.                     I decided to start a home-based accounting      A New Business Is Born:
  •	 Allowed all the work to be done in          and tax preparation business.                   Homeschool CPA
     my house. Since I had started to ho-           I wanted to start small, so I had to care-      One day I was explaining nonprofit sta-
     meschool, I wanted to be in my home.        fully consider my advertising. I limited my     tus and its benefits to a local homeschool
     I noticed that a lot of businesses were     clients to my network of friends and ac-        co-op leader. She was very confused and
     “home based,” meaning the office is         quaintances. I started by throwing a party to   I wrote her a long email explaining boards
     in the home, but a lot of time doing        celebrate passing the CPA exam, so all my       and bylaws. I realized that there was very
     the job was done outside of the home.       friends and neighbors knew that I was now       little information for homeschool leaders.
  •	 Used my skills, talents, and interests.     a CPA. Then I considered all the organiza-      On the Internet I found a few articles about
                                                                                                 starting a support group, but very little on
                                                                                                 running a co-op, forming a board, collect-
                                                                                                 ing money, or obtaining 501(c)(3) tax-ex-

       “Start with what you know. Don’t start a                                                  empt status with the Internal Revenue Ser-
                                                                                                 vice (IRS). I saw a need that I could fulfill,
        business; instead grow a business from                                                   so I started writing down what I knew in
                                                                                                 some short articles, and I launched a web-
         your current interests and hobbies.”                                                    site, HomeschoolCPA.com, in 2006.
                                                                                                    HomeschoolCPA.com is a website for ho-
                                                                                                 meschool leaders of support groups, co-ops,
                                                                                                 and sports and arts programs. My articles
Career Exploration                               tions I belonged to, including my church,       cover many areas, including setting up as a
   I decided to spend a little bit of time re-   neighborhood, and several local home-           nonprofit organization, opening a checking
searching work-at-home opportunities. I          school organizations. Several groups al-        account, writing bylaws, paying workers,
read a lot and I evaluated my skills. The        lowed free ads in their newsletters as a way    conflict resolution, and insurance for home-
book What Color Is Your Parachute? by            to support the businesses of their members.     school groups. There was some information
Richard Bolles (Ten Speed Press, 2008)           This is how I landed my first tax clients.      that needed to be in a longer format, so I
was very helpful. I knew my strengths were       Now I rely entirely on word-of-mouth and        started writing short books. Initially, I of-
in math, analysis, and organization, so I de-    frequently turn away clients because tax        fered them for free on my website; later I
cided to take the H&R Block® tax class, and      season is already very busy for me.             expanded each book and now offer them
I really enjoyed it. The challenge of seeing                                                     for a low price through a digital-products
if I got the right answer and if I understood    Volunteer to Gain Experience                    company called Clickbank®. Eventually I
how to fill in the tax forms appealed to me. I     At the same time I started my fledgling       expanded the website to include a question-
then worked a season for Block. This job did     tax preparation business, I started volun-      and-answer blog and webinars.
not fit my three criteria mentioned above,       teering my accounting services to several
but I looked at it as a learning experience.     nonprofits. I served as treasurer for my        I Never Planned to Be an Author
I learned that I could be a tax preparer and     church, as a finance committee member for          After about a year of running Home-
even enjoy it, so I started studying account-    a local crisis pregnancy center, and as the     schoolCPA.com, I took a writing class
ing classes to become a certified public ac-     volunteer bookkeeper for American Heri-         titled Want to Be An Author? I never in-
countant (CPA). I studied at home, taking        tage Girls, a God-based scouting program.                          Continued on page 48

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46 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine                                www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory
      Cents and sensibility from Carol Topp, CPA

   Micro Business
   for Teens
     A micro business is a very small, one-person
     business that a teenager can start easily and
     quickly with what he or she already knows or
     owns. No money needed, low risk and no
     debt! Students can spend as much time run-
     ning a micro business as they wish and even
     close it down during busy times.

       By starting a micro
       business a teenager
       can learn:
         Business  skills
         Writing skills
         Public speaking
         Time management
         Confidence
         About future careers

         How    to earn money!

 Books and ebooks available at

www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory   ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine 47
                                                              ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine 47
Accountant to Author: A Home Business Journey
(Continued from page 46)

tended to be an author, I just needed help      that they can be successful. I try to explain            room with a door is ideal.
with the articles I was writing for my web-     nonprofit management to homeschool lead-              •	 Establish a daily routine with set
site. The class instructor encouraged me        ers, confusing tax forms to taxpayers, and               lunchtime and a real quitting time. If
to submit articles to magazines, and I was      IRS rules to small-business owners.                      you never stop working, you will soon
thrilled when The Old Schoolhouse® Mag-            After several years of doing tax returns, I           burn out. Burnout can be prevented if
azine published my first article “Pursuing      had helped a few ambitious teenagers who                 you stop working every day at a set
Their Dreams: Career Exploration for High       had started their own businesses. From that              time and give yourself a break.
School Students” in Spring 2006. Later          experience, I decided to write a book series          •	 Turn on the answering machine dur-
they published other articles on running a      titled Micro Business for Teens. It is set for           ing meal prep time. Do not answer
homeschool organization including:              an official launch in early 2011. This is a              the phone and do not let the children
   •	 Building a Strong Homeschool Orga-        new area for me so I have hired a publicist              answer it either. Nothing throws off a
      nization                                  to teach me how to market a book. I am                   schedule like an interruption at dinner-
   •	 Insurance for Homeschool Groups           also honing my speaking skills by travel-                time. Return calls after dinner.
   •	 Money Management for Homeschool           ing to homeschool conventions and doing               •	 Stick to a daily schedule. Have set
      Groups                                    webinars and podcast interviews. These                   hours for homeschooling and for
   •	 Easy Fundraisers for Homeschool           speaking engagements help me reach my                    work. I homeschooled in the morning
      Organizations                             audience of homeschool leaders and mi-                   and assigned independent work for
   In 2008 I launched my first full-length      cro-business owners in a new way.                        my children to finish while I worked
book, Homeschool Co-ops: How to Start              I have now been a home-based accountant               in the afternoons.
Them, Run Them, and Not Burn Out. It            for ten years, and I find that I love work-           Go where your experiences take you. I
took me two years to research the con-          ing from home. I also enjoy how my career          find a lot of inspiration from the story of Jo-
tent and learn about self-publishing and        changes, grows, and expands into new ar-           seph in the Old Testament. He was sold into
marketing a book. I joined Yahoo groups,        eas. I will continue to learn more every year      slavery, worked for a rich man, landed in
including The Old Schoolhouse® Home-            as I try to help my readers and clients.           jail through false accusations, had oversight
school Leaders’ forum and another great                                                            of his fellow prisoners, interpreted dreams,
group called Christian Self-Publishers. I       Lessons Learned                                    and eventually managed the seven-year
learned so much from the generous people           After ten years of running a home-based         famine that saved Egypt and his own fam-
in these forums. It was through their com-      business, I have learned a lot and have            ily. Joseph made the most of every opportu-
ments that I learned about E-Books, self-       had many great business mentors. Here’s            nity that came his way, whether intended for
publishing, blogging, and how to build a        a brief list of my tips and lessons I have         good or evil. Each experience led to being
better website.                                 learned along the way:                             hired for his ultimate “dream job” of work-
                                                   Grow your business as the kids grow.            ing for Pharaoh. We do not know what the
The Learning Never Ends                         I started with 12 tax clients my first year.       future holds for us, but we do know Him
   I continue to learn about running a          Now as my children are almost grown (one           who holds the future. Entrust your plans,
home-based business, being an author, and       is in college and one is in her last year of       ambitions, ideas, and fears to our Lord, and
meeting the needs of my readers. I take         high school), I have expanded to 60 tax re-        He will guide you as He did Joseph.
online classes from great teachers such as      turns a year. I also serve dozens of nonprof-         I keep in mind this treasured verse:
Kelly McCausey (my Web designer) and            it clients and find myself writing and speak-         And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as
Jimmy D. Brown (an Internet marketing           ing more. This didn’t happen overnight! It         to the Lord, and not unto men; knowing
guru). I visit forums (MomMasterminds.          grew slowly as my children grew.                   that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward
com is one) and listen to podcasts such as         Start with what you know. Don’t start           of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord
Felice Gerwitz’s Information in a Nutshell      a business; instead grow a business from           Christ. (Col 3:23, 24)
for Authors and Publishers.                     your current interests and hobbies. Starting
   I have found that I have knowledge that      and running a home business means long                Carol Topp, CPA (CarolToppCPA.com
people need, and I view my job as an op-        hours and sacrifice; it is easier if you are do-   and HomeschoolCPA.com) is an author
portunity to communicate this knowledge         ing something that you enjoy. Brainstorm           and accountant specializing in helping
in a clear and easy-to-understand way. I        your skills and list everything you’ve done        homeschool organizations and micro-busi-
started a small self-publishing business        or know about whether you’ve been paid             ness owners. She is the author of the Micro
called Ambassador Publishing this year. I       for it or not. Focus on areas where you can        Business for Teenagers series and Home-
chose the name because I see myself as an       see yourself spending a lot of time. Then          school Co-ops: How to Start Them, Run
ambassador between the IRS and my clients       consider whether your area of interest can         Them, and Not Burn Out. Her next book is
or readers. I speak a foreign language called   generate income.                                   titled Business Taxes and Tips for Authors
IRS-ese and help my clients understand in          Set boundaries:                                 and Publishers.
plain English what the tax regulations are so      •	 Set up a real office, if possible. A

48 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine
48 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine                                www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory
  Schoolhouse Expo
                                                                                                                   Online educatiOn
                     Carol Barnier’s Impressive
                                                                                                                     taylOr university
                     Business Plan
                     by Carol Barnier, Expo Speaker

     wish I had a really impressive story           But there’s a backstory to my approach.
     about my little business—something             For a long time I wasn’t a Christian. In
     about looking into the churning clothes     fact, I was an atheist. And boy, did I have
washing machine and seeing the fabrics           plans. I owned my own successful busi-
aligning themselves into a message from          ness at 23. I measured my value by ac-
God. “Write . . . a . . . book.”                 complishments. I kept score with dollars.
   Or perhaps something more proactive—          I had left God out of things by design. It
like I’d known since I was 18 months old         was part of my plan.
that I wanted to be a writer so I followed          So when I came to faith, I took a differ-
that path steadfastly through grade school,      ent tack. I simply told God I would walk
high school, and college, apprenticed with       through whatever doors He presented to
a dozen well-known writers, and began my         me. I was done being in charge. Now I
dream the moment I graduated. Doesn’t            have my hands thrown skyward while He
that sound self-disciplined and focused?         pilots this roller coaster I’m on, and so far,
   But the truth is I was just living my life,   it’s been a fun ride. He’s taken me places                Christ-centered.
being happily married and raising kids. My       I would never have dreamed of going, let                  Academically excellent.

             “Not very business-y of me, huh?”                                                             This is our commitment to you.

                                                                                                  You can take a class or earn your degree
                                                                                                  completely online while studying
firstborn child was very ADHD (from the          alone made plans for.                            at home when it fits your schedule.
womb forward), and we began to home-               I don’t know what turns He’ll take me          Programs include:
school after recognizing that a traditional      on next. I may write another book, (well           • Dual credit classes
classroom wasn’t going to work. Five             actually, that one is happening), I may start      • Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies
years of trial and error produced a pretty       a lawn mowing service (I really hope He            • Associate of Arts in Justice
good stable of ideas that worked well with       doesn’t open that door), and I may end up            Administration
this child’s distractible mind. I turned to      learning Klingon for a feature role in an up-      • Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts
my husband one day and said, “I wish I’d         coming Star Trek movie (please oh please           • Bachelor of Business Administration
known then what I know now” . . .which           oh please, open that door).                        • Transition to Teaching
                                                                                                    • Various certificate programs
led to a website, which led to a speaking          Don’t know. But for now, I’m watching
invitation, which led to a book.                 for the next door.
                                                                                                  Dual Credit Program:
   There was no plan.                              So how does this all impact you?
   In fact now, over ten years later, with         Well, if you’d like me to write for your
                                                                                                    Head Start on College
                                                                                                  Courses are taught online in an
dozens of articles, tens of thousands of au-     magazine, blog, or other publication, give
                                                                                                  independent study format, which means
dience attendees, frequent guest commen-         me a call. If you’d like me to speak to your     there is only one student in the class.
taries on Focus on the Family®, and two          group or retreat, give me a call.                He/she completes assignments at his/her
more books with another on the way (if             If you’d like me to mow your lawn, pray        pace while working one-on-one with the
it sounds like a pregnancy, there’s a good       about this, put out a fleece, sacrifice an un-   professor. The coursework is due six
reason—the mood swings, weight gain,             blemished goat, and I’ll get back to you.        months from registration, but can be
and birthing pains are about the same), I          If you’d like me to be in that Star Trek                      completed early. Students
must admit, there’s still no plan.               movie, give me a call. Better yet, just send                        can register and begin
   Not very business-y of me, huh?               me your number and I’ll call you.                                    a course any day of
                                                                                                        Stop by           the year.
   Don’t get me wrong. I believe in plans.         Today.
                                                                                                       our Expo
I like plans. I think plans are a really good
                                                                                                    booth for more
thing, essential, in fact, for most endeav-        Carol Barnier, author of three books, is a        information
ors. And frankly, if you want to become a        popular conference speaker who is known
writer, you’d better do some serious plan-       for mixing serious topics with equally se-                                   800-845-3149
ning, because there are a lot of steps and       rious humor. Learn more at www.Carol-                                   online@taylor.edu
there’s much to learn.                           Barnier.com or www.SizzleBop.com                  www.taylor.edu/online
www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory                                ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine 49
                                                                                           ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine 49
I Can't Believe I Said THAT!
                                             We don't write on the baby.
                                           Get your head out of the cheese!
                                               Please don't lick the car.
                                     How can you not know what hit you?
                                      The bruise is between your eyes.
Parents of highly distractible kids wind up saying
things that other parents just don't. We never know
what these kids will do next.

So where do we nd our community?
Where's our support group?

Come to Sizzle Bop (it's free), where you get
   teaching tips
   discipline tips
   commentary on relevant news
   action prompts
   community input
   curriculum survey results
   funny stories about our funny life with
   these funny (and oh-so-precious) kids
   and best of all . . . where you get com-
   munity with people who completely
   understand why you adore this child

 50 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine
 50 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine         www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory
  Schoolhouse Expo

                    Child Diagnostics, Inc., Denver, Colorado
                    by Dianne Craft, MA, CNHP, Expo Speaker

       hild Diagnostics, Inc is a consul-      children who struggle become successful        ages, I was led to seek out classes that were
       tation service that serves children     at home . . . easily, effectively, and inex-   taught around the country on brain integra-
       who are considered struggling           pensively.                                     tion therapy and right-brain teaching strat-
learners. I define a struggling learner as                                                    egies. When I pursued this education and
a bright, hard-working child who has to        In the Beginning . . .                         then implemented these techniques into my
work too hard to learn. This consultation        I am a former homeschool mother              resource room teaching, I saw spectacular
service has been in business for 13 years      who previously had worked in the spe-          results. In fact, in the students I used these
in Denver, Colorado. There are three           cial education field. I have a bachelor’s      new techniques with, I almost always saw a
“arms” to this company:                        and master’s degree in special education.      two-year gain in reading, writing, and math
  Private consultations for parents of chil-   After I finished homeschooling my son,         in one year. I praised God for the wonder-
dren who are working too hard to learn.        I returned to the public school setting        ful answers he was showing me.
Over 65% of the parents I see fly in from      to teach for many years. God turned my             Another special education teacher, Anna
other states. We spend the day together,       teaching resource rooms into laboratories.     Alvarado, who taught across the hall from
                                                                                              me, asked what I was doing to make such a
                                                                                              difference in these children. She had been
         “I found that the older methods that                                                 teaching at that school in special education
                                                                                              for years, using the old, regular methods
        included a lot of auditory teaching or                                                and was just seeing a six- to seven-month
                                                                                              gain each year. I was very happy to show
       required them to write while they were                                                 her the new techniques that God had taught
                                                                                              me. She experienced the same success I did
      learning were not methods that worked                                                   . . . a two-year growth in one year for these

               for these young students.”                                                     wonderful, struggling learners. I now have
                                                                                              shown these techniques to many home edu-
                                                                                              cators, have worked personally with many
                                                                                              schools to increase the efficiency of their
evaluating the child and then videotaping      Through God’s leading, I learned many          special education and literacy classes, and
the interventions that will help the child     new ways to help my struggling learn-          teach courses to teachers and occupational
become successful, whether the need is for     ers in these classrooms. For many years        therapists for graduate level continuing
academic intervention (reading, writing,       I taught children who were labeled “twice      education credits through the University of
math) or behavioral intervention (sensory      exceptional.” These were children (like        Colorado in Denver.
processing, attention/focus, Asperger’s,       many we have at home) who had above-
autism, or other children whose nervous        average intelligence and were considered       Free Daily Lesson Plans
system is in disequilibrium). For the be-      gifted, but who were also working two to          My passion is to help homeschooling
havioral interventions we use targeted         three years behind in either reading, writ-    parents identify where their child’s learn-
nutritional supplements, along with some       ing (composition and spelling), or math.       ing glitch is and learn how to help that
change in the child’s everyday diet.           Many of them had a true dyslexia, so they      child overcome the glitch in the home set-
   Teaching products, such as a right-brain    were very far behind in reading. I found       ting. Many of the homeschooled children
reading program for children with dyslex-      that the older methods that included a lot     I see have had extensive testing and have
ia and other reading issues, a home mid-       of auditory teaching or required them to       labels such as “auditory processing dys-
line therapy program called Brain Inte-        write while they were learning were not        function” or “sensory processing dysfunc-
gration Therapy to minimize the effect of      methods that worked for these young            tion,” but the parents still do not know how
the learning struggle, and teaching DVDs       students. I taught children in grades one      to help their child at home. I feel that is
on right-brain learning strategies and cor-    through eight who were struggling be-          my calling—to show these parents how I
recting dysgraphia and writing problems        cause of processing difficulties such as       taught children in a school setting to get
at home.                                       auditory processing problems, visual pro-      them past the learning glitch, and how they
   Workshop presentations at homeschool        cessing problems, or writing problems          can do it at home. My motto is, “It doesn’t
conventions, and one-day, struggling learn-    such as dysgraphia.                            have to be so hard, and it doesn’t have to
er seminars, along with teaching webinars         As I sought God for new solutions for       be so expensive!”
given across the country to help parents of    these bright, hardworking children of all                        (Continued on page 53)

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Child Diagnostics, Inc.
(Continued from page 51)
   All parents who are willing to read and      or paragraphs, then any other good writing        unique enzymes plus the essential fatty ac-
learn can become their child’s own re-          program can help with the polishing of his        ids in very particular amounts. In addition,
source room teacher. (Resource room is          work. Many children who have not writ-            many of these children are experiencing
the name given to the classrooms that edu-      ten anything because it has been so hard for      “hearing under water” because of an un-
cate children who were tested and qualified     them are successful using this easy, stress-      diagnosed dairy allergy. I have written ar-
for special education classes or literacy       free writing method.                              ticles on this, and worked with the parents
classes). On my website, www.dianne-                                                              who come in for personal consultations
craft.org, I have provided the lesson plans     Convention Workshops                              and have heard the wonderful results that
that I used daily for the reading and writ-        I love to educate parents on effective         they very frequently see.
ing classes when I taught these wonderful       teaching methods for their bright but strug-         When a child is having frequent melt-
children in the school setting. These daily     gling children. I do this through a series of     downs or the parent is finding that she
lesson plans have often been used by many       workshops I offer to homeschool conven-           needs to walk on eggshells around a
new special education teachers in their first   tions. The titles of these workshops are:         particular child because of these daily
few years of teaching, until they felt that       •	 Identifying Your Child’s Learning            upsets, we generally find that there has
they could branch out on their own, using            Block                                        been early antibiotic use, or even that the
their rich experience. These teachers, as do      •	 Smart Kids Who Hate to Write                 child was exposed to antibiotics in utero,
the parents, almost always experienced the        •	 Teaching the Right-Brain Child               or that the mother had a yeast infection
same success that I saw by using the com-            (Parts 1 and 2)                              while she was pregnant. These scenarios
bination of brain integration exercises, and      •	 The Biology of Behavior (Parts 1             tend to upset the child’s nervous system
right-brain teaching strategies . . . a two-         and 2)                                       for many years if proper interventions
year growth in a year. These daily lesson          At the end of this six-workshop series,        have not been taken to “right” the child’s
plans are called:                               parents are able to identify exactly which        chemistry after these exposures. The
  •	 Daily Lesson Plans for the Struggling      of their child’s learning gates are blocked       interventions are easy and powerful. I
     Reader                                     and have a simple plan to reduce the stress       have articles on my website, and a three-
  •	 Daily Lesson Plans for the Struggling      in the child’s learning system.                   month nutritional supplement program in
     Writer and Speller                            For the speakers committees who are            a CD set called The Biology of Behavior
   I have provided these daily lesson plans     interested in having me speak at their con-       that gives parents a step-by-step guide in
for FREE on my website. They include            ventions, I have a speaker’s package avail-       helping their child feel better, and thus
the step-by-step method that I used each        able with the detailed descriptions of the        act better and focus better. The parents
day, four days a week, with the students I      workshops. They can just email me for this        can also see a local nutritionist if they
worked with. They include the daily exer-       speaker’s package at craft@ecentral.com.          would like personalized help with just
cises designed to help make more connec-                                                          this one area of learning.
tions between the brain hemispheres for         A Nutritionist’s Perspective                         I have so enjoyed using my knowledge
easier processing of material and elimina-         The unique perspective I can offer parents     as a nutritionist for parents who are often
tion of reading and writing reversals, the      of bright but struggling learners includes        at their wits’ end with their wonderful chil-
right-brain phonics technique for reading       not only my experience as a homeschooling         dren. I have a teaching PowerPoint slide
which eliminates copying or memorizing          mom and my years as a special education           that has these words on it, “Is it Character
sounds, and the right-brain, visual spell-      teacher, but also the fact that I am a nutri-     or Chemistry?” Dr. Sydney Walker, MD,
ing method, which bypasses the writing          tionist. My exact title is certified natural      says that “children act how they feel.” We
and auditory gates for spelling by training     health professional. I became a nutritionist      often overlook the obvious physical is-
the child to use his strong photographic        after realizing that there was another impor-     sues the child is presenting that can be the
memory for spelling. These methods work         tant puzzle piece to these struggling learn-      cause of this unhappy behavior. We always
incredibly well, and cost nothing. I provide    ers. If a child’s biochemistry is upset and his   seem to be able to impact a child’s focus-
the list of spelling words along with the       nervous system is not responding correctly,       ing, memory, and behavior with targeted
technique I used for free on my website.        it can look like he has a focusing problem,       nutritional strategies. I receive wonderful
I also provide for parents the method of        auditory processing problems, and even            testimonies all the time from parents who
paragraph and composition writing that I        dyslexia. We now know that there is a par-        have used this information to set their child
successfully used with my second through        ticular chemistry of dyslexia. It is a chemi-     free of the unwanted behaviors.
eighth graders. For example, by the end         cal upset, really a deficiency that we tend
of the year, my sixth graders, who had          to pass on to our children, generally male        My Business Plan
struggled writing even a paragraph for          to male. This cycle can be stopped with the         I presently have a waiting list of about
me, were writing four-page papers on their      correct information.                              nine months for families for a personal
own. I give detailed instructions about how        I also have found that many parents who        consultation with their child, although we
to do this at home. This is free also. Af-      have a non-verbal or very low-verbal child        do have a cancellation list, so families can
ter the child can easily write a paragraph      see fantastic gains when they add some                             (Continued on page 54)

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                                                   Schoolhouse Expo
Child Diagnostics, Inc.
(Continued from page 53)
                                                                     Jim Weiss and Greathall
get in sooner most of the time. I have a
slightly shorter waiting list for telephone
consultations. We sell my teaching and nu-                            by Jim Weiss, Expo Speaker
tritional products to countries all over the

world. I continue to be privileged to speak
at statewide homeschool conventions                n June, 1989, Jim decided to do          throughout the United States, perform-
across the country. To what do I attribute         something more with the craft that       ing at theaters, stores, libraries, schools,
my success?                                        he had formerly practiced solely         colleges, and community events. He has
   •	 God is my business and personal          for pleasure. He and his wife, Randy,        hosted and starred in an Emmy Award-
      partner.                                 formed a production company, Greathall       winning PBS television special and has
   •	 We freely give products and informa-     Productions, and have thus far produced      even performed at The White House an-
      tion at every opportunity that comes     forty-four (44) storytelling recordings,     nual Easter event.
      up. You can never out-give God.          all recipients of national awards from          As a storyteller, Jim’s connection to
   •	 I continually study to keep myself at    The American Library Association, Par-       his audience is magnetic and interactive,
      the top in my field.                     ents’ Choice Foundation, NAPPA, the          proof positive that storytelling remains
   What methods have I used to “market”        Parents’ Council, The Oppenheim Toy          among the moving, most personal forms
this business?                                 Portfolio, The Film Advisory Board,          of entertainment. Adults and children
   •	 Many free articles on the website,       Parents’ Guide to Children’s Media           alike leave the performance feeling
      educating parents.                       Award, and more.                             that they have really met the charac-
   •	 Speaking engagements to make par-
      ents aware of alternative methods of
      teaching.                                     As a storyteller, Jim’s connection to his
   •	 YouTube teaching videos.
   •	 Web seminars presented for various
                                                     audience is magnetic and interactive,
   •	 Articles in local homeschool
                                                    proof positive that storytelling remains
      magazines.                                      among the moving, most personal
   Running this business is the most fun
I have ever had. It is so exciting to set                   forms of entertainment.
children free who have been working so
                                                 In addition, Jim has recorded many         ters and benefited from “experiencing”
Dianne Craft is a former homeschool mom        complete audiobooks, from read-alongs        the events. Jim’s presentations garner
who has a master’s degree in elementary        for early readers to the Newbery Award-      heightened respect for the art of story-
and special education. She has 25 years’       winning biography Carry On, Mister           telling and the literature itself.
experience teaching bright, hardwork-          Bowditch, and from works by the British         Twenty-two years after forming
ing children who have to work too hard to      novelist G.A. Henty to Susan Wise Bau-       Greathall Productions, Jim and Randy
learn. She teaches parents across the coun-    er’s acclaimed The Story of the World.       Weiss still pursue the same goal: to
try how to help their children learn faster      Jim’s newest release, Gone West:           instill in children the lifelong love of
and easier, using therapies and strategies     Bold Adventures of American Explor-          great literature by telling the stories on
that are very effective while being very       ers and Pioneers, includes stories of        a child’s level without altering the au-
inexpensive. Dianne has created many           the Westward Expansion, including the        thors’ intent.
teaching products for right-brain learn-       Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark,
ers and those struggling with dyslexia or      Fulton’s steamboat, the covered wagon        Jim Weiss is an internationally known
dysgraphia. She is also a certified natural    pioneers, the impact on Native Ameri-        author, storyteller, recording artist, and
health professional specializing in natu-      cans, and the building of the transconti-    teacher who performs across the U.S.A.
ral treatments for children with attention,    nental railroad—all in story form.           and internationally. His vast repertoire
learning, and behavioral issues. Dianne                                                     includes vivid presentations from classic
is president of the educational consulting     Live Storytelling Performances               literature and history ranging from Ae-
firm Child Diagnostics, Inc., in Littleton,       Jim Weiss’s live performances have        sop to Shakespeare, Bible stories to the
Colorado.                                      been called “inspiring, exciting, and .      Founding Fathers, Greek mythology to
                                               . . filled with laughter.” He offers both    accomplishments of great scientists, art-
                                               performances of stories and entertaining     ists, and authors. Jim’s recordings have
                                               sessions on how to write, tell, and ben-     received more than 90 major awards.
                                               efit from stories. Jim travels extensively

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  Schoolhouse Expo

                    Bright Ideas Press: A Brief History
                     by Maggie Hogan (& Tyler Hogan), Expo Speakers

       hroughout the years, we’ve learned          As time passed, my sons grew older          school busters.” Boredom is the first one.
       that God often works in mysterious       and they were able to help with various        Too many families rely on unappealing,
       ways. Ever since I was a little girl I   aspects of our business. My husband also       dry textbooks, which suck the fun out of
have wanted to become a writer. Although        became progressively more involved. (He        learning. The second is burnout. Many
I had opportunities over the years to write     is now newly retired after 35 years of civil   families, in an effort to fit into a certain
articles in newspapers and magazines, it        service. He is looking forward to work-        philosophy of education or prove them-
wasn’t until I became a homeschooling           ing with me full-time.) JB, our oldest, has    selves to their family or friends, try to do
mom that God really began opening doors         written a book which we’ve published (a        way more each day than can reasonably be
for me to pursue my writing dreams. To-         collection of stories about his military ex-   expected. Lastly, budget. Many great pro-
day, those dareams have developed into          periences called From Basic to Baghdad:        grams are just too pricey for the average
a substantial business, a great experience      A Soldier Writes Home) and does proj-          family to afford.
with the wonderful world of homeschool-         ects for us with his wife, Christy, from          That’s why our mission has always been
ing, and a chance to bless others.              their home in Iowa. Our youngest, Tyler,       to provide practical, fun, and affordable
                                                                                               geography, history, and science. Our ma-
                                                                                               terials are designed to be hands-on, appeal-
     “Our mission has always been to provide                                                   ing, and exciting for all ages and learning
                                                                                               styles. We strive to assign a reasonable
     practical, fun, and affordable geography,                                                 amount of work, and make it clear when
                                                                                               things are optional, while still giving stu-
      history, and science. Our materials are                                                  dents enough of a challenge to help them
                                                                                               grow. We also try to do everything we can
     designed to be hands-on, appealing, and                                                   to keep our costs low, so we can pass sav-
     exciting for all ages and learning styles.”                                               ings on to you!
                                                                                                  It’s been so exciting to publish Christ-
                                                                                               honoring books, which families can enjoy
                                                                                               and customize to meet their own needs.
   When I (accidentally) became the di-         started working for us full-time after he      In the past few years we have published a
rector of a local homeschool group in           graduated from Belhaven University. He         number of popular books, including:
1992, I discovered that I had a lot of help-    manages the office and helps develop our          •	 The Mystery of History series
ful advice that many new homeschoolers          curriculum and product lines. His wife,              (by Linda Hobar)
needed. With that in mind, my best friend,      Helen, also writes and illustrates for us         •	 The Christian Kids Explore Science
Janice, and I decided to collaborate our        (when she’s not busy with their two little           series (by several authors)
experiences with home education into a          girls, Kaylee and Avalon).                        •	 The All American History series (by
simple book. Although I was new to the             Our business is a ministry that my hus-           Celeste Rakes)
homeschooling field myself (and hardly          band and I enjoy doing together. We love          •	 Illuminations—a literature/language
felt qualified to write on the topic) the       traveling and meeting people. I love to              arts program, which uses our history
publication of The Unofficial Guide to          speak and Bob has such a servant’s heart             books as its spine
Homeschooling in Delaware was a huge            for helping homeschooling parents in our          And there are many more in the works!
help to many families. This was a great         booth at conferences. He also takes care of       In the past few years, we’ve seen a no-
learning experience for me.                     the business finances, freeing me to write     ticeable shift in the needs of our custom-
   The next year brought my first invita-       and be creative. It’s also been so encourag-   ers. For one thing, people have recently
tion to speak at a homeschool support           ing seeing Tyler grow as a business man-       seemed more concerned with conserving
group on the topic of geography. Janice         ager, speaker, and writer. He’s taken over     shelf space. To that end, we’ve been em-
was helping me and we worked hard on            many of the areas that I don’t have the time   phasizing our digital products and supple-
developing great handouts. Perhaps we           or energy to run anymore. I always knew        mental materials more. We have recently
went a little overboard on them, because        he had the entrepreneurial bug too!            put out downloadable products such as fol-
instead of a handout, we ended up with             Over the years, through talking with so     derbooks, coloring pages, challenge cards,
our next book: Hands-On Geography.              many families, we’ve noticed three main        notebooking pages, etc. for our history and
(Since then it has been greatly revised and     things that get in people’s way as they ho-    science programs, which have been hugely
expanded.)                                      meschool. We call them the “three home-                           (Continued on page 61)

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                                                                                     Brand New!

  Maps Could Become Your Favorite Part of Teaching

 Pick Your                                                    Print Your
 Features!                                                    Maps!

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                                                                                                     and receive 20% off

   Hundreds of Customizable Maps with Endless Possibilities!
   WonderMaps is a collection of over 350 maps, including 60+ maps of the world, 60+ maps of the USA, 125
   historical maps, and 25 biblical maps. Enjoy easy-to-use layers and customizable features such as creating outline,
   reference, political, and topographical maps; choosing black-and-white or color maps; and including borders,
   rivers, cities, and physical features.
   Discover how much excitement WonderMaps will add to your learning experience!

   www.BrightIdeasPress.com • 877.492.8081
                                                                                                 Requires Adobe Reader 9 or higher
                                                                                                            (free from Adobe.com)
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  Schoolhouse Expo

                     From Desperation to Publication:
                     A Curriculum Is Born
                     by Kim Kautzer, Expo Speaker

     guess you’d call me a veteran.              ter), I let him dictate to me as I wrote down    our dismay, every child in the group strug-
       After 15 years of homeschooling my        his words. This was years before I’d ever        gled. They all needed to go back to the ba-
     three kids through the hills and valleys    heard of Charlotte Mason or the whole            sics, and nothing on our shelves seemed to
of childhood and adolescence, I took down        concept of narration. But it made sense that     hold the key. So we canceled class for two
my shingle when our youngest, Ben, grad-         if he couldn’t write the words himself, all      weeks, scrapped the lesson plans we had
uated from high school in 2003.                  his great ideas would just smolder inside        so carefully crafted over the summer, and
   My children were such different learn-        his busy little brain unless he had an outlet.   started from scratch. We had made a com-
ers. Like their mama, Karah and Janel            By allowing him to dictate his stories and       mitment to teach these children to write,
were pretty much born with a natural             short reports to me (with lots of prodding,      but clearly we had to take a detour.
knack for the written word. They became          prompting, and questions on my part), I
voracious readers from the moment they           was letting Ben express his knowledge            From the Ground Up
figured out how to decipher the code. And        and understanding of the different things           Deb and I needed a plan. Our minds
once they picked up that first pencil to         we were studying—and his creativity with         swirled with goals and ideas, but we felt
                                                                                                  rather clueless about how to achieve them.
                                                                                                  While each of the programs on our shelves
                                                                                                  had merit, not one of them provided every-
      “To our dismay, every child in the group                                                    thing we needed or wanted to help us feel

      struggled. They all needed to go back to                                                    successful at teaching writing. But how
                                                                                                  does one build a writing course from the
       the basics, and nothing on our shelves                                                     ground up?
                                                                                                     We began—as good writers often do—
             seemed to hold the key.”                                                             with a brainstorming session in which we
                                                                                                  dreamed up a wish list of components for
                                                                                                  our “ideal” writing class:
                                                                                                    •	 Pre-writing games to get creative
scrawl out their earliest sentences, they        oral vocabulary and storytelling grew by              juices flowing
never looked back.                               leaps and bounds.                                  •	 Skill-building activities to equip stu-
   Eager and independent, the girls learned         But by the time he was 12, I had become            dents with new writing tools
with ease and progressed quickly through         more desperate to see some independence            •	 Creative, varied writing exercises
their lessons. But Ben—my fidgety, ac-           in this area. So even though we had no idea           with clearly defined expectations
tive, kinesthetic little guy—was a pea           what we were doing, my friend Debbie               •	 Incremental lessons that built upon
in a much different pod. Like a sponge,          and I committed to teach a writing class              previously learned material
he soaked up facts about volcanoes and           for a handful of homeschoolers. Our class          •	 Writing checklists to help students
black bears and Pilgrims, but when the           launched in September 1997, and believe               edit their own work
time came for learning to read and write,        me, I was nervous. What did I know about           •	 A simple evaluation tool to help us
he couldn’t catch on.                            teaching writing? I’m one of those intuitive          grade final drafts objectively
   I was at a loss, because what had worked      types for whom writing comes easily. But I          Our new plan was in place, and class
for my daughters was failing me miserably        had no idea how to help others learn what I      began afresh. We prepared lesson plans
now. Lord knows, I tried. I found myself         know and do what I do.                           and activities as well as homework as-
starting and stopping again and again, fi-          Still, Deb and I were enthusiastic and        signments, and we designed checklists and
nally realizing that my son just wasn’t          expectant. That Tuesday morning, we              grading keys to suit our needs.
wired to learn traditionally at this season in   greeted our little class with their first as-       Deb and I had no intention whatsoever of
his life. I had to let go of my expectations,    signment: a five-sentence paragraph. But         writing a curriculum. After spending hours
which meant asking God to help me teach          our high hopes met reality face to face          together in person and by phone, we were
in a way that met the needs of my auditory,      when we sat down with those composi-             relieved just to hammer out one lesson at a
hands-on boy.                                    tions later that day.                            time by Monday at midnight! But in a mat-
                                                    “Oh, man!” we squeaked. “What have            ter of weeks—when writing finally began
Looking for Answers                              we gotten ourselves into?”                       to click for every student in the class—we
  Since Ben had such a hard time hold-              And it wasn’t just our own reluctant          knew we’d struck gold.
ing a pencil (or sitting still, for that mat-    boys whose efforts cried out for help. To                          (Continued on page 60)

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From Desperation to Publication: A Curriculum Is Born
(Continued from page 58)

   Within two years, as our class waiting      sons for our newest series, WriteShop             •	 Take advantage of viral marketing
list soared to 50, parents started asking      Junior. Filled with fun, creative ideas for          opportunities such as the TOS Re-
us to write a teacher’s guide and turn our     teaching writing, WriteShop Junior has               view Crew. Because the homeschool
ideas into a curriculum so they could teach    been receiving high marks among home-                blogging community is so active,
it at home. “Ha!” we scoffed. “That’s for      school families currently testing the les-           word about a favorite new product
real authors.”                                 sons. We plan to release WriteShop Junior            or method can spread like wildfire as
   But the seeds had been planted. And         Books D and E in 2011.                               bloggers link to curriculum websites
when a trusted friend with much experience                                                          or reviews.
as a curriculum counselor gave our thick       Making Sense of Marketing                          In addition to purposeful marketing, I’ve
stack of lessons her stamp of approval, we       Debbie and I are not born businesswom-        found it helpful to become a speaker. Pre-
set to work on a teacher’s manual. Eventu-     en, and we’ve had to learn as we go. The        senting sessions at homeschool conven-
ally we published our first set of materials   world of printing, publishing, and market-      tions over the past eight years has enabled
for junior high and high school students:      ing was new to us, but we knew we needed        me to bring encouragement and support
WriteShop I and WriteShop II.                  to get the word out about our books.            and share my expertise with many who
                                                 A small but growing publishing business       struggle to teach writing at home. I’ve also
New Ventures                                   such as WriteShop has limited resources         enjoyed coming alongside homeschoolers
  Even as our young company was mak-           for advertising, so we’ve tried to think of     through articles I write for various blogs
ing headway in the homeschool curriculum       creative ways to get the most for our mon-      and magazines.
market, neither Debbie nor I ever expected     ey. Over the years, we’ve invested time
to write or publish any more books. Yet in     learning how to:                                Necessity Is the Mother
                                                                                               of Invention
                                                                                                  If anyone had bothered to ask me 14
           “But as they say, “Necessity is the                                                 years ago what I planned to “do” with my
                                                                                               life when I was done homeschooling, I may
         mother of invention.” And for Debbie                                                  have rolled out a list of unfinished projects

         and me, necessity came in the shape                                                   I’d finally have time to complete, stacks of
                                                                                               books I longed to read, or the conversation-
          of those two 12-year-old boys who                                                    al Spanish class I yearned to take.
                                                                                                  I would certainly never have said, “I
                simply could not write.”                                                       think I’ll write a curriculum for home-
                                                                                               schoolers.” Nor would I have ever dared to
                                                                                               say, “I’d like to speak at conventions and
2007 we spread our wings again and intro-        •	 Develop a website and optimize it for      equip parents to teach their kids to write.”
duced a new product line—StoryBuilders              search engines. Many new custom-           My dreams didn’t allow for the possibil-
E-Books—offering printable writing                  ers learn about WriteShop through a        ity that something I put my hand to would
prompt cards to help families add some              friend, but over half find us by search-   become a topic of conversation on Inter-
pizzazz to writing time.                            ing Google for “writing curriculum”        net discussion boards, or that homeschool
   WriteShop Primary, a writing series for          or “homeschool writing program.”           bookstores would one day stock their
K–3, followed during the next couple of          •	 Write a blog that offers encourage-        shelves with books that have my name in
years. This was our first experience part-          ment, teaching tips, and free writing      the byline.
nering with another author, the amazing             lessons for homeschool moms. The              But as they say, “Necessity is the
Nancy I. Sanders. We also learned to col-           poetry lessons and articles about          mother of invention.” And for Debbie
laborate with a graphic artist and an il-           teaching reluctant writers draw the        and me, necessity came in the shape of
lustrator. In the end, we were thrilled to          most traffic to In Our Write Minds.        those two 12-year-old boys who simply
produce an eye-catching, hands-on cur-           •	 Advertise wisely (we currently run         could not write.
riculum that helps parents introduce the            print ads in TOS magazine and ad-             This story ends well. By high school
writing process to little ones gently and           vertise on a few homeschool-focused        graduation, Ben had become quite a deep
effectively.                                        websites, and we watch for other           thinker, avid reader, and strong, articulate
   Now that we have writing materials for           special opportunities as they arise).      writer. Now 25, our once-struggling son is
early elementary ages, junior high, and          •	 Participate in cross-promos with other     a Ph.D. candidate studying “to show [him]
high school, it only makes sense to fill the        homeschooling companies.                   self approved unto God, a workman that
gap by developing products for middle- to        •	 Join the social-networking sphere          needeth not to be ashamed, rightly divid-
upper-elementary ages too, so we’ve been            via Twitter and a WriteShop Face-          ing the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15).
keeping Nancy Sanders busy writing les-             book page.                                 The very subjects that dogged him as a

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60 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine                              www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory
                                                                                          Bright Ideas Press
                                                                                          (Continued from page 56)

child—reading and writing—have become                                                     popular. Additionally, people have been
his passion. I thank God that he encour-                                                  looking for programs that are simple and
                                                   Providing the following online
aged me to let Ben be Ben, and that when                                                  don’t require a tremendous amount of plan-
the time came, He showed me a new way                         courses:                    ning on their part. To that end, we’ve put
to help my son learn.                                                                     out a new program called Illuminations,
                                                          Dyslexia In-Depth              which is an all-in-one curriculum that ties
WriteShop Turns 10                                        Reading Comprehension          together history, Bible, geography, litera-
   Many times during this wild WriteShop                                                  ture, and language arts chronologically.
adventure, we’ve felt like we were barrel-                Special Education              We have received great feedback about this
ing down the rapids, but God has remained                  Advocacy                       product. Parents really appreciate having a
faithfully in control of our little boat. Along           Orton-Gillingham               detailed yet flexible schedule that they can
the way, we’ve been encouraged through                                                    use with a wide age range.
many testimonials of homeschooling fami-                  Tutor Training
                                                                                            Our Lord has blessed us beyond measure.
lies who have successfully used WriteShop                                                 Often, I simply stand back in wonder at all
materials with their children. There’s noth-         Our courses are ideal for any        the Father has done for us. It has certainly
ing so satisfying or fulfilling as knowing         parent, teacher, guardian, tutor       not been easy—sometimes it’s been very
we’ve had a hand in helping inspire so              or anyone who is interested in        difficult and humbling. But we’ve tried to
many successful writers.                                                                  keep our eyes on our Lord and Savior Jesus
   2011 marks WriteShop’s tenth anni-               learning more about dyslexia,
                                                                                          Christ and to follow His will for our family
versary as a company. These days, with                   how to remediate it.             and our company. He has brought us from
WriteShop users in all 50 states as well          Additionally, graduate credits are      the first year of homeschooling to the pres-
as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great                                                  ent year of our business, and we know He
                                                  available through the University
Britain, and beyond, Debbie and I still                                                   will keep us in His hands forever.
pinch ourselves now and then to make sure                   of San Diego.                   It’s our privilege to be a part of your ho-
this is real. We don’t have all the answers,                                              meschooling journey! Please let us know if
but we can offer tools to teach and evalu-         Some perks of online courses:          there’s any way we can serve you.
ate writing in a parent-friendly, step-by-
step manner. And while we may appear to                   Log on any time                  Maggie Hogan & Tyler Hogan
be “writing gurus” to some, in truth we’re                Go at your own pace              www.BrightIdeasPress.com
a couple of ordinary homeschool moms                                                        contact@BrightIdeasPress.com
who stumbled out of obscurity because                     Ask questions any time           Toll Free 877.492.8081
our children had a need. Desperation                      Live chats with the
yielded to creativity, creativity gave way                 instructors                    Maggie Hogan is an author and speaker
to potential, and potential became reality:                                               who lives in Dover, Delaware, with her hus-
WriteShop.                                                A chance to meet other         band, Bob. They are the founders of Bright
                                                           parents and teachers           Ideas Press. When not reading or playing
Author and speaker Kim Kautzer loves                       who are interested in          with her granddaughters, you can find Mag-
to help parents feel more confident about                                                 gie drooling over travel magazines.
                                                           dyslexia or may have a
teaching writing. The co-author of Write-
Shop, she now helps develop and publish                    child with dyslexia            Tyler Hogan (Maggie’s son) is the office
new products for the company. Kim and                     Instructors with               manager at Bright Ideas Press. He is a
her husband homeschooled for 15 years.                                                    husband, father, teacher, writer, speaker,
                                                           extensive experience
They live in Southern California, where                                                   world traveler, mime, and graduate of Bel-
they enjoy their empty nest and six spunky                 and education about            haven University. He and his wife, Helen,
grandchildren. Kim blogs about writing at                  dyslexia                       enjoy time with their daughters, reading,
www.writeshop.com/blog.                                                                   and drinking tea.
                                                          To register and for more



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  Schoolhouse Expo

                     by Dari Mullins, Expo Speaker

     met Maggie Hogan many years ago at a        All American History series for grades           to go! Visually appealing schedules are
     homeschool convention in Boston. We         3–12. With these two popular history se-         provided—use them “as is” or type your
     were both speaking there and I felt es-     ries as spines, Illuminations schedules ad-      own entries in the blocks. They are cus-
pecially blessed to be spending time with a      ditional subjects, including everything ex-      tomizable!
“veteran” homeschooler whom I respected          cept math. Bible, language arts (grammar,           Choose the elements you want to use—
and admired. We had a great time sharing         writing, copywork/dictation, spelling, and       just history and literature or all the disci-
ideas and stories. It turns out we think a lot   vocabulary), literature, science, humani-        plines—your choice! Either way, your cur-
alike. (In fact, she said I was the only other   ties (poetry, theatre, music, and art), geog-    riculum elements are completely scheduled
speaker she had ever met who also spoke          raphy, history, and life skills are all either   for you. We’ve chosen curriculum you can
on both geography and poetry!) She asked         scheduled based on existing curriculum           just pick up and use.
if I would be willing to help her with a new     (for example, WriteShop®) or were written           Our literature guides are the best avail-
project down the road. Of course I jumped        expressly for Illuminations (for example,        able. They include discussion questions
at the chance.                                   our Bible and literature study guides).          and activities for all learning styles. The
   Several years later, our paths crossed           When designing Illuminations, the core        literature study guides provide questions,
again at another homeschool convention           team had several ideas to make the curricu-      discussion generators, applicable Scripture,
in Florida. She shared again her vision for      lum unique:                                      activities, and vocabulary words. They are
                                                                                                  companions to the literature selections,
                                                                                                  written to walk with you through each
           “The mission is simple: to provide a                                                   book carefully chosen for Illuminations.
                                                                                                  With strong spiritual and literary analysis
          quality program that is customizable                                                    emphasis, these guides help prepare your
                                                                                                  students for college and for life.
             for each individual family while                                                        However, even with the best plans, ho-
          remaining practical, fun, affordable,                                                   meschooling can sometimes feel over-
                                                                                                  whelming. With Illuminations, our online
                    and encouraging.”                                                             community provides you with support and
                                                                                                  encouragement without ever stepping out
                                                                                                  your door. Go ahead; dive in! You CAN
this new curriculum project with me and            •	 The customizable schedule grids             do it!
asked if I would be willing to do market              allow parents to tailor the program            Fun—what is fun about school you
research for it. I agreed and so began a new          to specifically target their children’s     might ask? Well this is where Illumina-
journey for both of us.                               interests and needs.                        tions wants to help! Not all education will
   After extensive market research and             •	 Learning-style friendly: We include         be fun, but we designed Illuminations to
much prayer, Bright Ideas Press deter-                many ideas for kinesthetic, visual, and     help you build “fun time” into your sched-
mined that the product idea was both vi-              audio learners.                             ule. We have all kinds of doable activities
able and needed. They asked me to join the         •	 Paper trails for record keeping.            that help make memories. These things in-
team as Project Manager. We assembled a            •	 Summer enrichment literature guides.        clude simple items such as audio and video
core team of four (now five) people, with a        •	 Parent support.                             suggestions to reinforce your studies, or
combined 35+ years of homeschooling ex-            The authors and designers for this proj-       simply having great read-aloud and discus-
perience, to oversee this massive project.       ect are qualified people who include ho-         sion time questions (and answers—which
We meet several times a year at various          meschool parents, homeschool graduates,          makes it easier on Mom!) that encourage
locations for marathon planning sessions.        professors, clergy, and others with vast ex-     thoughtful responses.
Thank goodness for technology . . . or we        perience in their chosen fields. With many          There are projects that require a little
would all have to move to Delaware!              of the authors using the product, we are         more time and effort but provide lots of fun
   The mission is simple: to provide a qual-     walking alongside each other in this home-       time for you and your children. These in-
ity program that is customizable for each        schooling journey.                               clude things such as fun games, building a
individual family while remaining practi-          Each year is available in a single down-       model of a Chinese invention, or making a
cal, fun, affordable, and encouraging. Il-       load and includes a wealth of practical          costume based on a favorite character from
luminations is an all-inclusive curriculum       schedules and useful information. Simply         that week’s literature.
based on The Mystery of History and the          load it on your computer and you are ready                         (Continued on page 69)

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              Since 1992 we’ve provided user-friendly resources for homeschoolers.
                                    Now We’re Excited to Present
                                        Our Brightest Idea Yet...

            Practical                       Fun                   Affordable                        Encouraging
      We can do this!               We can enjoy this!         We can get this!                    We’re not alone!

                 Illuminations is:                   What people are saying about Illuminations:
        An all-inclusive curriculum based on        “We have just entered week 10 of both MOH 1 and ILM 1 - and we
        The Mystery of History and                  are LOVING it! I really want to communicate just how much these
                                                    tools are affecting my life and walk with the Lord, as well as that of
        All American History series.                my 11-year-old daughter.”
        The program includes:
                                                    “The Family Study Guides alone are worth at least triple the
        »    Bible          »      Mom Support      money! I didn’t realize how great those Graphic Organizers are! It’s
                                                    amazing how it has helped my son to write out his answers and
        »    Literature     »      Language Arts    thoughts in a much more structured and understandable way.”
        »    Science               • Grammar
        »    Humanities            • Writing        “Having tried to use another curriculum, I’m looking forward to a
                                                    program that looks much more realistic for my family!”
        »    Geography             • Copywork
        »    History               • Spelling       “Thank you so much for everything. I love Illuminations and MOH.
                                                    My school time is much happier now and I’m spending quality
        »    Life Skills           • Vocabulary     time with my kids rather than yelling at them to get their work
        »    Projects                               done. My husband has also noticed the happy difference in our

                           Your Complete, Chronological, Customizable
                                 Guide to a Christian Education!

  Years 1, 2, & 3 available now!   For a literature list and free samples go to
  3rd-8th Grade or High School
  Call toll-free 877.492.8081
  On CD or as a Digital Download

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  Schoolhouse Expo

                    A True Tale
                     by Diana Waring, Expo Speaker

         nce upon a time, there was a vi-       musicians and I) decided to send us to sev-    Gifts to be their representatives in the Mid-
         sionary girl named Diana and a         eral more conventions that year.               west. Packing our three children and two
         steadfast boy named Bill. At the          Going to these conventions was fun, not     dogs into the minivan, pulling behind us a
time of their marriage, their prayer to the     profitable. And they were educational, as      U-Haul trailer filled with books, we began
One who had called them together was            well. We met people like David and Shir-       our vagabond lifestyle of traveling, exhib-
simple: “Lord, teach us to live by faith.”      ley Quine, who had been homeschooling          iting, and speaking at homeschool events.
  From that point, things got complicated.      much longer than we had. Their approach        Though it was sometimes fun, it was still
  If she had had any idea what God’s an-        was so richly relational and warmly in-        unprofitable.
swer to that prayer would entail, I don’t       teractive that it challenged my very con-         It began to dawn on us somewhere dur-
think she would have had the courage to         cept of education. Inspired by what I had      ing this time that the difficulties we faced
pray it. Thank God, she didn’t know.            seen and learned in interactions with the      might be connected to that prayer, “Lord,
  Fast forward ten years. Three children—       Quine family, we began a new chapter           teach us to live by faith.”
homeschooled from birth because their           in our own homeschooling, moving from             Reading about the heroes in the “Hall of
mother read a Dr. Raymond Moore book—           a dreary plodding through textbooks to         Faith” of Hebrews 11, I began to recognize
two dogs, and two mortgages later, a friend     an intriguing adventure in real books and      that these folks had lived through impos-
suggested that I teach a workshop at our        experiences. Tuning in to our children’s       sible circumstances before they saw the
local homeschool convention. Little know-       questions and studying to understand what      promises fulfilled. That’s the point—faith
ing that this was the first step on a path      delighted their hearts led to some memora-     is the substance of things hoped for, the
around the world, my proposal to the or-        ble—if rather offbeat—learning experienc-      evidence of things not seen.
ganizers was an off-the-wall idea that was      es. “Why do steel ships float?” had never
interesting to me: how to learn American        entered my mind, but when my son really        His Ways Are Not Our Ways
history through its folk music. When they       wanted to know, the quest for answers be-         In 1995 at a point when we were ear-
                                                                                               nestly searching for a better career/life-
                                                                                               style, it became crystal clear that the path
                                                                                               we were trying to get off was the one
                                                                                               God had set us on. It went something like
          “Lord, teach us to live by faith.”                                                   this, “You have been given a business.
                                                                                               It’s time to treat it like a business.” Sigh.
      From that point, things got complicated.                                                 Thus, Diana Waring—History Alive!,
                                                                                               with its few books and tapes, was born.
                                                                                               (Due to an unexpected and threatened
                                                                                               lawsuit over the name “History Alive!”
                                                                                               several years ago, we changed our busi-
agreed to this proposal, I suddenly realized    came a fun detour for a few weeks. The         ness name to Diana Waring Presents!
that the research necessary to pull this off    results, after hands-on experiments and        That experience turned out for our good,
might be easily turned into a booklet, and      wild stories from history, were absolutely     however, because we met our copyright
that some local friends with a studio might     riveting: bright and interested kids who re-   attorney, Susan Spann.)
join me in creating the accompanying folk       ally and truly said, “Do we get to do school      If someone had asked me when I was
song recording.                                 again today?”                                  younger if I wanted to be a business own-
                                                                                               er, I would have emphatically replied, “No
Fools Rush in Where Angels Fear                 When Life Hands You Lemons . . .               way!” Routine schedules, taxes, and mail
to Tread                                           When a series of unpleasant circum-         order all sounded incredibly boring. But
  I had no concept of how much work this        stances pushed us back to my husband’s         obedience opens doors to an abundant life
would be. Through the mercy of God and          hometown in South Dakota, we did not see       beyond your wildest dreams.
many long nights, we somehow managed            this as the hand of God leading us along the      Much to my surprise, this path has taken
to gather up all of the barely finished piec-   next step of answered prayer. It felt crazy    us beyond the borders of North America—
es just in time for the convention. To my       to move to a town with few opportunities       all the way to Thailand and Hungary, to
amazement, this “History Alive! Through         for employment, but this was what opened       Korea and Scotland, to Australia and Eng-
Music” booklet and tape sold so well that       our hearts to the casual invitation from Bob   land . . . and to New Zealand for a seven-
the partnership of Hear & Learn (the studio     and Tina Farewell of Lifetime Books &          month sojourn.

64 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine
64 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine                              www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory
The Key to Education Is                         chronologies, and told stories from the re-       Linda Schneider). These incredible people,
Relationship                                    search to spellbound audiences throughout         along with the countless ones I haven’t
   It was during this 1999 Down-Under           the U.S. and Canada.                              named, have provided wisdom, encourage-
trip that I met Rosalie Pedder, a brilliant       In 1994 at the advice of a friend, we re-       ment, counsel, prayer, and laughter. We
Christian educator from New Zealand,            corded these stories and released a series        wouldn’t be here today if it had not been
who became my mentor. With a passion-           of world history tapes. Not knowing what          for them.
ate and practical knowledge gained from         to call the series, I asked our dear friends        Looking back, we see the unmistak-
teaching around the world, Rosalie had
experienced firsthand how God made each
person smart—in his or her own way. She
fervently believed that non-Western stu-
dents could become brain surgeons just
                                                            “I was opening the doors to a love
like their Western counterparts, as long                    of learning for all different styles of
as they were taught in a way that honored
their unique approach and culture and with                   learners so they could thrive, not
methods that drew them deeply into the
subject. In other words, if they were taught                          merely survive.“
relationally, with dignity and respect, they
could learn anything. Her commitment to
bring “the glory of God” to the classroom,
and her determination to make education         from Five in a Row, Steve and Jane Lam-           able hand of the Lord leading us on this
available to all—regardless of learning         bert, for help. Steve’s brainstorm “What in       journey to serve homeschooling families.
style or ethnic background—passed to me         the World’s Going On Here?” became our            The mistakes are ours; the grace is His.
and became foundational to our work and         award-winning, number-one bestseller.             And I would not have missed this living-
ministry.                                          Fifteen years after that original booklet      by-faith adventure for all the coffee in
   My book Beyond Survival, developed           and audiotape on American history, I had          Seattle!
over the course of hundreds of conversa-        written three world history study guides,
tions with struggling homeschool moms           two books on homeschooling, and had                  Diana Waring, author of Beyond Sur-
at conventions, intrigued Rosalie. She          recorded more than twenty-five audio              vival, Reaping the Harvest, and the His-
told me that reading it had tremendously        tapes. Planning to move on to greener             tory Revealed series, discovered years ago
encouraged her because she saw that what        (and easier) pastures, I was stunned by           that “the key to education is relationship.”
she was doing for adult learners, I was do-     God’s clear direction to go back and do it        Diana homeschooled her children through
ing for children—opening the doors to a         all over again. He showed us in unargu-           high school—providing her the real-life
love of learning for all different styles of    able ways that our world history products         opportunities to learn how kids learn.
learners so they could thrive, not merely       required revision and expansion for a new         Mentored by educators whose focus was to
survive.                                        generation of homeschoolers and Chris-            honor Him who created all learners, and
                                                tian schools.                                     with an international background (born
He’s Got the Whole World in                                                                       in Germany, university degree in French,
His Hands                                       Anything worth doing is worth                     lifelong student of world history), Diana
   Meanwhile, the American history book-        doing well                                        has been enthusiastically received by audi-
let and tape had given rise to a whole new         It hadn’t dawned on me how long doing          ences on four continents.
way of learning history: a multi-disciplin-     well would take on a project of this size and
ary approach that included not only music       complexity. After slightly more than seven
but geography, literature, science, drama,      years of revisions, the final piece of the His-
even cooking! No longer content to mere-        tory Revealed series is nearly finished.
ly focus on American history, I plunged            After our children graduated and stepped
headlong into a panoramic study of world        on to the path of their own adventures, my
history, beginning with Creation.               husband and I continued to work togeth-
   As a little girl, I used to constantly get   er as a pas de deux—a dance of two. By
in trouble for reading books at night. And      God’s grace, though, we have been en-
for talking too much. Though struggling to      circled by a fantastic network of support
chart out the chronologies of the kings and     from our publishers (Answers in Genesis,
queens of England from encyclopedias did        Apologia Ministries, Emerald Books), and
not get me in trouble, it was an odd thing      our friends (including Dr. Jay Wile, Paul
for a 10-year-old to do. But God’s design       and Gena Suarez, Clay and Sally Clarkson,
in this learner became increasingly clear as,   Eric and Joyce Burges, Jay and Heidi St.
thirty years later, I devoured books, charted   John, Derek and Cheryl Carter, Bob and

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  Schoolhouse Expo

                     A Father of Vision
                     by Norm Wakefield, Expo Speaker

    magine the following scenario. Eight         God’s Vision Is to Make Us                     have the same root word. We draw great
    junior high boys are placed in a gymna-      Like Christ                                    security from the verses in the Bible con-
    sium for one hour with a football, bas-         Our confidence with God is based on the     taining the word predestine because these
ketball, soccer ball, and ten 8” rubber balls.   same principle. From beginning to end,         assure us of God’s vision.
There are no adults and no vision is given to    when God puts His brush to your canvas,           Isn’t it amazing to think that God put
them. What do you think would happen?            every action occurs to fulfill His vision      a restraint upon Himself with regards to
   What happens when no one has jurisdic-        to make you like Jesus Christ, if you are      all of His children? Remember, vision
tion and any group of people lack vision?        His. We are told in Ephesians 2:10 that “      provides restraint. His wrath does not fit
It’s devastating. Proverbs 29:18 explains it     . . . we are His workmanship, created in       within the vision; therefore we need not
well. “Where there is no vision, the people      Christ Jesus unto good works, which God        fear His wrath. In contrast, God’s vision
perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy       hath before ordained that we should walk       for His Son was that He would bear the
is he.” The primary purpose of the one who       in them.” I am so glad my salvation does       wrath of sin, therefore God’s vision pre-
has jurisdiction is to give vision or revela-    not depend upon my workmanship. How            determined that Jesus would bear the full
tion of what is right. That’s what made          about you?                                     force of God’s judgment against sin. That
the nation of Israel so different from other        From God’s perspective, his purpose or      is our peace as Christians. We are assured
nations. Until Jesus came, they were the         vision predetermines His every act. This       that nothing happens in our lives apart
                                                                                                from God’s purpose for us. Whether trials,
                                                                                                persecutions, affliction, wealth, comfort,
        “The father who leads his family with                                                   and pleasures in this life, everything in the
                                                                                                life of the believer is understood to have a
       vision from God’s Word provides them                                                     sanctifying purpose. As long as I evaluate
                                                                                                and respond to all the affairs of life from
       with a basis for security and happiness.”                                                that vision, I have peace and grace. When
                                                                                                I don’t, I suffer.

only people on the planet to whom God re-        principle of vision in concept is contained    Natural Man’s Vision Is His Own
vealed Himself. That revelation (the Law,        in the word predestined. To some, this is a    Happiness and Comfort
the Prophets, and the Writings) provided         frightening word, however, it’s not a word       As it is with God, our words and actions
restraint to Israel and gave them a basis for    of which to be afraid or troubled because      reveal our vision. All of our actions relate
security and happiness.                          it’s a word that communicates security. The    directly to our vision. Without vision from
   The man in the flow of God’s Word has         Greek word for predestine is prohoridzo.       God we are unrestrained. That is why we
the right and responsibility to speak God’s      You’ll notice the root word horidzo is the     get confused, bitter, angry, and despair-
vision, His revelation to the family. If a       base for our English word horizon. It there-   ing. To us, life is viewed through our vi-
man doesn’t have vision for his family, you      fore means “to mark off or to put a bound-     sion for life and history—our own comfort
can count on it—Satan does! However, the         ary around.” No matter where we go, the        and happiness. Every situation is viewed
father who leads his family with vision          horizon goes with us. We’re always in the      through the filter of our own purposes and
from God’s Word provides them with a ba-         middle of it. That’s how it is with vision.    goals. We even evaluate people’s actions
sis for security and happiness.                  The acts of God or a person are always in      in light of ourselves, as if we were God.
                                                 the center of the vision.                      Such is the effect of sin.
What Is Vision?                                     We might think of God’s vision this           How easy it is to get offended at others
   I’ve found it helpful to think of vision      way. He has revealed that His vision for       who don’t have the same vision we do—
as the perspective of heart that produces        all of His people is conformity to Jesus       making ourselves happy and comfort-
purposes or goals from which all words           Christ. This vision restrains all His ac-      able. This is why man is hostile to God
and actions flow. Lets take an artist for        tions toward us. Therefore we read in Ro-      and we are at enmity with each other. Sin
example. His vision of his work prede-           mans 8:28–29 that “ . . . all things work      has so controlled man’s heart and ruined
termines his actions. The painter sees a         together for good to them that love God,       his soul that his vision alienates him from
picture in his mind previous to any brush-       to them who are the called according to        God and others. Without a work by God’s
stroke on a canvas. Every touch of the           His purpose.” We could say Christ-like-        Spirit, man will always be in conflict with
brushstroke of the painter is dictated, pre-     ness is their destiny. Notice the connec-      God’s vision.
determined by his vision.                        tion between predestine and destiny. They                       (Continued on page 68)

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                      Resources for Relationships
                                      Books, DVD’s, CD’s, and MP3’s
   Equipped to Love: Idolatry-Free Relationships
  Equipping Men: Practical Tools for Life’s Issues
Teenagers 101: Practical Help in Challenging Times
             Marriage for God’s Glory
          Walking Worthy Series for Men
            Looking Up: Faith At Work

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A Father of Vision
(Continued from page 66)

What Vision Principles May Be                   sion for the family is, the lack of vision        When we view the tests and trials of life
Learned?                                        has left the family to the loudest and most     as “God’s vision tests,” we will respond
   Understanding how vision works, we are       demanding person. God did not intend for        differently to them than when we view
able to draw some conclusions and articu-       fathers to abdicate the leadership of the       them as interruptions and roadblocks to our
late some vision principles we may apply        family to their wives and children. It is a     plans and desires. Children have always
to all of life in general, but our to our fa-   sign of God’s judgment when women and           been powerful tools in the hands of God
thering in particular.                          children rule because fathers have been ab-     to test fathers. They constantly check us
   Everyone functions with vision. The          sent or unclear about God’s vision for the      to see if we are fulfilling our jurisdictional
question we all face is whether we will         family (Is. 3:12).                              responsibilities and leading with God’s vi-
function with our own vision or that given                                                      sion for the family.
by another. This principle has already been     How to Be a Father of Vision                    Troubleshooting With Vision
explained, but remember, everyone’s de-           You’ll discover things at home will go        Principles
fault function is selfishness.                  much easier and more peacefully if you            Here are some questions that help trou-
   Vision predetermines all actions.            will take the time to listen to the members     bleshoot problems when they arise:
When we don’t understand someone, it            of your family and together develop vision        •	 Am I in di-vision with God?
helps to think in these terms: I appar-         annually, semi-annually, monthly, weekly,         •	 Is God shaking my own vision
ently don’t understand his vision. There-       and daily. It doesn’t take as much time as it        through this individual or situation?
fore, I’ll inquire by asking questions to       may seem, especially when you think about         •	 What is my vision, and have I articu-
discover his vision. Also, if my words and      the advantages and benefits to be gained             lated the vision clearly?
actions are being misunderstood, clarify-       from the time expenditure. You probably           •	 What is the other person’s vision?
ing my vision will give others a basis for      do it at work! Why not at home?                   •	 How is God using this di-vision to
understanding.                                                                                       make us like Christ?
   The one who has jurisdiction must give       God’s Vision Test                                 •	 How can I gently and lovingly correct
clear vision according to God’s word.              Perhaps you can imagine this demon-               someone’s vision, which is in conflict
The person who will have to give an ac-         stration. I’m holding a cup of orange juice          with mine?
count to God for the jurisdiction has the re-   and ask my wife to take my wrist and shake        •	 Can we come to the same vision?
sponsibility to give God’s vision for those     it. When she does, of course, orange juice
in his jurisdiction. This requires humility,    sloshes out of the cup on both of us and        Correcting a Problem
knowledge of God’s Word, and prayer. It         on the floor. Question: Why is there orange        Where you haven’t been giving vision or
is a husband’s and father’s responsibility      juice on the floor and us? Answer: Because      have been in error, you need to confess it,
to give God’s vision to his family and ex-      there was orange juice in the cup. Lesson:      apologize, and ask forgiveness. If you have
pose and remove all di-vision. Where there      Whatever you are filled with will come out      allowed your wife and children to rule the
is uni-vision, there will be peace with God     when your cup is shaken.                        family and have not given vision for a long
and one another, security, happiness, and a        What comes out of you when your cup is       time, then be patient after you have first
sense of order.                                 shaken? Usually we react to the agent God       begun your repentance. To begin leading
   All conflict is a collision of visions.      uses to shake our cups, don’t we? How-          with vision, you’ll want to show how your
Conflict occurs when two or more people         ever, understanding the vision principles       vision relates to God’s Word. If someone
in any union (marriage and family), organi-     above, we can view such an event entirely       has rejected God’s order and your vision,
zation (work force or church), or team have     differently. There are sinful and selfish at-   then humbly lead her (or him) through the
different visions. Where there is no vision,    titudes within me that must be put to death     process of evaluating her relationship to
the people are unrestrained. This concept is    if Christ is to fill me. My goal in life is     God’s vision. Depending upon what God
clearly explained in the word division: di-     for Jesus Christ to come out of me when         wishes to accomplish through this conflict,
meaning two and -vision meaning purpose         I’m shaken. When the Holy Spirit wants          she may or may not respond. If she does,
or goal. For example, if a father doesn’t       to sanctify me and lead me to put to death      then you can forgive her and lead her to
provide vision for his wife and four chil-      a flesh hindrance in my life, how does He       confess, apologize, and submit to God’s vi-
dren, then everyone in his jurisdiction will    put it on the table for me to see? He allows    sion for her life.
develop his or her own vision. The chances      someone to shake my cup by acting con-             Father in heaven, make us fathers with
for conflict escalate exponentially.            trary to my vision!                             Your vision.
   Where the vision is absent or unclear,          I’ve heard it said, “If you can be offend-      This is my prayer for you. You may learn
the most assertive person will provide vi-      ed, then count on it, God will allow others     more about vision from the Equipping
sion. I’m amazed at the number of families      to offend you until you can’t be offended       Men Series or Walking Worthy as Fathers,
being led by teenagers or children because      and Jesus’ love comes out.” This is liber-      which are available at www.spiritofelijah.
they are the most assertive members of a        ating. I can view every relationship as an      com. Norm will be presenting this message
family. Because parents are either too busy     opportunity to love and every event as an       in the upcoming Schoolhouse Expo.
to lead or haven’t known what God’s vi-         opportunity to trust.

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   Norm Wakefield is the founder of The              We have included challenging projects           •	 ILM 1: http://groups.yahoo.com/
Spirit of Elijah Ministries, International and    for those of you who like more involved,              group/Illuminations1/
has ministered to homeschoolers around the        hands-on activities. Some of these proj-           •	 ILM 2: http://groups.yahoo.com/
world since 1992. Norm and his wife, Alma,        ects include putting together a Power-                group/IlluminationsYear2/
have four children and fourteen grandchil-        Point presentation, making some of the             •	 ILM 3: http://groups.yahoo.com/
dren, all of whom live in the greater San         recipes used in the readings, or making               group/IlluminationsYear3/
Antonio, Texas, area. Norm’s messages and         models using clay or LEGOs. Illumina-              We have put up lots of how-to and FAQ
workshops equip parents to pass on the            tions provides lots of activities for your       videos on our YouTube® page. Check us
blessings of God to the next generation. Vis-     family to build fun memories of your             out: http://illuminations.brightideaspress.
it his website at www.spiritofelijah.com.         homeschooling years! Catering to all             com/?page_id=11.
                                                  learning styles and personalities, your
                                                  year will be filled with happy, smiling          Dari Mullins, co-author of Galloping the
                                                  children who love learning, hug you fre-         Globe and Cantering the Country, is the
                                                  quently, and don’t mind doing chores . . .       mother of three teenagers. She and her
                                                  (well, maybe not, but at least they won’t        husband, Allen, have taught their chil-
                                                  be bored during school!).                        dren at home since the oldest started kin-
                                                     At Bright Ideas Press, we’re committed        dergarten in 1997. They live in Asheville,
                                                  to providing you with fantastic products at      North Carolina, where Dari teaches co-
                                                  affordable prices. Like you, we try to be        op classes and stays active with the local
                                                  as frugal as we can and pass our savings         community. She is currently working for
                                                  on to you.                                       Bright Ideas Press as the project man-
                                                     We offer Illuminations in two levels:         ager for their new, all-inclusive curricu-
                                                  3rd–8th grade and high school. For fami-         lum, Illuminations.
                                                  lies with students in both levels, we offer
                                                  a discounted “combo pack.” Both levels
                                                  use the same history spine and share a few
                                                  programs (such as English from the Roots
                                                  Up or The Ultimate Geography and Time-
                                                  line Guide, and sometimes read the same
                                                     Illuminations is a downloadable product,
                                                  meaning once we’ve processed your order,
                                                  we’ll send you a download link. If anything
                                                  happens to your computer, just let us know
                                                  and we’ll send you a replacement link (if
  building                                        you’ve registered your product).
  understanding                                      Also, some years of Illuminations are
  Our award-winning K–12 math program
  is building understanding all over the world.   available one semester at a time, meaning
  Learn more at www.MathUSee.com
                                                  you pay half up front, and the remainder
                                                  when you need the second semester.
                                                     If you love Illuminations, join our affili-
                                                  ate program and receive up to a 30% com-
                                                  mission on sales of any of our digital prod-
                                                  ucts. That’s an easy way for your program
                                                  to pay for itself!
                                                     We know homeschooling is hard. And
                                                  it’s even harder to do without support
                                                  and encouragement. Our goal is to help
                                                  provide you with a constructive, helpful,
                                                  and uplifting community of fellow ho-
                                                  meschoolers. Our Facebook® page, blog,
                                                  and Yahoo!® groups are our three biggest
                                                  sources of online encouragement. Great
                                                  conversations are going on all the time—
                                                  check them out!

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  Schoolhouse Expo

                      Making Time for Things That Matter:
                      Everyday Education, LLC, The Story of a Business
                      by Janice Campbell, Expo Speaker

           any families dream of incorporat-       about. I’ve always enjoyed sharing things         with other writers and editors, teaching
           ing a small business into their ho-     I learned, so I ended up writing many ar-         them how to create a profitable business
           meschool experience. It’s an ide-       ticles about homeschooling through high           from home. During that year, I founded
al way to teach entrepreneurship and many          school, teaching literature, teaching writ-       the National Association of Indepen-
other skills, but what does it look like in        ing, becoming a writer, and creating a            dent Writers and Editors (NAIWE.com),
real life? Here’s the story of how one small       learning lifestyle.                               which provides individual websites, ca-
venture began and grew, followed by a few                                                            reer-building teleclasses, and marketing
tips on starting your own small business.            Q: When did your writing and speaking           support to members.
                                                   turn into a business?
  Q: When did you first begin to think of            A: I wrote articles and edited a home-             Q: What does your business look like
having a business?                                 school newsletter and magazine for sev-           today?
  A: It all began with avocados, a little red      eral years, then bought the domain name              A: Since 2008, I’ve offered all my books
wagon, and a serious entrepreneurial bent.         Everyday-Education.com in 2000. I had             as both print books and E-Books. Interest-
Until I felt too old to be seen in public with     accumulated many articles, and wanted a           ingly, when I first began offering E-Books,
my Radio Flyer, I peddled our generous             place to share them, as well as a place to        I sold about one E-Book for every four or
yearly crop of avocados around our Los An-         post answers for the questions I often re-        five print books. Now I sell about three
                                                                                                     E-Books for every print book. People, es-
            “It wasn’t wealth untold, but for a                                                      pecially international customers, love the
                                                                                                     convenience of instant download, plus the
          kid, it wasn’t bad. I learned the value                                                    savings on shipping.

           of creative presentation and pricing                                                         Q: What new projects are you working
                                                                                                     on for the future?
          by size, and my customers got lovely,                                                         A: There’s always more to do! We’re
                                                                                                     working on a new website just for the Ex-
          fresh avocados for their guacamole.”                                                       cellence in Literature curriculum. I envi-
                                                                                                     sion being able to offer it as an online book,
geles neighborhood, averaging about $100           ceived. My son created my first website           with many of the art, music, and research
a year with no overhead. It wasn’t wealth          and I was able to post many of my articles.       resources right on the site. I’m also working
untold, but for a kid, it wasn’t bad. I learned    It was a great learning project for him, as       on the Making Time for Things That Mat-
the value of creative presentation and pric-       well as the start of something big for me.        ter Life Planner, the TimeFrame Timeline,
ing by size, and my customers got lovely,          I’m still using that first site, and it’s grown   a writer’s handbook to go along with Excel-
fresh avocados for their guacamole. One            bigger than we ever anticipated.                  lence in Literature, and a few other things.
neighbor found my budding business so                 Whenever I spoke at homeschool con-
amusing that for many years he’d donate a          ferences, I heard many of the same ques-             Q: What advice can you offer other
bag of fertilizer for the tree so I’d be sure to   tions being asked, so in 2002, I wrote a          families who would like to start a home-
have a lot to sell. That first business experi-    short book called Transcripts Made Easy. I        based business?
ence showed me that it was possible to start       didn’t know how to price things or put up a          A: Start small: If you begin with a mi-
simply and make money from home.                   shopping cart, so I just wrote a description      crobusiness, work only with what you have
                                                   of the book, stuck a price on it, and told        in hand and build the business with its own
   Q: How did you end up writing for ho-           people to email for further information if        profits. That way, you will be able to ex-
meschoolers?                                       they wanted to buy it. They did want it, and      periment on a small scale to find out what
   A: From my earliest days as a bibliophile       the website grew. And grew . . .                  works, and eventually build a profitable
(book lover), I knew that I’d one day write           In 2005, the boys were nearly grown and        business without risking a lot of money or
my own books. While I was waiting for the          I began to write even more. I completed           stressing your family.
right time to get started on fiction, I began      Get a Jump Start on College! A Practical             Always be ready to learn: Make sure
writing and editing for the local home-            Guide for Teens, Evaluate Writing the Easy        you don’t get stuck in the rut of what you
school community. I was homeschooling              Way, and most recently, the Excellence in         knew when you started the business. As
our four sons while caring for my elderly          Literature curriculum for grades 8–12.            an entrepreneur, you need to continually
grandparents, so there was plenty to write            By 2007, I was also doing a lot of work                         (Continued on page 74)

70 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine
70 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine                                   www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory

                                                                                                                                                                                         grades	8-12
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    •	 Self-directed
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       per	school	year

                                                                                                                                                                                         •	 Five	levels	for	
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      •	 Includes	writing

                                                                                                                                                      may	order	online	at:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               and	artistic	context
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               its	literary,	historic,	

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ors	option	available

                                                                                                                                                                                                                •	 Week-by-week	as-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       •	 Nine	4-week	units	
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                •	 Study	literature	in	

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            •	 College	prep;	hon-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Got Easier
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Literature Just
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Teaching Great

                                                                                                                                                      viewers,	 moms	 and	 stu-
                                                                                                                                                      Cathy	 Duffy,	 and	 other	 re-
                                                                                                                                                      what	 Andrew	 Pudewa,	

                                                                                                                                                      context-based	 curriculum	
                                                                                                                                                      by	 Janice	 Campbell.	 You	
                                                                                                                                                      dents	have	to	say	about	this	
                                                                                                                                                        Visit	 our	 website	 to	 see	
                                                                       Excellence in Literature: Reading and Writing Through the Classics
                                                                      Introduction to Literature        Literature and Composition                                         American Literature                                                               British Literature                                                                    World Literature
                                                                 Unit 1: Short Stories             Unit 1: Daniel DeFoe                                          Unit 1: Benjamin Franklin                                  Unit 1: Beowulf                                                                                    Unit 1: Homer
                                                                  •	 Sarah	Orne	Jewett	             Robinson	Crusoe	                                              Autobiography		
                                                                                                                                                                         Unit 2: Geoffrey Chaucer                                                                                                                               The	Odyssey			
                                                                  •	 Edgar	Allen	Poe	                                                                                      Canterbury	Tales	
                                                                                                    Unit 2: Henry David Thoreau      Unit 2: Washington Irving and Henry                                                                                                                                                       Unit 2: Sophocles

                                                                  •	 Guy	de	Maupassant	
                                                                                                     Walden	                         Wadsworth Longfellow                  •	 Prologue                                                                                                                                          Antigone			
                                                                  •	 O.	Henry	                                                        •	 Rip	Van	Winkle                    •	 The	Nun	Priest’s	Prologue	and	Tale
                                                                  •	 Eudora	Welty	                  Unit 3: Alexandre Dumas           •	 The	Legend	of	Sleepy	Hollow	                                                                                                                                                          Unit 3: Virgil
                                                                                                                                                                           •	 The	Reeve’s	Prologue	and	Tale
                                                                  •	 James	Thurber                   The	Count	of	Monte	Cristo	                                                                                                                                                                                                 	The	Aeneid			
                                                                                                                                      •	 Selected	Works			                 •	 The	Pardoner’s	Prologue	and	Tale
                                                                 Unit 2: Jules Verne                Unit 4: Joseph Conrad            Unit 3: James Fenimore Cooper         •	 The	Magistrate’s	Prologue	and	Tale                                                                                                               Unit 4: Dante Alighieri
                                                                   Around	the	World	in	80	Days       Heart	of	Darkness	               The	Last	of	the	Mohicans			          •	 The	 Canon’s	 Yeoman’s	 Prologue	  	                                                                                                              Inferno			
                                                                                                                                                                          and	Tale
                                                                 Unit 3: Mark Twain                 Unit 5: C.S. Lewis               Unit 4: Nathaniel Hawthorne                                                                                                                                                               Unit 5: Miguel de Cervantes
                                                                   A	 Connecticut	 Yankee	 in	 King	 ‘Til	We	Have	Faces	              The	House	of	Seven	Gables			       Unit 3: Edmund Spenser, Sir Gawain,                                                                                                                    Don	Quixote			
                                                                 Arthur’s	Court                                                                                          and the Arthurian Legend
                                                                                                    Unit 6: Willa Cather             Unit 5: Herman Melville                                                                                                                                                                   Unit 6: Victor Hugo
                                                                 Unit 4: Charlotte Bronte                                                                                Unit 4: William Shakespeare
                                                                                                     Death	Comes	for	the	Archbishop	  Moby		Dick		                                                                                                                                                                              Les	Miserables			
                                                                   Jane	Eyre                                                                                               King	Lear			
                                                                                                   Unit 7: William Shakespeare                                   Unit 6: Mark Twain                                                                                                                                            Unit 7: 19th-Century Russian
                                                                 Unit 5: George B. Shaw                                                                                                                Unit 5: John Milton
                                                                                                    Julius	Caesar	                                                The	Adventures	of	Huckleberry	Finn		                                                                                                                         Reader: Selections
                                                                  Pygmalion                                                                                                                             Paradise	Lost			
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                •	 Pushkin,	
                                                                                                   Unit 8: Sir Walter Scott                                      Unit 7: Edith Wharton                                                                                                                                          •	 Dostoyevsky,	
                                                                 Unit 6: Robert Louis Stevenson                                                                                                                             Unit 6: Jane Austen
                                                                                                    Ivanhoe	                                                      House	of	Mirth		
                                                                  Treasure	Island                                                                                                                                            Pride	and	Prejudice	                                                                               •	 Tolstoy,	
                                                                                                   Unit 9: Oscar Wilde                                           Unit 8: F. Scott Fitzgerald                                                                                                                                    •	 Chekov
                                                                 Unit 7: George Orwell                                                                                                                                      Unit 7: Charles Dickens
                                                                                                    The	Importance	of	Being	Earnest                               The	Great	Gatsby                                                                                                                                             Unit 8: Johann Wolfgang Goethe
                                                                  Animal	Farm                                                                                                                                                Great	Expectations	
                                                                                                                                                                 Unit 9: Ernest Hemingway                                   Unit 8: Emily Bronte
                                                                 Unit 8: William Shakespeare                                                                      The	Old	Man	and	the	Sea                                    Wuthering	Heights                                                                                 Unit 9: Isak Dinesen
                                                                  The	Tempest
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Out	of	Africa			
                                                                 Unit 9: Jonathan Swift                                                                                                                                     Unit 9: Virginia Woolf
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             To	the	Lighthouse			

©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine 71
©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine 71
                                                                  Gulliver’s	Travels
  Schoolhouse Expo

                    From Famine to Feast: How I Built My Writing, Editing, and
                    Coaching Business as a Single Homeschooling Mom
                     by Mary Jo Tate, Expo Speaker

        s I look back over twenty-five          project. I also copyedited the seminary’s         mistress, and our divorce was finalized in
        years as an editor (but only the        quarterly magazine. When I applied to             the fall of 2001. One of the first things I did
        past ten as a serious entrepre-         graduate school at the University of South        was call Dr. Bruccoli, and he connected me
neur), I see that my business is a com-         Carolina as my husband’s studies neared           with several publishers as well as having
bination of talent, passion, opportunity,       completion, I sought one of the four edito-       me edit and index his own books. I also
necessity, experience, networking, and          rial assistantships rather than the traditional   edited The Fallacy Detective for Nathaniel
especially God’s providence. The exact          teaching assistantship because I knew that        and Hans Bluedorn, and Laurie Bluedorn
recipe can’t be duplicated, but you can         editing would be more compatible with             became a one-woman, volunteer, word-
apply the essential ingredients to your         staying at home someday with our future           of-mouth marketing machine in the home-
own unique situation.                           children. (At that time I had never even          school publishing community. For several
  When my husband left in 2001, I was           heard of homeschooling.)                          years, at least 75 percent of my work came
shocked, angry, and scared. I was embar-           That morsel of underpaid experience            from Bruccoli or Bluedorn referrals.
rassed to be divorced; for a while I felt       gave me a competitive edge, and I landed             The boys and I received enough child
as though a scarlet D were emblazoned           an assistantship with Professor Matthew           support and alimony to live on for about
on my dress. My sons (ages 9, 6, 4, and 6       J. Bruccoli, the world’s leading expert on        a year while we adjusted to our new life,
months) were bewildered, and their world        F. Scott Fitzgerald, who became my first          and I edited when I could squeeze it in.
was turned upside down. I was deeply            mentor. I had the incredible privilege of         (Total business income for 2001: $455.) In
committed to remaining at home and con-         working with him on the Cambridge Uni-            2002 my ex-husband stopped working for
                                                                                                  five months, and we received zero. When
                                                                                                  he went back to work, his monthly support
           “I tell single moms “Don’t be a lone                                                   to us was only $200. I reluctantly went on
                                                                                                  food stamps and even got groceries and one
         ranger,” and the same principle applies                                                  month’s electricity payment from a nearby
                                                                                                  charity. My parents helped with house and
           to work-at-home moms. Building a                                                       car payments, or we would have been in
               support system is essential.”                                                      serious trouble. We were blessed with a
                                                                                                  loving church that sometimes helped finan-
                                                                                                  cially, and church members often provided
                                                                                                  volunteer child care and home repair, as
tinuing to homeschool them, yet I won-          versity Press edition of The Great Gatsby,        well as gifts of clothing and firewood.
dered how I could support us all finan-         so I can legitimately say I have edited one       Sometimes we received anonymous cash
cially. Slowly I converted my occasional        of the great American novels.                     or gift cards in the mail—providentially
freelance editing to a real business, but I       My first son was born six weeks be-             timed when we needed them most.
had a lot to learn.                             fore I completed my thesis for my M.A.               I knew that something had to change for
   Editing and writing were a natural fit for   in English (Finishing the thesis six weeks        my business to become profitable enough
a lifelong bibliophile and English major, but   before his birth would have been so much          for me to remain at home with my children,
oddly enough, the providential seed of my       smarter!), and we moved back home to              so I started reading business books and at-
business goes all the way back to my fourth-    Mississippi. I did some sporadic freelance        tending business conferences, beginning
grade piano teacher. I married a seminary       editing for Dr. Bruccoli and even wrote an        with Rhea Perry’s Entrepreneur Days. I
student during my senior year at the Univer-    academic reference book (F. Scott Fitzger-        began to get a vision for what was possible,
sity of Mississippi in 1986 and took a series   ald A to Z) when he recommended me to a           to learn business and marketing strategies,
of mind-numbing secretarial jobs. By then       publisher. My second and third sons were          and then eventually to take action. I call
my former piano teacher worked for a semi-      born nineteen months apart during the time        this sequence Grow, Know, and Go.
nary professor who was looking for some-        I was writing the 931-page manuscript. I’d           As I began applying what I learned, my
one to edit Doctor of Ministry dissertations.   nurse the current baby, hand him off to a         business shifted from sporadic to steady
She told him I was “good in English,” and       college student who helped in the after-          and eventually to overflowing. At first,
the rest is history.                            noons, and write for a few hours before the       weeks or sometimes even months elapsed
   I cut my editorial teeth on dissertations    baby got hungry again.                            between jobs. I still remember the land-
written by students for whom English was          When my fourth child was six months             mark day when UPS delivered my next ed-
a second language; I think I earned $25 per     old, my husband moved out to live with his        iting project just three hours after I mailed

72 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine
72 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine                                www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory
off the last manuscript.
   It wasn’t just about the money. I wanted
financial freedom not only to pay the bills                  12 Tips to Build Your Business:
and get rid of the terrible pressure of pover-
ty, but also to gain time freedom. I wanted         •	 Find the intersection between your passions/talents and
time to spend with my boys. I wanted time              what the market will pay for.
to minister to other people. I wanted time
to take care of myself and my own health            •	 Gain experience and testimonials wherever you can to
without collapsing into burnout.                       get started.
   I tell single moms “Don’t be a lone
ranger,” and the same principle applies             •	 Ask satisfied clients to refer you to friends and associates.
to work-at-home moms. Building a sup-
port system is essential. In 2004 I joined          •	 Grow by gaining vision, know by getting education, and
a mastermind team of five entrepreneurial              go by taking action.
Christian women with similar goals for
growing our businesses. We met weekly               •	 Work with a mastermind team, accountability partner,
by phone for a year and a half to pray,                mentor, and/or coach.
brainstorm about challenges, share our
goals, and hold one another accountable             •	 Get out of your comfort zone.
for doing what we said we would do. Later
I worked with an individual accountability          •	 Plan strategically and work on your business as well as
partner, as well as a professional business            in your business.
coach, Mauricio Martinez, who urged me
to aim higher and helped me figure out              •	 Eliminate or outsource less profitable activities to focus
how to accomplish my goals.
   One of the most important principles
                                                       on what you do best.
I learned was that I had to get out of my           •	 Charge what you’re worth.
comfort zone. That uncomfortable lesson
was reinforced in a surprising way. My              •	 Network at live events.
second son, Andrew, went with me to an
entrepreneurs’ conference in Phoenix in             •	 Teach what you know.
2005. On day 1, it was a challenge for him
just to look people in the eye and shake            •	 Build your platform as an expert through speaking
hands; by day 3, he spoke in front of 200              and publicity.
people with a handheld microphone and
won a sales contest to help a charity.
   Afterward we went to the Grand Can-           and what I wanted my life to look like. I     check made me ineligible. Don’t you love
yon—it was utterly glorious! Andrew,             learned to work on my business as well as     God’s timing? I cut up my food stamps
who was ten at the time, went right up           in my business. That’s also when I devel-     card on stage when I won the contest three
to the edge, but I was hanging back ner-         oped the time management and work/life        months later.
vously, so he challenged me: “You know,          balance strategies I teach my students and       At the same time, I loosened my perfec-
Mom, if I could get out of my comfort            coaching clients today.                       tionist death grip on doing everything my-
zone enough to speak in front of 200                I eliminated less profitable business      self and began outsourcing website design,
strangers, I really think you could get out      activities (editing magazine articles and     recording, transcribing, and smaller editing
of your comfort zone by moving closer to         selling Creative Memories scrapbooking        projects. I even hired someone to rearrange
the edge of the Grand Canyon, couldn’t           supplies) to focus on editing and writing     and copyedit new material for the second
you?” What else could I do? I moved a            books, and I raised my editing rates to re-   edition of my own Fitzgerald book. I did
little closer to the edge!                       flect my experience and expertise. More       my first public speaking at a Los Angeles
   That trip triggered massive action and        importantly, I developed a new service,       publishing conference co-hosted by an ed-
progress for me, and within a year I dou-        Tell Me Your Book, to target a more lucra-    iting client I had met at an Internet mar-
bled my income and won a contest for the         tive market—businesspeople who needed         keting conference, was interviewed on my
most-improved business. I’m still enjoy-         to publish a book but didn’t know how         first teleseminar as a guest, and hosted my
ing the laptop computer I won, but the           to write. The fee for my first booktelling    first teleseminar to interview a marketing
most valuable part of the contest was that       project was equal to my entire income the     expert whom I had met at another confer-
it forced me to think seriously and strate-      previous year, and the down payment ar-       ence. (Are you starting to see the value of
gically about where I wanted my business         rived in the same day’s mail as my notice     networking?)
to go, where the money would come from,          to reapply for food stamps—for which that                      (Continued on page 74)

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From Famine to Feast...
(Continued from page 73)

   Even though work was steady and my           radio, TV, Focus on the Family magazine,          I’ve been amazed at the momentum as
rates were higher, I was still trading hours    and a book for work-at-home moms. I love        God has opened doors and one opportunity
for dollars, so I began implementing what       to teach, encourage, and inspire, so I’ve       has led to another and then another. I am so
I had learned about creating residual in-       also enjoyed speaking for teleseminars,         thankful for His faithful provision, and I pray
come (work once; get paid over and over).       webinars, and live conferences. In 2010 I       that He will bless you abundantly as you seek
“Teach what you know,” the experts said,        got out of another comfort zone by going        His will for your life and your business.
so in 2006 I taught a four-part teleseminar     on camera (Gulp!) for an HSLDA webinar,
called Get Started as a Freelance Editor,       a local TV station, and a weekly Internet       Mary Jo Tate, host of “Homeschool Spot-
then turned it into a downloadable home         TV program, “Homeschool Spotlight,” for         light” for the Homeschool Channel, has
study course. I also trained several editing    the Homeschool Channel.                         been educating her sons at home since
apprentices. In 2007 I taught a five-part         Every entrepreneur’s situation is unique,     1997. A lifelong bibliophile, published au-
teleseminar, How Do You Do It All? Prov-        but there are many common principles for        thor, book coach, and international editor
en Strategies for Balancing Family Life         success. (The sidebar lists 12 strategies       since 1986, she also teaches homeschool-
and Home Business in the Real World, and        that have helped me the most.) Your path        ers, single moms, and work-at-home moms
turned it into a downloadable home study        won’t look just like mine, and that’s okay.     how to create balance between family life
course, with a follow-up offer of one-on-       For example, don’t fret if you can’t travel     and home business. Find her online at
one coaching.                                   to conferences; God will enable you to          www.WriteAGreatBook.com, www.How-
   Since 2008, I’ve been interviewed about      bloom where you’re planted. The Home-           DoYouDoItAll.com, www.EditingBusi-
work/life balance, homeschooling, single        school Channel studio is a mere two miles       ness.com,     www.SingleParentsAtHome.
parenting, writing, and home business for       from my house.                                  com, and www.EclecticBibliophile.com.

Making Time for Things That Matter...
(Continued from page 70)

learn from others who are farther along         and that’s closer to what it really takes.      will never happen. If it’s good enough to
in business and marketing than you are.            Outsource: Know what you do well and         provide the information or perform the
Ask questions, read books and blogs, and        focus on it. As soon as financially feasible,   activity for which it was designed, and if
be willing share what you know with oth-        get rid of things that you’re not sure of or    it’s something that can meet the needs of
ers who are coming behind you. There’s a        don’t do well. When I was able to out-          others, let go of your ego and put it on the
big learning curve to becoming an effec-        source bookkeeping, it removed a lot of         market. If you feel very unsure about it, get
tive business owner, no matter what field       stress and freed up more time for writing.      some feedback from another businessper-
you’re in. You’ll never know enough to          You may feel that it’s cheaper or easier to     son or offer it as a “beta version” and re-
stop learning!                                  do it yourself, but that’s usually not true.    quest customer feedback. For each of my
   Make time to connect: When you’re            By doing things that others can do better,      books, I’ve discovered and fixed typos in
starting business, even a small one, it’s im-   you’re wasting time that could be spent         every edition I’ve published. It’s part of
portant to be where people can find you.        building your business with the things that     life, and most people realize that (and you
Potential customers first, of course, be-       only you can do.                                probably don’t want to be around the ones
cause they need to be able to find you in          Good enough is good enough: Many             who don’t!).
order to purchase what you offer. But sec-      would-be entrepreneurs waste years wait-           Starting a business isn’t for everyone, but
ond, you need to connect with others who        ing to get their book or product absolutely     it has worked well for our family. It’s been a
know more than you do, and who under-           perfect, or every detail of life perfectly in   blessing to be able to share what I’ve learned
stand what it means to have both a business     order. Others keep themselves stuck in one      with others while still being at home, mak-
and a balanced life. The Internet has made      place by insisting that no one else can do      ing time for things that truly matter.
it possible for people to start and run busi-   things as well as they can, so they fritter
nesses that would have been impossible          away work time doing something they’ve             Janice Campbell, author of Excellence
twenty years ago. Learn to use it to connect    not been called to do. The reality is that      in Literature and Transcripts Made Easy,
with those you need and those you serve.        there is only one perfect Creator, and it’s     is the graduated homeschool mom of four
   Learn how to estimate time: I confess        neither you nor I.                              sons. Visit her websites (www.Everyday-
that I’m an optimist, and tend to underesti-       If you have something you need to be         Education.com and www.NAIWE.com)
mate the time it takes to complete projects,    sharing through your business and you’re        and blog (www.Janice-Campbell.com) to
but I’ve finally learned to double and some-    holding back because it might not be per-       find resources and encouragement for ho-
times even triple my initial time estimates,    fect, let me assure you that perfection         meschooling, writing, and business.

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74 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine                              www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory
  Schoolhouse Expo

                     NHERI—The Research Institute
                     by Brian D. Ray, Ph.D., Expo Speaker

National Home Education Research                 mediately, many people began to consider        1990, purchase basic equipment such as a
Institute and Its Beginnings                     me an “expert” on homeschool research.          laser printer (wow!). (Thank you, all you
                                                 I suppose if no one has done something,         individuals and organizations who were a

        he halls of academia—ahhh, the           and then someone does it, he is an expert.      part of NHERI’s beginnings.)
        books, the professors, the musty         (Be careful, it does not necessarily mean          It was not long before NHERI and I got
        smell of the old buildings, and bul-     he knows what he is talking about or is a       to execute and publish many studies that
letin boards. The flyers might tell of an        good expert.)                                   went far and wide into the media, the cul-
upcoming lecture on overpopulation, a              In 1985, I founded the quarterly publi-       ture, research organization conferences,
folk dance down on Main Street on Fri-           cation Home School Researcher. It was           homeschool conventions, and society’s
day night, or a basketball game. Or, that        basically a review of research for several      consciousness. The research that others
a group is looking for a teacher for their       years. Soon, however, it was converted to a     and I were doing began affecting how leg-
children in an alternative school.               peer-review, or refereed, scholarly journal.    islators, educators, policymakers, the me-
   Many things happened as forerunners to        Professors, doctoral students, other gradu-     dia, grandparents, parents, and many more
the National Home Education Research In-         ate students, and others began submitting       perceived the relative effectiveness of and
stitute (NHERI). I was wandering the halls       research to it. I was the editor-in-chief.      philosophy and pedagogy behind the ho-
of Oregon State University one day and             Soon thereafter, I conducted basic and        meschool movement. A limited sampling
saw a “want ad” looking for a teacher for        new research on homeschool students, com-       of those studies is as follow:
                                                                                                   •	 A nationwide study of home educa-
                                                                                                       tion: Family characteristics, legal mat-
         “Homeschool organizations began to                                                            ters, and student achievement, 1990
                                                                                                   •	 Home education in Montana: Family
          see the value of research, and many                                                          characteristics and student achieve-
                                                                                                       ment, 1990
           began commissioning or helping                                                          •	 Social capital, value consistency, and
                                                                                                       the achievement outcomes of home
            sponsor research I was doing.”                                                             education, 1990
                                                                                                   •	 Home education in North Dakota:
                                                                                                       Family characteristics and student
a small, one-room school with children of        paring them to public school and private              achievement, 1991
various ages. It turns out that these were ba-   school students, as an on-the-side study          •	 On the propriety of education profes-
sically alternative homeschooling folks be-      to my doctoral dissertation research. (My             sionals instructing home educators,
fore the term “homeschooling” was known          committee did not allow me to study ho-               1992
or settled upon. I passed up a teaching job      meschoolers but that, as they say, is another     •	 A nationwide study of home education
offer but was becoming more keenly inter-        story.) That study was published as Under-            in Canada: Family characteristics,
ested in “alternative schooling.” About the      standing public, private, and home school             student achievement, and other topics,
same time, my wife and I were wondering          students’ beliefs, attitudes, and intentions          1994
“what to do with” our children.                  related to science learning (1989). From          •	 Strengths of their own—Home
   Fast forward. I was in the middle of my       then on, the Lord led me from one study to            schoolers across America: Academic
doctoral studies years (mid-1980s) and           another in the field of home-based educa-             achievement, family characteristics,
by then had heard of people homeschool-          tion, and I began meeting people from all             and longitudinal traits, 1997
ing. I wondered how much research had            over the nation who were interested in home       •	 Home schooling for individuals’ gain
been done on the topic and found it was          educating their children and anything that            and society’s common good, 2000
nearly none. As part of my doctoral stud-        research might say about homeschooling.           •	 Home educated and now adults: Their
ies, I wrote a comprehensive paper enti-            Homeschool organizations (e.g., Home               community and civic involvement,
tled, A comparison of home schooling and         School Legal Defense Association, state-              views about homeschooling, and other
conventional schooling: With a focus on          wide homeschool organizations) began to               traits, 2004
learner outcomes (1986) and defended it          see the value of research, and many began         •	 Academic achievement and demo-
before my department professors and doc-         commissioning or helping sponsor research             graphic traits of homeschool students:
toral-student colleagues. In a sense, and as     I was doing. They also were generous in               A nationwide study, 2010
they say, “The rest is history.” Almost im-      contributions to help NHERI, founded in                            (Continued on page 84)

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Just the Facts, Ma’am!
                        (and a dash of philosophy)
 www.nheri.org                            National Home Education Research Institute           PO Box 13939, Salem OR 97309

                                      Join Forces With NHERI!
  The National Home Education
  Research Institute and Dr. Brian
  Ray are already working for you!
  Get free reports by signing up at   “Ongoing quality homeschool research is essential
  nheri2010.org/nheri/                for success in both courts and legislatures.
  and we will send you a copy of      Your participation with NHERI is vital.”
  Dr. Ray’s spiffy booklet,
                                                    — Michael Farris, Chairman, Home School
  Home Education Reason and
  Research: Common Questions
                                                                  Legal Defense Association;
  and Research-Based Answers                               Chancellor, Patrick Henry College

                                            • Helps in court cases
                                            • Testifies in state legislatures and courts on behalf of parents
                                            • Influences public opinion through the media
 If you sign up (for FREE)                  • Produces basic research, facts, and statistics for all to
                                              use and benefit from
 to get homeschool research
 updates and pithy messages                 • Assists providers of curriculum and other materials in
                                              understanding homeschoolers’ needs
 from NHERI                                 • Acts as a clearinghouse of information for home educators,
                                              scholars, & the media
 and Dr. Brian Ray.                         • Serves home educators at conventions

                 National Home Education Research Institute
                                 PO Box 13939, Salem OR 97309
             (503) 364-1490 • fax (503) 364-2827 • www.nheri.org • mail@nheri.org
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 Schoolhouse Expo

               Five Reasons to Use Mobile Technology
               for Education
               by Terri Johnson, Expo Speaker

                                            eing an educator today is very ex-        click “install” and it does.
                                            citing. It is 2011. We have rolled           Less expense! Frankly, I think apps are
                                            over to a new year and there are          too cheap, but why not take advantage of
  “For education, we                 so many educational opportunities on the         it while this is the trend? Take foreign
    usually rely upon                horizon. Today’s technological advances
                                     are as monumental as the world-changing
                                                                                      language, for example. You can buy a
                                                                                      textbook for $50 or more, or computer
  our eyes, ears, and                inventions of paper or the printing press.
                                     Information is dispensed at increasingly
                                                                                      software for upwards of $200 or more,
                                                                                      to help your child learn a new language.
sense of touch. If you               rapid speeds.                                    Or you can buy an app for $4.99. This
                                        The speed and methods we use to               is simply amazing technology at ridicu-
  own a smartphone                   absorb information have not changed,             lously low prices.
                                     but our access to it and the ways that              Tip: If you do purchase apps for educa-
    or mobile device                 we interact with that information have           tion (and you should if you have the tech-
        (especially an               changed greatly.
                                        As human beings, we continue to pro-
                                                                                      nology!), then remember to back up your
                                                                                      iPhone or iPad to iTunes so that you can
      iPad), you hold                cess information the same way we always
                                     have—through our five senses. For educa-
                                                                                      re-install the apps if they ever get inadver-
                                                                                      tently deleted or you replace your device
         an incredible               tion, we usually rely upon our eyes, ears,       with a new one.
                                     and sense of touch. If you own a smart-
  educational tool in                phone or mobile device (especially an               Terri Johnson is dedicated to helping
                                     iPad), you hold an incredible educational        homeschooling families succeed. For 10
         your hands.”                tool in your hands. Why, you ask? Be-            years, her company, Knowledge Quest,
                                     cause it is interactive and multisensory.        Inc., has published a large selection of
                                        “How is an iPad different from a comput-      history and geography curricula for the
                                     er?” is another question you may be asking.      homeschooling marketplace (http://www.
                                     Here are my top five reasons why an iPad         KnowledgeQuestMaps.com). Since new
                                     is superior to a regular computer and even       and experienced homeschooling parents
                                     textbooks when it comes to learning.             are using more technology than ever,
                                        No mouse! As quickly as we all pick           Knowledge Quest is seeking to provide
                                     up the concept of a mouse moving a cur-          an online location where parents can
                                     sor on a screen, it is still an extra step for   find, rate, and review the best mobile
                                     the information to travel from the brain to      apps available for educational use (http://
                                     the device and vice versa. When a child          www.Apps-School.com).
                                     uses his finger to manipulate information
                                     or draw in a letter or a shape, there is no
                                     extra step of the mouse to get in the way.
                                        No cords! You can take an iPhone or an
                                     iPad with you anywhere. In fact, that’s the
                                     whole point—technology on the go. You
                                     can learn from anywhere, not just a school
                                     desk or a kitchen table.
                                        No books! Now, I love books and have
                                     thousands of them, but you can learn ev-
                                     erything from Spanish to math to grammar
                                     to handwriting, all from one single device
                                     without having to lug around an armful or
                                     backpack full of books.
                                        Less waiting! Installation of an app is
                                     much quicker than installing software
                                     onto a computer. Super easy too—just

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                  Technology                                           with

                                          a        Purpose


                                              (1 Credit Each)
      Gain knowledge in a complete high school           Learn to design like the pros for both
      cutting-edge computer literacy program.            web and print publishing.

                                                        These online courses can help your
                                                              students prepare for the
                                                            technological challenges of
                                                        ministry, college, and the workplace.
                                                        www.aceministries.com/aceconnect or

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  Schoolhouse Expo

                    A Case for Freedomship & Entrepreneurial
                    by Andrew Pudewa, Expo Speaker

       ntrepreneurship and freedom were          During the 1800s, the one-room school-        three, or even four grade levels of aptitude
       intricately woven through the origi-    house was common. As many as forty chil-        in core subjects. To ensure success for all,
       nal fabric of American culture.         dren between the ages of six and sixteen        standards must be lowered, then raised
Ninety percent of those early Americans        learned in an environment that nurtured         again when they fall too low. Grade level
were owners . . . of farms, shops, trading     independence, cooperation, shared learn-        integrity fails and children move to the
vessels, small businesses. Freedom and         ing, and leadership. Older students helped      next grade . . . ready or not.
faith marked these entrepreneurs whose         younger students and gained teaching               In his book, The Underground History
success rested squarely on their hard          experience and leadership opportunities,        of American Education (Oxford Village
work and integrity and the quality of their    while the younger students had role mod-        Press, 2000), New York State Teacher of
product. Today, more than 90 percent of        els to follow.                                  the Year John Taylor Gatto describes how
Americans are employees. The ideal of            The Industrial Revolution of the mid          David Farragut, the first admiral of the
ownership has been lost. And although          and late 1800s created a great need for         U.S. Navy, took command of his first ship
many people do wonderful, respectable,         factory workers who could do mindless           at age 12. Thomas Edison couldn’t read
important, and meaningful jobs, the men-       jobs for long hours, and this correspond-       and was kicked out of school, but by age
tality of an employee is vastly different      ed with the establishment of city schools,      14 was printing a newspaper and making
from that of an entrepreneur.                  where children were segregated by grade         more money than the teacher who removed
                                                                                               him. Albert Einstein, who also did poorly
                                                                                               in school, stated: “It is nothing short of a
                                                                                               miracle that the modern methods of in-
  “Schools gradually changed from educating                                                    struction have not yet entirely strangled the
                                                                                               holy curiosity of inquiry.” History proves
  individual talents to becoming a method of                                                   that all children want real, honest-to-God
                                                                                               responsibility—to be relevant, to be need-
    social engineering and standardization.”                                                   ed, to be able to make a real contribution
                                                                                               and a meaningful difference, but increas-
                                                                                               ingly, students find schools to be uninter-
                                                                                               esting and irrelevant. Even Bill Gates as-
   What has happened to our entrepreneur-      or age. Children became less independent        serts that the modern system of education
ial spirit? Where have “owners” gone?          and more teacher-dependent. They had            is not meeting the needs of the modern
Oliver DeMille, in his teaching on leader-     fewer opportunities to demonstrate leader-      economy, and that America’s high schools
ship education, places the responsibility      ship and, without their older role models,      are quickly becoming obsolete, in that they
for this change on the educational system      tended to adopt similar vocabulary and be-      are not teaching our youth what they need
itself. With a brief history of this system,   havior as their peers, whether good or bad.     to know for the continuation of a free and
DeMille describes how schools gradually        This modern educational system began            prosperous nation. We no longer live in an
changed from educating individual talents      to produce its desired goal: a predictable,     industrial economy, and the factory model
to becoming a method of social engineer-       controllable, obedient workforce not pos-       school won’t meet the needs of our ever-
ing and standardization.                       sible in the earlier American climate.          changing society.
   During the Colonial period, most chil-         New methods of instruction—based on             Oliver DeMille, in The Coming Aristoc-
dren learned their basic skills—reading,       German psychology aimed at creating this        racy: Education and the Future of Freedom
writing, and arithmetic—at home with           type of worker—were implemented in the          (The Center for Social Leadership, 2009),
their parents or mentors. Colleges, such as    classroom. Initially parents resisted, but      suggests that entrepreneurial-style edu-
Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, were estab-      by the early 1900s, most memory or un-          cation is beneficial for the individual and
lished as schools of divinity, designed to     derstanding of the previous approach had        for the nation. Without skilled, character-
educate Christian leaders for a Christian      faded, leaving only conveyor belt educa-        driven, competent people in the society,
nation. The country boasted high levels of     tion where students enter in kindergarten       the whole society becomes susceptible to
literacy and produced people like Jefferson    or first grade and move through a standard-     governance by the few, “the coming aris-
who were able to self-educate. The book,       izing system. By twelfth grade they are         tocracy,” and an increasingly greater gap
A Thomas Jefferson Education (George           ready to enter the workforce or military.       between those who “know” and those used
Wythe College Press, 2000), describes the      But we know that when children are age-         as pawns of the whole system. The convey-
mentorship style of this period.               segregated, any group will still exhibit two,                      (Continued on page 83)

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                                                   you experience
                                                  Let this be the year

                                                           in Writing!
     You’ve heard about the
     Institute for Excellence in Writing;
     now you can experience firsthand
     its powerful tools guaranteed to
     make teaching writing an
     enjoyable experience.
     Request our Magalog online,
     listen to the free audio downloads,
     and see if IEW is right for your family.  


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                                                    Teaching Writing/
                                            Student Writing Intensive Combo
                                               The best way to begin with
                                               your 3-12th grade students

                                                 Primary Arts of Language
                                               Everything you need to start
                                                your primary students (K–2)
                                                    reading and writing

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A Case for Freedomship & Entrepreneurial Education
(Continued from page 81)

er-belt system of education was useful for      ness started. That product was short-lived,      cars, and rocket ships. His idea was to melt
the Industrial age, but fails in the informa-   but the idea never left me. When our com-        down crayons into molds, and then sell
tion age. Employers in every industry and       pany, Institute for Excellence in Writing,       them to restaurants. So he convinced local
field complain about college graduates to-      started publishing materials, I continued        schools and day cares to recycle their use-
day, arguing that “they can’t speak prop-       thinking about a curriculum that would in-       less little crayon stubs, thus providing him
erly, can’t write properly, and don’t think.    tegrate writing with practical tips for kids     with free materials. He melted the crayons
They’re worthless until we train them.”         on how to plan and start a business. A few       into molds, then packaged, and began mar-
What we need now—for the good of the            years ago, I came across someone who had         keting them. (I bought a package of four
country—is a nation of “owners.”                created a sequence of lessons and activi-        little fishy crayons from him for a buck.
                                                                                                 How could I not?) There is now a national
                                                                                                 chain of restaurants that wants to purchase

      “A “freedomship” and entrepreneurial                                                       his molded crayons. He is an articulate
                                                                                                 and enthusiastic 11-year-old, and meeting
   education is therefore based on the idea of                                                   him would convince anyone that there’s a
                                                                                                 bright future for this country.
   self-education, mentorship, and initiative. ”                                                    I went through the process with my son
                                                                                                 and helped him start up a little business.
                                                                                                 Because he is profoundly dyslexic, reading
                                                                                                 and writing have always been hard, but he
   A “freedomship” and entrepreneurial          ties that could be done with one child or a      loves swords, so selling swords became his
education is therefore based on the idea of     group of children. We have since licensed        business. Together we figured out costs,
self-education, mentorship, and initiative.     and published this excellent course under        selling price, profit margin, record keep-
Though the word freedomship is not found        the title Lemonade to Leadership.                ing, marketing, etc. He would sell at con-
in the dictionary, we are trying to coin this      Again, entrepreneurial success rests          ventions with a table near mine. I watched
term, which refers to self-directed leaders     squarely on hard work, integrity, and qual-      as he drew crowds. The boys liked the
in homes, families, businesses, and life.       ity of product. When looking to start a          swords, the girls followed the boys, and
People who lead themselves well become          business, ask yourself, “What service or         the moms came to find their children. He
responsible, independent, intelligent,          product do you have the skills or resources      developed this elaborate little impromptu
well-educated citizens in a free country.       to provide?” Other questions also help:          speech explaining that when you buy a
Entrepreneurship is learning about busi-        “What are some of the needs in the neigh-        sword, you buy a bit of history, and that
ness, economy, and activity, and an entre-      borhood? What are some problems? What            buying a sword was an educational pur-
preneur is “a person who organizes and          are some things people are too busy to           chase. I was very impressed.
manages any enterprise, taking on the           do? What could you do that someone else             However, his dyslexia caused him prob-
initiative and the risk.” The word comes        couldn’t do? Will it work? Is it safe? Le-       lems. One of the nicer-looking swords he
from the French word meaning “one who           gal? Is it profitable? Can I get customers?      was selling cost him $16, so we decided
undertakes an endeavor.”                        Do I have access to what I need? Is it going     that he should sell them for $32. That
   According to Peter Drucker, one of the       to require start-up funds? Do I have time?       seemed fair. Well, we took them to our
foremost thinkers in the area of business       Do I have the experience?” These ques-           next show, where he sold every last one
success and entrepreneurship today, “In-        tions, along with forms and simple writing       of these swords. When we counted up his
novation is the specific instrument of en-      activities found in the eight-lesson series,     money, we found he was considerably
trepreneurship. It is the act that endows       help to crystallize the thinking of the future   short. Then I found a check for $23. He
resources with a new capacity to create         entrepreneur and lay the foundation for set-     had sold the swords at the inverted price!
wealth.” And having the means to create         ting goals, creating a name, doing market        Rather than get discouraged, he simply
wealth is, in essence, the key element of       research, getting official, and starting to      changed the price at future shows to $33,
political and economic freedom.                 sell. Aimed at middle-school children, the       so that either way he was safe. For every
   My own entrepreneurial drive began at        course is simple, yet solid enough to help       problem there is a solution if you think
age 16 with selling war games out of the        parents with businesses that they might          about it. It was a hundred-dollar lesson,
trunk of my car, and since then I have al-      like to start on the side.                       but well worth it.
ways been self-employed. When my two               We’ve only been publishing the program           Mentoring is essential to leadership
oldest children were 12 and 10, I started       for about a year and have had several re-        education, because few children can suc-
looking for resources that would help chil-     ports back from kids who’ve done this. I         ceed without guidance. This is where par-
dren learn how to start a business. I found     recently met an 11-year-old boy who had          ents are key. Starting a family or child-
a resource called Business Kids, which          gone through the lessons. He saw that res-       run business, whether it succeeds, breaks
came in a game-style box and provided           taurants provide crayons to children as they     even, or loses a little money, is never a
booklets, checklists, and planning forms to     wait, and knew that children like crayons        waste of time or resources. Every family
help children learn how to get their busi-      shaped into different things, such as fish,                         (Continued on page 84)

www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory                                ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine 83
                                                                                           ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine 83
A Case for Freedomship & Entrepreneurial Education
(Continued from page 83)

should have a business; it is an educational       the booth, and the product. He also learned           Education cannot solve the world’s
opportunity—one that allows children to            that although he is not good at everything,        problems. Neither can money. Both are
grow up making a meaningful contribution           he is good at many things, despite his dys-        tools. Bill McCartney of Promise Keepers
to the family. In all my business ventures,        lexia. He has already decided to hire other        maintains that, as with first-century Chris-
my children have assisted me; my older             kids to do what he can’t or doesn’t want to        tianity, it all begins in the marketplace
children helped me run a preschool. When           do. He has learned the value of teamwork           where the disciples of Jesus daily rubbed
I got the writing business started, they put       and using his strengths.                           shoulders with the lost. Christian entrepre-
the books together, collated discs, and                I believe we are in a time when we will        neurship is essential for bringing truth and
hauled boxes at conventions. They learned          either rescue Western civilization or we           goodness and beauty into the public arena.
to give some of my talks. I needed them            will watch it become something else. We            I commend you in this direction. The world
and they knew it, which was a great thing          can save America or watch it fall. We’ve           will hate you for it, but if you persevere,
for them to know growing up. The educa-            had a period of safety and grace, but we are       you and your children can experience true
tional and social growth opportunities that        at critical mass in our economy, politics,         and lasting success.
a home business has afforded my children           education, and international influence. To
are irreplaceable.                                 regain what once made America great, we               Andrew Pudewa is the director of the In-
   Because there is significant correlation        must raise children who know the truth and         stitute for Excellence in Writing. Present-
between activities learned at a young age          can communicate that truth powerfully—             ing throughout North America, he speaks
and developing lifetime aptitudes, provid-         children who have evangelical and entrepre-        on many topic,s including writing, thinking,
ing meaningful, challenging work for chil-         neurial energy that will preserve goodness,        spelling, educational philosophy, and the
dren is a lifetime gift. Another reason to         truth, and beauty. It is because I have this       value of entrepreneurship and home-based
encourage entrepreneurial activities at a          sense of urgency that I’m working hard to          businesses. With clarity, insight, practical
young age is the fact that children are fear-      create things that support and encourage this      experience, and humor, he inspires and
less, and this make learning easier—even           mission. It requires courage and strength to       equips parents, students, and teachers
when they make mistakes. It is the job of the      be a parent in this century. Though the world      while delivering powerful tools to dramati-
mentor to stress that failures are just part of    opposes your attempts to nurture Christ-like       cally improve their students’ skills. He and
the lessons. What lessons are learned? My          qualities in your children’s minds and souls,      his beautiful, heroic wife, Robin, currently
son learned that invisible things have costs.      it is possible to raise up children of wisdom,     teach their three youngest children at home
Dyslexia had a cost . . . along with his time,     virtue, and good character.                        in Locust Grove, Oklahoma.

NHERI—The Research Institute
(Continued from page 75)

   In a sense, the long name, National             get to do most of the research. We have a lot      what we do at www.nheri.org.
Home Education Research Institute, hides           of others who serve the public via NHERI.            I strongly encourage you to sign up for
what NHERI really is. It is a relatively few       We have a board of directors, volunteers           our free E-message system. We will tell you
people with a big, long-term vision to ad-         who do things such as keep the website             when new research comes out. I try hard to
vance knowledge, understanding, and truth          current, and we have donors—yay!                   make it interesting. And I try to challenge
about parent-led, home-based education.              NHERI is a nonprofit organization that           your educational and philosophical think-
They want to do basic research and sum-            has a simple, three-part mission:                  ing. Sign up here: www.nheri2010.org. I
marize research done by others, and put it           •	 Produce high-quality homeschool               think you will like it.
out to the nation and to the world. It goes to          research (e.g., statistics, facts, findings
regular dads and moms, to professional ed-              on home-based education or home-              Dr. Brian Ray is president of the Nation-
ucators, to legislators, to professors, to the          schooling).                                   al Home Education Research Institute
media, to judges, and to teachers’ unions.           •	 Serve as a clearinghouse of research          (NHERI.org). He has published numer-
   Further, the folks at NHERI realize                  for the public, researchers, home-            ous articles and books, been repeatedly
that all researchers (and all persons) hold             schoolers, the media, and policy              interviewed by major media, served as an
a worldview from which they formulate                   makers.                                       expert witness in court cases, and testi-
ideas and conduct their lives, including             •	 Educate the public concerning the             fied to legislatures regarding educational
research. The folks at NHERI want to see                findings of all research on home edu-         issues. Dr. Ray is a leading international
all things from a biblical perspective. They            cation (i.e., homeschooling).                 expert in research on homeschooling. He
strive to recognize God’s revelation and             We rely on contributors, those who pray          holds a Ph.D. in science education from
truth in all activities and let this guide their   for us, research grants, and encouragement         Oregon State University. Brian and Betsy
plans and research.                                from a lot of people.                              have been married 32 years and have eight
   I have the privilege of leading NHERI. I          Come and take a look at the research and         children.

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84 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine                                   www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory
  Schoolhouse Expo

                     Learning and Teaching and Business, Oh My!
                     by Barbara Beers, Expo Sponsor

           hen asked to write an article dis-    curriculum for others to use.                    ding. I could never do that—I don’t have
           cussing my homeschool busi-             Without coming across as self-centered         the patience. Yes, I went through all the
           ness, how my company got              or self-important (I hope), I should prob-       same emotions and excuses inherent in
started, and what steps I have taken so far      ably tell you a little about me. I love to       considering homeschooling. I loved the
to help get it where it is in the marketplace,   read, I love to learn, and I love to teach.      thought of teaching my kids real truth and
my first reaction was to chuckle. I had vi-      Because my dad was in college preparing          real content as was my calling as a mom,
sions of eager young faces looking up to me      to go to seminary when I was young, he           but was I ready to put all my effort into a
for guidance about what college degrees to       taught me how to read before I ever went         well-rounded education for all of my chil-
pursue and about how to write a compelling       to school and even had me reading out of         dren, each with his or her particular needs?
business plan. They would hang on to every       the King James Bible—his favorite. And           Not to mention that in those early days of
word in which I waxed eloquently about the       without a television in our house in those       homeschooling, A Beka Book® and Bob
pros and cons of various corporate struc-        days (horror of horrors!), there was no end      Jones University Press® would not even sell
tures that I had learned while working on        to what we could learn through reading,          to us because we were not “real” schools.
my doctoral thesis in business administra-       games, outside activities, etc. As the oldest    And some parents even spent some time in
                                                                                                  jail for teaching their kids at home.
                                                                                                     After much prayer, research, and with a
        “You see, He has a wonderful sense of                                                     commitment to undertake this task (with
                                                                                                  a bit of fear and trepidation), we began
         humor in that He took someone like                                                       our homeschool journey. The details of

        me who did not finish college (a music                                                    all the joys, troubles, accomplishments,
                                                                                                  failures, and tremendous work would fill
        major of all things) and led me to learn                                                  too many pages, but suffice it to say that
                                                                                                  this journey has been the most rewarding
          Latin, teach Latin, and then write a                                                    and hardest thing we have ever done. God
                                                                                                  stretched, molded, corrected, encouraged,
            curriculum for others to use.”                                                        enlightened our understanding, and always
                                                                                                  remained faithful no matter how deficient
                                                                                                  we were in many areas of life.
tion. And of course, while actively pursuing     of five children, my love of teaching was           In those beginning years, after getting
a brilliant business career, I had mastered      often interpreted as bossy older sister, al-     over the initial fears and then getting over
classical Latin and was prepared to impart       though that did not deter me from pursuing       the giddiness of having three young stu-
my vast knowledge to these fledgling stu-        it with great vigor through all the years I      dents who would hang on my every word
dents, teachers, and even homeschool par-        lived at home.                                   and make permanent every skill I would
ents. (Bubble pop!)                                 After high school and some college, I         teach them, it became important to me that
   Oops, back to that article. I’m sorry to      married a great Christian guy, had three         if I were going to pray for the downfall of
disappoint you (although maybe it will not       children, and came face to face with school      the modern education system as we know
be such a disappointment after all), I did       as my oldest was turning five years old. It      it today, with its emphasis on a humanis-
not follow the typical model for starting        is not that I hated school; I actually loved     tic model, I would need to be prepared to
and maintaining a viable business for over       school, did well, and got good grades. But       offer a viable educational option for those
19 years. God had other plans for me, a          with the constant deterioration of educa-        coming after me. I ended up writing and
plan that unfolded and continues to unfold       tion and especially in its anti-Christian phi-   coordinating most of my own curriculum
where He provides the love, inspiration,         losophies and methods, my husband and I          in those days, since most studies either
energies, content, and people to share with      ended up opting for Christian school. But        were designed for a classroom with a lot
me, and I follow along behind striving dai-      even a couple of years into that, we saw         of busywork or employed suspect methods
ly to pay attention, understand, trust, and      that there was little difference in the edu-     and content.
work hard along the way. You see, He has         cation methods, since most of the teachers          Because I loved to read, learn, and teach,
a wonderful sense of humor in that He took       (as kind as they were) were steeped in the       it was a great joy to prepare and teach
someone like me who did not finish college       modern education models of their universi-       various skills to my children, but the first
(a music major of all things) and led me to      ties and teachers’ colleges.                     thing I learned was that there was a lot of
learn Latin, teach Latin, and then write a          Homeschooling? You’ve got to be kid-                            (Continued on page 87)

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Learning and Teaching and Business, Oh My!
(Continued from page 85)

“fluff” out there in the educational commu-    ponents in many of our more difficult Eng-      DVDs, and reference guides, a parent can
nity that passed itself off as curriculum. I   lish spelling words for awhile, but delving     confidently teach high school Latin even
was expected to teach a myriad of subjects     a bit deeper, I ran right into the fact that    as she learns it with her students that are
that never seemed to result in any skill.      there was no language in all the world’s        fifth grade and higher. Because there were
Content for memorizing was emphasized          history that affected English as much as        so many more custom pieces to this cur-
over building skills, and very few students    Latin. English is over 60% based in our         riculum than other Latin studies, I chose to
learned how to think for themselves, much      vocabulary with valuable clues to both          oversee its production and Schola Publica-
less write with any fluency using words        meaning and spellings. I knew from my           tions was born in 1993. The final volume
like a fine craftsman. So from the begin-      experience in Spanish that the translation      in the 3-year study was completed in 1997
ning of building initial skills in spelling,   process would help us think logically and       and has been successfully used by thou-
writing, and reading, I immersed myself in     learn the details of the grammar of both        sands of homeschool families around the
probably the best early language curricu-      languages well. And since Latin is the          world as well as many junior high and high
lum out there, The Writing Road to Read-       mother language of Spanish, French, Ital-       schools. Our business has steadily grown
ing by Romalda Spalding. The preparation       ian, Portuguese, and Romanian, I could          every year, even since my own children
in learning and implementing this study        give my children an even better head start      have grown, married, and given me seven
was very intensive, but in teaching my kids    in language than I had. As far as I could       grandchildren (another set of eager learn-
not only the skills it taught, I helped them   see, there was only one problem—I did not       ers!).
understand it so well that they could turn     know Latin!                                        My husband and I have traveled around
around and teach it when they got older.          But what many homeschool parents             the United States each year for the past 18
Each of them participated and finished         come to understand after a number of years      years speaking and sharing my curricula.
a 2-week teacher training course in this       is to not let the fact that you do not know     Year after year I would speak to parents
method by a certified instructor near the      a subject deter you from teaching it. Crazy     and teachers who often lamented about the
end of their own studies.                      as it sounds, there is no better motivation     poor spelling, writing, and reading skills of
   With these solid, basic foundations in      for learning something than the desire for      their students. Trying to teach Latin to stu-
spelling, writing, and reading English         your children to know it. And so I became       dents with poor basic skills was nigh unto
words, we began building those words           a Latin junkie. As I drilled vocabulary,        impossible. And so in 2002 I began assem-
into sentences, learning the grammar and       they drilled vocabulary. As my notebook         bling all the language arts that I had done
relationship of those words as they helped     grew in thickness, so did my students’          with my children when they were young
us to communicate. At the same time we         notebooks. My library grew to hundreds of       and The PHONICS Road to Spelling and
practiced composition skills that helped       Latin textbooks dating back to the 1800s,       Reading was first made available in 2004.
us communicate to others effectively by        which formed the content of most of my          Completing Level Four in 2007, The PHO-
using those words correctly. We stud-          pleasure reading for several years. But we      NICS Road was the first and is still the only
ied high-quality children’s literature that    did not learn Latin just for Latin’s sake.      complete language arts curriculum to make
taught us how great authors paint pictures     Our Latin study formed the foundation for       the method first developed by Dr. Samuel
with words so that we could emulate them       our advanced English grammar skills. And        Orton and Mrs. Spalding easy to imple-
in our own writings. Rather than treating      so what developed in those years was an         ment in a home or classroom by presenting
the subjects of spelling, handwriting, read-   upper-level Latin curriculum with built-in      it fully on 42 DVDs over four years. A par-
ing, grammar, composition, and literature      advanced English grammar and vocabulary         ent can get all the advantages of personal
as separate unrelated and boring subjects,     all designed to fit the needs of homeschool     teacher training in her own home and then
even the youngest students understood the      families. And because we began earlier, we      implement it to meet her children’s needs.
reasons for each new skill.                    actually finished our high school foreign          Curiously, in the writing, paginating,
   By the time my children were near the end   language by the beginning of high school.       scripting, video production, and print pro-
of their elementary years, I was faced with       During this process of learning and          duction I have done over the past 20 years,
how we would proceed with our advanced         teaching, many of my friends wanted to          I have actually become rather skilled in a
language studies. I got excellent grades in    have their children learn Latin, so I got the   number of business models, well beyond
English classes all the way through school     opportunity to fine-tune my study with stu-     what I could have attained with several de-
but truly understood more about English        dents other than my own and at the same         grees. Who’d have thought?
when I took my three years of high school      time give the parents the resources to learn
Spanish. There is something about having       and teach Latin as I had done—except with       A veteran homeschooler for over 27 years,
to translate between two languages that        all the preparation work done for them!         Barbara Beers has not only taught her
fixes the relationships of words, sentenc-        And so 18 years ago The LATIN Road           own children, other students, parents, and
es, and communication in general in your       to English Grammar was made available to        teachers, but has organized her studies and
mind. And since I knew they needed two         parents and teachers for the first time. With   written the popular series, The PHONICS
years of a foreign language in high school,    all the helps of a written text, worksheets,    Road to Spelling and Reading and The
I began searching for the best approach.       tests, a notebook approach, lesson plans,       LATIN Road to English Grammar, used
Oh, oh! I ran smack into Latin again.          answer keys, charts, vocabulary cards, au-      in schools and homeschools around the
   You see, we had been seeing Latin com-      dio pronunciation CDs, teacher training         world.
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  Schoolhouse Expo

                     The Adventure of a Lifetime
                      by Davis Carman, Expo Sponsor

        ecently, Rachael and I celebrated           Does your family enjoy a good hike?             But as the years progressed and our path
        the graduation of our oldest child        Mine does. Sometimes our excursions are        became worn, we all grew more confident
        after thirteen years of homeschool-       as simple as walking through the woods         in our ability to navigate the terrain and
ing, yet I still remember the fear and anxi-      in our backyard. We’ll follow the stream       find our way around. Initial fears of losing
ety that accompanied our initial decision         through the neighborhood, looking for          our way were replaced with a clear sense
to teach our children at home. By God’s           deer tracks, turtle shells, and trees felled   of direction.
grace, we’ve come a long way since that           by an enterprising beaver. When we first          Homeschooling is often like the adven-
first year. I’ve learned that homeschooling       began exploring the few acres surrounding      ture of hiking. The parents may start off
is not a stroll down a cleared, well-marked       our house, we experienced times of won-        tentatively, as everything is so new and
trail but, rather, is a choice to take the path   der, suspense, and even fear. Little hands     unfamiliar and even scary at times. A
less traveled. The journey is rarely a casual     gripped mine to make sure they didn’t get      friend may give some welcome advice to
walk where sandals are sufficient. It’s best      lost or stumble over a stray log. There was    “just read to the kids.” The wary parents
to have your boots on because homeschool-         no path to follow—we were literally blaz-      give it a try and soon find that the relation-
ing is a hike.                                    ing a new trail.                               ship with their children is growing stron-
                                                                                                 ger. They notice that the kids are enjoying
                                                                                                 time with Mom and Dad and are actually
                                                                                                 paying attention and learning. With each
                                                                                                 new school year, they set higher goals and
                                                                                                 make course adjustments. Then one year
                                                                                                 they realize they’ve grown in confidence
                                                                                                 and are ready to blaze new trails with
                                                                                                 their children, now excited and not fearful
                                                                                                 about what the future holds.
                                                                                                    The photo with this article depicts a
                                                                                                 family working together to climb a dif-
                                                                                                 ficult trail. They are helping each other,
                                                                                                 reaching out to assist one another as they
                                                                                                 strive together to reach their goal—the
                                                                                                 summit. Along the way, I suspect, they
                                                                                                 will see some wondrous sights and stop to
                                                                                                 take it all in. They’ll rest every once in a
                                                                                                 while to catch their breath and plan for the
                                                                                                 next leg of the journey. They’ll probably
                                                                                                 check their map and compass to make sure
                                                                                                 they are still headed in the right direction.
                                                                                                 They may even run into an obstacle that
                                                                                                 forces them to regroup or even change di-
                                                                                                 rection. Yet they will stick together, work
                                                                                                 together, climb together, encourage one
                                                                                                 another, and persevere until they reach
                                                                                                 their final destination.
                                                                                                    Homeschooling is a journey that pres-
                                                                                                 ents unique challenges and marvelous op-
                                                                                                 portunities for you and your children. As
                                                                                                 a parent, you can create for your family a
                                                                                                 rich learning environment that stimulates
                                                                                                 young minds and strengthens young hearts.
                                                                                                 This may be achieved through continual
                                                                                                 exposure to great books, providential meet-
                                                                                                                  (Continued on page 92)

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                                                               WHAT WILL SHE
                                                               BELIEVE WHEN
                                                                   SHE’S 15?
    Every time she turns on the TV, listens to her iPod, or logs on to
    Facebook, she hears different ideas about who she is, how she’s
    supposed to look, and the person she should aspire to become. These
    messages are often in conflict, and many are seductive yet extremely
    harmful. What’s a girl to do?

    You can’t protect your children forever, but you can help them separate
    the truth from the lies by teaching them to see the world around them
    through the unerring lens of God’s Word. Provide them a clear biblical
    worldview with the What We Believe curriculum series.

    Beautifully illustrated and written in a conversational style, the
    What We Believe series makes the study of God’s Word exciting and
    memorable for boys and girls of all ages. Through engaging stories and
    creative notebooking, your kids will begin to develop an unshakeable
    faith and a sense of God-given purpose that will carry them through
    the teen years and beyond.

    “A wonderful tool to help Christian parents keep family discipleship
    front and center.”
    Debra Bell
    Author of The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling
                                                                                       in partnership with
    “A powerful inoculation of truth that will help protect our young
    people and make them better ambassadors for Christ.”
    Frank Turek
    Co-author of I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist

                  VISIT WWW.ApoLogIA.com or cALL 1-888-524-4724

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  Schoolhouse Expo

                      Your Kids Can Train to Become
                      Fire Station Buddies
                      by Karen McHale, Expo Sponsor

        ids love firefighters and know that        book for kids 12 years old and younger. It       ules were made of who was in charge and
        firefighters will come and get them        tells about the secret of the Fire Buddies       which team went where, but it was very
        if they are hurt. Firefighters do a        and how those fun pillow animals for the         confusing and there was no basic, standard
lot more than just fight fires though—they         younger kids are really a cover story for the    plan for the event. President Bush created
have become all-hazard emergency re-               real animals that help firefighters do their     Homeland Security, reorganized FEMA,
sponders. As a volunteer firefighter in the        job. This elite group of animals can only        and instituted ICS in 2002. All responders
mountains of Colorado, I invented the Fire         talk to firefighters, and they help train kids   must be certified in ICS and must use the
Station Buddies to help kids learn about           to become emergency responders. In The           system on all hazards, small and large. We
problem solving, strategy, tactics, rescue,        Pact, you meet Jordan and his five friends       now have a command structure as well as
and to just have fun.                              (Annie, Will, Michael, Kate, and Ryan),          endless documents that are filled out on ev-
  The Fire Buddies were created when my            who stumble onto clues and find out that         ery call. Your kids will learn what ICS is
boys were small. My oldest son, Jesse, car-        these animals do exist, but the firefight-       and how to use it. As more sections of the
                                                                                                    training manual are available, children will
                                                                                                    have to use ICS to work on the problems I
        “Pretty soon the entire neighborhood                                                        will give them.
                                                                                                       Section two is about putting a prepared-
       had Buddies, and the kids were making                                                        ness plan together in case you have to evac-
      up stories about what they did, how they                                                      uate from your home. What do you take?
                                                                                                    Will it all fit in the car? What about impor-
       lived at the fire station and were on the                                                    tant documents, medicine, clothes, and pets?
                                                                                                    You will need to help your kids build the
         trucks, and the adventures they had.”                                                      evacuation list and then you need to prac-
                                                                                                    tice. Kids love doing this and you will be
                                                                                                    surprised at how much stuff you think you
ried a blanket around and was always sick,         ers have forgotten all about them. The           are going to take with you and can’t. Make
even though I washed that blanket every            kids bring the firefighters and the animals      your list, practice by building a pile in your
day. When my son Drew was born, I de-              (Flame, Majesty, Sage, Max, Omega, and           living room, and then see if it will all fit in
cided no more blankets, and I put together         Stanley) together and they all start train-      the car. Making sure that your kids have re-
a pillow buddy made out of quilt material          ing. There will be six more books in the         sponsibilities and feel that they are contrib-
and stuffing. The Buddy could be washed,           series—one for each kid and the animal he        uting will help them to be less afraid.
and both boys had 5 or 6 Buddies each.             or she now trains with. You can download            There may be twenty to twenty-five sec-
Pretty soon the entire neighborhood had            a free copy of chapter one at www.firesta-       tions in total, and future sections will in-
Buddies, and the kids were making up sto-          tionbuddies.com.                                 clude how we do search and rescue and
ries about what they did, how they lived at           So how can you train without a training       how kids can help rescue themselves. Sec-
the fire station and were on the trucks, and       manual? The Buddies now have a train-            tions will include what to do if you are lost
the adventures they had. When I became a           ing manual that will be written by section       in the mountains, swift water and ice res-
firefighter, I used the Buddies to help raise      and available for download only at the Fire      cue, and lots of ways to practice. Kids will
money for our volunteer fire department. I         Station Buddies website. Get your kids a         also learn how to talk on a walkie-talkie
still sew them and store them on the trucks,       three-ring binder about two inches thick         and will learn some of the radio codes we
and we hand them out to kids at accident           and keep a lookout for the training sec-         use. So the next time you call them for din-
scenes. Jesse and Drew are now in their 20s        tions. The first section is about the Incident   ner, they can tell you they are code 3 (en
but they still help me with the Buddies.           Command System (ICS) that all respond-           route), and when they get to the table they
   I finally decided to start writing the adven-   ers use. It is a management system for all       can tell you they are code 1 (on scene).
tures down. The first book I wrote was The         events. September 11, 2001 showed that              The radio code list, along with instruc-
Legend, which is a picture book for kids 5         there were communication, organization,          tions for building an emergency backpack,
years old and younger and introduces kids to       and manpower problems in our response to         are available on the website. I explain why
the Buddies. I have plans to write more pic-       emergency events. Police, firefighters, and      they need the backpack, what goes inside
ture books for younger children, but it’s the      paramedics from all over the country went        it, and how to start using it. An emergency
older kids that have my attention right now.       to New York to help, but they couldn’t even      backpack, the Fire Buddies books, and a
   My second book, The Pact, is a chapter          talk to each other on their radios. Sched-                         (Continued on page 95)

90 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine
90 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine                                  www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory
www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory   ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine 91
                                                              ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine 91
The Adventure of a Lifetime
(Continued from page 88)

ings with influential people, or travel to      Today Apologia offers a lineup of award-
inspiring locations. I hope it also includes    winning K–12 science textbooks, biblical
consistent and reverent worship of God Al-      worldview studies, practical books and re-
mighty and our Savior, Jesus Christ.            sources to equip and encourage homeschool
   Family discipleship naturally lends itself   parents, retreats for homeschool moms, mis-
to individualized educational planning. If      sion and scholarship programs, and an on-
your daughter loves science and excels in
biology, then she can spend an inordinate
                                                line academy with courses in science, Bible,
                                                worldview, and apologetics. We’ve also
                                                                                                Get out and play!
amount of time studying and mastering that      locked arms with respected Christian organi-
subject. A homeschooler who wants to be a
missionary to China can work on learning
                                                zations such as Summit Ministries and Walk
                                                Thru the Bible Ministries.
the language and culture for many hours            I believe that Apologia will be honored
each week. A son who is constantly work-        as we honor God. We will stand on the
ing on a computer graphics or animation         truth of God’s Word and point people to
project will have the opportunity to master     no one other than Jesus Christ, the author
this subject because it can be written into     and perfecter of our faith. I want this to be
the curriculum. As a parent, you can infuse     true of everything we say, do, and publish
into your kids the notion that they are being   at Apologia.
groomed to change the world. Every day,            You can learn more by visiting our web-
your children can hear and believe that         site at www.apologia.com. We’d love to
they are God’s workmanship, created in          hear from you. You can join the discussion
Christ Jesus to do good works, which God        at www.facebook.com/apologiaworld or
prepared in advance for them to do (Ephe-       send us your feedback at our contact page.
sians 2:10).                                       I pray that your family will look to Deu-
   Think of the possibilities! You may be       teronomy 6:4–7 and that you will teach
growing a future leader in a field that needs   your children to love God with all their
talented Christians to reshape the culture.     heart, soul, mind, and strength. I trust that
   The homeschool lifestyle is truly an ad-     your example will inspire other parents to
venture. You cannot anticipate exactly how      diligently teach their children the ways of
everything is going to play out, but you        God in the daily course of family life—as
can make adjustments along the way and          they sit, as they walk along the way, as they
press on toward the goal. I encourage you       rise up, and as they lie down. Is this not a
to enjoy the educational benefits of family     beautiful picture of family life?
discipleship and savor the sweet fruits of
homeschooling. It may be a hike, but the        Davis and Rachael Carman are in their
blessings you find along the way are well       second decade of homeschooling their sev-                Assistive Technology
                                                                                                           Resource Guide
worth it.                                       en children. Davis is an engineer and a vice             Created for Parents
                                                president of North Carolinians for Home            Nationwide Consultation Service

Building a Firm Foundation                      Education, the state’s largest homeschool               Physical Disabilities
                                                                                                        Autism Spectrum Disorder
of Faith                                        association. Rachael is a published author              ADD/ADHD
                                                                                                        Learning Disablities
   In 2008, Rachel and I embarked on a          and a popular speaker at homeschooling
new and exciting adventure. We purchased        conventions and women’s retreats.
Apologia from Dr. Jay Wile, who founded
Apologia Educational Ministries in the                                                                                   educational
early 1990s when the modern homeschool-                                                                                   Dinnertime
ing community was young and in need of
high-quality, creation-based science cur-
riculum. Dr. Wile authored or co-authored
several junior high and high school science
textbooks, which were so well received
that the series quickly grew to become the
leading science curriculum among home-
schooling families.
   We completed the acquisition of Apologia
Educational Ministries with a vision to take
the company in new and expanded directions.

92 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine
92 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine                               www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory
  Schoolhouse Expo

                    Rainbow Resource Center: Then and Now
                    by Bob and Linda Schneider, Expo Sponsors

       he goal of our family business,         with our four young children. Linda was a      and collated the pages, with the last person
       Rainbow Resource Center, has al-        computer systems consultant and Bob had        folding and stapling it together.
       ways been to help homeschoolers         his CPA, so we decided to start a recycling       Fortunately for our bank account, our
in as many ways as possible. We started        service for homeschool materials. In this      new products catalog was becoming
as a ministry to help families reduce their    way, buyers could save money compared          more popular, and in 1993 contained 60
curriculum costs by purchasing used items      to buying new materials, and sellers could     pages of products. Items were described
for less-than-new prices and giving sell-      get cash when their items sold. In these       in detail, with some pages containing
ers a way to turn no-longer-needed school      pre-Internet days, we generated on a dot-      only one or two products. This was also
items into cash. When we added new items       matrix printer our first newsletter contain-   the year that we started exhibiting our
to our offerings, we decided to sell these     ing 10 pages of products and a few helps       materials at homeschool fairs, hitting six
items at discount prices. A widening selec-    and hints on school and family issues, and     shows in the Midwest.
tion of products from more publishers al-      then mailed it to 200 families whose ad-          By 1995 the business had grown enough
lowed customers to select items most suit-     dresses we had found in homeschooling          that Bob could leave his job and work full-
ed to the student’s learning style and the     publications.                                  time in the business. That we had managed
                                                                                              to keep up with and grow the business is
                                                                                              a testimonial to Linda (who worked tire-
          “We started as a ministry to help                                                   lessly between homeschooling and doing
                                                                                              all facets of the business for six years) and
     families reduce their curriculum costs by                                                the four oldest kids (who also worked at
                                                                                              schoolwork, exhibits, packing books, and
     purchasing used items for less-than-new                                                  writing descriptions, all with very little
     prices and giving sellers a way to turn no-                                              free time).
                                                                                                 By 1997 we had outgrown our home (sev-
      longer-needed school items into cash.”                                                  en kids now), office (enclosed front porch),
                                                                                              and warehouse (over-sized, under-heated,
                                                                                              2-car garage). Finding a suitable home in
teacher’s preference. So that our custom-         Response was encouraging, so we             the area and able to buy the adjacent 8-acre
ers could make informed decisions about        forged ahead, undaunted by our lack            field, we moved family and business about
which products might work best for them,       of space (half the living room, hallway,       30 miles to our current location. The huge
we provided detailed descriptions as well.     2-car garage), staff (kids 9, 7, twins 5),     (to us) 5,000-square-foot office/warehouse
Bringing a wide array of items to home-        money (subscription was $6/year for 8          would be heated and air-conditioned, a
school curriculum fairs around the country     issues), or time (published phone hours        luxury not previously available. Just before
allowed parents to evaluate the products       were 3–9 p.m., but calls on our single-line    our first 1998 exhibit, we finished moving
firsthand. And for those who needed addi-      family phone could come anytime). Linda        our shelving and inventory into the ware-
tional help in selecting curriculum or deal-   was homeschooling four kids, and Bob           house, and conducted interviews for new
ing with teaching issues, we offered free      worked full-time.                              employees in the as-yet-unfinished office.
consulting services.                              Fall of 1990 saw increased subscriptions    For the first time, customers could contact
   Our homeschooling career spans 25           for our 65-pages-of-used-book-inventory        us via email. And the following year, you
years, beginning in 1986. After home-          newsletter and also marked the beginning       could find us on the Web at www.rainbow-
schooling for three years, we had accumu-      of the new products “catalog,” containing      resource.com.
lated a number of schoolbooks that were in     a whopping 56 products.                           Having survived Y2K, our number of
good condition but that we did not plan to        Our used book recycling service grew        product offerings and our sales continued
use again. Living in a rural area with few     at a modest pace and then hit a plateau; it    to grow. We currently offer about 40,000
homeschoolers, we had no local options for     also proved to be a very time-consuming        products for grades PK to 12 from over
reselling these items. Since the number of     proposition. Each book had to be evalu-        1000 publishers. In this way we can offer
homeschooling families was much smaller        ated for condition, entered in the comput-     items for all teaching and learning styles.
in the late 1980s, we thought other home-      er, and shelved in findable order. Pages of    We offer these items at competitive, dis-
schoolers around the country might face        the newsletter were now printed by a local     counted prices, staying true to our original
a similar problem. We were also looking        print shop, but, being frugal, we assembled    mission of saving families money. Our
for a ministry that we could do as a family    them ourselves. Our family sat in a line                        (Continued on page 95)

www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory                             ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine 93
                                                                                        ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine 93
   There’s no place like a homeschool convention...
    ... to see new products, meet new people and be encouraged by terrific
   speakers. Since 1993, we have exhibited at hundreds of conventions to bring
   you some of the best products at affordable prices, as well as experienced and
   helpful staff members to answer your curriculum questions.

    While it’s hard to beat convention shopping when it comes to seeing products
   for yourself, we try hard to bring elements of conventions into everything we do.
   That’s why you don’t even have to set foot in a Rainbow booth to enjoy...

                 Product consultants to answer your questions
                 via email or phone - at no charge to you!
     In-depth product reviews in our catalog and website

                      A wide variety of curriculum choices for
                      all of your students’ unique needs

   Fun supplemental items for all ages and subjects
                 Now also your
                 exclusive source         Year-round Free Shipping on Orders
                 for Five in a Row        of $150 or more to all 50 states*
                 and FIAR                 * does not apply to purchase orders. Free shipping
                                                   is economy shipping.
                 book packs!

       Serving the Homeschool
       Community Since 1989
 Toll-free Phone: 888-841-3456
 Toll-free Fax: 800-705-8809
 Email: info@rainbowresource.com                               www.rainbowresource.com
   Visit our website to check out our 2011 convention schedule, contact our consultants,
   view our inventory of new but damaged “Bargain Books,” request a catalog and more!

94 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine
94 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine                    www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory
Rainbow Resource Center: Then and Now
(Continued from page 90)

1300-page catalog is free for the asking,        settings. They do their best to offer advice     God has been good to us, and we have
but it contains some of the best informa-        on curriculum selection and other educa-       grown significantly over the years. We are
tion available anywhere on educational           tional matters, and can be contacted by        thankful that we have been able to serve
products. We continue to provide detailed        phone or email.                                tens of thousands of homeschool families
reviews so that the educator can make in-           Our order fulfillment has improved as       over the years. We are also thankful that
formed choices about which products will         well, since we currently operate out of our    two of our daughters and their husbands
be the most effective. Reviews are writ-         36,000-square-foot distribution center. Or-    are working with us in the business. We
ten by our family and employees, based           ders typically leave the warehouse in one      look forward to serving your family into
on our own evaluation of the items. Our          to two days, and more than 98% of the          the next generation.
website includes these reviews, plus cover       items are normally in stock.
and content images, and even a table of             If you attend homeschool curriculum            Linda and Bob Schneider have home-
contents where appropriate. In both the          fairs around the country, you may well         schooled all of their seven children from
catalog and website, similar products are        see us there. This year we will be at 39       first grade through high school, starting
grouped together to make comparison and          conventions between March and July. Al-        in 1986 and with the last two currently in
evaluation easier.                               though we can’t bring everything in the        high school. Both graduated with business
   Since God has blessed us over the years,      catalog, we offer between 2500 and 4000        degrees from the University of Illinois and
we are able to offer free consulting servic-     different items at these shows. Where pos-     worked in the business field before starting
es. We currently have four consultants—          sible, one of our consultants also provides    their own family business.
women who have taught in homeschool,             workshops and is available at the booth to
private school, public school, and tutorial      answer questions.

Firestation Buddies
(Continued from page 90)

T-shirt will be given away as a door prize       mechanics, inventors, clerks, lawyers,         not. Sign up to become a volunteer Buddy
during the Expo.                                 truck drivers, dispatchers, carpenters, and    today and start the adventure. www.firesta-
   After all the training, your kids should be   people who are good at strategy, tactics,      tionbuddies.com.
able to become the Incident Commander at         and logistics. We have big disasters in the
a fire, search and rescue, or other event.       U.S., and it takes thousands of people to      Karen McHale, is a chemical engineer,
They should be able to figure out what re-       rescue and rebuild.                            volunteer firefighter, and an emergency
sources are needed, plan the operation to           The kids currently in the program love      planner. She has spent her career help-
complete the event, know what strategies         it and tell me all the time to hurry up and    ing industrial facilities in the private and
to use, and be able to document the event        write faster. Your kids can email any of the   government sector to plan and then train
and successfully complete their task. I am       Buddies and they will write back. I encour-    for any kind of all-hazard event. Karen
planning to develop computer games at            age kids to make suggestions for future        has authored three books and has an In-
some point so kids can try out their plans       books. Your kids will learn with the Bud-      ternet talk show on VoiceAmerica™—The
and then react to the results.                   dies lessons they can use throughout their     McHale Report.
   Knowing what is going on behind the           lives whether they become responders or
scenes makes kids less afraid. We hear
news stories of kids who are only six years
old saving their parents’ lives because they
were taught to call 911. Kids at car accident
scenes tell me all the time that they knew                                                                             www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com

the firefighters would come and get them.
Your kids will learn about the equipment
we use and how they can become career
responders as well as a volunteers.
   My goal with the Fire Station Buddies
is to train an entire generation of kids to
become volunteer emergency responders.
It’s not just about being a firefighter, po-                           1.888.718.HOME
lice officer, or paramedic. Responders are
accountants, meteorologists, fire scientists,

www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory                               ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine 95
                                                                                          ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine 95
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                       A N e w Y ea r ~L oo k!
  Molly’s Money-Saving Digest
                              A New
      is bigger and better
           than ever!
  Each gorgeous issue is jam-packed with
                               education, and
   I n ea ch iss u e y ou ’ ll
                               f in d: inspiration!
     Be g in Wit h t h e Ba
                                 sics                 Join Molly in 2011 as she
     So m et hin g Old,
               So m et hin g N e w                pinches pennies “room by room.”
                                               Each money-saving issue will show you
    Y ou ’re a N at u ra l B                     how to “clean up” those finances!
                              ea uty
    Déco r ‘n M o re
                                                                   Visit us at
    H e re ’s t o Y ou r H ea                     www.Econobusters.com,
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                                                                 where frugality
                                                              is fun and fabulous!
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98 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine
98 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine   www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory
C                               lassical
       Classical Christian Community

                                  Homeschooling is a journey...
        Classical Conversations partners with you all along the way.
    By equipping: Beginning with the earliest learners and continuing all the way
    through graduation (ages 4-18), we offer classical programs to equip your student not
    only with knowledge, but with the tools of learning.
    By training: As a student develops and expands his or her inventory of informa-
    tion (known as the grammar phase) we begin to incorporate critical thinking and
    analytical skills (known as the dialectic phase). Formal logic and debate hone your
    student’s ability to view culture, history, philosophy, language, science, and math
    through the lens of a biblical worldview. Finally, in the rhetoric phase of high school,
                                        your student shows mastery of learning by deeper
                                        analysis of topics, by persuasive speaking and
                                         writing, and by leading peer discussions.
                                        By mentoring: All of this occurs within
                                         community. Grammar-stage families meet with students weekly to receive
                                         mentoring and encouragement from experienced homeschool parents. At
                                          the rhetoric level, only students meet with a trained and experienced
                                          homeschool tutor who nurtures, guides, and directs learning as well as
                                           serving as an invaluable resource as you navigate the road toward
                                           adulthood and college.
                                         To learn more, or to find a community near you, please visit our website.

    It is a mission...                              It is a model...                              It is a method...
   to know God and to make Him known.               to combine a biblical worldview and          to equip parents and encourage
   In every subject, God has hidden His             classical tools. We support parents in       students. We do this in community
   truth and beauty. It is our pleasure as          their divinely appointed role as             with other parents at each stage of the
   students and teachers to discover Him            educators of their children by provid-       classical learning journey: grammar,
   as we learn.                                     ing classical tools of learning.             dialectic, and rhetoric.

                                                                                ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine
                                                                                ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine 99
  Mission Statement

   Who We Are and
     Why We Exist

Our Mission                                    Core Values                                      Target Market
   Our mission is to produce a high-quality,     •	 The Word of God is foundational to           Age
Biblically based magazine that is a practi-         everything we do.                            Women between the ages of 25 and 50
cal resource for homeschoolers. We strive        •	 Biblical family values—God comes             •	 25-33—Newbies, rigid
to introduce the home educator to addi-             first, family second, others third, and      •	 33-40—Transitional, experimental
tional products, services, and information          self last.                                   •	 50+—Oldies, mentors
that will strengthen, support, and challenge     •	 Biblical authority structure—The hus-        (Encourage the older women to men-
the family both spiritually and academical-         band is the head of the home; the wife       tor the younger. Encourage the younger
ly. Ultimately, our goal is to equip home-          is in submission to her husband; the         ones to honor those who pioneered ho-
schoolers to impact the world for Christ.           children are obedient to both parents.       meschooling. Remind them of the move-
   The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine for ho-         •	 Parental responsibility—Education,           ment’s history, where we came from,
meschoolers is a business. We do not claim          both academic and spiritual, is the          where we want to go.)
to be a ministry, but because our Lord and          parents’ God-given responsibility.
Savior Jesus Christ rules our lives, we seek     •	 Christian worldview—We hold and              Marital state
to honor Him in all things, including the           promote a Christian perspective on           •	 Married moms who work part-time
education of our children, our vocations,           life and education.                          •	 Married stay-at-home moms
and our recreational activities. Therefore,                                                      •	 Single moms
we seek to honor Him through the publica-      Core Qualities                                    •	 Divorced moms
tion of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.            Integrity—We are who we say we are
                                               even when no one else is watching.                Educational background
Our Purpose                                       Empathy—We come alongside ho-                  •	 The majority have at least a bach-
  To equip parents to take back their chil-    meschoolers, encouraging and sharing as              elor’s degree.
dren spiritually and educationally by sup-     fellow homeschoolers, without judging or          •	 Thirteen percent have doctorate
porting, encouraging, informing, edifying,     condemning.                                          degrees.
and inspiring them.                               Transparency—We’ve been where they
                                               are and we’ve learned from our mistakes.
                                                                                                                                                             d Gizmos Galore!
                                                                                                                                 ology: Gadgets an
Our Vision                                        Inclusivity—We are inclusive in meth-          Educational Techn                                                   Celebrating 10 Years

  To advance the cause of Christ by            odology and curriculum, without compro-                                                                                                  ®

                                               mising our biblical stand.
strengthening homeschool families                 Non-Political approach—We avoid po-
spiritually and academically.                  litical topics unless they relate to the clear
                                                                                                                                                                How to Become a
                                               teaching of Scripture.
Core Beliefs
  1. Homeschooling is not just a choice;       What Is Lifestyle Learning?
                                                                                                     o to Fun Teamwork,                                                   Chef
     it is a conviction.                         The Learning Lifestyle                            and Creativity
  2. Public schools pursue a godless pur-
                                                 •	 Involves the whole family.                                                                               lin
     pose and agenda. Christian parents          •	 Emphasizes raising children in the             Grammar                                             on the Mission
     need to be lovingly warned about
     the dangers of the public education
                                                    fear of the Lord.
                                                 •	 Instills godly character and integrity                Rules
                                                                                                    We Just Can’t Live Witho

     system.                                        in the children.

                                                                                                     Y u m m y M at h :
  3. Homeschooling allows parents to                                                                                                                                Physics Class in

                                                 •	 Promotes and strengthens a child’s                                                                                My Homeschool?
     exercise their God-given respon-               relationship to God.
     sibility to educate their children          •	 Provides quality education for chil-                     Lessons                 in the Kitchen
     spiritually and academically.                  dren.                                                                                    Captivating Chemist
  4. Homeschooling strengthens fami-             •	 Does not have to be formal.                                                                          way he should go and
                                                                                                                                                                              when he is old,
                                                                                                                                 Train up a child in the                       Proverbs 22:6
     lies, ultimately strengthening the          •	 Uses many different methods.                                                 he will not depart from

     body of Christ.                             •	 Addresses a variety of learning styles.
  5. Homeschooling is a venue to impact
     the world for Christ.

100 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine
100 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine                             www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory
       Financial state                                                                  •	 Reassure homeschoolers that they are       •	   How do I get started?
       •	 Middle-class                                                                     not alone.                                 •	   Where do I look for resources?
       •	 Average income $60,000 a year                                                 •	 Demonstrate that our transparency          •	   What materials should I use?
                                                                                           and sincerity by avoiding a know-it-       •	   How can I manage the household,
       Family size                                                                         all or dictatorial tone.                        teach my kids, help my husband
       •	 Varying number of children (3-5                                               •	 Legitimize homeschooling.                       financially, and still keep my devo-
          average)                                                                      •	 Reinforce the vision of homeschool-             tional life vibrant?
       •	 Wide age range (often kindergarten to                                            ing.
          high school)                                                                  •	 Encourage home educators to be per-      Our Place in the Market
                                                                                           sistent, rekindling their commitment.      How are we unique?
       Geographic location                                                              •	 Give a sense of camaraderie/com-           •	 We don’t tell them how to home-
       •	 Across the nation                                                                munity.                                       school. We provide information about
       •	 Houses and apartments                                                         •	 Be practical for the family—relational        a wide range of methods and teaching
                                                                                           as well as educational.                       styles.
       Religion                                                                         •	 Offer help for special needs learners.     •	 We provide the most up-to-date
       •	 Mostly nominal Christians                                                     •	 Introduce and evaluate homeschool             research and statistics.
       •	 Growing number of non-Christians                                                 vendors/products.                          •	 We have the largest homeschool blog
                                                                                        •	 Provide a platform for homeschool             in the world.
    Value in the Market                                                                    experts and everyday homeschool            •	 We have staff and writers, experts
       Homeschooling moms are frugal about                                                 educators.                                    and everyday home educators all over
    their purchases and may view TOS Maga-                                                                                               the world to provide many diverse
    zine as a luxury rather than a necessity. But                                      Positioning                                       perspectives.
    they will spend money on what they feel is                                          •	 Remember that the customer’s initial       •	 We have high-quality, well-designed
    a priority/must-have item. We need to be at                                            perception of our company is her              print products with solid content.
    the top of the list of homeschooling neces-                                            reality.                                   •	 We aggressively pursue and partner
    sities. We need to prove our value.                                                 •	 Answer their “pain” through the               with the homeschool market.
       To be valued in the market, TOS must:                                               magazine, e-blasts, newsletters, etc.      •	 We have a website, blog, magazine,
      •	 Provide immediate access to relevant                                           •	 Control the market by creating a              e-blasts, message boards, conferences,
         ideas, advice, and resources.                                                     unique system with our own vocabu-            The Schoolhouse Store, e-newsletters,
A Walk Down Me
                                                                                           lary.                                         partnering promotions, and more.
               mory Lane: The
                              History of the Hom
                                                 eschool Movem
                                                                                        •	 Position TOS as the intentional first
                                                                     ing 10 Yea
                                                                                           choice.                                  Competition in the Market
                                                                                  ®     •	 Learn from successful companies,           Our competition is not just other home-
                                                                                           services, and products like Heinz,       school magazines. It is any person or place
Charlotte Mason

                                                                                           Google, and Aspirin.                     where customers go to meet their “pain.”
      a Relaxed Homeschoo
                                                     of Letter Writin
                                                                                       The Pain in the Market                         •	   Other homeschoolers
                                                        Lapbooking                      What are they thinking?                       •	   Friends
                                                              Our Way to                •	 I’m disorganized.                          •	   Church
                                                             Horses!                    •	 I’m not educated enough; I need more       •	   Support Groups

                                                               From                        training.                                  •	   Conventions
                                                         Grocer                         •	 I’m inadequate.                            •	   Google
                                                         Grace                          •	 I’m always being criticized by friends     •	   Libraries
                                                         Reforming                         and family.                                •	   Vender partners’ websites
                                                         the Picky Eater

           Ways to Connect                                                              •	 My children don’t get along.
                                                                                        •	 I have a strong-willed/problem child.
                                                                                                                                      •	   Blogs

                       With Literature                                                  •	 How will I every get it all done?
           Homeschooling the
                                        Special Needs Ch
                                                                                        •	 I never have enough time alone.
          Train up a child in                                      ild                  •	 I wish I could spend more time with
                              the way he should
          he will not depart                    go and when he is
                             from it.                             old,
                                                       Proverbs 22:6                       my husband.

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  Statement of Faith

From The Old Schoolhouse & Paul and Gena Suarez

     Jesus Christ, the Word is God, God the Father is God.
                     The Holy Spirit is God.
               There are no gods but one God.
   We believe in God the Father, who is the     This eternal life with God is freely given of     one of these books is given by inspiration
Maker of the heavens and the earth; and in      God but must be accessed His way, which           of God, to be the rule of faith and life.
Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord. Jesus     is through His son, our Lord Jesus Christ.
Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit,                                                            There are several books, commonly
and was born of a virgin, Mary. He min-           We believe in the full deity of the Holy        called the Apocrypha, which are not of
istered to many during His ministry, never      Spirit, and acknowledge His role as God,          divine inspiration and are no part of the
once sinning. He suffered tremendously          in creation and in redemption and, very           canon of Scripture. Therefore, they can not
under Pontius Pilate, was crucified on a        importantly, as our Comforter. The present        be used as an authority from which to draw
cross, died, was buried (descending into        ministry of the Holy Spirit, among many           from in the Church of God. They are not
Hades at that time), and then ROSE again        things, is to indwell in the Christian, en-       to be more esteemed, or made use of, than
on the third day, from the dead! After ris-     abling him to live a Godly life.                  any other works of printed materials.
ing, which shocked and amazed many wit-
nesses, causing them to worship Him and            We believe that man is in rebellion               The authority of the Bible does not de-
acknowledge Him as God in the flesh, Je-        against God because of Adam’s sin. Man’s          pend on the testimony or tradition of any
sus ascended into Heaven, where He sits         very nature is evil and all are bound for hell,   man or church, but entirely upon God, who
at the right hand of God the Father. Back       a place of eternal darkness and torment,          is Truth itself, and the Author of truth. It
to Earth He shall come again, to judge the      unless the Father calls him. For salvation        is therefore to be received as the highest
living and the dead.                            of any man, regeneration by the Holy Spirit       authority, and can be depended on fully,
                                                is absolutely necessary. We are made righ-        without any supplementation. It is the di-
   We believe in the Holy Spirit, one holy      teous by God, through faith in Him, and           vinely inspired Word of God.
Christian church, the communion of all          although faith without works is dead, it is
true saints, the forgiveness of sins, the       faith ALONE which brings salvation.                  The whole counsel of God, concern-
resurrection of the body, and the eternal                                                         ing all things necessary for God’s glory,
(never-ending) gift of life.                      We believe in the resurrection of both          man’s salvation, faith and life, is either
                                                the saved and the lost, those who are saved       expressly set down in Scripture or may be
  We believe that the Bible is the ONLY         to the resurrection of life, and those who        deduced from Scripture. Nothing what-
inerrant Word of God. In it, we can find all    are lost to the resurrection of damnation.        soever is to be added to this, whether by
instructions in righteousness, holiness and                                                       “new revelations” of the Spirit or by the
faith. It is our authoritative “handbook” for     We believe that at the perfect time in          traditions of man.
Christian living . . . the ONLY book that is    history, God chose to reveal Himself and
necessary for our faith.                        to declare His will to His Church. After-           The infallible rule of interpretation of
                                                wards, for the purpose of preserving and          Scripture is the Scripture itself. Therefore,
   We believe that there is one God, eternal-   propagating the truth, and for the more           when there is a question or misunderstand-
ly existent in three persons: Father, Son and   certain establishment and comfort of the          ing about the true and full sense of any pas-
Holy Spirit. This ONE God is omnipotent,        Church against corruption, and the malice         sage in the Bible, it must be searched and
omnipresent and omniscient. This God is         of Satan and of the world, it pleased Him         known by other places in God’s Word that
also holy, righteous, good, loving and full     to commit this revealed will to the written       speak more clearly, always considering
of mercy, by character. He is the Creator of    word. We can approach the Word of God             Biblical context.
all things. He sustains all things.             as the source of truth about the gospel of
                                                Jesus Christ.                                        We believe that there is one living and
   We believe that Jesus Christ, Who is our                                                       true God. He is infinite, perfect, pure. He is
Lord God, is fully God, yet fully man. Only        The Holy Scripture (the Bible or the           the Rewarder of those who diligently seek
through Jesus Christ can man find redemp-       Word) consists of all of the books of the         Him. He is most just in His judgments, hat-
tion and have eternal life. Without Jesus       Old and New Testaments, which are Gene-           ing all sin, and He will by no means clear
Christ, man cannot find eternal life but will   sis through Malachi, and Matthew through          the guilty. God is loving, gracious, merci-
spend eternity apart from God, in suffering.    Revelation, respectively. Each and every          ful, patient, abundant in goodness and truth.

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102 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine                               www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory
                                                                       As our Statement of Faith presents, TOS is a Christian
                                                                       (protestant) company . We have gathered many businesses
                                                                       of all sizes for the Homeschool Business & Entrepreneur
                                                                       Directory, but in doing so, we have utilized Facebook,
                                                                       word-of-mouth, and other Christian homeschool
                                                                       businesses to spread the word of our existence and desire
                                                                       to provide this listing of resources for homeschoolers .
He forgives sin, but there is only One way
He will forgive sin, only One—through                                  We have asked that businesses choosing to join us be in
His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, Who sacri-                             support of homeschooling, even if they are not actively
ficed Himself on the cross for His Church.
Many men say their ways “seem” right,
                                                                       homeschooling themselves, and many are likely to be
but in God’s holy Word, we find what God                               of a likeminded biblical worldview as well, but some
Himself requires for the forgiveness of our                            may not be . The Homeschool Business & Entrepreneur
sins, and eternal life with Him.
                                                                       Directory accepts all subscriptions for listings, subject
  God has all life, glory, goodness, bless-                            only to editorial criteria concerning inappropriate
edness, in and of Himself. He is not in
need of any creatures which He has made.
                                                                       or offensive language . A listing does not imply any
He has most sovereign dominion over all                                evaluation or endorsement of any listed business by
creatures—over them, to do by them, for                                the publisher of the Directory, so we urge users to be
them and upon them. He does what He
pleases, and nothing to Him is contingent                              diligent in thoroughly browsing websites, reading
or uncertain. He is most holy in His coun-                             “About Us” pages where appropriate, and determining
sels, His works and in all His commands.
To Him, and Him alone is due from angels
                                                                       the suitability of any business in regard to a personal
and mankind, and any other creature, what-                             worldview . Our hope is that all of our readers find the
ever worship, service or obedience He is                               salvation in Jesus Christ that has so incredibly blessed
pleased to require of them.
                                                                       our lives, and that homeschools grow closer to God as
  Please send us a note if you would like                              families learn together .
more information on spending eternity
with God . . . Click Here.
                                                                       Welcome,       to     the
                                                                       Homeschool Business &
                                                                       Entrepreneur Directory of
                     e   ss & Entre p                                  business listings ready
                s in
                                                                       to do business with

                                                                       the     homeschooling
 s ch o o l B


                                                            r Direct



                    P                               S   y
                H       O                       S
                            S S             E
                                E     A D


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                                        Ar ts & Cr Af ts - Chr is tiAn / BiBle s tudy

                                             Arts & Crafts                                                                                       Business &
                                                                                         Shirley’s Prepackaged Crafts
                                                                                         Unique monthly craft subscription for
                                                                                         preschoolers . Everything needed to
                                                                                         complete crafts comes delivered to your         __________________________________
                                       ArtiSands sand art is fun for all ages and
                                       abilities! All of our kits come with colorfast,   door in a box . Monthly, quarterly and school   Micro Business for Teens
                                       nontoxic sand in a beautiful array of colors      year subscriptions .                            Start a micro business, a very small,
                                       and a wide variety of patterns .                  (763) 682-4894                                  one-person business, with what you
                                                                                                                                         already know or own and without debt!
                                       (866) 950-SAND                                    www.ShirleysPrepackagedCrafts.com
                                                                                                                                         Students learn about business, money,
                                        www.artisands.com                                                                                and themselves .
                                       __________________________________                                                                 Carol@MicroBusinessForTeens.com
                                                                                          Spears Art Studio, Inc.
                                       Hygloss Products                                                                                   MicroBusinessForTeens.com
                                       From teaching supplies to craft supplies,                                                         __________________________________
                                       Hygloss has been bringing you creative                                                            Professor in a Box, LLC
                                       products for art and education since
                                                                                                                                         Professor in a Box markets business
                                       1950! Check out our science, craft, and
                                                                                                                                         courses (Financial Accounting, Principles
                                       classroom kits!
                                                                                                                                         of Marketing, Entrepreneurship)
                                       (800) 444-9456                                     ART MAKES LEARNING FUN! Teach your             featuring lectures by college professors
                                        www.HyglossProducts.com                           children art from a biblical worldview         to homeschooled students, students
Resources for Homeschooling Families

                                       __________________________________                 with the Spears Art Studio K–8 teacher’s       preparing for CLEP exams, and small-
                                                                                          manual and high school art survey (Art         business owners .
                                       Punkydoodles – Die-Cut Paper                       1 equivalent) student manual . Covers           www.professorinabox.com
                                       Shapes                                             art/design elements, art principles;           __________________________________
                                       Punkydoodles—colorful, die-cut paper               rich in interdisciplinary, historical,
                                       shapes—can make any lesson more exciting           and contemporary art connections;
                                       or interesting! Use alone or with crayons,
                                       stickers, glue, glitter, paint . Three sizes to
                                                                                          FREE ART LESSONS, and much more .
                                                                                          spearsartstudio@wildblue .net
                                                                                                                                          Business Services
                                       help meet your objectives!
                                                                                          (830) 612-2585                                     & Support
                                       (800) 428-8688                                     www.spearsartstudio.com/
                                        www.punkydoodles.com                              curricintro.html

                                                                                            Baby & Toddler
                                                                                         Angelsong Creations, LLC
                                                                                         Want to give your baby or toddler an
                                                                                         advanced foundation for future learning?
                                                                                         Check out MommyJingles .com—a new
                                                                                         kind of baby music class . Use Coupon Code
                                                                                         “OldSchool” and save $100 .
                                                                                         Great Baby Carriers and More! Helping
                                                                                         you find the best baby carrier for you and
                                                                                         your child . A huge selection of baby and
                                                                                         toddler carriers .
                                                                                         (530) 921-8855
                                                                                         Intellectual Baby
                                                                                         Entertaining and educational products
                                                                                         created to help parents teach their babies
                                                                                         to read . MonkiSee DVDs, flash cards, books
                                                                                         and more are designed for children from 3
                                                                                         months–3 years old .
                                                                                         (877) 505-5079

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                                                                                                        Ar ts & Cr Af ts - Chris tiAn / BiBle s tudy
__________________________________                                                                                            __________________________________
Christian Work at Home Moms                                                      PhonicBooks                                   CBH Ministries (AKA Children’s Bible
CWAHM provides job listings, business                                                                                          Hour)
information, spiritual encouragement, and                                                                                      An international Christian ministry based on
thousands of other resources for Christians                                      Small, successful publishing company,         the Gospel of Jesus Christ, CBH Ministries
who desire to work from home .                                                   specialising in phonic reading books          produces and distributes excellent media
                                                                                 for beginner and reluctant readers, is        resources to evangelize and disciple kids
contact@CWAHM.com                                                                looking for a distributor in the USA for      and their families .
 CWAHM.com                                                                       the home education and schools market .
__________________________________                                               Our books are used in 4,000 UK schools,       (616) 647-4500
                                                                                 approved by British Department of             www.CBHMinistries.org
                                                                                 Education, and selling in 23 countries       __________________________________
                                                                                 worldwide .
                                                                                                                               Deeper Roots
                                                                                                                               Our exciting Jr . & Sr . High Bible
                                                                                _______________________________                Curriculum can move your student
                                                                                                                               from Bible knowledge to spiritual
                                                                                Start a Preschool                              APPLICATION! Download FREE sample
                                                                                Learn how to make an extra $500, $1,000,       portions of these practical studies to help
                                                                                even $4,000/month while teaching               your student grow spiritually .
                                                                                preschool with your children . Business
                                                                                training materials & pre-made activity-rich    (407) 797-8557

                                                                                                                                                                              Resources for Homeschooling Families
                                                                                curriculum help homeschooling families         www.DeeperRoots.com
                                                                                start teaching preschool right away!          __________________________________
                                                                                joy@startapreschool.com                        Landry Academy
                                                                                 www.startapreschool.com/                      Landry Academy offers Christ-centered
                                                                                 homeschool                                    online classes and academic summer camps
                                                                                __________________________________             for homeschooled students .

                                                                                  Christian / Bible                                     See Display Ad on Next Page
                                                                                       Study                                   RainBeforeTheReign.com
                                                                                                                               Rain Before the Reign—free audio and
                                                                                 Alpha USA – Youth Alpha                       video Christian short stories .
                                                                                                                               Heather Kendall’s nonfiction book, A Tale of
                                                                                                                               Two Kingdoms, traces the Christ-centered
                                                                                                                               storyline of the Bible . It includes maps,
                                                                                 Youth Alpha is a dynamic, practical           index, timeline, and Points to Ponder .
                                                                                 introduction to the Christian faith for       Suitable for teenagers and adults .
                                                                                 11- to 18-year-olds . The course runs
__________________________________                                               over 10 weeks in all main Christian           (705) 456-7925
                                                                                 denominations (Catholic to Protestant) .      www.tale2k.com
How Do You Do It All? Balance Family                                             Fifteen sessions cover topics, including     __________________________________
Life and Home Business                                                           these: “Who is Jesus?” and “How can we
Mary Jo Tate, entrepreneur and single
                                                                                                                               The Trinity Foundation
                                                                                 have faith?” and “How does God guide
homeschooling mom of four sons, helps                                            us?” Email: youthalpha@alphausa .org .        We offer quality Intellectual Ammunition
you move past the juggling act and find                                                                                        in theology, apologetics, philosophy,
balance so you, your family, and your                                            (800) DO ALPHA                                education, economics, and logic . Hundreds
                                                                                                                               of articles and audio lectures available for
business can flourish .                                                          (362 5742)                                    free download . Age group: high school and
 www.HowDoYouDoItAll.com                                                         www.alphausa.org/youthalpha
__________________________________                                                                                             college .

                                        & Entr
                                                                                __________________________________             (423) 743-0199
                                 ss                      ep
                            in e                                                Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc.          www.trinityfoundation.org
                        s                                                                                                     __________________________________

                                                                                Products, resources, and services that help
     e s ch o o l B u

                                                                                                                               Truth Publishers

                                                                                homeschool families learn, live, and defend
                                                                                the Christian faith . We publish Christian     Home school bible study course, 25
                                                                     r Direct

                                                                                worldview & science curriculum, including      lessons, fundamental, premillenial, baptist,
                                                                                the award-winning, creation-based science      textbook, Path to Truth and Freedom,
                                                                                curriculum for grades K–12 .                   teacher’s guide, student workbook . $25ppd .

                                                                                (888) 524-4724                                 Helpful resources .


                             P                               S   y
                                 O                       S

                                                                                                                               (864) 268-5121
                        H            S S             E
                                         E     A D
                                       2011                                     __________________________________             www.truthpublishers.com

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Resources for Homeschooling Families   C ategory

                                       106 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine   www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory
                                                 Cl assiC al EduC ation - CollEgE & C arEEr Pl anning

          Classical                         __________________________________                College & Career
         Education                          The Foundation for American                           Planning
__________________________________          Christian Education                              __________________________________
                                            Publishes classical Christian curriculum
Classical Academic Press                    and resources based on the Principle             Career Coaching for Students™ by
Classical Subjects Creatively Taught:       Approach®–This method of learning                Success Discoveries
Latin, logic, Spanish, Greek, and Bible     produces a Christian worldview through           Personal Leadership, Career and College
taught clearly and creatively with texts,   reflective thinking and reasoning based on       Planning Program provides clear steps a
DVDs, games and more .                      biblical principles .                            student can take to identify and evaluate
                                                                                             career and educational options; includes
(866) 730-0711                              (800) 352-3223                                   student binder, assessments, web
 www.ClassicalAcademicPress.com              www.Face.net                                    resources and much more .
__________________________________          __________________________________
                                                                                             (972) 346-2892
                                            Memoria Press                                     www.careercoachingforstudents.net
                                            The place to come for your classical/            __________________________________
                                            Christian curriculum . Home of Latina
                                            Christiana, Traditional Logic, Famous Men        College Prep Genius
                                            history books, and much more! Check out          Get FREE college, raise your SAT score as
                                            our K-2nd curriculum packages; 3rd-6th           much as 600 points, and go to the college
                                            coming soon!                                     of your choice! Learn how thousands

                                                                                                                                         Resources for Homeschooling Families
                                                                                             of homeschoolers have earned huge
                                            (877) 862-1097                                   scholarships!
                                            __________________________________               (817) 282-PREP (7737)
                                            Peace Hill Press                                 __________________________________
                                            We publish classically-oriented history and
                                            language arts materials for parents, teachers,
                                            and K-12 students . Our materials bring
                                            traditional teaching methods up to date,
                                            giving you the tools for excellent education .
                                            (877) 322-34445

                                                     Clothing &
                                             Homeschool Mania

                                             Show your homeschool pride with
Easy Classical                               the original homeschool company .
Easy Classical provides resources for        Professionally silkscreened and
homeschool families who desire to teach      embroidered products . Anvil, Bella,
classically . We offer schedules, writing    Lat, Next Level, and other high-quality
guides, copybooks, and geography             products with fast shipping! Homeschool
curriculum all integrated for ease of use    Rocks, Homeschool mom, Extreme
and increased retention .                    homeschooler, Leave a Legacy, Pay it
 www.easyclassical.com                       Forward etc . Shirts, canvas bags, Nalgene
__________________________________           BPA-free water bottles, hats, magnets,
                                             etc .
                                             (704) 562-7130

www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory                           ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine         107
                                        College & C areer Pl anning - ComPuters & teChnology
                                       __________________________________                __________________________________               __________________________________
                                       Homeschool Psych: Preparing                       Crandall University                              Troy University
                                       Christian Homeschool Students for                 “Crandall University provides opportunities      Students earn high school and college
                                       Psychology 101                                    for students and professors to have genuine      credit simultaneously with Troy University’s
                                       Psych 101 is required in college . It will        relationship as they pursue knowledge            online ACCELERATE program . Be amazed
                                       challenge your child’s worldview . Many walk      and skills that can lead to flourishing and      at what you can accomplish when put in
                                       away from their faith in college . Prepare        transformed lives .” ~ Dr . Goodwin, History     control of your own learning environment!
                                                                                         laura .martin@crandallu .ca
                                       your students before they leave home .
                                                                                                                                          (334) 670-5876
                                       HomeschoolPsych.com                               (888) 968-6228                                    www.Troy.edu/ecampus
                                              See Display Ad on Previous Page             www.crandallu.ca                                __________________________________
                                       __________________________________                __________________________________
                                                                                         Eastern Nazarene College
                                                                                                                                               Computers &
                                              Colleges &                                 Christian community passionately
                                                                                         committed to academic rigor, personal
                                              Universities                               growth, and spiritual development .
                                                                                         Students represent 30 denominations, 26          __________________________________
                                       __________________________________                states, and 29 nations . Located minutes
                                                                                         from Boston & blocks from the beach .            Christian Keyboarding
                                       Alaska Bible College                              Admissions@enc .edu                              Are your students typing exercises
                                       Through biblical study, academic                                                                   that don’t match your values? Christian
                                                                                         (800) 88ENC88
Resources for Homeschooling Families

                                       excellence, and hands-on ministry, Alaska                                                          Keyboarding products teach valuable and
                                       Bible College can equip you to be a leader         www.enc.edu                                     necessary computer skills while instilling
                                       in missions and ministry .                        __________________________________               Christian values . No games . Real touch
                                        www.akbible.edu                                                                                   typing techniques .
                                                                                         Ecclesia College
                                       __________________________________                On campus or online, Ecclesia College            (800) 559-2154
                                       Augustine College                                 offers private, affordable, Christ-centered       www.ChristianKeyboarding.com
                                       A one-year college in Ottawa, Ontario,            higher education with Christian service and      __________________________________
                                       where the enduring questions of human             international travel opportunities and real-
                                       life can again be studied at the level they       world work experience for life after college .
                                       deserve and against the background of the         (479) 248-7236
                                       Christian story .
                                       (613) 237-9870                                    __________________________________
                                        www.augustingcollege.org                         LeTourneau University
                                       __________________________________                Did you know that almost one-fifth of
                                       Baker University                                  the current traditional student body at
                                       Baker University is a small, private, liberal     LeTourneau University were home schooled
                                       arts school in Baldwin City, Kansas . Baker       for their high school experience . Contact
                                       prides itself on its excellent faculty-student    Barnabas Bridgman at Admissions@Letu .Edu .
                                       collaboration and ability to prepare              (903) 233-4336
                                       students for the workforce .
                                       admission@bakeru.edu                              __________________________________
                                        www.BakerU.edu                                   Noah Webster College
                                       __________________________________                Noah Webster College is a liberal arts
                                       Bryan College                                     Christian leadership college located in
                                       Bryan College is a Christian college in           Albuquerque, New Mexico . Strengthen
                                       Tennessee that offers nearly 40 different         the defense of your faith and sharpen your
                                       fields of study . Bryan also offers accredited,   Biblical worldview at Noah Webster College .
                                       online, dual enrollment courses taught from       NWebsterCollege@msn.com
                                       a Christian perspective .                         __________________________________
                                        www.Bryan.edu                                    Taylor University Online
                                                                                         Taylor University Online extends the
                                       College at Southwestern                           mission—advancing lifelong learning and
                                       The College at Southwestern provides              ministering Christ’s love—from the campus
                                       conservative theological programs in              located in Upland, Indiana . The online
                                       the history of Western thought, missions,         courses and programs are Christ-centered,
                                       education, homemaking, biblical studies,          academically excellent, and flexible .
                                       and music .
                                       (800) SWBTS-01                                     www.taylor.edu/online
                                        www.swbts.edu                                    __________________________________

                                       108 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine                                www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory
                                              COMPUTERS & T EChnOlOgy - CROSS- CURRiCUl aR PROdUC TS
__________________________________              __________________________________               __________________________________
Keyboard Town Pals                               My Tiny Planets                                  Gentle Shepherd
Revolutionary method teaches kids to             Learning is fun in the Tiny Planet’s Universe    A homeschool curriculum e-business with
type on a computer keyboard . One hour           with Bing and Bong . We engage young             a variety of unique materials: writing and
interactive stand-alone video uses puppets,      children as they explore math, science, and      artwork pages, typing curriculum, special
humor, music, and stories . Enter coupon         personal development with books, videos,         preschool materials, and more! Easy to use,
code KINUS 12 for a $10 .00 discount .           and online games .                               creative, and fun!
(866) 200-8881                                   Contact@MyTinyPlanets.com                        (360) 798-6572
 www.KeyboardTownPals.com                        www.TinyPlanets.com                              www.gentleshepherd.biz
__________________________________              __________________________________               __________________________________
ScreenRetriever                                                                                   Kid Scoop
ScreenRetriever provides parents with live
supervision of their children’s computer
                                                   Cross-Curricular                               Kid Scoop believes learning is fun! We
                                                                                                  create interdisciplinary learning packets
activity, with their children’s knowledge,
so parents can teach safe, appropriate, and
                                                      Products                                    on fascinating topics . Students enjoy the
                                                                                                  illuminating puzzles and games while they
responsible online behavior! Also has a         __________________________________                absorb the knowledge .
recording feature!
                                                 A Beginning Advantage /                          (707) 996-6077
                                                 A Reason For                                     www.kidscoop.com
     See Display Ad on the Previous Page         New homeschool distributor provides             __________________________________

                                                                                                                                                  Resources for Homeschooling Families
__________________________________               parent resources and K–8th curricula,
                                                 always featuring scriptural values,
                                                 hands-on activities, and differentiated           Knight’s Book Knook
        Cooking &                                instruction options . They carry all A Reason
                                                 For  .  .  . curricula .
        Nutrition                                (877) 481-1122
__________________________________               www.ABeginningAdvantage.com
Growing Healthy Homes LLC
We honor God by creating and distributing        AIMS Education Foundation
products that educate and empower                AIMS Education Foundation develops                Knight’s Book Knook is a home-based,
His children to establish healthy, Christ-       engaging, hands-on activities that build          homeschooling-family business .
centered homes .                                 students’ conceptual understanding of             Check out our great prices on creation-
                                                 math and science . We make learning fun,          based curriculum, including: Apologia
(918) 841-2934                                   instill curiosity, and motivate thinking .        Educational Ministries, Considering God’s
 GrowingHealthyHomes.com                                                                           Creation, models, dissection specimens
__________________________________               (888) 733-2467                                    and tools, microscopes & lab equipment,
                                                 www.aimsedu.org                                   experiments, botany, biology, chemistry,
Wheat-N-Things                                                                                     geology, general science, physical
Provides home bakers with great quality                   See Display Ad on Next Page
                                                                                                   science, physics, zoology, and more  .  .  .
organic and GMO-free grains, bread making       __________________________________
supplies, Nutrimills, and Bosch mixers .         Bright Ideas Press
                                                                                                   (229) 776-8823
(502) 437-9396                                   Bright Ideas Press provides practical,
 www.Wheat-N-Things.com                          fun, and affordable curriculum covering         __________________________________
__________________________________               geography, history, science, and literature .
                                                 We publish such titles as The Mystery of         The Learning Expressway
                                                 History and Christian Kids Explore Science .     Educational resources to supplement

  Critical Thinking                              (877) 492-8081
                                                                                                  language arts and mathematics for grades
                                                                                                  PreK–8 . Use code hs15 for 15% off of total
__________________________________               BrightIdeasPress.com                             price at checkout .
                                                __________________________________                www.thelearningexpressway.com
The Critical Thinking Co.                                                                        __________________________________
                                                 Founders Academy
Award-winning homeschool curriculum!
We guarantee our critical thinking infused       You’ve got a challenge . We’ve got a             Rainbow Resource Center, Inc.
educational books and software will              solution! Get your student to graduate with      We offer over 40,000 homeschooling and
produce better grades and higher test            our homeschool courses online . Featuring        educational products, most at discount
scores—or your money back!                       Economics, U .S . Government, and History        prices . Have questions? Contact one of our
                                                 courses for middle and high school .             homeschool consultants, available to help
(800) 458-4849                                   FoundersAcademy@ymail.com                        you at no charge . info@RainbowResource .
 www.CriticalThinking.com                        www.FoundersAcademy.net                          com
__________________________________              __________________________________                (888) 841-3456

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                                       cross- curricul ar produc ts

                                                                                  ADD MORE “AHA” MOMENTS

                                                                                  to your math and science teaching

                                                                                                    AIMS is a non-profit
                                                                                                    foundation dedicated to
                                                                                                    helping you give your students
                                                                                                    a solid conceptual understanding
                                                                                                    of math and science.
Resources for Homeschooling Families

                                                                                       AIMS Activity Books for Grades K-9
                                                                                      • Engaging, easy-to-use activities

                                                                                      • Real-world investigations provide meaningful
                                                                                        math and science supplements

                                                                                      • Includes student pages, teacher instructions,
                                                                                        and background information

                                                                                      • Required materials are easily available

                                                                                      • $18.95-$24.95

                                               We’re driven by passion, not profit. We have the luxury of doing what’s best for students.
                                                    And we never tire of helping students experience the joy of learning. Try AIMS!
                                             Engaging, Affordable, and Easy to Use!
                                              Visit our website at aimsedu.org or call us at 888.733.2467

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                                              cross- curricul ar produc ts - fine ar ts, music & dr ama
__________________________________              __________________________________                 __________________________________
Steps4Kids, LLC                                  The Confetti Company, A Division of                Images Press
Award-winning instructional DVDs to              Sandcastle Publishing, LLC                         Images Press publishes children’s books
teach printing, cursive, math and more!          At the Confetti Company, you’ll find               with songs and read-alongs, Readers’
Awards include: Classroom “Media of the          our products educational, entertaining,            Theater scripts, and YouTube demos . Turn
Year,” “DVD of the Year,” “Double Star”          and alive with the voices of children,             reading into acting .
endorsement and more! Made in USA .              while promoting kids’ literacy, character
                                                 education, positive behavior, family               (650) 948-8251
(800) 757-1702, x10                              relationships, and self-awareness .                www.images-press.com
 www.Steps4Kids.com                                                                                __________________________________
__________________________________               (800) 891-4204
SynHeme Inc.                                     www.JustForKidsBookstore.com
Used in schools across the country, these
decks of playing cards offer up-to-date          Family Discipleship Ministries, Inc.
information on a variety of subjects from        Bradrick Family favorite resources for
the Periodic Table of Elements to the human      understanding the God of the Bible,
skeleton & geometry .                            discipling our children in His Word and
 www.synheme.com                                 ways, family Bible study, homeschooling,
__________________________________               learning practical skills, etc . Books, CDs,
                                                 DVDs .
      Family &

                                                                                                                                                      Resources for Homeschooling Families
                                                 Love Your Husband/Love Yourself
                                                 Don’t let homeschooling your kids cause
                                                 you to neglect their father . Attending to
                                                 your husband’s needs will benefit you both
                                                 in more ways than you ever imagined .
                                                 No Greater Joy Ministries
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                                                 The Spirit of Elijah Ministries
                                                 The Spirit of Elijah Ministries International
                                                 was founded by Norm Wakefield with
                                                 the vision of equipping men to lead their
                                                 families by applying the gospel to life’s
                                                 situations and relationships .
                                                 (830) 980-5606                                     Lisle Violin Shop
                                                 www.SpiritofElijah.com                             Lisle Violin Shop specializes in stringed
                                                __________________________________                  instrument rentals, sales, repairs, and
                                                                                                    restorations . We offer flexible and

                                                 Fine Arts, Music &
                                                                                                    affordable rental programs with free
                                                                                                    shipping to you, anywhere in the U .S .

                                                       Drama                                        (800) 545-4753
                                                __________________________________                 __________________________________
                                                 The Five Fathers of Music                          The Master’s Academy of Fine Arts
                                                 A complete music history program about             The Master’s Academy of Fine Arts is the
                                                 Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, and               pioneer and leader in fine arts education
                                                 Gershwin, using visual, auditory, and hands-       from a historical perspective, with a 20-year
                                                 on learning . Perfect for reading age up to        history in the homeschool community .
                                                 8th grade . info@cntcreations .com
                                                 (972) 827-5333                                     vivian@mafa.net
                                                 www.cntcreations.com                              __________________________________

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                                        Become an NGJ Distributor!
                                       C ategory

                                                                                         You may think about “changing the world” but then drop the idea
                                                                                    as too big and impossible. NGJ would like to encourage you to just try
                                                                                    “changing your world” and the lives that you touch by becoming a NGJ
                                                                                    Distributor. Whether it is evangelism, ministering to families or provid-
                                                                                    ing sound doctrinal teaching, NGJ has the materials to help “change your
                                                                                    world” by witnessing to the lost and ministering to the hurt and needy.
                                                                                    Becoming a Distributor is also an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs
                                                                                    to start a business or teach your children business principles. Learn more
                                                                                    about partnering with NGJ and becoming a Distributor. Check it out
                                                                                    today and take the first step to making a difference in “your” world.
                                                                                         After reviewing our website, call Chuck Joyner at 931-593-3115 or
                                                                                    email to answer your questions or to sign up for the program.
Resources for Homeschooling Families

                                            Available upon request:                                • Images and product descriptions for you to use on
                                            • Your complete contact information on our website.      your website or advertising.
                                              You provide the text and NGJ will do the rest.       • Ten FREE Reports including: Quick Start Guide,
                                                                                                     Marketing & Sales Strategies, The Basics of a Busi-
                                            • A listing of homeschool conventions in your area.
                                                                                                     ness Plan, and more.
                                              Homeschool conventions are usually from February
                                              to August each year.                                 • Advance notification on new products and special

                                                                                Best Sellers
                                                                                                     discounts for distributors only.

                                                         good and evil                             CreaTed To be                         preparing To
                                                         graphiC novel                             his help meeT                         be a help meeT

                                                         AWARDS:                                      OVER                                   AMAZON
                                                                                                     365,000                                   BEST
                                                                                                      SOLD!                                   SELLER!

                                                                To Train                                                             good and evil
                                                                Up a Child                                                           ComiC books

                                                                  OVER                                                                    TEENS
                                                                 660,000                                                                   LOVE
                                                                  SOLD!                                                                   THEM!

                                                           OVER 120 PRODUCTS INCLUDING BOOKS, AUDIOS AND VIDEOS
                                                                        Several titles available in Spanish

                                                     No Greater Joy Ministries
                                                      Call toll-free M-F 8 am - 5 pm CST • 1-866-292-9936 • NoGreaterJoy.org

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                                                                        fine ar ts, music & dr ama - fun & games
                                                __________________________________               __________________________________
                                                Greek ‘n’ Stuff                                   Pearson Homeschool
                                                Learn a Greek letter, Greek word, and Latin       Flexible, affordable curriculum programs
                                                word monthly . Hey, Andrew! Teach Me              to provide your child the rich, rounded
                                                Some Greek!—biblical Greek . Latin’s Not          education you want for him (from the
                                                So Tough!—classical Latin . Alone With God        publisher of Sing, Spell, Read, & Write;
                                                Bible studies .                                   Plaid Phonics; MCP Math) .
                                                karen@greeknstuff.com                             Gary.Taylor@Pearson.com
                                                 www.greeknstuff.com                              www.PearsonHomeschool.com
                                                __________________________________               __________________________________
                                                                                                  Sonlight Curriculum
                                                 Professor Toto Language                          Give your children a lifelong love of
                                                 Education Series                                 learning and explore the world together
                                                                                                  as a family . Sonlight Curriculum provides
                                                                                                  literature-rich Christian homeschool
                                                                                                  curriculum for PreK–12 .
                                                                                                  (303) 730-6292

                                                                                                                                                    Resources for Homeschooling Families
                                                 The Language Workshop for Children
                                                 Professor Toto is the award-winning
                                                 animation to teach French, Spanish,
                                                                                                        Fun & Games
                                                 German, Mandarin Chinese, or Italian to         __________________________________
                                                 kids 2-8 with The Language Workshop
                                                 for Children’s renowned method .
                                                                                                  AreYouGame .com boasts a wonderfully
                                                 (877) 444-9595                                   wide selection of educational games,
                                                 www.ProfessorToto.com                            science kits, brainteasers, jigsaw puzzles,
                                                                                                  craft kits and more! Free Shipping on
                                                                                                  orders over $75; enter Promo Code:
                                                                                                  OSMFREESHIP75 at checkout .
                                                   Full Curriculum                                www.AreYouGame.com
Wholesome Plays                                 __________________________________
                                                                                                  Around the Table Games
Bring creativity, enthusiasm to your            Design-A-Study!                                   Award-winning portable conversation
students while strengthening skills and         Affordable, award-winning, K–12 materials         games designed to connect today’s
self-confidence! Fun, easy-to-stage plays       that equip parents to teach effectively while     busy families and youth through fun,
and theatrical textbooks . On stage or in the   allowing the flexibility to meet each child’s     enlightening verbal conversation! NO TECH
audience, everyone benefits from putting        learning needs .                                   .  .  . JUST TALK!
on a show!
                                                kathryn@designastudy.com                          (314) 374-4878
(866) 333-8215                                   www.designastudy.com
 WholesomePlays.com                                                                               www.AroundTheTableGames.com
                                                __________________________________               __________________________________
                                                Home Educator’s Resource                          Ballpark Classics
                                                We sell new and used curriculum . Ship all
Foreign Language
                                                                                                  Ballpark Classics brings friends and
                                                over the U .S . – $4 .00 for up to 5 pounds       families together for great old-school
                                                of books . We offer online classes to fit any     quality gameplay . Gravity, physics,
__________________________________              family budget .                                   and fun combine to create an amazing
Armfield Academic Press                         (972) 956-8320                                    baseball experience . Needs no batteries or
Armfield Academic Press is the publisher                                                          electricity . Email: info@ballparkclassics .com
of user-friendly language books such as
Getting Started With Latin and Getting
                                                __________________________________                (877) WILD-PITCH
Started With Spanish, which are designed        Lighthouse Christian Academy                      www.BallparkClassics.com
especially for homeschool families .            Has been helping homeschool parents
 www.ArmfieldAcademicPress.com                  successfully educate their children for           FamilyTimeFun
__________________________________              over 30 years . For a FREE information            FamilyTimeFun offers a collection of
                                                packet, visit www .aceministries .com/            educational dinner games for families to
Carmenta Online Latin School                    thisoldschoolhouse or call 1-866-308-2195 .       play while they eat . These games open up
An online live audio/video Latin course
stressing grammar and the use of Latin in       (866) 308-2195                                    lively conversation and add lots of fun to
                                                                                                  family meals .
conversation .                                   www.aceministries.com
 www.CarmentaLatin.com                          __________________________________                (508) 346-3844
__________________________________                                                                www.FTFGames.com
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                                        fun & games
                                                                                                                          Noodle Head, Inc.
                                                                                                                          Noodle Head is dedicated to creating toys
                                                                                                                          that foster imagination, creativity and fun .
                                                                                                                          Our Pawparazzi® pets, Jelly Flyers® flying
                                                                                                                          discs, and Creative Kits encourage kids to
                                                                                                                          get out and play!
                                                                                                                          (866) 892-7311
                                                                                                                          R&R Games, Inc.
                                                                                                                          Publishers of an extensive line of award-
                                                                                                                          winning games and toys that are great for
                                                                                                                          families and friends of all ages .
                                                                                                                          (888) 874-3353
                                                                                                                          Shape the World, LLC
Resources for Homeschooling Families

                                                                                                                          Imagination and simple shapes are
                                                                                                                          combined to create images of objects in
                                                                                                                          the world around us, providing economical,
                                                                                                                          customizable, intergenerational play, with
                                                                                                                          no drawing skills required . It’s more than a
                                                                                                                          (919) 961-0020

                                       Frontier General Store
                                       Old-Fashioned Toys for Old-Fashioned Girls
                                       and Boys . The One-Stop Cowboy Shop!
                                       (615) 907-6993
                                       Mrs. Pinkelmeyer, LLC
                                                                                         Get out and play!
                                       Meet Mrs . Pinkelmeyer™, Silliest,
                                       Warmest Know-It-All™, and her lovable
                                       dog, Moopus McGlinden™ . They inspire
                                       self-esteem in children through their
                                       love, warmth, and silliness .
                                       (561) 368-1783                                                      Pawparazzi
                                       Mysteries of the Forest Trivia Board
                                       “Mysteries of the Forest” trivia board
                                       game educates us, makes us aware of the
                                       state of the world’s three main majestic     Jelly Flyers
                                       forests and also entertains families and
                                       friends for hours .
                                       (780) 635-2354
                                                                                                           Travel &


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                                                                       fun & games - HigH scHool tr anscrip ts

                                                  Health & Physical
__________________________________                                                              __________________________________
Spontuneous™ Games, Inc.                                                                         Sharing Great Health, Inc.
Say a word and see if anyone can sing a
song with your word in it . Spontuneous™ is
                                                     Education                                   Dedicated to the health of your family
                                                                                                 naturally . Biblical nutrition principles .
the hottest new family party game on the         __________________________________              Nutrition 101: Choose Life! Gentle Babies—
market! Visit www .spontuneous .com today!       Faithful Workouts                               natural help for pregnancy and children .
                                                                                                 Herbs and essential oils for our medicine .
(406) 380-0096                                   The ultimate fitness DVDs that combine
 www.spontuneous.com                             expert instruction, inspirational Christian     (936) 438-8829
__________________________________               music, fun routines, & nutritional advice .    __________________________________
                                                 Challenging workouts for adults with
Try Out Toys                                     separate DVDs for kids to get their             SO TELL ME . . . Personal Health
Active play like juggling can help students      P .E . credits .                                Organizers
                                                                                                 Easily organize your child’s health
be more coordinated, creative and inspire
a love of learning . Try Out Toys invites your
                                                 (866) 566-0668                                  information on paper or computer . Keep
family to explore the world of skill toys!        www.faithfulworkouts.com                       track of medical histories, appointments,
                                                 __________________________________              prescriptions, test results, and more
play@tryouttoys.com                                                                              with the SO TELL ME  .  .  . Personal Health
 www.tryouttoys.com                              GoTrybe
                                                                                                 Organizers .
__________________________________               Leading-edge, physical activity and health
                                                 education tool for K–12 . Build your own        contact@sotellmeorganizer.com
                                                 workouts, learn with daily education            www.sotellmeorganizer.com
  Gifted Students                                segments and have fun creating your own        __________________________________

                                                                                                                                                      Resources for Homeschooling Families
                                                 avatar . So—get active and healthy!
                                                                                                 Vibrant Scents / Young Living
                                                 info@gotrybe.com                                World’s best essential oils for total
                                                  www.gotrybe.com                                family wellness . Delivered to your door;
                                                 __________________________________              outstanding educational support; trusted
                                                                                                 20-year company; thousand of years used .

                                                 Health & Wellness
                                                                                                 Science proves their effectiveness . Home
                                                                                                 business available .
                                                                                                 (936) 438-8829
                                                 www.SharingGreatHealth.com                      www.debra.vibrantscents.com
                                                  You think outside the box when it
                                                        comes to education;
                                                  why not for your familyʼs health?
                                                                                                      High School &
                                                  Use Godʼs natural plants, oils and                   Transcripts
                                                     foods for optimum health.                  __________________________________

                                                       Check our website to:                     Everyday Education, LLC / Excellence
                                                                                                 in Literature
                                                                                                 Visit Everyday-Education .com for articles and
                                                  • Read natural wellness articles               resources for homeschooling through high
                                                  • Join our FREE newsletter list                school (and beyond) with an emphasis on high
                                                  • Enter to receive one of ten                  school literature, writing, lifestyle of learning,
                                                    autographed copies of Gentle                 non-traditional college, and home business .
                                                    Babies by Debra Raybern                      jceved@comcast.net
                                                  • Listen to the conference call                www.Everyday-Education.com
                                                    series - Restoring Wellness to              __________________________________
                                                    the Family and more!
                                                                                                  My Homeschool Transcripts
                                                       Debra Raybern, Christian
                                                     Naturopath, Master Herbalist,
                                                   Nutritionist, Author, Veteran Home
                                                               school mom.
                                                                                                  My Homeschool Transcripts is a web
Homeschooling Gifted Children                                936-438-8829                         application that enables you to keep
Can you homeschool your gifted children?                                                          track of high school classes, grades,
Find out for sure in this info-packed ebook,                                                      test scores, and achievements, and to
full of references and practical help . Know     “Beloved, I wish above all things that you       print official transcripts with different
what your next steps should be .                  prosper and be in health, even as your          formats and options . Customizable to
                                                        soul prospers”. III John 2                fit YOUR homeschool . GPA calculated
(270) 838-7060                                                                                    automatically, based on your grading
 homeschoolinggiftedchildren.com                                                                  scale . Just one low lifetime license fee!
__________________________________                                                                www.myhomeschooltranscripts.com

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                                       his tory & geo gr aphy

                                                        History &
                                                                                           Diana Waring Presents                          Jim Hodges Audio Books
                                                       Geography                           Abundant-life homeschooling
                                                                                           guides, world history curriculum, and
                                                                                           audio-recordings for the Christian
                                         America’s Heritage -                              homeschooling market based on
                                       An Adventure in Liberty                             a foundation of “Education That’s
                                                                                           Relational .”™ With this approach, learning
                                                                                           comes alive!                                   Your children will become mentally
                                       Patriotic K-12 Social Studies/                                                                     engaged in history by listening to Jim
                                                                                           (425) 397-0631
                                         R E History/Civics
                                        F~ E e s s o n P l a n s ~                          Diana@DianaWaring.com
                                                                                                                                          Hodges Audio Book’s unabridged
                                                                                                                                          recordings of the George Alfred Henty
                                                                                           __________________________________             historical novels . The stories are
                                        1.	 Includes	elementary,	elementary	Spanish,                                                      educational, entertaining, edifying, and
                                        	 middle	and	high	school	volumes
                                                                                                                                          no preparation time is required from
                                        2.	 Supplements	and	enriches	all	curricula
                                        3.	 Emphasis	on	primary	documents                                                                 you! Put on a CD, sit back, listen, and
                                        4.	 Aligns	content	with	Advanced	Placement                                                        learn history!
                                        	 and	National	Standards	tests
                                        5.	 May	be	modified	or	taught	in	segments                                                         (405) 391-5762
                                        6.	 Provides	activities	and	assessments	from                                                      jimhodgesaudiobooks.com
                                        	 group	projects	and	simulations	to	
                                        	 individual	tasks,	essays,	visuals	and	more                                                     __________________________________
Resources for Homeschooling Families

                                        7.	 Develops	civics	skills	in	critical	thinking,
                                        	 active	listening	and	problem	solving                                                           Knowledge Quest, Inc.
                                        8.	 Improves	understanding	of	Freedom,                                                           Publishers of history and geography
                                        	 Unity,	Progress	and	Responsibility	–	                                                          curricula for the homeschooling
                                        	 America’s	key	characteristics                                                                  community . Their new website (www .Apps-
                                        9.	 Award	winning	design	and	presentation                                                        School .com) is where parents can find, rate
                                        10.	Tested	and	proven	to	raise	social	studies                                                    and review the best mobile apps available
                                        	 test	scores
                                                                                                                                         for educational use .
                                                                  To Order:
                                        www.americanheritage.org                                                                         (210) 745-0203
                                                            AN HERI                                                                      __________________________________
                                                       IC              T






                                                        ON             D
                                                              FO U N

                                        American Heritage Education
                                        Foundation – Claudine Kamrath

                                        FREE patriotic lesson plans emphasize              Homeschool in the Woods
                                        America’s great national characteristics:          History resources and studies to make
                                        FREEDOM, UNITY, PROGRESS, and                      learning a hands-on experience! Quality
                                        RESPONSIBILITY, teaching America’s                 illustrated timelines, activity studies,
                                        founding principles from source                    lapbooks, maps, and more encourage
                                        documents including the Declaration                your child to understand history
                                        of Independence, Constitution, and                 through hands-on projects! AmyPak@
                                        Federalist Papers .                                HomeschoolintheWoods .com
                                        ahef@americanheritage.org                          (585) 964-8188
                                        www.americanheritage.org                            www.HomeschoolintheWoods.com

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                                                                                                          his tory & geo gr aphy - L anguage ar ts

__________________________________                                                                                               __________________________________
Little Passports                                                                                                                 New Beginnings Homeschool
This award-winning subscription service
for kids is your child’s ticket to global
                                                                                 Encouragement &                                 Association

                                                                                                                                 We are an interactive support program
adventure . Inspire a love of the world                                                                                          that provides education, mentoring, and
as your child learns about a country’s                                                                                           curriculum counseling for the new or
geography, history, and culture .                                                __________________________________
                                                                                                                                 struggling homeschool parent . When you
info@littlepassports.com                                                         ARCHERS for the Lord, Inc.                      don’t know where to begin  .  .  . join New
                                                                                 The Association of Relaxed Christian            Beginnings!
__________________________________                                               Home Educators is a national, non-profit
                                                                                 organization that promotes family-based
                                                                                                                                 (832) 754-7927
Roweclan Haversack                                                               education through educational programs,          www.New-BinTexas.webs.com
Civil War Resource Packet . Using 22 Union                                       speaking, and product development .
and Confederate reproduction patriotic
envelopes, study questions, teacher’s
guide, and writing projects, explore politics,                                    www.archersforthelord.org
                                                                                                                                     Language Arts
culture, and personalities for hands-on
learning . $30 postpaid . cwstationeryjournal .                                  Carol Barnier
blogspot .com                                                                    Friend to distractible minds everywhere .         ABC The Key
(630) 517-4079                                                                   Popular speaker on ADHD, learning styles,
                                                                                                                                             powered by VITA

                                                                                 and putting the fun in teaching . See Carol’s

                                                                                                                                                                                             Resources for Homeschooling Families
__________________________________                                               resources and join her free online coaching
                                                                                 community .
Visual World Geography                                                           carol@carolbarnier.com
Can you find Italy because it looks like a                                        www.SizzleBop.com
boot? We help students see a world map as                                        __________________________________
landscapes of familiar objects—making all
countries easy to find and draw!                                                 Great American Homeschool
(866) VWG-7772                                                                   Come to a Christ-centered homeschool
 visualworldgeography.com                                                        conference near you for the
__________________________________                                               encouragement, support, and vision you
                                                                                 need to keep going .

   Homemaking &                                                                   www.GreatAmericanHomeschool
     Household                                                                   __________________________________
                                                                                 Homeschool Legal Advantage (HLA)
                                                                                 A new approach to legal services for
Econobusters.com                                                                 homeschoolers . Full homeschool legal
Molly Green is passionate about cheerful,                                        representation, a free Last Will & Testament
creative homemaking on a down-to-earth                                           and the first year is completely free . Use
budget . Visit her blog for tips on frugal                                       coupon code TOS at our website . Join
cooking, decorating, organizing, and                                             today!
affordable family fun .
                                                                                 (727) 399-8300
Molly@Econobusters.com                                                           www.HomeschoolLegalAdvantage.com
 www.Econobusters.com                                                            __________________________________
                                                                                 National Home Education Research                                                powered by V.I.T.A.

Homemaking 911                                                                   Institute (NHERI)
Equipping women in many aspects of home                                          Conducts and publishes research on
management and education, being a godly                                          homeschooling . Serves as a research
wife and mother, and becoming the type of                                        clearinghouse . Promotes understanding          __________________________________
woman God is calling you to be .                                                 of home education . Provides expert
Homemaking911@gmail.com                                                          witness testimony in court and legislative      All About Spelling
 www.Homemaking911.com                                                           hearings, consultation, speaker services,       All About Spelling takes the struggle
__________________________________                                               and statistics .                                out of spelling with step-by-step
                                                                                 mail@nheri.org                                  multisensory lessons, logical concepts,
                                                                                                                                 and built-in review . It is mastery based and
                                     & Entr                                       www.nheri.org
                                 ess        e                 p                                                                  customizable for every student .
                          s in                                                   __________________________________

                                                                                                                                 (715) 477-1976
       e s ch o o l B u


                                                                      r Direct




                              P                               S   y
                          H       O                       S
                                      S S             E
                                          E     A D


www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory                                                               ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine                         117
                                        l anguage ar ts

                                                                                                                                           Language Arts -
                                                                                        The Riggs Institute
                                                                                        Changing the way people think about
                                                                                        teaching writing, spelling, reading, and
                                                                                        thinking, The Riggs Institute is a self-         __________________________________
                                                                                        supporting, non-profit literacy agency           Barchowsky Fluent Handwriting
                                                                                        offering language arts curriculum for            Homeschoolers choose Barchowsky Fluent
                                                                                        teachers and parents .                           Handwriting . The choice: logical, easy-to-
                                                                                        (800) 200-4840                                   teach, child appealing! Playful, pre-writing
                                                                                                                                         activities prepare children for well-formed
                                         It’s not too early—or too                       www.riggsinst.org
                                                                                        __________________________________               letters that evolve into fluent legibility .
                                         late—to start a business!                                                                       info@bfhandwriting .com
                                         Let us help you!                                                                                (410) 272-0836
                                                                                         Safran Publishing Company
                                                                                                                                         Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting
                                                                                         EGUMPP (Electronic Grammar Usage                A comprehensive series for K–6 & beyond .
                                                                                         Mechanics Proficiency Program) is an            “I’m thrilled with the precision and easy-to-
                                                                                         interactive online grammar learning             read style my five children have learned!”
                                                                                         system that really works! Visit us and try      Wendy Shaw, homeschool parent/teacher
Resources for Homeschooling Families

                                                                                         our demo at www .egumpp .com .
                                                                                                                                         (800) 777-2844
                                         Lemonade to Leadership
                                         By Bonnie Drew
                                                                                         (800) 858-9937                                   www.handwritingsuccess.com
                                                                                         www.egumpp.com                                  __________________________________
                                         This unique 12 to 25-hour
                                         curriculum involves students in                __________________________________               Peterson Directed Handwriting
                                         grades 3 and older in real-world                                                                Teaching handwriting fluency is easy
                                         business practices.                            Sound Bytes Reading                              with our unique strategy and inexpensive
                                         Order online and use promo                     Does your child have READING PROBLEMS?           materials . Extensive training is provided
                                         code TOSLTL and save $5!                       Now there’s HELP! Teach your child to            free online . Call for a free consultation with
                                                                                        read easily in only four months! Complete        a handwriting specialist .
                                                                                        reading program that includes phonics,
                                        Order online excellenceinwriting.com/LTL-T      spelling, and 90 entertaining stories .          (724) 837-4900
                                       __________________________________               (503) 363-5425                                   __________________________________
                                       Institute for Excellence in Writing               www.soundbytesreading.com
                                                                                                                                            Language Arts
                                       Learning to read, think, speak, and write can
                                       be easy and enjoyable! IEW helps parents         Spalding Education International
                                                                                                                                           - Phonics / Early
                                       and teachers transform their reluctant           Teach children the lifelong skills of reading,
                                       students into confident and competent            writing, and spelling with The Writing Road
                                       leaders and communicators . Results              to Reading . Diagnostic and instructionally
                                       guaranteed!                                      sound, this comprehensive K-6 Program will
                                       (800) 865-5815                                   meet your child’s individual needs .             __________________________________
                                        Excellenceinwriting.com                         (877) 866-7451                                   Academic Success for All Learners
                                       __________________________________                www.Spalding.org                                The Little Books empower your child to
                                       Latin Road/Phonics Road                          __________________________________               explore phonics, experience 100% decode-
                                       Providing complete language arts curricula                                                        ability, and enjoy captivating characters
                                                                                        Talking Fingers
                                       especially for homeschool parents/                                                                in delightful stories . Read reviews, see
                                                                                        Talking Fingers software is based on a           program samples, and download free
                                       teachers, integrating the subjects of            simple idea: text is speech made visible—
                                       spelling, handwriting, reading, grammar,                                                          support resources online .
                                                                                        and writing is a great route to reading .
                                       composition, and Latin, all taught in a multi-
                                       sensory approach with DVD training . www .
                                                                                        E-mail: contact@talkingfingers .com              (435) 755-7885
                                       thephonicsroad .com                               www.talkingfingers.com                           www.ISeeSam.com
                                                                                        __________________________________               __________________________________
                                       (530) 275-2064                                   Total Reading                                    All About Reading
                                        www.thelatinroad.com                            Total Reading is a complete reading/             The first complete, phonics-based,
                                                                                        language arts program that uses sequential,      multisensory, “open-and-go” program
                                       Parker Publishing                                explicit, phonetic, multi-sensory decoding       that also includes teaching preschoolers
                                       Self-teaching English Grammar                    with a special emphasis on comprehension,        their essential pre-reading skills . The
                                       Workbooklet . Thirty-six lessons, including      creative writing, correct spelling and other     program is mastery based and come
                                       exercises and answer key . Unique building-      basic writing skills .                           with lifetime support .
                                       block presentation . Fun and rewarding .         info@totalreading.com                            (715) 477-1976
                                       (616) 884-0539                                    totalreading.com
                                        www.englishgrammar.com                                                                           __________________________________

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                                                                           l anguage ar ts - liter ature & book s
__________________________________                                                              __________________________________
Kabongo                                       WriteShop                                         Greathall Productions/Jim Weiss
Kindergarten games! Get children                                                                Audio
thinking—and reading—with exciting                                                              Award-Winning storytelling audio for
online games they love to play! Kabongo’s                                                       the entire family by Jim Weiss, featuring
brain-boosting activities are fun and help                                                      classical literature, history, G . A . Henty,
kids become more confident readers .          Award-winning WriteShop offers quality,
                                                                                                Story of the World, and unabridged titles .
                                              parent-approved writing resources
                                                                                                “Intelligent entertainment for the thinking
(866) 420-9149                                for K–12, helping new & veteran
                                                                                                family .”
 www.kabongo.com                              homeschoolers alike teach writing
__________________________________            with confidence . Engaging, step-by-              Greathall@Greathall.com
                                              step lessons present students with the             www.Greathall.com
                                              building blocks of the writing process—           __________________________________
  Language Arts -                             pre-writing, brainstorming, writing, and
                                              revising—and help you edit and evaluate           Kregel Publications
     Writing                                  their work . Teaching writing has never
                                              been easier!®
                                                                                                A Christian publisher dedicated to
                                                                                                developing trusted, biblically based
__________________________________                                                              resources that lead individuals to know
                                              info@writeshop.com                                and serve Jesus Christ . Book categories
Bonita Lillie Publishing                      www.writeshop.com                                 include nonfiction, fiction, early reader, and
Who said writing can’t be fun? We provide                                                       children’s activity books .
simple, easy-to-use writing curricula and    __________________________________

                                                                                                                                                 Resources for Homeschooling Families
homeschool resources designed to make        Writing Tales
learning a joyful adventure for the whole                                                        www.kregel.com/homeschool
                                             For upper elementary students, Writing             __________________________________
family . bonita@bonitalillie .com
                                             Tales is a critically acclaimed classical
(704) 575-8467                               writing program that students and teachers         Owlkids
 www.handsonessays.com                       alike love!                                        Owlkids publishes entertaining, unique,
__________________________________            www.writing-tales.com                             high-quality, award-winning magazines
                                             __________________________________                 that nurture the potential of children
Classical Composition                                                                           and instill in them a love of reading and
Good writers are good thinkers, and good                                                        learning .
compositions must be driven by both the
intellect and the imagination . Classical
                                                    Lapbooking                                  (800) 551-6957
Composition teaches students to think        __________________________________                  www.owlkids.com
compositionally .                                                                               __________________________________
                                             A Journey Through Learning
(913) 541-1789                               We create lapbooks for Apologia science,           Penny and Rio Award-Winning Books
 www.classicalcomposition.com                Prairie Primer, TruthQuest History, and            Ingenious dog detectives are the stars
__________________________________           Geography Matters . We also have lapbooks          of these imaginative and interactive
                                             for history, science, Bible, holidays, and         books that provide exceptional learning
Understanding Writing                        early learning .                                   opportunities for young children . Great for
Focused! Fun! Family Friendly! Flexible!      www.ajourneythroughlearning.com                   children just transitioning to chapter books .
And it really works! Christ-centered,        __________________________________                  www.PennyandRio.com
mastery-oriented instruction beginning                                                          __________________________________
at the beginning and integrating practical
grammar and composition—bit by bit . One
manual for Levels 1-12 .
                                             Literature & Books                                 Perfect Praise Publishing
                                                                                                Author Chuck Black presents The Kingdom
Info@UnderstandingWriting.com                __________________________________                 Series and Knights of Arrethtrae books,
                                                                                                audios, and other character-building
 www.understandingwriting.com                Bunker Hill Publishing                             products .
__________________________________           Learning should be rewarding, educational,
                                             and fun . In creating beautifully designed,        (701) 572-1700
 WriteAtHome.com                             high quality, illustrated books at very             www.KingdomSeries.com
                                             affordable prices, we at Bunker Hill               __________________________________
                                             Publishing strive to achieve these goals .
                                             ckitchel@bunkerhillpublishing .com
                                                                                                Progeny Press
                                                                                                Progeny Press study guides concentrate
 WriteAtHome helps middle and high
                                             (603) 272-9221                                     on teaching our children to think clearly,
                                              www.bunkerhillpublishing.com                      understand literature from a Christian
 school students of all abilities improve
 their writing skills through personal,      __________________________________                 perspective, and enjoy themselves while
                                                                                                they do it! Over 100 titles for K–12!
 online coaching .                           Cleocat Books
 writeathome.com                             Well-written and artistically designed,
                                             Cleocat Books provide exciting, enjoyable,          www.progenypress.com
                                             and educational reading . The Cleocat Books        __________________________________
                                             library includes rhyming, ABCs, counting,
                                             shapes, colors, and more . Learning can be fun .
                                             (386) 760-5434

www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory                             ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine              119
                                        Liter ature & book s - mov ies & fiLm
                                       __________________________________                                                                        __________________________________
                                       Sarah Books - Jim Baumgardner,                                                                            MathFire
                                       Author                                                                                                    MathFire produces innovative math
                                       Read the Sarah books and step into Sarah                                                                  materials that supplement any math
                                       Smith’s nineteenth-century America . You                                                                  curriculum . Our materials are both
                                       will discover why Sarah has become a                                                                      self-motivating and self-correcting and
                                       favorite of homeschoolers in the twenty-                                                                  promote independence while developing
                                       first century .                                                                                           math mastery .
                                                                                                                                                 (509) 432-6332
                                       Terrestria Chronicles                                                                                     __________________________________
                                       The Terrestria Chronicles—a medieval
                                                                                                          
                                       allegory series written to challenge young
                                       people to serve the King of Kings . Excellent
                                                                                                                           A handy math teaching and learning system
                                       read-alouds for family devotions or
                                                                                                                                   to pinpoint your current location (math
                                       individual reading . Study guide available .                                                              level), find the best route (easiest learning
                                                                                                                              pathway), and guarantee to reach your
                                        www.TalesOfCastles.com                                                                         destination (never lost again) .
                                                                                                                                                 (888) 628-3185
                                            Mathematics                                • H   z                 __________________________________
Resources for Homeschooling Families

                                                                                       • Bk b 30  f    
                                                                                                                                                 Mu Eta Sigma National Math Honor
                                        Algebra Survival Guide & Workbook              • C   b                 Society
                                                                                       • G b  b       Mu Eta Sigma National Math Honor Society
                                                                                       • O-  f b w               was founded to encourage mathematical
                                                                                                                               excellence specifically for home-educated
                                                                                       • D 10  / 
                                                                                                                                             students and to promote community
                                                                                                                                                 service by MHS members within their
                                                                                       • Aw   f                 spheres of influence .
                                        The Algebra Survival self-teaching                                                                        www.MathHonorSociety.com
                                        program has a unique twist . It takes                                                                    __________________________________
                                        real life situations and relates them
                                                                                                                                                 Worldwide Center of Mathematics
                                        to algebraic concepts, making those
                                        concepts easy to understand . What’s                                                                     Digital mathematics textbook publisher
                                        more, ingenious cartoons bring algebra         __________________________________                        that incorporates interactive videos, graphs,
                                        to life for visual learners . Step-by-step                                                               and hyperlinking right in the text with PDFs
                                                                                       Math Galaxy                                               for only $15 and hard copies for only $30 .
                                        instructions and loads of practice             Free, award-winning math puzzles and
                                        problems ensure success .                      worksheets . “The excitement the entire                   (617) 245-0171
                                        (505) 690-2351                                 concept held for my fourth-grader was                      www.CenterofMath.com
                                        www.SingingTurtle.com                          wonderful as he excitedly completed                       __________________________________
                                                                                       problems in order to solve the riddle .”
                                       __________________________________              (215) 254-8030
                                       HAPPYMATH – Division of Reinhard-                www.MathGalaxy.com                                           Movies & Film
                                       Bernard Enterprises                             __________________________________                        __________________________________
                                       Memorize the multiplication facts with          Math Mammoth                                              Guiding Light Video
                                       pictures, rhymes, and rhythms! Introductory     Math Mammoth offers a complete                            Come visit a Christian variety store for the
                                       stories, color-coded cards with pictures        math curriculum for grades 1-6, and                       entire family . Musical plays, educational
                                       and rhymes, CD with rhythms and rhymes,         supplemental worktexts and workbooks for                  and family DVDs, music CDs, games, and
                                       review games make memorizing EASY and           grades 1-12 . They are available as printed               much more . We can help you with your
                                       FUN! gail@happymath .com                        books and as affordable downloads .                       homeschooling needs .
                                       (800) 961 4277                                  MariaMiller@MathMammoth.com                               (610) 489-0746
                                        www.happymath.com                               www.MathMammoth.com                                       www.GuidingLightVideo.com
                                       __________________________________              __________________________________                        __________________________________
                                       Mad Dog Math                                    Math-U-See                                                Little Crew Studios
                                       Mad Dog Math—a system to help your              Math-U-See is a complete, award-winning                   An independent filmmaking company,
                                       child master his all-important math facts in    homeschool math curriculum for K–12 . Our                 specializing in action/adventure children’s
                                       a fun, organized, motivating way . Software     goal is to help produce confident problem                 films, using all-children casts, and built
                                       or paper/pencil drills; flash cards; great      solvers who enjoy the study of math .                     around a Christ-centered message .
                                       confidence-builder; easy implementation .
                                                                                       888-854-MATH (6284)                                        www.ravensheadmovie.com
                                       (562) 533-5772                                   www.MathUSee.com                                         __________________________________
                                        www.MadDogMath.com                             __________________________________

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                                                                                     movies & film - science & nature

                                                      Preschoolers                                                Safety
Movie Makers / Entrusted With
Arrows                                          __________________________________                 __________________________________
Award-winning producer of educational           Montessori Preschool Homeschool                     Fire Station Buddies, Inc.
videos and the documentary Entrusted            Program                                             There is a secret at Station 2 . Do you know
With Arrows: Entrepreneurial Homeschool         Three years of curriculum and material              what it is? Start your training today with the
Fathers . Educational film topics include       included in one low fee . Help your child           Fire Station Buddies and learn about safety,
math, maps, geography, history, and movie       discover a passion for lifelong learning .          problem solving, and more .
making .
                                                (866) 531-6618                                      Firebuddies@att.net
(403) 948-7475                                   www.montessori-home-schooling.com                  www.FirestationBuddies.com
 www.MovieMakers.ca                             __________________________________                 __________________________________
                                                Montessori Services

 Online Schools &
                                                Thousands of child-size items for ages 3–9 .
                                                Every item selected to support success and
                                                                                                     Science & Nature
                                                guaranteed to stand up to everyday use .           __________________________________
     Classes                                    Cooking, sewing, gardening, woodworking,
                                                art, music, geography, science, language .
                                                                                                    Academy of Science for Kids
__________________________________                                                                  Complete science kits for the whole
CALCampus High School and                       (877) 975-3003                                      family to enjoy . Everything included–all
                                                 www.montessoriservices.com                         you add is water . Tests, degrees, diplomas,
Postsecondary Division

                                                                                                                                                     Resources for Homeschooling Families
                                                __________________________________                  and technology online . No textbook,
Affordable, accredited online school .                                                              hands-on FUN!
CALCampus offers high school courses,           Pre K Scholars                                      info@AcademyofScienceforKids.com
college courses, and our high school            Specializing in high-quality, interactive,
diploma program . Earn dual credits for                                                             www.AcademyofScienceforKids.com
                                                fun kindergarten readiness kits for                __________________________________
high school and college . Since 1986 .          homeschoolers, teachers, and preschools .
Homeschooler discount . homeschool@             Kits meet or exceed state standards                 Estes Rockets
calcampus .com                                  and cover phonics, math, early reading,             Get young people excited about learning
(603) 899-2388                                  handwriting, science, and fine motor skills .       with Estes rockets! Free lesson plans for
 hs.calcampus.com                               (949) 300-6971                                      grades 3–12 with links to resource materials
                                                                                                    at our Estes Educator website . Special
__________________________________               www.PreKScholars.com                               educator bulk packs available .
eLearningK12                                    __________________________________
eLearningK12 is a personalized, guided,
                                                                                                    (800) 820-0202 x270
web-based education system for                                                                      www.esteseducator.com
homeschool students in grades K–12 .                                                                         See Display Ad on Next Page
Core curriculum aligned to national/state                                                          __________________________________
standards with assistance from professional
educators . Learning for the way you live!                                                          Nature Friend Magazine
                                                                                                    Explore the wonders of God’s creation .
(866) 477-9444                                                                                      Learn art, photography, creative writing .
 www.elearningk12.com                                                                               Submit your work . Study Guides available .
__________________________________                                                                  We welcome you .
NFC Academy                                                                                         (877) 434-0765
NFC Academy combines over 40 years                                                                  www.naturefriendmagazine.com
of experience in education with today’s                                                            __________________________________
technology to offer a complete program of
virtual Christian education to students in a                                                        Ries Software
homeschool environment .                                                                            A Survey of Chemistry is a complete
paulalee@nflchurch.com                                                                              chemistry course on a CD . This interactive,
                                                                                                    multimedia computer program is perfect
 www.nflcacademy.com                                                                                for college, high school, or homeschool
__________________________________                                                                  students .
Online Education Made Easy                                                                          kries@riessoftware.com
OnlineEducationMadeEasy .com offers                                                                 www.riessoftware.com
small-group, online classes in English, math,                                                      __________________________________
and test prep at extremely affordable rates .
Courses are taught by a mother-daughter                                                             Ring of Fire Science
team with homeschool and public school                                                              We have been providing homeschooling
experience .                                                                                        families with award-winning science
                                                                                                    material since 1998 . Our science materials
(703) 861-2154                                                                                      include textbooks, activity books, rock
 onlineeducationmadeeasy.com                                                                        kits, and video lessons for students in
__________________________________                                                                  PreK–12th grade .
                                                                                                    (888) 785-5439

www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory                                  ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine            121
                                       science & nature - s tem curr icul a

                                                                                                   Special Needs
                                                                                                                                                Handwriting Problem Solutions, LLC
                                                                                               __________________________________               Specialists in teaching & implementing
                                                                                               Auditory Integration Training                    “Low- and High-Tech” equipment and
                                                                                               Train the brain . Home program available .       software for kids with serious handwriting
                                                                                               Helps autism, dyslexia, ADD/ADHD,                challenges . This can allow them to complete
                                                                                               sensory & neurological issues . Contact          schoolwork as similar to their peers’ as
                                                                                               Sarah Gewanter, MSW, LCSW at info@               possible!

                                                                                               aithelps .com .                                  (269) 749-9374
                                                launch learning fun
                                                                                               (828) 683-6900                                    www.handwriting-solutions.com
                                                                                               __________________________________               Learn Differently LLC
                                            Get young people excited                           Dyslexia 911                                     Helping parents teach exceptional children:
                                                                                               Dyslexia 911 and The Learning To Read            learning disabilities or just differences,
                                                   about a r n i n g f u n
                                               l a u n c h l e learning.                                                                        gifted, ADD/ADHD, ASD . Planning,
                                                                                               Program help troubled readers and their
                                                                                                                                                resources, support . Free 20-minute
                                            It’s EASY with
                                                                                               parents end the emergency associated with
                                                                                               dyslexia through 3-D learning methods that       consultation .
                                                                                               overcome reading and writing roadblocks .        info@LearnDifferently.com
                                             Estes Model                                       (770) 594-1770                                    learndifferently.com
Resources for Homeschooling Families


                                                  Free Lesson Plans
                                                                                               Dyslexia Training Institute                         STEM Curricula
                                                                                               Providing online courses & webinars in
                                        ■    Teaching a wide range of subjects                 dyslexia and related learning disabilities,
                                        ■    For grades 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12                      and training in the proper remediation .
                                                                                               These courses are appropriate for parents,
                                        ■    Matched to National Learning Standards            teachers, reading specialists, administrators,
                                                                                               and educational service providers .
                                                 Extensive Web Site
                                        ■    Easy to find the perfect lesson plan              (619) 517-0683
                                        ■    Automatically displays items needed               __________________________________
                                        ■    Links to many resource materials

                                             Affordable Learning Fun
                                        ■    Special Educator Bulk Packs available
                                        ■    Links to funding and grants

                                              “Estes model rockets are the best
                                              hands-on activity I have ever done
                                                     with my students!”
                                                                                                  Solutions for Kids With Written
                                                                                                         Output Disorders

                                                 Get Started Now!
                                             You’ll find everything you need at:
                                                                                                         Assistive Technology
                                                                                                           Resource Guide
                                                  800.820.0202 ext. 270
                                                                                                         Created for Parents
                                       Motivate your students with model rocketry!
                                                                                                Nationwide Consultation Service

                                                                                                    •   Physical Disabilities
                                                                                                    •   Autism Spectrum Disorder
                                                                                                    •   ADD/ADHD
                                                                                                    •   Learning Disabilities

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                                                                                     s tem curricul a - unit s tudies
 Robotics and Things                         Triangle Education Assessments                                         e   ss & Entre p
                                                                                                               s in
                                             We provide year-round achievement,

                                             cognitive and career testing services,

                                                                                                s ch o o l B

                                             including Iowa®, WJ III®, BASI ™, CogAT®,
                                             career and practice tests . Simple ordering!

                                                                                                                                                           r Direct
                                             Great prices!
 Manufacturer, distributor, and developer
 of hands-on/battery-operated ROBOTIX        (877) 843-8837


 educational learning toy sets, kits,



 and parts integrally involved in the                                                                          H   P
                                                                                                                       O                       S
                                                                                                                                                   S   y
                                                                                                                           S S             E
 creation of curriculum development                                                                                            E     A D
 opportunities for elementary, middle, &                                                                                     2011
 junior high school aged homeschoolers
 based on STEM (science, technology,
 engineering, & math) with the use of        __________________________________
 National Science Standards . robot@         Harvey Cedars Bible Conference
 roboticsandthings .com                      Consider Harvey Cedars for your family
 (888) 222-1809
                                             vacation . We offer affordable rates,
                                             educational opportunities for kids and
                                             parents as well as a great environment to       More!

                                                                                                                                                                        Resources for Homeschooling Families
__________________________________           network and interact with homeschool
                                             families .                                      Turn the page for even
                                                                                             more fantastic resources! In
                                             (609) 494-5689
        Struggling                            www.HCBible.org
                                                                                             the Homeschool-Friendly
                                                                                             Entrepreneurs section, we’ve
         Learners                            __________________________________
                                             Homeschool Travel Network
                                                                                             gathered businesses that can
__________________________________                                                           provide products and services for
                                             Travel enriches every family! Are you an        every area of your family life .
Dianne Craft, MA, CNHP                       adventurous family longing to travel?
Dianne Craft, president of the educational   YOU CAN afford this “real life education,”
                                             networking with others—we’ll show you
                                                                                             Some of the businesses advertised
consulting firm, Child Diagnostics, Inc .,
teaches parents to help their child learn    how! (Promo Code: TOSD)                         are small; some are large . Some
faster and easier, using effective, yet                                                      do business locally in their
inexpensive therapies and strategies .                                                       communities, while others operate
 www.DianneCraft.org                         __________________________________              across the country or even around
__________________________________                                                           the world . But they’re all supportive
                                             Travel Gingie’s Way
                                                                                             of your choice to homeschool!
                                             To travel is an education . Contact TGW for
       Testing /                             tailor-made travel programs worldwide to a
                                             destination of your choice .
                                                                                             Many businesses you see in these
     Assessments                             travelgway@aol.com
                                                                                             pages are owned and operated
                                                                                             by homeschooling families or
                                              www.travelgway.com                             homeschool graduates . Jump in
 Studyworks Test Prep                        __________________________________
                                                                                             and see what you can find! Vacation
                                                                                             spots, clothing, homemade soap,
                                                   Unit Studies                              kitchen supplies—it’s all here and
                                                                                             more .
 Prepares students for the SAT, SAT II       Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett                  Starting on page 144, explore
 Subject Tests, ACT, AP Exams, & high        Countless homeschool families turn to           the listings organized by region .
 school subjects . Students prepare at one   Amanda Bennett for carefully researched,        Though most of the businesses
 of our centers or the location of their     ready-to-use curriculum . Amanda’s Unit
 choice . Industry leader in live, online
                                                                                             can sell their products or provide
                                             Study Adventures and Download N Go™
 webclasses! Studyworks can design a         series offer fun and adventure, as well as
                                                                                             services all over the globe, we
 custom program tailored to your needs &     long lasting learning .                         thought you’d enjoying seeing
 can accommodate 1 or 1,000 students!
                                             CustomerService@UnitStudy.com                   which ones have their headquarters
 (800) 783-1SAT (1728)                        www.UnitStudy.com                              in your neck of the woods .
 www.studyworks.com                          __________________________________
                                                                                             We encourage you to patronize
                                                                                             those businesses that operate
                                                                                             locally whenever possible . Let’s
                                                                                             support our fellow homeschoolers
                                                                                             as we walk this journey of living
                                                                                             and learning together .

www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory                           ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine                                        123
                                     Automotiv e - chr is tiAn / bible s tudy

                                                                                      __________________________________              __________________________________
                                                                                      Carol Topp, CPA                                 Promos And Logos
                                    __________________________________                Starting a business? Get help from a            Promotional Items . Imprinted promotional
                                    Tech Auto Body                                    knowledgeable and friendly CPA . Business       items, screen printed T-shirts, and printing
                                    Tech Auto Body is a family-owned                  plan evaluation and phone consultation .        services . Call or email for a FREE catalog .
                                    business since 1989 . Homeschooling               Reasonable rates .                              Jay@PromosAndLogos .com
                                    since 2003 . Located in downtown                  (513) 290-4730                                  (877) 221-2160
                                    Mountain Home, Idaho .
                                                                                       CarolToppCPA.com                                www.PromosAndLogos.com
                                    (208) 587-7443                                    __________________________________              __________________________________
                                    __________________________________                Christian Business Owners
                                                                                      Association                                      TeenBizTalk.com

                                       Baby & Toddler                                 Free Book: Bible Based Businesses—Biblical
                                                                                      Principles for Success in Business and Life
                                    __________________________________                to biblebasedbusinesses .com/bible-based-
                                    All About Babies Birth Center
                                    We build a community of strong, healthy           (352) 217-5880
                                    families one miraculous birth at a time . We       www.christian-business-owners-                  Teen Biz Talk provides a safe place for
                                    serve the DFW area .                               association.com                                 homeschool teen entrepreneurs and
                                                                                      __________________________________               their families to create, build, and grow
                                    (972) 653-2229                                                                                     their business . Membership includes a
Homeschool-Friendly Entrepreneurs

                                     www.allaboutbabies.net                                                                            learning center and forums to exchange
                                    __________________________________                 Coffeedogz Small Business                       ideas, find joint ventures, outsource to
                                                                                       and Technology Services                         each other, and find new ways to grow
                                    A Gentler Birth
                                                                                                                                       their business .
                                    Christian, certified birth doula in Gig Harbor,
                                    Washington . Homebirth, birth centers,                                                             (251) 456-7581
                                    and hospitals in Western Washington .                                                              www.teenbiztalk.com
                                    AquaDoula birth tub rentals .
                                                                                       Starting a new business or have an             __________________________________
                                    (253) 884-8088                                     existing business? How can technology
                                     www.agentlerbirth.com                                                                            Tri-Media Marketing Services
                                                                                       help or hurt? Boost your business with
                                    __________________________________                 the edge Coffeedogz provides . Avoid           Rent mailing lists, email lists of homeschool
                                                                                       costly mistakes with individualized            families . Advertise in Christian Family
                                                                                       consulting . Navigate the techie world         HomeSchool Shopper card pack quarterly
                                     Sweet Little Blessings                                                                           to 75,000 families .
                                                                                       with my easy-to-read and easy-to-
                                                                                       understand E-Book . Take the tech-ache
                                                                                       out of business with Coffeedogz!
                                                                                                                                      (800) 874-0338
                                                                                       georganne@coffeedogz.net                       __________________________________
                                     Cloth diapers and accessories . We                www.coffeedogz.net
                                     carry all your favorite brands, including                                                        Your Virtual Services
                                     bumGenius, Thirsties, FuzziBunz,                 __________________________________              Assists with your online presence by
                                     Happy Heinys, Bottombumpers, GroVia,                                                             utilizing webinars/teleseminars, audio/
                                     Knickernappies, and more! Free shipping          Homeschool Entrepreneur—Helping                 video recordings, email marketing,
                                     on orders over $40! Use coupon code              Families Start a Home Business                  newsletter/E-zines, website maintenance,
                                     HOMESCHOOL to save 5% off any order .            Affordable hosting by Christian homeschool      HTML/Wordpress, shopping cart software .
                                     www.sweetlittleblessings.com                     family . We’ll set you up or do it yourself .
                                                                                      Includes easy tutorials—Websites,               (605) 691-3834
                                    __________________________________                Facebook, Twitter!                               YourVirtualServices.com
                                                                                      (615) 374-3176
                                     Business Services                                 AffordableChoiceMarketing.com

                                       & Marketing
                                                                                      __________________________________                Christian / Bible
                                                                                      JRC Consulting
                                                                                      Our grant consulting services, business                Study
                                                                                      writing, and books are crafted with             __________________________________
                                    BCI – Professional Recruiting                     attention to detail—and an insatiable
                                    BCI Recruiting assists employers seeking          appetite for accuracy .                         Baby Bible Board Books
                                    outstanding employees . BCI also provides                                                         This set of four, perfect-size board books
                                    resume review service . 10+ years of              (561) 748-9429                                  helps parents teach their infants and
                                    experience; contact Ted@bcioh .com .               www.jrcbooks.com                               toddlers to love Jesus .
                                    (330) 686-2588                                                                                    (704) 277-7194
                                     www.bcioh.com                                                                                     www.BabyBibleBoardBooks.com
                                    __________________________________                                                                __________________________________

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                                                                     chris tian / bible s tudy - chris tian music
__________________________________              __________________________________               __________________________________
Christian Book Videos                           Full Gospel Family Publications                   ReformationKidz
Featuring videos showcasing the latest          Publishers of Character Building for Families     ReformationKidz provides parents with
releases in Christian books for your family .   (elementary age) and River Life: Entering into    character-building resources that include
Viewing is free . Find new books to read .      the Character of Jesus (teens and adults)         solid theology and historical significance .
                                                                                                  Free downloadable colorsheets,
(704) 995-6739                                  (920) 734-6693                                    biographies, and games .
 www.ChristianBookVideos.com                     www.characterbuildingforfamilies.com             www.reformationkidz.com
__________________________________              __________________________________               __________________________________
Climbinghigher.org                              The Homeschooling Mother’s Bible                  Russell & Associates
Climbinghigher .org travels with you on         Study                                             “Christian Concepts Series” Junior
your spiritual journey providing “The Story     Written specifically to encourage the             High through Adult . Timeless Truths /
of the Day,” Bible Studies and inspirational    homeschooling moms, this 6-week study is          Contemporary Perspectives -- Profound,
messages .                                      available as an E-Book or softcover edition .     simple, & most importantly memorable .
(406) 889-3969                                  (316) 681-2605                                    Award-Winning Books
 www.climbinghigher.org                          www.HomeschoolingMothers                         (360) 834-1743
__________________________________               BibleStudy.com                                   www.BOOKSrlr.com
                                                __________________________________               __________________________________
 CrossTimber’s Name Meaning Gifts               HOPE Refined                                      Sing the Scriptures
                                                Helping One another Prepare for Eternity          Nine hour-long CDs of KJV verses in song,

                                                                                                                                                  Homeschool-Friendly Entrepreneurs
                                                (HOPE) with encouraging articles, uplifting       written and sung by Jim Swanson . Excellent
                                                poems, gifts, and a fast, effective Bible         memory and meditation aids .
                                                memory system .
                                                                                                  (715) 852-0289
                                                 www.HopeRefined.com                             __________________________________
 Learn why your name is important to            __________________________________
 God through the Christian meanings of                                                            Sunday School Lady
                                                Legacy Leavers
 names . Personalize ANY NAME in our                                                              Free Sunday school lessons, crafts, and
 color name meaning designs, complete           Growing Godly character with the Bible and        lapbooks . Solid, hands-on, preschool
 with carefully researched meaning,             creativity . A hands-on Bible study of people     through elementary . Bible survey that
 Biblical Life Meaning™, and hand-picked        with character worth learning about .             makes kids laugh and learn .
 Scripture verse . CrossTimber offers           corideroza@gmail.com                              sherry@sundayschoollady.com
 name meaning bookmarks, framed                  www.legacyleavers.org
 NamePlaques™, and coffee mugs .                                                                  www.SundaySchoolLady.com
                                                __________________________________               __________________________________
 Mention “HOME10” for 10% off .
                                                Loving the Lord Ministries for Girls              What Is Communion?
 (877) 763-2646                                 and Young Women
                                                                                                  A children’s book about “The Lord’s Supper”
 www.Meaning.Name                               LTL Ministries offers biblical, spiritual         (an Evangelical Protestant view) . Includes
                                                growth material, online resources, and            a simple explanation and the meaning
                                                conferences geared towards encouraging            behind it .
 Eternity Vendors                               girls and young women in Christ .
                                                info@lovingthelordministries.org                  (618) 783-3699
                                                 www.lovingthelordministries.org                  whatiscommunion.blogspot.com
                                                __________________________________               __________________________________
                                                Ornament Publications
                                                Products that help your family love the
                                                Scriptures . Full-color illustrations of
                                                                                                     Christian Music
 EternityVendors .com makes it easy to          analogies in Proverbs and verses about           __________________________________
 find Christian-owned stores and the            money .                                           Diggles Family Ministries, Inc.
 great deals they are offering! Search
 through our listings of trusted websites       (972) 278-5965                                    A full-time Southern Gospel singing
                                                                                                  ministry that travels throughout the entire
 or follow our blog for the latest sales and     www.ornamentpublications.com
                                                __________________________________                USA and Canada singing at churches and
 special offers . Have a business? We offer
                                                                                                  events .
 FREE advertising to qualifying sites!
                                                The Praise Dance Life with Jocelyn
 www.EternityVendors.com                        Richard                                           (859) 552-9989
                                                The Praise Dance Life: Online resource            www.digglesfamily.com
                                                center for worship leaders, homeschool co-
                                                ops, and missions: E-Books, virtual classes,
                                                and videos .

www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory                                ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine             125
                                     clothing & fa shion - cook ing & nutrition

                                             Clothing &
                                                                                    Pure Modesty                                     PotterVilla Applied Technology
                                              Fashion                               Created with beauty, distinguished by
                                                                                    virtue! Resources for cultivating biblical
                                    __________________________________              femininity . Modest clothing, books, blogs,
                                    Frillacious                                     and more!
                                    Lacy/Frilly Scarves . Handknit with quality     (208) 670-4923
                                    100% acrylic, we create scarves in assorted
                                                                                     www.puremodesty.com                             Making technology a tool instead of
                                    colours . 10% of pink color to CBCF .           __________________________________               a frustration, we offer comprehensive
                                    (905) 892-8226                                                                                   instruction and old-fashioned service .
                                     joyce@greenfieldgardens.ca                      Yardmonkeys                                     Our full spectrum of computer training
                                    __________________________________                                                               is tailored especially for homeschoolers
                                                                                                                                     by a homeschool graduate . Additionally,
                                    HomeschoolShirts.com                                                                             we offer website development for your
                                    At HomeschoolShirts .com you will find a                                                         family business or school . We can help
                                    varied selection of apparel and homeschool                                                       you take command of technology .
                                    resources for both parents and children .
                                                                                                                                     (517) 588-3030
                                    __________________________________                                                               www.pottervilla.com
                                                                                     Yardmonkeys specializes in boutique
                                    Hope of My Heart Designs                         clothing and accessories for young
                                    Keepsake jewelry for miscarriage and child       girls at affordable prices . You’ll find
                                                                                                                                             Cooking &
Homeschool-Friendly Entrepreneurs

                                    loss, infertility, and adoption, and mothers’    hair bows, headbands, tutus, jewelry,
                                    jewelry too . Heirloom-quality jewelry
                                    customized just for you .
                                                                                     skirt and blouse sets, hats, and more .
                                                                                     Yardmonkey products make great gifts                    Nutrition
                                                                                     for birthdays and baby showers! We are         __________________________________
                                    mail@hopeofmyheart.com                           also happy to accept custom orders for
                                     www.HopeofMyHeart.com                           your little princess .                         Building Tomorrow’s Generation –
                                    __________________________________               customerservice@                               Homemade Convenience Foods
                                    Leotard City                                                                                    Prepare great meals in 10–15 minutes
                                                                                     theyardmonkeys.com                             with this revolutionary system . No all-day
                                    High-quality, children’s gymnastics leotards,    www.theyardmonkeys.com                         cooking marathons . Recipes included .
                                    shorts, and unitards . Made in the USA by
                                    homeschoolers at an affordable, everyday                                                        (970) 842-4776
                                    price!                                                                                           www.marciawashburn.com
                                    (480) 993-6858                                       Computers &                                __________________________________
                                    __________________________________                    Technology                                Cooking Traditional Foods
                                                                                                                                    Traditional/whole foods Menu Mailer with
                                    Lilla Rose Independent Consultant –             __________________________________              five dinners, one breakfast, one dessert per
                                    Paula Ramm                                                                                      week . As low as $1 .50/week!
                                                                                    Caldwell Global Communications,
                                    Unique, comfortable, strong hair clips and      Inc.                                            (828) 505-4376
                                    jewelry . Home of the elegant Flexi-Clip .      Homeschooler operated . Make Internet            www.cookingTF.com
                                    Beautiful hair in seconds!                      activity part of your curriculum . CPanel and   __________________________________
                                    paula@rammnation.com                            WordPress webhosting . E-mail mailing lists .
                                     www.lillarose.biz/BeautifulLife                Ask for homeschooler packages .                  Gling.com – Gluten-Free Living
                                    __________________________________              (888) 946-4638
                                    Lovely Hair Clips – Lilla Rose                   sales@caldwellglobal.com
                                    Hair Designs                                    __________________________________
                                    Full line of beautiful and comfortable          Firebrand Designs
                                    hair clips .                                    Our mission is helping families to start a       Gling Gluten-Free Living is a great site
                                    Monica@yourhealthsource.org                     business website at a reduced rate so they       for gluten-free recipes, grocery products,
                                     www.lillarose.biz/HairDesigns                  can begin their journey .                        and seasonal articles written by real-
                                    __________________________________                                                               life gluten-free people . You’ll receive
                                                                                    (309) 393-1004                                   product reviews on the latest gluten-free
                                    The Modest Mom                                   www.firebranddesigns.net                        products and new ideas to keep your
                                    Beautiful, affordable, custom-made              __________________________________               meals exciting and nutritional! Visit our
                                    maternity & women’s skirts . Fashionably        iHomeEducator                                    site today!
                                    modest designs for sizes XS–XXL .
                                                                                    Award-winning iPad, iTouch, & iPhone             mike@gling.com
                                    (816) 616-0320                                  Educational Apps . K7 Math, Language Arts,       www.gling.com
                                     www.themodestmom.com                           Science and more with automated testing
                                    __________________________________              & grading .
                                                                                    (916) 939-9588

                                    126 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine                              www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory
                                                                                                                  cook ing & nutrition - cr af ts

Gluten-Free Life                                   Jafra by Chelly
Dedicated gluten-free bakery, homeschool
family owned and operated . We make                                                                                       Ambassador Crochet
delicious cookies, muffins, breads, and
mixes without rice .
(816) 449-1371
 www.gflife.com                                    Jafra Cosmetics offers a full line of
__________________________________                 amazing skin care products . Jafra offers
                                                   a great opportunity for moms to earn                                   Reaching Out, One Stitch At A Time .
Terherst Enterprises, LLC                          some extra income and still enjoy time
Trouble getting your kids to eat well? We                                                                                 Crochet patterns for all skill levels,
                                                   with their families . Call me; I’d love to talk                        including beginner . I carry patterns
can help . Ask for free DVD, samples, or kids’     with you about it, or you can check out
free product program .                                                                                                    for boutique style hats, scarves, cowls,
                                                   my website first .                                                     baby cocoons, mittens, hair clips and
(866) 588-0305                                     (303) 644-5587                                                         accessories, and more . I take custom
 info@terherstenterprises.com                                                                                             orders and can create almost anything
                                                   www.myjafra.com/cjames                                                 you have in mind .
                                                 __________________________________                                       ambassadorcrochet@gmail.com
 Cosmetics & Skin                                Jordan Essentials – Kim Lewis
                                                 Kim Lewis, Jordan Essentials Consultant .                                bigcartel.com

                                                                                                                                                                          Homeschool-Friendly Entrepreneurs
                                                 Real skin care solutions for real families .                            __________________________________
                                                 Profitable business opportunity . Free
__________________________________               brochure and sample .                                                   Close to My Heart ™ – Phyllis Wagner,
                                                                                                                         Independent Consultant
Avon—Misty Taylor                                (803) 979-0331                                                          Established company . Coordinated classic
Meeting all your beauty needs . For $10 you,      www.myjestore.com/KimLewis                                             scrapbooking supplies . Acrylic stamping .
too, can join Avon . Serving Spring, Texas,      __________________________________                                      Workshops . Studio J online scrapbooking .
area or direct-to-you online service .                                                                                   Idea books . Entrepreneurial business
                                                 Pure Anada Natural Cosmetics Inc
(832) 472-7440                                   Handmade mineral cosmetics and
                                                                                                                         opportunity .
 www.youravon.com/mtaylor1216                    botanical skincare! Shop online: www .                                  (919) 454-9615
__________________________________               ThePureBoutique .com . Use coupon code:                                  PhyllisW.myctmh.com
                                                 HOME10 to save 10% off your purchase!                                   __________________________________
 Homemade Lye Soap –                             (866) 569-2714                                                          Dianna’s Sugar Plum Sundries
 Stewart’s Crafts                                 www.PureAnada.ca                                                       We carry quality oils, lyes, essential oils,
                                                 __________________________________                                      butters, fragrance oils, colorants, molds,
                                                 Vision Herbs                                                            kits, herbs, soap bases, and much more!
                                                 Natural, good-for-your-body skin care                                   info@diannassundries.
                                                 products: lotions, creams, salves, lip
                                                 balms, soaps, hand sanitizer, teas . Mother/                            com
                                                 daughter run .                                                           www.DiannasSundries.com
 Pure soap with NO perfumes or dyes .                                                                                    __________________________________
 For shower, shampoo, shaving, lotion,           (570) 325-8946
 clothes, dishes, the floor, or the dog!          www.visionherbs.com                                                    Note-able Scraps
 Remove stains, scents, and odors . Helpful      __________________________________                                      Custom scrapbooks by Note-able Scraps
 for acne, eczema, psoriasis, poison ivy,                                                                                make beautiful gifts or keepsakes! We also
 scrapes or burns, bug bites . Made in the                                                                               design blogwear, stationery, and Christmas
 USA! “Create in me a clean heart, O God .”                                                                              or all-occasion cards .
 (770) 887-6988                                                                  & Entr                                  (252) 876-6108
                                                                          ss                      ep
                                                                 s   i ne         TOS

                                                                                                                         Sew Blessed Designs by Cindy
                                                  s ch o o l B


                                                                                                                         Modest and classic sewing patterns for
                                                                                                              r Direct

                                                                                                                         today’s active children . Patterns include
                                                                                                                         multiple sizes and clear, concise directions
                                                                                                                         with illustrations .

                                                                                                                         (256) 425-1668



                                                                 H    P
                                                                          O                   E
                                                                                                      S   y               www.sewblesseddesigns.net
                                                                              S S
                                                                                  E     A D                              __________________________________

www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory                                                       ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine              127
                                     cr af ts - fun & games

                                                                                          Event Venues                               Foreign Language
                                    A Snip and a Stitch
                                    eBay’s largest sewing pattern store offering     __________________________________              __________________________________
                                    vintage and new sewing patterns . Over           Denison Ridge – Weddings & Events               Dora & Diego Homeschool Spanish
                                    10,000 in stock .                                We specialize in outdoor events . A garden      The most comprehensive missions-minded,
                                    (530) 532-1815                                   setting with a beautiful view of the valley     Biblically based Spanish curriculum for
                                                                                     below . Serving Washington State .              Preschool through 12th grade; complete
                                                                                                                                     packages starting at $25 plus s&h .
                                    __________________________________               (509) 954-1928
                                                                                      denisonridge.com                               (218) 234-3264
                                           Economics /
                                                                                     __________________________________               www.DoraHomeSchoolSpanish.com

                                             Finance                                        Family &                                 Foreign Language House
                                                                                                                                     Instant digital downloads: teacher-created
                                    __________________________________                                                               worksheets, activity guides, and E-courses
                                    ASC Accounting & Bookkeeping                                                                     to supplement PK–12 French and Spanish
                                    Specializing in small business accounting/       __________________________________              learning .
                                    bookkeeping, payroll, accounts payable/
                                    receivable, taxes with over 20 years
                                                                                     Buzzing the Day Away                            (704) 737-4649
                                    experience with quick, reliable,
                                                                                     Family-friendly product reviews and              foreignlanguagehouse.com
                                                                                     giveaways with tips on parenting,               __________________________________
                                    valuable service .                               homeschooling, going green, and more!
Homeschool-Friendly Entrepreneurs

                                    bookkeeping@mail.com                              www.buzzingthedayaway.com                            Fun & Games
                                     ascaccountingandbookkeeping.                    __________________________________              __________________________________
                                    __________________________________                                                               Bizzy City
                                                                                      little folksters                               Bizzy City provides children ages 9–13 safe,
                                    Edward Jones – Brett Parkis                                                                      fun, family-friendly online education and
                                    Helping you make sense of investing .                                                            entertainment . Created by homeschoolers
                                    Personalized investment planning for                                                             for homeschoolers .
                                    college savings, retirement, saving on taxes,
                                    investments, and insurance .                                                                     (614) 717-5912
                                    (919) 553-7431                                                                                   __________________________________
                                    __________________________________                Nurture family relationships, share
                                                                                      hugs and special moments . Music, play,         Dare to Lead!
                                    Family Financial Coaching                         literature, dance, drama, and art affect
                                    A one-on-one, personalized, no-gimmick            total development and spiritual growth, all
                                    approach for getting your family out of debt,     intertwined in the young child’s life . Over
                                    saving money, and living financially free .       300 resources and activities for infants–8s
                                                                                      and the grown-ups who love them .
                                    (209) 622-3299                                    Includes Are We There Yet? —a travel CD .       An interactive board game that develops
                                     www.Household-Budget-Made-Easy.                                                                  leadership skills, critical thinking, and
                                     com                                              (734) 741-1510                                  problem solving . It’s never the same
                                    __________________________________                www.little-folks-music.com                      game twice, lots of learning and tons
                                                                                                                                      of fun! See students falling off tables,
                                    Household Helps                                                                                   singing, drawing or discussing—one’s
                                    Our mission is helping families to gain           QCharm, LLC                                     imagination is the only limiting factor to
                                    wisdom and skills in finances, homeschool,                                                        this game . Ages 13–adult .
                                    & spiritual walk from a biblical perspective .
                                    (309) 393-1004                                                                                    www.daretolead.ca
                                    __________________________________                                                               __________________________________
                                                                                      Your home for experience-based
                                    Mighty Fine Books                                 solutions, ideas, products, and inspiration    Discovery Toys
                                    A powerful Christian spiritual and financial      to help you and your child make the most       Discovery Toys—Teach .Play .Inspire . Lifetime
                                    wealth building system . Create financial         of every moment . Use our wristband            guaranteed, replacement program, award-
                                    independence while sharing the gospel             with interchangeable charms that display       winning, income opportunity . Reps needed
                                    message . Perfect for homeschoolers .             Boardmaker® images for schedules,              today, monthly specials . Contact me .

                                    (828) 697-5013
                                                                                      assignments, behavior, communication,
                                                                                      and emotion management . Share your
                                                                                                                                     (850) 292-7530
                                     answers.mightyfinebooks.com                      ideas on our blog!                              www.toynana.com
                                    __________________________________                                                               __________________________________

                                    128 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine                               www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory
                                                                              Fun & games - gr aphics & web design
__________________________________               __________________________________                 __________________________________
Discovery Toys – Rachel Uttecht                  Successful Gardens                                 Cross Business Tools, LLC
Educational toys that help parents teach         Helping you create a successful garden . We        Website hosting, web page creation,
children through play . Great for children       offer gardening tips, information, advice,         shopping cart creation (Zen Cart and
ages infant, preschool, and early school         and garden products to help beautify your          Magento), and website changes and
years .                                          world .                                            support .
(406) 544-2937                                   info@successfulgardens.com                         CrossBusinessTools@gmail.com
 www.discoverytoyslink.com/                       successfulgardens.com                              www.CrossBusinessTools.com
                                                 __________________________________                 __________________________________
__________________________________                                                                  Dan’s Affordable Web Design

 TreeHouse Puppets & Treasures                     Graphics & Web                                   Affordable and professional small business
                                                                                                    websites that will be up and running quickly
                                                       Design                                       and that you can update yourself .
                                                                                                    (888) 240-9295
                                                 3Strands Communications                             online.com
                                                 Affordable design; print publications              __________________________________
                                                 (banners, brochures, signs), electronic
 Treehouse Puppets offers a wide variety         media (Web, email), logos . Writing & editing      Emily Berger Graphic Design
 of quality puppets and marionettes as           services . Homeschool ID cards .                   Custom graphic design, specializing in

                                                                                                                                                     Homeschool-Friendly Entrepreneurs
 well as other creative toys and games . If                                                         brochures, newsletters, posters, and
 you don’t see what you are looking for on       (765) 513-8315                                     magazines . Digital work samples available
 the website, please call or email and I will     www.3strandscommunications.com                    upon request .
 be happy to help you .                          __________________________________
 (727) 397-2446                                  Absolute Web Site Design                           __________________________________
 www.treehousepuppets.com                        Custom website development, search                 Graphics by Becky
                                                 engine optimization services, website
__________________________________                                                                  Custom graphics and ad layouts done at an
                                                 hosting, photo and graphic optimization,
                                                                                                    affordable price . Will work flexible hours to
TryOut Toys Entertainment                        social media marketing .
                                                                                                    fit with your schedule .
Skill toys—a fun way to improve physical         (586) 255-1812                                     (320) 356-1114
coordination, creativity, and self-esteem .       www.absolutewebsitedesign.com
Scientifically proven to increase brain          __________________________________                  a.busy.muse@gmail.com
capacity .                                                                                          __________________________________
(603) 996-1047                                    Ann Kania Design
                                                                                                    Hartwork Graphics
 www.tryouttoys.com                                                                                 Hartwork Graphics specializes in small
__________________________________                                                                  business logo design, branding, and
                                                                                                    imaging for print and Web .
         Gardening                                Need a professional look? Work with a
                                                                                                    Insight Blog Design
                                                  mom who understands homeschooling .
 Aggrand/Amsoil Lubricant,                                                                          Custom blog designs that reflect who you
                                                  Logos, ads, websites, brochures,
 Independent Dealer—John                                                                            are and what your blog is all about . For
                                                  magazines, books, packaging, print
 Westendorp                                                                                         Blogger and WordPress .
                                                  liaison . 25 years experience in Graphic
                                                  Design & Art Direction . Looking to               erin@insightblogdesign.com
                                                  collaborate . Located near Sacramento/             insightblogdesign.com
                                                  Folsom/Jackson in Northern CA .                   __________________________________
 Natural Liquid Fertilizer . Highly effective!    (916) 316-3224                                    IW Christian Web Services
 Grows larger, healthier, tastier produce .       artsi-ann@live.com                                Christian website hosting and website
 Very affordable . No environmental                                                                 design services .
 impacts . Builds topsoil . Helps resist         __________________________________
 compaction, insects, heat and cold .            Arts & Letters Design and                          __________________________________
 Excellent for farmers, gardeners . A
                                                 Communications                                     Kandy’s Creations
 division of Amsoil, the original best
 protecting and longest lasting synthetic        David & Sallie Borrink . He draws . She writes .   Cute, quality clipart for personal and
 lubricants on the market . Access via the       You shine . Creative, quality graphic design,      commercial use . Wide variety of themes .
 “shop online” link .                            Web & blog design, writing, editing .              JPEG, PNG, and vector formats . Affordable
 jawsoil@jawsoil.com                             (616) 866-1659                                     and professional .

 www.lubedealer.com/jawsoil/                      www.artsandletters.biz                            kandy@kandyscreation.com
                                                 __________________________________                  www.KandysCreations.com
 home.aspx                                                                                          __________________________________

www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory                                  ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine             129
                                     Gr aphic & web desiGn - he alth & wellness
                                    __________________________________               __________________________________             __________________________________
                                    Paul Osborne Design                              Be Vibrant with Kayla Howard                   Inside and Out Wellness
                                    Graphic design for brochures, catalogs,          Inspiring women to lose weight and gain        Nutritional supplements: real help for
                                    logos, trade booth displays, point-of-           energy from home . 15 minutes is all you       health challenges; address the problem,
                                    purchase, packaging, copywriting, Web .          need to get results!                           not just the symptoms . Become healthier—
                                    Homeschooling entrepreneur since 1986 .                                                         Inside and Out!
                                                                                     (208) 596-0142
                                    (419) 757-2046                                    www.kaylahoward.com                           (765) 642-4450
                                     www.podesign.com/PO_Design.html                 __________________________________              www.insideandoutwellness.com
                                    __________________________________                                                              __________________________________
                                    Renee Neace Design                                Cole Creek Herbs                              Juice Plus Wholefood Nutrition in a
                                    I’ll make your website look great! From                                                         Capsule
                                    graphics to html . Marketing, design,                                                           Most don’t eat 7–13 servings of fruits and
                                    consultation . Logos, company branding .                                                        vegetables every day . Juice Plus helps
                                    Web help? Just ask .                                                                            bridge the gap! Free child’s products .
                                    reneeneace@gmail.com                                                                            (209) 604-5458
                                     www.brandnewsong.com/rndesign                    Provides in-depth, scientific information      www.JPJuiceForHealth.com
                                    __________________________________                about herbs, vitamins, and other natural      __________________________________
                                    Typeset Design                                    supplements . You can do much with the        LifeFx Nutritional Supplements
                                    Typeset Design is a professional design           herbal foods the Creator has provided!
                                                                                                                                    Close nutritional gaps for whole family,
                                                                                      Please contact us if you have any
Homeschool-Friendly Entrepreneurs

                                    service providing quality graphics and                                                          whole body health improvement, including
                                    layout for print and the web .                    questions about our products or would
                                                                                                                                    children with ADHD/other focus/learning
                                                                                      like information about improving your
                                    contact@typesetdesign.com                                                                       challenges . Clinically proven .
                                                                                      health and wellness . Sign up for free
                                     www.typesetdesign.com                            newsletter!                                   (302) 5ENZOFX
                                                                                      (316) 655-9969                                 www.lifefx123.com/kwg4610
                                    Health & Wellness                                __________________________________              Mobile Drug Testing, LLC
                                    __________________________________               Essentials of Life
                                    AdvoCare – Lisa Wohlwend                         Unlock your child’s highest potential with
                                    AdvoCare is a premier health and wellness        God’s gift of therapeutic-grade essential
                                    company offering nutritional products and        oils, and live life abundantly! Ask me how .    Parents need to protect their children
                                    a business opportunity that empowers
                                    individuals .
                                                                                     (541) 444-2428                                  from the danger of drug use . It happens
                                                                                                                                     in the very best families . We recommend
                                    (330) 606-2304                                   __________________________________              random testing before you suspect there
                                                                                                                                     might be a problem, to help your child
                                     www.advocare4u2.com                             HCG To My Rescue!                               say “No! My parents test me and would
                                    __________________________________                                                               find out!” when the time comes .
                                                                                     Lost hope in your weight loss journey? The

                                                                                     HCG diet can help you lose weight, reshape
                                                                                     your body, improve health .
                                                                                                                                     (801) 577-9411
                                                                                     info@hcgtomyrescue.com                          html
                                     Fun rainy day fitness solutions; bringing       __________________________________
                                     the outdoors in with inspired children’s
                                     exercise videos . Annyssa is committed to       Healthy Mommies                                 Multi-Pure Drinking Water
                                     growing family unity through fun family-        Need energy, motivation, weight loss or         Systems – Lee Johnson
                                     time activities, kid approved recipes, and      muscle gain? I’ll show you how to do it the
                                     backyard farming .                              healthy way!
                                     “Healthy bodies . Well fed souls .”
                                                                                     (623) 936-9984
                                     kristina@annyssa.com                             screspin@msn.com
                                     Annyssa.com                                     __________________________________
                                    __________________________________               Herbalife International – Sarah                 Purified drinking water at your tap for
                                                                                     Stoddard                                        $ .08/gallon . Free from concerns about
                                    A Balanced Life, Inc.                                                                            tap water or bottled water . Several
                                                                                     High-quality, low-cost nutritional products
                                    Young Living Essential Oils Independent                                                          models, reasonably priced, with special
                                                                                     sent to your home . Success or refund . I
                                    Distributor, #970784 . Potent, natural                                                           discounts . Tested and certified . Units
                                                                                     lost 50 pounds and you can too! www .
                                    solutions for everyday problems—for                                                              have lifetime warranty . Ideal home
                                                                                     loseweightnow .com/sstoddard
                                    home, family, and pets . Distributors needed .                                                   business opportunity for people in need
                                    (407) 388-9803                                   (734) 338-3027                                  of extra income . Enjoyed by 4,000,000
                                                                                      www.shopherbalife.com/sstoddard                customers since 1970 . Let’s discuss!
                                    __________________________________               __________________________________              (262) 632-5401

                                    130 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine                               www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory
                                                                              he alth & wellness - handmade items
__________________________________                 __________________________________             __________________________________
Natural Family Planning                            Southern California Juice Plus                  Britches ‘N Stitches
NFP: safe, healthy, highly effective . It’s        17 fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in a    We are a family-owned custom embroidery
family planning God’s way . Visit the website      capsule—Fruits/vegetables aren’t just good      business . We have unique items for all your
to find a teaching couple near you .               for you; they might save your life .            gift needs .
(800) 745-8252                                     (626) 791-0421                                  (866) 588-0305
 www.ccli.org                                       www.southerncaliforniajuiceplus.               www.britchesnstitches.com
__________________________________                  com                                           __________________________________
Nature Labs                                        __________________________________              Cards by Lynelle
Poison ivy, oak, or sumac itches? Our anti-                                                        Handcrafted, all-occasion greeting cards,
itch jewelweed soap will provide soothing           Young Living Essential Oils –                  uniquely designed with FABRIC and
relief (all-natural and wild-crafted) . Student-    Bonnie Kline                                   embellished with decorative edging,
run business .                                                                                     ribbon, buttons, flowers, clip-art, brads,
                                                                                                   punched shapes .
(423) 727-5107
 www.thenaturelabs.com                                                                             (641) 489-2138
__________________________________                                                                 www.CardsByLynelle.etsy.com
Nature’s Sunshine Products –
Christa Farmer                                                                                     Collyott Farms
Get instant access to an extensive selection        Would you like to have a “biblical             Handmade shelves and signs; gourmet, all-

                                                                                                                                                     Homeschool-Friendly Entrepreneurs
of supplements and an herb specialist               medicine cabinet”? Do you want your            natural dips and spices; country décor and
guiding you along the path to wellness .            cleaning products to be “natural” and          farm produce .
                                                    free of harmful chemicals? Do you want
(208) 308-1850                                      to earn free products, make money and          (660) 848-9988
 www.mynsp.com/christa                              spend precious time with your family?          www.collyottfarms.com
__________________________________                  Young Living Essential Oils may be            __________________________________
                                                    for you  .  .  .
                                                                                                   DaisyHead Creations Knitwear
 N.E.W. LIFE (Nutrition, Exercise,                  (281) 460-7736                                 Design
 Wellness for LIFE)                                 purplepansygal.younglivingworld.               Homeschooling mom providing wool
                                                    com                                            soakers, longies, bloomers, hats, stitch
                                                                                                   markers, baby and accessory items . Also
                                                   __________________________________              original knitting and crochet patterns!
                                                   Young Living Essential Oils – Jennifer          thedaisygirl@daisyhead.net
                                                   Southern                                        daisyheadcreations.etsy.com
                                                   Enhancing health with pure, authentic,
 N .E .W . LIFE (Nutrition, Exercise, Wellness
 for LIFE) nutrition education/behavior            therapeutic-grade essential oils . Southern     Dane’s Leather Craft
 modification programs assist people with          California workshops available . Website and    Handcrafted leather products . Wristbands,
 prevention of lifestyle disease, increased        phone calls open to all .                       wallets, dog collars, gun slings, belts, guitar
 energy, weight loss, freedom from
 bondage to food/body image . Food diary
                                                   (661) 317-6709                                  straps, and more .

 evaluations, nutrition counseling, diet
                                                    www.youngliving.org/jsouthern93                (719) 469-7831
                                                   __________________________________              danesleathercraft@gmail.com
 book reviews, audio bites, and registered
 dietitian certifications—all from a                                                              __________________________________
 professional, Christian perspective .
 newlife4health@aol.com                             Handmade Items                                 Doorpost Wisdom
                                                                                                   Putting Scripture into hands, homes, and
  www.newlifeforhealth.com                         __________________________________              hearts . Handmade handkerchiefs, blankets,
__________________________________                 A Homemade Heritage                             totes, purses, pillows, gifts, and more .
                                                   For all the ways you make a house your          Custom orders welcome .
Reliv International, Denise Hyde
Nutrition you can trust . Reliv’s patented
                                                   home . Homemade soaps and candles in            (865) 414-6556
                                                   delicious scents! Custom orders available .
state-of-the-art supplements provide a                                                             www.etsy.com/shop/
solid foundation for your business . Make a         www.ahomemadeheritage.com                      doorpostwisdom
                                                   __________________________________             __________________________________
difference with Reliv .
                                                   Blossom’s Barn
(281) 573-2272                                     Handcrafted, all-natural, milk-based soaps
                                                                                                   Dragon’s Trove by Jenbug122
 www.hyde.reliv.com                                and lip balms . Natural products using
                                                                                                   Providing handmade gifts and supplies
__________________________________                                                                 worldwide . Specialize in digital design,
                                                   wholesome, good-for-you ingredients from
                                                                                                   graphics, crochet, ceramics, and foodstuffs
Schaben Ventures LLC                               God’s creation .
                                                                                                   (southern Colorado only) .
Healing ministry . Using the Bible as a
roadmap to health and wellness . Health,
                                                   217-379-7633                                    (719) 646-3195
healing, and nutrition the way God intended .       www.blossomsbarn.com                           www.jenbug122.artfire.com
                                                   __________________________________             __________________________________
(515) 999-2186

www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory                                 ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine              131
                                     handmade items - homeschooling
                                                                                      __________________________________             __________________________________
                                     Elloree Guitars                                  AngelArts, A Creative Arts Agency &            Ed Resource Online
                                                                                      Publishing House                               Online blog listing/review of FREE online
                                                                                      Reach new heights in homeschooling and         educational resources for educators,
                                                                                      beyond through Bible studies, devotionals,     including our popular Homeschool and Ed
                                                                                      language arts, graphic design, and             Resource toolbars . Download FREE!
                                                                                      entrepreneurial curriculum . FREE resources!    www.edresourcesonline.com
                                     Elloree Guitars offers completely                                                               __________________________________
                                     handmade guitars, mandolins, dulcimers,          (719) 785-4814
                                     banjos, and lap steels made entirely              www.angelarts.biz                             Erika Bragg - Homeworks by Precept
                                     from straight grain woods . Choose from          __________________________________             consultant
                                     a variety of woods, styles, and other                                                           Independent homeschool consultant
                                     options .
                                                                                      B.E.E. – Bixby Educational Events,
                                                                                                                                     selling Bob Jones, Rosetta Stone, Passport
                                                                                      Inc.                                           Learning, etc . Always FREE shipping!!
                                     (318) 388-2635                                   B .E .E . is making school assembly programs   Serving Savannah and the Coastal Empire .
                                     www.elloreeguitars.com                           more available and affordable for all, no
                                                                                      matter the educational styles .                (912) 754-5890
                                    __________________________________                                                                www.homeworksbyprecept.com
                                    Handsome Woods
                                                                                      (714) 642-6482                                 __________________________________
                                    Fine pens, handmade from domestic and             __________________________________             Higher Path Print & Production
                                    exotic woods . Perfect for gifts . Prices start                                                  Producing Christian educational DVDs,
                                    at about $15 .                                    Best Homeschool Buys                           a children’s health course designed for
Homeschool-Friendly Entrepreneurs

                                                                                      Drop by to save money on new and used
                                    (616) 454-4984                                    homeschool curriculum . Read reviews and
                                                                                                                                     homeschoolers, bookmarkers, and more .
                                                                                                                                     Plus, visit our homeschool website: www .
                                     www.handsomewoods.etsy.com                       tips from 24-year homeschool veteran .         CharacterHomeSchool .com .
                                    Mishy Mee-Maw                                      besthomeschoolbuys.com
                                                                                                                                     (877) 597-3883
                                    Hand-made herbal salves, lip balms, and           __________________________________              www.HigherPath.ca
                                    hard lotion, using organic and natural
                                    ingredients . I also have quilts for sale .
                                                                                       Christian Technologies, Inc.                  Home School Book Sale
                                    mrl@mishymeemaw.com                                                                              Buy and sell new or used curriculum,
                                     www.mishymeemaw.com                                                                             books, and educational resources in a
                                    __________________________________                                                               safe and effective venue of like-minded
                                                                                                                                     homeschoolers .
                                    A Natural Process                                                                                 www.HomeSchoolBookSale.com
                                    Handmade aprons using vintage patterns .           Looking for the Noah Webster 1828             __________________________________
                                    Purses, totes, quilts, embroidery, natural         dictionary? We have it in an inexpensive,
                                    family products & soap making . Need                                                             Home Education Resource Emporium
                                                                                       easy-to-use, searchable, printable CD!
                                    crafty? We can help .                              The hardcover dictionary is also available    Home Education Resource Emporium—
                                                                                                                                     where Education + Fun = #1 . Online
                                    (208) 968-2530                                     below most website prices! Find gifts
                                                                                       from Jerusalem, classic books, children’s     educational thrift store  .  .  . and more!
                                     www.anaturalprocess.com                           computer learning games, and more at          hedremp@yahoo.ca
                                                                                       great prices .                                 www.educationfun1.com
                                    Patchwork in the Desert                                                                          __________________________________
                                    Our family provides fun, hand-crafted fabric
                                                                                       (800) 366-8320
                                                                                       www.ChristianSoup.com                         Homeschool Life Situations.com
                                    items, quilt kits, and penny wool kits! We’re
                                    on Etsy & eBay!                                                                                  This is a Christian site for homeschooling for
                                                                                      __________________________________             grades K–12 . The site has tips for teaching
                                    (702) 524-7635                                    Creative Learning Connection                   children who struggle .
                                     www.etsy.com/shop/                               Educational resources developed by              www.homeschool-life-situations.com
                                     patchworkinthedesert                             a homeschool mom: Shakespeare,                 __________________________________
                                    __________________________________                Leonardo da Vinci, Lewis & Clark, American     HomeWorks by Precept, Karen Weger
                                                                                      Revolution, Math Game, and more  .  .  .       Independent consultant representing BJU

                                      Homeschooling                                   (256) 325-3305                                 Press, Rosetta Stone, Passport Learning,
                                                                                                                                     Bridgeway Academy, Logos Science . FREE
                                    __________________________________                __________________________________             SHIPPING in the US anytime!

                                    AMN BOOKS                                         Cynda Moore, Homeworks                         (269) 685-8050
                                    Gently used curriculum and children’s             Consultant                                      joshua2415wegers@jasnetworks.net
                                    books . My inventory exceeds my Amazon                                                           __________________________________
                                                                                      Call to order any Bob Jones University
                                    listings; call with inquiries . Visit my blog,    Press materials, Rosetta Stone Homeschool      Imparting Wisdom
                                    too! (homeschoolblogger .com/amnbooks)            Version, or Passport Learning, Free Shipping   Consignment and sales of new and used
                                    (410) 857-5580                                    Year Round .                                   homeschool curriculum and learning
                                     www.amazon.com/shops/amnbooks                    (270) 378-5251                                 materials .
                                    __________________________________                 cyndamoore@yahoo.com                           www.impartingwisdom.com
                                                                                      __________________________________             __________________________________

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__________________________________               __________________________________
IOZion Homeschool Resources                      Second Harvest Curriculum                         Coastal Home Educators
Let us help you design your homeschool           We buy and sell used homeschool                   Conference CHEC 2011
planner . Check out our Spelling and             books . Homeschool family-run business            June 9–11 Beaufort, SC . Speaker: David
Vocabulary Workbook to complement your           established to help families save money .         Hazell of My Father’s World .
spelling program .                               And still doing so .                              Intro to Homeschool Seminar . Vendors,
(931) 952-0901                                    www.UsedHomeschoolBooks.com                      Workshops, Childcare . Book Blast (HUGE
                                                 __________________________________                used curriculum sale) .
 www.yourhomeschoolplanner.com                                                                     Want to sell your books at the Book Blast?
__________________________________                                                                 Register Online $12 & Receive Selling
                                                  Sonbeams                                         Instructions . (Save the Date! CHEC 2012
Katie’s Homeschool Cottage
                                                                                                   June 7–9, 2012)
Curriculum for you, using an eclectic mix of
unit study and Charlotte Mason methods .                                                           CHEConference@gmail.com
(603) 608-2208
 charlottemasonhomeschooling.                                                                    __________________________________
                                                  Looking for encouragement to raise up
 wordpress.com                                    a Godly generation? At Sonbeams, we’re          HoMe – Homeschool Mentoring,
__________________________________                excited to offer Bible-based materials          Resources and More
                                                  not only for children, but for parents and      Help in starting, continuing, and finishing
 Landry Academy                                   families as well! Join us as we share how       your family’s homeschool journey .
                                                  God’s Word is truly the foundation for          Mentoring service, resources for family life,

                                                                                                                                                  Homeschool-Friendly Entrepreneurs
                                                  learning ALL things .                           homeschool, parenting, and blog .
                                                                                                  (717) 921-8589
 Christ-centered online classes for all the      __________________________________               com
 standard subject areas plus numerous            Spirited Education                              __________________________________
 unique classes that students love . We
 also offer academic summer camps .              Experience the world and everything              Homeschool Group Leader
                                                 in it through our downloadable series,           Free mini course: “Discover 4 Proven Ways
 Greg@LandryAcademy.com                          Stationery Adventures™ . A new twist on          to Successfully Avoid the Top Traps That Trip
 www.LandryAcademy.com                           notebooking pages .                              Up Homeschool Group Leaders Every Time .”
__________________________________               Susan25@spiritededucation.com                    hgleaderblog.blogspot.com
                                                  www.SpiritedEducation.com                       www.homeschoolgroupleader.com
Layers of Learning                               __________________________________              __________________________________
Lesson ideas and printables all for free and
constantly updated at our website . Look for
                                                 Virginia Wallace, Ed.D. & Whitney
our products for sale soon .                     Husid, Psy.D.                                     Homeschool Horizons Magazine
 www.layers-of-learning.com                      Educators and information specialists:
__________________________________               V(ery) W(ell): How Students Learn . Inquiry
                                                 Learning: Let’s Teach It VERY WELL .
Legacy Academic Consulting                       Providing workshops and consultations .
Quality discipleship and social studies
curriculum from a biblical worldview . We        (864) 850-9128                                    Canada’s only homeschool
strive to equip Christians with tools for         (706) 868-9829                                   encouragement magazine . Written by
effective citizenship .                          __________________________________                and for home educators just like you!
                                                                                                   Come see what inspiration awaits you!
(269) 599-3544
 www.legacyacademic.com                           Homeschooling                                    (613) 362-9591
__________________________________                                                                 www.homeschoolhorizons.ca
Lighthouse Homeschool Resources                  Encouragement &
We are a homeschool family serving the
homeschool community . Shop and save                 How-To                                        Homeschool How-To
on curriculum, books, toys, games, & purity      __________________________________
jewelry .
                                                 The Balanced Homeschooler
info@LHRstore.com                                The BH manual helps new AND veteran
 www.LHRstore.com                                                                                  Free homeschool resources, ideas,
                                                 homeschooling moms understand, balance,           E-Books, advice, articles, and curriculum
__________________________________               and enjoy the priorities of homeschooling         suggestions for new and veteran
Parson Place Press, LLC                          and home life .                                   homeschoolers . Heidi Johnson is a
Offering a fair deal to Christian authors and    (623) 217-1249                                    veteran homeschool mom of 4 who
readers . Deeply discounted curriculum for        www.thebalancedhomeschooler.com                  enjoys helping people and sharing her
teachers in public, private, or home schools .   __________________________________                favorite tips and encouragement for
                                                                                                   homeschooling . Homeschool How-To
(251) 643-6985                                                                                     is your one-stop homeschool resource
 www.parsonplacepress.com/                                                                         center!
 store#resource                                                                                    www.homeschool-how-to.com

www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com/BusinessEntrepreneurDirectory                                ©2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine            133
                                     homescho oling

                                     HOPE Homeschool Consulting                      Homeschooling                                 State History From a Christian
                                                                                     - High School &                               Perspective

                                     H .O .P .E . educates parents on how
                                     to homeschool and assists current             Homeschooling TEEN
                                                                                   Free online magazine featuring                  Complete state history courses, all 50
                                     homeschoolers trying to get back
                                                                                   Homeschooling Teen Profiles, Homeschool-        states available, age 3 through grade
                                     on track with the Educate the Home
                                                                                   Friendly Colleges, Career-of-the-Month,         12, from Christian perspective (teach all
                                     Educator Course . A consultant is
                                                                                   high school advice, reviews, articles, and      ages together) . Students make notebook
                                     available to answer your questions and
                                                                                   more! Submit YOUR work!                         using textbook we provide . Compatible
                                     help you to make informed decisions
                                                                                                                                   with A Beka My State Notebook . Or
                                     so you can homeschool in the manner            www.HomeschoolingTEEN.com                      study all 50 states in statehood order,
                                     best for your family .                        __________________________________
                                                                                                                                   or learn U .S . geography correlated with
                                     (574) 971-0114                                                                                statehood order .
                                     www.hopehomeschoolconsulting.com               School Success                                 statehistory@statehistory.net
                                                                                    COLLEGE SKILLS                                 www.statehistory.net
                                    __________________________________              Equip your student for college! Online
                                                                                    program: study skills, time management,
                                    How To Homeschool Today
                                    Provides resources for “out of the box”
                                                                                    tailoring and applying college to one’s
                                                                                                                                   Homeschooling -
Homeschool-Friendly Entrepreneurs

                                                                                    calling . Discounts .
                                    homeschooling based on your child’s
                                    interests and abilities .                       (803) 760-6859
                                                                                                                                    Language Arts
                                     www.howtohomeschooltoday.com                                                                  ABC The Key
                                    iamhomeschooling.com                            Homeschooling -
                                    Considering homeschooling? New to
                                    homeschooling? A seasoned homeschooler?
                                    We are your portal to homeschooling            __________________________________
                                                                                                                                   ABC The Key uses multi-sensory learning
                                    resources . Have questions? We can help!       CPR Publishing, LLC                             to teach phonetic reading, writing,
                                     www.iamhomeschooling.com                      We write and publish the Draw and Write         spelling, and pronunciation of the
                                    __________________________________             Through History series . A great supplement     English language . Engage your visual,
                                    Jolene Engle, Author                           to ANY history curriculum .                     auditory, and kinesthetic learners and
                                                                                                                                   enable them to master literacy skills .
                                    FREE Christ-centered homeschooling
                                    resources and encouragement for women,
                                                                                   (608) 822-7787                                  sales@abcthekeyathome.com
                                    wives, and mothers .
                                                                                   __________________________________              www.abcthekeyathome.com
                                    (909) 981-1873
                                     joleneengle.org                               George Laidlaw – Author
                                    __________________________________             Incredible Smalls: Historically Accurate        Assistive Writing Solutions
                                                                                   Mysteries series used by schools and
                                    The Prosperous Teacher
                                                                                   homeschoolers to encourage reading and
                                    An online resource to empower, encourage,      learning history . $16 plus postage .
                                    and support public, private school teachers,
                                    home educators, and parents .                  (613) 831-2505                                  Handwriting Solutions
                                    (256) 348-0354                                  www.georgelaidlaw.ca                           Just the Write Size Structured Writing
                                                                                   __________________________________              Paper helps children who are confused,
                                     antoinemccoy.com                                                                              frustrated, or have difficulty writing
                                    __________________________________             Jim Hodges Audio Books
                                                                                                                                   neatly on regular notebook paper . Check
                                                                                   Jim Hodges has the most (and best!)             our website for additional information
                                                                                   unabridged recordings of the G .A . Henty
                                     Homeschooling -                               historical novels . Kids will enjoy learning
                                                                                                                                   and samples .
                                      Full Curriculum                              (405) 391-5762                                 __________________________________
                                    __________________________________              JimHodgesAudioBooks.com                       Bogart Family Resources
                                    Living Books Curriculum                        __________________________________             Join our website mailing list for $5 worth of
                                    Complete, K–8 Christian homeschooling                                                         free copywork (ZB, DN, HWT, GDI), weekly
                                    solution, inspired by visionary educator                                                      free lessons, and discounts!
                                    Charlotte Mason . Ready-to-go curriculum                                                       bogartfamilyresources.com
                                    packages, teaching guides, and high-quality                                                   __________________________________
                                    literature . Guaranteed .
                                    (888) 331-3481

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__________________________________                    __________________________________
Portico Books (Hands-On English)                      UberSmart Software                                                        Online Education Made Easy
Strengthen communication skills . Grades 4–8 .        Developers of UberSmart Math Facts, a
Easy-to-use curriculum: English handbook,             proven system for mastering math facts .
practice pages, card game . Grammar made              Download a FREE 30-day trial today .
visual . Free online writing class .
                                                      (817) 886-0780
(888) 641-5353                                         UberSmartSoftware.com                                                    OnlineEducationMadeEasy .com offers
 GrammarAndMore.com                                   __________________________________                                        interactive courses presented in a small-
__________________________________                                                                                              group, online format . Classes are taught
                                                                                                                                by a team of teachers with 40 years of
Proverbs 22:6 Academy
Quality copybooks and more! Our E-Books                Homeschooling -                                                          experience . Connie teaches English,
                                                                                                                                Andrea math, and both teach SAT prep .
provide an opportunity to go beyond the
words and bring them to life .                             Music                                                                Our rates are extremely affordable, up to
                                                                                                                                75% less than the tutoring companies .
 proverbs22-6academy.com                              __________________________________                                        Convenient . Affordable . Professional .
__________________________________                    Miles Music – Cindy Miles                                                 (703) 861-2154
                                                      Learn to play the fiddle! Curriculum features                             www.onlineeducationmadeeasy.com
 Ring Around the Phonics                              tablature, standard music notation, split-
                                                      track CD . Downloads available! Teaching

                                                      traditional tunes since 1983 .
                                                      (208) 435-4600

                                                                                                                                                                              Homeschool-Friendly Entrepreneurs
                                                                                                                                    - Planning &
 Ring Around The Phonics teaches
 phonics, reading, blending, Spanish,                 Natural Notes ONLINE Piano School                                             Organization
 spelling, language arts, and teaches up to                                                                                    __________________________________
                                                      ONLINE piano classes—the incredible
 4 children (different ages) at one time . It
                                                      Simply Music method in your home! A fully                                Homeschool CPA.com
 saves money (several curriculums in one)
                                                      structured curriculum . Great results from
 and time . Children literally beg to play/                                                                                    Helping homeschool leaders start and run
                                                      the beginning!
 learn . Based on scientific research .                                                                                        their organizations . Apply for tax-exempt
 (904) 317-5330                                       (219) 662-1537                                                           status . Professional help from homeschool
                                                       naturalnotespianoschool.                                                parent and CPA .
                                                                                                                               (513) 290-4730
__________________________________                                                                                              HomeschoolCPA.com
Totally Tailored Reading                                                                                                       __________________________________
Totally Tailored Reading creates a personalized,
36-week reading schedule for your child based
                                                       Homeschooling -                                                         Mission Mama
                                                                                                                               Simply Planned, a beautifully illustrated,
on his likes, interests, and reading capabilities .
                                                        Online Courses                                                         practical homeschool planner with free
                                                                                                                               student planners . Also recipes for basic
__________________________________                    __________________________________                                       household supplies and lapbooks .
                                                      Abacus Educational Services                                              Sherry@missionmama.com
 Homeschooling -
                                                      Homeschooling family helping homeschoolers                                www.MissionMama.com
                                                      — online classes and tutoring in math, English                           __________________________________
                                                      and music—all levels . Homeschool books/
                                                      resources . Qualified teachers .                                         Purposeful Planning With Sather
                                                      (626) 798-9657                                                           This time-tested method of planning will
 Subtraction A Better Way                              abacus-es.com                                                           give your family new direction for the
                                                      __________________________________                                       future . Home of Dan’s Doodles .
                                                                                                                               (320) 356-1114
                                                                           e   ss & Entr              ep                        Phyllis-Sather.com
                                                                      s in
 Finally, strategies that build number                                                TOS                                      __________________________________
 concepts while unlocking the 100

 subtraction facts . Program includes
                                                       s ch o o l B


 Teacher’s Manual, Student Book,
 four songs, and twelve interactive
                                                                                                                  r Direct

 PowerPoints . Books, PowerPoints, and
 songs delivered via email . Manipulatives
 and Orientation PowerPoint shipped

 separately . Offers unlimited use by

 members of your household . Order


 online $39 .95 .                                                         P                               S

                                                                      H       O                       S
                                                                                  S S             E
 (765) 490-9998                                                                       E     A D

 www.subtractionabetterway.com                                                      2011

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                                     homescho oling - household
                                     Student Solutions                                Young Voices Foundation –                       Homestead Originals
                                                                                      Mentoring Young Writers                         Prepare and Care for your Homestead!
                                                                                                                                      Learn homestead skills via our FREE Blog &
                                                                                                                                      our selection of DVDs and books . We offer
                                                                                                                                      handcrafted wares to grain mills to healing
                                     Affordable, K–12, laminated study charts,                                                        oils!
                                     book marks, chore charts, and games .            Providing creative kids with a practice
                                     Also, homeschool essentials: report cards,
                                                                                      field of their own . Programs open to
                                     transcripts, student IDs, organizational         students in grades K–12 . Continuous,
                                     and record-keeping forms .                                                                       __________________________________
                                                                                      no-fee writing contests . Free program for
                                     Serving homeschool families since 1984 .         teachers . See your students published .
                                     (210) 416-3307                                   Online writing workshops for kids/teens .        Jewelry Cares – Cash for Gold
                                                                                      Programs developed and led by team of
                                     www.mystudentsolutions.weebly.                   writers, editors, publishers, and teachers .
                                                                                      (540) 903-6831
                                                                                      www.youngvoicesfoundation.org                    Turn your old jewelry into quick cash for
                                     Homeschooling -                                                                                   both you and the charity/organization
                                                                                                                                       of your choice! Send us your old gold
                                        Writing                                              Household                                 and we’ll send you a check plus make
                                                                                                                                       a 10% percent donation to the charity/
Homeschool-Friendly Entrepreneurs

                                                                                                                                       organization you designate . Or contract us
                                     A–Z Word Services                               Agur Glass and Mirror, LLC                        about hosting an on-site fundraising event .
                                                                                                                                       Homeschool family owned/operated .
                                                      A                              Specializing in frameless, framed, semi-
                                                                                     frameless shower enclosures, custom               (866) 493-4941
                                                             Z                       mirrors, insulated windows, glass tabletops .     www.jewelrycares.com/bbmailin
                                                                                     Servicing Central NJ and Lehigh Valley, PA .
                                     Experienced English teachers at                                                                  __________________________________
                                     connieschenkelberg .com will evaluate           (908) 213-9200
                                     your 6th-grade to 12th-grade students’           www.agurglass.com                               SendOutCards – Maribeth Gardella
                                     paragraphs and essays . Students email          __________________________________               Get creative–upload photos, change fonts
                                     their drafts; we evaluate and make                                                               and colors, then let SOC print, address, and
                                     suggestions for improvements . The
                                                                                     Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers
                                                                                                                                      mail your cards for you . megsoc@live .com
                                     process is repeated for the final drafts .      We buy gold, coins, sterling silverware, and
                                     Your students’ writing will improve, and        more . Visit us in Atlanta, or mail your items   (224) 338-0011
                                     your teachings/corrections are validated .      from anywhere .                                   www.sendoutcards.com/megscards
                                     Excellent service, reasonable rates .           (404) 236-9744                                   __________________________________
                                     (703) 861-2154                                   www.atlantagoldandcoin.com                      Send Out Cards – Bonnie Manthey
                                     www.connieschenkelberg.com                      __________________________________               Send cards by the click of a button . The
                                                                                     CA Energy Savers                                 company prints, stuffs, and mails for you .
                                    __________________________________                                                                Plus, potential moneymaking opportunities .
                                                                                     Residents and businesses SAVE on gas &
                                    The Grannie Annie Family Story                   electricity . Support Christian values; NO       (715) 851-3522
                                    Celebration                                      connection fees . Call Angela, your Tiger         www.sendoutcards.com/
                                    Free writing contest for students 9–14 . Write   independent consultant .
                                    stories from your family’s history . Deadline
                                    February 1 for possible publication in           (916) 837-0813                                   __________________________________
                                    annual anthology .                                CAenergysavers@gmail.com                        Send Out Cards – Teresa Baine, Ind.
                                                                                     __________________________________               Sales Rep #121370
                                    (888) 641-5353                                   Consignment Mamas                                Online greeting card system . From your
                                     TheGrannieAnnie.org                                                                              computer to their mailbox . We print, stuff,
                                    __________________________________               Full-service consignment sales ~ We
                                                                                     liquidate estates, stores, and personal          stamp, & send . Wholesale $1 .06, including
                                    Writing Coach – Danielle Olander                 collections . We buy! We sell! Economical        postage!
                                    Writing coaching via email . Paper editing       pricing .                                        (803) 684-0502
                                    and grading . Email classes using Excellence
                                    in Writing (IEW) methods & materials .           (530) 624-8449                                    www.MailCardsToday.com
                                                                                      www.ChicoConsignments.com                       __________________________________
                                    (616) 897-6928                                   __________________________________               Thirty-One Gifts – Stephanie Ziemba,
                                     www.rocksatmyfeet.blogspot.com                  Families in Faith                                Independent Consultant
                                                                                     Want to GO Green? Natural products .             A faith-based company that provides a
                                                                                     Want to SAVE Green? Wholesale prices .           variety of products from stylish purses and
                                                                                     Want to MAKE Green? Work 100% from               totes to home organization . ziembafamily@
                                                                                     home .                                           gmail .com

                                                                                     (940) 682-6772                                   (620) 639-1209
                                                                                      www.familiesinfaith.com/kshadden                 www.mythirtyone.com/
                                                                                     __________________________________                stephanieziemba

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     Household -
                                                __________________________________               __________________________________
                                                Gold Canyon® – Angela Winters,                    Celebrating Home
     Frugal Living                              Independent Demonstrator
                                                *Buy or Sell* Experience our full line of home
                                                                                                  Celebrating Home has products that bring
                                                                                                  families together, including entertaining,
__________________________________                                                                fragrance, and décor items . Fundraising and
                                                fragrance, including scented candles, Scent
The Coupon Kat                                  Pod® warmers, home décor, and more!               other income opportunities available .
Save up to 60% on your grocery bill! Book       (870) 723-6095                                    (405) 330-1396
a workshop, learn to coupon or let us shop
                                                 www.mygc.com/awinters                            www.celebratinghome.com/sites/
for you!
                                                __________________________________                carolgrieb
thecouponkat@gmail.com                                                                           __________________________________
                                                Rachel Ramm Fine Art
__________________________________              Fine art impressionistic oil paintings:           Christian Engravers
                                                originals, giclées, and prints . Home, family,    Laser engraved picture frames, plaques,
                                                and vintage style . Custom work and               awards, and more . Customized and
 Shopping-Bargains.com                          portraits upon request .                          personalized for promotions, weddings,
                                                rachel@rammnation.com                             holidays, birthdays, or any gift-giving occasion!
                                                 www.rachelramm.com                               (256) 443-7850
                                                __________________________________                www.christianengravers.com
 When making an online order, have you          Scentsy Wickless Candles –                       __________________________________
 seen a coupon code box during checkout         Kelly Brown                                       Designs by U
 and wondered where to get one?

                                                                                                                                                      Homeschool-Friendly Entrepreneurs
                                                Safely fill your HOME-school with                 I sell anything imprintable: mugs, hats,
 Shopping-Bargains® publishes thousands
                                                refreshing, warm, and comforting scents           shirts, signs, awards, trophies, etc . You pick
 of coupon codes as well as free shipping
                                                the safe way . We use bulbs not flames!           the design and I print it .
 discounts and other deals for nearly
 3,000 online retailers . Owned by 2nd          (704) 248-0507                                    (641) 858-3776
 generation homeschoolers . Established          www.kbrown.scentsy.us
 1999 . Totally free!                                                                             mandjr@heartofiowa.net
                                                __________________________________               __________________________________
                                                                                                  Personalized Athletic Keepsakes
__________________________________               Scentsy Wickless Candles –                       Uniquely Personalized, Affordable Gifts!
                                                 Gena Gommer                                      Gymnastics - Dance - Equestrian - Musicians
Totally Temberton (Blog)
Frugal living & homeschooling; bargains,                                                          – Sports
coupons, freebies, giveaways, reviews, sales,                                                     Note Cards, Calling Cards, Luggage Tags,
Frugalista Fridays meme/blog hop, + more                                                          Posters, Scorebooks
hosted hops .
                                                 No soot, no fire, no mess! I’m a stay-at-        Amy@Leo-Cards.com
 totallytemberton.net                            home, homeschooling mom of three                 Leo-Cards.com
__________________________________               who has a great-smelling home! Scentsy          __________________________________
                                                 is a wickless candle with over 80 scents .

Household - Home
                                                 Please browse my web page and discover
                                                 the world of SCENTSY! Read my story!                   Household -
                                                 Join my team!
                                                 (843) 441-5137                                        Kitchen Items
__________________________________               genagommer.scentsy.us/home                      __________________________________
Blessings Unlimited                                                                               Pampered Chef – Kristina Bailey
Bringing God’s Word and creative beauty
                                                   Household -
                                                                                                  Join my team to get out of debt, learn new
into your home!                                                                                   recipes, and earn amazing free products &
(843) 597-3173                                  Keepsakes, Gifts &
                                                                                                  rewards while homeschooling!
 monicaw.blessingsdirect.com                                                                      (210) 383-3482
__________________________________                   Awards                                       www.pamperedchef.biz/
Erika Bragg - Celebrating Home—                 __________________________________
formerly Home Interiors                                                                          __________________________________
                                                Caedy’s Corner: Custom-Drawn
Independent consultant since 2001 offering                                                        Tupperware – Judith Martinez,
home decor, mirrors, candles, GREAT             Pencil Portraits of Pets and People
                                                                                                  Authorized Consultant
fundraiser for nonprofits . Serving Savannah    Turn your favorite photo into a beautiful,
                                                                                                  Tupperware, to save you time and money .
and the Coastal Empire .                        unique work of art . Makes a perfect gift or
                                                                                                  Kitchen organization services . In home, and
                                                treasured keepsake .
(912) 754-5890                                                                                    E-party options with free gifts for hosts .
 www.celebratinghome.com                        (248) 462-0848                                    (303) 274-6890
__________________________________               www.caedyscorner.etsy.com
                                                __________________________________                my2.tupperware.com

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                                     household - liter ature & book s

                                        Household -                                         Insurance
                                                                                                                                  Great Books for Children
                                       Organization &                              __________________________________
                                                                                   A-Tex Insurance
                                                                                                                                  We proudly sell Barefoot Books . These
                                                                                                                                  beautiful books can help you educate
                                          Storage                                  A proud homeschool dad available to help       through literature . Also offers family home-
                                                                                                                                  business opportunity .
                                    __________________________________             you with all of your insurance needs . (940)
                                    Clever Colleen Garcia
                                                                                   320-2277 Servicing ALL of TEXAS!               (817) 874-1658
                                    Organizing Just Got Fun! Clever                (866) 484-2839                                  www.GreatBooks4Children.com
                                    Container—a new direct sales business (and      www.atexinsurance.com
                                    business opportunity!) marketing awesome,      __________________________________             Jessica Lynn Campos, Author
                                    affordable organizing product solutions!                                                      Imaginative writer shares stories and
                                    (773) 759-4675
                                                                                   Literature & Books                             writing ideas . Check out book review
                                                                                                                                  by The Old Schoolhouse® at http://
                                                                                   __________________________________             thehomeschoolmagazine .com/
                                    __________________________________                                                            Homeschool_Reviews/3139 .php .
                                                                                   Barefoot Books Ambassador –                    Buy at Amazon .
                                     Homemaking Organized                          Diane Farrug                                    www.jessicalynncampos.com
                                                                                   Celebrate art and story with multicultural,    __________________________________
                                                                                   award-winning Barefoot Books . Join my
                                                                                   mailing list for discounts . Great work-at-